Remember, Remember…the Fifth of November

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De-Centralized Cryptocurrency is the New Capitalism 

JC Collins


Remember, remember!

The fifth of November,

The Gunpowder treason and plot;

I know of no reason

Why the Gunpowder treason

Should ever be forgot!


It’s always been interesting to me that a worldwide movement called Anonymous was built from the script of a Hollywood movie. V for Vendetta and its use of the Guy Fawkes mask has symbolized the resistance to a corrupt and power-hungry elite for years now.  Masks are some of the most powerful symbols used by humans and the Anonymous mask is no different. (Reference the last line of my article titled The Geopolitics of XRP - “No more masks”.)

The movie portrayed Guy Fawkes as something of an “almost hero” if only he had succeeded in blowing up England’s House of Parliament on November 5, 1605. At the time the House of Parliament was controlled by the Protestants.  The real Guy Fawkes was a Catholic and the time period was one of extreme political tension as the Vatican waged its Counter-Reformation to regain control of lost real estate and governmental institutions.  

Alec Ryrie in his excellent book titled Protestants makes the historical case that Protestants are men and women who stood steadfast in the face of authority and set out to make a new world based on the principles of material and spiritual freedom. Ryrie states that the modern world is a product of Protestantism, as are the very ideals of Capitalism. 

America was made by Protestants as these very special men and women set out to build a new world separate from the corruption of the Catholic Church and Pope. The battle for the future of Europe and North America has been going on now for over 500 years. The American midterm elections on November 6, 2018, are a continuation of this back and forth battle for the heart and soul of the Western Man. 


Guy Fawkes and his companions

Did the scheme contrive,

To blow the King and Parliament

All up alive. 

Threescore barrels, laid below,

To prove old England’s overthrow.

But, by God’s providence, him they catch,

With a dark lantern, lighting a match!

A stick and a stake

For King James’s sake! 


Alex Ryrie also provides an overview of how Protestantism is still spreading in the modern world. China, Korea, Africa, and Latin America are all experiencing a resurgence of Protestantism.  In my article The Massacre of Protestant Rwanda we explore how Protestantism was spreading from Rwanda across Central Africa and how the Catholic Church was complicit in the genocide of Protestant Rwanda.  Even in China today there is mass persecution of Christians, which are predominantly Protestant, or of Protestant origins. 

The Order of the Jesuits was created by the Vatican to wage the Counter-Reformation.  Though it goes against the accepted historical narrative, there is ample evidence to suggest that the Jesuits were responsible for the creation of Communism, and its ideological roadmap of Marxism. Whatever your position may be on that, it is accepted fact today that the Church has become “progressive” and is supporting the worldwide Marxist revolution. It is my conclusion that Marxism is just another variation of the authoritarianism of the Catholic Church which forced the Protestants to search out, and build, a new world in the first place.

Marxist regulations under the guidance of its Socialist modeling brought Capitalism to its knees over the last century.  The regulations which contributed to the re-distribution of wealth from the middle class to the elite built the false-narrative that Capitalism was evil. All Capitalist were thereafter portrayed in Hollywood movies as evil white men who were fat on their decadence and greed. This pattern has been repeated in movies hundreds of times and is undeniable to the honest observer.  

The Central Bank framework was developed by the Church and Jesuits as a strategy to wage the Counter-Reformation.  This was covered in my article Central Banks as a Jesuit Counter-Strategy to the Protestant Reformation. Considering America was built by Protestants who stood against the Church the reason for American resisting a central bank for as long as it did makes more sense. Central Banks and Socialist regulations destroyed traditional Capitalism. But like the Protestants themselves, the ideals of Capitalism are extremely hard to get rid of.

Chris Herd in his short but excellent article titled Why Cryptocurrency is the Next Operating System for Capitalism makes the case that cryptocurrency will eradicate this banking framework and breath life into a new Capitalism. 

“In the same way Amazon has brutalised physical retail, Cryptocurrency will eradicate banks. If you don’t see this coming you aren’t paying attention.”

Herd suggests that throughout history technology has always disrupted existing systems. In fact, it was the creation of the printing press which in fact made the Protestant Reformation possible, as it allowed for the mass printing of Bibles in languages other than Latin. For the first time ever, the people could read the Bible without the filters of the Catholic gatekeepers. 

Herd ends his article with this inspiring sentence:

“Capitlism isn’t going anywhere though. Cryptocurrency is simply a more efficient vessel which allows for its manifest destiny to be realised.”

That one sentence encapsulates my full thought process on blockchain technology and a new Capitalism which is rising to counter the corrupt Marxism of a centralized Globalization which has failed most of the world. (See my article Globalization 2.0 with XRP)


If you won’t give me one,

I’ll take two,

The better for me,

And the worse for you.

A rope, a rope, to hang the Pope,

A penn’orth of cheese to choke him,

A pint of beer to wash it down,

And a jolly good fire to burn him.

Holloa, boys! Holloa, boys! Make the bells ring!

Holloa, boys! Holloa boys! God save the King!

Hip, hip, hooor-r-r-ray!


A lot is at stake in the coming months. Those who wage the Counter-Reformation have used both terrorism and Cultural Marxism to achieve its nefarious ends. Like Guy Fawkes in 1605, if the Counter-Reformers can’t take control of governments through fair elections than they will have no problem committing acts of terrorism to overthrow and destroy those institutions. 

Hollywood movies, the magic wand of the Cultural Marxists, have done a lot to further the goals of the Counter-Reformation and to destroy the Protestants. The Trump Agenda represents the ideals and continuation of the Protestant Reformation. This is why all of Hollywood and the establishment media are against Trump. Their open hatred is undeniable. 

The Counter-Reformers are attempting to take control of the new technologies, and like the printing press, eventually, use them for their own means while removing the power of the new innovations from the Protestants.

The next time you think the Anonymous group(s) or the Guy Fawkes mask represent the resistance to evil corrupt elites in this world, I would ask that you take a deeper look and consider the origins of the mask and the group itself.  Nothing is what it seems. Nothing is what you have been told it is. Everything is changing as the power shifts back. - JC

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65 Comments on “Remember, Remember…the Fifth of November”

  1. What about England's pre-reformation period relationship with the Roman Catholic church? Catholics are pushing to make William Wallace a saint. JC do you think there's more to that story then the Hollywood narrative of Scottish independence?

    1. There’s way more to that story. Robert the Bruce was the hero of that time period. He welcomed some of the remaining Templar’s after the Church’s mass arrest. Thus was born the Scottish Rite. There would have been no Protestant Reformation if it wasn’t for him and the underground Templar network which remained. The early reformers, such as the Lollards, used this network to build the framework of the Reformation. It didn’t just spring out of no where. Robert the Bruce assisted. It is even probable that Trump is descended from Bruce on his mother’s side.

  2. “Jesuits were responsible for the creation of Communism, and its ideological roadmap of Marxism.

    Given that many Jesuits leaders have been and are Cabalist, Satanist, and Masons, I would not be surprised that these nefarious miscreants have contributed to the formation and spread of Communism and Marxism. However, Karl Marx was an evil Jewish Kabbalist, active Mason, and an overly educated and very rebellious Jew. Marx was more influenced by his cultural revolutionary spirit (Judaic Philosophy, being the “Chosen People”, and the Talmud), delusions of Jewish utopia, and Friedrich Hegel than by the Jesuits. Given that at the heart and foundational base of the Jesuits and Communism is Satanism, I can easily see how one would reflect and support the other.

    Relative to the conflict between the Catholics and Protestants, the hierarchy of the Catholic Church have had their holy panties in a serious bundle and twist since Henry VIII stole all of their wealth and property in England. The Catholic later thought that they could regain control over England when Bloody Mary took the thrown and then by invasion with a great armada in May, 1588. Neither worked out well.

    Historically, since the first crusade in 1095 the Jews have been under the control of Rome and where the contracted (enslaved) financial managing agents for the Vatican. For a thousand years the revolutionary Jews have endeavored to break free of their Roman bondage via increased usury and continuous subterfuge. Subsequently, they have grown in power to usurp Roman interests whenever possible, because at their core many are deemed still revolutionary spirits in service to the Synagogue of Satan.

