Storm Clouds Gathering

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JC Collins

There has always been a chance of increased geopolitical tension and the threat of war as the world moves away from the existing unipolar monetary framework towards a multilateral framework. We covered some timeframes and potential increases in the risk of regional war and outright war between major players in a previous POM article a few years back.

The current timeline of events fits with the timeline we predicted back then.  We are in fact experiencing an uptick in geopolitical upheaval and mobilization for war on multiple fronts. It should be clarified that just because there is an increase in mobilization does not mean a war is imminent. The promotion of fear has never been one of the motivators here on POM, but trends and facts have to be considered.

It also should be clear to all who are paying attention that there are storm clouds gathering on multiple fronts as we close out 2018 and transition into 2019.  The threat of a regional war, or multiple regional wars, along with a larger conflict between major world players, is only one of the potential storm fronts.  The ongoing trade war between America and its largest trading partners is another front. It should also be considered that this strategy may also cause direct trade wars between other players without America being on either side, though its involvement and involvement in such trade war spin-offs will be an indirect causation.

While war and trade are two of the biggest factors which get most of the attention, we also need to spend some time considering the impact that ongoing economic and financial volatility will have on both.  Nothing is happening in isolation from the rest, so an economic downturn in one nation, or financial crisis, will quickly spill over into other nations and regions which will change the dynamics of the military wars and trade wars which are developing.

IMF First Deputy Managing Director David Lipton has come out with a statement on the gathering economic storm clouds.  The next global financial crisis is developing and the world is not prepared to handle the liquidity crunch when it eventually strikes.  Stock markets around the world have had a bad year and it doesn’t look like things are going to improve in the New Year.

Some nations have fallen into a currency crisis while others are on the cusp of a growing sovereign debt management failure.  The IMF is concerned about being under-resourced again when the next crisis unfolds.  There are some theories out there that the developing architecture around the new crypto market could facilitate, or at a minimum, play a role in providing liquidity during the next crisis.

Being that crypto is a new asset class altogether, it’s not surprising that international institutions and central banks would be considering its potential to bridge liquidity needs as the world transitions to the multilateral framework.  I’ve even proposed back in the summer that a crisis in the traditional markets and financial system will cause liquidity to shift over to the new crypto market. Most big banks and stock market players have established their own crypto architecture moving into 2019. The obvious one is Bakkt which is owned by ICE, the parent company of the New York Stock Exchange.  Bakkt is going live on January 26, 2019. I would suggest that this date represents a turning point where we may see events begin moving at a much faster pace.

How the next crisis unfolds will depend on many factors. Two of which are the outcomes to geopolitical wars and trade wars. The financial crisis could be just some volatility as things shift or could be an outright economic calamity which will take years to correct. I’m leaning towards the former as I always have, but with so many high-risk events unfolding we have to consider the alternative as well.

Probably the largest area of underrepresented risk awareness is building around the UNs Global Migration Pack and the growing resistance to governments which have signed it.  As the yellow vest protests in France suggest, there is a growing counter-movement to overall globalization and the mass migration which has been taking place for years now.  The yellow vest protests are beginning to spread to other nations in Europe.

This aligns with one of the other long-term POM predictions on the rise of the “new modern nationalism”.  Though no one is using this term, and the globalization supporters are attempting to make the word nationalism bad, the truth is that people in most western nations are beginning to push back against policies which are both ruining economies and cultures.

International de-dollarization is also expanding as we have predicted. 2018 has seen a large increase in nations moving away from the traditional role of the USD as the global reserve asset.  This will continue into 2019 and pick up even more momentum as the cross-border utility of crypto assets becomes more available to banks and business operating internationally.

The geopolitical hotspots of Eastern Europe and the South China Sea continue to be pivot points which America is focusing on to retain some form of influence over global interactions as the USD system unwinds.  The tension between Russia and the NATO build upon its border is the most worrisome.  As we’ve covered before, control of the Eurasian continent is the objective. Russia, China, with Iran and a few other smaller players have been positioning to counter any American strategy around and within the Eurasian sphere.  How this plays out is difficult to determine as there are so many moving pieces which are fluid and dynamic.

If America can checkmate China on trade then theoretically Beijing could be made to turn a blind eye to the concerns of its partner in Eastern Europe. It’s hard to imagine China folding on Russia, but if it meant an expanded Chinese economic zone in the South China Sea then anything is possible. Would China trade Russia for Taiwan?  Does China have the strength and political fortitude domestically to play for both hands? Maybe.

Storm clouds are gathering and we are now in the window of greatest risk when it comes to war and economic collapse.  There are many negotiations taking place in the background out of sight from cameras and press corps.  It is my continued hope and prediction that all players will eventually work together on a path forward, but the Russia situation concerns me greatly. Russia is being boxed in and it’s hard to imagine the strategy ending in any sort of mutual agreement which will make both sides content. Iran is the wild card which will act based on the perceived strength or weakness of its ally Russia. Though I can also see a situation unfolding where Russia would trade Iran for Ukraine, which could be the name of the game with this strategy anyway. As I’ve always stated, Ukraine and the Middle East, specifically Syria and Iran, are directly related, geopolitically, to the events in Ukraine. One cannot be adequately analyzed without the other.

Let’s stay aware and see what the first part of 2019 brings.  I’m sure it’ll start with a bang.  – JC

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    1. I see both Turkey and Iran having simultaneous situations unfold. I doubt either is sustainable. Don’t see Revelations and Gog/Magog being a factor here though. No end times on the horizon. Every generation thinks its the time of Revelations. History has shown a lot of wars and rise and fall of empires which could have been interpreted as Armageddon. But we’re still here. Still chucking along through endless human folly and foolishness. I believe the Vatican, Catholic Church, and Pope are the beasts and anti-christ referenced in Revelations. As such, that particular book, and its symbolic meaning, has much more to do with the past than the present or future. The early Protestants, such as Martin Luther, also felt the same. As did the Templars, Cathars, Lollards, etc.. Amazing tool for controlling mass populations though. Sorry Marsha, just expressing my opinion.

  1. I still don’t grasp why you don’t believe that sovereign power is not a factor in currency values. While I do believe blockchain technology would make implementing a supranational reserve currency by the UN much easier, the value would still come from the various sovereignties agreeing to the overall structure and mechanisms for changing values in the event one nation engages in competitive currency devaluation.

    There isn’t in theory a liquidity problem, at least for a powerful nation. Globally, there is a resource shortage problem, and there is an attempt to tie the two more directly together to avoid war. There is also a debt problem, with banks being given the right to create the vast majority of money, but with an exponential interest obligation attached.

    If liquidity (aggregate currency in a nation) cannot be increased, debt jubilees or similar are required, otherwise we get austerity and declining living standards.

    1. I have no idea why you would say that I don’t believe sovereign power is not a factor in currency values. Not even sure what point you are attempting to make. Central banks will issue CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies) and XRP will facilitate the transfer of value between those CBDCs. Maybe try and clarify what you’re asking? Or what your counter argument is? Thanks.

  2. JC, Great Post that sums global risks up nicely. Any thoughts on Trump’s seeming shift into the NeoCon camp worldview (e.g. Bolton). Trump came into office being critical of the foreign wars and adventures of his predecessors but seems to have shifted his position now. Lots of powder kegs out there and his temperament may well set some of them off.

    1. I think Trump is slowly getting boxed in like Putin. His temperament will matter little if he’s being controlled. They just need to find enough dirt on him to leverage. That may have already happened. We’ll see how the next few months go.

  3. JC, Also any thought on the Hauwei CFO detention in Canada as this could be another powder keg? The cover story in the Press is that Bolton new about the plans for it at the G20 Dinner meeting with Xi but that Trump did not know. As Trump’s Twitter feed has been silent on the issue, this seems to be a bogus cover that would make the temporary Trade Truce after the dinner appear disingenuous on the part of the US. Xi has clearly lost face over it and that may well be the US intention but it all seems very strange to me. Your thoughts?

    1. I think you nailed it. The intent was to discredit Xi back home. China is on the knife’s edge and the American establishment knows it.

