Synthetic Consciousness and Mass Communication

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By JC Collins

Update:  Jay over at Jay's Analysis has expanded on the idea formulated here in a way that only he could.  For those seeking a deeper understanding of this concept, and much more, I would seriously suggest reading his post titled Plato, Crystals, Dimensions and Artificial Intelligence.  It may remind some readers of our comparison between prisms and the force we reference as Lucifer, with Lucifer representing "knowledge corrupted" in the material world.  - JC

In this post we will branch out from straight economics and delve into an area of study which can help broaden our understanding of the bigger picture. There are many patterns and processes taking place around us everyday and most go unnoticed by the masses.  What we consider to be entertainment and technology meant to benefit us, are really cleverly disguised methods of data pooling and trending for a purpose which may not be easily understood or accepted.

It is well considered and acknowledged that the disorganized masses are subjected to a method of mass communication which attempts to condition and engineer the socioeconomic and cultural memes that litter the collective consciousness. The injection points for this mass communication are designed to transfer a message across the social spectrum which ensures full coverage on all levels.

These injection points are the numerous social media applications and the broader internet in general, as well as television, radio, and all other methods of communication, including magazines and newspapers, as well as mass market books and educational curriculums.

Most of these injection points for mass communication are one way and are unable to send information back.  Some, like social media and other internet based applications, are bi-directional and provide a method of sending information back to a source data base.

It is important to understand that debit cards, credit cards, and group club cards are a one way mass communication, but in reverse as it sends large amounts of data back to a source data base.

For our purposes here we can consider mass communication to be the bi-lateral transfer of conscious information and data from which strategy and purpose are both implemented and trended.

In his 1995 work titled Artificial Neuroconsciousness, Igor Aleksander defined Synthetic Consciousness as "that which would have to be synthesized were consciousness to be found in an engineered artifact".

This definition is extremely important to fully understand the direction which humanity is being moved and conditioned. As with the construction and implementation of the multilateral financial system, the level of engineering taking place on the socioeconomic front is mindboggling for the average person to comprehend. So entrapped are we within the construct of make believe culture that the obvious nature, strategy, and purpose of the bi-directional mass communications which surround us are as indecipherable as Egyptian hieroglyphics.

In an article by Domenico Parisi titled Mental Robotics, the researcher from the Institute of Cognitive Science and Technologies states that the development of artificial intelligence is only one aspect, but the creation of artificial or synthetic consciousness presents a far broader challenge.  AI can replicate logic and reason but synthetic consciousness can bring organic "artifacts" that much closer to the act of creation which organic sentient beings practice through the act of subconscious manifestation.

Parisi refers to synthetic consciousness as "mental life" and suggests that in order for "mental life" to be realized, any "engineered artifact" should "have internal representations of sensory input in the absence of the input."

From this statement we can discern that there is a need to manufacture a data base of consciousness from which "internal representations" can be developed.

It is my proposition that such social media applications as Facebook and Twitter, among many others, are methods of bi-directional mass communication meant to both condition the disorganized masses and propagate purposeful messages, as well as centralize and trend data points for the purpose of creating synthetic consciousness.

Looking specifically at Facebook we see an application from which the masses disseminate their own unique consciousness by way of "Likes" and daily "posts" about everything from how they are feeling, to what they are doing, with whom and where, to what appears to be silly tests which measure our cognitive aptitudes and conscious parameters. We give this information away for free in return for child like answers which entertain us.

All of this data from applications like Facebook are pooled and trended. From there that information is further centralized and consolidated with additional information about us, such as our spending habits, reading and entertainment proclivities, online viewing patterns, health records, educational records, etc...

All of this information is collected and trended on a micro individual level and then further collected and trended on a macro level from which a synthetic consciousness is being engineered.  This SC is intended to represent the broad spectrum of human consciousness which is why its development requires as many injection points as possible.

It is estimated that there are over a billion people on Facebook.