    In the USA there has been a continuous Jewish effort to undermine the US Republic and Catholic influences since American republic was founded after the adoption of the USC in 1789. First, by the creation of the First Bank of the US under Alexander Hamilton (a Rothschild agent) with a twenty (20) year charter. When the re-charter the First Bank of the US was refused in 1811, Nathan Rothschild declared war. Consequently, the War of 1812 was directed by the Rothschild controlled Bank of England. The inflation and debts after the War of 1812 spawned the creation of the Second Bank of the US headed by Nicholas Biddle (a Rothschild agent). When Andrew Jackson defeated Biddle and refused to re-charter the bank after twenty (20) years, Biddle and Rothschild via the Bank of England arranged for the Crash or the Panic of 1837 in the US. A focus of foreclosures on farms, home, businesses, factories, and State Banks in the US were those owned by Catholics. Economic booms and bust were routinely created until the creation of the Third Bank of the US (aka; The Federal Reserve) was introduced and signed into law in 3.5 hours on Christmas Eve 1913. The Jewish Banksters owned the US Congress and President Woodrow Wilson.

    The focus of the Jews to gain control over the judiciary in the USA occurred after the conviction of a Jewish elite in training (Leo Frank) for the rape and murder of a 12 year old girl laborer in Atlanta, GA in1913. The elite and wealth Jews in South, Mid-West, and Northeast rallied to Leo Frank’s defense in a vain attempt to obtain a new trail. The case when all the way through the court in the State of Georgia and Federal Courts and ended up being heard before the US Supreme Court. Frank’s appeal was rejected. Frank death sentence by hanging was eventually carried out. After Frank’s death the wealthy and influential Jews competed with Catholic to obtain seat on every major court in the USA. The ADL was created after Leo Frank was summarily hanged for rape and murder to defame anyone who ever made any accusations of any kind against any Jew.

    Consequently, to this day Jews are overly represented in every major law school and court in the USA. Catholics and Jews have displaced every Protestant on the US Supreme Court for decades. The last disgraceful sham and intended public character assassination of Judge Kavanaugh was just the Jews and their paid and/or blackmailed US Senate lackeys attempting to keep another Catholic off of the US Supreme Court. It was a Clarence Thomas (Catholic) defamation circus, Part II after the Jews in the Senate were able to defame and discredit Judge Robert Bork (Catholic).

    1. I ageee with you for the most part. I would just caution against making generalized statements about all Jews. Like all peoples and demographics, there are similar divisions within the Jewish people. There are Marxist Jews, Capitalist Jews, liberal and conservative Jews, and so on. There are Jews I would not want to associate (like some people in general) and there are Jews I would gladly stand beside. Same goes for Catholics. Though I speak out against the institution of the Church, there are some Catholics who are great people. Some not so great. Like all the rest. Jews aren’t the problem. The problem is a corrupt weakness which runs through the heart and soul of some men, whether they’re Jews, Catholics, Chinese, Indian, etc...

  3. Mr. Collins:

    I sincerely agree that all Jews and Catholics are NOT evil and nefarious. My specific points are not to generalize all Jews and Catholics in dim lights or dark shades. However, my research and personal experiences and relationships with both Jews and Catholics clearly indicate that the leaders, directors, and managers of the Zionists Cabal and the Jesuit Black Pope are at the core of their black hearts evil and do NOT have the interest of humanity in mind. I have traveled all about this planet for decades and have personally witnessed the negative results of the corruption and evil of Jewish and Catholic policies. The Goyim are just slaves to be worked to death and cattle for consumption. When Jews can shoot Palestinian women and children in the back for target practice with complete immunity and harvest their internal organs for profits, then that is evil and Baal Worship in plain site. When homosexuality and pedophilia is promoted and allowed to run unchecked within and without the Catholic Church, then that is evil and Baal Worship in plain site.


  4. If Jews and Jewishness are so saintly, chosen, and unblemished, then why under the dictates and mandates of Cultural Marxism (aka; political correctness) cannot any behaviors of any Jews be openly or publicly discussed?

    Why must all members of the US Congress sign a pledge to support Israel FIRST over the laws and interests of the USA?

    Why is any criticism of Israel strictly forbidden?

    Is it correct that in Canada it is ILLEGAL to be publicly speak critically of Jews, Muslims, or Islam?

    If you want to know who or what is in absolute control of your life on this planet, then research who or what cannot be criticized.

    1. Global Marxism in fact stands against the regular Jew and the existence of Israel. Which is why it has funded Iran and Hamas, to continuously wage border war with Israel. Just like they’re doing in America. So once again, you are generalizing all Jews and Goyim into simple categories. Are not some of the most evil people in the world today, and in the past, Goyim? Of course they are. And some have been Jews. These simple characterization are dumb frankly, and do nothing to help forge a path forward for humanity. You have experience with all of this. Prove it. Others wise stop regurgitating the trash on the Internet. My wife is Jewish and I’m a Goyim Protestant. We get along just great. No problems with the family either.

      And remember, the Protocols were originally written about the Jesuits.

    2. Not trying to sound harsh to you, but you make these generalizations and then respond to me by saying that of course not all Jews are bad, but then you continue right on into the generalization again. In regard to your question about is it illegal to speak critically of Jews and Islam in Canada, the answer is no. There has been an Islamophobia bill put forward but it has not been ratified into law. There have been chosen cases where some have been targetted for stating things about the Holocaust. But even yet, your mention of it being illegal to speak critically of Muslims stands in stark contradiction to your position that it is the Jews who are the problem in the world.

      "If you want to know who or what is in absolute control of your life on this planet, then research who or what cannot be criticized."

      Are you saying Muslims are in charge of my life on this planet? Or is it Jews? (You seems to be making a contradictory argument.) Or possibly, is it something which has been around for thousands of years, even before the Jewish people, which has taken on many masks over the years, and uses whole religions and peoples to further its own ends. Baal worship was one of these masks as well, but even Baal worship was not unique to the Jewish people, or Hebrews, or Canaanites, etc.. Everyone from the Phoenicians, Romans, and Akkadians all eventually fell into Baal worship in some variation or another.

      The problem today is a variation of Baal worship which came down to us through the Phoenician priest class, through the Roman Empire, and into the Catholic Church and Pope today. This worship has built and used Marxism as its latest economic and cultural weapon to use on the masses. Everyone is being sucked into the vortex of this vile energy, including Jews, and everyone else, in any group or class of people, who has a weakness for this particular worship.

      1. Thank you JC. Sorry you had to rise to this level of passion but it helped connect some dots for a picture I've been trying to paint in my mind lately. So thank you Goyim Protestant brother.

  5. "Louis Farrakhan Chants ‘Death to America’ in Iran"

    Just saw this news item and it reminded me of this gentleman's habit of turning up to a country that is either about to be invaded or go through a regime change, almost like a vulture circling above a dying corpse! However, this time, the dead corpse is of the international deep state that sprang to life in January 1979 and will return to its maker soon. The dying corpse is that of the deep state Islamo-Marxist regime of the mullahs who ruled my homeland with total brutality and mass killing of Iranians ever since.

    Farakkhan's kiss of death was also sealed on Saddam Hussein of Iraq in 2002. The dying Baathist regime of Saddam suddenly turned to Allah as the last resort and with the assistance of Farrakhan. History repeats...Farrakhan possibly makes a fortune in every similar trip and it will be unimaginable to assume he does it as a charitable act.

    1. Dear Carpe Diem:

      Close related to some comments to this post, I've read that today, November 5th 2018, Pope Francis has received the visit of a delegation of Rabbis of the "World Congress of Mountain Jews" of the Caucasus, to whom he addressed the message that can be read here =>

      Given that the ancestors of the "Mountain Jews" have settled in Persia from ancient times, I turn to your solid historical knowledge to ask you about the presence and integration of Jewish communities in the life of present Iran.