    2. That is plausible. An alternative theory which also seems plausible to me is that it was a deep state attempt to derail trade negotiations, that Trump was being truthful when he said he wasn’t aware. Whilst Bolton sat at the dinner table grinning like the Cheshire cat. If that is the case, one would expect Trump to find the first reasonable excuse to kick Bolton out.
      I agree it is a powder keg and it certainly is very strange, pretty much unprecendented I think, to arrest and charge an individual rather than just punish the company itself with a huge fine. Make no mistake this is an important move, whoever is behind it, and how this plays out could be critical to the outcome of the trade war.
      If there is any merit to the idea (simplistic though it may be) that Trump does measure his presidency primarily by the level of the stock market, then it would suggest that he wants to make a deal sooner rather than later. This arrest seems to be a major setback. The market now appears to react violently to every trade war headline whereas previously it just rallied on regardless. Vexing. This could escalate quickly. I mean, it could really get out of hand fast…

    3. It’s also possible that we have got this wrong (sucked in by the media narrative) and it’s a big “nothingburger” in terms of the trade war. Entirely possible that Xi knew of the arrest and didn’t let it affect the talks. The timing is certainly suspicious (there are no coincidences right?) but the arrest warrant was issued months earlier.

      What puzzles me is, how could Meng be so stupid? Nobody at Huawei knew of the warrant or even that there was an investigation??

      Well, let’s see how this develops…

  4. Isn’t there a pattern of Trump putting neocons in key positions to beat down the opposition then replacing them with more neutral people? Perhaps the neocons are simply the best tools for the task at hand. Once enough grammar (knowledge) is collected it can be filtered through logic (understanding) for the application of rhetoric (wisdom).

    For the Huawei deal could it be a move to put pressure on backstabbing Trudeau? He also had prior knowledge of the arrest and is or was in the middle of negotiating a trade deal with China. Now this pressure is forcing Trudeau/Canada to decide between the US or China. Could the decision to arrest Meng Wanzhou at the US’s request while she was passing through Canada imply the choice is to stay aligned with the US? Why wouldn’t the US just arrest her while she was in the US?

    Then again maybe it’s all about espionage….oops I mean business.

    “On Thursday, one of Britain’s major telecoms, BT Group, said it was removing Huawei equipment from its network and would not buy the company’s 5G technology – a move that came after Alex Younger, the head of Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service, known as MI6, questioned whether his country should use the Chinese telecom’s gear.”

    Who will the UK purchase their 5G technology from now?

    “EE signs deal with Chinese smartphone firm OnePlus in bid for UK’s first 5G coverage”

    “Britain’s telecom giants begin bidding on 5G spectrum”

    “The country’s main mobile network operators – EE, O2, Vodafone and Three – have launched bids for 5G spectrum.

    However, Airspan Spectrum is also thought to be trying to get a slice of the UK’s 5G technology infrastructure. This bidding war will take place over the next few weeks.”

  5. As if trying to make sense of the geo/political moves, counter moves and moves again, isn’t a daunting enough task, I’m going to ask the powerful minds of the POM to consider and apply yet another variable into the equation.

    The mystery schools, secret societies, and the deep states. Yeah I know what a mess! Still I’m not asking to further confuse but with the hope of maybe finding something more by attempting to define the different roles the opposing forces operating in these spheres play.

    Perhaps some of the same forces JC finds himself in struggle with on a micro, but viewed from macro to achieve a more clear vision of the geo/political world. So as not to expose my own limited expertise in these matters, ah, duh, looking dumb. I turn the quest/question over to the able minds of the POM. Is that a double headed eagle I just seen flying by?


    1. Hi Pieter,

      Great to know about your Polish ancestry! I have known many Polish people and they are cultured and fun.

      Last night I watched this well made a documentary on the Polish artist and genius Stanislaw Szukalski who died in the mid-’90s in California. I found this man to be absolutely unique albeit eccentric but his artwork and personal theories about the cosmology of creation are well worth considering. Getting to know this totally out-of-the-box character for me was a revelation and his radically different and unique views about everything, including education, language, culture etc.

      I watched it on Netflix and it was the second movie I ever thought was worth watching which I would like to recommend.

  6. Hell the end of the world is looking better and better by the day. At least the rigged game would be over. But we have to see our XRP rise in value just before that final flash to end it all.

    It all seems like BS to me. All stupid games to instill fear into the minds of the people. None of them truly care about the people. Sadly I’m not sure I disagree with them yet, myself included.

  7. Has anyone noticed that when Trump issues an executive order regarding border control some judge somewhere rules his order to be unconstitutional and Trump stops immediately?

    Yet when a judge/court or congress orders the FBI to do something they completely disregard the order and continue their course of action and nothing happens.

    Police State – a totalitarian state controlled by a political police force that secretly supervises the citizens’ activities. (a little less secretive these days)

    So how are we not living in a police state these days in the US?

    Now with this QAnon religious phenomenon who is supposedly the military, who allegedly approached Trump and asked him to run for president. Who allegedly took out the Five Eyes spy satellite system and the CIA’s spy supercomputer network (snow white). Who allegedly held a military tribunal and found McCain guilty and put him to death….etc, etc. I see a building of a military hero or saviour coming to US citizens and the worlds aid.

    What do you suppose would be the evolution of a police state? Perhaps a military state? We see many examples of military states around the world, the US is the odd guy out.

    Military State – A fiscal-military state is a state that bases its economic model on the sustainment of its armed forces, usually in times of prolonged or severe conflict.

    Hasn’t Trump boasted time and again about the enormous military budget and how magnificent our military will be? Hasn’t he delayed the release of information revealing the crimes of the deep state? What if they are all reading from the same script and are all acting for the same director? The magic is that he has the citizenry asking…begging for it.

    States are already making guns illegal, legislation is being created saying the second amendment doesn’t give the individual the right to bear arms, it only gives that right to a militia. A militia is directed by the president. An argument I have for this perspective is that the militia is made up of individuals but that won’t come out if disarming Americans is the end goal.

  8. All Shot in the head…!

    Those who do not watch or listen to the MSM and who are interested in the geopolitical events may have possibly heard the news about the apparent suicides or accidental deaths of a US Naval 5th fleet chief in Bahrein (Vice Admiral Scott Stearney) and a few days ago of a similar death of an Iranian Islamist Revolutionary Guard general based in Iraq. Both died of a gunshot to the head!

    President Trump’s decision to pull the 2000 US troops out of Syria also created a reaction by MSM aligned with Israel/Neocons mainly. The opposition’s argument amongst many is that the US-backed Kurdish forces will remain the target and the US should not leave the region. What appears to have happened is that some agreements were made between the main powers involved with the US, namely Iran, Russia and Turkey. For Iran, it appears they have agreed (had no choice!) to remove their bases and any remaining troops/operatives from Syria. In the meantime, it is rumoured that the US forces will move to Erbil in Northern Iraqi Kurdistan. This is a chess game and the US by moving the pawns (soldiers!) to another region is assuring the operators in the region that it will stay for an outcome and objective. No one seems to know what that objective is other than as part of a possible multipolar world! Is this an act as part of that theory? Maybe, maybe not but we may find out soon.

    Those who want a free Kurdistan in any shape and form, are seeking the continuation of the imbalances in the region which assures Israel’s/Saudi/Iran aggression and hegemony by creating chaos in the region. In an unholy alliance, Israel, Saudi and Iran wish for the warfare to continue as their survival depends on the warfare to continue indefinitely. What’s certain is that none of the countries in the region wants to see another nation to be created as it will mean another 100 years of warfare, all except for Israel and Saudi’s. Think of how many wars had been fought the past 100 years since the end of WWI when the Ottoman territories were split up to many nations and the power was given the “Arabs”. Can you imagine how a new nation with another ethnic group can cause another century of war until it settles and consider how the Zionist state will benefit out of all this? This time, if the Kurds will replace the Arabs as the new powers and more bloodshed, all good and profitable for the Banksters.

