Here Come the SDR Bonds (FREEPOM)

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A Part of the Solution to the Problem of Global Growth

By JC Collins

Over two years ago now I began a series of articles titled SDR’s and the New Bretton Woods. The ten post series focused on the SDR and its eventual evolution into an internationally traded asset. There was very little information out there at the time on this future transformation of the IMF’s Special Drawing Right currency, and POM broke new ground on many of the facts, trends, and methodologies behind the transition to a multilateral monetary framework.

Each month more and more information and confirmation of the POM thesis emerges which further validates much of what has been presented to readers for over two years. The latest validation comes from the G20 Communique from last weekend’s summit in Shanghai.

Are the G20 Nations about to Depreciate the US Dollar?

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By JC Collins

There are increased discussions taking place between the G20 finance ministers and central bank governors that a decision should be made at this weekend’s meetings in Shanghai to depreciate the US dollar against select currencies. The meetings, which are being held on February 26th and 27th could very well signal the beginning of the exchange rate transition which we have been reviewing here on POM for the last two years.

As we have thoroughly covered, the increasing global deflation and slowing growth would act as the monetary and financial catalyst to spur the economic reforms and promote the required monetary policy changes to support the multilateral framework. This is exactly what is now taking place.