      I thank you in advance and greet you with appreciation,

      1. Hello Dear Rogelio and thank you for such a great question.

        In fact, the Mountain Jews or "Juhuri" people of the caucuses are only one group of Iranian Jews who have moved and lived in Iranian territories for the past 2700 years. Their locations can provide the landmarks of the Iranian empires where the Iranian cultural heritage still exists to this day. Iranian Jews who lived in Iran are a proud Iranians and to this day, they keep their own distinct culture and customs with great pride. After the 1979 revolution, Los Angeles became their home along with non-Jewish Iranians which many call LA, Tehrangeles, all due to the sheer numbers and businesses etc.
        Iranian Jews in Israel account for around 200 Thousand people and are influential in the running of the apparatus of power there. The community also had an Israeli president, Moshe Katzav born in the city of Yazd in Southern Iran and a Minister of Defence, General Shaul Mofaz who was born in Isfahan in central Iran. Iranian Jews are possibly the only Jewish people in the world that have settled in one place and did not move, or expelled. In almost any other lands in Europe, Jews were either expelled or were forced to convert. This continuity was mainly due to the generosity of King Cyrus the Great who invited the captive Jews after he liberated them from captivity by the Neo-Babylonian King, Nebuchadnezzar II in 539 BCE. King Cyrus is regarded as a Messiah by the Jews and he is regarded as the saviour of the Jews in their holy books

        It is also important to mention that Iran is the second most important country for the Jews in that it holds holy sites and shrines of the Jewish people after Israel and at least 5 Biblical prophets and Jewish saints buried in Iran. There are shrines in Susa where Prophet Daniel is buried, Hamadan where Esther's shrine is a revered site for Muslims and Jews, Tuyserkan (Prophet Habakkuk), Qazvin (Peighambariyeh Where four Jewish saints who foretold the coming of Christ, Salam, Solum, al-Qiya, and Sohuli)

        Mountain jew or Juhuri people speak a dialect of the Pahlavi (Middle-Persian) language an Iranian language called Judeo-Tat spoken by Jews of Caucasus.
        The isolation and the preservation of Judeo-Tat is a great linguistic source of the language that other Iranians do not perfectly understand but the roots are exactly the same...I can just about understand some words, but the tonality and style of the Tati language are identical to modern Persian. What is interesting is that the Jews who settled in Iranian lands under the Achaemenids spoke various dialects of Persian which still stands to this day, for example, the Bukhari dialect of the Jews of Bokhara is very similar to Afghan Dari or Tajiki Persian which are both dialects of modern Persian but easily understandable. Jews were mainly merchants and their presence was on and around the ancient Silk Road from borders of China all the way to Eastern Europe. The same Jews spoke various dialects of Iranian languages and not Hebrew! This is a very interesting fact to appreciate as in modern history books, every attempt is made to replace Iranian influences through her Jewish citizens by replacing them with "Arab Merchants"! In this way the ancient and historic of Iranian peoples and a section of her citizens i.e. Iranian Jews has been replaced with "Arabs". This trend has started with the Arabization project of the Middle-EAst region and the creation of Arab Nationalism. It seems we are at the end of Arab Nationalism project which was supported and designed by the British and the French as well as the end of the Pan-Islamism project by the Brits, the French and the Nazi's. The outcome of this collaboration is the marriage of the ultra Islamist House of Saud with the equally destructive Zionist ideology against the entire region. It now also appears that ALL destructive and hideous Pan-Islamism projects, including the Shia Mullahs Pan-Islamist gangsters and murderers who occupied Iran, will end up in the dustbin of history shortly which will mean the liberation fo the oppressed people of that region along with peace and prosperity for all mankind. Humanity has seen enough of such hideous and destructive ideologies and perhaps a period of hope and prosperity shall return to us! If anything, rather than the current War-Model of economy, the region can do with a Trade-Model of the economy as well as tourism since this region is the birthplace of civilization and it is for all mankind to discover their own heritage without any fear of wars, terrorism and such evil schemes by a sick ruling cabal...

        There are currently 34 operational synagogs in Tehran alone and about the same in other Iranian cities. Iranian and Jews have no problem together whatsoever. The problem is the monstrous forign isolated governments and the ruling elite who continually cause wars and hate. Iranian Jews have always maintained a member of parliament before 1979 as well as since 1979 and despite the idiocy of the Shia run theocratic system since 1979, Jews enjoy life with some compromise.

        I also wanted to add that the Mountain Jews are now somewhat foreign to the Persian Jews as they have lived away under different lands, customs and borders as their fellow Iranians have such as Tajiks, Azarbaijanis etc.

        There are lots of interesting documentaries and cultural items on Youtube regarding the Juhuri, Bukhari Jews and Persian Jews you can explore of course.

        Hope this helps and the following info you may find of interest hopefully. Wish you a great day my friend.

        Exploring Jewish life in Iran

        A modern Juhuri song:

        1. As always, Carpe Diem, you help us to expand our knowledge and our understanding. Thanks.
          It's taking me time to visit all the references that you propose to us in your comment; still have some pending but I've already reached a provisional conclusion:

          Though they are important, the historical facts of the Euro-Atlantic region - by themselves, in isolation - do not provide us with all the necessary keys to interpret the whole history nor to envision the full picture of the monetary future.


  6. Mr. Collins:

    Thank you for your lengthy and honest responses.

    In future posts I will endeavor to be more factually specific in any declarations in attempts to avoid possible misinterpretations of generalizations.

    As an engineering professional who consults on numerous and very complex systems, I am routinely required to quantify multiple variables simultaneously to assess their respective interactions. I perform multiple cause and effect analyses of systems to assess patterns and determine root causes. As such, I am more naturally inclined toward analytics than emotions. However, kindly be assured that I mean NO disrespect to you or your beloved wife.

    I am most pleased to read your report that an Islamophobia Bill has not been as yet ratified into law. Pray no such government restrictions of speech become new laws. I am a very firm believer in free expression of thoughts and opinions as well as unimpeded dialog, open debates, and exchanges of ideas.

    You are correct that Baal worship has not been unique to the Jewish people, or the former Hebrews and Canaanites. This spirit of black void existed and was facilitated and practiced by the Phoenicians and still exist today. Hundreds of thousands of children reportedly go missing annually in the USA. I am sincerely impressed that you are aware of this history and its negative and destructive consequences. You are in a minority, which is one of the specific reasons I gladly support your website.

    We reside in interesting times of increasingly great changes. The battle between light and dark, good and evil continues in this age and likely into the next.

    Peace be With You,


    1. Spoken like a true gentlemen. Apologies if I misinterpreted your position. I’m attempting to be cautious with the side narratives which sometimes can serve to derail the open work we’ve all been attempting to achieve here over the last 5 years. The Jewish issue is definitely one of those issues which can be used to hammer us and minimize our broader message on understanding the human condition.

      I believe we are aligned on our analysis and conclusions. Thanks for being you!

  7. I have been keeping an eye on Anonymous for a while, still not sure what to make of them. Here are a few miscellaneous observations:
    They do appear to be anti-Rothschild/Rockefeller/Soros/Bilderberg/etc.;
    They do seem to seek to expose the criminal activities of the elites (whether they do so in a balanced manner is another question);
    The fact that Facebook has not banned them is interesting;
    They call out the fact that "you are being distracted" but strangely enough their own posts include plenty of seemingly irrelevant material such as UFC news stories and random viral videos;
    They post some vaguely spiritual stuff which to me appears to have a "new age" slant;
    They are pro-cannabis legalisation;
    They rehash the same old material a lot more than one would expect if they are legion, as they claim;
    For a group founded by hackers, they have precious little to say on the subject of crypto

    On the origins of the mask: it comes from the 80s comic book series/graphic novel by Alan Moore and was designed by his illustrator David Lloyd. Neither of whom receive any royalties for its ongoing use. The 2005 film adaptation written and produced by the Wachowskis (the same guys who made The Matrix) was what brought it to mainstream awareness. I would recommend both the movie and the graphic novel, but the latter more so.

  8. Wow. Great article, fascinating comment and impassioned debate between highly intelligent gentleman. I think I'll sit this one out.

    How about them ZERPs?

  9. October 27, 1964 A Time For Choosing (A.K.A. The Speech)

    "Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.
    We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream.
    It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the United States where men were free."

    "You and I have the courage to say to our enemies,
    "There is a price we will not pay."
    "There is a point beyond which they must not advance.""
    "We'll preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth, or we'll sentence them to take the last step into a thousand years of darkness."

    -Ronald Reagan, "The Speech"

  10. I love being retired! I wasn't financially ready, a misspent youth, middle age and later years would of left me just as financially unready to retire whether I would of worked another few years or the rest of my life. I just never really expected to or planned on living this long. All my drunken,' junkie friends are dead and have been dead and dying for the last 40 years. One of the last of them passed just a few years ago, I paid them all tribute with this little diddy, I sang it at her funeral. Weddings and funerals, I go.

    All my junkie friends are dead
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    A shame about my friend Jug
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    Lost three all named Steve
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    I prayed and prayed for my Nicole
    I cried and cried when she choose to go

    The list is long into the night
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    All my junky friends are dead
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    I have no idea how/why I survived, I have needle scars on both arms that if measured collectively would equal at least a yard long. I've suffered many overdoses, three that required hospitalization, The last one all but fully disconnected my brains from my feet, severe peripheral neuropathy. The doctors said it wasn't reversible, put I proved that 90% of it was temporary and I was back to work in a two or three months. Just a bit worse for wear, a permanent pronounced limp, and a much slower get down and back up off the ground time. That was 15 or more years ago.

    When I turned 70 I asked my doctor if he thought I could drag another 10 years out of these beat up old bones. Check this out, he told me he didn't see any obvious reason I couldn't get 20 or more. No blood pressure problems high or low, no signs of diabetes, or cancers, heart just ticking away, a little short of breath for all the smoking. Good to go.