    The best that can happen would be to uproot all ideological regimes in the region and returning all to a non-religious (Secular) governance system by giving power back to the civil societies of the nations. Both Iran and Israel are belligerent and ideological regimes and both should return to secularism. Turkey and Saudi Arabia are also the same and both should follow and return to be governed as secular governments. The politicization of both Islam (Shia& Sunni), as well as Politicization of Judaism mixed with Marxism, that is Zionism, has been a lethal combination against the followers of these religions and beliefs, people and nations. Political Islam has been a terrible and cruel experiment that was initiated in 1979 by a regime change in a secular Iran when an Islamist mullah was backed by the globalist western liberal elite and escorted by an Air France flight and guarded by Nato fighter planes arrived all the way from Paris to Tehran, from exile! How ludicrous is that for a so-called arch enemy of the Western civilization to be flown over a Western national airline?!

    This region needs to find peace and one effort would pay off hugely and that is the creation of a cultural and economic region where all the inhabitants whether Muslims, Jews, Christians, etc. to all enjoy prosperity and peace. Enough is enough and the people in that region have no animosity towards each other but their governments are all western installed for endless wars and draining their wealth and lives. Why would so many people be turned into so-called Migrants and why does the UN need to make it illegal for criticising mass migration?

    The people of this region have lived together for the past several thousand years and the past 100 years is a dark blip in their long and rich history. The West Asia region can be an economic giant for culture, history, as well as commerce that would be beneficial to all mankind. May we see better days…

      1. Thank you Dear Rogelio,

        I appreciate your kind words and I am glad you found it of interest. I wish you and your family a great Christmas, my friend.

    1. Hi Dane,

      Thank you for the Keiser Report and the second part talk with Mark Feierstein was probably the best part of the show. The discussion began with the NWO banksters annihilating the Middle-Classes in the West and replaced them with newly arrived Migrants. The hatred of the Middle-Classes has a long history and the last main man in charge of their execution all paid for by the super-elite in the EAst coast of the US and Europe, was none other than Karl Marx as he declared his contempt for this class of people, not mentioning that Marx was from this city intellectual classes, i.e. the Middle Class.

      In all of his writings and articles, he writes about the big bad “Bourgeois” that is precisely the Middle-classes! He never ever showed any hatred or contempt for the elite (Upper-classes) who were behind all slavery, wars, famines, false flags and ritualistic murders, not to mention the Serfdom who was a system to create free money for the ruling elite. Marx’s loaded gun was always towards the Middle-Classes!

      In major European cities, in partcular London, you will rarely see the natives but more so the foreign workers and in wealthy central London, super elite buying a 2 bedroom apartments for $20million a piece for their summer stay, usually the rich Arabs, Thai, Russians, and the super-rich Mullahs of Iran. The price I mentioned is not an exaggeration and the price is even higher around the famous Shop Harrods, now owned by the Qatari super elite! A major benefit of a non-native population is that the chance of them uniting and insurrection against the rulers in that city is zero, partly because they are not of one ethnicity and belonging to a shared history and culture and more importantly because the newly arrived to walk up the ladder and they want to status quo to remain! The selection of a non-native as the Mayor of a city as London also protects the rulers that in the case of any problems, they will not be seen as the cause but rather as a mistake for placing him in the first place! Deflection or dereliction of responsibility is a great method.

      The death or better said the assasination of the middle-class in the West is to ensure the two-tier social system, the works, and the super elite. Many fondly talk about the glorious Vistorian era but they never cosnider that the said era was the hellhole for the majority of the British people and an estimate of such opulence provides a glimpse into the dystopian Victorian era. According to this estimate, before WWII, there were 30,000 Butlers were working full-time to serve every need of their masters who lived in ridiculously huge houses and if the master was ever so slightly kind, he would give the damp basement to the Butler with no time off!

      De-industrialization of the West was also facilitated since the “owners” of all the land decided that the “natives” earn too much and the work they produce can be shipped to China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh where the natives will praise the owners and will never ever complain and seek any more than a 5-10 Dollar for 10 hour day.

      The owners, see their subjects as cattle and once they get too fat or too demanding they can get new cheaper and more obedient cattle.

      It seems, that the controllers who work for the elite have lost it and have no more magic solutions to their selfserving schemes. The old tricks don’t work and a section of the population may have found a way to confront and reduce the absolute control and cause a paradigm shift. This is not to say that the elite will disappear but rather a new elite class may emerge and the new elite will undoubdetly become as ruthless. Even a slight reduction in the abuse will open the door to a new era for humanity and any such window of opportunity may result in humanity to start towards a new path of progress instead of rhetorics such as the excessively overused “human rights”. When you consider the UN was supposedly tasked with ensuring this human right scheme and bringing peace, you will find the UN was actually an entity that caused wars, theft nations and provided the facility for human rights abuses. We are witnessing a wholesale change in their power matrix every day, but not if you watch the MSM where the daily menu is assaulting Trump and not talking about the real news!

      Keiser mentioned the term “Social cohesion risk” which he quotes from the Rothchild owned magazine, the Economist when they label the anti-EU and the latest French-based movement, the Yellow Vests. The elite MSM sich the economist, are seeing the loss of control and seeing “Their” kind of engineered cohesion in danger, that is Globalism in Europe under an undemocratic and despotic EU. The British people galantly voted against the EU against all odds but the Globalist cabal has used every trick possible to circumvent the exit as democratically voted by the British nation. The fact of the matter is that the EU, was designed as the new Soviet Union and after 70 years of “social experimentation”, the ruling elite thought they have observed and fine-tuned the Soviet statecraft in a way they can bring the same system stealthily and gently, as in boiling a frog! Yet, many including this gentleman as Feinstein conform that the EU is absolutely flawed and it will crash just as its predecessor did.

      An interesting article ” The Trump Doctrine: Economic Security is National Security ” which I read yesterday had some interesting insight into why the EU is behind arming the Mullahs of Iran and possibly was behind the North Korean belligerence.

      “The European Union is a collective co-dependent enabler to the corrupt influences of Iran. Therefore the assignment of responsibility to change the status is placed upon the EU.”.

      Regardless of how we as people view President Trump and his actions, I view him as the catalyst for the paradigm shift. In other words, while the MSM are looking at his every tweet and gesture under a microscope, almost everything he has done resulted in massive and irreversible changes. I do believe that all the changes will ultimately work towards a better future.

      Thank you again, my friend and I wish you a great Xmas.

      1. Hi CD ,

        First I must say it’s always a pleasure reading your posts , so well argumented and passionate !

