Racism Doesn't Exist and It's Not About White Culture

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This article was originally published under PremiumPOM last Sept and was titled It's Not About White Culture.  After a few requests to revisit the material covered here, I am reposting as FREEPOM so others have the opportunity to be introduced to some of the more expansive research and topics which are presented here on the site.  Soon I will be returning to this research and will be expanding on the conclusions which have previously been made.  

New readers should not get hung up on the terms Crown Beast and World Adversarial Force.  These are meant to simplify a process of corruption which takes place within the heart, mind, and spirit of mankind on an individual level.  This corruption manifests on the larger macro level within the systems mankind creates to govern and manage our world.  Descriptive words and phrases simply help us build and hold an extensive and expansive picture of this process in our minds.  

The use of the double-headed eagle and single-headed eagle throughout human history is well documented from as far back as 6000 years ago.  Both are still in use today.  Most articles related to the use of these symbols in relation to the Crown Beast can be found under the Crown Beast heading.  Some articles are available for free while others will require a subscription.  Your subscription helps with additional research, writing, and continued development of the site.  

The world is going through a period of dramatic change right now.  Some old alliances will be coming back on the global stage, especially between America and Russia, who have been traditional allies since the War for Independence.  Russia has stood against the Crown Beast for most of its history and has stood beside the United States as it won its independence from the Crown Beast system and fought for centuries to defend that independence.  Russia will once again stand beside America as Trump takes back control from the Crown Beast.  

I know this is at complete odds with what most people hear from academia and media outlets.  But please consider that propaganda is a powerful tool of mass population control.  Terms such as racism and sexism have been cleverly developed and deployed to fragment Western civilization and make it more susceptible to the cultural engineering of the Marxist Revolution, which has in fact been one of the largest weapons used by the Crown Beast in the last two centuries.  Identity politics, or the arguments and political positions of the so-called left, which are debated by the so-called right, such as racism, sexism, Islamophobia, and a host of other emotion-loaded terms and phrases, do not exist.    They represent well-crafted wedges of cultural fragmentation who's existence is not even allowed to be debated.  That fact alone should be the red flag that something is not right.   

For an interesting perspective on the non-existence of racism please view this video with African American Pastor Jesse Lee Peterson.  Readers may also find another POM article titled The Unquenchable Flame interesting.  It is about Martin Luther King Jr. and how he was aligned with the forces of the double-headed eagle.  King would have spread Protestantism across the African American population and had to be eliminated in order to further corrupt the black population and allow for the spread of the false racist doctrine.

Please enjoy this article and I hope it opens up new areas of consideration and research for you.  There is so much which has remained hidden right in front of us.  - JC

The Real Reason for Mass Immigration and Multiculturalism

There’s something important which everyone has missed.

All of the research into the double-headed eagle symbolism and the pattern which it traces throughout human history is bringing about some surprising insights.  One area which has exposed more insights is to the demographics of mass populations.  The demographics of nations are loaded with data, but only if you know what data to research and trend.

The engineered cultural narrative is obsessed with race and promoting a loaded agenda which is meant to distract and manufacture false political arguments. We become so consumed with the talking points provided to us that we cannot see the obvious truth right in front of us.

Manipulating mass populations and shifting the historical alliances in the world requires a unique type of person. Disconnecting from the human aspects of this scope of work and implementing targeted campaigns, with strategic cultural and socioeconomic objectives, is damning work. It should be expected that the actual purpose and process of such strategies are kept from us at all costs. Manufacturing controlled arguments with well-crafted debate positions is so effective that 99.9% of the time we waste years and decades fighting over meaningless talking points which do nothing to change our world for the better.

But we can change this.

Since the 1950’s white Christian nations of the West have been experiencing increasing immigration from non-white and non-Christian countries. This immigrations has been expanding incrementally for decades and has exploded over the last few years.

The narrative being promoted to the disorganized masses is that white Christian culture is under attack. Both the mainstream media and the alternative media promote this engineered argument. We get drawn into the white race argument and are in turn made to feel guilty for expecting that white Christian cultural identity should be protected.

