Tavistock Created Donald Trump

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Using Social Environmental Turbulence to Transform American Culture

While the world was focused on the final act of World War Two economists and monetary policy writers of the allied nations, which included Russia and China, were meeting in New Hampshire to develop the Bretton Woods Agreement. The purpose of this conference was to set the new framework for the international monetary system based on the dominance of the US dollar and the gold which was deposited into the Federal Reserve.

During this time period the Tavistock Clinic in London, England was beginning to develop its own plans for the post-war years. Operation Phoenix was tasked with the objective of redesigning the Tavistock Clinic to function as a “silent weapon” for the purpose of cultural and socioeconomic engineering.

In a previous article called The Bretton Woods Origin of the Cold War we reviewed how certain interests tricked some nations into accepting the USD as the international reserve currency in place of the super-sovereign asset called bancor, which was being proposed by the British economist John Maynard Keynes.

From that article I quote the following relevant paragraph:

Years after the Bretton Woods Conference of July, 1944, Walter Gardner of the Federal Reserve found a yellowing piece of paper at Princeton.  While salvaging through the personal papers belonging to Harry Dexter White from the time period of the American and British negotiations leading up to the conference, Gardner found the hand written note, which stated:

In Washington Lord Halifax
Once whispered to Lord Keynes:
“It’s true they have the money bags
But we have all the brains.”

This would turn out to be extremely accurate as the end of the war approached and the members of the Tavistock Clinic formed an Interim Planning Committee (IPC) to structure the mandate and methodology of Operation Phoenix.

The IPC was chaired by Wilfred R. Bion, who had previously spent 7 years in psychotherapeutic training at the Tavistock Clinic. Other members of the committee included John Rawlings Rees, who cared for Nazi turncoat Rudolf Hess over a period of 4 years after he fled Germany and went to Scotland. One Eric Trist also sat on the planning committee and would later become Professor of Organizational Behaviour and Social Ecology at the Wharton School.

The Tavistock Clinic evolved into the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations. The remnants of the clinic were relaunched as the National Health Services. Tavistock for the remainder of this article will be a reference to the Institute and not the Clinic, though further research into the National Health Services should be encouraged.

Tavistock began to develop group think concepts which could be used to manipulate mass populations through the use of conscious and subconscious psychoanalytic techniques. These strategies and methodologies were used to engineer Western pop culture and begin the process of something called Social Environmental Turbulence (SET). The theories of Edward Bernays were also implemented in these techniques.

The purpose of SET was to transform a whole mass population through the application of social crisis. Each point of fabricated social crisis would cause the fragmentation of the traditional ideals of the subjected population. A similar strategy is being used on the Muslim world today for the purpose of causing an Islamic Reformation. This strategy is two-fold in that it will also serve to transform targeted aspects of the host cultures which are importing mass Islamic populations.

Cognitive dissonance also plays a factor in the use of SET as both contribute to the mass population surrendering to the overwhelming social crisis and turbulence.

The post-war years in America and Western culture were carefully directed and constructed based on these principles. The traditional culture collapsed under the weight of the new rock music which began in the 1950’s. The free love of the 1960’s and the introduction of drugs which came with it also contributed to the social and environmental turbulence.

But Tavistock wasn’t done there. It implemented strategies to fragment the traditional family unit through the use and spread of pornography, feminism, abortion, homosexuality, sexual exploitation of all manner, and the spread of urban crime.

The IPC group which founded the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations became known as the “Invisible College” in reference to the Royal Society from centuries past. This college consisted of individuals who would serve as lawyers and judges, from which the political class is selected. Police forces and military brass were also represented in the college. Everything from school boards, sports organizations, mainstream media, alternative media, movie studios, non-governmental organizations and think tanks, municipal governments, financial and monetary policy makers, economists, and corporations, were all manipulated into serving the purpose of the Invisible College.

In 1954 Rudolf Hess caretaker and Tavistock Institute founder John Rawlings Ress stated the following:

Their job is to apply the advanced techniques of psychological warfare as we know them to whole population groups that will grow ever larger, so that whole populations may be more easily controlled. In a world driven completely mad, groups of Tavistock psychologists linked to each other, capable of influencing the political and governmental field must be arbiters, the power cabal.”

