PrimNomics – The Second Division

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A Fulcrum for De-Fragmentation and Autonomous-Harmonization

The first instalment of PrimNomics was published on October 8, 2014. It was titled PrimNomics – The First Division and subtitled Fragmentation in Pursuit of Self-preservation. The intention with the PrimNomics series is to develop a new form of socioeconomics which is based on the fundamental principles of conscious manifestation from the single point of origin (Prime) and the Absolute law of interaction (Nomics).

Almost three years have passed since The First Division. There is a solid reason for this. Such an objective as creating and manifesting a new form of human socioeconomics would be considered by most an absurd undertaking. Such illusionary and self-limiting thought-forms have never prevented me from externalizing that which develops within. But there is great importance put upon the application of patience and allowing new concepts to develop with an organic and subconscious momentum.

Forcing the externalization of the PrimNomics thought-forms would be impossible as it is the life work for which I am dedicated. The seeds which exist within the work will continue to grow long after I have transitioned across the barriers which hold the fragmentation together. Though there may be challenges with visualizing the abstract concepts presented, the continued evolution of the manifested whole will ensure that such imaginings serve as the skeleton which the new body will be built around.

Readers should accustom themselves with The First Division before continuing as the concepts presented there will transfer into all future instalments. The vertex point between each Division will stretch and contract with each individual understanding and conceptualization. There are other concepts which are also discussed in other POM articles regarding fragmentation and the purpose of adversity, but it is here in the PrimNomics series where we will explore the evolutionary/devolutionary relationship between fragmentation and adversity.

The Absolute, or the un-fragmented wholeness from which all things are manifest, represents the single point of origin for everything which exists in the material and spiritual states. Further from the point of origin means the more fragmentation which takes place. Spirit, mind, emotion, and body are all fragments of the one thing. As each of these becomes manifested in the material world further fragmentation takes place. There are limits to the amount of fragmentation which will be allowed to take place, but that end has not been reached.

Economics and governance are two human concepts which exists as fragments of the one thing. This one thing is of course also a fragment so it will do the reader well to imagine fragmentation taking place in all directions simultaneously. An evolution and devolution which cannot exist separate.

Consider yourself a point of origin with a well-defined fulcrum. A fulcrum is of course the pivot point from which a pendulum swings through its arc. For those who grasp the vertex concept from The First Division imagine the arc swing as the stretching of the geocentric vertex. This stretching takes place within us on all levels across the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical states.

This stretching and subsequent fragmentation is the reason for the separation of economics and governance. There exists a relationship and bi-directional influence between both, but the division between them in the modern world is well defined.

Within economics we experience fragmentation through the measure of incremental wealth accumulation and distribution. Like the measurements of time, economic wealth is divided into large sum and small sums, with unit based accounting taking place down to one cent. We view the penny as the point of origin for all the money which comes after when in fact it is the furthest outer edge of the fragmentation for that particular vertex.

Wealth is of course traditionally the accumulation of human time and labor. But when we consider that both time and labor are also divisions we begin to understand that wealth is also a misunderstood fragment which we have mislabeled and applied to the material fragment. Spiritual, emotional and mental wealth also exist. This is important to remember as we move further through the PrimNomics Series.

Governance has been fragmented through the use and application of ideological mandates. Over the course of existence there have been endless ideologies which humankind has harnessed to cause even further fragmentation. The Western world has developed a left and right division which are labeled as liberal and conservative. The middle ground between them is referenced as the political centre. This centre is not a fulcrum or point of origin but serves as the ever-shifting spot of tension and assumed reconciliation between the left and right.

The challenge we are presented with is de-fragmenting the political ideologies which have caused havoc throughout human history and promoting the single point of common origin. This point would be one of the foundational pillars of PrimNomics around which human beings can re-organize themselves.

The extreme right is inherently selfish while the extreme left is forced selflessness. Both arc points are severely destructive as fragmentation is encouraged but not considered a part of the fundamental structure which both are built upon.

Individual human beings require independence in order to work through their own process of de-fragmentation. The left and right divisions hinder this mental process in the same fashion that religion hinders the spiritual process.

Imagine a single point of entrance into existence. Through this hole the Whole forces its manifested expression. As Wholeness passes through the entrance portal it begins to fragment on the other side. What was once one divides into the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical forms of itself.

These fragments travel through a manifested existence drifting apart with each fragmenting even further. The objective of the mysterious nature of this process requires that oneness must be returned in order for the individual Whole to pass through the exit at the end of life or manifested existence.

As such, each individual in their lifetime must de-fragment and harmonize each aspect of themselves, being the fragmented spirit, fragmented emotion, fragmented mind, and fragmented body, in order to join all of them back together again so they can pass through the end of life portal as a Whole.

The path towards this reconciliation is one that requires independence and autonomy. Both the left and right ideologies falsify and twist this independence and autonomy to mean something other than what was intended. This is mainly because of how we define wealth and purpose here within the manifested existence which we share.

The only method which can be used to create a better world, or shared manifested existence, is for each to travel this independent and mysterious pathway towards individual wholeness so that the shared manifested existence can be harmonized between all.

