Purging Anglo-American Deep State Assets from the Middle East

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The Next Phase of the Multi-Lateral Monetary Transformation has Begun

Lots has been happening over the last few weeks. While I have been swamped at work and home, the world has turned on a dime, and few have understood the full implications.

Marianne and I have been planning our future moves and strategies ourselves, in much the same way the world powers have I suppose. We are extending our middle class schemes out over decades, where before we could barely plan the next year. Must be learning something I guess.

On Halloween we went to a Masquerade Ball at the local Fairmont Hotel. It was a first for the both of us. It wasn’t exactly what we anticipated, though we did meet some interesting seniors from London, who put a lot of money into their costumes, and travel around the world entering masquerade competitions.

It was crowded with lots of loud music, dancing, and immature drinking. Definitely not the astute and highfalutin crowd from a degenerative Rothschild monster mashup. The local band was fantastic and the experience was worth the hundred bucks admission I guess.  Can’t wait for Christmas now.  Marianne decorates the most amazing tree.

Mining in the oil sands is chucking along with the anticipation of further upward valuations of crude. The industry continues to drive out inefficiencies and decrease the cost of production per barrel. Our energy has to be competitive on the international market, and my little part involving 400 ton mining trucks plays an important part I suppose. For me, I just like the big trucks.

Speaking of energy, has anyone been following the events in Saudi Arabia?

But first…..

Since the beginning of 2014 I have been writing about the transformation of the world’s monetary and political systems, from a unipolar model dominated by the Anglo-American Establishment, and its spread and abuse of the US dollar, to a multi-lateral model based on the mandates of an emerging power which is integrated and leveraged at the international level.

The election of Donald Trump was one of the first major moves to remove the machinations of the Anglo-American Establishment from within the American institutions and systems of governance and finance. The external and foreign web of this establishment has infiltrated and corrupted nations around the world.

North Korea is a nations which we have viewed closely for its connections to the Anglo-American Establishment. The recent naval moves by Trump to surround the North and force Kim Jong-un to make a deal, has everything to do with getting the North to realign with the new multi-polar world dynamic, which will eventually lead to the re-unification of the Korean peninsula. Much like a new deal will have to be struck in the Middle East to allow forward movement.

Events in the Middle East are confusing to put it mildly. So much back and forth between the major players, both in the region and without, that following the pattern becomes futile. But only because we continue to view the events through a unipolar world filter.

The recent corruption purge which took place in Saudi Arabia follows the same multi-lateral mandates and strategy. Those arrested on charges of corruption were longtime assets of the Anglo-American Establishment, and were likely planning a coup against King Salman and his son, Crown Prince Salman.

Throughout the summer months of 2017, both King Salman and Crown Prince Salman had made deals with Russia and China on trade, energy, and defence. An arms deal worth billions was signed with Russia for the S400 missile system. China signed deals worth $110 billion. All agreed on the de-dollarization policy of trading energy in yuan as opposed to the USD.

It may seem strange that Trump would support this, but when we consider that the new international monetary system which is being developed will no longer require the USD at its centre, the pieces begin to fall into place. Trump said those arrested had been milking the Kingdom for a longtime. The same thing has been happening in America, and those individuals will be dealt with soon enough.

Each time the international banking interests shift the reserve currency and functionality of the system, an anti-corruption purge needs to take place in the nation which is passing the torch, and those nations which have been used by that host nation. This pattern and script can be followed at least since the time of Spanish and Dutch monetary dominance five centuries ago.

The wealth of the world is used to keep balance and maintain a productive level of adversity in the material world. Corruption can spread through all ranks and files, from which time to time there is required a purge and re-balancing, even at the highest levels of the international planners.

Shifting alliances and objectives means each nation and interest has to take a cautious and calculated approach to all dealings. We have long covered the fact that Trump was selling the new monetary and geopolitical arrangement to the American people through a form of modern nationalism. Most Americans, and people around the world, have no idea of the importance of reserve currencies, nor the impact they have on monetary and geopolitical matters. So packaging the transformation as something else becomes vital to the overall success of the strategy.

Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner was in Saudi Arabia before the purge began. Discussions would have been dynamic and exciting for sure, as the future alliances were built and objectives made clear. Crown Prince Salman will be taking over from his father at some point soon. Currently Salman is in charge of the nations foreign policy, security, energy industry, and is President of the Council for Economic and Development Affairs. The Crown Prince also has been building his Vision 2030 Program, which is aligned with the United Nations Agenda 2030.

