Robots in the Wasteland

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A Transformation of the World’s Governance Framework (As Presupposed in The Circle Movie)

Watching the soundless television while laboring to the music of Amon Amarth on the treadmill at the gym and something interesting caught my attention.  Former Terminator, and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, was talking about something which was obviously important.  Reading the close captioning and I noticed he said the following:

We have lived under a fixed political system for over 200 years now.”

Fixed-term election is a common phrase but fixed political system is something I hadn’t heard before.  (Technically I read it.)  The television has been used as a form of Cultural and Socioeconomic Engineering (CSI) since it was first introduced by the Radio Corporation of America (RCA) at the New York World’s Fair in 1939.  The connection between RCA and British Intelligence, and the seed both provided along with the Tavistock Institute to the creation of the major news networks, such as NBC, ABC, and CBS, provides us an example of a pattern which has repeated with the development of the internet and social media.

Reader Dee had asked me a while back if I had seen the movie The Circle.  At that point I hadn’t, but I watched it this past weekend.  The synchronicities in life are sometimes mind-blowing; because it was the next morning I was at the gym and noticed the Terminator statement.  Let me explain.

The movie uses the typical slight-of-hand conditioning which is created within the Anglo-American mystery studios.  The socialist slant is obvious for those who understand how such concepts are introduced and planted into our minds.  At one point the main character is being interviewed for a job with a large social media corporation called The Circle.  This company is characteristic of Facebook, or a future corporation which is the result of a massive merger between Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon, etc..

During the interview she is asked what should come first, the needs of the state, or the needs of the individual.  After a second of reflection she answers with the following:

They should be the same,” or something along those lines.

Most free-thinking readers will immediately understand the fundamental flaw in this argument.  The people have needs but the state does not.  A free state provides a service and does not require the fulfillment of needs, outside of a basic structure and governance framework for the application of law.  Blending the lines between the individual and the state is dangerous, and is meant to condition the masses to view governance and freedom as different concepts from what they were historically meant to be.

The “fixed political system” phrase, and the subtle suggestion that it is an outdated model, aligns with scripting which is emerging across multiple CSI platforms.  The demographic and traditional construction of western ideological concepts is in varying phases of transformation.  Seeds such as the one planted by Arnold are being strewn across the simulacra and will grow into the governance framework of tomorrow.

The Circle movie is full on anti-government.  It is promoting an all-encompassing socialist existence as opposed to the outdated socialist ideological government model.  It wants more than just a simple socialist government.

It’s always difficult to express and visualize esoteric concepts. Let me try something.  The self-corrupting power in this world is attempting to remove division and fragmentation through force and material conditioning.  This will cause only more corruption and fragmentation.  The material world is meant to be diverse and fragmented; as such an environment provides the educational lessons which assist each of us in de-fragmenting our internal divisions and conflicts.  Internal and external have an inverse relationship of sorts.  Attempting to force the de-fragmentation of the material world (make us all one androgynous species under one system of governance) will cause further internal division and fragmentation.  These internal deficiencies, supported externally, interrupt the true process of inner transformation.  It is this alchemical process which is the ultimate destiny of both matter and spirit.

Phew!  Got it?  Good.

The movie promotes the idea of complete openness through the Circle platform.  No more secrets.  Secrets are apparently what cause hate and destruction in the world. Secrets are a lie.  Under the premise that nothing remains hidden, there can be peace and security for all.  But something doesn’t sound right about that utopia.  We’ve been there before.

Both the movie and the fixed political system phrase made me think of something.  The governance framework of tomorrow is being constructed right in front of us, and none of us are able to see.  It is the social media and internet of things which is growing and developing, while becoming more intrusive, with each passing day.

Already more people are engaged on social media platforms than on political elections and voting.  Consolidating all of our needs under a signal technological platform will eventually make the traditional governance framework redundant.  It won’t require a revolution.  It will simply be a matter of allowing one to drift off as the new takes a firm hold over every aspect of our lives.

When we start to add in and consider the advancement of the organic-circuit interfaces, a larger and more fragmented future begins to take shape.  The transhumanism mandate is another method of attempting to shortcut, and cheat, the true spiritual process of transformation.  It is the alchemist’s fool’s gold.  The external cannot fix the internal.  The internal can only use the external as leverage towards self-initiated-transformation.

That is the purpose of the external. The external is the curriculum. The internal is the student.

One day our houses of government will be inhabited by the product of cross-breeding between political parties and corporations.  This new thing will be so invasive and all-controlling that it will stifle the spiritual growth within.  The original intent of government was to empower the individual to follow the path and complete the true alchemical transmutation.  From the world’s inception this objective has been corrupted and interrupted.

