Ripple XRP, the Lumenati, and the Sinking of the Titanic

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Blockchain – The Final Phase of the Protestant Reformation and Jesuit Counter-Reformation

The following statement was made by Father Joseph M. McShane, president of the Jesuit Fordham University, while giving a speech at a dual sponsored workshop, with IBM, on the Blockchain and its use.

We have a long and storied history in the drawing up of ciphers in order to ensure that the information that was flowing to Rome was safe and secure. If the Blockchain technology is new, the concept is ancient: how to build and support trust among different parties and how to protect information.”

The statement was a comparison between the Blockchain digital ledger system and the Jesuit’s use of ciphers in the 16th century to relay communication back to the Jesuit General in Rome. Such a secure communication system was a vital part of the Jesuit mandated Counter-Reformation, which was waged to reclaim wealth and land which the Catholic Church and Vatican had lost under the expansion of the Protestant Reformation.

The modern world, from the Age of Enlightenment, through the Industrial Revolution and American Revolution, across the devastation of civil wars and two world wars, and into the Information Age, is best understood through this lens. The battle between Catholicism and Protestantism is the battle for the future of the world, and it is taking place across all continents, religions, and political ideologies.

One simple example which supports such a claim as this was the genocide in Rwanda, which halted the spread of Protestantism across Central Africa. This one sentence of truth should reverberate within the mind of the reader, while assisting in the struggle of bringing awareness to the misinterpreted history which surrounds our misguided understandings on the state of the world and its greatest institutions.

The first central bank was the Bank of Amsterdam, and was established in 1609 to support the Jesuit strategies as outlined in the list of Counter-Reformation objectives. This was detailed in the article Central Banks as a Jesuit Counter-Strategy to the Protestant Reformation. This fact is mentioned here for reference only, and readers interested in learning more about this topic should proceed to that article.

IBM has created its own version of the Blockchain and has partnered with a company called Stellar, and its cryptocurrency Lumens. Stellar was started in 2014 by Jed McCaleb and Joyce Kim. Stellar is a platform which “connects banks, payments systems, and people.” It is designed to “move money across borders quickly, reliably, and for fractions of a penny”. This all sounds interesting and easily supportable, but when we learn more we discover that Stellar is not the first player to offer such a service.

Ripple Labs was founded in 2012 under the name OpenCoin and was renamed in 2013. Ripple, and its crypto asset XRP (or XRapid) were designed to provide the exact same function as Stellar. Where Stellar Lumens would use an IBM network to support the service, XRP will use Ripple’s own XCurrent network. Over 100 banks and other institutions have partnered with Ripple to test its XCurrent network, while a growing list of others, such as Western Union, have signed on to use both XCurrent and XRapid. We will review some of these at the end of this article.

But Ripple and Stellar don’t just share a similar service and target market. The founder of Stellar Jed McCaleb was also a co-founder of Ripple in 2012. McCaleb left Ripple in 2014 under negative conditions and was subsequently involved in a lawsuit to prevent him from dumping his holdings of 9 billion XRP tokens. Ripple alleged that McCaleb had violated a 2014 agreement governing the sale of his XRP holdings. Obviously dumping his 9 billion XRP was meant to gave Stellar Lumens an upper hand on introduction to the crypto market.

Ripple Chief Cryptographer David Schwartz wrote the following about Jed McCaleb:

Jed had a long string of bad ideas that Ripple’s Board of Directors refused to implement. So Jed started Stellar based on those ideas. Jed wanted Ripple to do a Facebook giveaway. Ripple would not do that. So that was one of the first things Stellar did. The giveaway was generally considered a disaster. As it became clear that each of his rejected ideas were bad, Stellar pivoted to become a clone of Ripple”

There is a division and rhythm to historical events and products. Following the same line as Catholicism and Protestantism, we can also see that a dialectic of sorts exists between the political left and political right. The same has expanded in the socioeconomic sphere as the cultural left and cultural right. There is always two opposing choices.