The learnings of Wilfred Bion, John Rawlings Ress, and Eric Trist, among others, and the processes which were developed at the Tavistock Institute, were used to start the Department of Social Systems Sciences at the Wharton School in Pennsylvania. Interestingly enough this department began in 1980 at about the time Donald Trump was coming on the scene in the real estate world in New York.

In a previous article titled How Rothschild Inc. Saved Donald Trump we learned that the Trump script and political platform began back in the 1980’s. The fact that Rothschild and Warburg family members were some of the founders of the Wharton School is not a coincidence and has been well covered in other articles by other researchers.

The cultural fragmentation problem which began after World War Two through Tavistock’s use of Social Environmental Turbulence has now culminated, after decades of engineered reaction, in the solutions put forth by the Trump script and political platform. These Trump strategies are almost verbatim of what was expressed back in the 1980 interviews with Donald Trump.

Trump is the most polarizing figure to ever enter politics in the Western world. This is not by accident. The manner of speech, body language, such as shrugging and eye rolling, as well as absurd statements which are meant to sow division and crisis, are the same application of SET and cognitive dissonance which has been taking place since the 1940’s.

The fact that Trump was educated at the Wharton School, and took every opportunity on the campaign trail to state this, is extremely suggestive of the true nature of his political characteristics. Even the Tavistock Institute itself has weighed in on Trump, and enforcing the dissonance, by stating that we are either fascinated or petrified of Donald Trump and what he stands for:

But why does the main-stream media quote every talk-show host, every major actor, and every bass-player in every semi-obscure rock band on how awful he is, with such an extraordinary lack of nuance or variation? (Voltaire noted that an idea repeated without enrichment is thereby diminished.) Much less time is spent on the possible reasons for Trump’s unexpected salience. So let us now venture forth…and even wander into the unconscious, and the task of coaching flawed leaders.”

A closing point worth mentioning is that Trump is the salesman selling the American people and Western culture on the multilateral transformation which is taking place. The shift away from the American hegemonic “exorbitant privilege” which has existed since Bretton Woods towards a rebalanced international framework will cause a dramatic transformation within the American culture which was engineered by Tavistock.

This multilateral framework is moving the financial and monetary worlds incrementally towards a super-sovereign reserve asset as was intended by John Maynard Keynes at Bretton Woods. The Anglo-American establishment which built up around the international role of the dollar, and pound before it, is being diminished by the transformation which is taking place. This is why some are so anxious to remove him from power. But the constant attacks upon Trump by this now irrelevant establishment, though legitimate attacks in some cases, play directly into the strategy of social environmental turbulence enacted by Tavistock back during the Bretton Woods time period.

The trap was SET back at inception.

They have the money bags but we have the brains indeed. Can anyone honestly state that this is not a turbulent period? A fundamental transformation is taking place in the world. Cultural and socioeconomic gears are turning and everything is about to shift. Don’t blink.

This topic is ripe for even more research and discovery but the alternative media refuses to investigate or even consider that Trump is anything other than the saviour of America. There is a reason for this. The alternative media, for the most part, is an extension of the Tavistock SET strategy and was born alongside the internet to promote the other side of the cognitive dissonance which Trump is aligned with. Both the alternative media and Trump have been created to guide the course of the American transformation.

It was so weird the other day when I saw former Fox newscaster Megan Kelly interviewing multilateral supporter and Russian President Vladimir Putin. A little while later she was in the studio of alternative media outlet InfoWars having a discussion with Alex Jones. A minuscule degree of separation.

This particular alternative media team never discusses any of the things reviewed in this article, least of all the multilateral transformation and the incremental shifts taking place in the monetary and geopolitical worlds. But they do spend a lot of time discussing the hatred of the left, the threat to America from that left, and the problems with Islam, which we now know are meant to force an Islamic Reformation while sparking targeted micro transformations within the host culture, being America and other Western nations. – JC

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16 Comments on “Tavistock Created Donald Trump”

  1. Wow, a lot of information to digest. It’s just amazing how far back all this has started. I can’t wait to see the new transformation of the United States and the world. For far to long the working class has busted it’s butt to only get a crum for the amount of effort that they had put into it.
    Case in point my husband and I both served our country as patriots. Got out worked hard to the best of our abilities. Then in 2008 because we were not aware of what was being orchestrated it seemed as if the rug had been yanked out from under us.
    We found ourselves leterly starting over in our late years of life.
    I pray that our golden years will be more peaceful.

