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Fragmentation in Pursuit of Self-Preservation

This article was originally posted on October 8, 2014.

"He is led by an invisible hand to promote an end which was no part of his intention." - Adam Smith, An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations, 1776

On March 9, 1776, the book titled The Wealth of Nations, a compilation of economic essays by Adam Smith, was published.  This was in the early days of the American War for Independence and the air was full of hope and transformation.  On May 1 of the same year the secret society known as the Illuminati was founded by Adam Weishaupt.

And later that year, in December, Thomas Paine writes the now famous line in which in which he states:

"These are the times that try men's souls."

When we reflect from our vantage point today do we find that the times are any different?  The souls of men are still being challenged and invisible hands still appear to be guiding events in the direction that the majority do not wish to be moving.  Secret societies are still in the background manipulating the disorganized masses, as can be attested too by the overwhelming masonic symbolism in our socioeconomic environment, and the world stands on the cusp of a constant revolution.  A revolution which never seems to materialize.

When one trends the revolutions and cultural transitions which have taken place over the last few thousand years a clear pattern emerges.  This pattern tells of a process by which specific segments of the old are incorporated into the new for the purpose of conscious familiarity.  Whether its economics, cultural mandates, religious dogma, or social structure, what once was is now new and all things appear as sporadic and natural progressions.

Theories on how to organize mass populations range from ideological black holes like communism and democracy, to socioeconomic outgrowths which vary little in constitution and conceptualization.  When we think on how the human race is likely to have evolved from a source of one, one being the conscious absolute from which matter materializes, or infinity possibility, we can begin to see a pattern of division take hold and devolve outward while evolving inward from the vertex, or point where geometric shapes intersect.

This division, which we can also call fragmentation, is what separates matter into subsequent and compartmentalized structures, such as geometric shapes, which consolidate to become cells, minerals, soil, rock, trees, birds, mammals, clouds, and all the other varied fragments of consciousness which make up the world of physical existence.

Nations, as they are perceived today, are only the simulation of the tribal grouping from which humanity attempts to consolidate its conscious manifestations. One of the constants which we can independently verify in reality is the relentless pressure to consolidate.  Opposite of this pressure exists a pushing type force which is attempting to repel geometric shapes and ensure that the material world does not completely consolidate or return to its structure of oneness, being the state of infinity possibility.

We see this diametric of pulling and pushing acted out in the music of the spheres, or the position and movements of the bodies in our solar system.  The sun, the only object in the solar system which doesn't cast a shadow, can be considered the first movement away from infinity possibility.

Infinity possibility is best imagined as a blank sheet of white paper.  This paper represents all of existence, or consciousness, before the first particle of matter is materialized.  Within this white sheet of paper all things are possible as nothing has been defined or confined within the limitations of structure.

Now imagine a black dot, or cube if you so desire, has appeared in the middle of the paper.  This dot or cube represents limited possibility, the opposite of infinity possibility.  This dot can be considered the vertex, or point where all geometric shapes will intersect.

It is interesting to consider that another word for vertex is crown, and by extension the word head as well.  A crown is worn upon a head as the king or queen would do, and there is a crown around the sun.  The sun is obviously the god of the pagan world and represents the never ending moment just before the dot appears, which is the moment of creation, or the manifestation of limited possibility.

So in essence, the king or queen represents the sun, or moment of continuous creation as manifested through infinity possibility, and acts as the hinge, or vertex from which the possible and impossible, outward and inward, swirl together in limited potential.

The concept of nation therefor, is the simulation or re-enactment of the oneness which existed just before the dot or cube appeared.  The solar system, which could be considered a macro nation of sorts, is the perfect example of the balance of opposing forces which is required to maintain a structured reality.

The socioeconomic structure which man has developed does not consider this duality, and the structure which gives shape to reality, the geometric shapes which remain shadowed, are not recognized or considered by the minds which conform to the manifested patterns.
With a lack of understanding in regards to this balance, both ends of the spectrum pull and push harder which serves to stretch the vertex, or point where micro and macro intersect.  This stretching creates a corruption of the overall structure.