    I guess I've had somewhere between 25/30 good knock down drag out fist fights in my life. I was 16 and 0 at first with only one of them a woman. The record from that time on has been 50/50 at best, with only one lose to a woman.

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    Three, was during a poker game, this one player was a sore loser and began talking, calling me the luckiest a no poker playing old s.o.b. he had ever saw. Well that ain't right, I'm a pretty good poker player. I'm not the best at it, but I pride myself in being able to deliver a verbal beatdown as good as the next guy. My tirade challenged his manhood, heritage, chemical makeup, and his physical ability to bust a grape. It's on.

    Sore loser throws the classic old fold up card table out of the way and wants me to stand up and fight like a man. I've been there done that, if I lean forward to get out of the lazyboy I'm sunk into I'll get tattooed, so I tell him I'll bet him the 20 bucks he owes me double or nothing I can kick his ass sitting down, he takes the wager and comes on. Welcome to my world, I rope a dope him block his straight punches and when he begins with the roundhouses I reach out and snatch him by his head and pull him to my chest as I take my right thumb and with full force stick it into the inside corner of his right eye. I intended to leverage his eye out and onto his cheek. Sore loser is flopping around like fish out of water and escapes my grasp before I can accomplish my task. He grabs his sore eye and flees the scene. A sore loser with a sore eye. I never left the lazyboy, nor did I get the 40 bucks he owed me, see I'm not lucky at all.

    Four, my renter good old Roy had a friend he hadn't seen in over 20 years show up on his doorstep with a matchbox sized backpack in his hand, needing a place to crash for a few days, ok. Two months later he is still there drinking, smoking and eating off of good old Roy. As if that isn't bad enough, good old Roy is a neat freak to the max, I mean everything is always clean, and put up in its place, I mean everything, and this guy is a total slob. Good old Roy he just can't take it anymore, but he just doesn't have the gumpf to do what needs to be done. So he ask me to throw the bum out. I don't have a problem with that, the bum is only about 5'6' and maybe 140lbs soak and wet. Hell I'm 6'2' 280lbs and except for a 48 inch waist I'm all about being twisted steel and sex appeal. So it is off to the races.

    I tell the bum he has to leave and he wants to argue about renter/squatter rights and that I'll need a sheriff's deputy to evict him. Wrong, without warning I land a stiff left jab, a glancing right cross and have him by his scrawny neck choking the hell out of him. I almost screwed up, I was into the moment, rather enjoying watching the bums eyes begin to roll back in his head, when he caught me by surprise and went limp. The dead weight, I don't mean he was dead, what I'm saying is when he went limp it caught and threw me off balance, so we tumbled to the floor with his head breaking a window out on the way down. The fight was over and done, the eviction was completed in the next ten minutes.

    Five, my step-son's wife, who I love like my own daughter, had been having a ongoing feud with the neighborhood dope dealer over the price of tea in China or the deal over some prescription drugs. I bitch about it, but for the most part stay out of their business. But here a short while back my daughter-in-law pulls into my front yard with the local dealer hot on her heels . I look out the window and there he is standing over her yelling down into her face waving his arms around. My daughter-in-law had her mother with her, who I had never met, she was in town for the upcoming wedding. Hi-ho, Hi-ho, weddings and funerals I go. Anyway one way or the other, I just can't have it like that.

    So, I'm out the door with my hickory cane, it is a very cool cane, a bit bigger around than most, it has a oversized hooked handle with a sharply angled ending and a brass tip for a toe.. Do you know what I mean? I just walked up and smacked him in the ribs with it, he grabs a hold of it and tried to pull it out of my hands, but all he succeeded in doing was to pull me and my full weight and good right hand into him. I fired it and saw his baseball cap go one way and him another, helicopter down. Get off my property, he does. My daughter-in -law and her mother also leave. I didn't get to meet her, just a wave as they drove away. I met her later at the wedding, real nice lady, I think she liked me, I'm not sure, she never came out to my house again.

    Twenty minutes later the sheriff dept shows up, two vehicles two deputies. What??The local dealer called the cops on me!! What is this world coming to? Kids these days. They roust me but do not make an arrest because the dealer has decided to not press charges, but they tell me I need to know that I can't just walk out and start smacking people. Also I need to go over and apologize to the guy. Yeah right, like that's going to happen. They leave, not five minutes later the dealer is over here apologizing to me for the cop thing. Saying his wife called them before he knew it. Whatever.

    Six, this happened about a month and a half ago. I hesitate to tell you all about it, but for the sake of full disclosure I must. All witnesses and the guy I fought agree I started it. I find that hard to believe, but,,, I guess. With that said, and because this is getting lengthy what do you say we go straight to the fight itself. It started ok, I'm thinking I got this, but only after a few ineffective punches exchanged the loose fitting sweatpants I was wearing fell to my ankles. I don't have a shirt on so now I'm naked, tripping over my sweats and headed to the ground. I hit my head on something or the other on the way down and end up with this highly motivated dude on my chest. I end up with a small black eye, compared to some I've had, and a split lip.The worst indignity was when the awfully mean, and I say evil bastard, reached back and graped a fist full of my balls and gave them a mighty squeeze. After too much good natured laughing. way too much in my mind's eye, the fight was broken up. How embarrassing. Hey you win some you lose some, no excuses. I swear every word of these stories are the truth to the best of my ability. And if absolutely necessary I can provide written testament to the events from the witnesses. I'm serious.

    I was bored with waiting for the election results to come in and have been wanting to write down a record of these last two years fights, just so I could take a look at them from outside of my head. I'm glad I did. My friends and family say that they are going to get me a fight for my 80th birthday.

    In the meantime I expect to rest quietly, enjoying my retirement while petting my small stack of Zerp.

    I really have liked and enjoyed the years I've spent on the POM discussing various topics with other extremely intelligent and remarkable people.

    The Dems took the house, damn.

  11. JC,
    Great article! As always. So, a couple questions for you...
    1. Do you believe in a God or supreme being?
    2. Do you believe in a Satan or a supreme evil being?
    I have my personal beliefs on both. Just curious if they align with yours?
    I look forward to your reply.

  12. The Anonymous (Group) that showed up on 4chan way back when, 2003, referring to themselves as Annons(nothing new Q) is but a slight shadow of the hellraisers that ran amuck on the boards for a few years. A few arrest and the pressure they brought to bear allowed the intelligence communities to fully infiltrate and then co-op the group into the disinfo psyop it is today. The kids had fun while it lasted.

    IMHO the adoption of the Guy Fawkes mask was a shallow misunderstand of who GF was, they made their choice of that mask off the script used in the V for Vendetta movie. They were a group of young hackers, flexing the cyber muscles. They must of felt like they were on some kind of cyber steroids, the thing grew out of hand, and as a result they got spanked. They were a young group of talented hackers, but not historians.

    I sure don't know but I like to think many of the original group are today working somewhere using their amazing talent and skills on the right side today's cyberwars. I always thought they were good kids with a idealism without proper harness.

    1. "the right side" Maybe there is no right side or left side, just up or down bro...Me I'm stickin right here in the middle for as long as I can. Leaves a man with choices it seems. Leaving room to sway with the wind and bend without breaking...

  13. Put Your Lights On

    Hey now
    All you sinners
    Put your lights on
    Put your lights on

    Hey now
    All you lovers
    Put your lights on
    Put your lights on

    Hey now
    All you killers
    Put your lights on
    Put your lights on

    Hey now
    All you children
    Leave your lights on
    You better leave your lights on

    'Cause there's a monster
    Living under my bed
    Whispering in my ear
    There's an angel
    With a hand on my head
    She say I've got nothing to fear

    There's a darkness
    Livin' deep in my soul
    I still got a purpose to serve
    So let your light shine
    Deep into my hole
    God, don't let me lose my nerve
    Don't let me lose my nerve

    Hey now, hey now, hey now, hey now
    Whoa-oh hey now
    Hey now, hey now, hey now, hey now

    Hey now
    All you sinners
    Put your lights on
    Put your lights on
    Hey now
    All you children
    Leave your lights on
    You better leave your lights on

    'Cause there's a monster
    Living under my bed
    Whispering in my ear
    And there's an angel
    With a hand on my head
    She say I've got nothing to fear
    She say
    La ilaha illallah
    We all shine like stars
    La ilaha illallah
    We all shine like stars
    And then we fade away

    1. Thank you Dane,

      I must admit I never ever realized the meaning of the lyrics of a song that I must have listened to a thousand times!