This is not a coincidence, and the corrupt webs of the Anglo-American Establishment must also be removed from within the United Nations. The same goes for the World Bank, International Monetary System, and NATO. Oh yeah, and the Catholic Church as well. Maybe a shake up there is also in order.

Interestingly enough, America has agreed to sell the Kingdom the THAAD missile defence system. It would appear Saudi Arabia is purchasing weapons from everyone, while making energy deals which would seem contradictory.

Let’s not forget that the Crown Prince has also kicked-off the Islamic Reformation with the first move of giving women  the right to drive.  The old world is truly dying.  Keep in mind reformations take decades and centuries, so Saudi women should not get too excited just yet.

Though Russia is making deals, they, along with Iran, are the odd guys out with the international banking interests. This has been the case for centuries. There have been periods of relative peace and prosperity between the international banking interests (which is the manifestation of the Crown Beast System) and Russia. The same could be getting negotiated now, but Russia will need to assist in the taming of Iran for the greater good. Maybe.

Both Russia and Iran could find themselves in a checkmate position if some pawns are not sacrificed. We need to think big on this. It’s bigger than America. It’s bigger than the Catholic Church and its Islamic creation. It’s bigger than China and the Korean Peninsula. It’s the great game which has been happening since the beginning of time.

All sides are aligned on extracting and purging the corrupt remnants of the Anglo-American Establishment. This is necessary before the new world can take full shape. That shape is being negotiated now, and its final form will be shifting and transforming for a few more decades. This is the long game baby.

Unfortunately, the seeds of corruption have already been planted within the foundations of the materializing system. It is the way it is. Such is the nature of man. – JC

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27 Comments on “Purging Anglo-American Deep State Assets from the Middle East”

  1. Mr. Collins:

    The right hand Masonic claw hidden in the jacket is a nice complement that embellish the mask. 🙂

    I wholeheartedly agree. The corrupt webs of the Anglo-American Establishment must be exposed
    and removed. All markets are rigged and there cannot be any fair price discoveries. The middle class in the USA are continuing to be sucked dry so that they will be eventually as poor and the poorest. The plan is for all assets to be controlled owned by the Shylock Banksters. Goyims be damned and enslaved are their mottos and purposes. The Shylock Banksters have so far gotten a pass for their corruption, crimes, and evil. And yes, the fraud and evil of the Catholic Church needs to be exposed and destroyed as well. Shaking might calibrate some. However, I strongly suspect that most will have to be taken. It is harder for extremes of evil to facilitate its cancer if it cannot possess a human form.


  2. JC, While I would agree it has certainly started in Saudi Arabia, taking out the Deep State assets in Irsael will be the real trick as that will need to start right at the top with Benji….

    I will believe that when I see it.

  3. If anyone fancies going down the rabbit hole this Reddit post proposes an interesting scenario. Essentially, a coup was attempted, not in KSA, but in Las Vegas. MBS was staying in the Four Seasons hotel that owns the top Floors of the Mandalay Hotel where Paddock carried out the mass shooting…..or did he?

    If this is in anyway true it could explain the purge in KSA as being the retaliation for the attempted overthrow of King Salman by assassinating his son, the real power behind the throne.


  4. “Each time the international banking interests shift the reserve currency and functionality of the system, an anti-corruption purge needs to take place in the nation which is passing the torch, and those nations which have been used by that host nation. This pattern and script can be followed at least since the time of Spanish and Dutch monetary dominance five centuries ago.”

    This is just so interesting. Awesome. I really want my double-headed eagle POM t-shirt for Christmas.

  5. Hey BeachDude if the criwn beast is like the hydra were two heads grow out of the one that was chopped off wouldn’t cutting off all seven leave us with 14 heads to contend with?

    I believe there is a story that kills the hydra with the head of medusa. Her head was also used to kill Hades monster too wasn’t It?

    So what are we supposed to learn from this medusa’s head turning man’s beasts into stone?

    The philosophers stone within all of man kills the beast perhaps? It would definitely make it hungry to not get fed I would think.