Such technological "pioneers as Facebook founder (?) Mark Zuckerberg and PayPal co-founder (?) Elon Musk are heavily invested in the development and creation of AI and synthetic consciousness.

There is a broad movement in popular culture which is conditioning the masses to accept the reality of Transhumanism, the blending of human organics and robotics. The goal of Transhumanism is transcendence, or the attempts made by man to detach consciousness from the perceived prison of the material world.

The ultimate purpose of man is expressed in the great works of the ages and has been represented throughout human history in the teachings of the mystery schools.  This purpose is a process, or journey, considered to be the stairway to heaven, Jacobs Ladder, the holy grail, the golden fleece, and all other suggested alchemical transformations. It is the process of turning the physical man, being the base metal, into the immortal physical man, represented as gold.

There is a very real spiritual journey here where man is to return to the source from whence he originated, but it requires much sacrifice and discipline to complete the journey. We are covering the aspects of this journey in The Grand Man series.

The human propensity for corrupting all things is paramount in the transcendence movement as it represents a corruption of the process from the real and tangible spiritual journey which each human is to eventually complete. Man is attempting a two pronged approach to achieving this bypass and corruption.

One is through transferring independent consciousness into a constructed system, as told in the movie Transcendence, and the other is to create a synthetic consciousness which can be the full and conclusive extension of real human consciousness. Neither will work as both are a corruption of the process and does into take into account the universal connection between matter and consciousness.

Consciousness creates matter as a representation of itself, but detached from whole matter and each fragment of consciousness will wither and die like leaves and branches on a tree.

One possible purpose for creating AI and SC is to achieve a deeper and longer space exploration program.  Though it is not a theory which is widely known, if at all, it is likely that consciousness is rooted in the originating planet and will progressively fragment the further its host artifact travels away from that planet.

This discussion can continue into a wide range of varying topics, all with equal intrigue and fascination. But what we can take from this information is that there is a much larger process of cultural and socioeconomic engineering taking place than we can possibly imagine.  The construction of a multilateral financial system and the methodology being used to implement it are only one small segment of something which is intending to direct and design humanities future. - JC

55 Comments on “Synthetic Consciousness and Mass Communication”

  1. That for 2000 years, the man with a limited awareness, not needed this system current democratic, and financial, complex and sophisticated?
    The owners of humanity have developed methods and strategies more refined, more subtle, to be able to master the human being of the 21st century.
    That has happened in the last 50 years and more in the last 20 years?
    l be human
    I found a single response. The human being as a collective consciousness, to out to wake up, something that has forced the elites develop strategies more and more sophisticated control us, such as the internet and false democracy.
    In democracy today is nosda feeling we decided the future for our region and the world that we are voting on free and secret.
    But everything is manipulated then and the programs of private banking, not the desire of the people are met.
    The same thing happens with the internet. Online we are subjected to a controlled awakening like the dissent controlled demonstrations.
    Most of the Middle alternative network in geopolitics, boast that they are diffusers of the awake of humanity but they are means injection, which induce a dream in which are dreams that these awake...
    Only escape from this trap people who think independent and are not linked to sources, authorities, leaders, organizations of social-alternativo thought.

    Mr. Collons, believes that the internet, the sham democracy, the financial system, are modern strategies that use elites by which the being human this waking slowly though are masses DISORGANIZED?

    1. "which induce a dream in which are dreams that these awake…"

      eloquently stated amigo.
      last night somewhere, perhaps a butterfly dreamt he was typing on the computer communicating with another butterfly halfway across the world. then he awoke and realize he didn't a computer to do so ;~)

  2. It's interesting how many different "religions" (science and technology being just another denomination IMHO) are attempting to steer its' respective flock towards the same end goal; eternal life.

    Therein lies the irony in it all. As one disconnects from all the artificial distortions beamed into our consciousness, whether they be from Baptists, Physicists, or tech-creators, one quickly realizes the patterns present in Nature that connect us to All.