      If I may say, I sense a very very dark and sinister meaning in the words and I may be well wrong but the following I found alarming indeed:

      "Hey now
      All you children
      Leave your lights on
      You better leave your lights on"

      "Cause there's a monster
      Living under my bed
      Whispering in my ear
      And there's an angel
      With a hand on my head
      She say I've got nothing to fear
      She say
      La ilaha illallah
      We all shine like stars
      La ilaha illallah
      We all shine like stars
      And then we fade away"

      Is my imagination on overdrive you think?! What does this mean do you think?


      1. I think it can be used as a reflection to see into our own perspective of things.

        It could also be a message to all the sinners out there to stop sinning and turn their light within on. The light within could mean the higher internal guidance of what is right that we all know but ignore because of the peer pressure of psychotic society. If we don't ignore what we know is right we are an outcast and labeled as insane and our brain is wired to seek out that comfort that being accepted provides. The thing is the comfort only exists while we are in society. When we are alone we cannot bear to look at ourselves in the mirror because our conscious always knows.

        The monster living under my bed...I have one for sure. I don't over feed him though. We live in a world that takes a little monster from time to time in order to survive. Some let it run their lives though and this makes problems throughout the world.

        The angel touching his head is our higher, inner or I think you call it God head within us. Our conscious knowing of right.

        It's the age old story of good wolf and bad wolf within us all.

        Now the "turn your lights on" can take another meaning of looking at ourselves to find the balance of good and bad within us.

        If we fear to look at ourselves or to step away from the peer pressure we will never grow or evolve spiritually before "we fade away".

        Solitude gives one the time to face these monsters, demons, etc. so we can understand them and work with them as opposed to pretending they don't exist and then being blind to them when they show their face. Most times I've noticed the misunderstood or ignored monster comes out in acts against the ones we love. But to understand it allows one to use it when it's needed for survival, motivation and such and to calm it when its not needed like when we are with our loved ones.

        Best to get it worked out while we are alive and able, solitude finds us all in the end because we all navigate through death alone, but at that moment it's too late to make corrections or adjustments.

        That doesn't mean to go leaving the wife or Meditation, a few hours of alone time and such can work wonders for the soul as long as we are finding the sound of silence and not jamming, watching tv so on and so forth.

        So you see my friend we get out of life what we put into it. If we see something as a negative influence or positive influence it is us projecting that from ourselves not the object projecting it towards us. I've not figured out how to see Antifa, fascism, Marxism in a good light yet but then those aren't objects are they? Only the people who believe those notions are objects. So maybe the answer is finding a way to love them even though they don't see life in the same light as we do. Challenging for sure but then that's why we are here right?

        Hope this helps pal.

        1. Hi Dane,

          Thank you so much for elaborating the meaning of the song. I think I over-analyzed the lyrics and ignored the humanistic message that it dark side spoke perhaps? possibly! In future though, will have to use your methodology for seeing through the words in a song. 🙂

          Thanks again my friend and I wish you a happy Monday.

          1. Lol, you are very welcome CD but don't use my view, they are only right for me and if you do then you won't see what is inside of you. Instead reflect on what you see in the words and if you don't like what you see look within yourself to change what is inside that makes you see them that way. The change has to come from within us, the outside world is just a reflection of what we are on the inside. Use what you see in things to measure your inner being and see where if anywhere you want to change yourself my friend until finally the outside world looks exactly how you want it to. Then you will know you are right where you should be. Try to remember things don't project themselves to us, instead what we think they project is only a reflection projecting back to us showing us who we are on the inside. Not what we think we are but who we truly are.

            Thank you CD, I had a wonderful Monday and I hope yours was wonderful also.

  14. All,
    If I am analyzing the current trend on XRP correctly, my chart line projections on Poloneix are telling me that price on XRP will be going sideways for next week or so (until like Nov 16-18). Price will be ranging at the current level ($.49-$.52 give or take) during this time and then should make it's next run to $.62-$.65.

      1. Hi dane,
        it´s been a long time since I´ve been out of reading and posting at POM.

        You once asked me what I thought about Ripple XRP. Remember?

        Well, I´m sorry to say that I might be the only one here (or one of the only ones) who has zero confidence in cryptos, at least in the short/mid term.
        TPTB are still in total control of everything.
        I wrote my reply to that question you asked months ago here because it´s the place that I found that might suit best, and because I´m very busy and I´m not sure when I will be able to reply again.

        Have a wonderful day.


        1. Hello David,

          Glad you could make it back. I'm sorry you feel that way about XRP and Ripple pal. Maybe I can help a little by sharing what I've learned.

          With so many people inhabiting the planet it seems very unlikely that the beast (TPTB) will ever be completely eradicated from the minds of man. Therefore, the beast (TPTB) will most likely always be here to some degree or another. Knowing that lets look at how to approach this facet of our existence.

          Like within each one of us it seems the best way to exist is by accepting our uniqueness. Once we begin to accept ourselves for who or what we are we can begin analyzing ourselves. While analyzing ourselves we find this beast within...just a fragment of our whole being mind you. Now if we don't fear this beast we can stand in the face of it and analyze it. When we apply other fragments of our being to this analytical process, like compassion, empathy and such we can form an understanding of it. This understanding can lead to knowledge. But all this allows us to extinguish the fear of it and we can then begin to work it into our wholeness or uniqueness so we can work in harmony as a whole being.

          Now if we understand this beast we can begin to understand the outward beast of things (TPTB) and in understanding how these things work we can work with it to get our peace and piece of the pizza pie.

          Since your commenting today I have to assume that your a bit frustrated in this most recent downturn of the market. But you shouldn't worry about it. Don't let emotion interfere with a solid investment.

          For instance Bitcoin Cash is going through a hard fork. Simply speaking the two facets of this fork are battling for dominance on the backside of the fork. In the process of the battle some large Bitcoin mining companies have chosen sides and are mining the heck out of their side of the Bitcoin Cash fork. This invested mining is being redirected from Bitcoin mining thus causing a decrease in Bitcoin mining which decreases Bitcoin purchases which decreases the overall market cap growth. Another leg of this fork is that investors are most likely securing their investments somewhere else until the battle is settled. Now regarding XRP's decline I've read that some of the large million dollar accounts are selling which will allow further decentralization of XRP. This is a good and healthy thing for the XRP ecosystem.

          The main thing to remember is all the knowledge we have gained about the institutions, governments, corporations and individuals who are investing into this new asset class (cryptos). Knowing this we can have confidence that the market class isn't going anywhere and will recover. In time it will begin its slow climb in values again. Adding this fork knowledge and the further decentralization of XRP we are armed with knowledge and we can approach TPTB with a certain sense of confidence. With this confidence we can see how the beast capitalizes on the emotional trends of the masses and treat these low value times as great bargain buys. Knowing that they are out to make money and we want to make money why not surf on their wave of making money and make some of our own? So the pattern is when the emotional masses are buying, it's time to be selling and inversely when they are selling (like now) it's the time to buy. The masses are operating on emotion which costs them money and being a cog in the wheel they keep going around and around while those who are operating on knowledge, logic and intelligence can slowly amass capital over time.

          That being said I'm not a player so I'm not selling so much as buying and holding. So when I see these waves of emotion moving the market I'll sit back and buy while its cheap and bank it. This is sound to me because if you look at the long term market trends you will see that each low is higher than the low before it. This is long term slow a bear market. To me that's a pretty healthy long term return on my time and labor.

          I hope this helps you and others at least understand what gives me peace of mind and hopefully a piece of the pizza pie in the long term. Heck I always wanted to surf but was fearful of the sharks. Understanding them though, we know we just have to watch out for them and move with their flow my friends. 🙂

          Hope you and the POM community have a great day.

  15. I’ve often heard that all the instructions to life are found in nature. I’ve looked and fail to find in nature any natural occurrence to align with communism or socialism. If there are indeed none then communism and socialism must be man made systems born by men who think they know how to manage life better than its creator. Man didn’t create life therefore communism and socialism have to be corruptions to mankind’s natural evolution. As such they would seem to be evil in that they hinder mankind’s natural evolution which would include our spiritual evolution.

    Can we consider the church to be similar to communism and socialism? Have they not dictated what mankind should consider to be the word of God? Do they not impregnate our minds with these instructions? Did the church not decide which books would comprise the common man’s bible? Do they not demand servitude and obedience to the church and its officers? Do they not use guilt and emotion to funnel money from its people into the church?

    A Capitalist system or better a Free Capitalist system being a combination of the Capitalist and Free Market systems on the other hand seems to resemble the natural order of nature in many ways. But only if the Free Market system can remove the unnatural act of Monopoly that the Capitalist system tends to create. It seems as if this would be a more natural system which would be more in alignment with the natural or universal evolution of life. A Free Capitalist system would mean that people would be responsible for their status in society and be accountable to themselves for whatever level they may rise to within this society. Of course law and order should be followed in this quest because Monopolization would be Communistic or Socialistic characteristics and would corrupt a Free Capitalist system.