The insidious nature of this crafted social narrative is mind-boggling. We are presented with a false argument and subsequently manipulated into thinking that the false argument is racists and xenophobic. But the real reason for mass immigration has nothing at all to do with white Christian culture.

At least not directly.

Based on the information in the last post titled War Between the World’s Land Owners, we can now open our eyes further and see what has remained hidden right in front of us for generations.

In that post, we learned that the Catholic Church is one arm, or Crown, of many, which are an extension of a Crown system (non-British) which has existed in the world as far back as the Phoenician Empire. This Crown system obtained immense power during the Phoenician period, but slowly grew from seeds which were planted even further back.

The rise and fall of empires and the wars which have been waged can be partitioned into two sides. One side is represented by the single-headed eagle symbol. This is the symbol we have associated with the Crown and what we refer to as the World Adversarial Force.

Fighting against this Crown force, which is a beast with many heads, and crowns upon those heads, are the forces of human right-mindedness and spiritual empowerment. This force is represented by the double-headed eagle symbol. Its presence can be traced through history by looking for nations, empires, organizations, and religions which have used the symbol on its emblems and flags. There are some who are aligned on the side of right who do not use the symbol but are invariably associating with those who do.

The overlap of empires and the tug-of-war for control will create periods of time where the symbols may remain in use with the opposite side for a short period of time, but these periods are always short-lived and the symbols will always eventually revert back to their historical use.

I’ve only begun to scratch the surface on this research and can already fill the pages of endless volumes. Whole vistas of new understanding and knowledge have opened up before me, and large pieces of the human puzzle are dropping into place faster than I can get through my day and write an article about them.

This article is one of them.

When we consider that the Protestant Reformation was a cultural, religious, and socioeconomic strategy used against the Catholic Church and its Crown supporters, and how the international liberal agenda, along with the socialist and communists ideologies represent the counter reformation, we can begin to piece together what is happening in the modern world with accuracy.

Forget everything you thought you understood about the race arguments and multiculturalism. Those have nothing to do with what we are experiencing. They are false arguments.

Breaking down the illusion requires us to look at which nations in the world have a large Protestant population. Let’s start with predominantly white nations.

The one fact which emerges from this chart is that each of the worlds top protestant nations have been under constant multicultural engineering for generations. The massive migration which has been taking place over the last few years are specifically targeting these very same nations. Nations which are predominantly Catholic, or nations with low protestant populations as a percentage of the population, whether white of not, are experiencing very little, if any at all.


Of the worlds total Christian population, 50% are Catholic, 37% are Protestant, 12% are Orthodox, and 1% are listed as other. Russia and Ukraine, along with some other Eastern European nations, are predominantly Orthodox.

Now let’s take a look at non-White nations with a predominantly Protestant population as a percentage of the total population.

The countries on that list have suffered hardship under Crown cultural and socioeconomic engineering. Whether its manipulation of monetary and financial systems, along with currency collapse, natural disasters, civil war, or outright theft of resources and the purposeful sustaining of poverty, all of the nations have been subjugated.

Another curious fact is that immigration into the first batch of Western nations seldom comes from any of the second batches of nations in any meaningful numbers. If they do, it is always the non-Protestant demographics which are moved into the majority Protestant nations.

The strategy of multiculturalism and the policy of poverty waged against both groups of Protestant nations, white and non-white, represent two well-crafted programs developed by the Crown Beast as a part of the counter-reformation.

America was founded as a Protestant nation, and the development of its constitution and rights were aligned with the double-headed eagle Reformation which was taking place in Europe. The Crown, using the Catholic Church, as well as its creation of Islam, and political and banking agents from around the world, implemented programs to undermine the new nation and prevent the West from becoming a Protestant powerhouse which could align with Orthodox Russia and wage war against the Beast.

Though Islam was created by the Crown Beast, the double-headed eagle forces countered that particular movement and strategy by fragmenting the Islamic religion into two, much like they did centuries later to the Catholic Church with the Protestant Reformation. Supporting this conclusion is the fact that Sunni Islam has always been aligned with the Crown forces, and Shia Islam has remained aligned with the forces of the double-headed eagle, such as the alliance we still see today between Russia and Persia/Iran. The Crown, and its forces of destruction in the world have waged continuous war against Shia Islam in order to keep it from expanding and taking control of the Middle East from Sunni Islam.

