Political Consolidation

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The New America and the De-Fragmentation of Cognitive Dissonance

By JC Collins

A pattern is beginning to emerge in the first days after the election.  The reactions by the Democratic Party and liberal left regarding the election results have taken on a new and problematic pattern.  This pattern is one of desperation as the full nature of what just happened begins to sink in and those in the American establishment have their control framework threatened for the first time in centuries.

But first it is important to understand the nature of the left and right.  These two seemingly diametric political positions have been culturally and politically engineered with great precision and cunning to take advantage of the natural instincts and behavior of the disorganized masses.  Both at one time represented the organic duality within each one of us.  This duality is best understood by accepting that there is an inner battle taking place within each one of us.

This battle is one between bridled and unbridled virtues.  The self-control and lack of self-control, best illustrated by the application of self-discipline towards the betterment of individual development, or the lack of self-discipline, either of which will either corrupt civilization, or enhance the qualitative aspects of civilization.

It is reasonable to consider the right to represent the action of self-discipline, as it provides a limited framework on self-destructive human behavior.  Equally, it is reasonable to consider the left to represent the lack of self-discipline, as its merits and philosophies result in the degradation of virtues and values.

Both ideals can be maintained in balance within the individual and within the state.  This best serves the overall development of both the individual and the state, as it provides the necessary room and adversity for growth and self-evolution to expand and contribute to the betterment of a cultural unification.

Within the United States over the last century a self-serving establishment has developed.  This establishment has been allowed to capitalize on the international importance of the US dollar and consolidate much wealth and power within itself.  This wealth and power has been prevented from being distributed to the disorganized masses through the psychological technique known as cognitive dissonance.

Most readers will already have a fundamental and workable understanding of cognitive dissonance.  The action of creating two opposing positions, the dialectic, and promoting the utter extremes of both, the mass population becomes confused and accepts an undefined and complex center which only benefits the establishment and its redistribution of wealth.

All are forced to live and function within this manufactured center but are conditioned to align and associate themselves with one of the left or right extremes.  At times the establishment will use the right to further its objectives and at other times it will use the left to further its objectives.  The back and forth at no time benefits the disorganized masses.

The election of Donald Trump is important in regards to what we are discussing here.  It is not a coincidence that Trump has been at times associated with both the right and left.  This is not important.  It has been satisfactorily proven here that Trump was a long-term strategy which was meant to remove the American establishment from the positions of power when the time came.  The post How Rothschild Inc. Saved Donald Trump explains this strategy and is becoming more relevant and provable with each passing day.

In that post we reviewed how Wilbur Ross of Rothschild Inc. ensured that investors stayed with Trump during the trouble years of the late 1980’s and early 1990’s.  It is now being suggested that Wilbur Ross could be the Secretary of Commerce in the Trump Administration.  Interesting.

It is also important to understand that Donald Trump doesn’t really align himself with either the false right or left paradigm.  The use of the right-leaning Republican Party was only the vehicle which he used to infiltrate the halls of power and overthrow the establishment from within.

It can be expected that the ongoing tension and violence between the left and right in America, more coming from the intolerable left, will build the consensus that something must be done to bridge the gap and bring about the unification and consolidation of the one American demographic.

No doubt the establishment now only has the liberal left framework from which it will attempt to regain control back from the external international banking interests.  Trump has completely taken over the reins of the republican mandates and is in the process of making them his own.  The Republican Party will be the vehicle which is used to shift the American population to a more simple and well-defined center.  This center will then be used to re-align American cultural interests within the developing international governance framework.

The division within the American masses remained relevant as long as the establishment wished to keep the nation divided and under the spell of a false and corrupt nationalism.  The new America which is now beginning to emerge will be unified and positioned to implement enhanced diametric thought-forms within a larger and more macro international governance methodology.

Unbeknownst to the establishment which grew up around the American order, a process of esoteric transformation was implemented a long time ago.  This establishment was used to create and promote the opposing diametric patterns which would force and result in the alchemical transmutation of America.  This establishment was used.  Some may know that now.  Some may not.  But powers greater than those held by the American establishment have never been out of control, or not able to direct the esoteric and masonic destiny of America.

When Trump announced his candidacy a year and half ago I stated that he would win.  The reasons I gave was that his platform was fully aligned with the broader and more macro mandates of the international transformation.  Some readers considered it to be farfetched that Donald Trump would be able to overcome the American establishment and take control of the nation’s levers and gears.

The Implosion of American Culture which I wrote about two years ago is now happening.  The cognitive dissonance which has been used against the masses for so long will not consolidate within the new America and it will be replaced with a more international cognitive dissonance.  All is meant to continue the process of alchemical transmutation.

The ancient mystery schools and esoteric mandates promote the alchemical process within each of us.  It is our individual purpose and pathway.  But this process is also meant to transform nations and the world.  America is now, after WW1 (first initiation) and WW2 (second initiation), nearing the end of the third initiation where the transmutation within is completed.  The final transmutation of the world is still in the future and a new cognitive orientation within America will now work towards this end. The third initiation is always about re-birth and not death.  America is being reborn.  – JC