SDR & the New Bretton Woods - Part Seven

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Psychological Warfare and Fist Fighting

“We deeply regret that the IMF quota and governance reforms agreed to in 2010 have not yet become effective and that the 15th General Review of Quotas was not completed by January 2014. Our highest priority remains ratifying the 2010 reforms, and we urge the US to do so before our next meeting in April. In April, we will take stock of progress towards meeting this priority and completing the 15th General Review of Quotas by January 2015.”

“We will implement these reforms in a way that promotes an integrated global financial system, reduces harmful fragmentation and avoids unintended costs for business. We commit to cooperate across jurisdictions with a renewed focus on timely and consistent implementation supported by meaningful peer reviews, including OTC derivatives reform.”

From the Communiqué - Meeting of Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors, Sydney, 22-23 February 2014

Where I grew up you either knew how to fight or you better have known someone who could.  In such an environment advice on fighting was handed out and bandied around like it was a commodity of real value.  From elementary school onward, the advice was thick and often silly.  Most simply made things up in the hope of convincing others they were tough.  Talk was very much cheap.  Like a fiat currency I suppose.

But every so often you would come across the real thing, advice of a value that you just couldn’t get somewhere else, advice from the real deal.  For me this real deal came in the form of my friend’s uncle.  Just the sight of him made my teenage gut twist and turn with anticipation of what could potentially happen with each passing minute.  He was tough and didn’t need to tell you he was tough.  An air of violence was thick around him and you just knew it could explode at the slightest provocation.

Needless to say we listened with abated breath as he dished out what few morsels of advice he determined we deserved.  One of the things he said was “Sometimes in a bar shit happens.  When shit happens you’d better be prepared.  And never go outside the bar to fight.  You go outside the bar and more shit will happen.  You get jumped or stabbed.  You stay inside the bar, accept the shit as it’s been framed, and deal with it.  You fight right there inside the bar.  Never go outside.”

Now for most normal people such advice would seem bizarre and a world away.  But for us it was the holy grail of survival tactics.  It told us that you didn’t need to dance around with your fists up in the air while peacocking about how tough you are.  Fighting was not for show.  Fighting was what you did when there was no other choice and you had better do it well.  If it was going to happen, you accepted the conditions as presented and did not allow the other person, or anyone else, to reframe the argument or circumstances in anyway.

So a few years later when I was in a night club and shit happened, I instantly remembered that most valuable lesson from my teenage years.  My opponent was close and ready.  He nodded his head towards the door.  I nodded no, here.  The music was loud with the base rattling across my legs.  People jumped up and down on the dance floor which seemed to shake the whole place.  The song playing was Blue by Eiffel 65.  The lyrics of the song echoed in my head:

Yo listen up here's a story
About a little guy that lives in a blue world
And all day and all night and everything he sees
Is just blue like him inside and outside
Blue is his house with a blue little window
And a blue corvette
And everything is blue for him and himself
And everybody around
'cause he ain't got nobody to listen to

I'm blue da ba dee da ba die...

 We both stepped towards each other while swinging two right overhands.  Mine connected and his glanced off the side of my head.  Following with a left and another right, both of which also connected, my opponent stumbled.  My only thought was to get the job done.

What I began to realize in later years is that the bar was symbolic of life in general.  The bar represented our perceptions and interpretations.  We approach truth from these perceptions and interpretations.  When we find ourselves in a conflict of any type the other person is attempting to take us outside the bar where we can be influenced by their perceptions and interpretations.  They attempt to reframe the conflict or argument or debate.  Only when standing firm in our own perceptions and interpretations can we face the challenge as it was originally framed in its inception.  When we allow the challenge to become reframed we are not fighting the fight we think or believe we are fighting.  We are fighting the other persons fight.

In later years I would come to realize that this simple advice from my youth was in fact one of the underlying principles of psychological warfare.  The purpose of psyops are to move a mass of people from one way of thinking to another way of thinking.  There is a process and structure which utilizes the current perceptions and interpretations of a population before creating an event or series of events which twist those original perceptions and interpretations around and in the direction which is desired.

