Solve et Coagula – The Great Work of the Real Magician

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The Transmutation of America and the World

JC Collins

The real magic is the act of causing transformation in the world around us.  We do this on a subconscious level as our thoughts become manifest from deep within us and those thoughts externalize into the material world.  Force and form are the active agents of change as each does its part to mold the material world from the ethereal thoughts which serve as the seeds of all that is manifest.

Attempting to manipulate and control the material world directly is counter-intuitive to the nature of how that world functions.  Being that all matter is manifested from thought it would be instrumental for the real magician to focus attention and efforts upon the world of thought, as thought is where the material world can be manipulated before the act of manifestation itself. Doubt it not, this is the true nature of our world and those who understand this dynamic have targeted the core subconscious of the human race.

Even as these words manifest from within my mind through the keyboard and forever into the digital world which is incrementally tightening its embrace around us, you are being drawn further into the world I have created for us.  Through the manipulation of letters and words, I am spelling out a magical spell which causes the transmutation of thought within each who reads the incantation.  This is the truth which can be revealed and understood by those with the open mind of the mage and adept.

Matter is simple clay waiting for the direction of thought to form and mold its characteristics while devising its purpose.  Weave the world from a billion minds.  The more minds, the more manipulation of the material world which can be achieved.  Overpopulation is a gift to the magician who truly understands this power.

This principle acts upon multiple levels within each of us as individuals and across the spheres of interaction where our subconscious minds mingle and dance with that of others. The science of the world is, in essence, the understanding and application of this principle.  Educational science represents the base understanding of this principle but does not delve deeper into the magical acts which serve as the true architecture of the principle itself.

Within each of us, there are layers upon layers of understanding and self-reflection.  These layers interact with one another while also interacting with the layers of others. We, being the culmination of our layers, exist in a world of layers from a local focal point to a larger global focal point. The city or town where you live exists as multiple layers, each building mystery and hidden secrets within, the same as those which exist within each of us. The city or town exists within a larger state or province, which itself has multiple layers of mystery and hidden things. Those states and provinces exist within a larger nation of secret layers. Each has its own consciousness which can be manipulated and directed towards the re-drawing of spiritual and material evolution.

Alchemy, being a variation of this magic principle, represents the act of transforming ourselves and the world around us.  One of the greatest Alchemical maxims is Solve et Coagula, meaning to dissolve and coagulate.  It means that something must be broken down into its bare parts, fragmentation, if you will, before being re-constituted, or built back up, into something new and improved from what it was before the process began.

This alchemical principle is meant to be practiced and applied on an individual level but is also widely used throughout all the levels which we defined above.  Everything in our world is structured around this thesis, synthesis, and antithesis concept which we find repeats within the cognitive dissonance principle, as well as the Hegelian Dialectic of problem, reaction, solution. Such concepts have been widely studied and applied to a vast amount of quality conspiracy literature which has brought awareness to the material aspects of these alchemical relationships.  But as with all things, there is so much more which remains hidden and secret.

The world itself is structured around these polar alchemical relationships of oppositional transformation.  We can see and experience it everywhere.  Right and left politics.  Day and night.  Good guy and bad guy.  Creationist and evolutionist. It goes on and on. The either/or principle is so paradoxically deconstructive that its very existence is what is incrementally eroding both the worlds of spirit and matter.  The potential of everyone understanding the nature of this principle and managing its course through life is overshadowed by the ignorance and profane predisposition of the average human, who wanders through life knowing little and understanding even less.

Throughout history, at each pivotal turning point or intersection of transformative potential, the world is broken down and built back up into something new with the hope of re-constituted promise.  It is apparent to me that we are now in one of these periods of transmutation.  Not since the end of World War Two have the systems of the world been eroding and fragmenting at such a rate as they are now.  The transformative principle itself will take on human form during such periods, as with President Donald Trump in America and Vladimir Putin in Russia.  There are secondary players on the stage which are also harnessing the power of the alchemical principle but represent a different layer of importance and interaction.

In order for the world to be transformed, America itself must enter into its own transformative phase of de-construction and reconstitution.  The election of Trump marked the beginning of this period.  The breaking down of the national consciousness and its institutions is following the process of cognitive dissonance as opposing ideologies and human philosophies wage emotional war against one another.

