SDR & the New Bretton Woods - Part Ten

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The Emerging Education of Tomorrow

The previous posts in this series have specifically focused on the process and components of the shift towards a multilateral financial system dominated by the SDR and the International Monetary Fund.

With this installment we will begin to review some of the peripheral aspects and structures that are, and will emerge in support of the centralized economics of tomorrow.  One of the major elements of this new economic structure will be a multilateral educational system to support its effectiveness and expansion.

As the US dollar was supported by an American educational system which promoted its functionality and expansion, so will the SDR be promoted by a multilateral curriculum.

After the Bretton Woods Agreement in 1944 the American educational system became the standard which was exported around the world with the dollar.  Its structure and template became the method by which the world was schooled on the dollars pre-eminence.

Elitist families around the world sent their children to be educated in American and western institutions.  This ensured that a level of competency and understanding in regards to all things American and western could be imported back into their culture and financial system.

It would do us well not to underestimate the power of a reserve currency.  As each empire and its associated currency was expanded into the controllable regions within its reach, the culture and forms of entertainment soon followed.

What we have with America is the first time in history where the reach of a currency, by way of its empire apparatus, could be expanded around the whole of the world.  And that is exactly what happened as the original Bretton Woods Agreement was signed, which also created the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, and the military industrial complex of the business and banking that grew around the dollar was used as forms of economic expansion.

Where the business and banking went, the educational system soon followed to ensure the propaganda and compliance was maintained at sufficient levels to reduce or eliminate resistance. Often it preceded the business and banking to pave the way.

American culture and entertainment was exported around the world to show how good life on the dollar could be.  The American dream hoodwinked citizens at home and left the rest of the world dizzy with desire and excitement of what life could be like.

Already for years we have been witnessing the creep of international institutions into the curriculums of the world.  The social and informational memes are coming at such a velocity that all we can do is close our eyes and hope they buzz past us without sticking like Velcro.

With the arrival of the internet and the age of information, humanity has never had so much knowledge available at its fingertips.  A human today can learn more in a 24 hour period than a person could in their whole life only a century or two ago.

Sitting here today I can, with a few key strokes, access the full spectrum of MIT curriculum material.  It's called MIT Open Course Ware and it's slogan is "Unlocking Knowledge, Empowering Minds".

There is another website called Khan Academy where you can become proficient in anything from Macro Economics to Cosmology.

With such a volume of information and education available for free, how sustainable can the standard western model of education remain?  The evolution of the education system into a multilateral structure will be centralized around a method of testing the level and aptitude of an individuals knowledge and understanding.

Already today international corporations are using such testing models on current and prospective employees.  It's interesting to note that these methods of aptitude testing first started within the military and government industries before being utilized on a broader scale.  Its these methodologies which we will see evolve further into a form of cultural standard.

Soon a diploma on the wall will be as meaningless as the paper its printed on.  People who seek out information of their own accord and take the time to learn a specific subject, just because, have a proven track record of being more creative at problem solving.  These people are able to find solutions and overcome challenges where traditionally educated workers have not.

Free learning and access to unlimited education can just as easily corral creativity as expand it.  And that is where the psychological twist comes into play.

Contrary to what others may profess, the age of information will not free mankind from the clutches of some evil elite or banking cartel.  The age of information has guaranteed a faster and tighter centralization.  As more and more information and knowledge comes available, it only pushes humanity further and further into the trap and illusion of matter.

Look at the world in the last 100 years and tell me I'm wrong.

Everyone has heard the saying "knowledge is power" but few have stopped to ponder that it is what you do with that knowledge which is meaningful.  Never mind the false power paradigm which only leads to suffering.  One who has attained a selfless level of knowledge will quickly understand that power is also an illusion.

As such, the age of information only quickens the centralization process by feeding us an overwhelming amount of information which we have no reference point from which to process.  The reference point on reality and life in general is negated in an attempt to further centralize humanity for the purpose of sameness.  True creativity is compartmentalized to ensure this sameness is maintained.