This is the oldest tale known to man. The struggle to escape the death of the wilderness and wastelands will continue.  – JC

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13 Comments on “Robots in the Wasteland”

  1. ““We have lived under a fixed political system for over 200 years now.””

    Which is most likely why Trump keeps surrounding himself with “nonexperts” in an attempt to break out of this fixed system. Fixed as in rigged AND fixed as in rigid and unchanging which leads to non relevance. And why these news outlets (like the one linked here) keep emphasizing how Trump “dismissed the knowledge and wisdom of experts”.

    “Trump has repeatedly dismissed the knowledge and wisdom of experts while elevating nonexperts who lack relevant experience into important jobs across the federal government. This gets less attention than other story lines, but it has been a hallmark of the president’s first six months in power.”

    It should be noted that the owner of the Washington Post has several other avenues of business which seem to tie into government. The largest is his participation and ownership share of Amazon a big data collector all the way to his space ventures. Wonder if the Export-Import Bank helped him with any of his private/government ventures?

    “Bezos’s other diversified business interests include aerospace and newspapers. He is the founder and manufacturer of Blue Origin (founded in 2000) with test flights to space which started in 2015, and plans for commercial suborbital human spaceflight beginning in 2018.[9] In 2013, Bezos purchased The Washington Post newspaper.[10] A number of other business investments are managed through Bezos Expeditions.

    With an estimated net worth of US$87.2 billion as of June 2017,[11] Bezos is currently the second-richest person in the world,[12] just behind fellow American Bill Gates in first place, and just ahead of Warren Buffett and Amancio Ortega in third and fourth place respectively.”

    Export-Import Bank of the US.

    “The Bank has been criticized for favoring special interests. These interests have included corporations such as Boeing or Enron as well as foreign governments and nationals, such as a 1996 $120 million low-interest loan to the China National Nuclear Power Corporation (CNNP).[52] 65% of loan guarantees over 2007 and 2008 went to companies purchasing Boeing aircraft.[53] In 2012, the Bank’s loan guarantees became even more skewed, with 82 percent of them going to Boeing customers.[54] There are many unseen costs created by the Export–Import Bank’s subsidies, including artificially raising the price of new airplanes and potentially adding $2 billion to the deficit over the next decade.”

        1. Right in Dane, The opposition is getting absolutely desperate it seems and they have literally lost the plot IMHO. In such circumstances, the individuals of the opposing camp swtich sides!

          Only today I heard Trump thanking John McCain for his backing of signing the death order of Obamacare. I read that his head swelling was related to him trying to shut the door to the FBI agents visiting him! Say no more, nudge nudge wink wink! Sounds like his sudden brain cancer may not be that serious after all…
          In some occasions, individuals are told a nice story when they come round and do whatever is the correct thing to do and what is gently asked of them 😉

          1. Absolutely Carpe Diem. Desperate people make desperate decisions, add in lack of having a conscious and it can get a bit scary. You’re right some are already making public stances against their own. Now how do they defuse the anger in their followers? Or do they even care?

            On McCain I’m (lmao inside), heck outside too 🙂 Maybe he met his conscious on that hospital bed. If so we can hope he makes a speedy recovery and helps Trump by clearing his conscious on a good many things.

            But your version is just as valid.

      1. In the vein of the government controlling all our data, everything you can think of, and needing their “permission” (maybe via social “credit”?) for almost everything.
        In other words, the transfer, with the aid of technology, of your freedoms to them… with or without your acceptance.
        That´s how I see it, unless a massive revolution (which I don´t foresee in the near future) occurs.

  2. Agree with you David.

    I felt such a disturbing chill after watching this movie because of the invasiveness of The Circle which is portrayed as progressive.

    The social pressure to conform as well, both in the movie and reality (the movie is quite realistic tho), imo will be the hardest aspect to resist for people to evolve their consciousness organically.

    What is ridiculous though about the movie is how quickly Emma Watson’s character had the ear of the CEO of The Circle and in her naive experience began to influence corporate mandates with little to no worldly experience or historical reference. In the movie the young woman is of course the heroine while the men are bad guys, playing on the feminist beliefs about female superiority.

    But this is a rather foreshadowing movie of what’s right in our face – like my smart phone is right now

  3. J.C,

    I watched “The Circle” yesterday, with a feeling of unease and disgust. You are sooo right about the transition in terms of governance model. As a species, we are so immersed into this emerging framework and we are taking so many components of this framework for granted that, we are losing touch with the essence of being human(the internal) and chasing ‘alchemist’s fool gold’. In typical Hollywood fashion, ‘moral relativism’-as usual- is pumped up, as seen at the end of the movie. The oneness that the self-professed elites seek to achieve through the imposition of collectivist mindsets could be the final nail in our coffins, or as you say stifling the spiritual growth within. I want to carry this romantic notion with me that it will not be the case.

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