        As always , there’s too much for me to assimilate at first read , and I must say here that I have’nt listened the Max Keiser Report . But this last days with Trump’s announcements of retreat from Syria and Afghanistan , I immediatly thought about JC’s main theme of America’s global way out of unilateral supreme world power .
        Incredible JC, the only one I know who can give us the path of short term and medium term future !
        Just want to discuss about some part of your post . Don’t you think that the middle class is always the one to be brought to the altar of sacrifice , as whoever is the thinker , he always think about risk and desire to climb the ladder .
        If the reflexion come from the absolute upper class , they envision the risks as something coming from the intermediate class where some people are able to understand and contest the rules to their own profits . Or if someone from the middleclass is able to understand the full picture and try to use it for the betterment of his class and himself , he will also understand the pyramidal scheme of power and will very often be ready to make the void around him , one day or another , to ensure his own ascension to the upper class of elites .
        It’s a very classical path you can see everywhere around the globe , in every moments of history , from Europe to Africa or Latin America , for example .
        Well , that’s why we can say human nature never change….. Even if man is sometimes full of altruism .
        More important to me . Don’t you think that now , for the next few years , or the next decade , we are entering in a particular window of time when the actual western elites are at total risk ?
        I mean , as says the Economist , there is a social cohesion risk . Same kind of cohesion risk which arose around the french revolution , when people had quite nothing to loose , after years and years of excess of taxation , and for some , starvation .
        May be I’m wrong , but aren’t we in a same window frame , at a larger scale , a world scale instead of an french/european scale as it was 230 years ago ?
        The actual merger of western political class and big corporations has led to a loss of buying power for the ordinary citizens , while in the same time taxes have burgeoned everywhere , with hundreds of ways to justify them , from terrorism to solidarity or Save the Planet , from Ecology to whatever you can imagine….
        So , maybe there’s a risk for the elits to partially loose control for a short moment as there is a possibility of of overreaction .
        I mean , we know that they want a global control trough IMF or anykind of supranational structure. We know that a ponctual chaos is the best way to neutralize the debt excess , to create a state of shock and to introduce a new monetary order , and a new kind of equilibrium ( geopolitical and financial ) around the world , to their own profit .
        It’s impossible to know in advance what will be the path for the next few years , but there’s two points I want to share with you .
        First the chaos to come will not be over until Iran is freed from the theocratic regim .
        My stake is that what has started in the fifties/sixties between Saudia Aramco and US Standard Oil as an economic cooperation has merged to a total interdependance between US and Saudi Arabia and is now out of control since Islamism has appeared and created the actual Midel-East mess .
        Trump will try to get out of all this mess , from both part of this gigantic mess . Just a simple question of time .
        But I do think that you’re giving too much credit to European Union , which is merely a puppet on a string of different factions of power of the US establishment . May be they are in favor of mullah’s regime as some of their decisions seems to confirm that .
        But for me these europeans politicians are essentially taking most of their decisions under US influence . Sometimes they look like chickens without heads , in a total lost of control .
        A few years ago , when Russia took over Crimea , why does Europe apply economic sanctions to Russia , at the behalf of US ? Europe has been the bigger looser in this story . Why are most of european leaders still blindly following most of US deep state doctrine ?
        Hope that if chaos has to come , it will free each economic zone from military and geopolitical domination .
        Have a nice week , dear CD !

        1. Hi Dear Ledude69,

          Thank you for your insightful message and I thank you for sharing your thoughts. You have raised some great points and together we are trying to make sense of this seemingly nonsensical world of ours.

          From a classical perspective and looking at the idea of Power and rulership, there were basically three groups of power, they were the King, the landowners and the masses (people). In the ancient world, a wise king would have been briefed of the other two entities, which he would rule over. In such a brief, he would be taught that the position that the King must maintain is to stand between the Landlord classes and the People who are the majority since the landlord classes were always greedy and their primary objective was to keep and then to expand their land and riches. The landlord would resort to any vile act in order to subjugate the people so they would work on the land either growing crops or attending the animals.

          The classical Kingsmanship was about controlling the excesses of the landlords and also maintaining a satisfactory control over the masses. Yet, the King would know that he is ruling over the land (Country/region) as well as ruling the citizens, which the landlords were also a part of. Appreciating this power dynamic is important in possibly seeing how each group would use powers of persuasion or manipulation to get to their own ways and objectives.

          The Kings had to often keep the balance of power by controlling the landlord classes also, by possibly give them a governing role (Keep your friends close, and your enemy closer!), but the King was also wary of the fact that the landlords were selfish and have the cash to stir trouble for the monarch, anytime they felt that the King is not on their side. The King had his own kingdom to worry about as he was responsible towards the people he ruled. So, keeping the balance was the King’s objective. In short, the people always looked to the King to protect them from the cruelty of the landlords which were always driven from selfish and rent-seeking tendencies.

          In the modern era, we have no King but instead, we have the Government, made up of civil servants which we can imagine as a mercenary workforce i.e. the bureaucrat classes. There is also a fourth power player in the game and that is the clergy or the church priest classes who exert power over the population and the priest classes are another entity in which the King must keep an eye on and maintain a balance with so to keep his kingdom in a state of equilibrium. Should any of the now, three groups i.e, the landowners, the people, and the Priest classes to get out too demanding, greedy or even violent for any reason, the King would be in deep doo-doo and he must use diplomacy or even crush any such imbalance, otherwise any such instability may cause trouble which he may not be able to exit from. The current situation is otherwise known as “Collusion of State and Business” and against the population.

          In our modern era, as you so astutely mentioned as below, we have a problem with the new King i.e. “Political class” as the new King has decided to elope with the “Big corporations”, against the “ordinary citizens”. In this scheme, the King has turned its back on the population and working against the interest of the masses.

          “The actual merger of the western political class and big corporations has led to a loss of buying power for the ordinary citizens, while at the same time taxes have burgeoned everywhere…”

          In this way, the people (masses) have no one to keep them safe and the system is in a totally unbalanced state. The Western political class knows and is aware of this imbalance but the greed on one hand and the unfathomable wealth they have amassed, or better said stolen from the population, has given them ideas to control the society by employing the Google’s of the world and technologies to keep an eye of the population. You are absolutely correct, the elite are terrified of the masses because they know what they are doing is going to backfire on them.

          In nature and when you study mechanical engineering, there is a concept known as “entropy”. This concept can possibly be translated as “randomness” which is an element built in the natural world. No system can forever be controlled and maintained to act the same way. We also have the cyclical effects built in nature. With all this known to the elite, do you think the elite exerting their control are unaware of the existence of such phenomena?

          If we consider the role and position of the clergy or the priest classes in all this, we may discover that the clergy at times gravitated towards the source of power because they were as wealthy as the landlords, if not one and the same! Therefore, the worldly power of the church (ALL churches and religions!), as well as the mental hold on the population, should be taken into account, as the Churches are also another Kingdom within a Kingdom. In Greece, the Orthodox Church is the biggest landowner. Church of England also is one of the biggest landowning entities in the UK and even owners investments, shopping centres etc. Yet, no empire can operate with a Religion or ideology. The Soviet experience replaced and banned Christianity whilst replacing this power source with a powerful and all-watchful government and replacing Christianity with Communism and as we now know, this was another cruel experiment that resulted in the mass murder of 30million Russians and in the end, Russia is now, probably the only true Christian nation on the planet. So swings can result when one pushes the system down.

          In any case, a nation must operate within these power sources and this is why humans do not change because we live within this power matrix. The contemporary problem is an imbalance and it is therefore unstable.

          You are also absolutely correct that the EU is the handiwork of the Anglo-American Deep State and so is Islamism of its two franchises (Shia & Sunni), the Arab Spring and much more.

          Regarding the EU, it seems President Trumps pulling out of Syria has left France as the unwilling ally of the Russians in the West Mediterranean region now. This implies that the EU will gradually cease or possibly be transformed into other shapes which will render NATO useless and possibly closed down, also it is very probable that Germany and Russia will become closer economically and the security equations within Europe will be with Russia in charge. With France remaining as the supreme power in the Levant region, it is interesting to see how a new France will develop and this may be the sign of a multipolar world for security where France will be better off.

          On Iran, it is now possible to see that a new leadership from within the broken down system of the Islamist regime to emerge and a possible individual from the system as Ahmadinejad comes to mind! Should Iran to come out of the insane grip of the mad Mullahs a village idiot as Ahmadinejad may be the right man. I recall the drunkard Boris Yeltsin as the Russian equivalent until a more serious secular leader to emerge and to start to lead Iran as a secular and civilized nation once again.

          You re also correct that the EU leaders have been reaping massive benefits of keeping the despotic Mullahs and internationally weak in power but that system will need a major overhaul and I am sure President Trump wants to see a stable and Secular Iran. I believe once the Sunni PAn-Islamism is wrapped up, Russia will have no reason to support the corrupt Mullahs of Iran either. All this, of course, depends on if the Deep State is prevented from starting a thermonuclear war with Russia for no other reason than maintaining the status quo.

          I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas Dear Ledude69

          1. A correction:

            “Yet, no empire can operate with a Religion or ideology.”

            …meant to say the following:

            “Yet, no empire can operate WITHOUT a Religion or ideology.”

            Humble apologies.