  2. “But Tavistock wasn’t done there. It implemented strategies to fragment the traditional family unit through the use and spread of pornography, feminism, abortion, homosexuality, sexual exploitation of all manner, and the spread of urban crime.”

    Odd to find homosexuality in this category. End of comment. Thank you, for your hard work JC.

    1. Hello labrecsr,

      I think the control of human Homo/heterosexuality in either preventing and making it illegal as it is advocated under Islam and other Semitic belief systems should be seen in an exact context as what the Tavistock has done. By that, Tavistock Institute has used an ancient method of mind control of the masses in an inverted manner from what the ancient Abrahamic trio religions have used. That was to encourage and normalize homosexuality from a taboo to a normal and accepted social mode sexual preference.

      I also would like to suggest that “Aids” was another psyop by the same institute in slowing down heterosexual activity by spreading the fear of aids. The control/change of every human social behavior always accompanies trauma. The introduction of Aids did that successfully in the 80’s and heterosexual people started to doubt their potential partners and sexual interactions in heterosexuals were reduced, whilst Aids was marketed for the homosexual community!

      We now have transgenderism as the norm and this may still be somewhat unfathomable to people over 50 but the young people aka millennials consider that normal. Homosexuality is now sanctioned by governments and it is not abnormal to see two men holding and kissing one another in public. This was not an acceptable behavior in the 80’s and people used to hide their sexuality. Yet our sexuality, the most powerful human instinct must be sanctioned by either a religious or governmental institute! Not much has changed, only the rulers of our minds, i.e. temples to governments.

      Assuming that we are sovereign and conscious beings, is a grand illusion…

      1. Our dysfunctional society bullied homosexuals previously and now the same dysfunctional society celebrates them. It’s the same with transgenders. Neither minority deserves much attention, either positive or negative. A healthy society focuses on the family as the bridge to the future. I suspect today’s obsession with transgenderism and pansexuality is causing much unnecessary confusion and mis-identification among the young. But that’s exactly the purpose behind the puppeteer’s actions.

        1. Very well said Dear trueconductor,

          I think the purpose in creating “confusion and mis-identification among the young” also has another purpose and that is Population reduction of the Indo-European people. To some, this may sound like a conspiracy theory but the evidence is the excessive hype and coverage and employing high profile people as well as the idols of the young people in the Western world, not much in Africa, Asia.

          The “puppeteer’s” as you said are after many objectives with the promotion of homosexuality and transgenderism. The breakup of the family unit creates insecure and isolated individuals who would be willing to accept any suggestions by the government as long as the perception is a kind and humane nature, however illusory. Our young generation is both isolated and insecure and they crave for the warmth of a family which majority have not experienced through divorces that were facilitated and sanctioned by the corrupt judicial system. The same young people are now following the left and their promise of a paradise and “just society”. The SJW’s are a confused lot, simply because they were torn apart by a brutal system that confused them.

          I am not certain who said this, Kafka or somebody else which is the cause of confusion and pain that our young are going through, and that is:

          “the tragedy of being unloved”…

  3. This is an excellent article J.C, thanks!! This article echoes most of feelings about Trump, I have, ever since his being president, felt he would be utilized to polarize U.S politics and public. I also expect this polarization to be used as a pretext in the future for the states and more importantly cities to take some matters into their own hands. This polarization or rift could be represented by the extremely-leftist California and extremely-right Texas, none of which can serve in an ever-changing world defined less by national borders and national identity, as recently put forward by J.C as well. Maybe Californian secession movement, albeit in a different way, will gain momentum in time as well. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/california-is-a-nation-not-a-state-a-fringe-movement-wants-a-break-from-the-us/2017/02/18/ed85671c-f567-11e6-8d72-263470bf0401_story.html?utm_term=.94a58d0dee39