The perfect example of this today can be seen in the Ukraine where the demographic divide between Ukrainian speaking and Russian speaking people is being “represented” in the coup which just took place over the weekend.  The choices as presented to the people of that country, or how the argument has been framed, is that the Ukraine either economically merges with the European Union or with Russia.  It’s the natural and perfect fracture from which a psyop can be targeted against the people.  The country speaks two languages and is the central hub for natural gas exports to the EU.  What better place to divide the people than between choosing either Europe or Russia.

I would refer the reader back to Part Three of this series as a refresher on the Hegelian Dialectic. In that essay we stated that through the Hegelian Dialectic process the sovereign debt issue of the world was going to be used as leverage to enact the monetary system changes to the international economy.  Already Russia is holding payments back from the Ukraine which is putting that country in a default situation.  Right on cue the International Monetary Fund is offering to restructure the sovereign debt.

With that being said there is a legitimate chess move taking place in the Ukraine, just as there is in Venezuela, and potentially erupting again in Egypt.  Whoever wants to control the natural gas market of Europe would also like to control the energy shipping lanes of the Suez Canal and the oil production of South America.

These are just micro moves that are allowed to happen within the larger macro centralization process.

Going back to the psychological warfare structure it is easy to see that there is in fact an operation taking place to divert attention away from the facts of the transition from the old economic system to the new SDR system.  One of the key components being utilized is the “weapons of the weak” tool used in conspiracy theories.  See post “What Are Conspiracy Theories?”

In that post we touched on how the renting seeking elite are using these “weapons” against the larger disorganized group.  Conspiracy theories, born from truth, have been reframed to change our perceptions and interpretations to divert away from the real process of change and transition.

There are two different types of psychological operation groups.  One is government sponsored military oriented teams.  The other is private industrial based teams.  Often both teams will work together.  Television networks themselves are a form of psychological operation, as are music production companies and their distribution networks.

control room

In psychological warfare tactics the initial step is the planning process.  The planning consists of Supporting Units and Operational Units.

From there the Target Audience is determined and analyzed.  Some of the questions asked at this stage are:

  1. What audience can best enact the desired change?
  2. What lines of persuasion can be used on that audience?
  3. What media will effectively work?
  4. What events can be engineered to reframe perceptions and interpretations?

From there the psychological operation is developed and all supporting media is produced.  Distribution and dissemination of the operational products then takes place.  This distribution and dissemination can be a quick one time release or a slow intentional process of manipulation.

Once the initial “weapons” are in play than a form of “propaganda analysis” takes place with tweaks made to the overall process.  These tweaks usually take on the appearance of counterpropaganda.  The counterpropaganda is a very powerful weapon from which the real desired change to perceptions and interpretations take place.

Only by standing our ground within our original perceptions and interpretations can we hope to fight the psychological operation.  Do not go outside the bar.  Fight the fight as it has been originally framed.

The transition from the old dollar reserve system of Bretton Woods to the new SDR bond debt consolidation system as engineered by the International Monetary Fund and the Bank for International Settlements is clearly framed but hidden from the general population at large.  Much like the true mysteries are hidden from the blue lodge masonic initiates. Only once we elevate our thinking and desires to a higher level can we begin to understand the scope and simplicity of the emerging system and its far reaching purpose.

There are many conspiracy theories and fabricated stories which exist on the internet as forms of psychological warfare operations.  The clear sign that these stories are “methods of persuasion” can be found in the fact that the supporting evidence exists only within the storyline itself.  No outside confirmation or sources are made available.  Information from outside the storyline is presented and interpreted as supporting facts.  They are not facts supporting the original perceptions and interpretation.  The argument is being reframed.

Many of the links and other supporting documents are additional sources of “persuasion” which have been re-cycled through the target audience and resubmitted as facts to support the original media production component of the psychological operation.  These are in fact the counterpropaganda objectives.