In the early days of the motor vehicle there was Ford and General Motors. The introduction of the personal computer gave us Apple and Microsoft, with IBM partnering with the Microsoft operating platform to sell its computers, while Apple had developed its own operating platform to use on its own computers.

Are we stretching facts to suggest that the same pattern exists now between Ripple and Stellar? Maybe. But when we consider that Ripple has developed XRP (XRapid) to work on the XCurrent network, while Stellar has developed Lumens to work on the IBM version of a blockchain network, it is obvious to see the comparison.

International Business Machines (IBM) were associated with Nazi Germany during World War Two and provided the punchcard machines which were used to catalogue and count camp inmates and their transportation in railcars. The Catholic Church and Jesuits were also implemented in the holocaust by providing the Nazi’s with support, in much the same way they supported the genocide in Rwanda. The holocaust murdered conservative Jews and Protestants (as well as Eastern European Christians) without recourse.

But the connections with IBM, Blockchain, and the Jesuits don’t end there. A few years after World War Two ended, in 1949, Jesuit priest Father Busa knocked on the door of IBM founder Thomas Watson in New York and pitched an idea he had based on the punchcard design. From these discussions was born the Hypertext function which decades later would be further evolved to become the Hypertext Transfer Protocol, or HTTP, which would give birth to the World Wide Web. The internet of course made it possible for the Blockchain distributed ledger technology to develop. As I said, there is a certain rhythm to historical events and products.

Just as an interesting side not, and piece of subjective evidence supporting the philosophical and ethical differences between Apple and Microsoft, it has been the accepted conclusion for decades that Apple was more involved with protecting personal security and making the OS platform stable and immune from computer viruses and malware, while Microsoft was always easily infected and spread viruses throughout networks. Still, Microsoft, and IBM, became the industry standard in corporate offices throughout the western world.

It is accepted historical fact that the Jesuits created the Order of the Illuminati in 1776. The purpose of the Illuminati was to wage war against the Protestant world through the subversion of all socioeconomic and cultural institutions. The term Illuminati of course has been so associated with conspiracy theory that most intelligent people instantly disregard it when it is written or spoken. But this should not be so.

In 1798 a book was published called Proofs of a Conspiracy Against All the Religions and Governments of Europe, Carried on in the Secret Meetings of Free Masons, Illuminati, and Reading Societies. It was written by John Robison, Professor of Natural Philosophy, and Secretary to the Royal Society of Edinburgh. Edinburgh, Scotland will immediately bring to mind for some readers the division between the Scottish Rite and York Rite of Freemasonry. The Scottish Rite developed from the Templar Network which was left behind after the Catholic Church arrested and murdered the Knights. This Templar network was used by the early Protestants, such as the Lollards, to build the Reformation structure behind the scenes before Martin Luther lit the spark on October 31, 1517. This network remains and has always existed as a threat to the power behind the Church and Vatican.

Included below are pictures of my own copy of this excellent book. It’s title is surreal when seen on one of the the original prints from 1798.

Professor John Robison and his great work have been attacked and minimized over the centuries by the academic institutions dominated by the Jesuits, such as Georgetown University and Fordham University. But this should not be so, as he has put forward a supported argument which remains relevant today. Any readers who may feel the inclusion of the term Illuminati in this article reduces its credibility should reflect that the term was in use long before our modern pop culture degenerated it into some sort of semi-cool catch phrase and conspiracy knee jerk label.

The early Protestants, including Martin Luther, considered the Catholic Church, Vatican, and Pope, to be the Beasts and Antichrist written about in the Book of Revelations. The allegory and symbolism around Lucifer, the fallen star, morning star, etc.., have been baked into the history and urban identification of the Illuminati. The term itself is considered to have come from being illuminated, or being an illuminated one, under the guidance of Lucifer, who brings the light to mankind.

