Selling Egos with Recycled Bodies

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JC Collins

Death. We are never truly gone.

Awakening from the small death each morning brings forth the hope and dread of a new day.  Such is a day and such is one lifetime upon the material plane of existence. We pass in and out of this existence with no more consequence than drifting off into sleep each night only to awake and greet each new day with the echo of what came just before.  That which we build now in this life will remain with us into the next.

There is but one road therefore which can lead us out of the endless cycle of birth and rebirth within the material plane and that is a movement towards the great work and quest of eternal progression, otherwise called the search for our connection with the higher self.  This existence is littered with clues and instructions on how to complete this quest but the human being has become self-imprisoned within the material senses.  It is the case that this process and progression, including its ancient teachings and symbolism, have been corrupted by those of weak heart and fragmented mind.  But the eternal light will forever burn, serving as a beacon for the weary traveler upon the treacherous road toward regeneration.

As a child, I glimpsed behind the veil of materiality for but a moment and that energy and awareness propelled my life onward.  During those years the all-knowing adults spoke and truth remained hidden behind fear and desire.  Each day was missing important details which should have been embedded within the construct around me.  Mystical holes appeared where the details should have been.  It was as if I was learning with only one eye open and remained blind to that which was most important of all.

At fourteen a childhood friend was taken through dis-ease and I spent days hidden in a dark closest, sitting at a small wooden desk writing, clawing, cradling, and crying in despair at the innocence which had now been lost forever.  The winters were colder and the summers were more dreary.  But imagination had not died.  The ground still held secrets and the clouds whispered strange things.

Now, at forty-five, there are still secrets and the great mystery continues to unfold itself before me.  It unfolds across the expanse of existence.

Each must battle his dragon and evolve from the beastly nature of the material being in order to be reunited with the golden halo of the spiritual higher self.  The dragon guards the gold you see, and the beast must be defeated through great acts of integrity and selflessness.  We must observe the characteristics of our animal being and material nature for us to become aware and honest with that which requires change.  True freedom begins within us and we will forever be our own slave without the strength and fortitude to begin the great quest.

The most obvious and observable truth remains hidden right before us.  It is obscured by false teachings and contrived ideological and religious dogmas which do nothing to further the objectives of the individual spirit.  This observable truth is that our material existence is a school where we are meant to learn important emotional, material, mental, and spiritual lessons which further prepare us for regeneration and the road towards eternal progression.

For, as Man was fallen, so shall he ascend back to the place from whence he came.  But this return from the wilderness cannot be accomplished without following the universal law as encoded within the educational existence which Man now finds himself.  These laws exist and playout in our individual lives whether we acknowledge them or not.  Ignoring them will subject us to multiple lifetimes of mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical suffering.  With each new life, we bring forth that which was previously learned, though we may not be aware of that.  How do you know something?  Where did thought of knowing come from?  Where have you met that person before?  Why did you make one choice over another?  All our echoes of that which came before.

Within this existence, we are fragmented on multiple levels, and each of those fragments is fragmented even further.  Until such a state of fragmentation and separateness exist that Man finds himself living within the broken and burning catacombs of his own hellish making.  The eternal being now experiences existence in four states of fragmented knowing.  There is the material body which is the animal nature of Man.  There is the emotional body which attempts to take the dominant position within the total self.  This position is fought for with the mental body which attempts to apply a material logic and common sense to the state of negativity which has encompassed existence.  These three trap the fourth, that which can be called the soul body, which is our direct connection back to the spiritual source and eternal order of progression.

All four bodies most come into alignment for there to be progression upon the road.  The mind body and emotional body build an ego which is further utilized to control and degrade the material body.  All three working in a corrupt fashion with one another serve to imprison the soul within the full body of Man.  Soul despairs and the body falls into dis-ease while the mind and emotions strengthen the false ego which keeps driving the fragmentation down deeper and deeper with every negative experience.

