SDR & the New Bretton Woods – Part Ten

FREEPOM, SDR's and the New Bretton Woods

The Emerging Education of Tomorrow

The previous posts in this series have specifically focused on the process and components of the shift towards a multilateral financial system dominated by the SDR and the International Monetary Fund.

With this installment we will begin to review some of the peripheral aspects and structures that are, and will emerge in support of the centralized economics of tomorrow.  One of the major elements of this new economic structure will be a multilateral educational system to support its effectiveness and expansion.

As the US dollar was supported by an American educational system which promoted its functionality and expansion, so will the SDR be promoted by a multilateral curriculum.

After the Bretton Woods Agreement in 1944 the American educational system became the standard which was exported around the world with the dollar.  Its structure and template became the method by which the world was schooled on the dollars pre-eminence.

Elitist families around the world sent their children to be educated in American and western institutions.  This ensured that a level of competency and understanding in regards to all things American and western could be imported back into their culture and financial system.

It would do us well not to underestimate the power of a reserve currency.  As each empire and its associated currency was expanded into the controllable regions within its reach, the culture and forms of entertainment soon followed.

What we have with America is the first time in history where the reach of a currency, by way of its empire apparatus, could be expanded around the whole of the world.  And that is exactly what happened as the original Bretton Woods Agreement was signed, which also created the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, and the military industrial complex of the business and banking that grew around the dollar was used as forms of economic expansion.

Where the business and banking went, the educational system soon followed to ensure the propaganda and compliance was maintained at sufficient levels to reduce or eliminate resistance. Often it preceded the business and banking to pave the way.

American culture and entertainment was exported around the world to show how good life on the dollar could be.  The American dream hoodwinked citizens at home and left the rest of the world dizzy with desire and excitement of what life could be like.

Already for years we have been witnessing the creep of international institutions into the curriculums of the world.  The social and informational memes are coming at such a velocity that all we can do is close our eyes and hope they buzz past us without sticking like Velcro.

With the arrival of the internet and the age of information, humanity has never had so much knowledge available at its fingertips.  A human today can learn more in a 24 hour period than a person could in their whole life only a century or two ago.

Sitting here today I can, with a few key strokes, access the full spectrum of MIT curriculum material.  It’s called MIT Open Course Ware and it’s slogan is “Unlocking Knowledge, Empowering Minds”.

There is another website called Khan Academy where you can become proficient in anything from Macro Economics to Cosmology.

With such a volume of information and education available for free, how sustainable can the standard western model of education remain?  The evolution of the education system into a multilateral structure will be centralized around a method of testing the level and aptitude of an individuals knowledge and understanding.

Already today international corporations are using such testing models on current and prospective employees.  It’s interesting to note that these methods of aptitude testing first started within the military and government industries before being utilized on a broader scale.  Its these methodologies which we will see evolve further into a form of cultural standard.

Soon a diploma on the wall will be as meaningless as the paper its printed on.  People who seek out information of their own accord and take the time to learn a specific subject, just because, have a proven track record of being more creative at problem solving.  These people are able to find solutions and overcome challenges where traditionally educated workers have not.

Free learning and access to unlimited education can just as easily corral creativity as expand it.  And that is where the psychological twist comes into play.

Contrary to what others may profess, the age of information will not free mankind from the clutches of some evil elite or banking cartel.  The age of information has guaranteed a faster and tighter centralization.  As more and more information and knowledge comes available, it only pushes humanity further and further into the trap and illusion of matter.

Look at the world in the last 100 years and tell me I’m wrong.

Everyone has heard the saying “knowledge is power” but few have stopped to ponder that it is what you do with that knowledge which is meaningful.  Never mind the false power paradigm which only leads to suffering.  One who has attained a selfless level of knowledge will quickly understand that power is also an illusion.

As such, the age of information only quickens the centralization process by feeding us an overwhelming amount of information which we have no reference point from which to process.  The reference point on reality and life in general is negated in an attempt to further centralize humanity for the purpose of sameness.  True creativity is compartmentalized to ensure this sameness is maintained.

(It’s my proposition that this compartmentalization is a subconscious process by which the human mind seeks sameness in order to satisfy its own wanton desire.  If all are the same than no one is different and everything is okay.  The educational system is anything but universal and truthful.  Its purpose is knowledge compartmentalized and the promotion of social sameness.)

The education system which is emerging in support of the multilateral financial system and its dominate SDR supra-sovereign currency will captivate the masses with words such as empower, knowledge, purpose, and future.  It will make promises of freeing the mind to pursue worthwhile goals that meet our individual aspirations but also serve humanity.

Doesn’t seem so bad.

Except the individual will be sacrificed upon the alter of knowledgeable sameness.  Perhaps the centralization process, whether its financial, educational, medical, ideological, theological, or cultural, will simply have to run its course before resetting once again to a de-centralized and more individualistic anchor.

As we have explored in the other parts of this series, the US dollar, which was the macro, is now becoming the micro and the SDR will transition into the role of the macro. The educational structure of all countries will follow the SDR much like the system of learning before it followed the mandates of the dollar.   – JC

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