My blog site has been modestly attempting to explain the processes and procedures of the transition from the old system to the new system.  My sources are the original documents and information as presented by the International Monetary Fund, the Bank for International Settlements, and the G20 Summit itself.  Not to mention the numerous other sources like the U.S. Treasury, Congress, and central banks from around the world.  These sources are easily confirmed outside the storyline which I am presenting.  Truth is often hidden in plain sight.  Often in plain sight makes for the best hiding place of all.

Some of the psychological warfare operational units or “personalities” (media productions) have taken notice of my humble site.  If these personalities were legit and where in fact who they say they are, then why take any notice of my blog or writing at all.  Of what importance would I be to such important people who are attempting to change the world by overthrowing the banking cartel which has ruled the world since the French Revolution?

What is the challenge which my site presents?

I do not get distracted very easy.  I stand my ground and fight inside the bar.

And the music pounds inside my head:

I have a blue house with a blue window.
Blue is the color of all that I wear.
Blue are the streets and all the trees are too.
I have a girlfriend and she is so blue.
Blue are the people here that walk around,
Blue like my corvette, it's standing outside.
Blue are the words I say and what I think.
Blue are the feelings that live inside me.

I'm blue da ba dee da ba die...

It is said that in order to be an effective fighter one most learn to love his opponent.  And I did with each strike of my fists and elbows.  Blood is sticky.  Eyes are swollen.  Sorrow runs deep.

As I grow older I understand that there are many methods of fighting.  And as I’ve stated before, I stand with you, my brethren of the disorganized.   – JC

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  1. Trading blocs and the balance of the world:

    It is time to implement what John F. Kennedy had in mind for us:
    issue the uncut US dollars backed by our share of the gold in the Global Collateral Accounts hidden by the secret "network of power" identified by Stefania Vitali, James B. Glattfelder, and Stefano Battiston: “The network of global corporate control“, ETH Zurich, published September 2011:

    Here is a history lesson from Wolfgang Struck, the authorized signatory on the global collateral account:

    From: Wolfgang Struck Date: Tue, Feb 25, 2014 at 1:16 AM
    To: Karen Hudes
    Dear Karen.

    This is as much as I could have expected from a newly retired Assistant Secretary of the Finance Department of the Republic of the Philippines.
    I am proud of that and I feel very much confirmed in my views of the world.


    On Tuesday, 25 February 2014, 9:06, Eleanor F. dela Cruz CPA MNSA MM wrote:
    Wow and whew , I wish you a very long fruitful life so the true history of the Philippines and the Marcoses will surface to a critical mass to change history. Stay well,

    Ma. Eleanor F. dela Cruz CPA MNSA MM

    On Friday, February 21, 2014 12:18 PM, Wolfgang Struck wrote:
    Dear Eleanor,

    Am I happy that I have received, at least, one reply, one question from a Filipino voicing the obvious?! Correct: Where is the Marcos family in all of this? They cannot even prevent a New York judge from putting her own aide to jail for, probably, the rest of her life? There must be a reason, maybe something hiding somewhere that we do not know? Shall I have my guess?

    By now, everybody knows Tacloban. Even Justin Bieber and David Beckham go there to get sympathy points the world over. For themselves! Not for Tacloban. Imelda R. Marcos is said to hail from Tacloban but she did nothing to help the victims of that Yolanda disaster. In order to correct that old part of Philippine history, it has to be said that her mother, poor Remedios Trinidad, was adopted by the Romualdez family in Tacloban and little Imelda with it in the package that the Romualdez family did not like but Bejo insisted and won. Remedios Trinidad, not Donna yet, had been the domestic helper of one Severino Sta. Romana in Cabanatuan City. He made her pregnant but did not want to marry her. So she had to run away and landed in Ermita, the red-light district of Manila at the time.

    Trinidad gave birth to a baby girl in Ermita, Manila, where ,18 years later, that baby-girl-grown-up ran for Miss Manila, ran away with the Mayor of Manila, married him in Hong Kong in civil rights, and won the title of Miss Manila. She looked gorgeous when her father discovered her poster, riding in a white Studebaker (from rent-a-car) on busy Mabini Street. “You marry Marcos”, he had said. “But I am married already”, she had said. The rest is history.