Only through discipline and integrity can the mind body and emotional body be brought to heel under the powerful force of eternal progression.  From there the material body heals and allows the soul body to expand and regenerate its connection with the spirit.  These truths are embedded within this plane of existence as encoded laws.  Upon honest reflection which operates beyond the ego we know these truths to be factual and observable.  – JC

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33 Comments on “Selling Egos with Recycled Bodies”

  1. Very interesting and so true,I only hope more people apply there minds as well as the soul and the world would be in a better existing and led by true American leaders like Now, I thank you for letting me be a part of our connection with the true thinkers and people who understand our true purpose..

  2. Wonderful JC thank you.
    In two consecutive posts you have mentioned your childhood glimpse beyond the veil of material reality. I am intrigued by this, I nearly asked you about it last time but won’t miss the chance this time. I am hoping you may be willing to elaborate further on this, whether here or in a future post.
    In the next paragraph you seem to describe a form of darkness retreat in the depths of despair and grief. Implying that that was when it happened? I supposed it would have been at an earlier age.
    Thanks for another great essay on the subject of the Great Work.

  3. You were truly a lucky child my friend. To have kept that vision of imagination when many would have thrown in the towel. Think of a parent who’s worst nightmare of losing a child comes manifest. Many never make it back from that tragedy.

    As spiritual beings manifesting here in human form to facilitate our spiritual evolution we write scripts to live out in order to achieve these evolutionary goals through human experiences.

    The deceased child’s script could have been to pass at an early age, the parents script could have been to experience the loss of a child. The loss of a child could have been to evolve away from the lure and hold of this materialistic world. The possible evolutionary lessons are infinite and we have an eternity to learn them.

    1. Hi Dane,
      I have heard/read of this concept somewhere before, that our personality traits and the major life events we experience are scripted, predetermined before the soul is “injected” into the vessel of human flesh. The soul must learn and grow by means of experiencing through multiple incarnations the whole gamut of emotions, feelings and life circumstances. This means that every challenge, every moment of pain or suffering, can be seen as a positive, as serving a greater purpose.
      I am quite sure you have a link or two for me on this philosophy/worldview, I thank you in advance 🙂

      1. I think the best sources I’ve read on this is Madame Blavatsky’s Secret Doctrine and Manly P Hall’s Secret Teachings of all Ages pal.

        1. Thanks Dane, I dip in and out of Hall’s magnum opus but I admit I’ve not yet read this tome cover to cover. I do have a pdf copy of Secret Doctrine, I shall get around to checking it out. Man I need to make more time for reading, I seem to accumulate books far quicker than I can read them.
          With a bit of digging on this, Ralph Waldo Emerson also came up, and his concept of the over-soul.

          1. Your welcome redjon. I just picked up Emerson’s essay “The Over-Soul” seems like a good quick read thanks. It seems a short read so I would think that the two works from Blavatsky and Hall would give more depth and detail into the roots of Emerson’s work. Weird given Emerson and Blavatsky lived at the same time and Hall came later. I think Emerson is giving folks an account of his understandings and Blavatsky and Hall give their understandings along with earlier understandings of mankind. All great stuff 😉

          2. Dude I liked Emerson’s essay on the over-soul so much I got his book The American Scholar. Thanks pal.

  4. Hello JC,

    Your excellent article for me is extremely timely, thank you. We lost a young man of almost 27, my dear step-son who took his life three weeks ago. My wife and I are in shock and disbelief and we are devastated by his sudden departure. Our Tyler was a wonderful, kind and a quite young man and very deep thinking and almost saintly. He was disinterested in materialism and in our conversations we had from time to time, he would tell me that he had his “own rules in this world”. I never completely understood that but thought he finds the world and many of her occupants, somewhat insane!

    A couple of years ago, I saw him watching a TV documentary on people who are known as “hoarders” and he found these rather mad people very funny. I recall having a good laugh with him when a middle-aged lady’s house was so full of stuff that she had to jump over the stuff she had gathered and her daughter expressed worry about her strange mother’s behaviour. Recently we found that everything we or anybody else had given him as Christmas present/birthday or for any other occasion was never used and most in original wrappings. It was as though he had decided that he does not need anything from this world. His car was also an old car which he used to get him to his work. Our Tyler appears to have decided on a vow of poverty even though he had a good education and could afford a good life for himself!

