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Fragmentation in Pursuit of Self-Preservation

By JC Collins

"He is led by an invisible hand to promote an end which was no part of his intention."

  • Adam Smith, An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations, 1776

On March 9, 1776, the book titled The Wealth of Nations, a compilation of economic essays by Adam Smith, was published.  This was in the early days of the American War for Independence and the air was full of hope and transformation.  On May 1 of the same year the secret society known as the Illuminati was founded by Adam Weishaupt.  And later that year, in December, Thomas Paine writes the now famous line in which in which he states:

"These are the times that try men's souls."

When we reflect from our vantage point today do we find that the times are any different?  The souls of men are still being challenged and invisible hands still appear to be guiding events in the direction that the majority do not wish to be moving.  Secret societies are still in the background manipulating the disorganized masses, as can be attested too by the overwhelming masonic symbolism in our socioeconomic environment, and the world stands on the cusp of a constant revolution.  A revolution which never seems to materialize.

When one trends the revolutions and cultural transitions which have taken place over the last few thousand years a clear pattern emerges.  This pattern tells of a process by which specific segments of the old are incorporated into the new for the purpose of conscious familiarity.  Whether its economics, cultural mandates, religious dogma, or social structure, what once was is now new and all things appear as sporadic and natural progressions.

Theories on how to organize mass populations range from ideological black holes like communism and democracy, to socioeconomic outgrowths which vary little in constitution and conceptualization.  When we think on how the human race is likely to have evolved from a source of one, one being the conscious absolute from which matter materializes, or infinity possibility, we can begin to see a pattern of division take hold and devolve outward while evolving inward from the vertex, or point where geometric shapes intersect.

VertexThis division, which we can also call fragmentation, is what separates matter into subsequent and compartmentalized structures, such as geometric shapes, which consolidate to become cells, minerals, soil, rock, trees, birds, mammals, clouds, and all the other varied fragments of consciousness which make up the world of physical existence.

Nations, as they are perceived today, are only the simulation of the tribal grouping from which humanity attempts to consolidate its conscious manifestations. One of the constants which we can independently verify in reality is the relentless pressure to consolidate.  Opposite of this pressure exists a pushing type force which is attempting to repel geometric shapes and ensure that the material world does not completely consolidate or return to its structure of oneness, being the state of infinity possibility.

We see this diametric of pulling and pushing acted out in the music of the spheres, or the position and movements of the bodies in our solar system.  The sun, the only object in the solar system which doesn't cast a shadow, can be considered the first movement away from infinity possibility.

Infinity possibility is best imagined as a blank sheet of white paper.  This paper represents all of existence, or consciousness, before the first particle of matter is materialized.  Within this white sheet of paper all things are possible as nothing has been defined or confined within the limitations of structure.

Now imagine a black dot, or cube if you so desire, has appeared in the middle of the paper.  This dot or cube represents limited possibility, the opposite of infinity possibility.  This dot can be considered the vertex, or point where all geometric shapes will intersect.

It is interesting to consider that another word for vertex is crown, and by extension the word head as well.  A crown is worn upon a head as the king or queen would do, and there is a crown around the sun.  The sun is obviously the god of the pagan world and represents the never ending moment just before the dot appears, which is the moment of creation, or the manifestation of limited possibility.

So in essence, the king or queen represents the sun, or moment of continuous creation as manifested through infinity possibility, and acts as the hinge, or vertex from which the possible and impossible, outward and inward, swirl together in limited potential.

The concept of nation therefor, is the simulation or re-enactment of the oneness which existed just before the dot or cube appeared.  The solar system, which could be considered a macro nation of sorts, is the perfect example of the balance of opposing forces which is required to maintain a structured reality.

The socioeconomic structure which man has developed does not consider this duality, and the structure which gives shape to reality, the geometric shapes which remain shadowed, are not recognized or considered by the minds which conform to the manifested patterns.

With a lack of understanding in regards to this balance, both ends of the spectrum pull and push harder which serves to stretch the vertex, or point where micro and macro intersect.  This stretching creates a corruption of the overall structure.

Let's take another look at the concept of the nation as defined in the works of Adam Smith.  Nation, a gathering of human sameness, is the meshing of ideological mandates and socioeconomic determinations, which intersect at a vertex and create a sort of social trust, or social capital.