    As for the Tavistock, their effects are subtle and frightening, I think they serve as the necessary evil, or the source of adversity(as J.C claims)that we have to deal. Despite the opportunitist tendencies of governments sparheaded by Britain http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/news/theresa-may-internet-regulating-regulation-china-general-election-london-attack-bridge-a7774221.html, I think we are blessed to have many websites, like this one, which can inspire us to rise to our essential selves. For this to happen, we need true freedom, freedom that is internalized, free from harmful judgements, hate and fear and cultivate a responsible attitude to descend to our inner hells and accept our participation in this global mess. Freedom of choosing between Coke and Pepsi, Democrats and Republicans, Google or Apple will only serve to distract self-entitled, self-victimizing public as this perpetrates the tension we can’t get over with.

  4. It is hard to believe the devastation to individuals and families perpetrated on the unsuspecting since the 60’s and that we would allow it to continue and repeat. Our opiate epidemic is the modern day “opium wars” ripping thru the country. We should be very fearful of those willing to sow such carnage to control the masses.

  5. JC I’m completely blown away at how primitive that those who manipulate the strings are. I suspected that Trump was a presentation to align with what you have presented here and I believe what you wrote was the only conformation or my musings. I continually check my thoughts about things with what is actually occurring (which lately has been complete madness). I’m continually aware of what is internalised can completely color my perception of what is being presented. We really do need to grow up.. and get real. I’m getting tired at times , it shows I need more growing
    Much Thanks to you Mr Collins

  6. “Penis envy syndrome”, women smoking publicly, rhetorics, propaganda and the role of Edward Bernays (Freud’s nephew) and American Tobacco Company! This is how Bernays the father of marketing and PR employed, symbolism and the subconscious mind as well as human weakness and inadequacies to benefit and cause a major transformation to benefit the tobacco industry.

    This 6 min. clip of Edward Bernays provides the method and rationale (by Bernays) for employing such tactics and psychoanalysis to often the detriment of society and the disorganized masses.

    The same technique was employed to lower the wages in the US by the promotion of “Feminism” and their constant quest for “equal pay”! The machinery of capitalism is constantly in a pursuit of lowering it’s biggest costs, that is wages to the workforce whilst increasing it’s sales thereby increasing profits! Since the 1950’s the actual wages in the West have reduced when a man would work and provide for a family without the need of the wife to work. All these were in preparation for a time when robots will eventually take over and neither men nor women are required. We, therefore, see a recent referendum in Switzerland regarding the citizen’s reaction to UBI (Universal Basic Income) with a resounding negative response by the population. Swiss rejection of this is a telling sign of a pushback by the population is a sign that people are not all sleeping!


      1. Hi dane and Thank you,

        The BBC documentary by Adam Curtis is available in all 4 parts as one clip below on youtube still. This clip I included above was the mention of the debutants holding their torches of freedom as described by Bernays himself.

        Curtis made another documentary in 2016 called “HyperNormalisation” which is available on YT also and I have yet to sit down and watch that one. Adam Curtis is a very talented storyteller and all his documentaries contain political messages that make me think he is a graduate of the same school as the subject of JC’s article here i.e. Tavistock. He is a magician in the art of the seventh art form.

        His genius is similar to Bernays in that he gives you a loaded information where another potent subliminal message is encapsulated in the narrative of his overall message. In other words, it is best not to watch the narrative as truth but his perspective and spin. That’s my experience of his documentaries and yes, his work is flawless otherwise!


  7. My apologies to JC and all noble POM members for writing this posting here which may be unrelated to the actual article. I am very upset by the events in London and I could not find an appropriate place in this wonderful site to express my feelings about.

    “Problem, Reaction Solution”?!

    I never thought how true this quote actually is until today! Yesterday the Grenfell Tower in Weste London, North Kensington area literally burnt up in blazing smokes whilst the occupants were living inside! This tragedy is not too dissimilar to the 911 in NYC. 911 I recall affected me by first disbelief and later utter anger. I never ever forget the images of people trapped inside that building desperately trying to get out and yet, this tragedy was repeated yesterday.

