Solutions to Fragmentation (FREEPOM)

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By JC Collins

So how do you stop the fragmentation within yourself?”

This question came from reader Alex B regarding the post The Problem of Fragmentation.  The answer is dependent upon the individual and is reflective of our relationship with the whole.  Another way of considering this dynamic would be through understanding our relationship with ourselves – ourselves being a reflection of the whole.

First and foremost we must consider the reason, or causation, of fragmentation.  What exactly is fragmentation?

Could fragmentation be the externalisation of misaligned relations?  This would include relations with ourselves, the components of ourselves, and others.

It is expected that fragmentation occurs within and is projected outward onto the material world.  The material world exists in a state of fragmentation but its nature is not to be fragmented.  This is one of the hardest and most abstract esoteric concepts to visualize.  We only perceive the material world to be fragmented.  It is the extension of conceptual perception which we discussed in the post What Was before Can Never Be Again.

Both theology and mythology touch on the causation of fragmentation through the wide assortment of origin stories and creation allegories.  As an example, the Judaic and Christian faiths tell of the first fragmentation which occurred when night and day were created as fragmentations of something which was previously whole.  Further fragmentation was described when the angels were divided in heaven.

The fallen angel allegory contributes much of our fear-based spiritual understanding.  This fear-scripting serves the function of ignorance and contributes to the lack of self-awareness.  The will to understand the self is problematic in that the false sense of self seeks outside causations from which all internal deficiencies can be externalized and projected.

The spiritual debate over fragmentation and its connection to the creation myths would require a broader and deeper understanding than what we are discussing in this post.  What we can extrapolate at this time is the realization which comes from accepting that a method of fragmentation has occurred within ourselves and that the material world is a projection of this fragmentation.

The next clue to discovering the solution to fragmentation comes when we further explore what is meant by the term “ourselves”.  Humans make reference to “our” and “ourselves” in the same manner as we use the term “mine”.  The connotation to a form of ownership and claim should be obvious.

The concept of “ourselves” or “myself” is in fact a descriptive of a false-Whole.  This is not to be confused with the anti-Whole which was discussed in the post The Problem of Fragmentation.  The anti-Whole, which is tantamount to the symbolism of anti-Christ, is the opposite of the Whole, being fragmentation.

The false-Whole is a process which occurs when fragments are consolidated around a central concept which has been materialized through an externalization of deficiency.  As a reference point to the monetary material which is provided here on POM, all systems which Man creates should be considered false-Wholes, which is why all systems corrupt, including the forthcoming multilateral monetary framework.

So the false-Whole of “ourselves” should be reconsidered as a reflection of internal fragmentation.  The self which we are discussing is in fact a combination of selves.  These selves are defined as the mental-self, the emotional-self, the spiritual-self, and the physical-self.  We lump all of these fragments into one false-Whole concept which we call “ourselves”.

But the problem we encounter is that none of these “selves” are aligned with the other “selves”.  As an example, the mental and emotional selves are not in alignment with one another.  The quest which we must take in this life is the realignment of the multiple selves and the attainment of a true Wholeness of self.

Let’s revisit our original framing of this question – could fragmentation be the externalisation of misaligned relations?

Yes, it could.

The need for harmonized relations within “ourselves” is a necessary component of preventing fragmentation within.  Realigning the selves will move us towards this internal harmony.  But only the three virtues of Will, Love, and Intelligence can move us towards this realignment within.  And from this process comes the esoteric importance and symbolism surrounding the triangle.

Triangles are formed at the three points which represent Will, Love, and Intelligence.  Each triangle represents a fragment.  The perfection of each fragment is working towards the unification with other fragments.  Three triangles (fragments) together make another triangle, and so on.  This truth holds the symbolic importance attributed to the trinity, triad, and other combinations of threes throughout folklore, religion, and mythology.

The process of Christ and the purpose of all religious teachings is to move each individual towards the ultimate realignment within.  This harmonized relation within, which is true Wholeness, can be projected onto the material world in order to promote harmonized relations between fragments.  Like Arthur’s knight finding the Holy Grail, the kingdom comes back to life and mankind returns to the eternal garden in heaven.

This is why I have consistently stated that the solution to the world’s problems must first come from within ourselves – the “ourselves” which is a reflection and projection of our own internal realignment between mind, emotion, spirit, and body.  All four encompass the re-awakened and un-fragmented Grand Man.

The question posed by reader Alex B – So how do you stop the fragmentation within yourself? – is in fact the foundation of all the religions of the world.  But the answer need not be as complicated or shrouded in mystery as some so-called secret and selective organizations and religions would have us believe.

As an example, the much referenced Masonic triangle and eye of providence is a symbol of what we have been discussing.  The three corners of the triangle represent the virtues of Will, Love, and Intelligence.  The eye in the center represents the harmonized realignment of self, or the Grand Man.

But like all things in the material world, there has been a corruption of the process, and this symbol has been used to spread and promote the anti-Whole and further fragmentation.

Only when we have harmonized relations within are we able to realign the whole of the material world.  Through acts of kindness and empathy we can move the world towards Wholeness.  But the process must start within.  As with all things, the solution to fragmentation can only be found within you.  – JC

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