Economics, which Smith predominately wrote about, is the study of production, distribution, and consumption of wealth in human society, the social trust.  Wealth can be defined as the vertex where human time and labor intersect.  So economics, being the wealth of the social trust, acts as a vertex where micro and macro meet.

It is this social trust which has been betrayed by man himself.  Like the stretching of the vertex above, man attains to both macro and micro aspirations.  A system of social trust is established but quickly becomes corrupt as the imbalance in the vertex is amplified.

Wealth, the time and labor of humanity, is the direct cause and effect of the subconscious instinct for self-preservation.  Otherwise considered to be the survival instinct.  As consciousness becomes further fragmented in the physical world, this instinct for self-preservation also becomes fragmented and the social trust is divided into multiples of corruption.

Considering that economics is the study of production, distribution, and consumption of human time and labor, it is important that we recognize the negative summation of production from the point of origin.  What this means is that our wealth, the time and labor of the social trust, is being stored in a system which is sum negative from the start.

Based on the nature of fiat money and fractional banking regulations, the wealth of humanity is servicing debt as opposed to building real wealth as an act of self-preservation.  Our time and labor is exchanged for money that is issued as debt, which in turn means our wealth is sum negative.

With the theory of PrimNomics, an attempt will be made to define a structure of self-preservation which is built upon the realities of productive wealth and micro independence while functioning within a macro system of conscious manifestation, as ordained by the vertex between inward and outward creation, while also serving the place where geometric shapes intersect.

This intersection is the social trust.

The fragmentation of self-preservation is nowhere more obvious than in the transfer of wealth from one end of the spectrum to the other end.  A small minority has fragmented the natural human trust or grouping in their successful attempts to consolidate all human wealth, being time and labor, into a specialized system of wealth storage.  This is a system which all of us have been born into, as attested by our bond-like birth certificates from which a return is expected.  This return , our time and labor, is meant to service the debt of the now corrupt social trust.

Human groupings, both micro and macro, being the family or nation state, have been intentionally fragmented in order to achieve this wealth transfer.  It's interesting to notice that the royal bloodlines and elite families, such as the banking family of Rothschild, are encouraged to marry and reproduce within their own lineage.  The most obvious reason for this practice is to retain the wealth of the family within that specific micro social trust.

RF1This serves as a form of continued consolidation of wealth, being time and labor, within the social trust, or family.

While this practice is promoted within one specific micro vertex, the larger macro vertex is intentionally fragmented.  The disorganized masses are socially engineered to knowingly fragment their system of self-preservation so that the wealth is consolidated on the other end of the spectrum.

Of course the disorganized masses are extremely unlikely to engage in activities considered to be incestuous, but therein lays a probable solution to the fragmentation of the social trust vertex.

The act of incest as practiced by the ruling bloodlines and elite families is the ultimate act of self-preservation as determined by the creation of their own micro social trust.  The wealth retention within this form of family social trust is extreme and very effective.  The fragmentation of the disorganized masses when faced with the power of this structured social trust is assured and the wealth transfer is complete.

But what if the disorganized masses were to recognize and understand that there are other effective methods of establishing and structuring a social trust which does not rely on the mandates of the small organized elites?  What if all the engineered fragmentation in pursuit of self-preservation was suddenly found to be ineffective?

What if the vertex, the point where geometric shapes intersect, became something other than a social trust?

We automatically assume that economic metrics are measures of the production, distribution, and consumption of social capital, or the social trust.  But when we further explore and define just what is meant by social capital and social trust, we enter into a world where limited potential, or the opposite of infinity possibility, has expanded and opportunities to consolidate closer to the oneness of the absolute are more frequent.

In PrimNomics - The Second Division, we will further explore the opportunities for alternate social trusts and capital, as well as further broaden our understanding of the vertex, and how they exist as an abstract baseline, not just in the place where geometric shapes intersect, but also between all micro and macro paradigms, be they mircro and macro economics, or micro and macro evolution.  This can be understood as the simultaneous evolution and devolution which acts as the symbiosis between microorganisms and macroorganisms.

This is another vertex of course.

The astute reader may anticipate a move towards the Grand Man philosophy which I have previously hinted at.  - JC

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    1. Russia and Cina are by no means 'hope'. This two 'countries' are victims of the same cabal of Shylocks bankers or agents of evil vainly attempt to separate themselves and take control. Either means or ways, they are NOT to be followed.