That’s enough for now. The reader should be starting to understand how much of real history has remained hidden behind fabricated narratives and how much our own personal thoughts and opinions have been manipulated and controlled. - JC

JC Collins can be contacted at jcollins@philosophyofmetrics.com

This article is copyrighted by POM Media©2018. As non-Premium content it can be shared and reposted without further permission.

15 Comments on “Racism Doesn't Exist and It's Not About White Culture”

  1. Should Rwanda also be included on that list JC?


    Population: 11,901,484


    Protestant 49.5% (includes Adventist 11.8% and other Protestant 37.7%), Roman Catholic 43.7%, Muslim 2%, other 0.9% (includes Jehovah's Witness), none 2.5%, unspecified 1.3% (2012 est.)

    1. Absolutely. I actually wrote a specific piece about the genocide in Rwanda and how Protestantism was spreading in Central Africa from within Rwanda.

  2. Thanks for the content. I am only recently going down this particular rabbit hole.

    You say that nations which are predominantly Catholic are seeing little to no immigration. However, countries like France, Spain, Italy, Ireland and Belgium have seen unprecedented levels of engineered mass migration for many years now. They make up a significant percentage of the world's Catholic population.

    How do they fit into this?

    1. All have high Protestant populations as well, I only put the highest in the chart. Remember, the Protestant Reformation spread across Europe. Those all are European nations.

  3. "Will Trump Shake off the Chains of the Bankers?"

    New Eastern Outlook https://journal neo.org/2018/07/11/will-trump-shake-off-the-chains-of-the-bankers/

    Perhaps off topic, but I'm feeling, perhaps it is not.

  4. That said, JC, would you or the POm members care to comment on this last sentence of the aforementioned article.

    "A darker view, if the "banks," and we have chosen, perhaps wrongly, to apply this term to something far more powerful, almost ancient, more a religion or a cult, remain intact, can policy really change? If Western governments serve only the banks, that cult of fiat currency, if constitutions such as that America took upon itself in 1787 give all the power to capital, is looking to political leaders, for meaningful change a hopeless endeavor?"

    Or is a "Q" plan needed?


    1. Hey Peter, that was a good read. To further delve into your question what happens when a capitalist sits in the political CEO chair? Perhaps a marriage of two worlds seeking to understand and find a new path forward?

  5. Is there really an appropriate response to this question?
    In my view, all the changes that have taken place over the last few centuries have been realized through the accessibility and the power of the financial support , both in geopolitics and in industrial or economic matters. Most decisive battles were won because kings or emperors could financially assume their wartime activities . It is well known that Napoleon lost the war against England because his troops were no longer receiving their pay, while the British Crown , with the help of Rothschild , was able to secretly send a gold convoy to its troops during decisive battles in Spain.
    As you know, there was a gradual transfer of banking elites to America at the start of the 20 th century, which eventually led to a reversal of British financial hegemony in the late 1930 ' s.
    Today there seems to be a global dispersion of financial powers. Is this the prelude to the new globalized financial order? Likely, and in this case the current political gestures, as well as the cockfighting of key leaders are tactician maneuvers to ensure a sufficient share of the global financial pie.
    Over the ages, the power system has always been pyramidal, and has been applied in a dictatorial or more or less consensual manner according to periods, but power has always been associated with wealth concentration. Either through possession of land at first, or possession of industries and trading vectors thereafter. The de facto state monopoly of trade vectors such as money has existed for at least two millennium, and the ordinary citizen has accepted it, gradually moving from coins to paper notes, then to state bonds and corporate bonds before adopting currencies in electronic and dematerialized forms as we know have.
    More than half of the world has realized that these channels of currency exchange are only guaranteed bynothing else than wind, promises of debt repayment by future generations, yet everyone continues to accept these fictional representations of wealth.
    This is the very basis of the Fiat money system, if trust vanishes, the whole planet will be KO standing, and anarchy will follow. In 2008, with the sub-prime crisis and its contagion across all continents , it was a near thing. With this level of indebtness ,governments are slaves to the the banks, or as the article says, to the cult of Fiat Money, because they are supposed to be the guarantors of order in civil society, and that any kind of monetary collapse can only lead to chaos, as we see for the moment in Venezuela. In some ways, states are hostages to the financial system, so to banks.
    It's a flight forward, that digitalization has accelerated, and wich ,paradoxically offer an exit door, at least partial, via the crypto currencies that represent an additional step in an increasingly virtual monetary system. Ideally, we should hope that the rise of the few crypto currencies do not lead to another wave of absolute concentration in these cryptos between some actors, otherwise a new financial cartel will be recreated which will make the same mistakes as the current elite.
    But that's wishful thinking !