As such, it would be worth considering the Stellar lexicon. Stellar of course is defined as “relating to a star, or stars”. Lumens is the “measurement of light emitted from a uniform source of one, such as a star”. The Stellar logo itself is made of a rocket ship with one window, which could also be interpreted as an eye, being the one eye symbol associated with the Illuminati and Luciferianism. Is this Lucifer, the fallen star, attempting to escape his symbolic imprisonment in the Earth on the allegoric Stellar rocket ship?

Interesting mind candy for sure.

Both Ripple and Stellar are battling for dominance in the central bank and international payments areas. Ripple has a clear head start and has already been involved with the Federal Reserve on its payments advisory project. Ripple held a central bank summit last November in New York and has even held discussions with the International Monetary Fund.

All of this aligns with the rise of Donald Trump as President of the United States. The Trump mandate is overturning the Anglo-American deep state and its network supporting the international liberal agenda. These terms, Anglo-American deep state and international liberal agenda, or order, are not conspiracy phrases. They have been used by official political leaders and corporate institutions. The reality of the battle being waged between the power structure behind Trump and the Anglo-American deep state, being presumably the personification of the Jesuits and its Counter-Reformation strategies, should be considered the centuries old war between the Catholic Church and the Protestants.

One of my all-time favourite conspiracy theories involves the intentional sinking of the Titanic. It is suggested that on board the Titanic were the conservative elite of America who were against the creation of a central bank. The large Republican wealth on the ship, and generations of families, fathers and sons, went down under the icy Atlantic waters in April of 1912. This removed the resistance and in December of 1913 the Federal Reserve Act was passed and World War One would soon commence.

The Jesuit engineered sinking of the Titanic and creation of the Federal Reserve is a huge topic with a lot of supporting evidence. I would encourage readers to explore that material outside of this article. The international conglomerate which owned White Star Lines, the fleet to which Titanic belonged, was controlled by JP Morgan, the chief architect of the Federal Reserve. The fact that both JP Morgan and the Federal Reserve are showing interest in Ripple would indicate that the power behind the Trump agenda has successfully infiltrated and taken control of those institutions, much like they took back control of the Republican Party. White Star Lines, of course, is once again aligned with the same “star” lexicon used by Stellar and Lumens.

The last piece worth discussing is the change of power in Saudi Arabia. The Crown Prince overthrew the corrupt family members and business interests in the country who were aligned with the Anglo-American deep state. This has removed the massive amount of funding which was available from the House of Saud for the deep state politicians and media outlets which conditioned and engineered Western culture for the last century. The available funds are slowly drying up with the Democratic National Committee in America almost out of money, and will have little to fund the campaigns of candidates in the upcoming mid-term elections.

Based on what we have reviewed in this article is it any surprise to learn that the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority has announced a partnership with Ripple, and will be testing the XCurrent network on cross border payments. The Anglo-American deep state used the “petrodollar” and OPEC, along with the SWIFT system of international payments, as its whips to punish and isolate any nation who did not go along with the international liberal agenda. Ripple and XRP will change of all of that. As a part of the transforming international monetary framework, from unipolar to multilateral, I have long predicted the end of OPEC. An energy benchmark based on XRP, and supported by Saudi Arabia, would achieve such an end.

Martin Luther’s defiant act against Vatican rule is widely considered to have had large ripple effects which are still defining the modern world. The sinking of the Titanic sent large ripples throughout the world as the Federal Reserve Act was established and the last holdout to the Jesuit central bank strategy fell under the control of an international banking conglomerate. And now the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States has sent different ripples around the world.

Everything is changing. Fast. Online forums are full of those who are attempting to convince the disorganized masses that Ripple is aligned with the international banks and official world governance structures, while Stellar is the upstart which is supporting de-centralization and freedom. This is not the case.

The Ripple XCurrent network is centralized but the XRapid crypto asset is de-centralized. There were 100 billion XRP created with around 60 billion still being held by Ripple. This is being used as evidence that Ripple is up to no good and will dump the majority of XRP to crash the market and steal wealth. This is of course absurd. It is my position that Ripple, and CEO Brad Garlinghouse (Harvard Business School and not Jesuit Fordham or Georgetown), are playing the long game and holding back XRP to prevent others from manipulating the market and stopping the transition to a more fair and ethical banking and payment standard.