Let's take another look at the concept of the nation as defined in the works of Adam Smith.  Nation, a gathering of human sameness, is the meshing of ideological mandates and socioeconomic determinations, which intersect at a vertex and create a sort of social trust, or social capital.

Economics, which Smith predominately wrote about, is the study of production, distribution, and consumption of wealth in human society, the social trust.  Wealth can be defined as the vertex where human time and labor intersect.  So economics, being the wealth of the social trust, acts as a vertex where micro and macro meet.

It is this social trust which has been betrayed by man himself.  Like the stretching of the vertex above, man attains to both macro and micro aspirations.  A system of social trust is established but quickly becomes corrupt as the imbalance in the vertex is amplified.

Wealth, the time and labor of humanity, is the direct cause and effect of the subconscious instinct for self-preservation.  Otherwise considered to be the survival instinct.  As consciousness becomes further fragmented in the physical world, this instinct for self-preservation also becomes fragmented and the social trust is divided into multiples of corruption.

Considering that economics is the study of production, distribution, and consumption of human time and labor, it is important that we recognize the negative summation of production from the point of origin.  What this means is that our wealth, the time and labor of the social trust, is being stored in a system which is sum negative from the start.

Based on the nature of fiat money and fractional banking regulations, the wealth of humanity is servicing debt as opposed to building real wealth as an act of self-preservation.  Our time and labor is exchanged for money that is issued as debt, which in turn means our wealth is sum negative.

With the theory of PrimNomics, an attempt will be made to define a structure of self-preservation which is built upon the realities of productive wealth and micro independence while functioning within a macro system of conscious manifestation, as ordained by the vertex between inward and outward creation, while also serving the place where geometric shapes intersect.

This intersection is the social trust.

The fragmentation of self-preservation is nowhere more obvious than in the transfer of wealth from one end of the spectrum to the other end.  A small minority has fragmented the natural human trust or grouping in their successful attempts to consolidate all human wealth, being time and labor, into a specialized system of wealth storage.  This is a system which all of us have been born into, as attested by our bond-like birth certificates from which a return is expected.  This return , our time and labor, is meant to service the debt of the now corrupt social trust.

Human groupings, both micro and macro, being the family or nation state, have been intentionally fragmented in order to achieve this wealth transfer.  It's interesting to notice that the royal bloodlines and elite families, such as the banking family of Rothschild, are encouraged to marry and reproduce within their own lineage.  The most obvious reason for this practice is to retain the wealth of the family within that specific micro social trust.

This serves as a form of continued consolidation of wealth, being time and labor, within the social trust, or family.

While this practice is promoted within one specific micro vertex, the larger macro vertex is intentionally fragmented.  The disorganized masses are socially engineered to knowingly fragment their system of self-preservation so that the wealth is consolidated on the other end of the spectrum.

Of course the disorganized masses are extremely unlikely to engage in activities considered to be incestuous, but therein lays a probable solution to the fragmentation of the social trust vertex.
The act of incest as practiced by the ruling bloodlines and elite families is the ultimate act of self-preservation as determined by the creation of their own micro social trust.  The wealth retention within this form of family social trust is extreme and very effective.  The fragmentation of the disorganized masses when faced with the power of this structured social trust is assured and the wealth transfer is complete.

But what if the disorganized masses were to recognize and understand that there are other effective methods of establishing and structuring a social trust which does not rely on the mandates of the small organized elites?  What if all the engineered fragmentation in pursuit of self-preservation was suddenly found to be ineffective?

What if the vertex, the point where geometric shapes intersect, became something other than a social trust?

We automatically assume that economic metrics are measures of the production, distribution, and consumption of social capital, or the social trust.  But when we further explore and define just what is meant by social capital and social trust, we enter into a world where limited potential, or the opposite of infinity possibility, has expanded and opportunities to consolidate closer to the oneness of the absolute are more frequent.