    The ones I’ve heard oppose a free capitalist system are Communistic and Socialistic ideological people who either want to control other groups of people or lack the will to both be responsible for their actions and those who are unwilling to work. They demand that those who work harder and make more should sacrifice capital from their time and labor to those who feel a sense of entitlement to someone else’s capital and don’t want to work as hard for their own capital. This sense of entitlement is an unnatural characteristic of being, so one would have to presume it is a condition from some outside influence.

    In this comment I am using these understandings of a Capitalist system and Free Market system. A capitalist system and a free market system are both economic environments that are based on the law of supply and demand. They both are involved in determining the price and production of goods and services. However, capitalism is focused on the creation of wealth and ownership of capital and factors of production, whereas a free market system is focused on the exchange of wealth, or goods and services.

    Read more: How is a Capitalist System Different Than a Free Market System? | Investopedia

    1. Hi Dane and Thank you for sharing your thoughts, all very interesting and I am very grateful.

      The authentic natural life is Self-Organizing by nature and anything that upsets this inherent disposition is therefore fake and in regards to Communism, Socialism and if I may add any form of "organized" religion or group is man's attempt in either manipulating nature and the self-organizing natural flow.

      If we take the human body as an example, there we will see the self-organization at work. Now, we are never conscious of what happens inside of our bodies and how the self-organizing body takes care of things to create a homeostasis, that is to create a state of equilibrium which is again, the purpose of the self-organizing natural system. A function that we all have is the way our bodies deal with excess sugar in the blood. In a natural human body, when we take sugar form, whether candies, cakes, or just a sweet coffee or tea etc. the natural feedback mechanism in our body produces insulin as a means of reducing the excess sugar in our bloodstream. What insulin does, is that it is the hormone that acts like a "key" that is issued to all blood cells to literally open the door to allow in glucose molecules and keep it inside of the cell, hence creating homeostasis by reducing the sugar level which if exist above the norm can potentially be fatal and less so may cause serious harm to other organs. This is why people with a blood sugar disease known as Diabetes must take insulin to prevent problems because their bodies are not capable of dealing with excess sugar naturally.

      We know that nature has an inbuilt feedback system to create balance therefore but mankind is constantly attempting to defy that and by various methods, he is trying to fool nature. Our ancient ancestor's whether believing in a particular religion or not we're aware of nature and its power since they lived with the elements and not suffered from it. In all ancient societies, as an example, human beings did some kind of prayer before eating. This was a kind of prayer in appreciation of the plants, fruits, vegetables or animals they had hunted. Their prayers were for the soul of the being that gave their life so humans can survive and continue living. I often wonder if Thanksgiving was one of such festivals as a reminder we are here as we are consuming other beings which are now turned into a feast of eating with no idea of its history and philosophy! Being Grateful for eating every day is off the menu for the modern man as we have a sense of entitlement to other beings that we share space with.

      In the same way, communism and other derivates of this non-self-organizing cult system is here to oppose the nature since it's advocates believe they are above nature and their role is to tame nature and to make it submit to their will. The same people now enforce their draconian belief on human sexuality and gender, now gone even as far as race and anything that is normal and natural!

      To think that Marxism, Communism etc, are a new invention is a mistake as this human tendency to control and ultimately to defeat the natural order of life in this universe has been tried much time in the past. The Mazdakite movement in the Sassanid dynasty in Iran is possibly the oldest but I believe similar cults were also in ancient China too. Mazdakites are known to be the proto-Marxists or better said, Collectivists. They were almost similar in simulating the self-organizing group of people against the rules and the natural flow of the society they lived under. A feature that comes time and time again in relation to such cults is their infatuation with human sexuality and their attempts in liberalizing sex for all, a kind of Free Love. Again none of this is the creation of the Beatles, Aldus Huxley or the Tavistock Institute of Human Psychology. All the above use, ideas off the shelf and they have access to details which we the normal folks in the street have not been informed of, but they do not invent, they just recycle or shall we say, the copy what's been there in history. Every time in history or in any religion at any one time, there were attempts in either expanding OR preventing human sexual contacts, you can be sure, that in either case, there is an attempt in CONTROL the human mind in that society. Think of Islamic societies and how they control sexual contacts between men and women. Now consider, the 60's and the overt invitation for sex amongst the people of the Western world. What is common here? It is CONTROL of the human mind, the victims, the slaves, the sex slaves, one is given no sex, the other given too much and free love. Nothing in both cases is the natural flow but manipulation to control behaviour.

      It is said that one way the German society after WWII was made to produce less and fewer offsprings was to introduce sex for young and women and guess which country the Beatles performed and made their name in? It was German in Humburg and area are known as "Reeperbahn" or translated as "Ropewalk"! This area is the red light district of the port city of Hamburg. Germany now is a dying nation with such a low and frightening birth rate, the planners have achieved success in the natural flow of an otherwise highly organized society. Somebody manipulated the natural flow of this nation that continues to this day when now there are over 3 million young men imported already. Sex is a powerful tool that in this case works as a weapon to diminish/destroy a nation by making sex available so the need for getting married is removed. These people know exactly what they are doing as they know history very well and they know human mind like an open book.

      In summary, Communism and other forms of collectivist systems are absolutely unnatural and it is developed to in fact upset the balance of nature for the control of the pockets of that society only.


      2. Here is the spooky Wikipedia on Mazdak and Mazdakite Proto-Socialist cult of pre-Arab invasion of Iran.

          1. Lol, I'm glad your not. I fixed my hypoglycemia by eating. Now I have a weight problem...bwahahahaha. Oh the joy of living 🙂

            Be well my friend.

  16. Dane, My Good Man
    Thanks for the compliment on my rant. I made it in response to the beautifully illustrated link you provided, "The Power of Anger- How to Use the Power of Your Dark Side."

    I read Rollo May's, Power and Innocence, my God, it feels like 40 years ago now. I read it while doing one of my stints in prison. I always wanted to but as of yet have never taken the lead to read "Love and Will."At this point I may have to go back to read it.

    As is my want, I often use the POM to exercise my frustrated writers desires. I try to entertain using the tragic and humorous aspects of my life, while clearing my mind and heart. I often question myself, is the POM the correct venue? After I promised to contribute positively? I'll admit this, without hesitation, sometimes after hitting the send button, I will not even check in with the POM for a couple or three days. I kind of hideout thinking, worst case scenario, the piece will be ignored and pass on into the cloud and then be deleted by JC in a couple or three years. (but ahh, and just this is a wild guess, I suggest My Good Man has access to every word JC has ever written and the comments that accompany them, just a wild guess)My greatest fear has always been, someone would reply saying something like, "WTF, this is a serious site, get the fuck out of here."

    That's never happened. Not even close, I'm humbled and swelled with pride at the same time. That's not cognitive dissonance, that's positive resonance. Positive resonance? Never heard it used like that before, think I'll coin it.

    I think I told bits and pieces of this story before, as matter of fact I know I have.
    But I believe it is worth retelling because of what I plan to add to it.

    I first had the great pleasure of being introduced to JC and the POM a few years ago when I mistyped free porn and got hooked up with FREEPOM instead. The cool cover art caught my eye, and I found the article intriguing. I was hooked and stayed with the FREEPOM for many months after, I liked the fact I could comment on the articles. I found a couple of places I could find and read JC's paid content for free and did so for a while, but all I could do was read them, sans the commentary, plus there was no way I could comment. So I made the decision to pay the price, so that "my" voice could be heard among and along side of the extremely intelligent and remarkable people that make up the POM. Hell Yeah!! I've never regretted that decision.

    If not for this solid connection I would know little or something less about the dif between money and currency. How one must flow, and how the other tends to blow. Central banks, reserve currencies, Bretton Woods, the bancor, IMF, BIS, The World Bank, the Triffin Paradox, that old gold(my shine) and the petrodollar, SDR's, 2010 accords, all the high level meetings etc, etc, etc,,,,,,. And then came the cryptos.

    One in particular, Ripple's XRP. the many hours JC has spent patiently explaining, first it's utility and then alluding to its potential to decentralize the trend of centralization that has plagued our kind. It is hard not to get strung out on hopium.

    Now I want to speed past the money side. If it hadn't been for JC and the POM I seriously doubt I would have any XRP to have and to HolD, much less pet. Think about it, what is about to come online before EOY is mind boggling. I spend more time than I should, if my soul is honestly as important as my terestral. I like checking out XRP sites, Utube and blogs. I tend to fav those that have XRP at 589$ or 1200$ EOY. Hopium is in the top ten of a addictions list, if not top three .