In addition, with every XRP transaction on the Blockchain a small amount of XRP are destroyed. This means that there will never be 100 billion XRP again. As demand and usage increases the supply will incrementally and proportionally be reduced. Compare this to Stellar Lumens, who’s supply increases at a rate of 1% per year. This could be to off-set leakage and lost coins, or account for inflation, but it aligns more with the fiat and fractional banking practices which have caused the international monetary framework to have such large imbalances.

Ripple is a sound company with ethical leadership and a patient strategy. The leverage between the XCurrent network and XRapid token is an excellent implementation plan to shift the international payments accountabilities and global liquidity architecture towards a more stable and balanced framework, based on multilateral alliances as opposed to a unipolar dictatorship.

During a discussion at the Yahoo Finance Conference a few weeks ago, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse was asked if XRP was attempting to replace the US dollar in its international role. Garlinghouse responded carefully by stating that the USD “is great as a domestic currency, but…”.

There isn’t much else to add. – JC

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42 Comments on “Ripple XRP, the Lumenati, and the Sinking of the Titanic”

  1. As Q would say, “Coincidence? Everything has meaning.”

    What an amazing time to be alive.

    Fantastic post JC. Will repost on the ‘biker-bar’, and thanks for making it a FP.

    ps: I did convert to XRP, not only because of your prior post, but also because an ancient Chinese book that I’ve asked counsel from for decades gave it a resounding “Yes”. Downloaded the Exodus Eden (Looooove it) > then sent my ETH to it from my Coinbase account > then exchanged it for XRP within EE (what a great feature) > and then sent the XRP to my desktop wallet because EE is fairly new (playing it safe). Still deciding between using a hard wallet vs ‘paper’ wallet.

    I am so jazzed by all that is ‘habbening’.

  2. Alot to take in. Titantic? Wow
    So what do advise for those with little and only have what is given each month in Disability payments and no assets?

  3. Fascinating! Especially the weaving in the block chain battles into the Crown Beast wars.

    Cryptos as an investment vehicle have seemed too speculative to be considered true investments. The stomach-dropping recent decline bore that view out.

    The Ripple concept as a payment processing vehicle is more akin to buying shares in a bank stock, or Visa, or Paymentech. As a innovator in the space, they might be a world beater. So THAT is an investment, not a speculation. Pick your poison, of course, but I’d also prefer to help the White Knights if I need to pick a side!

    Further fleshing out the convulsive changes occurring in the political worlds of the West as tied to the crypto exchange vehicles is mind blowing as well. Should we look for Trump to tweet out support for Ripple as a result?? LOL!!!

    THANKS, J.C.!!!

  4. JC,

    Coinbase limits me to $5000 per week in trading does Kraken do the same?

    For example if i want to buy 10k worth of etherum in one trade im unable to do so with coinbase.

    1. When I started with Coinbase they only allowed a debit/credit card purchase of $750 per week. After adding a bank account, some purchases and exchanges and second level verification they allowed up to $10,000 per week.

      Larger than that and I believe the link JC supplied says a wire transfer is best. But do us a favor and use Western Union if you can since they are testing XRP 🙂

      1. Hey Dane, I hope this question I have, finds you and yours, all in strong health and high spirits.

        If you remember I have been attempting to gain the knowledge and understanding to step up to the plate and take a swing at the crypto ball. considering this current post of JC,s and all the help the POM has provided me in previous postings, I believe I’m ready, let’s see if I got this correct.

        I purchase what I can afford to lose without undo pain, some Ethereum through Coinbase, store it in a Eden wallet, where I can exchange, or convert some or all of it to Ripple’s XRP. Sit back and enjoy my new found wealth, LOL.

        Here is the rub. About six years ago I found a way to manage my megar financial affairs without the need of any kind of bank account, none at all. I was well pleased with myself then and would like to keep smiling about it.