The alchemical result of this transmutation represents the secret and hidden destiny of America from its very founding.  Observe the principle in motion around you and in all avenues of life. The untarnished observer would come to the conclusion that this is the very structural principle upon which all material life has been built.  So abundant is its existence and application that there is little room for much else.

Writing such a magical spell as this has taken years of practice and self-observation.  For it is only through the breaking down of my own life that I was able to rebuild it into something which better represents the principle in all aspects of existence, such as material, emotional, spiritual, and mental forms.  The manipulation of one’s own forms is the first great achievement of the alchemist and magician.  There are those of such magical power that the very thoughts of the world itself are manipulated for the purpose of manifesting specific material objectives.

Objects.  Create a thought-form in the shape of a cube. Visualize it.  Mentalize it.  See it in front of you.  Fill its void with substance and give it power from within yourself.  Allow it consciousness and you have performed a magical act.  Do this or it will be done to you as a cube is built around your forms of existence.  Break your life down into cubes and rebuild it as you see fit.  POM has been my experiment into the manipulation of this principle.  Even before I knew that it was.  Spelling words.  Spells.  Re-arranging words under the rules of grammar, or grimoire, and writing each article as a hidden cube with multiple layers has brought us all to the very cusp of breaking the spell the world has put us under.  – JC

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39 Comments on “Solve et Coagula – The Great Work of the Real Magician”

  1. Mr. Collins:

    Grimoire, square cubes, and involvements of transformations seems to me very descriptive of Saturn and Saturnalia in nature. Saturn still has appreciable influences on this planet and most energy forms whirling all about on this planet. The Cube is a three dimensional representation of a hexagram which is the center of the Star of David, the symbol for the State of Israel [Isis, Ra, and EL (Saturn)], and the massive hexagram visible atop the north pole of the Planet Saturn.

    The evolutions, revolutions, and cycles between dark and light, Saturn and our Star (Sun), and good and evil never ends. Another cycle or massive and great changes from destruction (de-construction) and reconstruction have begun and will continue.

    Also, I particularly like the Tarot Card of Diogenes. Thank you for not covering your left eye with your iPhone. The image of Diogenes over your mouth, clearly makes the necessary point. There are honest men remaining in North America. Despite the insanity and madness resulting from cultural Marxism, slowly each day more males are being transformed into honest men.


    1. Haha, Oz your dark view of things always brings rise to my internal flame. Given the positive leaning of JC essay and his writings over the past few years the number nine card of the arcana actually represents the hermit. Perhaps Diogenes cynicism is just a character trait of being a hermit. Many other philosophers have been hermits also but thanks for throwing a log on the ol fire Oz.

      “Even a hermit in the classic archetype of searcher for truth, a kind of Diogenes mixed with images of desert, medieval, and Asian eremetical models, has no power that he claims, desires, seeks, or wants. Extrapolations from myth and literature notwithstanding, the classic hermit may want truth, and may project wisdom, insight, and harmony with the universe, but the hermit renounces power as soon as its scent reveals itself.”

      1. Dear Dane:

        Thank you for your response and addition.

        I always think of Diogenes whenever I see the Tarot card for The Hermit. I suppose it is just classical studies coloring my views from time to time.

        My “dark views” as you report derive from my travels and decades on this planet, my study of history and science, and my professional involvements with systems engineering, mechanics, and physics.

        I sincerely hope that you are pleased that my comments tossed in a log to stoke your internal flame. It is a gift (or a curse) that I naturally seems to possess. It has always been that way for me. Some people are inflamed by my entry into a room and others are inflamed after I depart. Sometimes I do not have to utter a single word to incite or ignite the same responses. 🙂

        1. Your welcome Oz. I do enjoy the vitality your comments spark within me. Having traveled through many of the same rivers this planet has to offer I seem to have an intricate understanding of where you are coming from.

          “Sometimes I do not have to utter a single word to incite or ignite the same responses.” Sounds like the thought forms JC is explaining in his essay in that the thoughts we fill our boxes with externalize to form the world around us. In that context no words are necessary.

          Always a pleasure pal. Journey or carry on wayward son 😉

  2. It’s very difficult to put as much of the big picture into words as you have. You have to really have a good handle on understanding the big picture in order to sum it up so well in such a short piece.