  1. I feel like my brain just had an intense workout reading this post. Definetly will read multiple times to grasp more depth behind the ideas presented.

    It reminded me of how tribes were the social trust (vertex) point. As the world consolidates in many ways, the internet has provided a means of dividing the smaller social trusts and fragmenting tribes/families from the strength of their collective. More people shift globally into a melting pot of increasing social sameness, losing much of what held their originating vertex points together. There is the saying "united we stand, divided we fall".

    However, this fragmentation of social scattering is forcing the individual to move from increasing hyper fragmentation to inner consolidation. Not everybody will collectively seek oneness within, but with more of a push away from our tribal vortex, our individual consolidation to perhaps create an individual trust or vertex point is just as rapidly unfolding. The grand man may be the individual vertex point, the black cube. These new vertex points may then pull individuals towards them as a means of creating new social trusts that balance the transfer of economic production.

    These are just initial thought. Damn good post!

    1. Dee, I never doubted for a second that you wouldn't be able to not only understand it, but expand on it. No one person can be a complete vertex point, but there's tremendous value accumulated as we individually attempt to move in that direction. You are very close friend.

  2. Then I offer who does? The flight from Petro dollar n migration eastward is one to consider. All are in bed w one another in some respect. Not seeing the bear n dragon doing much in ME other than closed doors. Time will tell my friend.

  3. The engineered fragmentation has already been found ineffective. The microcosm or aware individual is awake to this now. We, the particles of the World Wide Web can now sense the entirety. We are the wave of change already evolved. The new vertex forms even as the inbred devolve. Decay.
    It all appears rather nebulous looking outward from the new center. The new is nonetheless forming about us like a nova destined to replace the old defective crown.


  4. By incest you mean voluntary limited interaction inside a group? Or more specifically person to person interactions over person group <. person interactions? If I read this correctly you are generally suggesting decentralisation. This increases efficiency of interactions by cutting the elites vig.

    If I'm following... I looked in to this a few years back when trying to understand bitcoin. I ended up ,looking in to things like this : and . The result of my investigation and pondering was that arbitrary creation of TimeEffort was the problem. You can work for money, with the work typevolume pricing that value. However, imbalances are created where a person can accumulate timeeffort greater than their possible productive output. This happens faster in systems where units are created centrally, but even gold centralised.

    What we need is a system by which each individual must extend personal 'credit'. My helping a neighbour in town re-string his fence I have offered labour and gained positive credits, however by grabbing a bottle of milk and bread on the way home I lose credits. Balance is found around zero. This finds the individual neither used, nor using others.

    I set about this investigation many years ago because I saw that running an exponential monetary system in a physical world will cause the monetary system to detach from the physical one at some point. But how to run a non interest based system was the question. The biggest insight to this is that our money systems are merely abstract. we are all here, and are the ones creating software and building buildings. It's not as if we're not capable of this without an elite. We have done just fine without the Kings.

    1. There will be 12 parts to this series so its premature to make any conclusions. And decentralization is not a major component of the theory. Incest is used in the sexual context, as in inbreeding.

  5. The fragmentation you mention calls to mind Mandelbrot fractals. They are both mathematically and visually quite beautiful.
    Then what is called to mind is the story (which is not at all from the bible as I first thought) about the archangel being cast from the heaven of infinite possibility onto the sheet of white paper, blam, which is a dot, for having threatened (god with) some competition. Here on earth is where there is a struggle to maintain physical existence in the form of time and work socialized in a context of competition. Infinite possibility by definition cannot exist on earth. But we try.
    "With a lack of understanding in regards to this balance, both ends of the spectrum pull and push harder which serves to stretch the vertex, or point where micro and macro intersect." The real HEAD of what was spawned in the need for survival on this planet is a dynamic of the intersection of time + labor which contemplates trust in the context of competition. So nations form. The trust is corrupted by competition and elites form and consolidate through incest (to captivate wealth through usury). But this consolidation is to be released through recognition of the vertex and changing it by means of improved communication and evolution absolving the need for nations and other forms of consolidation (elites). Evolution follows devolution.
    I am trying to learn and understand through paraphrasing. Not at all sure if I get it and will be rereading this one again a couple more times. I cannot wait to read the next installment and like where you are going.

  6. Endogamy sure is a good way to create a social trust network, but having personally read many books about elite families such as the Rothschilds, I can't help but wonder how deep the internal frictions are within. Many a black sheep found 'suicided' I find.