In PrimNomics - The Second Division, we will further explore the opportunities for alternate social trusts and capital, as well as further broaden our understanding of the vertex, and how they exist as an abstract baseline, not just in the place where geometric shapes intersect, but also between all micro and macro paradigms, be they micro and macro economics, or micro and macro evolution.  This can be understood as the simultaneous evolution and devolution which acts as the symbiosis between microorganisms and macro-organisms.

This is another vertex of course.

The astute reader may anticipate a move towards the Grand Man philosophy which I have previously hinted at.  - JC

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10 Comments on “PrimNomics - The First Division”

  1. Hi JC and thank you very much for yet another thought provoking and excellent piece,

    You consolidated the abstract idea of infinity with an excellent analogy of a piece of white paper all the way to the idea of matter and then linking this abstract model onto the idea of money, wealth, its transfer and the ancient behaviour of the ruling elite. All makes a fantastic read that feeds the Imagination.

    It seems, any being sentient or otherwise, is in a constant and repetitive state of contraction and expansion. The same applies to the universe and it's totality and all the elements within the dualistic realm where all are subject to such rhythm. This also appears as a fundamental state of human psyche as one learns in a mystical tradition aka esoteric school. The constant rhythm is necessary as a form of movement that creates the possibility of ascending non-physically to the higher states of existence. The Sufi mystical school expresses the catalyst for expansion with the elixir of the divine Love. The alchemy that occurs within the mystic's consciousness, is similar to the transmutation to a higher form and state, all happens in the dual world and inside the Cauldron of the mind. The analogy of the cauldron in this context, is the seekers totality and consciousness.

    In the world of duality that we all are living, there is a constant contraction and expansion on a macro level that we are not awakened to since we can not sense the movements of the contraction and expansion, yet this is real. We hear a lot about the economy as expanding and contracting, in the same way that each of us breath air and as such the rhythm of life goes on from infinity to infinity. The movements within human development also takes the same forms.

    In the current time, we seem to be contracting as a human civilization as every aspect of our world appears to be in a decline. An indicator of the state of a culture and civilization is the level of creative art forms whether painting, music, dance, poetry as well as the sciences. This contraction may be a prelude to another expansion possibly, since without the collapse of an empire, there will be no improved version.

    The political scene is dismal and dark, the news we hear everyday is nothing but a painful scene where any awakened souls can see the deception and fakery and omission of Truths on a daily basis. As per our JC's excellent quote from Thomas Paine, "These are the times that try men's souls", and how true and apt it is for this time we and other seven billion passengers on this spaceship are witnessing!

    Yet, as JC writes, "...the world stands on the cusp of a constant revolution. A revolution which never seems to materialize."

    Could it be that we, as a species are actually not ready for a revolution? The truth of the matter is that a large majority of us may have different ideas in relation to actually what we want to do with our lives, if such corrupt and demonic system of money, politics and economic was to gotten rid of tomorrow. Given that any human change is always on the shoulders of a 5 to 10 percent of the population, whilst the rest are not even capable of thinking clearly, objectively about what is really possible! What kind of world we may have if there were no ruling elite, no corrupt governments and no greedy bankers perhaps.

    It is therefore, the work of the artist as it always has been ever since we as species walked on this earth, to give ways and means to get to the next stage of our expansion. It is also good to remember that, unless we are not forced to think of the alternatives, we will not expand. The artist, shows the way, the path to a new reality, a new possibility of being thinking and living. We need art, lots of it and everywhere as art changes our consciousness by working as a catalyst for greater imagination. With higher thinking by expansion of our imagination, we will have the ways shown to us for the next level.

    There are methods and tools for going to the next stage that many are experimenting with currently. I hear that the Blockchain algorithm is being experimented by the Russian government as a tamper proof way of using it in their electoral system. The same technology is used for Bitcoin but it is still primitive perhaps, and yet it may be a possible example of thinking outside of the rational box. I am not suggesting that Blockchain technology in Bitcoin is it, but it is a novel method where the central authority of a fiat currency is challenged.