        I could use my DIRECT EXPRESS M/C debit card to make purchase but it will not accept any deposit of any kind. In the post or two before this I think it was you who mentioned ‘paypal’ as a method of payment and now in this post Western Union wire transfer is mentioned. I like that idea. To purchase has not been my stumbling block, getting paid down the road, be the road long or short has held me up.

        Sooo, would I be correct in expecting Ripple, XRP, if and when I sold some or all of it to pay me with a Western Union wire transfer. That I could then take to my bookie, or even a check cashing service??

        I’m looking at this as a small 2 to 4 year investment strategy, something I can put a few bucks into every 3 or 4 months.

        Thanks JC, I’m satisfied that the Ripple XRP people are the type of people with a vision for their product that a step is above some of the money making schemes that are out there. Of course, that coming from a man that looks at a regular 9to5 job as another one of those hairbrained money making schemes. LOL


        1. Hey Peter I found some stuff here under a google search for “how to invest in ripple without bank verification”.

          One interesting link was talking about how one can buy Ripple with your IRA…?

          I don’t know about everyone else but isn’t it a bit early to see offers of this type? This sure seems like a very risky path brother. Please be careful these seem to reek of the horror stories we’ve been reading about.

          Oh sorry for the unlinked response down below. Seems when I comment from the phone it always puts the comment down at the bottom and doesn’t link to the comment its referring to. Must be getting time to switch from android to apple. lol.

  5. I appreciate your opening my eyes to what has been under my nose for so long. My parents were devoted Catholics. My father was born of a Irish Catholic mother and my mother converted to Catholicism as a teenager. I was an atheist at the time of my forced Confirmation and have always regarded the Catholic Church with disdain. Keep up the good work.

  6. JC,
    So, if your hypothesis is correct with the XRP, then where does the SDR fit into this whole agenda? You were such a big believer/promoter in the SDR/Bancor becoming the next step in the multilateral transformation. Maybe I misinterpreted? Regardless, I’m now kind of confused as to where this multilateral agenda is heading? If you can provide some additional thoughts and clarification, I would appreciate it. Thanks!

    1. IMF has a high level advisory group working on FinTech. Ripple co-founder Chris Larson is on that advisory group. I have said in the past that the SDR would merge with characteristics of crypto assets and all would become one. This could be the case, but the more I learn about the potential liquidity which is freed and becomes available with banks using XRP, the more I realize that the role of the SDR may be relegated to providing support to struggling economies. XRP is a much more efficient and cost-effect solution for a supra sovereign asset which can be used by all nations. The SDR may remain as a safety net. But in time I even see all fiat and bonds evaporating under the spread of crypto assets.

      Putting forward information and evidence that the SDR was being prepped to replace the USD as the international reserve asset doesn’t mean I was a promotor of it. It was simply the best option which was being supported by nations and international institutions. The imbalances in the system needed to be corrected one way or another. Needless to say that XRP can correct these imbalances, while expanding world wide liquidity in the trillions, on a much larger scale than the SDR ever could have. Maybe its not a coincidence that crypto assets exploded in 2017 after Trump took office.

      Regardless, the old order is fading away. You can feel it. New institutions and wealth are emerging on the world scene. Some older ones will die and never come back. Some may re-invent themselves and find a new use for their old tools, such as the SDR. I’ll write more about XRP and its function of releasing trillions of locked up liquidity in another post.

  7. I have never done anything with virutual wallets or blockchain buying. I would like to buy Ripple using money in my checking account. What is the best way to do that? Thank you.

    1. Hello inrfc25… we have been using a fairly complex method. We purchase ETH with Coinbase then move those ETH into Exodus Eden where we can exchange ETH Into XRP right in the wallet itself. You can use BTC instead of ETH but I believe the transaction period is a bit slower.

      But first I would do as much research as possible to familiarize yourself with the digital asset world until you begin to feel a sort of comfort setting in. You will know.