    The system of Adam Weishaupt is actually quite interesting. When one gets right into the meat of his original writings, the system he was actually training his underlings to create and support was actually pure Anarchy. In its purest sense, Anarchy can be an extreme form of self perpetuating social fragmentation. The French Revolution is a great example. Good histories of the French Revolution reveal that cultural pessimism and an extreme form of paranoia (and an enormous amount of conspiracy theories) took hold, which prevented a stable government from forming. As this void continued, people became more and more receptive to accept a saviour figure, and they ended up with Napoleon. Napoleon was an Orwellian figure par excellence.

    Deep in the back of the Revolution however, working through the Duke of Orleans and his Masonic clique, was the crypto-synarchist group which I am sure was an outgrowth of Adam Weishaupt and J.J.C.Bode. This crypto-synarchist element would be equivalent to your Vertex, and the system of Anarchy they were promulgating was the force you speak about which tries to resist geometric form. The success of this particular Vertex relied heavily on the progress of the anarchy, which is quite the paradox (Ordo Ab Chao). This was as such a hidden Crown, to be externalized at a future date as all the other Crowns were consumed by 'the Anarchy'. Poor Louis XVI had no chance against this system, its leaders were invisible; under Athena's helmet.

    Where is the balance between a righteous Crown and a malevolent self serving Crown? To me there should be no balance, just righteousness, but then utopians are dangerous, as Marx demonstrated. Still, I see a chaos forming in the world that will lead to the point of unravelling.

    As Aristotle said in regards to every Tragedy;
    "Every tragedy falls into two parts,—Complication and Unravelling or Denouement. Incidents extraneous to the action are frequently combined with a portion of the action proper, to form the Complication; the rest is the Unravelling. By the Complication I mean all that extends from the beginning of the action to the part which marks the turning-point to good or bad fortune. The Unravelling is that which extends from the beginning of the change to the end."
    - Poetics, Chapter 18.

    We are approaching this unravelling point, and a system offering a false Vertex (a bad foundation) is going to try to take advantage of this chaos, just as Napoleon did in the late 18th Century; in fact they have fuelled it specifically for this reason IMO.

    Look forward to this series. Creating a balance in economics has always been the dream of dreamers 😛 no criticism intended, but it's quite the project, I have spent many a late night awake thinking of the same dilemma. How to fight dragons and build castles at the same time ... challenging.

  7. JC - great piece. Had to read it twice to wrap my head around it. Excited to read the next one.

    Have been preaching to friends and family for years that the monetary system is rigged - that it robs us of the one thing we cannot replace - our time. The relationship between labour, time and "money" is lost on most folks. I think that if the masses were to be made aware of the nature of this relationship as you spell it out they would be very upset with the arrangement as it currently sits.

    Keep up the great work.


  8. Great read. As we witness this tug of war from the two respective sides, I still believe individuality and new solutions should win the day. Hopefully from the ashes will be born something new of evolution and not revolution ending up back at the same starting point. I now see where you are going with the new solutions that have yet to be contemplated. Perhaps a system with a means of non-debt and non consolidation of wealth, time and labor, to the top of these respective hierarchical structures? Should be quite a journey!

  9. Very callenging piece JC. To be honest, I couldn't really grasp the central point you are conveying. You shift so quickly between dynamic and static concepts and between concrete examples and the abstract.

    Vertex. I thought that was a point that doesn't lay between two other points, like the end or beginning of a line or an apex? Do you use it here synonimous to intersection point, startingpoint, meetingpoint or more as a transition point?
    Sorry for my thickness...

      1. Sorry JC, I fail to see how 2D or 3D geometric shapes can intersect in a point. Only 2 or more lines can intersect in a singular point.

        Never mind. I'll try to read the piece more loosely several times.

        1. No worries friend. Though the reference is not for 2D or 3D geometric shapes. In that context visualize how the intersection could potentially be structured. I'm attempting to create new reference points. Its abstract for sure.

      2. I can defenitely see geometric shapes sprouting from a single point. Also I can see them fit like a puzzle, with certain points connecting more than 2 shapes.
        A (mathmatical) vertex arises when the combined angles of adjacent 2D shapes is less than 360 and the connection point is lifted out of the plane and up into a 3rd dimension.