    The question that will require time to answer is will humanity destroy everything that holds it bonded to All and cease to exist or is this just another in a long line of cycles where Humanity was not spiritually evolved enough to handle what it created? Atlantis all over again?

  3. Mr Collins:

    "There is a very real spiritual journey here where man is to return from the source from whence he originated, but it requires much sacrifice and discipline to complete the journey."

    In your sentence above, do you actually mean to write "to return FROM the source" instead of 'to return TO the source'?

    I am not intending to be a grammer policeman. I just wish to be certain that I am not missing some intend meaning or message.

  4. "GrammEr-Nazi"? No me! I too often thinking faster than my fingers can correctly type.

    Not intending to be a "Grammar-Nazi". I just wanted to be certain that I was not missing some esoteric subtleties within your original post. You are so deep at times one often has to carefully study each sentence in order to follow along with your intentions and meaning, 

      1. I am intrigued so to the inscriptions on your back. Kindly share if you are of the mind. I will offer an E-Mail address if you desire for it not to revealed too public. Tattooed or photo printed?

        1. Tattoo, which reads:

          "And it was now, at the end of his evil deeds, that the coldness of the mountain came bearing down upon him. Of all the times in his life - the love, the hate, the scorching fire of his rebellion against the gods he had known - it was here, upon the face of a Pyrenees Mountain that he left his flesh behind."

      2. Man JC that is a very nice poem and how fitting of a tattoo for you.

        The physical pain to endure the outline needle for such a long tattoo especially when it travels over the spine kind of speaks of a transformation of sorts. One I am happy you were able to endure.

        Like the Great Pyrenees Dog, always calm and gentle in keeping its herd together while able to be viscous at protecting the same sheep when danger comes knocking.

        Personally I am glad you have chosen this line of extracurricular activities. You have earned trust my friend. Be well and I hope your tattoo never fades:)

  5. Another great article.

    One can become quite ridiculously rich by creating/purchasing/stealing (and passing off as your own) technology that provides greater control to the elite over the masses. Facebook, google and Microsoft are good modern day examples.

    Despite these technologies ability to herd the masses, they still have provided many benefits to our existence.

    Here is the modern dilemma at the core of our consciousness.
    ...there is always two sides to every story and this ying and yang can become the internal bi-polarism of the empathetic thinking human.

    A dangerous certainty however is the human who can sleep easy with a decision and its result; removed from empathy and acting from a primal Darwinism whether that be individually or part of a break off group.

    In our imperfection, no human choice or result will be perfect or without consequence.

    The unfortunate reality is whether we, or those making the big decisions can sleep at night with the results, whatever they may be.

    Many choices effecting our species at large, usually have hard consequences to someone, and will follow us all to the next stage of our journey, no matter where or what that may be.

    Here is a douzy for today

    Given what you know about our lack of sustainability do you think it is just a matter of time before someone makes the decision to rip the band aid off unexpectedly, bringing the population levels down to say 500M people?

    and If you knew before hand, would you try to change the results or would you prepare accordingly to save yourself and those important to you?

    1. I believe depopulation is a real agenda but it will happen gradually over centuries. And in reference to your last question, I would do what I could to awaken people to the reality of a sudden and catastrophic depopulation event.

      1. Nope, I don't believe depopulation is in the books. Population will keep rising. It will become a key driver for upcoming commercial and public space exploration. We"ll need to hatch from this planet someday, people. It'll still take a few decades, but at the moment It looks like we'll need overcrowding as one of the boots that kicks us out of the nest.

        Resource depletion will be the other boot. Bountifull asteroids, moons and abandoned planets were carefully put into close proximity to lure us out of our kindergarten playground.

        Financial consolidation and hyperconcentrated capital make possible the extremely large investments that are needed to accomplisg this feat in a few decades.

    2. Matt wrote:

      "Given what you know about our lack of sustainability do you think it is just a matter of time before someone makes the decision to rip the band aid off unexpectedly, bringing the population levels down to say 500M people?"