    Magic can take several forms. I have to say this form you displayed is good magic or white magic as it’s called. It’s a treat to experience it within a time that there seems to be so much negative or black magic in the world.

    Thank you for sharing this magical understanding and the image of all the different layers at play, all pushing and pulling against each other. It’s truly amazing!

    I’ll continue with one of the many layers you expressed in this essay, the yellow vest movement. Since the yellow vests have displayed solidarity with Q and expressed that they want Trump as their president we could consider them to be on aligned with the Trump brand and the MAGA mantra. With the recent introduction of the red scarves within the yellow vest movement we could most likely consider them to be aligned with the antithesis side of communism and thus Putin. As people often call out their own inner evil onto others in the outer world it would make sense with the red scarves rising against the yellow vest violence that they are an agent of the grand magician working this layer of magic tricks.

    It has been expressed that the French police have shot teargas into the yellow vest gathering when there was no cause to do so. The claim is that the spark of aggression is coming from the French police when they shoot this gas into a calm protesting crowd. This initial aggressive act provokes the violent outburst within the yellow vest gatherings as a defensive response of self preservation. So for the red scarves to be protesting against the violence within the yellow vest movement shows they are blind to the violence the police are initiating. Therefore, they must be aligned with Macron and the grand magician of this layer.

    Now as the magic trick plays out Macron is attempting to align himself with the yellow vest side by saying “If a yellow vest means being for higher-paid work and a more efficient Parliament then I am a yellow vest.” Interesting how this politically correct, feeble move to align with the yellow vest side only came after the rise of the red scarves.

  3. Thank you, JC,

    Brilliant and it took me a few readings to get some understanding. I discovered yesterday that the Black Pope “Arturo Sosa”, happens to be Venezuelan! I am sure this is not an accident that why that nation is going through a transformation.

    How would Venezuela and specifically a Black Pope that comes from that nation fit in with the transmutation of one world state to another, knowing that the Vatican has been singing from the same hymn sheet as the globalists (pardon the pun)? I know, the Islamist Republic of Mullahs investing heavily there for years and how Trump team are trying to overturn the ruling elite there are connected by the Black Pope adds other interesting twists which I do not have enough knowledge to decipher. Any thought JC?

  4. JC,
    As always, a thought provoking read and many thanks. So, why use the hermit tarot card instead of the magician? Just curious…
    Best, RJZ33

    1. Because truth can only be discovered on the inward journey. And as Dane stated:

      “Even a hermit in the classic archetype of searcher for truth, a kind of Diogenes mixed with images of desert, medieval, and Asian eremetical models, has no power that he claims, desires, seeks, or wants. Extrapolations from myth and literature notwithstanding, the classic hermit may want truth, and may project wisdom, insight, and harmony with the universe, but the hermit renounces power as soon as its scent reveals itself.”

      1. Too right, Mr. Collins!

        My experiences continue to confirmed for me this most important declaration.

        The best discovery of truth is from within.

        “Know thy self!”

        Thank you for allowing me to remain a continuing and occasional engaging member of this forum.

        So much to do and learn and so little time remaining.

        Peace Be With You.

          1. I do plan to stay for as long as I have breath and ability to read, comprehend, and write.

            The massive changes are escalating and I have many students under my charge to lead and guide.

            This type of site and its collections of interested souls are too few to ignore and intentionally abandon.

            You are not alone.

            Peace Be With You.

  5. JC,
    Thanks for the clarification. Let’s hope Solve et Coagula transformation happens at all micro and macro levels. Things do need to change. Godspeed, RJZ33

    1. WOW, Thank you very much for this great find, Dane,

      In fact, Russia had always had a strong shamanic culture of Magic from the very ancient times even before Russia became a nation and a state, less than a thousand years ago. The most famous mage in recent history was Rasputin who was a seer and an occultist who lived at the palace with the Romanov’s. As always, and I’m sure I’m not the only one at POM that experiences synchronicities here, I watched the great movie by the Soviet film director, Sergei Eisenstein who created the great movie of “Ivan the Terrible” in the early 1940s under the order of Stalin the Soviet leader. To appreciate how the occult is rooted in the Russian psyche I can recommend this fantastic movie that is in black & white but it is excellent quality, cinematography and lighting. The style of the movie is rather theatrical but absolutely brilliant in you can gain a deep understanding of how power works, in this case between the nobility (Boyars), church and the Tsar as well as the masses. Ivan conquered the last remnants and region under the control of the Golden Horde progeny, the Tatars in the Western region by attacking Kazan by making tunnels under the city walls and defeating the last Tatars.

