The American Nightmare

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Contributed by Deejj87

The American Dream by Salvadore Dali

I just read a post of someone asking “What happened to the American Dream?” which so many are questioning only to find confusing answers in a slew of orchestrated misdirection.

Then something whirred and clicked. Although the phrase American Dream isn’t heavily used in this series of psychological analysis, the idea and construction around the American Dream is just a socially engineered idea. The idea includes words like “freedom, patriotism, voting, democracy, equality, free speech, etc” all of which were ‘fought’ for but never actualized. But what is a dream exactly? Words are important. The definition of dream is:

  1. a succession of images, thoughts, or emotions passing through the mind during sleep.
  2. the sleeping state in which this occurs.
  3. an object seen in a dream.

The definition of America is:

  1. a republic in the N Western Hemisphere comprising 48 conterminous states…

So, to properly define American Dream, it is then a land mass where the inhabitants are running thoughts, ideas, and emotions through their unconscious mind. Normally dreams are not guided by the dreamer as they experience a seeming random simulation of events. It is a great collective sleep, directed by those who are awake (knowledge). What a perfect phrase. We are constantly told what is going on but choose (collectively) to not understand the true meaning of words. This is nothing new to the readers of this blog, just wanted to share a thought passing through my constantly awakening mind.

The American Dream was essentially not real, but only an idea of a way of life that could never be truly lived. We are sold illusions and told they are reality. Were the ‘good old days’ really that good? Or was the idea of those days better than now? Is that dream better than the dream of the future?

To live in the past is to replay fears and regrets. Or perhaps to wish things were different now. Living in the future causes anxiety for what’s to come or yearning for what isn’t here now. Always working to live in that ‘better’ future and running from the past. Constantly in a state of powerlessness, living in a reality that no longer exists or may not exist.