    I know more than just a little bit about addiction, very little of it is physical , six, seven bad days at the most. Have a few stiff drinks, wish-key, bods-ka,,, your choice, smoke some pot, your going to have a few days of a hard flu, your sick. Quit, quit quit, thinking about anything, your job, it's lost, your house, your car, your boat. Your boat? For God's sake fuck it first, you know you are going lose them, all anyway.So here is where it really gets HARD. Fuck your friends, and family to. That's right, the pretty little wife that adores you and then add the 1.5 children, who look to you to reaffirm what little they know and rely on you to provide them a better, or at least a path as good as the one you walked upon by provision. Fuck all that stuff, it is all gone anyway, all that is left is you. Hopium, as Rick James said about cocaine, "thats a hell of a drug."

    All gone. All that is left now is you. So what are are you going to now do, big boy, what are you going to do now?

    I must admit I struggle with what I know to be true, and more so with some of my arrogance when I parallel my simple drug addictions of the past to the addictions of the people/citizens of our current world. A world in some distress, unless we as people /citizens find a way above and beyond to exist and prosper with all of our difs and gifts.

    I went on my monthly shopping trip to Sam's Culp today, it is vet's day. I did not serve, never-the-less I was greeted and told, by three people "thank you for your service, sir."I always came back at it quick as a whip "thank you but I did not serve." blew my my mind I was told "you damn sure look like you did." I was never prouder to be an American.

    Beyond this place of my shame, smiles and tears looms but the excitement of the light. And yet the menace of the years finds and shall find me holD ZERP. Hehe.

    Thank you JC
    And I thank the POM

    1. Hey Peter, I heard about some satanic stuff back when I was a kid about playing those old records backwards. You remember? Well come to find out if you do it with a country record you end up getting your job back, your house back, your car back and even your boat back my friend. Lmao 🙂

    2. My Dearest Pieter,

      You are a true Gem and asset. Please continue and share your thoughts and experiences with us. For one thing, I learn from you something that I can not learn anywhere else as you are a liberated soul and you are humble and wise and extremely witty! (Love your sense of humour) I found the following absolutely hilarious and it's the kind of humour that shows real intelligence and wisdom because it is selfless and's the George Carlin materials, a philosopher comedian's material:

      "I first had the great pleasure of being introduced to JC and the POM a few years ago when I mistyped free porn and got hooked up with FREEPOM instead."

      Your sincerity and nobleness of spirit for writing that is of a human being IMHO who has experienced ups and downs of this world and still manages to laugh about the absurdity of it all. In fact, this line is probably the most profound:

      "... it is all gone anyway, all that is left is you".

      I often think let's say if my XRP's provides me say 5 0r more millions USD and the thoughts of, I will do this and that and the other, but then I have to finally deal with little, "me". When I am much older and hopefully wiser but that's never guaranteed, what will I do about, me? I call this the last house which I think it's a place where I have to confront myself in the mirror when there is no proving necessary for the world and we have to confront ourselves and all the nonsense that we have been through, both bad and good. In truth, if I ever can get that much wealth, my dream and pleasure are to give it away to the people I know who's life will be changed and yet I ask myself, would I play god and ruin their chances of going through the "rigmarole" of life! This life is the realm of the "snake & ladders" and on the same board, multiple lives will be played. I worry about interfering with the game! So I have a little Triffin dilemma about that 🙂

      And here's the weirdness of things. I tried to look up the correct Grammar/spelling of "rigmarole" and the following came up as an example:

      "I meant it as a reminder of the thing we all know — our days here are breathtakingly short so carpe diem and all of that — yet in the rigmarole of life tend to forget. [The Chronicle Herald]"

      It seems I get a message to stop right here.

      Please write more and share your thoughts, my Dear Friend, as you help me fine tune my understanding of this world and confirming to me it is a wonderful world and how lucky I am to be alive at this time to experience the greatest change in centuries...and in the most amazing country on earth in 2018...and knowing so many great and noble souls on POM. I can tell you that each one of us regardless of the places we came from, professional achievements or otherwise and level of wealth etc. are helping to turn the wheels of this special time. I sincerely believe that every single one of us alive today is here for a reason and that is to change the paradigm for all mankind. POM is the powerhouse of TRUTH. Thanks to our noble JC for making this bastion of great minds.

      I also wanted to thank you for mentioning the late Rollo May, he was a brilliant mind and this interview with Jeffery Mishlove is incredible.

  17. Also, I can totally believe that you look like a vet. That aligns with my mental image of you too.
    Mayhaps you did serve in a former life.

  18. Life is a Mystery
    Without Mystery, we get Death.
    without Death
    we have no Mystery
    and no Hope
    Without Hope
    We can not exist
    without existing
    there's no one to observe
    without the observer
    there's only the void
    of potentiality, possibility
    No Life only dreams

    Add Mystery
    you have hope, wars, famine, disasters, love, sex, joy, marriage, divorce, disappointments, laughter, breakdown, celebration, victory and LIFE and DEATH, and more Mystery...
    and the Mystery of the biggest Riddle
    of WHY?
    We get stress, anxiety, and we LIVE

    You wouldn't want to live in a world free of any of the above...I certainly wouldn't. If I come back again (which I don't), I will experience all the above again as, without any of the ingredients above, life would not worth living!

    "The unexamined life is not worth living" "Socrates" (479-339 BCE)

    "We Lack Mystery!"...Rollo May

    1. Perhaps the mystery schools will have a revival. 🙂

      “Yesterday is history,
      tomorrow is a mystery,
      and today is a gift...
      that's why they call it present”

      ― Master Oogway

      1. Very nicely put Dane, Thank you,

        I did not link the "Mystery schools" element when I wrote this! Thanks for making the connection, my friend. In fact, now we can see why we do not appreciate Mystery schools and that's because we have become too logical and cannot use the gift of imagination to find anything outside of the empirical realms.

        The rigidity of the thought process has brought us no sense of humour, the death of beauty and art and the degradation of music and anything we call human expressive forms. Hollywood is dying and they killed the Seventh art, by hatred and ignorance. Art with hatred is darkness.

        The late Rollo May explained it so well and why as you said:
        "Perhaps the mystery schools will have a revival."

        I think we are at the beginning phases of a new renaissance and a return to the way our ancient ancestors looked at the world and such revival as you said necessitate a revival of schools where people can learn about the infinite beauty and the real significance of the Mystery. As a lover of classical music, I think those great masterpieces were created by a different kind of mindset in their only purpose was to elevate the human soul and not degrading it. The past few decades, the cultural Marxists have displayed the most gruesome and ugliest forms of the darkest human expression. They are the harbinger of the end of an era and as history shows us, after a death, there is always a revival.

        1. Your welcome CD. I liked this statement

          "The rigidity of the thought process has brought us no sense of humour, the death of beauty and art and the degradation of music and anything we call human expressive forms. Hollywood is dying and they killed the Seventh art, by hatred and ignorance. Art with hatred is darkness."

          because I've had a recent revelation. I've always looked at art as being a painting, sculpture, musical sequence so on and so forth. Perhaps that's not the art though. What if those are all products OF the art itself? For instance we can take things like "The Art of War" or "The Art of the Deal" as indicators that the art is the thorough understanding of a process, so thorough that it becomes a love in our hearts and minds which produces an artful understanding of it. Such an artful understanding that we can perform the process in harmony with love which produces such artful beauty it captures our eye.


          1. Hi Dane,

            Some great points and this one is a great question:

            "I've always looked at art as being a painting, sculpture, musical sequence so on and so forth. Perhaps that's not the art though. What if those are all products OF the art itself?"

            So, what if Art is the replication of the idea Perfection in the mind of the Artist, of the natural process and flow of life in this world! What if Art is the capture of a moment (or longer!) or a celebration of beauty that the observer witnesses through his/her soul and expresses it intellectually? There are probably around 30,000 locations in Africa alone where man depicted his environment on rocks which today is the subject of Anthropologists and other human science enthusiasts. They are known as Rock Art and each would quite possibly qualify as brilliant. They also tell us a lot about what went through the minds of the artist. What was the urge to paint? Was it to show off, to inform, or simply EXPRESS?

            In the same way, what are the purpose of Dancing and we feel energized and happy because of it? What is being replicated here, if it's not the natural flow of energies around us? What if the key to the perfection of any art form is being Unique? What if the "Art "if War" by Sun Tzu, is the expression as well as the perfection of the natural struggle of life, that is constant war, as also becomes the Zoroasters basis of his philosophy, of a constant battle of light vs dark? What if War is also a natural flow of and possibly and evidently a necessary feature if not a pillar of life? Can we say the same about "The Art if the Deal"? We probably can, when we speak of the term, Perfection, of anything, when we turn that act into an Art form.

