Perfecting Gold’s $33,000/oz Future

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The Fragmentation of Material Wealth and Shaping the World of Tomorrow


This one simple word conveys powerful subconscious images of obsession, vast riches, greed, war, madness, kings, dragons, underground mining, and all manner of deep-rooted human psychological weakness and vileness. But it also represents the greatest of our potential to shape a better world, both within our own person, and without, in that place of human interaction.

Nothing encourages debate like the future value of gold. Some feel the value will go down, while others provide an analysis supporting wild increases and doom for those who don’t hoard the precious metal in their own caves, protected by their own psychological dragon. Each position sounds as logical and possible as the other when filtered through pre-arranged arguments and well-thought out counter-arguments.

The metrics supporting each argument can be used in flexible ways. Economics is like that I suppose. Facts can be generated, trends manipulated, and evidence put forward which can be used as talking points and debate positions. An old President of a company I once worked for told me that a long time ago, and it makes more sense to me now then it did back then.

The pull of the material world, and the facts and trends which mold and shape our thoughts and desires, contribute to some of the strongest forces in this world. A simple number and percentage provide a gravitational pull from which escape is all but impossible.

This process begins the moment we are born with the introduction of shapes, colours, and names. One square becomes six squares, and those six squares, when pre-arranged, are given the name cube. But what if we were never told that the square was a square? Would it than not have well-defined borders? Would it just look like a random misshaped blob of matter which served no real purpose? Does defining shapes, and establishing names, provide matter with the very purpose which it seeks itself?

This order out of chaos approach, or working of the rough hewn stone into a perfected stone, is another pattern which repeats throughout our existence. Extracting the rough gold from the earth and shaping it into perfect bars is the externalization of the need within matter to organize itself.

Within gold, corrupted matter finds the source of its own origins. The material world is made manifest from the light. Gold is light on earth in physical form. As such, gold represents God and the power of creation. The wealth of man, being the accumulation of time and labor in the material world, wants to store his burdens in the forever light of gold. The history of gold, and its importance in the affairs of human interaction, prove this beyond debate.

Man wants to become God by gaining influence over the power of creation. This is sought through material riches, from which gold holds the apex position. It’s value as such, is directly tied to the process of material fragmentation and corruption of human intent.


The power of one word.

Man will kill man for control of the false light in this world. This fool’s gold is valued against the accumulation of man’s time and labour. Through its stacking we hope to uncorrupt and de-fragment, or reverse, the horrible burden which was heaped upon us by God. But there is only one way to de-fragment, uncorrupt, and reverse the ever-tightening construct of the material world.

The value of gold is a direct reflection of the depth of our material corruption. The more we splinter and fragment, the more the value of gold will fragment and replicate. One becomes two. Two becomes four. Four becomes eight. This is fragmentation. This is also monetary inflation. At the end of it all, there is still only the original one. Everything else is a division and representation of this one.

Gold at $1000/oz represents the same quantity and quality as gold at $10,000/oz. We can divide and fragment forever, but the original value of one will forever remain.

Our predisposition to encourage and promote fragmentation and division provide each of us the ability to acquire and horde more fragments. Much like an invading army will conquer a region and distribute the fragmented wealth of those people amongst themselves.

The allegorical and symbolic words attributed to the equally allegorical and symbolic Christ attempted to teach us the process of ascending above the noise and confusion of the material world. This ultimate act of sacrifice and achievement was realized with the completion of the last step in a series of 33 steps.

The futility of the material world is no more found than in the forever balance of wealth in this world. No matter how many times we divide the one, the material which is fragmented and divided amongst the world will still only equal the material found in the original one. The redistribution of those fragments is represented through the economic fundamentals of appreciation and depreciation. These forces are maintained and balanced alongside the forces of inflation and deflation, while other metrics, such as wages increases, work in conjunction to hold all division and fragmentation within the original boundaries of the one.

In simple terms, appreciation represents further fragmentation. Further fragmentation will follow with further hoarding. Further hoarding will cause additional corruption and suffering in this world. We need to move towards the perfection of this world stone. Obsessing on the value of gold is the same old same old. It’s time for something new to come into this world. – JC

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14 Comments on “Perfecting Gold’s $33,000/oz Future”

  1. JC
    There is a plethora of information (and I have seen 1st hand evidence ) that leads one to believe that there is far more gold off the monetary books than actually admitted to and this gold and other assets are secreted in bunkers in Asia, Switzerland and other locations. Gold, like diamonds, is not rare….Can you comment on the gaming of gold valuation by London and what is coming in the future regarding cleaning up the manipulation. Additionally, can you comment on all the intel that the Global Collateral Accounts are supposedly going to be reclaimed and released ?? for humanity and/or are going to be a part of this multilateral monetary change you have outlined accurately for years now to resolve the sovereign debt criis thru . iuc mo;Thank you for all you do.

    P.S. I still think you have a staff of 40 or 50 really smart and informed writers….

    1. Sorry to disappoint you on the 40 to 50 writers. It’s just me. A one man show. I haven’t been writing enough lately in fact, as work had swamped me. But I’m on vacation now until Sept 18th, and plan on spending some time catching up. Even taking a trip to Los Angeles and San Diego for some late summer fun before the Canadian winter hits.