  9. ” Regarding the EU, it seems President Trumps pulling out of Syria has left France as the unwilling ally of the Russians in the West Mediterranean region now. This implies that the EU will gradually cease or possibly be transformed into other shapes which will render NATO useless and possibly closed down, also it is very probable that Germany and Russia will become closer economically and the security equations within Europe will be with Russia in charge “”

    I hadn’t thought about that one !
    Great , really great ! So many possibilities will emerge from Trump’s recent decisions . 2019 will probably be the year in which the wind of changes will blow in full force !
    Thanks a lot my dear CD !
    I wish you and all the POM community a very nice Christmas time !

  10. Thank you very much Dear Ledude59,

    It is always a pleasure to exchange ideas with you Dear Ledude and I agree with you that 2019 will be a better year for us all. I owe the privilege and the honour of meeting so many remarkable men and women at POM to our JC and without POM, my world would have not been so optimistic and positive. Our JC’s brainchild, i.e. POM is the revival of the ancient Gnostic school of learning and together we are making a new bright reality on the canvas of our time.

    President Trump’s latest tweet this morning gave me the hope that we are indeed at the cusp of a massive change once he dissolves the Federal Reserve and this act alone will irreversibly change the power matrix forever. Clearly, the Fed is his next target and about time too:

    “The only problem our economy has is the Fed. They don’t have a feel for the Market, they don’t understand necessary Trade Wars or Strong Dollars or even Democrat Shutdowns over Borders. The Fed is like a powerful golfer who can’t score because he has no touch – he can’t putt!”

    On a funny note, POTUS’s spelling mistakes are comforting to me as I am terrible at spelling too and I know I am not the only one, except that his seemingly bad spelling are all intentional coded messages, and mine are just silly mistakes. LOL 🙂 …thank you for putting up with my numerous spelling mistakes!

    I wish you a great Christmas Eve and a wonderful day tomorrow my dear friend.

    1. Cue the puns about the Powel putt 🙂
      “once he dissolves the Federal Reserve and this act alone will irreversibly change the power matrix forever”
      Wow, you are thinking big CD, yes if Trump can somehow pull it off he will definitely go down in history as one of the greatest ever POTUS!
      The stock market seems to be in freefall now, I hope all POMcats are sitting it out.

  11. “The United States refuse to fight for the transnational financiers”
    by Thierry Meyssan

    Another first-class analysis by Voltaire on the recent news of US forces pulling out of Syria with background and implications. President Trump was in Iraq today for a Christmas visit which is now customary for all US presidents since the invasion to that country, it would not be surprising if he had met some local leaders or their representatives! The US troops leaving Syria and the installation of S-300 anti-aircrafts in Syria guarantees that neither Turkey nor Israel to think about invading Syria or controlling the airspace, partly because Syria has its own no-fly zone now. To test it out Israeli Air Force yesterday sent 16 Delilah cruise missiles where 14 were shot down by the Russian made anti-aircraft system operating on Syrian soil.

    Nevertheless, the vacuum resulted from US forces departure is dangerous but it seems, all parties including Iran, Turkey and Russia have made some agreements to stop any further engagement or moves to escalate any aggression.

    Kurdistan as a new nation is off the table thankfully which will help to calm the situation between Turkey and Syria. All in all, this was a brilliant move by President Trump and hope before moving US troops from Afghanistan, he will sort out the belligerent Islamic Republic of Mullahs to assure no further aggressive behaviour!

    1. That’s interesting CD. Makes me wonder if Trumps draining the swamp visave the “CIA part of it” has something to do with pulling out of Syria and Afghanistan.

      But at any rate it does seem a pattern is forming of Trump closing down at least some of the CIA operations throughout the world. Perhaps they were operations that went rouge.



      In regards to Iraq…perhaps it WAS a CIA operation “weapons of mass destruction” but is becoming a buffer zone for Iranian deep state operatives/operations. We shouldn’t forget how Trump has said he would have made some great oil deals in Iraq though. With fracking seemingly slowing down due to low oil prices Iraqi oil could be on the menu.

  12. Hi Dane,

    You are absolutely correct when you say:

    …”it does seem a pattern is forming of Trump closing down at least some of the CIA operations throughout the world. Perhaps they were operations that went rouge.”

    The US forces pulling out of Syria is actually like taking all four wheels from a car! The current situation in the so-called Middle-East region, is a construct by design, for the creative-chaos plan as a means of literally looting the region AND to control the entire world! The control element was for an are prior to fracking when the developing world, as well as Europe, needed the oil from this region. So all of this, including the making of the Pan-Islamism monster were created/groomed in the Deep State actors CIA and assistance from associated parties of the Anglo-American Empire, namely the Tavistock Institute for human for human behaviour. As we are witnessing this rapid and unexpected move by President Trump, has now created a panic and a reshuffling by all the regional actors: Turkey, Saudi’s, UAE, Jordan, Israel as well as Russia, the EU, UK to fill in the vacuum as well as adjustments to the new reality that Syria is no longer open for warfare and manipulation of all the above.

    In 1979, when the Anglo-American Empire spent much effort in removing the Secular system of government of Iran under the legitimate King of Iran (The Shah), there was no such thing as “Pan-Islamism” or Islamic Terrorism. The entire region including the Arabian peninsula, Iran, and to East Pakistan, India and no to mention Afghanistan which had been invaded by the Soviet forces was in great danger of Communism! Islamism had not been born yet. In fact, in 1978, a pro-Soviet coup happened which was a communist coup and there were no Islamists such as the Taliban etc. It is hard to believe, that in a couple of years, the west created the Taliban, and I recall in the British TV in the early ’80s, every night, a good 15 minutes of the entire 30 mins. the news was dedicated by the newscaster solely about the tragedy of Afghanistan and how the brave “Muslim Freedom Fighters” Liberating their Muslim homeland! That was the beginning days of the Sunni Islamism which was the design and the creation of the Zbigniev Berzinsky, who was the father of the whole Pan-Islamism movement.

    It now is absolutely apparent that Trump is extinguishing the fire started by the arsonist in chief Mr Berzinsky who should be somewhere in hell burning indefinitely for what he caused was nothing short of a dark and satanic act upon not only the Middle-EAst but the entire world. Consider how many wars and how many people, directly and indirectly, have lost their lives and lost home were destroyed. We have to ask, why and for what objectives if any other than evil intent!

    You are right again regarding Iraq. It seems, the Islamist Mullahs of Iran was installed by the same satanic cabal to cause indefinite damage to any secular nation in the region and to carry out a wholesale radicalization of the entire world by a new power to replace the Soviet Union but this time with Islam as the ideology instead of Communism. From 1980 to 1989, an almost 8-year war was fought between Iran and Iraq. Iraq at the time was the most powerful Arab nation that was ruled by a man who had been installed in Iraq in 1968, a Mr Saddam Husseing. Saddam was Anti-Islamism (Anti-Muslim Brotherhood) as well as Anti-Communist and he occasionally executed Communists as well as MB’s. In the chess game of the ear, Iraq was seen by the Israelis as a major and serious threat and Saddam’s army was very well equipped and his military and airforce were well trained and a force to be reckoned with in the Israelis mind. During the 8 years war between the Arab Iraqis and the non-Arab Iran, Israelis supplied Iranians with US-made weapons and spare parts for their entirely American made Airforce fighters as well as Cobra attack helicopters, and C-130 planes and a full range of US-made equipment. At the time the West wished for a war of attrition between the two powers and ensured that no clear winner to arise. The US even sent a command and control centre all manned by a group of expert military tacticians to a bunker in Iraq to assist Saddam Hussein whilst Israelis were sending shiploads of weaponry and spare parts to Iran! In the meantime, the Germans sold the WWI era Mustard gas, the French sent Mirage Jet fighters as well as mercenary pilots, and the Soviets kept supplying both sides.

    In the end. a ceasefire was agreed and nobody won, except for Israeli, Saudi, British, French, Russian, American and other nations Arms dealers who became super-rich. A notable name was Mr Adnon Khashoggi who was an uncle to Jamal Khashoggi who was, allegedly killed by Saudi authorities!