    1. Dane, you might have seen that in a movie or something, but in Greek mythology it was Heracles who slew the Hydra as one of his labours whilst it was Perseus who slew Medusa. Two separate stories. Another labour of Heracles was to capture the three-headed dog Cerberus; I guess that’s what you mean by Hades’ monster.
      The Hollywood re-mixes are fun and sometimes contain profound messages/symbology but is usually more informative to revisit the source material 🙂

      1. It is absolutely the movies redjon. The point of it is to see what the masses are being programmed for. But both Heracles and Perseus used Medusa’s head as the only way to kill the beasts they were fighting. So why the repeating pattern of using Medusa’s head to turn the beast to stone? Hades monster in the movie Clash of the Titans was the Kraken (which is also a great rum:)). Here’s a piece of the storyline which seems eerily similar to this worldly cleanup of corrupt titans in our world today.

        “Later, Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades declared a ten year war on the Titans called the Titanomachy. During the Titanomachy, Hades, created a giant monster called the Kraken to help them against the Titans. Finally, after ten years of war, Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades finally defeated Kronos and banished their father and the Titans to Tartarus where they hoped they would remain imprisoned forever.”

        Hmm….Titanomachy seems a lot like a reformation doesn’t it? Titans being the existing elite rulers of empires and the olympiads can be the new up and coming entrepreneurs looking to find or create their spot in the world and will most likely build their own empires as the cycle continues.

        But back to the context of why the repeating pattern in the movies. Maybe it’s simply a way to show us to face our beast and let it fade into the past with forgiveness of self. Turn it to stone so it can sink back into the depths of the abyss. That’s about the best I can come up with for now.

        Percy Jackson and the Olympiads was another movie that uses a demigod and Medusa’s head to kill a hydra type monster. I figure the reason these demigods seem to always start as humans resisting the fact they are godly is also a message telling us who we are and what we can be.

      2. Okay redjon I think I’ve got this about as good as I can get it in regards to the repeated pattern of cutting off Medusa’s head to kill some beast or another…depending on the movie.

        Cutting off the head of Medusa could signify our personal conquest of conquering our inner adversaries Pride, Envy, Gluttony, Lust, Anger, Greed and Sloth.

        Holding Medusa’s severed head up to our beast shows we live by an impregnable philosophy which severs the horns of the dying crown beast by having no other god before the one. By not making idols or taking the LORD your God in vain. By remembering the Sabbath day, and keeping it holy. By honouring your parents and not murdering. No adultery here or stealing of any kind. Finally, by being truthful and not wanting.

        Now that’s the best I can come up with….for now 🙂 Thanks for all the clues JC 😉

  6. Excellent! Getting the existing corrupt anglo-american deep state exposed in the mid-east is a step in the right direction for sure. Obviously, more to follow everywhere. Corrupt, Cleanse, Corrupt, Cleanse, etc. “There are only patterns, patterns on top of patterns, patterns that affect other patterns.
    Patterns hidden by patterns. Patterns within patterns…”

    1. Unions have become somewhat irrelevant, not to mention corrupt, so they are slowly being discarded. I grew up in a strong union industry and it took me a long time to understand that unions are born from socialism. That fact has been kept well hidden.

  7. Im wondering what happens to union contracts if that happens JC? Right now im on probation for one year since i just started working for the city.
    In five years top pay is about $35 US dollars per hour. Should i expect to achieve top pay and be able to retire with a pension ready for me at the end of my career?

    1. Most companies worth working for offer matching pension benefits and regular succession planning with wage increases. The ones who don’t I would suggest not even the unions are interested in representing. It’s a money racket for sure. For myself, I never count on the pension being there. Existing pensions and contracts can be transferred over to the companies benefits package for each employee. In many cases companies will offer incentives to vote out a union and all the costs associated with the inefficiencies which are inherent in a unionized workforce.

  8. JC,

    Perhaps you can fill in the blanks re: the reunification of Korea. The view from most corners is that the US would prefer a divided peninsula in order to provide a rationale for its military presence in S. Korea. What is the new calculus regarding military presence there likely to be?


    Good update here on the tic-toc of the Saudi Reformation/Purge:

    “5 Things You Need to Know About the Saudi Purge”

    1. The old unipolar Anglo-American world would require a continued military presence on the Korean Peninsula. The new multipolar would not. Taking out, or swinging, deep state assets Kim Jong-un will do a lot to unite the peninsula.

  9. The great game indeed. I’ve searched the web over from all angles and views and at this moment in time I find my minds eyes cross, blink, cloud over and lose focus. But for the POM in it’s entirety there just isn’t any place that combines the elements of the equation that leads to a = quite like the POM.

