SDR and the New Bretton Woods – Volume One

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When starting Philosophy of Metrics (POM) on December 31, 2013 I had no real idea what to write about. There were some general ideas which assisted in coming up with the name for the site, but outside of that I viewed it as an opportunity to get some thoughts out.

Within a few weeks it became self-apparent that my focus was leaning towards the transformation of the international monetary system. Outside of a few older articles and vague references it appeared that no one was aggressively researching and presenting information on this transformation and the use of the Special Drawing Right (SDR) of the International Monetary Fund to achieve the evolving objectives.

On January 21, 2014 I published the first of what became a ten part series titled SDR and the New Bretton Woods. It was this series more than anything else in those early days which contributed to the success of POM.

With each instalment the readership grew and more sites reposted and linked to the material. The success caught me by surprise and gave me a sense of responsibility to ensure I presented accurate and knowledgable information so POM wouldn’t become just another site spewing absurd and unprovable truths and fear mongering.

Volume One accounts for the ten part series which was published between January 21, 2014 and April 7, 2014. It represents the early days of Philosophy of Metrics and can still be considered the foundation upon which the whole site was built.

The seeds of the more complex and intricate trends which we now review and discuss can be found in these first attempts at deciphering the international monetary transformation and the associated geopolitical ramifications. Long-time readers will also recognize the esoteric theme developing throughout.

Philosophy of Metrics has evolved according to its name. The associated nature of economics (metrics) and esoteric patterns (philosophy) are what provide POM with its unique perspective and insightful conversations which take place in the comments sections.

Most of the predictions and long-trends which have been discussed on POM have proven extremely accurate. As the site continues to evolve and transform this accuracy will continue.

The site itself is built upon truth and the application of wisdom and patience. The audience grows in slow increments as more readers recognize the truthfulness of the information and revisit when world events unfold as predicted within the long-trend discussions.

There are untold years ahead of us which will provide endless material for further analysis and discussions. The evolution of POM will continue and this original ten part series will always be the cornerstone upon which it was built.

Volume one can be read in the PDF viewer below or downloaded here SDR & the New Bretton Woods – Volume One.

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15 Comments on “SDR and the New Bretton Woods – Volume One”

  1. Hello J.C. !

    It’s precisely some of these articles which make me discover POM and your original approach of all the events around the globe , some of which seeming so far and disconnected from the rest .
    Then I became a member , far too silent until now, but for the moment , I’m still digesting and learning to try to elevate my mind , my soul and my consciousness to some higher level .
    Really enjoying to be a member of POM , and to be able to read comments of such valuables active members here , from everywhere around the globe .
    Clear , I am now addicted , definitively .

    Thanks for the enlightment I find here !

    Same question as Wayne . SDR and the New Bretton Woods Volume 2 ?

  2. knowing that the monetary elites use esoteric belief systems in their own plans for us and future monetary constructs, I am glad to see you account for some of it in your analyses. Truly, does anyone kno someone who is expert in their astrologic, numerology, and kabbalistic

  3. The US Congress approved the IMF Code of Reforms in December 2015
    Yet it seems the revaluation of currencies have not taken place
    Any comment?
    Thank you

  4. Mr. Collins:

    In 1971 I began a lifelong study of history and political science after attending my first classes at Berkeley University. At that time the university and town was abuzz in politics during the lies and trauma of the Vietnam War. In 1981 it finally dawned on me that all history is cyclical. The revelation and understanding that there were predicable cycles, circles, and patterns of history was more of an unconscious epiphany than some well thought out logic or reasoning. I also came to understand that there were and are multiple cycles, circles, evolutions, and revolutions. Some of the cycles take centuries to complete while other cycles are more relatively rapid in time.

    Prior to 11 Sept 2011 I was keenly aware that all banker’s wars have been and are economic in nature. After 11 Sept 2011 I began a serious undertaking of economic research with the same passion that I have utilized in my study of history. Being a veteran of the Vietnam War and witnessed death and destruction I am always keen on looking for who benefits from such evil and US interventions. “Cui Bono?” and “Follow the Money!” are my primary operating mottos.

    I do not recall exactly how I came upon your POM website in January 2014. I suspected that I was linked to your site via some of my online economic research activities. The name, “POM” intrigued me. However, after reading your first article in the series entitled, “SDR and the New Bretton Woods” I was certain that I had met a fellow traveler with deep insight and passion. I have since been an avid reader and gladly support your labors, passions, and research.

    We are living in very dangerous and troubling times. Truth will eventually prevail. Kindly kept doggedly blundering onwards.

    Peace Be With You,


    1. Thanks Oz. I appreciate that you have been here from the beginning. You have been one of the readers and commentators who have made POM more than it ever could have been with just my own ramblings. There will be many years ahead of us which will see POM evolve even further. I myself do not even know what will become of it. All I know is I love it and can’t imagine my life without it and all of those, like yourself, who find value in it.

  5. “I will pay no further attention to the absurdities of the profane and absurd. Good and evil exist in the minds and fairy tales of children.”…..JCC

    With all respect for you unique insight, knowledge, and talent to communication clearly. I personally don’t agree with the above
    With millions upon millions of lives lost in wars that were designed by a small group for their short term and long term gain at the expense of all else, this group is evil
    The cleansing of corruption in established financial institutions must provide there is good
    Am I misunderstanding your good and evil belief?

