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Fried Chicken and the Builders of Bridges

JC Collins


There he stood on the Earth looking at the Moon, and it never occurred to him that the Moon was once an Earth, and the Earth now, would one day be a New Moon, and all that divided one from the other were millions of years and the manifestation of two very different evolutionary cycles where spirit and matter moved, and are moving, towards synchronization and reconciliation.  Each cycle is the building of a bridge.

The moment of compassion is a beacon for all those who build bridges.  Be a builder of bridges – a builder of compassionate worlds.  Every moment is an initiation towards this end.

The most obvious truths are hidden right out in the open for all to witness and experience.  Though these truths can only be mined and revealed when the individual self-initiates themselves into the mystery of the life they are living.  As a life is an initiation, so is each a day of that life an initiation.  Initiation is but the simple search for truth within, for a truthful person is a compassionate person.

The fragmentation of our lives, which is the opposite of truth, takes place on multiple layers – material, emotional, mental, and spiritual.  Within each of those, we fragment further and shatter the purpose and meaning of our lives.  Re-aligning, or reconciling, all four states of existence, is the incremental uncovering, or revelation, of the truth within each of us.

All things are one in truth.

When I started Philosophy of Metrics back in 2013 it served a very specific purpose for my life at that time.  It was a process of communicating truth from within by patterning truth from without.  How does this puzzle piece fit into the puzzle?  What is the puzzle?  Is the puzzle something I’m even interested in?  Are others?

As time went on and hundreds of articles were written on diverse subjects, unbeknownst to me, a pattern began to reveal itself across my layers of existence.  Though POM was a fragment or partition in my life, I still wasn’t ready to absorb its purpose directly into the wholeness of my life.  It was there, on the side, important, but still separate, sending its learnings back to the root source.

Six years later, and after an incredible slowdown in content production, it has dawned on me that I have taken the intent and purpose of POM and have applied it throughout my whole life.  Opening a can of Diet Pepsi now has as much purpose and meaning as reading a book on the Protestant Reformation.  All moments are initiations and initiations are the result of growing and learning.  Through growing and learning we become compassionate human beings, and if the truthful expression of compassion is the objective, then growing and learning to build bridges is the purpose of life.

Who can honestly reflect on the world around them and not come to the conclusion, and truth, that every moment, every interaction, is an opportunity to learn and grow, and this world, existence, is but a mechanism which promotes, and allows for, the opportunity to learn and grow while interacting?  The ignorant and profane remain so because of their unwillingness to accept this undeniable truth.

Here is an example;

Our judgment of others is an expression of something from within ourselves which remains fragmented, broken, and unhealed.  This is an undeniable truth.  Only the ignorant and profane refuse to accept it.  That is why the ignorant and profane cannot be initiated into the mystery of their own lives and will be kept from discovering the truth within. Now consider that our world is a world built on judgments and not bridges, and we can begin to see the degree of failure which humanity has experienced towards achieving the purpose of the lives we live.  Instead of each day being a day of initiation, it remains a judgment day of sorrow and lost opportunity.

Progress, not perfection.

Eating fried chicken is one of my great vices.  I mean, come on, its battered, deep-fried, and is a taste sensation when done right.  But it’s also unhealthy and should be avoided.  Does that mean we never eat fried chicken?  Of course not.  Life is a road of learning and evolution.  Excess erodes evolution and moderation contributes to learning.  Spirit doesn’t eat fried chicken but right now JC does, with no regrets.

But I’m aware.

As 2019 comes to an end, I’m still struggling with how POM should look moving forward.  It is and will remain something.  I’m slowly putting together an analysis on the occult masterpiece The Lighthouse.  That will be forthcoming over the holidays and will provide some incredible insights, and revelations, of the power of film.  But what is POM to me now?  What is it to you?  Does it just represent a bridge between all of us?  It feels like it has been a bridge, and that bridge has been the strongest when I write with truth.

Absolute truth is the rootless root - compassion is its expression in the material world.  Learning, growing, evolving, and being an expression of compassion is the undeniable purpose of life.

Be a builder of bridges in all things you do. Build compassionate worlds around you. Build a bridge from the lower mind to the higher mind. That bridge is the path, the road, the great quest.  And eat fried chicken along the way.  – JC

JC Collins can be contacted at jcollins@philosophyofmetrics.com

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140 Comments on “On Life's Purpose”

  1. Beautiful as always and a masterpiece JC,

    While I was reading, almost before the fried chicken part, the word, ZEN came to me in a way I think of this minimalistic and possibly to say highly abstract philosophy of the East. However, when I read about your passion for fried Chickens, I recalled a fantastic Japanese movie I watched on the back from the far east many years ago and here is my most favourite scene, the fried chicken feast!  