    Well, yes, she gave Marcos a son after she had given Mayor Lacson a daughter and she developed nicely, properly, and successfully to be a sensation all over the world. Maybe she loved Marcos. Maybe Marcos loved her. One day in 1975 she received the news that her son with Marcos was shot dead in London. She was devastated. She was even more upset when she realized that Marcos had instantly moved to suppress all news about the death of her son. “You cannot do that. He is my son”, she had said. “Mrs. Marcos, can you get out of my sight”, he had said and that was the last time he saw her. She spent the rest of her life in her beloved New York and Marcos had to replace a son and a wife.

    They were trained and prepared in London for a new life by Miriam Defensor, darling lawyer of Marcos, assigned to the World Court at the time to find out what would happen to the claim of the ORIGINAL CLAIMANTS OF WWII LOOT which was to end, so Marcos was hoping, after 30 years. For explanation, the International Court of Justice in The Hague had ruled in its first decision 1946 that all gold found from buried treasure in the Philippines should be deemed owned by the ORIGINAL CLAIMANTS OF WWII LOOT.

    Why had the ICJ done that? Well: They had acted quickly upon the claim of those who had installed them hastily into office, namely the Jewish bankers of London and the world claiming that their gold was stolen from their bonded warehouses just before or at the start of the war to the suave tune of 946,000 MT (metric tons). It must be added that the gold was stashed and hiding in the secret far-away bonded warehouses. It was not gold listed in the London Metal Exchange. Now that must have been the crime of the year but no newspaper reporting. Why?

    Would that not be the story of the century starting with the fine question who dunnit or where is the gold now? How much is 946,000 metric tons and where did that come from? How come that the world did not know about so much gold? Who was hiding that and what about our beloved history books who do not know this? Oh, that gold had been in the vaults of the Jewish banks until it was discovered stolen but, may one ask, who had brought it to the Jewish banks in the first place? And what were the Jewish bankers supposed to do? Just tell the depositors of the gold and the world that they had lost it or, sorry, someone stole it?

    Of course, they could not do that! They just could not tell the truth, even if they knew very well that Adolf Hitler had stolen it with his super SS. They just could not fathom out how that son-of-a-bitch had done it. Well then: Some are smarter than others. They left the gold buried in the Philippines, got their uncontested claims of missing gold registered in the ICJ and started using their claims as collateral for credit lines to other Jewish banks and vice versa, discovering in the process that this way money was created much easier and faster.

    Actually, they loved it and they conquered the world by leaving the gold where it is in the Philippines as Yamashita gold and waiting for the maturity 2005 of the other gold that came from the Vatican in 1949 to be fixed in the BILATERAL MINESFIELD BREAKTHROUGH SUCCESSOR AGREEMENT dated August 1, 1950 for 400,000MT for 50 years plus 5 years moratorium. Adding it all up with the alleged gold hoard from China, Marcos had near two (2) million tons of gold at his disposal, none of it of Philippine origin. To claim that Marcos stole billions from the Filipino people belongs to the category of ONLY IN THE PHILIPPINES. In other words, you have to be a Filipino to believe that.

    Thank you, Eleanor, for giving me the chance to expound a little bit on real Philippine history that many Filipinos could be proud of if only they knew. Unfortunately, many others will wrongly gather again for the annual ritual of EDSA Revolution memories how they ousted Marcos. We can assure them that they did not oust Marcos. The CIA did. Aside from Jaime Cardinal Sin and Bea Zobel de Ayala hardly any Filipinos were involved in the real ouster of Marcos who was not even Marcos in the end. The old man who was carried into the US military helicopter in Malacanang was Marcos cousin Dalmasio Edralin. He was also the one who died and got buried in Hawai’i. The body that was flown in to Laoag years later to be buried on ice is the body of a PMAer with wrong shoe-size 9. He might never be buried because he is not Marcos.