    From a higher elevation, however, Iraq had to be destroyed for many reasons as a powerful military, and that was to remove the threat to Isreal…as well as to the Islamist Mullahs! In so many ways, the Islamist Shia Mullahs and the Israelis have a common interest as well as a deadly competition, that is to control the region. Both regimes are ideological and both are aggressive and a source of instability in the region if not the world. Yet, they both have an unholy alliance and somehow need one another in other levels. It’s perhaps a kind of dependency from a need to have an enemy and despite the rhetoric for 40 years, it is not a war that either party want to be engaged with for many reasons, partly historical, partly as a debt the Jews have for Persia for freeing them from Babylon captivity as per the Jewish holy texts but more importantly that they both know they are the only two powerful nations that can keep the balance. I personally think the bombing of Israelis on any nuclear site in Iran is to be neither rational nor fruitful and if anything it will have the backlash of Iranian mullahs calling on the Islamist Republic propaganda system. For Iran top attack militarily whether by a rocket or any other form, it is again equally irrational and extremely damaging also. Regarding Shia Hezbollah of Lebanon, even though it is associated with Islamist Mullahs, it seems to operate independently;y but it receives (used to at least!0 vast amount of cash from Iran. Hezbollah is now an assimilated military and a part of the Lebanese Army and it appears to be a formidable fighting force which by all account caused major defeat top IDF some years ago, proving that Israel given its size and manpower as well as the public opinion can not fight a war that drags on more than 35 days. This is a serious problem and a weakness but realities are inescapable.

    A few days ago, I heard that the UAE and Saudi’s are opening embassies in Damascus and the Kurdish forces have invited the Arab Syrian Army to the Manbij region to protect the Kurdish Syrian region from the Turkish army! The rapprochement of the Kurds and Syrian government plus much other similar news indicates that a massive change had occurred immediately after the US forces pulling out from Syria. I am certain that this realignment and adjustments to a more stable region will continue and as part of that, we should expect a correction inside Iran to happen, which will hopefully see a return of a secular rule in Iran and return of peace between a new Iran and the regional nations. Regarding Iraq, again it is possible to see that nation to continue minus the Islamists anywhere and the northern Kurdish part being ruled semi-independently from Baghdad, even though the Kurdistan project is unlikely to materialise for a very long time.

    President Trump since the beginning of his campaign said that he wants to see the end of the deep state Pan-Islamism destructive ideology and pulling out of Syria is already the first major step but equally devastating for the Anglo-Ameican Deep State. The outcry of the Deep State-dependent so-called MSM is the death cries of the deep state and this trend will continue as there are many other actions in the background supporting POTUS’s action which is not apparent to us, but it will succeed for sure.

    1. WOW! Thanks, Ledude59,

      This was a great article and really loaded with incredible info on how the Russian Anti-aircraft system has changed the balance of power in Syria. How did I miss that one. 🙂

      I recall during the Nato bombing of Libya few years ago, how Nato “imposed” a No-Fly-Zone over the Libyan airspace while they destroyed and looted Libya and exported Islamist terrorists and Libyan government weaponry to Syria. …Not to mention how the corrupt Clinton State Dept. helped in the murder of the US Ambassador Stevens in the process as may have found out the scam of the Obama regime in supporting Islamists and the start of the Syrian war!.
      Now, the table is turned and a nation such as Syria can impose its own No-Fly-Zone on the aggressors!

      This shows how a new technology as the Russian Anti-Aircraft system can make such an incredible paradigm shift when it was not possible or even conceivable before. I wonder why the Anti-War coalition groups and charities are not even advocating for such technology by buying them from Russia and give them to nations under attack, when Red Cross, Oxfam and Save the children charities have been selling second-hand books and clothing and shoes to the public whilst paying their own executives six and seven figure salaries! I am being sarcastic here of course but it seems that preventing wars could have been their best methods of confronting aggressors by these deep state charities, …had they been honest and truthful about their intentions!

      Another example of how a new technology with the potential to change the matrix of power can be Cryptos and it appears they also have changed the financial power matrix but we have yet to see the full effects. It is likely, however, that both the Russian Anti-Aircraft tech. as well as the Blockchain will be recognized in future as the Invention of the Wheel Version II, or version III, if we consider the Gutenberg press as Version II, but the point is that human ingenuity is endless and it comes when all hopes are lost, exactly as in some movies when all hopes are lost.

      The month of January 2019 will probably be remembered when the matrix of this reality will change forever. Let’s hope and pray it will be beneficial to all our brothers and sisters everywhere on this planet. Happy 2019.

  13. “” Another example of how a new technology with the potential to change the matrix of power can be Cryptos and it appears they also have changed the financial power matrix but we have yet to see the full effects. It is likely, however, that both the Russian Anti-Aircraft tech. as well as the Blockchain will be recognized in future as the Invention of the Wheel Version II, or version III, if we consider the Gutenberg press as Version II, but the point is that human ingenuity is endless and it comes when all hopes are lost, exactly as in some movies when all hopes are lost. “”

    Hi CD !

    I totally agree ! Not sure it will be in January as you hope for , but it will be in 2019 !
    Happy New Year to you and your beloved ones .

    Happy New Year to all POM community !

  14. JC, you mentioned Trump is getting boxed in, it does seem to be the case. Here is another analyst I follow who has reached a similar conclusion:

    The probability of this presidency ending with impeachment is increasing. How would you see that impacting your overall thesis? I know it is unlikely to have much/any effect on the coming crypto revolution, but am wondering about other aspects of the POM vision.
    As the short video above mentions though, Trump probably has some powerful ammunition with which to fight back. We are talking “shock and awe” here, potentially. It occurs to me that if he eventually reveals all to the masses about the way politics really works, completely exposing the deep state for all to see, that might be his greatest achievement and could make the whole effort worthwhile. 2019 is going to be a historic year in so many ways. I don’t know whether to be excited or afraid.

    1. I don’t think it changes the overall POM thesis around the resurgence of a new modern nationalism. This “nationalism”, or anti-globalization, started with Trump for the most part. But if he’s removed through whatever method will now only feed it more. That’s why I mentioned the yellow vest protests will start in America when people realize Trump has been made ineffective. It will be interesting. Always keep in mind the Hegelian Dialectic. Yellow vest opposition will assist in engineering a more acceptable Globalization 2.0, which was probably always the desired outcome. Within a range of course. Socioeconomic and cultural engineering is not an exact science.

      1. Here’s a scenario. Trump talks about Nationalism yet the “Trump” brand is global with Trump Towers around the world.

        Q is pro Trump and has said many times on the Q posts that this movement is world wide. “World Wide” is the same thing as global.

        Many yellow vesters have gone out of their way to make sure the cameras picked up the big “Q” on the back of their vests.

        So perhaps the yellow vest movement here in the states is Q.

        Globalization 2.0 demanded by the people veiled in nationalism that is for the people.

        A globalization turd wrapped in a nationalism wrapper or a nationalist trojan horse with globalism 2.0 on the inside.

        Can it be modeled after the spiritually enlightened people of the earth? Can nationalism be the outward element or body while globalism 2.0 is the inner common element we all share as human beings? Like Gnosis being shared among all religions perhaps? Not dominated by any one part but instead being a composition of all its parts as a whole entity?

        What do you think?

      2. Thanks JC, that makes sense. Yes civil unrest is looking increasingly probable, let’s hope it doesn’t get too bad.
        Obi Wan Trump: “If you strike me down I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine”

        Hey Dane, didn’t Trump campaign on keeping Americans safe? So he ought to push through a similar law on carrying yellow vests in every automobile 🙂
        Just one problem – they are mainly made in China and if there’s no trade deal soon they will be subject the next round of tariffs haha
        Better get your order in now 😉

        1. Hey redjon, yes and no. He actually campaigned on keeping “America” safe. We have just inserted our own perspective to assume that means keeping “Americans” safe also. Same with the mantra Make America Great Again. Many think that means “Americans” but it doesn’t say that, it says “America”. Also on the flip side of the coin of keeping America safe is containing Americans. We are still waiting to see which side of the coin falls face up. One goes with the other and is inseparable. We could even suppose that Trump is legit and does all he says. This could set a perfect stage for the next president to step in, take the reigns and be a totalitarian dictator backed by a military rule which sounds horribly similar to communism. Did China and Russia start as free nations only to become communist when their empires gave up power to another emerging empire? For their own safety no doubt.