      Anyone who has any familiarity with the contemporary Russia knows that magic is so alive in Russia today and this may be partly due to the position of Russia in Europe and Asia and possibly that they are the middle-empire and a link between the East and West in that the age of reason and logic and Newtonian science is mixed with the old human heritage as Shamanism and other so-called paranormal capabilities. This is why the Soviets were far more ahead of such tools as Remote Viewing and psychic intel/ESP, where the Western counterparts had to catch up with developing Remote Viewing which was carried out by Stanford Research Institute in the 60s-70s as non-lethal weaponry.

      One can not ignore the fascination and active participation of the Hollywood and the Leftist activists in the US and Europe in their efforts in magic curse and rituals which are held in public and private in major Western cities in the US, specifically in Washington DC and NYC. Every day, there are magical rituals being carried out to defeat Trump and his followers not to mentions sigils in public places and other dark magical practices which majority of the population do not understand. on the other sides, we have the Churches who are carrying out prayers as protection of the POTUS. The war we are in right now is also of an occult sort.

      It is as though, all of a sudden, the warring factions and the two sides have been reaching for the last resorts to defeat the enemy! In the ancient world, the witch always lived alone in seclusion and away from people in an inaccessible middle part of a forest. If you had tried everything to get yourself free from the hardship, as sickness, debt or oppression of a landlord or of an enemy or a dark spell, your last resort would have been to pay a visit to the wicked witch. She would give you the brew and the recipe to use, sigil and any other methods she had of defeating your enemy. It seems, the same is with us today but the efforts are now on a global scale. Magic is a human tool which the mainstream education and media and the elite are dismissing but one that is alive and kicking to this day and has a huge following by any powerful person. Politicians are no exception but the norm.

      Abrahamic religions also have such recipes and incantations which we call prayers to ward off bad energies and negative forces. Yet, it is still the good old magic wrapped in different papers.

  6. Here is a good accompaniment to JC’s excellent essay above. It paints a picture that will help see “the layers” that push and pull against each other in the forming of world order. Much of the terminology is in alignment with how we have referred to things here on POM but the author sees a cycle of globalization early in our industrial explosion so what we call globalization today he calls globalization 2 which would make our globalization 2.0 globalization 3.0. Other than that it should flow nicely with what we have been discussing here.

    The Lexus and the olive tree by Thomas Friedman

    1. I need to revise this comment. Although the book is giving some good information identifying aspects of some layers of the worlds machinations I’m now almost two hours into it and the author has just stated he is a globalist. Also discussing this book with a friend it was brought to my attention that Thomas Friedman has shown in interviews that he has Marxist leanings. After watching a few interviews I must say I agree with that observation. Here are a couple of examples.

      After getting further into the book there is a growing separation from the ideas we have been expressing here on POM. Although the author expresses some of the same observations in the world today his perspective at least to me misaligns with a free market “pure” capitalist system. Some people dispel capitalism as a failed experiment but I still maintain that capitalism didn’t begin to fail until it became infected with socialism or Marxist ideologies. It’s like the Marxist ideology corrupts the natural beauty of the system. So to say capitalism failed or doesn’t work is very misleading due to the lack of acknowledging this truth.

      I’ll continue on with the book but will process the information gained through a fine filter of wisdom.

  7. I thought it would be a shame not to share this fascinating clip by Dr Steve Pieczenik an ex-CIA, ex-CFR and a high-level staff at the WH regarding the very ancient and somewhat complex relationship between Iran (Persia) and the Jewish nation, mostly in the recent times, (from 1979). Dr Pieczenik in this short clip talks about the Muslim Democrat congresswoman’s words regarding the role of AIPAC but that’s not the reason for why I have decided to share his clip. The most important part if his talk is that he confirms what I have written about numerous times that there is no animosity between Iranians and Israelis and the Islamic mullahs in many ways provide the necessary ammunition for the Netanyahu government to continue acting the way they have been. I have also mentioned before that both Mullahs and Israelis are and have been cooperating covertly since the Islamist Mullahs were installed by the Globalists. What is incredible and one that I had no idea about was that according to the Dr P, Israeli pilots in unmarked Fantom F-4’s were flying for Islamist regime of Mullahs against the Pa-Arabist Saddam Hussein’s forces. This raises the level of covert support to a whole new level. Dr P also mentioned that Hamas was a creation of the Mossad, something that has been known for a very long time.