        I read your article several times now and slowly your metaphores and analogies are sliding into place. Not being a native English speaker, I also had some trouble with the concepts of social trust and social capital, but I'm starting to grasp what your conveying. The larger picture is slowly emerging 🙂

  10. Start with a Jubilee. Then move to credit unions (local system). Out of the shadows. Full banking transparency. No secrets, No secrets. No secrets.
    Were men to stand, free of corruption, on principle and integrity, they might finance benevolently.
    Usury is treason to humanity.

    "Just remember this, Mr. Potter, that this rabble you're talking about... they do most of the working and paying and living and dying in this community. Well, is it too much to have them work and pay and live and die in a couple of decent rooms and a bath? Anyway, my father didn't think so. People were human beings to him. But to you, a warped, frustrated old man, they're cattle"

    George Bailey 'It's a Wonderful Life'

  11. Social trust and economics fail because man has drifted far from the Creators plan that each man finds their way back into the oneness. Along the way we are to appreciate the wonders of the planet and give thanks. Each drink of clean water, each bite of fruit, a tender caress, a warm shelter and some free time to contemplate are all the riches man needs. Striving for macro economics without first mastering the basics is a fools errand. How can we move forward as a whole without first shattering the darkness which hides the light? Without including God mans efforts are without merit. Why should each of us worry about the fate of macro? I say all we can do is fix ourselves. We take care of our own needs and withdraw any dependence on the system that must fail. Even these great thinkers here on this blog I gather are afraid to do it alone, they want someone else to establish a grand plan so when it fails they can blame someone other then themselves.

    JC excellent as always. I have sold my home in suburbia and we are moving to the country to walk the talk. Half of me is doing it out of fear of the collapse of the system sometime down the road and the other half just wants to build my own garden of Eden. Stop by sometime and we can just sit and listen to 42 acres of peace.

  12. " But this consolidation is to be released through recognition of the vertex and changing it by means of improved communication and evolution absolving the need for nations and other forms of consolidation (elites)."

    Since I missed the point, and 'decentralisation' is not the solution you envisage I'll sit back and watch this series evolve. It's rare to find people considerate of these things as well.

    I have pondered this and much more in my years of searching. I have come up with interesting solutions to replace the need for 'leaders' to make decisions on behalf of others, as the centralisation of power is the light that attracts those who desire the benefit of it misuse. Systems that seek balance, that remove the beacon are the most desirable. Corruption will always exist, it a natural shortcut for most and for many a part of their dna.

    However the sad part I have found was that most people seem so little interested in their own best interests that I foresee no world in which the individual gets to play the major role in their own lives. I see us always burdened with the lack of interest of others leading to the 'most acceptable bad outcome'.

    I came to accept that the solutions humanity chooses to form society will be the result of combining indolence with psychology, and that psychology could be as it is as those to differed too much left society long ago and didn't contribute to the gene pool. I'm say that I suspect individualism is bred out naturally. I see little ant species that don't form colonies too.

    But.. I'll keep watching, with hope.

  13. After repeated absorbtion of your article, my personal breakdown is as follows.

    We are currently mostly sharing our lack or perceived limitation as opposed to our wealth or perceived opportunities.

    A community where individuals share their lack is a sum negative community that will only ever negatively affect surrounding systems, like an insatiable black (w)hole.

    Natures way of dealing with this is through conflict and disorganization which will lead to natural annihilation of the negative system of lack.

    The only sustainable option to create a sum positive community is sharing our wealth. Nature will stimulate this by peacefull relationship and cooperation (organization).

    For now we might opt for a sum neutral community, where (individual and collective) lack and wealth are geometrically balanced. Maybe through harmonic motion like in our solar system.

    I can see the streching that you mention JC. And also that the negative system is unnaturally stimulated by the forcefull wealth transfer through usury taking place. Maybe the elite is even hoping for a breaking point where the two opposite systems will disconnect and the negative system will then naturally selfdestruct through conflict and disorganization.

    But this will not happen because systems under prolonged tension will release pressure into and simultaneously attract energy from a diametrical/additional dimension, creating a hidden vertex point. On the one hand this hidden vertex will create karmic motion, on the other hand it will create previously unseen possibilities or motion from the diametric dimension.

    The efforts from which this beautiful blog spring, are a good example of diametric motion spawning from prolonged tension and stretch between the two tugging systems of dispersed lack and concentrated wealth.