      Gold manipulation is no more widespread than manipulation in anything else. It’s human nature to seek such unethical gains. I’m sure there is loads of gold which is off the books in private vaults and as a part of the financial back up plans of large institutions and corporations. It is also my opinion that these Global Collateral Accounts do not exist.

  2. “The value of gold is a direct reflection of the depth of our material corruption.” The title of the article suggests that perfect corruption is observed at $33,000/oz. Does this mean that we (humanity) were less material corrupt when gold was valued at $800/oz?

    “Obsessing on the value of gold is the same old same old. It’s time for something new to come into this world.” Ok, you brought up JC, so I claim an exemption from being accused of obsessing on it :-). That said, what the HECK is this something new to come into the world? Some candidates:
    -Cryptocurrencies (truly further fragmentation)
    -Global Enlightenment
    -The Antichrist
    -A New Messiah
    -A world of free everything thanks to our robot slaves
    -I dunno, what are you getting at there, JC?

    1. Something new in regards to each of our own self-actualization. All of the things you mentioned are external from you. What can you manifest into the world which has never been experienced before? The pull of externalization is all encompassing. Fight that force and reverse the flow. Pull the world inside you and rearrange it.

  3. The shine, that damned shine, gives me fever. Gold? I ain’t none, I guess that means it is back to the salt mines for me. JC, do you have any ideas where the price of salt may be heading?

  4. A doctor who has taken the Hippocratic Oath has to give no reassurance they are an ethical person. Same could be said for politicians and their swearing in on a bible. This emphasizes the importance of the heart and its development. Alchemists seek to transform their hearts into gold so that everything they create has that eternal message only the heart knows woven into it. This is when the heart shines like the sun and radiates joy out into the world. On the other hand one can make it a black hole with a material appetite that is so self-centered that nothing gets out and no amount of matter can satisfy.

    By this guide if gold were $33k/oz wouldn’t we be feeding a black hole sun? I believe things get more expensive the more scarce they become therefore, gold as a physical representation of the sun and our hearts by extension would mean hearts of gold are scarce or hiding in caves.

    1. Hey what if where it says in the above comment “Alchemists seek to transform their hearts into gold so that everything they create has that eternal message only the heart knows woven into it.” We swap “woven” with “scripted”? Would that hold true?

      Earlier today I’m thinking and realize…thinking or thought is a lot like theater. To develop a thought is like writing a script. To take action on a thought is an act much like a theater has acts to act out the storyline or script. hmm.

  5. Thanks, JC. This article is one of the reasons I subscribed to your service. Very few analyst incorporate the Spiritual into their work when it should be front and center. Until more people realize and accept the corruption we see everyday has roots in the dark side and is not some random act we will be unable to once again see gold in it’s proper light – light of the sun. As Alasdair Macleod once told during an interview – people that own and hold gold are seemingly happier and more peaceful. There could be something to that – that something is what I just read above. As people acquire more physical gold the “price” of gold becomes less important and as this shift takes place the happiness and peace replaces the idea of riches – at least in my experience.

  6. Dear Dane:

    Relative to the stages upon which we dance and the theaters within which we perform, is there anything at which we can laugh that is not tragic?

    Please advise.

    Best regards and respectfully yours,


    1. Absolutely Oz. Its tragic that I had to write out a hole long “so serious” reply only to find understanding as to what you were asking, lol. Your pretty cryptic or deep sometimes, or I’m pretty dense and shallow sometimes.

      To answer your question no, I believe that scene is filled with tragedy. But we can only transform ourselves, everyone else is responsible for the same, nothing more. We share amazing knowledge here to help people find tools that work for them along their journey. If I had a picture for heaven I suppose POM would be a big part of it….oh that’s right it is a big part of it 🙂

      Always a pleasure Ozymandias, friend.

  7. Mr. Collins:

    Perhaps divinity of gold can be linked to “God” because the material properties of the metal are perpetually stable not “reactionary”.


  8. Excellent Ozymandias! For me this touches on what I believe what a being who is whole would be like. Stable in its own existence sharing freely with the knowledge that it can’t ever diminish one iota of itself. Like the flame that can ignite another but still remains the original flame.

  9. In reply to “Man wants to become God by gaining influence over the power of creation. ”

    Entropy: “Entropy is a tendency for systems to move towards disorder and a quantification of that disorder.”


    “Of all the mysterious road bumps in the long history of entropy’s development, the only thing that happens to be certain is its uncertainty. Knowing how entropy affects you can help you appreciate and see the world from a different perspective – one that isn’t afraid to dream big and small, that isn’t afraid to challenge the norms.
    One that isn’t afraid to innovate.”

    Is this human purpose? To attempt to reorganize the world into something more defined, more structured. To make sense of it? To create & grow & evolve. Or were we created to simply be spectators?

    Food for thought

    1. What if we aren’t here to change the world at all, but here to understand ourselves instead? I get a feeling that we are manifest from our creator (be that what it may), in an attempt to understand itself. In this way the world could be a theater or school for us to learn from more than change to our liking. If I’m understanding your perspective wouldn’t reorganizing ourselves to be in line or in harmony with our creator then by extension bring or maintain a more defined structure to the world?

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