    Since the tragic news, my wife and I are frantically trying to find out why he decided to leave this world and his note he left for the family informs us that he felt the pain of being here but more importantly that he didn’t believe that his death would mean an end. The idea of suicide by the person who commits to that is never about death but to stop the pain which the individual feels. Therefore the only reason is to stop the overwhelming pain only is the goal.

    The subject of suicide is not so unknown to me as many years ago I thought about it also. What I discovered after a very dark episode in my life was to search the internet for methods, and to my surprise, the variety of ways and means of taking my life came to me as real life-saver. This may sound ironic, but I felt at the time that the pain I was experiencing was so much and I felt I am trapped in that reality with so much pain that it felt like I am in prison cell with no doorway or even a window to the outside. When I discovered that there are easy ways out, I felt I have the power and the means to press the eject button anytime I wish. For me the pain of continuing and knowing that I have no other options were extremely hard to contemplate but the existence of an option helped me to continue life and I am glad I am still here but I really hoped that my step-son had talked to me and perhaps I could have been able to tell him that he was not alone in such a drastic and tragic decision.

    The other important element that is helping us right now is the study of philosophers as Nietzsche and others and how much they can help us in understanding tragic events in a way that normally is difficult. Nietzsche had a very interesting view of the act of suicide which was that we come to this world involuntarily but we must have the control of leaving when and if we choose. I have come to accept and respect Tyler’s decision but his absence and our loss is something that will take a very long time to come to terms with. I wish there was a way of talking the young men and women out of actions in taking their own life, but this seemingly anti-life action had been within us forever. I also think the lack of hope and the chaos of this world and the evil we are witnessing in the world is a major contributor to this tragedy. Some 100 people a day in the US alone commit suicide and 80% are male.

    I found the following quotes by Nietzsche to be extremely meaningful and I wonder if those successful in the act of suicide could see that the way out exist anytime, but knowing that should assure us we can continue and battle on this lower world of existence even though things are bad, but friendship and loving-kindness can heal the pain. Knowing that every living person will experience pain throughout their life regardless of the pay grade and social position can also reassure us that we are not alone and the existential pain of existence of just being alive is equally distributed to all human beings, equally! Perhaps we can say taxes, pain and death are always guaranteed but there is friendship, beauty and loving-kindness, albeit not all the time…

    “The thought of suicide is a great consolation: by means of it one gets through many a dark night.”

    “To live is to suffer, to survive is to find meaning in suffering”

    1. I’m very sorry for your families loss my friend. I have no words to lighten your burden but here are a few from Carl Jung.

      In regards to your son;

      “The ego is an illusion which ends with death but the karma remains, it is given another ego in the next existence.”
      ~Carl Jung, Modern Psychology, Vol. 3, Page 17

      In regards to you pal;

      “…We live in order to gain the greatest possible amount of spiritual development and self-awareness. As long as life is possible, even if only in a minimal degree, you should hang onto it, in order to scoop it up for the purpose of conscious development. To interrupt life before its time is to bring to a standstill an experiment which we have not set up. We have found ourselves in the midst of it and must carry it through to the end.”
      ~Carl Jung, Letters Vol. 1, 1973, Page 434

      1. Hi Dane,

        Thank you for the quotes from Jung and every word of wisdom helps and such words helps enormously in situations that we are in at present. They don’t heal the pain, as it is meant to happen in Time but intellectually, words and wisdom of philosophers and mystics absolutely help us at this time. So thank you my dear friend and I appreciate every word. The strange thing is that, even though I have read and seemingly understood these magical thoughts, but I feel I need to read them again and again…I appreciate your kind and generous heart my dear friend.

    2. Sorry for your loss CD, my condolences.
      I am unsure whether the following thoughts are appropriate at this moment and if they are not then I apologise. The act of suicide is difficult to understand but one’s understanding of it depends greatly on one’s worldview. In particular, the belief which seems common among atheists and materialists that death is the end, means that the act of making the ultimate sacrifice is all the more severe. In my younger years I was in that category but later became more open to alternative philosophies and moved on from that. What I am trying to express is that I would take some degree of solace from knowing that your step-son did not believe that. If I may draw a connection to the thoughts of Dane above regarding the scripting of life events, if one believes in that concept then this act (and the suffering caused by it) can be seen as serving some form of purpose. Solve et coagula.