(It's my proposition that this compartmentalization is a subconscious process by which the human mind seeks sameness in order to satisfy its own wanton desire.  If all are the same than no one is different and everything is okay.  The educational system is anything but universal and truthful.  Its purpose is knowledge compartmentalized and the promotion of social sameness.)

The education system which is emerging in support of the multilateral financial system and its dominate SDR supra-sovereign currency will captivate the masses with words such as empower, knowledge, purpose, and future.  It will make promises of freeing the mind to pursue worthwhile goals that meet our individual aspirations but also serve humanity.

Doesn't seem so bad.

Except the individual will be sacrificed upon the alter of knowledgeable sameness.  Perhaps the centralization process, whether its financial, educational, medical, ideological, theological, or cultural, will simply have to run its course before resetting once again to a de-centralized and more individualistic anchor.

As we have explored in the other parts of this series, the US dollar, which was the macro, is now becoming the micro and the SDR will transition into the role of the macro. The educational structure of all countries will follow the SDR much like the system of learning before it followed the mandates of the dollar.   - JC

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24 Comments on “SDR & the New Bretton Woods - Part Ten”

  1. Quotable Quote
    “Thirty spokes converge upon a single hub;
    It is on the hole in the center that the use of the cart hinges;

    We make a vessel from a lump of clay;
    It is the empty space within the vessel that makes it useful;

    We make doors and windows for a room;
    But it is the empty spaces that make the room livable;

    Thus, while the tangible has advantages;
    It is the intangible that makes it useful.”

    ― Tao Te Ching

  2. As humanity digest more and more information and suffers more from the squeezing control of the Elite the more the smart ones will seek the truth, no? So even though at first this SDR World Bank program will succeed it will eventually fail. Second Law of Thermodynamics. And not till after it has laid the foundation to a Golden Age. All things must progress in a natural occurrence and time. This rebirth of humanity is painful process but in the end it will be beautiful. How painful depends on how long they can manipulate the price of Gold and Silver for those who hold it, but on the other hand it delays the pain for those who do not hold it. Can the holders of quantity control their own ego and bring forth better conditions with their wealth?

  3. Britain urges U.S. Congress to stop blocking IMF reform

    (Reuters) - Britain urged the U.S. Congress on Monday to stop delaying approval of reforms to the International Monetary Fund that would give more power at the institution to emerging economies.

    Finance minister George Osborne, in a speech in Rio de Janeiro, said it was time for the world's new heavyweight nations such as Brazil to have a bigger say at the IMF.

    "Let's implement the reforms we have agreed to in our international institutions like the IMF, so that countries like Brazil have the enhanced status and say that your economic strength earns you the right to," Osborne said.

    "The failure of the U.S. Congress to ratify the agreed IMF reforms is bad for the institution and bad for the international community," he said. "I urge the Administration and Congress to act to pass them now."

    Osborne is due to attend a twice-yearly meeting of policymakers at the IMF in Washington later this week when the issue of reform is likely to come up again.

    A bid to get Congress to approve reforms of the IMF was dropped last month amid concerns that it could hold up a bill providing aid to Ukraine. The two proposals were included in the same legislation and Republican opposition to the extra funding included in the IMF plan threatened to torpedo it.

    The White House has been urging Congress for a year to approve a shift of $63 billion from an IMF crisis fund to its general accounts, as agreed by the U.S. government in 2010.

    Christine Lagarde, the managing director of the IMF, said last month she would continue to work for the reforms.

  4. you have a huge shift in global wealth/power. the "controllers" are NOT going to give up the Ponzi scheme easily. They will go down with the ship....

    WWIII is the most likely outcome...unless Putin and Obama are working for the same Cabal....and it's all a smoke screen. But in the final analysis....IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO HONESTLY ANALYZE

    1. I disagree. It can be analyzed. And all countries are controlled by their Central Banks which are in turn beholden to the Bank for International Settlements. This includes Russia, America, China, etc..... It's disheartening that the obvious is lost on the majority.