            As children, we all experienced the joy of play with clay and later the synthetic form, which is Playdough. The number of times, each one of us as children recreated objects and people we imagined and some around us. Where'd each one of us an Artist in the making or at least on our way to mould and shape a future developed mind? The next thing to consider is the concept of "Play" and why all species play? Could it be because the whole cosmos is a large scale play? Could the supreme device being is bored and he needs entertainment? What if his entertainment is the Art of Perfection and whether this perfection ever end?

            Wish you a great and happy Friday my friend.

          2. Cool thoughts CD. I kind of feel that happiness and joy are two different things. Happiness is always married with sadness or a longing to remain happy. So when I'm done doing what makes me feel happy I get sad or long to do it again in order to recapture that moment of happiness. Joy on the other hand seems to be deeper and without any attachment whatsoever. It's a moment in time that passes and is locked away as an experience. Maybe happiness is only a material emotion and joy is a fusion of a material emotion and spiritual emotion? Eh I'm a complicated fella though.

            I was thinking a work of art may not be an object but instead perhaps its working at something we so fully understand and love that what is produced becomes an art form. Maybe like thought forms and such. What do you think?

  19. Allow me to begin this piece of me with a heartfelt thank you to all my companions on the POM. Your compassions are the fuel for my fire.

    I believe it was Rudolf Steiner who struggled with and alluded to the idea that WW1 was a symbol that the decisions made some 70 or more years ago to begin to release some of the secrets of the ancient mystery schools fell short of their best intentions. My reading of his work leads me to tend to believe he suggested, predicted, or perhaps even left a prophecy during that 'Great War," that humanity would have another chance to better grasp the concepts of the 'mysteries' a century later.

    Was the good Doctor Steiner correct? I think so, or he made a damned good guess.

    1. My Dearest Pieter,

      Rudolf Steiner made predictions that in fact, the year 2016 is the time of the removal of Ahrimanic power from this world. The war on the ground as we are witnessing today is only a part of the much bigger players at war on a much higher level that involves two distinct groups of Light vs Dark or forces of Ahriman. The Light will be the winner as Ahriman exists only in the absence of the Light. I think the Greeks pantheons later the Romans, as well as the Hindus Polytheism, may have depicted the war of Gods more succinctly and accurately in terms of the battle in higher realms.

      One feature of Ahrimanic forces is the expansive use of technology as a means of removing conscious beings and instead the dominance and reliance of machines in place of vibrant human souls. We seem to have entered the period where a revival of the Mystery Schools is returning.

      The following is a fascinating dialogue from a movie made in the early 80's, by the name of "Dinner with Andre'". This 5 min. section of the movie is so prophetic and rich in content that would only make one think that this movie carries a payload which is intended for a select audience as it is esoteric meaning may have not been understood at the time. I wonder if the term "steganographic" to describe at least this portion of the movie would be correct!

      I found his mention of "Pockets of Life" definitely applies to POM and how we have gathered here and why!

      Wish you a great Friday, my friend.


    "In a cathedral in Ukraine, “Patriarch” Filaret — the deposed bishop of a schismatic church — has blessed the use of an entirely new religious painting: an icon of St. George slaying the double-headed eagle.

    The double-headed eagle is the most recognizable symbol of Orthodox Christianity today (other than the cross). The claws of the eagle hold a cross and an orb, symbolizing peaceful cooperation between the Church and the government. The flag was historically used by the Roman Empire in the East (Byzantine), and by the Russian Empire. Today, it is the official flag of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of the Orthodox Church.

    Depiction of St. George slaying the double-headed eagle in a Ukrainian cathedral
    One of the most famous religious images in the Orthodox Church is an icon of St. George defeating a dragon.

    The dragon — a traditional symbol for evil — has been replaced by the double-headed eagle in this new Ukrainian icon.

    The double-headed eagle is on the coat of arms for the Russian Federation, the coat of arms of Serbia, the flag of Montenegro, the historic flag of the eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire, and the official flag of the Greek Orthodox Church, and of Mount Athos.

    In a public display of disdain for the historic Orthodox Faith — and disdain for the numerous countries which have the double-headed eagle on their national flags — Filaret has openly praised this new icon, and has blessed its presence in the Holy Transfiguration Cathedral. This took place on October 12, just one day after Patriarch Bartholomew had removed an anathema from Filaret."

    J.C, I don't think there is anything I like and cheer about modern day Russia and I'm sure it is headed towards disintegration like many other nations in the so-called West, the symbolism in the link I provided is a testament to your wonderfully unique and precious work covering the ever-present struggle between the double-headed eagle vs. single-headed eagle and the dragon(as represented heavily in the City of London). The recently approved autocephaly of Ukrainian Church at the hands of a Istanbul Patriarch who is arguably a Jesuit asset is unsurprisingly followed by the above act. Now how about the symbolism? Isn't that incredible?

  21. I would like to back-up my above claim that the Istanbul Patriach -who granted autocephaly to Ukrainian Church against the wishes of Russia which led to the Great Schism Volume 2- is indeed a Jesuit asset.

    "Many people were moved, in particular, by the Pope and the Patriarch’s embrace, and by Francis’s bowing before Bartholomew with a request to be blessed and to pray for the Church of Rome.[7] The Patriarch kissed him gently on his white zucchetto.[8]

    These gestures, along with the sentiments of faith and communion which provoked them, have founded a profound desire for dialogue with the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I.

    "I am grateful to the Jesuits, he tells me: I was a student of yours at the Pontifical Oriental Institute." In fact, of the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I’s long and extensive theological training, the five years in which he studied Eastern Canon Law in this institute receiving his doctorate in 1968 should be considered central. "

    What we come to see as religious strife is basically an outside manifestation of a same-old same-old behind-the-scenes struggle between two powers deciding on a path for humanity. The rest is just patterns as J.C says.

    1. Wow thanks SafetyFishnet. This is both sadening and infuriating. The age old war between external and internal God/Spirit. Of course this painting is a representation of the external way of thinking. It fears that if it dies the church dies because if everyone knew God/Spirit was within them, no one would need to come to an outward authority to know it. This is why it is so important to them to kill the two headed eagle way of things...

      1. I agree with you Dane, Joy and happiness are different but related in being on the positive sides of the human emotional spectrum.

        Regarding the following point you made:

        " may not be an object but instead perhaps it's working at something we so fully understand and love that what is produced becomes an art form. Maybe like thought forms and such.

        We may be entering the big philosophical debate on what constitutes Art here 🙂
        Generally speaking, for something to be officially called Art, there may be several elements necessary. The first is the element of universality in relation to the idea or if it is an object, so perhaps poetry is words written down that rhythms and carries a message understandable to more than one person. In this case, poetry is perhaps an abstract art form but it is equally can be appreciated by a group of people. However, according to some modernist "artists", anything can be called a work of art, as long as the artist maintains a "conviction" that it is art. One such person is Tracey Emin who insisted that her dirty and messy bed is an artwork! Without, giving my opinion, I invite you to take a look at the work and come to your own conclusion. You can also read her opinion and why she claimed that her "creation" is a work of art!

        If we consider the following poetry by the English William Wordsworth, one gets a picture in the mind from a written material that the poet personally experienced and wrote down in a poetic language that also carries out in time to what he experienced personally. But here we will see a universality of beauty, calm and space and time, all preserved from a moment of nature. So, we may see an abstraction of time and space but replicated in human language with words that convey a passing moment. I would encourage you to look up the whole piece as it is really beautiful and it is written in a way that we will be transported inside Wordsworth's mind as he captured his "joy" of that moment. This is Art as it has the universality of meaning and beauty, for anyone who can read it, and at any time.

        "I wandered lonely as a cloud
        That floats on high o'er vales and hills,
        When all at once I saw a crowd,
        A host, of golden daffodils;
        Beside the lake, beneath the trees,
        Fluttering and dancing in the breeze."

        Wordsworth got the inspiration to write this lovely piece after viewing the Daffodils! So nature inspires us and inspires us to open up and join in the Joy of life by expressing in Artistic forms.

        Considering that Wordsworth wrote this over 200 years ago (inspired in 1802), we can add an element of timelessness to what constitutes Art.

  22. Very accurate as always Dane, thanks for the distinction, as you said the external always finds a way to corrupt the internal via institutionalization and organization. No church, be it Catholic or Orthodox will ever be able to deliver the ever-sought heaven as a state of mind but hopefully we can all experience that thru double-headed eagle way ourselves.

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