    The location of this building is very very familiar to me as I lived for a time in that exact neighborhood and still have friends who still live there and I know the area which is close the famous Portobello Market like the back of my hand.

    The Royal Borough of Kensington as it’s called is the only “Royal” borough because of a Royal Palace is situated there by the side of Hyde Park. This is where the late Princess Diana used to live and hang around the coffee shops and shops. There is a coffee shop owned by an Iraqi family in Bayswater Road that was frequented by the Late Princess, called Diana Cofee shop if memory serves me right and it is a tourist spot.

    The Grenfell Tower is in the North part of the Kensington borough and it is perhaps the least developed part of the council area. There has been a project undergoing since 2015 to revamp the entire area and replace them with expensive and luxury as well as utilizing the land to make newer and more up today housing accommodating the same number of people. There are other four hideous towers in the same proximity and all four are under consultation to pull them down and revamp the entire are. The project is named the “Silchester Estate project” named after an area in the plan.

    The Grenfell tragedy is now regarded by many people in the area as well as others in London and beyond to be somewhat “fishy”! They may have a point to think in this way since Grenfell Tower was upgraded 3 years ago by spending £10 Million when the fire alarm did not work and people got trapped. So people are asking what was the money spent on?!

    The public is now demanding that this terrible 24 story tower and all others made by the Labour government in the early 70’s to be pulled down. I am thinking if there was no other way to do that other than making people ask for them to be brought down. Just a thought in an angry moment!

    I leave you with a short clip from the BBC and a young local man expresses his utter anger at the BBC lady. Personally, I am baffled and perplexed as to what really happened and why!


  8. Info overload, It seems to me the JC, POM postings are coming on hard and fast. By time I do a little research on the Travistock dudes and have to google words and phases like ‘amalgams of good and bad,’ ‘outrancier personality,’ revisit J’s Brentonwoods(intriguing) and How the Rothchield Inc saved Trump, read the great post’s of the POM contributors follow a link or two of their’s, get something to eat, clean the house, do the laundry, feed the dogs, water and weed the garden,have a couple sips of wis, nibble some morphine, help sell some children with my silence, and jack off, not much time left in the day to craft a worthwhile response. Still I sally forth, better late than never, it is my philosophy that if you can’t handle the heat in the kitchen, do the dishes, bus the tables, take out the garbage and the trash, mop the floors.I was born in 1946, I have 9 sisters and 3 brothers. We came up hard scramble, my Mama said there would be days like this, there would be days like this my Mama said. Put me in coach I’m ready to play, today.

    I hold a lot of negative feelings about guys like Kissinger, but I do not believe they are liars. I believe if you listen closely and read them carefully they are speaking and writing their truths. I thought I read somewhere recently where Dear Henry said the Trump was like a blank slate that could be shaped (coached ) into being a very considerable president. I can’t find the exact quote but know in my best memory it was something like that, because it was right after Trump met with Lavrov, Kislya k at the Whitehouse, the photo op with TR, LAV and KISL did not include KISS but the next photo op we saw TR with KISS looking like a big toad with a C-cat grin on his evil old (scratch evil) face. My heart sunk.

    My heart, my heart, oh my tender heart, why such a sinking feeling? I’ve been on the POM as a follower for some years and a subscriber for a year, JC has been very open and clear about what he believes Trump’s role is to be as we transition financial systems. I guess the funk of the sunk comes from not completely accepting what was so obvious. Cog. D. and full auto heavy caliber machine gun fire, with info as the ammo, blowing our collective minds is their aim, and we are in their sights. So you think you are ready to know? Ok we will let you know, and the next thing you know you won’t know nuttin. Confusion will rule you. What’s that, huh, what do you have on,, your mind? What’s up,, your sleave ? Ginger ale cocktails five cents a glass if you don’t like it you can stick it up your ask me no questions, I will tell you no lies. Oh my yass.

    Staying all gangster, point being this ‘beautiful thing, we have here’ this net , this web, this ‘beautiful thing’ is our saving grace. For all it’s faults, the info overload being one, the truth is it’s all here. everything your particular intellect can handle is here. So to refer back to where this started for me today, I say it is a flop on ’em. Now they have the money bags, and we have the brains.

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