    1. Ledude59. Are you talking to me? If indeed so, I enjoin you to begin your correspondence with me by addressing me by name. I consider any less manner rude, and something I will not abide. I mean come on man, your going to go on your rant without address? So who are you talking to? Your damned self?

      That said, please accept that I say, I truly do appreciate what your response contained. And admire your skill in being able to put your thoughts from mind to keyboard in a way that can be comprehended. I envy you that.

      Ledude59 your opening sentence , "Is there really an appropriate answer to this question?" And your close, "But that's wishful thinking." Left me wondering if between you and my main man Dane, if I'm not stuck on the horns of a delima? Where my questions are tossed about between an attorneys trick, of answering a question with two more questions . Lol Ledude59, lol Dane.

      I began my response to JC's thought provoking article with a link to a Gordon Duff article. I have mixed feelings about GD and his main site "Veterans Today." I struggle with the components that strike me as his site being something of a military dis-info site. Still.

      I left the link with on the POM with a weak attempt at reverse psychology, duh, I'm dumb, " is this on topic," I quipped. When JC responded I tried to set a trap in order to draw him into responding to my 'Q' question. Of course he wasn't having any of that. And to you , Ledude59 , and my man Dane, good credit, neither did you.

      The "Q" thing has been punted about between POM'ers since it's inception some 8/10 months ago. It never really got much much traction. At first. I distinctly remember stating I did not trust it because, to mine eyes mind it felt like it was asking me to just sit down enjoy the show,"trust the plan." Enjoy the popcorn.

      Yeah well that's all fine and dandy, but the time I've spent here on the POM trends towards me learning that the change has to come from within. So what I'm all better now? And ready to hop on the "Q" train? What a train it is, according to perspective "Q" can be what you want it to be. Anything from a teaching device using a Socratic method up onto, and including AI.

      "Do You Want To Play A Game?" To my understanding is the opening line into a high level computer game named Cicada 3301.

      Cicada 3301 is a nickname given to an organization that on six occasions has posted a set of puzzles and alternate reality games to possibly recruit codebreakers/linguists from the public. The first internet puzzle began on January 4, 2013 and ran for approximately one month.

      I only mention this to point out that IMHO the "Q" phenomena is constructed on a similar platform. As pointed out above C3 has been around for a few years now, most players do not make it from in front of their screens to jobs with one or the other of the intel agencies. Some of them are left over to help us with "Q."

      Is what is going on with "Q" so far removed from JC's thoughts about a double headed eagle force struggling against a one headed force something we should not consider?

      So ok no fucking around playing games or setting traps. JC, what do you make of this "Q"??????

  6. Pieter,
    I'm sorry if I didn't mention you directly in my answer and vexed you. That was not the purpose of my answer. I don't think I'm self-centered enough to talk to myself in public, even though now that I'm getting older, I sometimes speak out loud! I was just trying to make my contribution. If I started with a question and ended my answer in this way, it is simply to mean that my remarks are merely a reflection of my opinion, no more.
    And if we look at the financial history of the last few centuries, the trend seems to be drawing. But as you know , history of humanity often takes on tortuous paths and does not meet our expectations.
    Once again , sorry for this .
    As for the "Q" phenomenon, I am rather skeptical. There may be information to extract from it, but for me it ends there. No more , no less......
    Have a nice day .

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