    The great game indeed. Unlike any other game I’ve attempted to learn, this great game is different because as far as I can tell it has no end that I’m able to determine, or one at this point I’m willing to accept. I hesitate to compare it to chess, first I’m not very good at chess, second and more important, is that chess has a checkmate. This great game has many of the elements of chess, strategy, tactics, that include sacrifice. As a matter of fact chess at it’s best level demands so much sacrifice that the mason design of the board is normally empty of all but a few pieces at checkmate. Is that the endgame of this great game?

    Incorrect or weak allegory I still think I will try to make a point with chess as a model. But, and I dare this, three dimensional, one level finance, another geopolitical, and yet one more philosophical. Welcome to the POM.

    All ready I’m in trouble with the 3D concept. It just doesn’t square, does it? Oh well maybe not everything has to square. Maybe it is more trinity, I’ll leave the squaring dimension open for comment.

    So, I’m looking at this 3D chess game with no end, with each and every move effecting all three levels and I’m hoping the point I’m trying to make about the POM starts to make some sense to some one or others. This great game only begins to focus or clear in 3D.

    The POM is the only place I’ve found that attempts to explain the great game in this comprehension.

  10. In this stunning decree by the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, he literally says Jews and Arabs are one and the same and the real enemy is the Iranians or the Magus (the Magi Zoroastrian Priests)! He also proclaims Hamas (Palestinians) as a terroir group! Mufti throws the Palestinians under the bus…

    Yet, the real reason goes back to genetics and blood relationship in that Saudis and Arabs, (with the exception of the Khazari/Ashkenazim) are Semitic people and Iranian people are an Indo-European people. Recent genetic research suggests that Palestinians are not of a Semitic lineage either…the next step would be if the esteemed Mufti declares, “Judaism and Sunni Islam are one and the same religion”!

    Mufti’s comments cannot get more in-your-face!!

    https://unitedwithisrael.org/saudi-arabias-top-cleric-fighting-jews-forbidden-hamas-a-terror-group/“The Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia issued a ruling forbidding war against the Jews and proclaiming that Hamas is a terror group.

    The Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, Abdulaziz Al Sheikh, issued a surprising religious ruling, saying that fighting against Israel was inappropriate and that Hamas is a “terror organization.”

    The Muslim cleric issued the ruling while answering a question on a television program regarding the Palestinian riots surrounding the Temple Mount in July, Turkey’s Anadolu news agency reported.

    Israel’s Communications Minister Ayoub Kara welcomed the unexpected decision and invited the Mufti to visit Israel.

    “We congratulate Abdulaziz Al Sheikh, the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia as well as the head of Ulema (Islamic scholars), for his fatwa [Muslim religious ruling] forbidding the fight against the Jews and forbidding to kill them,” Kara, a Druze, tweeted on Monday.

    “He will be welcomed with a high level of respect,” Kara stated.

    This was not the cleric’s only exceptional proclamation. In September 2016, he ruled that Iranians are descendants of Zoroastrians and are therefore “not Muslims.” Their “enmity to Islam, especially the Sunnis, is very old,” he said.”

      1. Indeed. The way it’s been going we might even witness the remarrying of the two forever-feuding Jewish and Arab people after 1400 years again! I wonder if this planet will feel safe should that happen, for all the wars that have happened the past 2000 years is because of these angry, demanding and self-serving people…and I should add, “Ungrateful” people. Jews see Persia/Iran as their enemy but the fact that they are a people (and a religion!), is because of the Persians generosity the Persian King and Cyrus the Great who freed them, rebuilt their temple and let them live anywhere within the Achaemenid Persian Empire. They wrote it even written in their religious books…but now they have no recollection!

        Being grateful is a sign of maturity and spiritual perfection, and to be grateful, you must have LOVE in your heart…

        1. The original inhabitants of Israel and Judah were corrupt and selfish in their nature, hence the reasons they were taken over by the Assyrians and Babylonians.

          While in Babylon the Jews acquired greater spiritual corruptions. I suspect that Cyrus the Great may have wanted to dilute the concentration of corruption in his recently conquered lands by sending the Jews back from whence they originally came.

          Present day Israhell was founded and funded by terrorists and criminals. The Khazars and Zionist in control of Israhell today are more corrupt than the original ancient Jews and desire to corrupt and control the world.

          If anyone does believe it, then they should read the words of one of their founders,
          Menechem Begin—Former Israeli Prime Minister 1977-1983 (6th)

          “Our race is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best.”

          “Other races are considered as human excrement.”

          “Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves.”

          Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin in a speech to the Knesset [Israeli Parlament, June 25, 1982.

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