      1. Hi Redjon,

        Thank you very much for your thoughts and please know that it all help me at this time. You are correct also about believing in continuation of life after we leave this Lipo-Protein shell. In fact, from the notes that my step-son had left us, we can see that he was indeed a believer in continuing in another realm and he wanted to reassure us that he is travelling to a better domain than this reality. This alone helps us knowing that whatever pain he was suffering here will not be experienced by him the other side. Also, around 15-30% of the people who commit suicide leave notes which means they did not suffer any mental disease but an unhappiness which is a state of mind and their world vision…the insanity is experienced by anybody who is sane right now and somehow, anyone who does not see the madness must be the insane one I think.

        Thank you again Dear Redjon for your thoughts and know that I am very grateful to you.

  5. “Ques. 19. Has man more than one body?

    Ans. The normal man has four bodies—the physical, the vital, the astral, and the mental. It is possible for the trained Adept to develop still higher bodies, such as the Buddhic and the Nirvanic. When he has developed the Nirvanic body, he is said to be free from the wheel of birth and death.

    Ques. 20. How do these bodies manifest in daily life?

    Ans. We know that the physical body is the medium of expression for all of the higher vehicles in physical substance. Taking the physical body, therefore, as a base, we know that the vital body vitalizes it, giving the principle of life; the astral body moves it, gives it heat and circulation, and also the senses; while the mental body crowns it with intelligence. The higher bodies, if awake, manifest as various super-normal qualities.”

  6. Dear Carpe Diem,

    I’m so sad to read about your loss and have little to add qualitatively to the very meaningful and wise quotes provided by Dane. I wish you&your wife all the best during the grief&acceptance process and in your life journey . Moreover, I hope Terry has the most favorable karmic field to further his evolution as a spiritual being in his next lifetime!

    1. Dear SafetyFishnet,

      Thank you very much for your kind words and I am extremely grateful for your thoughts. This will be a long journey for us but we have had so much kindness and love from anyone who knew my step-son that we feel so blessed and the pain of his loss is somewhat bearable.
      I appreciate you and your kindness.
      God Bless…

  7. Hi CD ,

    As anyone here , I feel sorry and sad for this tragedy . There’s nothing one can do to alleviate the pain you and your wife are enduring .
    From wherever karmic , cosmic or ethereic place he is now , I’m sure Tyler is still sending you all his love and affection .
    Stay strong . I don’t find the best words to use in these particular moments………

    1. Thank you, my Dear brother, Ledude59,

      I am so fortunate to have you and everyone as friends of the heart and soul and know that I am grateful for your kindness and generosity of the heart. In moments like this, we rely on friendship and loving-kindness to continue the path. I also know that our Tyler is looking over us and I know he is not suffering anymore. That alone comforts me greatly.

      Wish you a peaceful and nice day my friend.

  8. My Dear POM family,

    I want to share this old Iranian but rather a sad song with you all now reproduced by two great musicians of the Persianate world. People of my region are incredible in expressing sorrow and deep emotional pain it seems.

    The song was originally a song by the late Persian diva, Hayedeh in the early 1970s but the two Bukharan Jewish musicians of central Asia have recreated it. This song expresses our feelings and I want to share this in memory of my beloved step-son, Tyler. The song is called Gul-e-Sangam which roughly translates as “I’m the flower that grows out of a rock”

  9. Today and more specifically this morning, I finally understood why a tragic event that can make you extremely sad and how that sadness can become a vehicle for seeing or rather noticing nature, people and really the reality at a much deeper level. I can actually confirm that such events somehow make our consciousness sharper in seeing details of people’s moods and as the Sufi’s would say, it makes the heart’s eye paper thin. Somehow this expression is true as our emotional seat appears to be in the heart and not in the brain.