      I wonder - is the population unsustainable or are the means used to sustain it - and which have caused its unprecedented growth - simply unsustainable (artificial)?

      I think there is a difference. To imply otherwise in my mind reduces human life to something less. Mere statistics.

      Possibly splitting hairs here but I see so much chatter about this these days. On the extreme end I often wonder if those who complain the loudest about our population growth would be willing to be the first to help solve the problem? The question when asked is generally met with derision. Go figure.

      Anyways - its a big discussion - too big for this post but worth thinking about.


      1. @JC Collins, @nanook73, @daneackerman

        Thank you for the replies.

        All great and relevant points.

        Humans definitely have the intelligence to improve our sustainability.

        Trying to convince billions of people, with different drives and desires, to push toward at common goal (at the possible expense of their standard of living) maybe like herding cats.

        Not to say it cannot be done.

        In comfort, humans have less of a desire for change.

        However, when facing the abyss, it is amazing how we subconsciously band together, forget our differences, and work for our species survival.

        Slow positive steps, in both the education of others, and the individuals own contribution can make a difference.

        Although, it cannot be denied that with the increased centralisation of power (displayed for instance with the movement toward an SDR) the unfortunate possibility is a depopulation strategy would have been discussed and considered to run in conjunction with that status quo changing movement from the USD world to the new SDR world.

        I am concerned that the majority of folks are not prepared for the impending SDR change, and its by product effects on their wealth and income. These effects, maybe enough to cause a similar depopulation destruction caused in WW1, the great depression and WW2.

  6. JC wrote: "There is a very real spiritual journey here where man is to return to the source from whence he originated, but it requires much sacrifice and discipline to complete the journey. We are covering the aspects of this journey in The Grand Man series".
    This is close to the truth. Yet there is no need for endless fleshly analysis, for all things have already been written and foretold for those who will receive it. Compare to below.
    " That in the dispensation of the fullness of times he might gather together in one all things in Christ, both which are in heaven, and which are on earth; even in him". Ephisians 1:11

      1. The more I get into self discovery the more a picture is developing that makes me feel like we each have to develop our "own" belief system. The catch is that it better be good because at the end of the road there is no time to fix or correct it. And you cannot fool your conscious no way no how. Universal law won't allow it.

        So I am beginning to believe its about how you interact with matter along this journey that is most important and also lost upon those who attempt to piggyback on someone else's belief system.

        When I observe without disturbing what I am observing, awesome things are revealed to me.

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  9. JC, are you familiar with the physicist and consciousness explorer, Thomas Campbell? I think you'd find his work interesting.

    His book, My Big TOE [My Big Picture Theory of Everything], is a result of more than three decades of research and experience exploring the larger reality. His YouTube channel is also a treasure trove of information.

    Tom Campbell's model of reality basically boils down to this (in my own words): Consciousness, which is a digital information field, is fundamental. Our physical universe is a virtual reality (simulation), our physical bodies are avatars through which individuated units of consciousness experience this virtual reality and consciousness is the computer. There are hundreds of virtual realities, of which our physical universe is just one (the dream state and the transition state when you "die" are examples of other virtual realities). The point of our existence is to increase the quality of consciousness (lower its entropy) by moving from fear/ego toward love.

    I'm truly fascinated by Tom Campbell's work and I don't think anyone's yet posed a question (scientific or philosophical) they his theory doesn't provide an answer to.

      1. tristero888, I don't simply believe, but I know from my own personal experiences that plants are conscious. They're every bit as conscious (a lot more than the average human in fact) as we, and they communicate regularly with us. It's just that most humans have been steered away from this ability which is present in all of us.

        I'm not sure much of humanity can grasp the concept of physical creation. I'm not saying I can either, but I know this; It can't be done using only the brain/analog/linear mind. There is a reason all human energy centers converge in the heart, and I for one, believe the heart to be THE primary mode of perception. This is a "wacky" belief to hold in today's "civilized" society, but then again right is wrong, up is down, fear is good Love is bad..........