Herein lies the crutch of the left and right. One promotes corrupted independence while the other promotes corrupted sameness. Neither is functional as a tool which can be used for what we will from this point call autonomous-harmonization. This term will encompass the full scope of returning ourselves to wholeness so the world can be harmonized.

One stage of PrimNomics can be achieved through the promotion and application of autonomous-harmonization.

Understanding how to accomplish this begins by understanding our manifested fragments and the fulcrum of each. The vertex point which exists between the spirit, emotion, mind and body can stretch much further which will lead to enhanced human pain and destruction. It is worth thinking on the fulcrum and swing arc of each of our fragmented parts. Understand the movement and associated characteristics of each. Reclaim the fulcrum point of each so you can work towards de-fragmenting them.

Each will have a micro fulcrum which can be redefined. All of them together will have a macro fulcrum which will pull you forward through the vertex at the end of this manifested existence. The space in between the entrance and the exit, birth and death, requires more than the accumulation of material things. The wealth of PrimNomics needs to be based on the principles as outlined here.

Consider your own point of origin and internal law which you must obey. These are your own independent Prim and Nomic fulcrums which you control. Harness the power you have and build your life towards autonomous-harmonization. – JC

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6 Comments on “PrimNomics – The Second Division”

  1. Religion is supposed to be a grounding force or a direction toward autonomous- harmonization . Even that is another form of fracturing so you’re right about taking it upon ourselves individually to harness our own power.
    It IS within us to do so. The first step, in my opinion, is to become aware of your surroundings. Clairity of that goal will slowly dominate your thought process while understanding and watching the worlds’ fragmentation will break your heart for the insane soul who is still struggling in his eyes wide shut prison.

  2. This lifeform that enters this dimension, are fragmented and meant to come back together to exit is rare. Most of us have had multiple lifetimes to try and accomplish this task. The original priest have tried very hard to keep this secret to retain power. JC you are attempting to disrupt this power structure.

  3. Love the depth in this writing JC. The vertex moving farther away from the fulcrum point to create more pain, perhaps that shows up as intent. Fear vs love.

    There is a lot of unconscious patterns myself and most others have used to further fragment ourselves. Although painful, it’s what the fragmented mind and emotions and body know how to manage. When gone unchecked, further fragmentation (devolution) naturally takes place. Like if you don’t tend to your garden, weeds will grow and choke out the flowers.

    The way back may take several lifetimes and a lot of focused intentional work.

    I’m working on evolving my way of being and intention and boy does that take time and focus and constant attention to intent. It’s like you say, wealth can be accumulated in more than material items and the more focus put towards pulling myself closer to that fulcrum point, the more blessings come. Many of which are felt on a soul level and manifest through thought then emotion then into the physical. Much yet to do.

  4. This is an excellent food for thought and not just a “Hamburger” but a magnificent feast for the mind JC, Thank you for feeding us 🙂

    I am thinking that what you have put in this excellent article is the compressed version of a book since it contains such vast body of knowledge, which you have blended them beautifully.

    I have devised a method for myself in understanding such abstract ideas as multiplicity vs Unity in Creation and the idea of a fulcrum in the middle. I use the wheel of a bicycle with a center and many spokes that hold the whole thing together. I use any form of existence as a “movement” or a “turn” of the wheel where a minute and seemingly insignificant turn in the center will result in a major shift/turn or movement in the periphery. If we imagine the center of the wheel to be the equivalent or Source of all things, i.e. creation (God/Devine etc.), then life begins with small movement at the source. This may be imagined in a 2 Dimensional space but it is possible to imagine the whole thing in 3D and 4D but beyond that our mind isn’t capable of imagining the shape so this model is limited but it provides (at least for me!) a basic model to appreciate a complex phenomenon as creation.

    The idea of Fulcrum is also acknowledged by Buddha and his message is always, “the middle road” since both sides are extreme and it may cause an imbalance in us both physically and spiritually. The same applies to the extremes of political ideologies whether Collectivism (Marxism) which is a form of Statism and Capitalism. I think what you wrote (I quote below) is so true and shows the extremities of the idea. …(love this word “Extremity”- so meaningful here?)

    “The extreme right is inherently selfish while the extreme left is forced selflessness”

    I see this domain as a realm of compression of all forms of existence where all beings now alive regardless of being a human, animals or plants, came here with so much heavy baggage around to ground us here and when we transition we will give back all our belongings. The first baggage (after a body!) is a “name” we are given, then we know we “have” parents, then “our” toys etc. All these belongings create a small “ego” for us that is a virtual “me” in each of us. In time this ego grows and this is the beginning of all our problems in this duality realm. When we leave, the ego dies off too, because it was never the real and unique “me”, it was more a label for this domain. It was what we developed so to survive the hostile environment, otherwise, it had no value by itself to begin with!

    A darker and more pessimistic analogy would be that we are born inside a prison cell and upon arrival, we are handed a number (badge), garb and basic tools to survive while in the prison. When we are set Free we give all this back to the prison guard and try and forget all about the bad time there.

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