    It seems that perhaps a sad piece of music or even a tragedy makes us somewhat more empathetic to other people. On the other side of the spectrum, a highly ecstatic mood can also have a similar effect but in a different way where one can feel at one with nature and the universe. Anyone who had experienced, such as an ecstatic state either through spiritual practice and discipline or through chemical intervention such as MDMA (aka ecstasy!) would feel this indescribable feeling of oneness. Yet, both ecstasy and extreme sadness are two sides of the same coin of emotion and both can be the vehicle for connection to the source of life albeit rather differently!

    From my own experience, with extreme sadness often through a loss, abandonment and total rejection by a person or the society, one seems to lose an element of one’s being. That being we may possibly be the ego or a part of it that is crushed and when the pain is extreme, an ego collapse can occur which may and can result in a form of oneness that is very experiential and as such it is not possible to replicate or to explain in a way that we can not explain fully how we feel in a dream scenario. The loss of ego can last for minutes or even days and months. Nevertheless, I believe it is not sustainable as the continuation of living in this earthly domain requires a relatively healthy level of the ego but it’s a loss for a period can help the person to see a much more elaborate life and a glimpse into a reality that is not otherwise accessible. It really seems that during an extreme pain that any person can be subjected to, a form of release is automatically produced by the physiological part of the body in the form of adrenal hormones or with a psychological crash, a form of oneness and unity with all being in a way that the afflicted person can not feel the pain and more so he will feel the entire living or collective almost in an emphatic way to all creation. It seems the creator gives us the pain of both physical and spiritual but he also provides the panacea, ready to hand. The balance of this world is stunning and the ancient symbol of the Ouroboros where the snake is eating itself to represent the continual cycles of death and birth may also imply a feedback mechanism of the two extreme sides of human emotions, i.e. Pain and ecstasy!

    Two movies affected me in regards to the subject of death and one of the best ever movies made regarding the subject of death is surprisingly a Japanese movie that deals with this taboo subject and I have watched many times and it is probably one of the best foreign movies ever made. The movie is subtle but in my opinion very spiritual and in parts rather humorous. For anyone familiar with the Japanese master film director Akira Kurosawa, this film is created with a similar feel and subtleties and nuances particular to Japanese culture and yet totally understandable to any non-Japanese. The first time I watched it, I cried and laughed and felt how much I was ignorant about the Japanese culture and how they are similar to any other people on this plant when it comes to death and the sense of humour! Anyway, this is a kind of film that stays on your mind and it is extremely touching and beautifully made.

    The other one I can recommend is an exceptionally fantastic movie starring the late David Niven called “A matter of life and death (1946)”. The film is made in colour and it deals with the untimely death of a young pilot (David Niven) and how he returns back to earth after a court hearing in the higher realms where he defends his unduly death. The theme is unusual but the love of a young girl on earth saves him and he convinces the supreme being to send him back to earth again. These are the kind of wonderful movies that Hollyweird does not and will not make as their primary interest is the invocation of the dark forces by polluting the younger people in vile acts and by making them hateful, fearful and hopeless. That corrupt institution will need to be brought to justice and even better dismantled soon as it has singlehandedly been a major contributor to the collapse of the Western civilization.

    1. It’s great to see you processing this great adversity that has been put in your path to give you the opportunity to choose whether you want to use it to further develop your spiritual unfoldment or to devolve into ego. I’m glad you’ve chosen to develop my friend. I believe that adversities in life are chances to further unfold who we can be…who we are.

      I would like to add that there does seem to be a possibility of transcending the ego while still living in the material world…or in the infinite self sustaining schoolyard we have come to call earth. Here is something rather profound that really excites the soul.

      “Ques. 19. Has man more than one body?

      Ans. The normal man has four bodies—the physical, the vital, the astral, and the mental. It is possible for the trained Adept to develop still higher bodies, such as the Buddhic and the Nirvanic. When he has developed the Nirvanic body, he is said to be free from the wheel of birth and death.

      Ques. 20. How do these bodies manifest in daily life?