    In the old game of WHO IS WHO there would be one question remaining: Is Marcos still alive or: Where is Marcos? The question is maybe not that important. Otherwise Marcos would have come forward. Maybe it is up to the world to wake up to the truth that there is so much gold and so much money in the world and there were world wars fought over it, but it appears that the truth is somehow withheld from the people of the world for the benefit of a few who are in the know and, thereby, in power like for example the Jewish bankers of the world. And they can always say, well, you did not ask us, did you? And Imelda can always say, well, you did not ask me, did you? At least Jessica Soho had Bongbong on the ropes once in her GMA7 show asking him blankly "Are you son of Ferdinand Marcos?" He came out without lying. He is the son of Marcos but with Donna Carmen Ortega, not with Imelda. Maybe this is not so important and yet again, maybe it is, as the truth always starts somewhere with a true statement.

    It is maybe time we hear a true statement regarding that body lying in state in Batac. People in Manila would shrug their shoulders. They do not know. Not even the people living near will understand what I am talking about. Maybe we ask them what they are waiting for. Maybe they are just doing what they do best: Nothing. And we are talking about the most important man on earth and the Filipino people do not know. All the gold and all money in the world is connected to Marcos, the late Philippine President who wanted to make this country great again against the evil machinations of greedy land grabbers called developers in the Philippines. All riches start with a crime. In the Philippines, there is only one way to become super rich. Steal the land from the Filipinos but don't forget to buy the justice system first.

    Nice talking to you via e-mail,


    On Thursday, 20 February 2014, 20:48, Eleanor F. dela Cruz wrote:
    Will the Filipinos ever see the light ? Why are the Marcoses not moving on the flight of Vilma ?

    Ma. Eleanor F. dela Cruz CPA MNSA MM

    On Wednesday, 19 February 2014, 13:46, Wolfgang Struck wrote:

    Dear Art,

    Come to think of your friend Nick Suarez, press secretary of the ill-fated PCGG, Cory Aquino’s vehicle for hatred and vengeance on the kind Filipino people. We have not seen him for a while. Poor guy, he must hate to be drawn into this latest propaganda war timely before the annual EDSA ritual. They need a new budget and have to prove something in time to deserve that.

    Here comes his boss, PCGG Chairman Bautista, and trumpets up a meager $29M return from the much heralded (before) PNB Escrow Account in Singapore. In small print, he says that they are still hoping to receive the $1.3B which is still held in WestLB Singapore.

    Now that is quite a revelation after the Filipino people had been made to believe in 2004 that the escrow money was done, in the hands of PGMA, P40B as per PCGG Chairwoman Haydee Yorac at the time. So the dollars are still there, ha? How come? Why is it still there? Secret: The Pesos came from Lucio Tan in exchange for his Tobacco Excise Tax. PGMA gave him a slap on the hand and the money to Garci as we all know.

    Is it possible now that the proud Philippine government was rebuffed and has long lost the case in Singapore? If we remember correctly, then there was a condition set on the release of the money, actually a two-headed condition. The Philippine government under Fidel V. Ramos had guaranteed that they would now be able (which they had not been under Cory government) to prove the “ill-gotten” in a criminal case filed before a reputable criminal court. That would, on the one hand, incriminate the Credit Suisse Bank of Switzerland to the tune that they had accommodated ill-gotten money. But it would, on the other hand, make the money free to be released to PNB, escrow agent/Philippine government.

    Unfortunately for the Filipino people, such criminal case was never filed for sheer lack of evidence. Nobody has yet proven that Credit Suisse had accepted “ill-gotten” money from Marcos. As much as the famous Marcos-hater Jovito Salonga has strived in his long life to find a hair in the soup, the outcome was always the same as in the famous New York court case of 1990: No evidence of malversation (stealing) of public funds. Marcos was clean. Others were not.

    After a brief attempted return to Marcos politics under Joseph Estrada who was politically hacked to death in front of the eyes of the awed Filipino public by a united front of CIA, State Department, Vatican, the rich and shameless land grabbers, and the mighty Makati Business Club, the pronounced classmate of Bill Clinton, PGMA, made tabula rasa, helped by Lucio Tan and other super-rich, deliberately destroying all avenues to the rule of law which culminated in the most stupid Supreme Court decision of all times, all worlds, and all continents of imagination.