          Obi Wan Trump…hahaha.

          So many believe that Trump is a hero put in place to save us. That emotional outward projection of a savior usually ends in disappointment due to the inherent expectation of being saved not getting fulfilled. We are already beginning to see decention now with the lack of prosecutions of this swamp, deep state, globalist or anything that has been labeled as being evil coming to justice.

          Another thought, Q suggests that Trump was put into power by the military. Supposedly the Secret Service/Military has saved him from numerous assassination attempts already. We see the FBI/DOJ/CIA being portrayed as the deep state which means the military is battling the police state. I believe we are in a police state because none of the alphabet agencies recognize court orders or congressional orders and their actions fit the definition of a police state. This could all be a natural evolution from being a police state into becoming a military state. From what Q has propagated could we say that the military is in control of the country? Or close to it at least?

          People are transforming from an outward experience towards and inward experience. No reason why the military industrial complex cannot do the same and transform from outside of country terrorism (international, globalism 1.0) to incountry terrorism (national, nationalism). This would give reason for a military state to play out for…well forever. The new nationalism could be globalism 2.0 in disguise.

          Funny thing is that those who placed their faith in Trump will end up dispising him and those who despised him will end up loving him.

          Good and evil both exist in a fairly balanced ecosystem. The only problem the world encounters is that the profane, disorganized masses, herd, sheeple, etc. and so forth who are trending more towards evil (globalism). That is the imbalance. So the world is in the process of enlightening itself so that these aforementioned folks are now beginning to lean towards rightness or good (nationalism). When they achieve this the world will eventually become imbalanced again heavy on the good side and we will begin to swing back to evil. That’s just the way it hangs…I mean swings man;)

          1. Why do the masses get called the herd, profane, sheep, cattle, etc.? Why are they so easily manipulated? Why do they seem like psychopaths?


            What, trust?

            Sure, what is trust?

            Before we work through that question can we begin with agreeing that trust is something that is earned?

            Okay so if it’s earned, how is it earned?

            Its earned through the process of knowing ourselves whole and complete isn’t it? If we can’t trust ourselves then how can anyone else trust us?

            This would mean we have to earn trust by learning to trust ourselves. We can only trust ourselves if we can trust to know how we will act when experiencing things in life right? That would say that trust must come from the inside from an inner point of truth. So being honest with ourselves fosters understanding ourselves, understanding ourselves fosters truth with ourselves, truth with ourselves fosters trust that we know ourselves. Our conscious self and our unconscious self. Our light and our shadow.

            Therefore, can we say that the masses do not trust themselves because they do not know themselves as a result of not being honest or truthful with themselves?

            This leads them to give up their sovereignty and flock to outward authority figures as guidance on how to behave or how to know themselves. When no authority is around and they encounter something in life they do as they see being done around them. It’s the only thing they can do because they know nothing else, right? Isn’t this the same way a herd acts? Submit to the most dominant one in the herd and do as the rest of the herd does? Reaction instead of action.

            Someone told me they trusted me years ago. Until now I had no idea of why. I wish I could go back to that point and thank them properly because to trust someone is a very high compliment indeed.

  15. Interesting thoughts Dane, as always.
    I’ll be the first to admit I am rather naive on most of this stuff so the more I comment the more I risk exposing myself as The Fool 🙂
    But what the heck 🙂
    Yes Trump is easily viewed as a savior figure (he’s not the messiah, he’s a very naughty boy! 🙂 sorry couldn’t resist the Monty Python reference, it is so apt). And even some of JC’s posts seemed to reinforce this (or was it just me projecting and interpreting things that weren’t really there?) but what is undeniable I think is that he’s an agent for massive changes in the world. And to those who are disadvantaged, any change from the previous status quo is likely seen as a good thing. The Hegelian Dialectic at play once again.
    I’ve also heard Trump referred to as the Grey Champion (referencing The Fourth Turning).
    What people are increasingly beginning to realise though is that, powerful as the position of POTUS is, Trump is not omnipotent and thus faces endless battles at every turn to accomplish most of the things he promised during his campaign. And the mid-term results were of course a game-changer, unfortunately. He was wading waist-deep through the swamp before, now he’s up to his neck in it.
    Regarding the thesis that he was put into power by the military, is there much supporting evidence? That being the case, some of the appointments he has made appear very hard to understand (well, that’s true whoever the hidden hand is). I confess I haven’t been following the Q posts very closely, perhaps I should be, but half of me still thinks it’s a psyop.

    1. Hahaha, thanks redjon, there is always that risk when expressing what you feel and see these days my friend. We are so many and its so easy to hurt someone’s feelings no matter how something is said.

      Your not alone with the feeling of a psyop. I only vary a bit from Q though. I think I’m seeing the entire material world as one huge psyop. Sure takes a deep and solid strength in myself and what I believe to be right or wrong to keep on the narrow path. So far I also believe that staying on the narrow path is worth every ounce of effort.

      That being said I don’t like or dislike Trump. I do like the change and shaking up of the stagnant characters we have seen for so long. It’s a bit of freshness and allows to learn the new way of things, whatever they may end up being. I also like the conservative lean towards things, I’m not sure why yet but I think it’s because I like seeing people squirm in order to fit in only to realize they have to be more conservative in order to find a place. It’s just so interesting to see the way things work and how people are swayed or guided by a seemingly giant hand swooping down and scooting us along.

      Oh, if you want to get a little insight of how Trump works his book The Art of the Deal reveals some character traits that I have seen come out in his actions as president. Right now though as an example he is supposed to know about the globalists trying to crash the system. Globalists or not it needs to change I believe. But Trump is supposed to be putting globalist actors in the lead positions of blame when and if the system crashes. His logic is thought to be, that if “they” do crash the system they will crash it on their own people. Could also be just that they know the old dying system better than anyone else so they are the best choice to lead that beast into extinction. Either way I kind of see it as “keeping your friends close and your enemies closer” type of deal.

      I agree though. He is but a middle actor in this grand play. Maybe higher middle actor 🙂

      1. Agreed my friend, the world needed a good shaking-up, and it sure is getting one.
        Yes I’ve been wondering just how much “they” have told Trump about the big picture (no, the really big big picture). Because, there is stuff he needs to know, but on the other hand he is not someone I would trust to keep a secret for very long! The more he gets harrassed and boxed in, the more likely he will be to drop the mother of all truth bombs and blow up the whole game.
        Regarding crashing the system, I doubt that the top globalists will be unprepared for that. By which I mean no matter what happens it would not completely ruin them. But it could certainly be a massive setback to the best laid plans. It is mind-boggling to consider just how much is at stake during the coming months and years.

  16. JC ,

    How are you ? Your silence is so loud that I am am wondering if you are still OK .
    Could you please give us some news ? Hope everything is good and you have no deep worries .
    Send you all the best !

    1. All good my friend. Have a few new articles in the pipe for this week. Thanks for asking. Getting up at 4am to get my carcass to the airport isn’t so great though, if I’m being honest. Lol

      1. Lol, I can imagine that freezing cold is a rude awakening when you step outside at the airport. At least your carcass is still getting up my friend. I’m still thankful for that grace each day. But I do 4am Monday through Friday so I know your pain. Literally, the carcass doesn’t stop cracking and popping until I get across the house to the kitchen. Luckily the brain doesn’t kick in until shortly after I’ve arrived so I don’t know if it hurts or not. Oh the golden years are going to be great aren’t they? 😉

        Glad your well my friend. Hope the mine site treats you good this week. Of course the cure to this 4am crap is for XRP to pull us out of it, but no pain no gain right. 🙂

  17. Glad to see you’re Ok , JC !

    Hopefully , never had to wake up at 4 to go to work . It was around 5h30 to 6 , globally .
    More acceptable in my perception .
    Well , now it’s over and I have more time or I should have more time , but there always so many things to do and to discover , so much to learn !
    Have a good week , all of you !