      1. Is this why China is engineering a middle class and I think (according to this walmart article) the US is trying to rebuild a middle class?

        "Jump-starting the manufacturing industry and rebuilding the middle class requires a national effort by companies, industry leaders, lawmakers and others."

        It seems that Dripfood's "For now we might opt for a sum neutral community, where (individual and collective) lack and wealth are geometrically balanced. Maybe through harmonic motion like in our solar system." excellent view could be used to hide the visibility of the separation of social classes or to marry the two parts back together to once again create a neutral position society.

  14. "I consider myself to be just one among 7 billion human beings. If I were to think of myself as different from others, or as something special, it would create a barrier between us. What makes us the same is that we all want to lead happy lives and gather friends around us. And friendship is based on trust, honesty and openness."

    -Dalai Lama

  15. JC,

    You continue to exceed any expectations I can have for this site. I know I have said something along these lines before, but thank you for sharing such a treasure of innerstanding.

    While I can't say my grasp of the meat of this post is anywhere near yours, I can say being 3 years removed from "civilized society" has brought me to many of the same understandings. We left a condo in Chicago for a bus in the woods of the Deep South, and have never looked back since.

    I realize in order for one to "come to ones' senses", one must remove oneself from the noise that keeps the mind continually thinking. In the quiet of our woods, mind quiets itself, then my senses truly come alive. Fleeing the straight lines of the sidewalk to explore the ever undulating topography of Nature provides many insights into my own beingness.

    I believe I grasp that Earth was never intended to be infinite possibility, however, what we can do with the earth in terms of co-creating a life that is truly wealthy beyond any monetary amount is indeed infinite in possibility. Once one realizes that we are a part of the fractal, and that everything else around us is conscious and aware of itself and possess senses very similar to our own, the door to such possibilities opens wider and wider.

    I have long contended that land, a space where one can cultivate Love and co-create utilizing perfect systems is the key to breaking out of "their" system. I also realize "owning land" is ludicrous, but I am forced to work within certain confines for the moment. Our land works with us, not for us. It is not owned by us, but we are and always will be a part of it. it can exist without us, but not us without it.

    So as not to ramble any further I will conclude by saying I have looked forward to these posts ever since you hinted at them. You are a true treasure, keep them coming

  16. Thank you for another great thought provoking post JC.

    I have been patiently waiting on the Grand Man series to emerge for almost a year now. To hear that this series will play into it puts me in the clouds.

    The first time I read this post was at work during lunch break. It flowed like electricity (low voltage) through my mind. I had a deep connection with what you were saying but couldn't put my finger on any one specific thing. I reread it again and again only to have my mind blown each time.

    I felt like the big bang at the beginning of the universe was going off in my head. Fragments flew out from the center of the universe. As these fragments fly through space they consolidate into galaxies suns are born and more fragments consolidate into planets who gravitate to the sun while dancing with moons and such. I don’t know too much about black holes but that they exist in space (sometimes I think I have a big one in my head…lol). They have massive gravitational pulls and suck matter in so it seems to fit with the analogy to some level. But like the big bang all its fragments are expected to expand to an apex then begin a journey back to its origin the center of the universe or consolidation.

    Your photo of the geometric shapes and vertexes is cool. It reminded me of playing with soapy water how the bubbles around the air hole are big but around the edges smaller ones consolidate like vertexes. Then I thought of the earth’s magnetic vortexes….vertex, vortex? This led me to find Sacred Geometry ~ Earth’s Planetary Grid forms Metatron’s Cube and it kind of paralleled your picture. This is interesting because people are attracted to magnetic vortexes and over time cities are formed on these vortexes. Then I recall you mentioning that temples would be discussed in the Grand Man and many temples are built on vortexes. Pretty cool stuff just can’t put it together yet.