    As I have said before, the Islamist regime of Mullahs in Iran and the Zionist regime of Israel are working in concert and both depend on one another for their survival. We are also hearing that both the Mullahs regime is extremely weak and a news conference in Warsaw, Poland that was only aimed at finding a solution to Islamist Mullahs regime had been gate-crashed by Prime Minister Netanyahu yesterday. In this way, Mr Natniyahu has started to talk tough on Iran and Mullahs which only makes things difficult for finding and agreeing a logical and workable solution to removing the cancerous Islamist regime of Mullahs which the Globalist liberal elite have forcefully installed. The fascinating fact is that PM Netanyahu is himself is in deep trouble at home and many have talked about his indictment and even imprisonment of this gentleman. It, therefore, seems like once again, Mr N is putting his foot in the door and his purpose is to ensure the Mullahs continue to rule whilst the only logical and possible alternative is that the EU and the US and the whole world to condemn the Mullahs and allow a Patriotic government to emerge as the powerful entity in Iran. This is the ONLY way to guarantee a peaceful end to all hostilities in the region. At present, no other nation can be the true pivot to allow an equilibrium in the power play other than a secular and Free Iran.

  8. The central bank system no longer has the ability to supply the liquidity that the world needs to sustain its growth. A new system is needed to carry us into the future. Man seems to create systems that reflect its current state within the evolutionary scale of all eternity.

    People within this evolutionary process seem to have begun fragmenting from the societal collective. This could be due to a growing lack of trust between each other. We could say it’s an awakening to the inherent corruption of so many people, companies, banks, etc. We could also call it an awakening to the true journey inward which is causing people to become fragmented from the societal collective or norm through engaging with themselves, discovering their individual truths on their own inward journeys. So as many are fragmenting from the societal collective we have created a new monetary system to reflect our evolving new norm or our new organically evolving world order.

    In this reflection we are creating a decentralized system to reflect our fragmentation from the societal collective. We seem to have made it trustless as a reflection of our growing wisdom knowing that corruption exists within each of us. Some understand this corruption and don’t act on it. Others may or may not know and act on this corruption at every turn. In knowing and understanding this corruption though we no longer have the fear that the central banks have helped or leveraged in an effort to alleviate this fear in the past.

    We are hodl’ing XRP knowing it will be the glue that allows a future decentralized digital monetary system work on a global scale. It’s not a global currency per say. There shouldn’t be a need for a global currency at this point. However, that centralizing factor inherent in the material aspect of mankind may eventually evolve it into a centralized currency at some point years down the road because as we know, mankind seems to always corrupt the systems put in place to manage this corrupt element of ourselves.

    XRP is more of a bridge to interconnect each individual decentralized digital asset with others than it is a global currency. It serves as both the bridge and an exchange at the same time to transfer value and settles in seconds. This is some of the underlying silver lining within the XRP asset. We call it utility within the internet of value.

    So here we are today listening to talk about this JPM coin and how it is the killer of XRP. This is a foolish assertion in a world of fragmented decentralization where trustless systems are needed more than any other time in our history.

    What is “trustless”?

    To me trustless is a term used to allow a transaction to take place without having to trust that enough money is on account to cover the transaction. For instance if I have 100 XRP and I pay 95 XRP to one person and right after that I try to pay another person 50 XRP the distributed ledger that keeps track in real time of my account balance will not allow the second double spend transaction because my account is short and cannot cover both transactions. This in turn alleviates counterparty risk.