      2. jeremy, funny you should be the one to first respond as those questions were actually softballs headed right in your direction. if i'm not mistaken, you were the one who introduced the "no straight lines in nature" concept into this blog, yes?

        re: digital vs. analog -- not to dismiss kiwi's viewpoint, but it seems that the BigTOE is convinced that EVERYTHING IS DIGITAL at its fundamental core. now i'm not intelligent enough to know with utmost certainty whether it is or it isn't, but i am skeptical enough to question any TOE that has an answer for everything without question, especially when it reinforces a CSI in progress such as the one JC outlined above.

        however, as we have both touched upon before recently, perhaps we are again being pushed into a debate between EITHER/OR that doesn't even exist in a broader perceptual context. maybe BigTOE is right, but does that dismiss the existence of analog overtones? when one releases their finger from a piano or a guitar or a harp (OFF position in digital terms), does it not continue to resonate with sound which incorporates a myriad individual notes up & down the musical scale well beyond what the musician consciously activated?

        as to the head vs. the heart, perhaps there's a time and place for both? and a time & a place for neither? i can recall many times in retrospect where the wise decision would have been to listen to my gut, instead of either the head or the heart...

      3. tristero888,

        I believe I am the one who brought up the "lines" statement. Like you, I am skeptical regarding anything that speaks in absolute terms. One thing I have learned as a seeker is that all the answers to every question we could ask can be found within each of us.The irony there is that the best way to learn how to access "within" is to really learn how to interact with everything outside of us. I read A LOT (no TV will do that for you), and the more I read, the more I come to believe wholly "the point" of all this physical existence is to experience it, to Live and hopefully learn from it all.

        I observe that modern society provides very little towards that end. Everything about "modern civilization" is unreal, un-living, disconnected as much as possible from the environment we were all born into (Nature). Nature, we're told, is cruel, uncaring, a "dog eat dog" kind of place, something to fear and isolate oneself from. None of this is really factual. My own experiments with plants/animals has shown me that they are way more "in tune" than the average human. They interact with our electromagnetic field, they communicate with it, and they send us information about themselves via it. Most humans forgot (or were deliberately made to forget) how to perceive this way, let alone utilize it in their own lives, or even acknowledge its' existence.

        I think at the end of it all, one should be very careful to adopt anyone else's theory on anything. It removes our own ability to explore/discover for ourselves. The biggest hurdle for us all is the linear mind and its' need to label things one way or the other. Duality, all of its' facets, is the biggest illusion in physical existence. Learning to "see" with your heart will provide all the proof of the fore mentioned one could ever need.

        IF you're interested, one of the best books I've read in a long while that takes the above topic into great depth/detail and provides practical ways to practice it yourself is called "The Secret teachings of Plants" (not to be confused with the Secret Life of Plants--also excellent).

      4. One other thing as I just caught the last paragraph in your post. Funny you should mention the gut. The only three places in your body that contain "brain" cells is your heart, brain, and gut. The holy trinity. for whatever its' worth, I would agree with that statement, sometimes you gotta go with your gut. Again, so few humans are in tune enough with any part of their body to really understand the how/why of what they do. I'm no different, but I'm working hard to change that.

      5. Tom Campbell would say plants aren't conscious because their decision space is too small for there to be any benefit. That's not to say plants don't respond to stimuli, but that's just part of the rule set of the simulation. Likewise, if someone's been brain dead for ten years and kept on life support, the individuated unit of consciousness has probably disassociated with that body because there's no longer any benefit to it remaining (zero decision space = no opportunities for growth).

        As for there being no straight lines in the natural world, I don't quite follow your argument. A computer can easily simulate a curve and when a single unit of geometric space is so tiny we can't possibly measure it, then we won't perceive any straight lines.

