Pop Culture as a Leftist Weapon

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How the Liberal-Left Establishment Exposed their Strategic Position

A fundamental truth which has emerged since the election of Donald Trump is that the cultural divisions between the left and right have become more pronounced. Though it is possible that the elite establishment which controlled Western nations for decades has been pulling the puppet strings of both ideological positions, the election of Trump has taken back control of the right Republican Party in America and subsequently the nation.

The expressions of outrage and hostility which are being encouraged throughout the West against this massive shift in the political framework and cultural orientation are disproportionate to the actual circumstances and objectives of the new American administration.

The voters who participated in this massive shock to the political system, both through the BREXIT vote in Britain and the election of Trump, are having a challenging time understanding the counter argument of the leftist expression of resistance. This disconnect between what is being portrayed in the mainstream media and what is common knowledge on the ground is expanding at an increasing rate.

The more the media hammers the point that Trump and the new modern nationalism are fascist movements which are leading the world to another Nazi type environment, the more those voters are beginning to notice the huge gap between the left and right in our pop culture.

The Trump administration is encouraging job growth and a return to fiscal responsibilities which have been discarded for generations. It is setting up a framework to protect American heritage and cultural identity which has provided the bedrock for a large segment of Western civilization as a whole. These ideals and objectives are not racist or any other negative label. They are exactly what the majority of American people want.

Once cherished actors, musicians and popular personalities have come forward in opposition to the Trump agenda. These famous individuals have provided the core function within our pop culture. For seven decades this pop culture has expanded and intruded further into our private lives. It has contributed to forming our thoughts, dreams, and desires. It has guided and encouraged an agenda which has not always been clear and understood by the disorganized masses.

A famous expression from the French Revolution is that “the revolution devours its own children”. We can observe that this is happening with the leftist of our pop culture as each of them find their own creative way of communicating their outrage and desires regarding the shift in culture which is taking place.

Just now I read that rapper Snoop Dogg has released a music video where he is shown shooting a Trump character with the face of a clown. Whatever happened to gangster rap being anti-establishment? This would suggest that maybe the whole gangster rap persona has been nothing but cultural-engineering for the purpose of manufacturing a false and controllable opposition.

Other artists from this genre have been open about their opinions on this matter, which serves to further support the conclusion expressed above. The one who spoke in support of Trump was Kanye West. He was pulled off stage at a concert when he went into a Trump supporting tirade against those who control the information and media. Later Kanye was hospitalized and now is suffering from memory loss. Take from that what you will, but other artists who support Trump are being singled out for character assassination and minimization in the fragmenting pop culture of left extremism.

Hollywood is now one cohesive anti-Trump movement with over 90% of actors and actresses taking opportunities to demonize Trump and his supporters. The exhausting speeches of self-aggrandizing and self-righteousness have become the hallmarks of the new Hollywood.

Some from the pop culture elite are even going so far as to attempt witchcraft against Trump. Such insane and adolescent behaviour has broken down the illusion of enamour and idolization which has kept the mass public under a spell since at least the 1950’s. Many famous personalities who would never have been considered leftist and were loved by the majority of people are now exposed as agents of the liberal-left agenda.

One such actor is Robert DeNiro. DeNiro put out a few video messages were he threatened to punch Trump and went off into a wild and hysterical rant which destroyed decades of image building. Most will never be able to watch a DeNiro movie again without those thoughts running through their minds.

The same goes for songs by famous artists. Whether its older rockers like Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi, or newer talent such a Lana del Ray and Katy Perry, their music is now forever tainted with the stink of disproportionate Trump hate and hysteria.

As we move further into the new Trump realities our pop culture is exposing its prejudice at an alarming rate. The pace which this is happening is increasing as desperation takes hold and the whole concept of this pop culture fights for its very survival.

This is taking place to such an extent that we are left with little conclusion but the one that suggests this pop culture has been designed and used all along as a cultural-engineering weapon against the disorganized masses. From its inception it has moulded and constructed our culture under its leftist mandates which attempted to strip the right majority of its identity and strength.

Years of investigation and study by those on the right who saw this agenda unfolding have been validated since the election of Trump. Leftist moles who acted as conservatives in their public lives have exposed themselves as true leftist in their private lives. The creditability which those in pop culture have built over decades has been reduced to ashes in a matter of months.

This should be encouraging to those who want a return to a sane and structured world built on the principles of hard work , freedom, and economic opportunity. How easy has the left pop culture devoured itself? The speed at which this is unfolding must be frightening to them. How the illusion was so fragile should be disheartening. The masses are organizing once again around the timeless principles of self-discipline, accountability, and rightness.

It matters not that the elite establishment labeled this demographic as a political right so it could play the left with zeal. This demographic is strong and cares little for the definitions of right and left. It knows the difference between right and wrong. It knows what is decent and what is profane. And now it knows exactly who is against them. – JC


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