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How Basic Income Guarantees will Transform Human Wealth

As a continuation of the topic discussed in The Wealth of Human Beings this post will review one component of how human time and labor will be redefined in the years to come.  As the international monetary system becomes more consolidated and the rise of artificial intelligence and robotics further evolves, the loss of human jobs will align with the larger mandates of global governance development.

The straightforward language I use when discussing this topic is in no way meant to minimize or distract away from the serious concerns over the loss of individual and national sovereignty, as well as the fragmentation of freedom, which will ensue.  It is best to put forward the facts with as little conjecture and opinion as possible.  Each reader can determine the level of concern based on their own ideological standing and philosophical leanings.

The recent Swiss vote on Basic Income Guarantees is a sign of things to come.  The Swiss, to their credit, voted against B.I.G. by 80%.  The reason for voting against this concept is that the Swiss people felt it would make people more lazy and cause an influx of migrants seeking citizenship in the country.  These reasons are not without merit.

But don’t think of this Swiss vote as a loss.  It is the first attempt at measuring resistance to what is fast becoming a mandated objective internationally.

Though the Swiss were the first to put the idea to a vote, the concept of B.I.G. is being launched in both Finland and the Netherlands as pilot projects in the near future.

The Finnish project will happen in 2017 and will involve the distribution of a basic income of 500 to 700 euros a month to approximately 180,000 citizens. The project in the Netherlands will also start in 2017 but will test four versions of a B.I.G. system while comparing all four to the existing system which is in place.

Freakonomics Radio has an interesting segment on this topic titled “Is the World Ready for a Guaranteed Basic Income?”.

A casual Google search on the topic will reveal a wide array of projects which are in development regarding Basic Income Guarantees.  My home country of Canada is well on its way when it comes to guaranteed incomes, with many of the mainstream media outlets here beginning to openly promote the concept.

Other nations are also beginning to see a rise in propaganda and cultural and socioeconomic conditioning regarding B.I.G.

This topic has been skirted here on POM as we have previously discussed what people will do when A.I. and robotics begin to take over human jobs.  Though these B.I.G. pilot projects are targeted at the poor classes, it is extremely probable that they will be expanded in the coming years to address the mass loss of jobs which will take place.

Like all cultural shifts, the seeds are planted through agreeable mandates which are further expanded upon years later to include more than what was originally intended or agreed upon.  Agreeing to give poor people some level of income assistance, though socialism by design, is somewhat rational for most empathetic and sovereign people. The fact that the concept is only the slim downed forbearer of what is to come is not considered by most at the time.

In the post New Age Socialism and the End of Debt-Based Money Creation we explored the rise of a world-wide socialist system which will manage the global governance structure.  The concept of Basic Income Guarantee blends within this framework and allows for the cultural and socioeconomic shift which is only now beginning to take place.

The cultural and socioeconomic engineering which will be required in order to prevent mass populations from becoming lethargic and lazy has already begun.  It is even highly probable that the “social credits” concept which we have previously discussed will redefine the way humans fit into society and function on a personal level.

From the post The Wealth of Human Beings:

No longer will human time and labor be used as a method of wealth accumulation.  It is probable that human beings will become dependent on a socialized governance system which will no longer use money in the historical concept.  The term money itself will become redundant as new words and terminology emerge in the collective consciousness.

Access to the means of survivability will be determined on the accumulation of social wealth, which will be distributed through conformity too, and participation in, such governance structures as the UN’s 2030 Agenda and other such development goals.

Both large and small pieces of this new governance structure are already being tested around the world in different regions and in varying capacities.  Some aren’t recognized for what they are and will evolve in the future to take on their ultimate purpose and methodology.

These statements are aligned with the Basic Income Guarantee concept.  The B.I.G. mandates which are in development now will “evolve in the future to take on their ultimate purpose and methodology”.

So many pieces of the future are beginning to fit together.  – JC

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