    The Buddhists have a wonderful mantra that goes: "Form is emptiness, Emptiness is form". This mantra after much repetition becomes a reality for the initiate so much that physical limitations becomes meaningless, only then a mind can wake up and see the reality as well as the possibilities in a different light. Sadly our learning institution in the same of our media and other institution works hard to instill in us that there is only one way to live and one way to think.

    It is therefore paramount to thinking again and step outside of the box of our mental cage. Our ancestors were in the same spot many many times and they found extraordinary ways to deal with challenges, we are no different, and we will get through, whether the elite want to join us or not...

  2. Cool, and is my want I refuse to contribute to the POM until I find my legs and something I believe positive to add to whatever the topic. So I'm just saying, let us not forget the spirit of the music that accompanies, comforts and haunts us through our days. I'm here because my Gods allow me to shelve the whatever seems to be the emergencies of the day, tune it all out and spend a full 24 hours listening to the powerful musical entertainers of my day. I take a day off. See what I'm saying, such a privilege, I thank my Gods.

    As I sip my whisky and nibble my morphine I reflect upon something I read awhile back that had something to do with classical music being built on a different set of tones, timings and chord possessions, one they say, that like those of David, more pleased the Lord.

    Can't say not knowing. I like classical, and jazz, heavy metal, some rap(as long as it I can put it with it's roots, which I argue are jump rope songs from the streets of days long gone by. For instance allow me to share Mini Mini HaHa, a jump rope song that speaks to the ghettos of the fifties.

    Mini, Mini Haha
    Went to see her Papa
    Papa died
    Mine cried
    Mini had a brand new baby
    She put it in a bath tub to see if it could swim
    It drank a gallon of water
    And swallowed a bar of soap
    Tried to eat the bathtub
    But it wouldn't go down it's throat

    So what's going on here, I'm saying Mini is just a kid who comes up pregnant, goes to see her father and the news just kills him, or he is dead to her problem, and cast her to the world at large. Mini is woefully unprepared to raise a child, after all she is but a child herself. The rest of the rap describes the results of this social tragic tale. All this accompanied by the slap, slap, slap of the ropes on the hard pavement of our inner cites. See, so yeah, I can dig some rap.

    Still my comfort and haunting's come from from a time set that was filled with songwriters and preforming artist that included people that were not lazy, and were willing to gamble their careers on their poetry or their ability to deliver someone else's poetry. I'm saying not lazy because they did not rely on a chorus, a few lines and another chorus etc, etc. As per example I give you Gordon Lightfoot and "The Wreck of Edmond Fitzgerald," Jim Croce "Operator," Don McLean "American Pie, " Iron Butterfly "INNA GADDA DA VIDA,"(hehe). And a thousand more.

    I'm blessed, I can allow myself to shut it all down, the news, my phone, facebook, the alt news I normally tune into on a daliy basis, etc.. Point being whatever your era or preferred genre find, take, steal the time to listen to the music, the muse, that tugs at the heart strings of your soul. I can promise you it will be time well spent.

    As an aside the garden goes well.

  3. "This is a system which all of us have been born into, as attested by our bond-like birth certificates from which a return is expected. This return , our time and labor, is meant to service the debt of the now corrupt social trust."

    Am I to understand:

    The "system" is all of the fiat-based currencies, where the Elite have stored their wealth in order to keep the family of humanity "fragmented" for the purpose of storing their (Elite's) accumulation of time and labor?

    1. I was suggest two avenues of thought. One, the elites are a part of humanity. Second, the accumulation of wealth is hampered by this system.

  4. I would suggest, the corruption of the social trust will remain, as long as, the return on the bond-like birth certificates is expected. The existing, social trust construct is based on fraud and fraud vitiates all. I don't understand, how the partial, gold-backing of the SDR, does anything but perpetuate the corrupted social trust. The accumulation of wealth will still be hampered. No?

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