        Campbell says each unit of time (increment of the clock) is approximately 10 to the minus 43 seconds, i.e. every 10 to the power of minus 43 seconds the simulation increments to the next step. That's why the speed of light is a constant - each clock cycle, something can either remain where it is or move to the next adjacent unit of 3D space.

      6. kiwi: keyword - "simulate". an mp3 simulates a recorded piece of music, but there's frequencies that are left out in the compression. to the untrained ear, the missing freq's are unnoticeable, but ask a musician (especially electronic musicians) of what they think about mp3s. likewise, ask anyone who's around plants long enough whether they're conscious or not. but perhaps we're all just hallucinating.

        i grok the theory, i just don't feel that it considers resonance. perhaps i'm just not looking deep enough. so be it. as long as each of our respective worldviews doesn't impede upon the other, we might have to just agree to disagree on this one. cheers mate.

        jeremy: got 3 of Buhner's books on the winter reading list. here's one in return, Secrets of the Soil by the same authors of Secret LIfe of Plants.

      7. Kiwi,
        A computer can simulate a fractal, but it doesn't CREATE it, it merely simulates it. Nature creates physical matter via fractals not digital simulations.

        Cambell's argument that plants are conscious enough is an outright load of crap. Sorry, not saying you are loaded with crap or that "you're wrong" (what do i really know anyway?), I simply strongly disagree based on actual experiences and observations. His statement comes from an incomplete understanding of just how conscious plants are. Furthermore plants can and do transmutate anything and everything the one doing the communicating with it needs. Plants are THE cure for whatever ailment humans/animals require. This is not affecting space? Without reading any of TC's stuff (and certainly not going to after that little blurb), it appears he is only utilizing linear logic to deduce the totality of beingness. That's a very narrow lens in which to make such a broad set of conclusions on.

        I get the comparison of physicality to digital simulations. There was a time when I may have adopted that theory as "the best explanation for me", but the point isn't to adopt someone else's view, but to find your own truths. I have learned that truth is a very fickle and fluid concept. My own truths continue to expand with my understanding of the physical environment in which I was born into.

        tristero888--Thanks for the suggestion! I've read it and it is amazing. Have you by chance read the Ringing Cedars of Russia series (Book 1-Anastasia) by Vladimir Megre? If not, you may want to put everything else on hold. They are the most profound books I've ever encountered and all of it ties into JC's stuff (and all the other things you've pointed out).

  10. very interesting topic for discussion.

    case in point, behold Outernet:

    watching the promo video my mind couldn't help flashing back to a Sally Struthers Save the Children commercial interjected into a late night rerun of the Stepford Wives. talk about subliminal programming...

    ok, here's a question: what happens when the lab rats realize they're lab rats in the midst of an ongoing experiment in which the experimenters are also lab rats themselves (even though those experimenters refuse to admit they are also indeed lab rats)?

    does this realization fundamentally change the observational results of the experiment?

    p.s. "Ghostery found 10 trackers on" ;~)

  11. Wow these are some very interesting topics. I have asked myself several times. What if we are just supposed to become conscious of our consciousness? Or what if we are just supposed to realize that we are something more than just this human character?

    So far I can't just sit with that so I am looking deeper into myself in order to try to be the best human I can be while learning what resonates with my reasoning and that which will not taking advantage of the disorganized.

  12. Although in a way futile, the transhumanist exploration towards transcendence, might serve a great yet unrecognized purpose.
    It just might help scientifically reveal the essence of the false self and clarify the difference and relationship between consciousness and awareness.

    1. Haarp tells me to say that isn't possible. Just kidding. I think the minds of men are much easier to control than most realize, and as such, complex technologies like Scalar Waves are not required.

  13. JC and all, in order to synchronize our interpretations of big words as consciousness and sentience, can I do a baseline inquiery?

    Would a newborn baby qualify as conscious? ....And would a baby qualify as sentient? Would it have a sense of self? Does it develop consciousness or sentience?
    Thank you, DF.