      Ans. We know that the physical body is the medium of expression for all of the higher vehicles in physical substance. Taking the physical body, therefore, as a base, we know that the vital body vitalizes it, giving the principle of life; the astral body moves it, gives it heat and circulation, and also the senses; while the mental body crowns it with intelligence. The higher bodies, if awake, manifest as various super-normal qualities.”

      I guess the quest would be to figure out within a lifetime how to unfold into these higher bodies to awaken these amazing qualities. Perhaps that takes us back to those adversities and whether we choose to overcome them as well as how we choose to overcome them.

      “to be free from the wheel of birth and death”…what does that mean? I wonder…

      Wish You Were Here
      Pink Floyd

      So, so you think you can tell
      Heaven from hell
      Blue skies from pain
      Can you tell a green field
      From a cold steel rail?
      A smile from a veil?
      Do you think you can tell?

      Did they get you to trade
      Your heroes for ghosts?
      Hot ashes for trees?
      Hot air for a cool breeze?
      Cold comfort for change?
      Did you exchange
      A walk on part in the war
      For a lead role in a cage?

      How I wish, how I wish you were here
      We’re just two lost souls
      Swimming in a fish bowl
      Year after year
      Running over the same old ground
      And how we found
      The same old fears
      Wish you were here

      Songwriters: David Gilmour / Roger Waters

      1. One thing so as not to mislead folks. The escape of life and death may simply mean that we understand both to the point that death of loved ones no longer gives us pain and that we are no longer so attached to life that we fear death ourselves. Everyone dies, few live. Yet it is the infinite unfoldment of consciousness that gives us both life and death in its efforts to understand itself.

        “The bodies should be the servants of the consciousness, seeking to assist it in its labor of unfoldment. The consciousness in turn must be considerate of the bodies, for they make possible his growth. Each must assume his responsibilities to the other—the bodies as faithful servants, the spirit as a just and intelligent overlord.”

        1. Beautifully stated My Dear Friend,

          It is strange and remarkable that neither I nor my wife feels any pain but certainly, the loss has left us with a big gap in our hearts. Both of us are feeling that our beloved Tyler is speaking to us in a totally new language both in a dream and in an awake state. In dreams we both see symbols and in the awake state, we notice a lot of times when deer, fox and birds we have never seen around our house before pay visits. Our Tyler loved animals and I only found this out a few days ago that he was known as a “cat whisperer” and somehow he could communicate with animals.

          After the loss of my parents some years ago, I had a similar kind of experience although more in dreams and some in the awake state I did not pay attention as deeply as now. Nevertheless, the dead want to establish a form of communication by letting us know that the life continues the other side also and this reality is only a phase of the consciousness and that we may die physically but our consciousness lives on. This is why almost all ancient civilizations had an elaborate system of sending off the dead to a new life and my own ancient Zoroastrian people believed that every person will have through the “Chinvat bridge” where all the actions of a lifetime will be weighed. Our ancient ancestors were somehow aware and in tune with all the processes of the afterlife, more so that our contemporary rigid materialist education.

          Wish everyone at POM a very happy Mother’s Day.

  10. Interesting take.

    I agree with your understanding of the goal, but I have some different views and personal conceptual understandings of the metaphysics.

    My understanding/belief is within the chakra model …

    Your have your connection to the divine: Crown.

    Your connection to the earth/energy/life (conciousness?): Root

    There is your ego/body that – when integrated – will come into harmony under the solar plexus/manipura

    Bridge between the material and the divine: heart. When in harmony, it will be everything you need it to be. You are a masculine or feminine being. So in it’s optimal state it will be the opposite polarity of whoever you are. I see this part of me as it’s own separate being.

    You have the bridge between the body and earth/material world trying to bring these two into harmony with one another (win/win): sacral

    And your bridge/translator between your heart/body/earth: throat. At least in it’s optimal state, as I am beginning to understand as I try and unblock this area. Or, at least my kundalini is. At least for me, it was only once I understood and had some acceptance for what the divine wanted from me in this life that this part of being opened up.

    Then there is you (the soul): third eye/ajna.

    I don’t think you have to be aware of this system for it to function properly. But, it helps as you won’t be leaving up to chance/external world/life history.