      Hope this helps.

  8. Thanks for the additional information JC. Much appreciated. And, my apologies for using the word “promoter”. It wasn’t accurate as you state. Believer was probably the better descriptor?
    So, let’s assume that the XRP becomes a supra-sovereign asset. With only 100 billion mined, isn’t this a limitation? Also, how does the world’s liquidity expand in the trillions with a limited quantity asset and an asset that organically reduces? I just don’t see it? Unless you are saying that XRP and some of the other crypto-currencies co-exist with all fiat currencies providing this additional liquidity? That I can see. If you could elaborate once more, I’d appreciate it. Thanks again!

    1. I will be writing an article to expand on this , but here is a brief look at it.

      Consider all the banks around the world which interact with the SWIFT system. On any given day there is $27 trillion in liquidity locked up in these nostro accounts. SWIFT international payments from bank to bank take 3 to 5 business days. Bank A is required to hold money in nostro accounts in all countries in which it does business or needs to transfer money, say to Bank B. Both bank A and B need to hold liquidity in these accounts. This is money which is not available for anything else, like loans or other funding projects, and is subjected to exchange rate fluctuations in that 3 to 5 days. Along with the $27 trillion, there is another $2 to $3 trillion wasted every year in SWIFT transaction fees.

      Now imagine the Ripple XCurrent network completing these international payment transfers in just seconds using XRapid. Bank A will exchange domestic fiat currency for XRP and transfer to Bank B in another country in seconds. Bank B converts the XRP into their own domestic currency. The whole process takes 2 to 3 seconds and costs just pennies. The liquidity in Bank A and Bank B is no longer locked up in nostro accounts and each banks exposure to any volatility in XRP is just seconds.

      This is just banks and does not consider other payment companies and massive retail customers, such as Amazon, Uber, etc..

      The growing demands on an ever shrinking 100 billion XRP will drive the price higher based on basic economic principles. The valuations of XRP will matter little to other domestic cryptos, which will likely evolve from the existing fiats. Each interaction will only take seconds and minimize the risk to any fluctuations. XRP will become the standard which the whole world will use to serve in a reserve capacity. Though the function of XRP is beyond anything which could have been dreamed up for the USD. It is evolving everything. Once you understand what XRP and XCurrent are, and how the growing list of partnerships are cornering the market, the potential for XRP appreciation is obvious.

      Hope this helps.

  9. Got it. Thanks JC! The only issue is Lumens then. With IBM (a huge provider of product and services in the bank/financial sector) together with the Anglo-American and Jesuit backing, some/lots of the banks will use that token and network, don’t you think? Or, will the IMF institute one standard? I would think both will survive causing the price volatility and market trading necessary for a “healthy” market of buyers and sellers. Much like precious metals, these digital currencies might become “precious tokens”? Thoughts? Thanks!

    1. Maybe. Lots of moving pieces and overlap. None of which are necessarily bad things. Competition is fantastic.

      Used our exchange in the new post. Great questions.

  10. Cool! Thanks! I appreciate the exchange of info. Been a follower for 3 years now. It’s been great. You do good and very impressive work! I look forward to investing in XRPs and probably hedging with IBM stock! 🙂

  11. Lol, I hear what your saying Peter. I kind of burned myself out digging into this mountain of fintec. I don’t recall a PayPal comment but do recall the western union one. You bring up a very valid question from my attempt at humor with western union.

    That remark was based on using western union which would use ripples xrapid product which utilizes the XRP asset which would create demand and thus increase the value of XRP.

    However since you have seen a possible path for you through it we will have to look into the prossess of investing in cryptos without a bank account.

    But keep in mind the whole point of ripple is to utilize or work with the existing regulatory system to gain the trust of the banks business to move them away from the central controls that are living off fees from the banks business. Taking a little of the old fintec and marrying it with the new fintec. It could also be seen like the days of turning the money exchangers tables. Therefore, there may not be an avenue without a bank account.