    In this trustless society of things a JPM coin running on its own closed network (not decentralized) would carry a ton of counterparty risk. This counterparty risk would work against JPM coin because other banks would not trust the JPM coin so they would not risk holding it. They would have to hold it in order to transact with it because of its closed system network. Therefore, it would be constrained to only its current trusted JPM customer base. It seems that it could make some sense in the regional context of the USD fiat evolving into a USD backed regional digital environment but not a world environment. Who knows perhaps there will eventually be a Fed coin for the regional digital USD, who knows? Either way the XRP bridge and exchange will still be needed 😉

  9. So, any thoughts on the JPM coin simply trying to protect the fees that banks charge to send money? Isn’t that the real threat of XRP? If I were JPM and collecting a ton of fees on money transfers, I’d certainly want to offer a “look-a-like” product and protect that revenue stream for as long as possible. And, if it’s pegged to the USD, it really isn’t truly a stablecoin is it? It’s exchange will still fluctuate with FX markets, correct? So, there could be a decent amount of fluctuation especially if the settlement time is minutes/hours. What is the settlement time for the JPM Coin anyway?
    Any and all comments and feedback welcome. Ciao! RJZ33

    1. Personally I think there is enough money demand in the world that there isn’t really much of a threat. The fees to transact are so minimal with XRP that it would be very difficult for any coin today to be cheaper. In regards to the JPM coin it still uses the old rails so it will most likely have similar central bank fees, exchange fees, etc.. Even if it was a threat, XRP still has speed of transaction, immediate transfer of value, no counterparty risk and allows for the elimination of nostro/vostro accounts.

      Stable coins are referred to as stable because they are backed by fiat. Sure fiat fluxuates but if you purchase a coin for a buck today you will get a buck when you cash it out regardless of the FX fluxuations….minus fees of course. 😉

    2. For the time being, most people naturally price/value every asset in dollars. So arguably nothing could be more stable than pegging the price of a digital asset to the dollar. Of course there are arguments for pegging to other things, such as gold. A European person might prefer a stablecoin pegged to the euro, etc.
      But all these stablecoins are transitory, I suspect. They are primarily just a response to the relative volatility of digital assets. The volatility is real, but it will naturally subside in due course as digital assets come to dominate over conventional assets.

  10. Thank you JC, this is one of your most efficacious incantations. I have been reading it repeatedly, letting it percolate through my consciousness and subconsciousness. As is frequently the case, I am finding great difficulty putting words together to make an adequate summary of my feelings. Perhaps the words must remain in the subconscious realms, so a simple thank you will have to suffice for now.

  11. “It means that something must be broken down into its bare parts, fragmentation, if you will, before being re-constituted, or built back up, into something new and improved from what it was before the process began.”

    I found this to be true in my experience with Kundalini and gaining understanding of my chakras (energy centers) I had repressed feelings & experiences that were keeping me from being my authentic self. Those blockages were brought into my conscious mind, and then integrated into my authentic self so that I could be who I really was. Instead of the impostor I was before.

    I have known about your work for a couple years. Used to follow on Twitter when I was on, but never really bothered to delve deeper into your writing.

    But, now that I seemingly have done much of what I need to with my lower chakras (heart through root). I felt the divine telling me to spend the money for your content. As I am now apparently ready to realize it’s value as focus my energy and intent into my throat chakra. So, I guess thanks and I look forward to your future writings.

  12. “The true Mason is not creed-bound. He realizes with the divine illumination of his lodge that as Mason his religion must be universal: Christ, Buddha or Mohammed, the name means little, for he recognizes only the light and not the bearer. He worships at every shrine, bows before every altar, whether in temple, mosque or cathedral, realizing with his truer understanding the oneness of all spiritual truth. All true Masons know that they only are heathen who, having great ideals, do not live up to them. They know that all religions are but one story told in divers ways for peoples whose ideals differ but whose great purpose is in harmony with Masonic ideals. North, east, south and west stretch the diversities of human thought, and while the ideals of man apparently differ, when all is said and the crystallization of form with its false concepts is swept away, one basic truth remains: all existing things are Temple Builders, laboring for a single end. No true Mason can be narrow, for his Lodge is the divine expression of all broadness. There is no place for little minds in a great work.”

    ― Manly P. Hall

      1. Yes…yes he was. I see many 21st Century reflections of his genius here within your writings my friend. Haha, a 21st Century genius. 🙂

        Thanks for sharing those world events through the filter of your own great work JC.

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