  5. I agree the next logical step towards global centralization would be further controlling education. Clearly, in the United States the progressives/socialists have been doing so for decades through faculty saturation at colleges and universities, as well as in public schools. Parents have been complicit, unwittingly or otherwise, in advancing the global agenda. In my opinion, here in the US, Common Core is another tool in the advancement of centralization. However, for those who seek to live according to their own values and definition of freedom, I will quote Mr. Collins from a previous post; "Fight inside the bar." One can educate him or herself and your children; walk your own path, struggle to find the truth and fight your own fight. Thank you Mr. Collins for continuing to be a source of enlightenment and providing the tools to find our way.

  6. ...I'm not sure where to post this J.C. but it is necessary for me to thank you for demonstrating with your impeccable logic that a return to constitutional law in the U.S. would simply not work due to the fact that it was crafted to enshrine in law a nation state which is no longer viable in a global society.
    I had been a staunch advocate of that idea for some time and therefore judged ALL ideas of a N.W.O. as being "wrong" The simple and inescapable fact is that we MUST have a new world order because the old one has run it's course and frankly (in spite of our judgements to the contrary) the one's best suited to crafting it are most likely the ones with the most knowledge of the mechanics of the old.
    I read somwhere that the emerging paradigm will amalgamate the best aspects of communism and capitalism and discard those which clearly didn't work.
    It was labeled"Meritocratic Social Capitalism"an intriguing title indeed but one which clearly has no room for the "rent seekers". thanks again. David

    1. Oh no thanks Mr Gray NWO " those that created the problem can't be expected to fix them."
      They created the world problems and so they will only amplify them, their state of consciousness well lets just say they are not there yet .
      They do not have a creative spark bone in their funky boring old warmongering wall st forms.
      Greed selfishness hate...rinse and repeat until beings stop them and kick their slimy rent seeking arses off the planet earth.
      Good bye.

  7. JC I am very new to this material and it is a game changer for those seeking the "truth". I applaud and commend your efforts and thank you for shedding light on these matters in Layman terms. Question: are there any sites or authors you recommend for those of us wishing to dive deeper in to our own finances and ways to safeguard them in the days ahead. I reside in good old USA and it would be nice to have a fuller understanding of how these macro changes might affect me on a micro level. There is of course much much disinformation out there in the form of advice as to what to do: liquidate, buy gold, store money under your mattress, except debt forgiveness, expect less taxes to pay, expect commodity prices to go down etc. etc. It's tough to navigate through all that. Thanks again for your courage and love for the truth.

    Luis G.

  8. You say "When the IMF 2010 Code of Reforms eventually get passed and the inevitable debt restructuring begins, the US will have no choice but to go along and allow its currency to be downgraded and its debt restructured."
    Roughly when do you think the IMF 2010 Code of Reforms will actually get passed? any guesstimates are very welcome. Thanks

    1. I'm reluctant to place specific time frames on the implementation, but I think it's fair to say that they will be implemented piecemeal and sporadically throughout the year, mainly in response to crisis points. There is the chance that we could see an emergency type session between the G20 and the IMF with some roundabout method of implementation.

      1. Thanks, much appreciated. There are many anxious people waiting for the great consolidation to finally go ahead because they want to be paid for their (registered) historical bonds.

        1. Yes, there are those people for sure. The foundations should help distribute some of the funds to worthwhile causes, and still leave enough windfall for a lifetime of enjoyment and reflection.

  9. After reading through all of this, and while I deeply appreciate your analysis, I still feel quite confused. Should I be looking forward to the currency reset/centralization or not?

    In some of your posts it came across like it would be a fair system and could make the world a better place. But then again, with my tinfoil hat on, I can't believe that all these elitists are just letting go of the whole thing. Aren't they the ones lobbying and those purchased politicians or individuals in turn get together in institutions like the IMF?

    I believe in 20 years from now we'll still have genetically modified crap from Monsanto polluting more and more parts of the earth, the military-industrial complex making huge profits by artificially causing conflicts and wars all over the world, tighter police-state like laws to "protect us from terrorists", chemtrai...pardon, geo engineering and artificially produced earth quakes being used to make everything even worse...I don't know, sometimes when I think about all of this I don't want to live anymore.

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