    One other thing to consider would be that the bank account would be like a verification as it’s used in the verification process of most if not all reputable exchanges. Although it may be more risky if you don’t want to get a bank account you may be forced to use an exchange that doesn’t require so much proof of whom you are.

    I think that as cryptos find their space within some part of the regulatory process many of the….not so up and up coins will fall to the wayside. But there will probably be a lot of day trading sort of money to be made with them for some years still. That will just be really high risk.

    If i Were you I would be asking myself if I have a good system that’s working why would I want to disrupt that? I’m investing for retirement because I have 17 years to be the ripe age to retire and with just a pension sitting behind me I don’t feel too secure. So since I began absorbing knowledge here at POM I have been slowly…..VERY SLOWLY like $100 bucks a month for a long time, been diversifying my assets to prepare a basket for that ripe ol fruit to sit in when retirement comes. Im planning for the best preparing for the worst and hope to land somewhere in the middle.

    I hope this helps in some way Peter. I’ll look through the day for ways to get cryptos without a bank account.

    So I understand you have no problem getting money into cryptos but do have one getting them into….? In 20 years will a person who started their financial life in a digital currency world even know what a fiat currency Is? Maybe you won’t even need to move them into a fiat or even a bank account if a wallet would serve that purpose. Smart contracts could replace a lot of business individuals use bank’s for. Business not loans feeding consumerism…

    1. Guys, have you heard of Never used it myself but it allows you to meet someone face-to-face and hand over some fiat in exchange for BTC. And as mentioned already you should then be able to exchange BTC for XRP directly in a wallet.
      If for some reason you wanted to take profits in the form of fiat, the same type of transaction could be done in reverse.
      Banks, who needs ’em?

      1. Good one redjon. I put in $500 usd to test it out and the first option was through a western union payment method.

        Hey Peter this may fit your need.

        Thanks redjon.

        1. Let’s put this here so people remain aware of any risks involved. There are other reviews that reflect people having problems because LocalBitcoins seems to have added a verification process. Though it seems to provide several purchasing options it seems a technical process with several places to get hung up on. It’s like a craigslist where people who want to sell can advertise for folks wanting to purchase. The deals are between two people though so make sure to read ALL the rules the seller has posted in order to complete the transaction.

          “LocalBitcoins is a global Bitcoin exchange that gives a lot of options to its users.

          Before getting into the details, here are some good and bad things to know about LocalBitcoins:

          LocalBitcoins is one of the most private ways to purchase bitcoins
          In some countries it is the only way to buy bitcoins
          It allows you to buy bitcoins with many payment methods
          There are many scams and you need to use caution
          Fees can be slightly high when buying with cash, since many people are willing to pay extra for the privacy LocalBitcoins offers”

  12. Here is a nice accompanyment for this position JC. Of course in addition to your wonderful essay:).

    “The fundamentals in the case of XRP are basically its long term probability of becoming a quasi-reserve currency (QRC) for financial institutions. We say “quasi” because we do not believe central banks will ever fully relinquish their local currencies without a fight. The path to QRC status will need to include demonstrable growth within the following areas:

    • Liquidity and market makers

    • Institutional derivatives that would allow banks to hedge foreign exchange exposure on their balance sheet

    • On-boarding financial institutions onto xCurrent + xRapid in both exotic and non-exotic corridors”

    1. Hello Inrfc25, not sure about JC but I’m holding them for a while. Here is an article from Ripple which kind of makes me feel good about this notion.

      “According to the World Bank, global remittance payments are on track to grow by 3.4 percent or roughly $466 billion in 2018, with India and China having the highest incoming flows in 2017.

      Together with this massive flow of capital, emerging markets are home to 85 percent of the global population and account for almost 60 percent of global GDP.

      With a growing global need not just for access, but more efficient, transparent and cost-effective payments into and out of emerging markets — new financial institutions have joined RippleNet: two banks and three payment providers — that will expand reach in India, Brazil and China.”