    That was to be the most dubious 2003 FORFEITURE ORDER and the only question for decent Filipinos should be: How much did Ms. Janet Napoles and friends offer to the justices to close their eyes when they signed that stupid paper prepared by Gloria’s prime lawyer Atty. Renato Corona?

    What does the FORFEITURE ORDER say? Filipinos should know. It is common knowledge, it says there, and does not have to be proven in court that the late President Ferdinand Marcos had stolen billions and trillions from the Filipino people. Somehow it also says in small print that it should be repaid to the Filipino people.

    Hello? I do not know about your neighbors. Our neighbors were never rich before. How could Marcos have stolen from them? Does not make sense! He obviously did not steal from the rich and shameless otherwise they would not be rich and shameless today. Actually, they are more rich and shameless today than ever before. Henry Sy’s net value goes up by only about $700Million every year. Not bad for an old guy sitting in a wheelchair. Someone told me that SM is Si Marcos, not Shoe Mart. You ask people in shoe city Marikina how hard it is to earn from making shoes. They will tell you how much they hate Henry Sy and SM for stealing their business.

    Anyhow, to make it short, the Filipino people have never received a penny since the creation of the PCGG. They might as well stop announcing how many billions they have stolen from Marcos to enrich themselves. Now they are going after 3 famous paintings in New York. That is a juicy story. They don’t want to miss that, for propaganda purposes against Marcos, especially when they can bring up Imelda from the good old days.

    I want to tell it the other way, so that Filipino people will understand better. Like this. You are offered a good job, they say, good pay, like secondary private secretary to Imelda Marcos. Will you take the job? Of course, you will take the job, you will be very happy and you swear you will do what Madame will tell you to do. That’s what you are paid for. Vilma Bautista did exactly that, 30 years ago when she was 45 years old. Not the youngest any more but experienced in New York.

    Imelda had a condo in New York. When times got heated in Manila, Imelda told Vilma to secure the 3 paintings hanging in the condo of a famous French painter Monet, so that they will not be stolen by the revolutionary crowd, if ever.

    Somehow the PCGG got wind of the paintings when Vilma had sold the paintings to a London Art Gallery for a total of $32M they say. It is not clear what happened to the money, maybe Vilma’s son ran away with it. That does not really matter. Not as we see it.

    What really matters is the fact that Vilma Bautista is accused by the Philippine government of swindling the money that should have gone to the coffers of the PCGG (and disappear from there as always), defrauding the Filipino people by not surrendering the paintings or the proceeds from the sale to the PCGG. Hold it here: The Filipino people did not buy the paintings, so they cannot be the owners and are, therefore, not defrauded. Marcos bought the paintings proving beyond doubt that he had good taste. Marcos was the owner of the paintings and there cannot be any doubt to that. If ever Marcos was defrauded, maybe by his own aide.

    Now that is the gateway to hell, Philippine hell. Every Filipino has been indoctrinated that everything Marcos is bad, ill-gotten. Therefore everything that Marcos owned is bad also, unless it is recovered from him, reason being that that is public knowledge and does not need to be proven in court. Every Filipino makes a big mistake here. We claim that we live by the Constitution which says that he is not guilty until proven in court that he is guilty.

    Now, if guilty, it must be easy to prove in any court that he is guilty. But 30 years after, we still cannot prove that Marcos is guilty? Guilty of what? No, dear Filipinos, we cannot and we will never. We are trapped in a big lie and we will never again see the light of the day, except we pay Ayala for a condo at Avida, at their prices, of course.

    Back to poor Vilma Bautista (75) who is sentenced to jail by a crooked New York judge for six (6) years and a few months. She does not know anything about the unlawful 2003 FORFEITURE ORDER of the Philippine Supreme Court that serves the interest of the rich and shameless in this country. Actually, she does not know what is happening to her. She does not even know what the agenda is of her lawyer. Under the American judicial system of Barrack Obama, the jail system is privatized. Government pays private owners. The more people in jail, the more the owners of the jails will earn. Lawyers and judges get a share. Poor Vilma, they want you in jail!