    The blank piece of paper of infinite possibility then the box shows up which is limited possibility. Why did we go inside the box? Why did we seek to limit ourselves? How do we let go of our senses and thus release the chains that bind us here? Why do we choose to stay bound? Damn it’s hard to stop thinking…

    Reading on to “But what if the disorganized masses were to recognize and understand that there are other effective methods of establishing and structuring a social trust which does not rely on the mandates of the small organized elites? What if all the engineered fragmentation in pursuit of self-preservation was suddenly found to be ineffective?” and wondered for a while…How could the disorganized masses work through their social engineering to re-consolidate their fragmented system of self-preservation? I know when I'm licked. This will have to unfold with your wisdom my friend. I can't wait to see part two. But give me time to rest my brain brother…lol

    Happy Thanksgiving:)

  17. The article, Primnomics- the first division used an analogy for "infinity possibility" in the form of a blank paper containing a dot. This reminds me of my college experience 40 years ago at Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa, USA.
    The entire curriculum was based upon an understanding of the role of consciousness in practical life. The foundation was practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique (TM) which allowed direct experience of pure consciousness, so-called the "unmanifest field of all possibilities”.
    Intellectual development included the understanding of various disciplines in terms of the “point and the field” -the manifest and unmanifest aspects of existence. Mr. Collins’ concrete and abstract ideas would seem so familiar to these students.
    Attachment to the manifest could be considered the “sin” of ignorance because it subjectified the object while obscuring real objectivity (perception from pure subjectivity) altogether. The duality cannot be seen if one is living it; rather, one must live outside of it (on the level of consciousness) in order to appreciate its effects. "Corruption of the structure" is part of the nature of it because change is its essence.
    The gap (perhaps your “vertex”) between unmanifest, infinite, non-changing, absolute pure consciousness and the manifested duality is where the Veda resides. Vedic science informed all of the subjects taught at MUM; and PrimNomics sounds Vedic to me, especially Dharma. See a brief paper on vedic economics:
    An interesting aside: as a result of sociological findings (1% effect, super radiance effect) that widespread TM practice resulted in integrating the disorganized masses, our masters instructed the Carter Administration to “leak” to governments world-wide that TM teachers were spies, which resulted in the cessation of official collaboration with the TM organization for a generation.

  18. I’m looking forward to PN II. Like so many who visit this blog, I too am grateful for the voice of POM. I’ve been intrigued with researching words and I appreciate measurements. I just recently thought to consider the words that establish the foundation for POM.

    Philosophy Of Metrics – love for the wisdom/science of measurements
    PrimNomics – the law of numbers that can only be divided by itself

    “Here is wisdom, let him that have understanding count the number...”

    POM has helped me stay grounded while recognizing there must be a change of citizenship to experience a transformation.

    There is a couple of interesting caterpillar quotes; “there is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it’s going to be a butterfly,” “the caterpillar does all the work and the butterfly gets all the publicity,” and “what the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.” The mind of the caterpillar is different from the mind of a butterfly...yet it is one entity manifesting two forms.

    I once believed America was the only country whose citizens willingly (yet perhaps unknowingly) accept debt slavery. Current world population is estimated at 7,269,409,221 as of October 23, 2014 @ ~12:04 CST. ( There is a world debt clock; current world debt is estimated at $60,290,280,396,341 as of October 23, 2014 @~12:04 CST (

    Flags represent standards, the people who pledge allegiance to the American flag are to re-present a standard...we are supposed to be a Republic, ONE nation under God, INDIVISIBLE, creating liberty and justice for ALL. However, we now prefer “solemnly affirmed” in lieu of “under God.”

    Has America become LAWLESS or do our vision/understanding need correction/organization?

    “Forgive me my debt as I forgive my debtors.” I don’t like debt slavery, but until I look within...I cannot forgive nor will I know liberty and justice.

    1. While it is intriguing to investigate the psyche and egos of those who exist along side us on the planet, and the tugging and pushing motion which perpetuates in every fascet of our existence, JC clarified it simply: hope is within us. Any one of us could create our own infinite reality by gathering together a mass tribe of family and friends at any given point, unplugging from the world as we know it, and using our own resources, skills and knowledge to create our own un-puppeted lives. The mere knowing that such an opportunity exists for each of us halts the confines of our present imposed existence, and places the reality of power shift back to us as individuals. The created divisions and elite pods of humanity exist solely in the minds of those who allow and accept them. Not many will unplug, literally, but the conscious knowing that we might steer our own destiny among a mass of existing captains at the helm, releases the binds of what we deem our human condition, and creates for us each the ability to truly tap into our infinite selves. The honing-in...the "nth-ing" of it all inwardly, is truly key to our survival, joy, peace, and self-preservation as unique and limitless. The rest is all manutia. We are all meant to be self-led creatures, pressing forward with purpose and not herded, controlled or exploited. A revolution of one's self is the matrix eraser. And that revolution numbers only one. In each of our finalities, who matters? One.

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