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Behind the Veil of Reason and Logic

By JC Collins

It was Marcus Aurelius who wrote “Anyone who has seen the present day has seen it all, both everything that has taken place since time began and everything that will be for all eternity; for all things are of one kind and one form.”

As a child the world appeared as geometric patterns. Forms. One form.  The fragmentation began around the age of 7, in the year 1981.  You see, I made a remarkable discovery.  While reading Three Billy Goats Gruff and listening to Angel of the Morning by Juice Newton on the record player, I realized that reality wasn’t really real.  Popping the pop-top on the top of my pop can, I took a sip and gazed about in frightful wonderment at the world of geocentric waves which washed through my consciousness.


It began to dawn on me that others did not see the things I saw, or reasoned the way I reasoned.  Isolation of mind created the necessity to mimic accepted social behavior.  Meeting the expectations of others developed into a habit from which character merged with sub consciousness. This form knew no beginning or end.  It was as all things are – alive in dream and formless stream.

In later years it would occur to me that the angel of the morning may have been a veiled reference to Lucifer, and the song itself was a ballad.  The song Halo by Beyonce is also likely a veiled ballad to Lucifer.  The madness of similar dreams and streams which merge in the middle of our forgotten realms.

“…for all things are of one kind and one form.”

The will to help others was always there for me.  In school I would always step in to replace the weaker kid who didn’t want to fight.  The desire to understand the things in the world was as powerful a thought or emotion as the saddened tears of shattered innocence. To understand was to offer something to a world that I couldn’t fully understand.

The words of Marcus Aurelius were something I could understand and the form of his reasoning always resonated with me.

“Always follow these two rules:  first, act only on what your reasoning mind proposes for the good of humanity, and second, change your opinion if someone shows you it is wrong.  This change of mind must proceed only from the conviction that it’s both correct and for the common good, but not because it will give you pleasure and make you popular.”

The abstract thoughts which I often share with the world could be taken as oppositional to the reasoning and logic which is the baseline for all analysis.  Perhaps the correlation of the two can be found in the intertwined DNA of the shapeless world which is beginning to take form.

A form which has always existed.

“…for all things are of one kind and one form.”

My grandfather often speaks of the Great Depression.  When he was a young boy himself, the small Newfoundland town where he lived was a world away from the moaning streets of New York. The shop where the locals purchased goods had very little.  A bag of potatoes was difficult to get at times.  Cloths and other merchandise were even harder to find.

When the war started he remembers that suddenly the shelves were full of goods again and money was beginning to flow as commerce picked up.  The memory of that time is a powerful one.  That generation knew the hardship of a contracted money supply.  The thought of getting in debt and leveraging everything was unthinkable.

It would take many generations before this care and monetary reasoning was bred from the world.  Very few alive today have the direct memories of a true deflationary period.  The challenges and hardships were unique to the generation that lived it.  These are lessons we are likely to learn again, as all things are of one kind and one form.

Many consider my position on the multilateral transition extremely optimistic.  Perhaps it is.

It will serve no purpose for me to add fear and confusion surrounding the financial challenges which the world is now presented with.  The emotion which I separate from my analysis and writing is meant to help others observe the framework and transition points with clarity and fearless abandon.

Since I personally entertain myself by poking at others, such as in a recent post, it is only fair that I poke at myself as well. I’m stubborn and often without empathy for the positions of others.  The sometimes brutal approach I take to oppositional views to my own are justified in my mind as the shapeless form of separate reason.

Separate implies more than one.

Perhaps two.


But space and separation are an illusion.

“…for all things are of one kind and one form.”

Let’s not mince words amongst friends.  I’m not always kind and hide this behavior behind the cold wall of reason and logic.

Let’s not mince words.

The positions I express and conclusions I present are devoid of emotion and the potential pain of others.

Empathy is not easily mimicked.

It is easy to say that stock markets will adjust and liquidity will be drained from the system, but don’t worry, everything will be okay.  The multilateral transition will correct all imbalances and RMB and SDR liquidity will spur a new age of growth.

It will.


There will be pain.

If all things are of one form, pain, and its alter-ego joy, are parading around as opposing factions when in fact they are of one kind.  Strange bedfellows.  The division is a product of selfish illusions.

“…act only on what your reasoning mind proposes for the good of humanity,…”

This is what I’m attempting to do.  I do not have all the answers.  But I’m doing what I can to disarm fear of the unknown and help those who accept my humble works see that just perhaps things aren’t as bad as we expect them to be.  There are solutions being developed and the world just may avoid the worst nightmare which has been dreamed.

The present day represents the all.  The time distance between the Great Depression and the Great Recession is filled with the endless presents of what is now.

The all.

We have the memory of these things. One form.

Marcus Aurelius also stated the following:

“It’s as if your eyes demanded a fee for seeing, or your feet for walking.  These parts of your body are formed for a specific purpose, and by working according to their inherent makeup come into their own.  So too we are created by Nature to act benevolently, and when we have done something helpful or in some way conducive to the common interest, we have acted in harmony with our own inherent makeup, and also come into our own.”

The multilateral transition is as much a process which we are personally going through as it is a monetary framework. Through its architecture we seek one form.


Perhaps I find solace in the reality that reality isn’t really real. The pop-top pop can has been replaced by the tab pop can.  Both serve the same purpose.

In a world where everything is of one kind and one form, the division of fear and confusion seeks separation in the minds of Man.  The force which repeals and attracts us is as powerful a force as anything attributed to Lucifer.

A force like gravity or magnetism.

The geometric patterns are still everywhere.  Like the collapsing walls of a cell, the acceptance of force and form are buried deep within the illusion.

The Great Depression is still here.  We have already seen it.  Of one kind and one form.  – JC

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