    And who knows, maybe different people have varying spiritual systems embedded within them. And it’s why I see this as an important point in your essay …

    “The most obvious and observable truth remains hidden right before us. It is obscured by false teachings and contrived ideological and religious dogmas which do nothing to further the objectives of the individual spirit.”

    This is why the west became so great. Just now realizing that of everything that falls under the 1st amendment. Freedom to practice whatever religion one wanted was most paramount.

    People are so varied in every facet of life as everyone knows. We are all seeking different ideas/information to suit or needs and requirements for growth. Being free to practice different spiritual teachings, learn of different archetypes within these paths allows individuals a better chance to realize and experience what they need for spiritual growth.

    Christianity was most tolerant of this, despite it’s shortcomings. It’s why the west achieved what it did. And it’s why it is on a path to lose the abundance it has created and received.

    Maybe the people and other sinister forces in this world aren’t conscious of it. But, I think this is why Christianity is so vilified. As it is most tolerant of the choices that people make, Christianity has the least restrictive blinkers it puts on the metaphorical horse.

    “This observable truth is that our material existence is a school where we are meant to learn important emotional, material, mental, and spiritual lessons which further prepare us for regeneration and the road towards eternal progression.”

    100% agree. Hence the demise of the west and why Islam gains. It’s a step back but there is an aim and intent to grow beyond this world. Even I see it as less than optimal.

    1. Yes absolutely. The process has many names and there are many paths to attainment, but they seem to all have a similar core to them don’t they?

      Ques. 98. What are the Lotus Blossoms?

      Ans. The Lotus Blossoms are centers of force located along the spinal column and in the brain of man. The opening of these Lotus Blossoms is the result of awakening the Goddess Kundalini from her sleep in the solar plexus. Then rising along the spinal canal on her pilgrimage to the brain to open the eye of Dangma, she animates these centers which open and become great whirling vortices of force, which the Hindus called Lotus Blossoms, and the early Jews symbolized as the budding of Aaron’s rod.

      Ques. 99. What is the eye of Dangma?

      Ans. It is the latent vehicle of sight and cognition in the brain which we know as the Pineal gland. When agitated by the effluvia radiated by the Pituitary body, it is capable of becoming sensitive to vibrations of the mental and spiritual worlds. It is called the Eye of the Gods, and is also referred to as the Third Eye.

  11. MY Carpe Diem
    I’m so very sorry to hear of the loss of your beloved Tyler

    I had been having a feeling about the mystery of suicide shortly before reading of your loss.

    We are all connected.

    Your Friend

    1. My Dearest friend, Pieter,

      Thank you so much for your kindness and I am very grateful. It seems that Tyler’s departure somehow changed me to a whole different direction on the path. The only thing that gives us some peace is that Tyler decided to leave by exercising his own God-given Free Will, which I must respect. Yet, he is missed in the hearts of anyone who knew this kind young man.

      I agree that suicide is definitely a mystery and as per Matrix the movie, it is a “glitch” in the fabric of human reality and consciousness and against the programming of human survival, but it is unfortunately prevalent!

      I wish you a nice and peaceful day my dear friend.

  12. We have our share of misery around the workplace so each day I try to brighten someone’s day. The other day I pulled a supervisor aside back in the yard and asked him why he was so miserable all the time. His response was that it’s “this place” referring to work. So I asked him if its “this place” why does he carry that same misery out on the boat when we go fishing? Or why he carries it to the bar when we are out riding motorcycles? He took pause and responded that he would have to take some time to think about that.

    My hope is that he really does take time to reflect on it because the end of this month he heads off into retirement and it would be a shame if he were to spend his golden years wrapped in that misery.

    Life is such a gift… Early in my life I took that gift for granted and did a good many things that any given second could have snatched that gift right back. Maybe I was lucky…most likely just a good hearted ignorant kid. Later in life I was bit more resentful and didn’t like the gift I was given so I tried regifting it after repackaging it and giving it out to others as I saw fit. Now I finally realize the gift of life for its true beauty and that realization gives me this overwhelming feeling of inward joy.

    I really love this community. Thank you for creating it JC and thank all of its participants for making it what it is today…a gift.

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