    1. All matter is endowed with, and originates from, consciousness. Sentience is a strong association with the illusion of self, but one that is required to fully comprehend the conscious absolute of infinity possibility. It seems like a conundrum until we accept the process by which consciousness creates matter so it can experience itself. A return to the absolute is the ultimate journey of the self. Humans, by creating synthetic consciousness, are attempting to replicate this process.

      1. Thanks for responding JC. I see you use the word consciousness a bit different than I would do.

        I know consciousness to be the the sense and idea of a local, centralized self. The word "I" usually refers to this idea/sensation entaglement. I believe you use sentience for that concept.

        In my own experience, Awareness the is non-local, non-personal Beingness in which every transcient movement appears, including all matter, but also thought, feeling etc. I could also call this the Absolute or the Intimate. Do you refer to this with the word "consciousness"?

        Thanx for taking the time to calibrate our internal representations of these phenomena.

  14. Thank you. Reblogged @ AbZu2

    A crystalline clear distinction is required between Mind and Consciousness. Is it an experience or a thought. If you have to think about that, you simply don't "get it".

    "If real is what you can feel, smell, taste and see, then 'real' is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain." - Morpheus (Matrix)

    "Let your consciousness be your guide" Jiminy Cricket

    Despite discrepancies between minds, we are All Fractals of One Consciousness.

  15. Well, that's bloody frightening. Great article though, thank-you.

    Just out of interest, is there somewhere that Domenico Parisi article can be accessed? I've noticed a PhilPapers link which I can't reach, and there's a since disconnected wikipedia link, but nowhere I can seem to find the article.

  16. JC,
    I feel blessed to have stumbled upon your blog early on, and have been a quiet observer. I find myself eagerly awaiting the next post. One shouldn't put so much weight on what one spectrum perceives, so I always reserve my right to interpret the data from and within my head and heart.
    I guess the reason I look forward to them is because it gives me hope. Not always does the data in your posts give me hope (I.e - the elite running the financial show and any kind of "reset" will be unnoticed). It is then that I have thanked the stars for the comments on your posts. Real people wanting, expecting and creating change. These people are clear, brilliant, and seeking as hard as one can in search of truth. I have no solid evidence of this, and I am no one special, just one of the is my current theory that the best intelligent minds, maybe even intelligence communities, possiblity tech companies too, have been working together behind the scenes to pull back the curtain and expose those who fancy playing the role of Wizards.
    It is my will that we don't have a new world order agenda 21 depopulation plan going on any further. We know who the culprits are. We know when given a fresh challenge, the majority of humans will want to pull together and solve problems. A part of me thinks the collective conscious (or collective imagination), has sent back individuals over time to help us fix errors and try new solutions.
    If I had it my way, the people would realize they have been in a money trance. Started by some kind of priesthood, the seed from which most religions sprang from. There would be a way for individuals to access funds that have been created in their names. Bonded by birth certificate without their knowledge of what that meant exactly. I have seen the fraud and it literally pains me to think about if the "system" were to go on without change. I want change that runs deeper than silk screened words on corex plastic signs.
    I have a beautiful one year old boy. The world is looking like a scarier place every day. The apocalypse? Not exactly the future I want to show him, thank you. The thing that helps me keep my sanity is thinking it only APPEARS to look that way. That the people who are in need of being cornered, are scrambling.
    Also, thank you for your post from Jay on crystals. Even with Krystal being my given name, never paid much attention to them save for a few years ago.
    Don't know who you are, I think JC Collins is a pen name...but whoever you are, keep up the good work. The Grand Man post left me with one word: "damn." And if this post is any example, I'm rarely without words. Cheers and blessing my anonymous friend.

      1. Thank you so much dripfood, I have enjoyed reading many of your comments. The people who comment here are a breath of fresh air, in more ways than one! And JCs ability to condense MASSIVE topics into a few paragraphs is truly staggering. Cheers from the north.

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