    1. Corruption exists at all socioeconomic levels. It is a human characteristic. My position is that I refuse to simplify complex human challenges into basic good and evil definitions. Such characterizations are better left for Hollywood movies and children’s cartoons. Those at the top of banking and commerce are displaying the exact same characteristics of human corruption as those in the lower socioeconomic level. The difference is the the tools and methods which are at their disposal. It is human nature to label those who we perceive as doing us harm. But we never seem to apply those same labeling standards to ourselves.

      Perhaps this corruption exists within us, and is so widespread throughout our world in order to create adversity. We only learn through adversity. A world without adversity cannot exist, as it would not function as the world is meant to function. The act of adversity is displayed in the name Adversary. The Adversary is synonymous with the Devil. In other words, we consider the source of adversity to be evil. But evil provides us the opportunity to learn. And keep in mind that we are all our own worst adversaries. Are you evil? Evil is a word we only ever seem to apply to others. We’re good. They’re evil. It keeps us locked in a false paradigm which prevents us from learning. It is wasted adversity.

      We are controlled and manipulated through the use of fear. We fear the bad guy because all of our stories, myths, and movies are told through the eyes of the good guy. We see ourselves as the good guy. This will not change until we all see ourselves as the source of our own adversity, as well as our contribution to the adversity of others.

      The greatest challenge facing mankind is to accept the purpose and need for adversity. As long as we continue associating adversity with the simple characterization of evil we will never learn from the adversity what it is we should be learning. Humanity lives in a state of arrested mental, emotional and spiritual development because we cannot understand adversity. We characterize the world as good and evil to our own detriment.

  6. There are a lot of lovely folk that just aren’t privy to the current dynamics of instantaneous news, internet speculation and MSM narratives…

    I shared a dinner and an evening with some folk that wore their hearts on their sleeves as we all listened to the nightly news. Gosh, they would all do anything for anyone they saw suffering in the slightest.

    I don’t know what else to say, just that there is some really forgiving, lovely people out there, that want to see the world work, regardless. Thanks for this space PoM

  7. Thank you JC and I agree totally with all touch soon in your comment above, particularly this:
    “We only learn through adversity”.
    Adversity is our greatest teacher as through that, we will get to know who and what we are. The idea of fasting and giving up simple luxurious is precisely driven out of a conscious adversity. Without “evil” and any so call ed negative force, humanity can not progress. I think the very idea of “devil worship” is also driven out of this concept, only if we see the negative as a necessary force built in the fabric of this duality realms.
    Also, as you said, corruption exists in every strata of human society and not in the animal’s world since animals do not have the gift of the Free Will which is a double edged sword ?

  8. My sincere apologies to you JC and noble POM members for misspellings which is a regular feature when I write a comment but in this occasion I have a good excuse. I’m in London until next week and I miss POM very much and I rely on the autocorrect on my UK mobile which often writes words and terms which is annoying.
    As you have heard the British prime minister has decided to call a snap election and it seems the left i.e. Labour party will be out of circulation for decades. In the meantime, Trump is going to agree on a trade deal between the US and UK. EU is in panic mode and the future is bright for both countries. US-UK and the old British commonwealth will be the new NWO.
    I sense optimism here in UK. Hope this hope continues!

  9. Hi JC,

    Have just ploughed through all 43 pages of Volume One. What surprised me was the fact that we did not see a collapse in 2008, or shortly after. But then, what I forgot to remember was that the world is a very complex place, and since the dawn of time those at the top of the food chain have always had more control then us bottom feeders. Your potted history since Bretton Woods reminded me of this fact and I thank you for your objective analysis, it helps to clarify the facts in a sea of nonsense.
    Speaking of nonsense, I would like to add to Carpe Diem’s comment re. the snap imminent elections here in the UK. May pulled off a political blinder this week, her and the Tory party have scuppered Labour. The floating vote won’t touch Corbyn, so watch the blood letting in that party after the election. What people forget as well is the recent boundary changes to the constituencies, which actually favour the Tories. But please remember Carpe Diem, some will do really well out of the deal. It is a moot point how the rest of us will do.
    Oh God! I am dreading the absolute shite that will be coming out of the gobs of politicians, media types, and policy wonks in the Westminster bubble…especially the BBC over the next seven weeks.
    At least I have POM to retreat to when it all gets a bit too much. Watch out JC, the policy wonks might start to use your material, but for all the wrong reasons! But like you say, stay in the bar!

    1. Hello Chancer,

      I agree with you when you wrote:

      “some will do really well out of the deal. It is a moot point how the rest of us will do.”

      Based on George Orwell’s great and final quote when he said, “”If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever”, we can assume that the foot stamping on humanity’s face is changed, and another foot will start stamping! The transition from one boot to another may provide a respite! Historical opportunities such as this one may mean less pressure for a short while.

      What is certain though, is the cabal that took over the planet from the end of WWII have been replaced and a new NWO is in the making. Perhaps with a more awakened humanity (I remain optimistic!), things may not be as bad as planned!

  10. JC your site is an island of reality in a world full of unimaginable challenges. One of my favorite places to visit on the net. It’s so energizing and hopeful to share this common ground of your wonderful reasoning and logic with all these diverse members. It’s been life changing.

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