POM Term “Modern Nationalism” Confirmed as “Responsible Nationalism”

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BY JC Collins

The latest ongoing confirmation of the thesis presented here on Philosophy of Metrics (POM) is contributed by longtime reader and commentator Jack (hugovictor54).  Jack commented with a link as follows:

Dear J.C.

In the last day or two, Larry Summers rolled out his “responsible nationalism” idea.


I heard him interviewed on NPR giving the same pitch. Looks like a full court media press. Sure fits the bill.


Our friend Jack has provided an extremely valuable piece of information.  The use of nationalism to promote the mandates of global governance has been a staple component of the overall POM thesis since the beginning. What better place to hide rising global governance but within the spread of a modern nationalist (aka populist movement) while having the people demand it and protest for it.

As explained in yesterday’s post titled Remembering the Real Global Currency Reset:

“The rise of nationalist movements and protest worldwide are supporting a new modern nationalism which will provide the synthesis of global monetary and socioeconomic governance. This new modern nationalism will act as a Trojan horse for further consolidation.  This consolidation will be hidden within the sovereignty movements which are increasing around the world from Germany to America.”

Reference was made to a POM post made back in Feb of 2014 where the “Real Global Currency Reset” was discussed as the spread of mass protests against governments.  POM has also made reference to the “Rent-Seeking Elite” and the subsequent corruption which needs to be regulated.

The increasing spread of “modern nationalism” is following the exact script as laid out here over the last three years.  From the link provided by Jack we are informed of the following:

“What is needed is a responsible nationalism – an approach where it is understood that countries are expected to pursue their citizen’s economic welfare as a primary objective but where their ability to harm the interests of citizens elsewhere is circumscribed.  International agreements would be judged not by how much is harmonized or by how many barriers are torn down but whether citizens are empowered.”

“This does not mean less scope for international co-operation.  It may mean more.  For example, tax burdens on workers around the world are a trillion dollars or more greater than they would be if we had a proper system of international co-ordination that identified capital income and prevented a race to the bottom in its taxation.  Taxes are only the most obvious area where races to the bottom interfere with the achievement of national objectives.  Others include labor and financial regulation and environmental standards.”

“Reflex internationalism needs to give way to responsible nationalism or else we will only see more distressed referendums and populist demagogues contending for high office.”

Since Donald Trump announced his candidacy last year I have suggested that whether he wins or Clinton wins, a new script has been introduced.  The above quote is an exact reflection of this script.  Though I think Trump will become the next president, the same script will also continue under a Clinton presidency.  The game is loaded and the global governance objectives will be achieved.

All roads lead to global governance.  All roads have been constructed for the same purpose.

The POM audience has grown over the last three years.  It continues to grow still.  Many are beginning to awaken to the realization that most sources of information are unreliable and untrustworthy.  In the post The Invisible Hand of the Disorganized Masses and the Application of Pre-French Revolution Conditions in the Modern World we discussed how even alternative media sources, most of them extremely popular and widely read and quoted, are willingly helping spread the script of this modern (responsible) nationalism.  This post is one of the most important in understanding the larger diametric which is unfolding.

Some of you have been here since the beginning while others have come and gone and come back again.  It appears the truth presented here is terribly difficult for many to digest and accept.  But truth it is and truth is what scrapes at the inside of our minds.

Back on Feb 10, 2014 I wrote a piece titled What Are Conspiracy Theories – Weapons of the Weak and Organized Insubordination.  In that article I attempted to warn readers of the insidious nature of conspiracy sites and alternative media:

“And yet this rent seeking redistribution system will feed on itself over time as the full effects of its makeup cause economic inefficiency and stifles economic growth and development.  This leads to further redistribution and the eventual imbalance in the system between small elite groups and the larger disorganized subordinate group.”

“I propose that conspiracy theories are born within this imbalance.”

“Further to this, when elites make decisions that serve their own interests the result is to inflict damage on the society as a whole.  Economic centralization and political lobbying have never benefited the poor and subordinate class.  It always eventually ends up as a drain on the whole system by way of redistribution and lack of wealth growth and development.”

“Tell me that this is not what we are witnessing in the world today?  Is it any wonder that conspiracy theories are rampant?  Left to natural process these theories would develop regardless.  But the small elite groups, through a process of social engineering, have deployed what is referred to as the weapons of the weak.  They are:

  1. Derision
  2. Gossip
  3. Disobedience
  4. Petty Theft
  5. Withdrawal
  6. Non-Compliance

“The elitists know that the subordinate class will eventually develop and use these “weapons” as the redistribution becomes greater and more noticeable.  As such, they usurped the weapons of the weak for themselves and have used them against the larger disorganized class as a means of maintaining the disorganization itself.  This is where the problem/reaction/solution of the Hegelian Dialectic Triad we have discussed comes in to play.  Each weapon is controlled and managed as to disempower the working class of its greatest leverage, which is the threat of not participating in the system of balance which allows the redistribution to continue.”

Since that article was written we have experienced a broader use of these “weapons of the weak” which have been used against the disorganized masses.  The disorganized masses themselves have taken on these “weapons” and are marching down the road towards global governance.

Perhaps Donald Trump himself is the ultimate weapon of the weak – engineered with perfection for this time and place.  Trump is the thesis.  Clinton is the anti-thesis. Developed nations are the thesis.  Emerging nations are the anti-thesis. Responsible nationalism (global governance) is the synthesis of them all.  – JC

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