    There is one way out. We can accuse the Philippine government for grandstanding. How can they claim ownership over the paintings, how can they claim to be defrauded? When did they become the owners of the paintings? Ah, you mean in 2003? The Supreme Court in Singapore rejected that claim. The judge in New York may not be aware of that. No ill-gotten, no claim, no jail for Vilma Bautista because the Philippine government has no legal standing in the case.

    Instead, a former Legal Counsel of the World Bank is now representing the legal successor of Marcos and has made representation in a letter addressed to the lawyer of Vilma Bautista to the effect that the three paintings will be claimed by the legal successor on the grounds that the 2003 Forfeiture Order of the Supreme Court contradicts the Philippine Constitution and does not establish any rights over assets or properties of the late Ferdinand Marcos even if it comes from the Philippine government.

    It is only natural to assume that the fate of the PNB Escrow Account will go the same way after the acquittal of Vilma Bautista. The escrow will be dissolved and sent back free of any liens and encumbrances to the original depository bank, Credit Suisse in Zuerich, Switzerland, from where the legal successor will handle the money pending letters of instruction of Marcos, if any in that bank.

    Thank you for your attention. I hope you like this new development.

    Your old friend Wolfgang

      1. Interesting. The link works from within the dashboard of my blog and from my email, but will not work once posted on the blog itself. I can ensure my readers that the link does in fact exist. I would suggest copy and paste the link into your browser. Hope this helps Karen!

  2. OK JC, we're eagerly awaiting your review of Karen Hudes's story and where it fits in. We've listened to her two interviews with Greg Hunter, with Henrik Palmgren, the one with Fakete, and some others in between. I don't mean to take the limelight away from you, but it would be great for somebody to try and make sense of her claims. She spins a tangled web for sure, but large parts of it do make some sense. I'm not so sure any new benevolent system can be ushered in while the current psychopaths are still running the show. That part feels terribly discordant to me, so too all the fabulous wealth ready to come out of hiding and into deserving hands (without theft by the present controllers).

    1. Part Seven is in essence a response. Maybe a little to subtle. The system is in transition and some garbage is being cleaned up along the way.

      I find Karen very knowledgeable and likable. But nowhere in the history of the world have we seen anything like she is suggesting. Empires and economic systems move through a process of transition, from one to the other. There is never a complete overthrow.

      Now perhaps there are those who wish to see a more balanced and integrated world and plan on using the best parts of the old system to transition into a new system. But it's not going to happen overnight.

      Chuck Hagel announcing yesterday the reduction of the U.S. military back to per WW2 levels is another sign of this transition. As the world slowly moves away from the dollar as the primary reserve currency the U.S. will not have the funding required to run such a large military. The military was enlarged in the first place to support the dollars status and expansion after Bretton Woods in 1944. It's reduction is a positive sign for the world.

  3. Thanks JC. I just finished reading all seven parts and you have certainly provided me with some solid information to digest and the answers to some of my questions are already dropping.
    I look forward to following your posts and reading through more of what you have here.

  4. JC: Thank you for using your energy to distill what's really going on with this emerging Global Economy, and for pointing the way towards realizing our "wealth" (intellectual & physical) and reinforcing that we must BE the ones we've been waiting for. I found you thru Ken's blog ( He linked your, "SDR’s and the New Bretton Woods – Part Seven" today, and maybe Part Three in a previous post, but today I was pulled to read the complete series as well as all your other posts... After being sucked down a rabbit hole that seems to never end (over the past several months) my intuitive nature is gaining "ground" (yay!) and I can't tell you how refreshing it is to find sharp, concise, factual data that aides in my endeavor to leverage my "wealth".
    Many thanks!

  5. Per Hudes above, Wolfgang is not the signatory of the MANY Global Collateral Accounts. Major disinfo. He is signatory to exactly none of them. If you want some sort of idea WHAT the OITC is… you can read the general information provided to AbundantHope several years ago. Here at this linky. IT is still quite in action and does have a new person who replaced Dr. Dam, and quite legally. Karen Hudes was quite rude in a post to me and knows not of what she speaks regards this organization.

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