  18. Will the huge migration of non-white people into the United States and Europe stop?

    If the migration is stopped, will most of the migrants be pushed back to their own countries?

    Will the white race be brought to near extinction like the red race is now?
    Is it the goal of the Deep State / Crown Beast / Cabal to get rid of the white race because it is harder to control than other races?

    1. Hello lnrfc25,

      I share your question as well as your concerns regarding the future of our planet and in particular what may be the outcome of the current mass migration in Europe and North America and for that matter so much of these human shufflings in all five continents!. The following short clip may provide some answers or at least it may allow us to form a logical history of the current events and how things may turn out in future. What we should consider is that all the current stuff going had a very long background and history and all this, is just the blooms and the fruits of what the planners have cultivated for us. For this reason, we need to appreciate what had gone on before our time to possibly try and forecast what will come in future and this short clip/essay gives a sufficient background in this regard.

      I also would like to use the alchemical phrase that JC used in a recent article, “Solve et Coagula” to also possibly mean that we are in the process of both the Solve as well as the coagulation which migrants are an element used as an ingredient in this alchemical process. In the end, the planners, want cheap and enthusiastic labour force and they will resort to migrants and failing that, they will utilise robots to achieve their supremacy. Yet, history shows us that any plan and project may not end up with the original aim in mind as there is something within nature known as randomness that may cause a glitch in the fabric of reality which will always bring equilibrium.

      In other words, no one, however powerful can never ever control nature, because nature wins every time!

      Wishing you a great day.

  19. Carpe Diem,

    I appreciate it very much that you responded to my questions.

    I watched the video. It is an excellent overview of the plan of the powerful, evil elites. I already knew everything in it. For people that don’t know, it is a very good, short introduction to the destruction that is coming.

    I am disturbed by the apparent coming death of Western Civilization and the probable extinction of the white race. Do you believe that will happen? If not, why not besides ‘nature wins’ in the end. What can we do to stop it?

    It seems that demography is destiny. And demographics for whites look very bad right now…

    1. Hi Inrfc25,

      There is no question that the western civilization is under a threat but I believe it is only a threat and that does not mean that it will die and at least not in our lifetime for many reasons, should it ever to happen. One reason is that Western civilization has been the operating system of this planet for at least two thousand years. Therefore its roots are very deep and extensive. The other is that the population of the people that have formed and cultivated the western civ i.e. the Indo-European people (IE) is almost half of the population of this planet (3.5Billion). The strength of the western civilization is that it has been shaped through the history with many threats that at times included the absorption and assimilation of other people but most importantly the adoption of religions that often were not native and in fact from other races! When we consider that the Roman empire adopted a non-native that was not racially of its own, a Semitic belief system as Christianity and now it is an inseparable part of the contemporary western civilization, we can possibly see how such a powerful civilization will absorb, digest, evolve and move on. We must not forget that Christianity was a serious threat to the Romans but in time, the Roman Empire found the new ideology the religion of choice for the Empire to rule and was transformed into what it became later and to this day. Whether it has been good or bad to the people belonging to the Western Civilization is possibly debatable but the truth is that it survived the new belief system of a non-native source! BTW, I am not suggesting that Western Civ will ever adopt Islam as its new religion, far from it. The adoption of Christianity during the Roman period belongs to a different period of human development and another similar one at this time is debatable, if impossible!

      Regarding your concerns as to the extinction of the white race, I would say it is extremely unlikely but again it is the white race and more sp[ecifically the white man whose role and power is threatened. This is all politically motivated and the aim is to remove the protector that is the male in any culture from the equation. Unfortunately, the city-dwelling people are far more affected by this cultural engineering through education and media and a threat often causes a backlash which is always expected as a reaction. Again this is a threat and one that may transform society but as per the alchemical phrase, “Solve et Coagula”. When pushed, nature responds to maintain equilibrium and how and when the move to bring about is not known but the fact that many of us are engaged in solving this riddle (as you and I are!), is an indicator that nature is operating quietly in the background doing its work.

      It seems that any civilization is like a living entity and it goes through periods of contraction and expansion and a period of contraction (which we may be in such a period right now!), allows furter future growth. Therefore, infinite growth is not possible in nature and a period of contraction is necessary to grow and each time to growth or evolution is more expansive. The problem is that the rate of transformation is so fast and visible to us right now, whereas in the past all the changes were rather slower and possibly more of an organic nature. The current period is very disturbing because the changes appear to be all engineered as though the planners have an end date mandate for completing their project. For this reason, what the planners have been working on by diluting Europe and North America with non-assimilating migrants mostly from Islamist regions of the world and with a forced Marxist ideology in these regions may end up not materialising as planned possibly because the rate of transformation is too fast for the natives of Europe and North America. The addition of the welfare state that had promised the newly arrived migrants a free housing and pocket money does not help the migrants to establish themselves and assimilate either organically. In short, this is very likely to possibly end badly for the migrants as the social backlash may be immense but it all goes back to the speed of the operation!

      I recall in the late 70s and 80s, how the Western society perceived gay men and how there were a lot of anti-gay and even gay-bashing episodes by heterosexual men in the UK at the time when transgenderism was only a fetish and had not been publicized. Again, we have now Olympic champions as Bruce Jenner as a champion of transgenderism and all of this 20 years ago was inconceivable. We have been transformed to a point now that the President of the US, only a few days ago started an initiative to pressurise nations who act against their gay citizens! If you had asked any person back in say 1978 about what we are currently witnessing, nobody would believe any of it. Yet, it all happened and even the Churches have adopted this movement and we now have gay priests and pastors. Do I think that any of this is a threat to western civilization? Perhaps, but the western Civ is unmoved by all this and it can take more shocks and still be unmoved because its roots are deep. Again the problem for us at this time is the speed of show because, in time, all of this will be assimilated and absorbed.

      A Civilizations consist of and contain many aspects or markers, such as architecture, bureaucracy, art, education, belief system, mythology, philosophy, world vision and much more. To the most part, civilization is an abstract idea and is not visible to us but we can appreciate its existence in contrast to another civilization.

      I would like to add that the Muslims/Africans in the west and for that matter, any other non-IE population group as migrants, will not kill the Western civilization because these newly arrived do not dictate what the Western culture and civilization are but rather they will become eventually a part of this civilization. These people can not live in a vacuum and eventually will be absorbed in the culture. The problem is that they have arrived through a Marxist globalist mandate and they have been instructed by the people that sponsored their migration, possibly to continue with their own culture and remain unassimilated. As with everything else, you must look at how they are funded and until the time, the newly arrived receive funds, they will not participate in pursuing suitable work and to assimilate. The political nature of their arrival and funding is an obstacle for their long term assimilation and until the sponsors are stopped, no real assimilation can take place. All previous migrants to the US up until possibly ’80s did not receive funding for their stay and all had to find work and to quickly assimilate. The contemporary problem is preventing assimilation and until the globalist elite are at work with the likes Soros, it won’t end.

      regarding your last question, “what can we do to stop it?”, I think the best course of action would be to educate ourselves in the understanding of our own cultures and study the mythology of our ancestors. By being truthful, honest and noble to understand the problems and learn about our collective history to see patterns as well as to see a higher level and philosophical perspective in all this. This will make us understand the game and we may feel less frustrated and angry perhaps. What we are witnessing is our impression of reality and we all get a snapshot of history which we live in right now, may not be the full picture but just a snapshot. Knowing that all things are evolving, knowing that equilibrium is in-built in the nature of reality and knowing that humanity is inventive, will somewhat relieve the anguish the pain in observing the time we are in.

      We should also remember why this time is particularly is hard for many of us. That is because we are in a period of a massive transformation and what we may call a major paradigm shift, and this change is very hard for us all. One last reason for why this is a hard time is because we are at war, a world civil war which JC has been talking about in his numerous articles and no victor has been announced, yet. But, deep down, and I am hoping here, it will be humanity who will win this war!

      I hope this helps!

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