  13. Thanks Dane and redjon I really appreciate your help. I got to admit I was being a little lazy, so I got off my butt and did some research of my own by googling ‘How to buy Ethereum without a bank account. Found a bunch of stuff that included using Changelly, Shapeshift, Binance, etc, etc and combinations of them. I must admit after a few hours my wooly old head was spinning, still I came away believing that I will get it with the help the great people on the POM. I still have about 10 days before I can make a move anyway so by then I should have a reasonable path.

    Dane, you ask a couple of great questions I find myself still thinking about. The first one was, If I have a good system that is working why would I want to disturb it? Good question Dane, while pondering it I found good reason, reasons that I had not considered in it’s entirety but upon review makes sense and adds confidence to my decision.

    I retired 7 years ago due to a physical inability that did not allow me to continue to do the job without incurring undo liability. It has taken me these last 5/6 years to learn how to live on my current income. I had to take some hard cuts and many trimmings to get where I’m somewhat comfortable living within my means. For instance even though I wasn’t really able to operate a car safely, it was hard to give it up. But I did, that freed up a good chunk of money, even through it was paid for, there was insurance, registration, and maintenance, etc. Old Jessy had to go. Which caused another change in shopping habits, It took time but I found a way to only have to go shopping once a month, Up jumped Sam’s Club, a place I never shopped in my life. With a neighbor who also sees the savings to be had, I ride, I pay triple the gas it takes because I know what it takes to operate a car, it works out. Along the line I realized I didn’t need a bank account, my SS debit card could do it all. If I need cash my local check cashing place could provide it on my way to Sam’s. On and on cutting here, trimming there I found a way to enjoy these years of quiet contemplation, some Texas hold ’em, and Cosmic currency.

    Now, I’m able to stash a couple of bucks some months, December isn’t one of them. So, rather than in the ammo can, I’m wanting to put a small amount in crypto, looks like fun and enters me further into future, I like that. If it does go upside down it won’t be the end of my world. Still it is my money and I want to be at least as wise as my years would suggest when I invest or spend.

    Dane, your second question. “So I understand you have no problem getting money into cryptos but do have one getting them into…?” What? Huh? Sheesh, USD’s of course. But that’s not the answer is it Dane? Hmmmmmm. That’s not the answer at all. Can I get back to you on that one?? Or if it really goes to cosmic trading and cosmic currency, could I take it with me? LOL
    Thanks Dane, thanks for everything.
    Have a great day

    1. Your very welcome Peter. Thank you for sharing this part of your life with us. You’ve endured a lot and it’s a wealth that you find the will to continue. That’s an asset worth storing my friend and I believe that asset can be taken with us. 🙂

      I wish you a wonderful day.

  14. Not to take away from a very interesting , informative, and somewhat complex article but for us Big Bang lovers, Joyce Kim was Leonard’s girl friend and a North Korean spy
    She took up with Leonard so she could steal the formula of a high powered rocket fuel Leonard was helping to develope
    Coincidence? Haha, fun to think about
    Just a lite note to give the brain a break

  15. This was too good to pass up. Thank you for the gem JC. I encourage anyone doubting or having trouble believing the divide and public misunderstanding on Free Masonry to give this a read.

    “Proofs of a Conspiracy Against All the Religions and Governments of Europe, Carried on in the Secret Meetings of Free Masons, Illuminati, and Reading Societies”

    1. Thanks for the link Dane. It is quite the read, I’m only 70 pages in but I wanted to comment now because it will take me a bit to finish it. Thanks is my comment.

  16. Such a fascinating and well-crafted piece JC.

    You have opened a whole new world for me regarding my past, present, and future!

    I never heard about the Titanic conspiracy and am fascinated with how it ties into history.

    Made me think of the recent unsolved MH-370 plane disappearance and some of the conspiracy theories connecting it to Diego Garcia & the Rothschilds due to some of its VIP passengers. Fascinating stuff…

    Even more fascinating is the XRP potential vs other Cryptocurrencies and how that all ties in.

    Very happy to support your terrific site my friend!

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