    I sincerely believe, this part of the movie is possibly the crossroad and a place where the entire movie collides with massive energy release on the eyes and mind of the viewer which I remember feeling very emotional at this particular moment which may sound strange. What happened, without spoiling the movie is that they had just returned from something that would put normal people away from eating meat and possibly any food for days, and I leave it there.  I also discovered that the Japanese have a great sense of humour which makes this movie so great. 

    This movie deals with a very unpopular idea that is Death and is entirely Zen in style complete with a Master that remains almost hidden and the Master himself learnt how to deal with life in his own ways.  A couple of years ago I watched with my wife and we both cried and laughed at this great Japanese movie and now after reading your fantastic piece, I need to watch it again!

    Thank you for initiating me into Departures again JC! 🙂


  2. Thank you JC. Looking forward to your analysis of The Lighthouse. And to me, as well as being a bridge between like-minded individuals, that's what POM is: a lighthouse. It lights the way, helps me navigate a path through the fog of life. At the risk of over-stretching the metaphor, I daresay in your diligent service you may well have "saved" a few lives too.

      1. And there were seven...and each one of them had seven...and each of those, seven of their own...and so goes the propagation of the lighthouses upon the earth.

        Great read JC. Compassion...the outward expression of the rootless, root....Absolute truth 🙂 Love it!

  3. My Uncle used to love me but she died.
    Chicken ain't Chicken 'til he's lickin' good and fried.
    Keep on the sunnyside.
    Roger Miller

    Fucking speed freaks.

    JC at first glance I thought that was a pic of you in the cover art you choose for this posting. Shaved/bald head, strong looking hands, a library behind, a light over your head, aged beyond your years, an obvious appetite for the good and bad plated under your gaze. Alas, my old eyes failed me, upon further viewing I decided it wasn't you or at least not yet. I may have a better vision than I'm willing to credit myself with.

    I had the great pleasure to have been created 9 months before I was delivered into this place of absolute wonderment and fascination, that was three score and ten plus years ago now. I saw my Doc a couple of days ago, I asked him if he thought I could get another 50/60 years out of these beatdown old bones. He laughed his ass off, fucking Paki, what does he know.

    Check his name out, Vijay--------el Pala--------chamy, or something like that. Sometime I call him VJ, others Charlie or just Doc, sometimes I call him if I run out of morphine. I don't think he should charge me for treatment, I think I should charge him to study me, as a case, so to speak. Thats health care.

    Ok that's enough fun now. Rather than I go on about what a great posting this bridge building article seems to be about. I will take it on as the guy that has spent time crossing and under the bridges with the broke dick, poor, ignorant and profane, they are friends of mine. I won't have them disrespected on my watch. Build all the bridges you want to, if you think the ignorant and profane aren't using them everyday all day long, your building bridges to nowhere.

    Oh woe is me!! What's to become of the sacred POM? That's pretty much up to you, ain't it big boy. It is your fucking site after all, tell me it's not. It has been obvious to me you have been wanting to shut it down for a good while now, you just don't know how. Look in the mirror, look in your eyes, now imagine looking in mine. Tell me I'm wrong, if you do and I'm proved to be wrong, I'll accept that I'm wrong and act accordingly.

    Here's how you do it! You do it with the truth you like to speak of in your oh so pedantic manner. Fuck that, get real, and brutally honest with yourself and the POM. Your heart hasn't been in it for over a year, and chances are it ain't coming back. Face it, from one of the 100 top rated philosophy sites on the web, with you producing tons of great content, 1 or sometimes 2 postings a week, 6/8 a month.Lots of interesting contributors, the place to be.

    What's it today? You tell me, it is not my job to tell you. So why ask me or anybody else. But since you have, I will tell you.I can tell you, there ain't a one of them going to answer or question the many questions you asked. They are all going to ignore the fact you even posed them. As much as I admire and respect my friends on the POM, I just know in my heart of hearts it is going to be something like,, great post JC, I know what you mean, tell me more. Not acting like they didn't hear your questions, they just didn't hear them. For the most part you seldom ask direct questions, philosophical rhetoric is the style most here are acostume to. Style hell, it's your brand.

    Maybe, after I post this your questions might be addressed, but only in the vein that attacks me for having the audacity to actually question the many questions you posed. You asked a lot of woe is me's, you sound a bit lost. I hate to lose my heros, its painful, it makes you have to become your own hero. Hero's is a difficult position for the ignorant and profane to assume.

    Oh woe is me! What will the POM become? "it will remain something." Yeah, that something will be a fucking memory if you don't get your head out of your ass. Give the site and it's contributors the attention they deserve. Talk to the people, not just the ones that kiss your ass quit being a fucking ego, ego, ego, mani,mani, maniac, and a stand off prick. Get involved, or get the fuck out. Huh, what did you say?

    You lost interest in your own site a while back now, come to terms with it. Your contributors have tried to carry it, they tried very hard. But they are not you man, we are not you.

    I will proudly be a part of that ignorant and profane you have such disdain for, as long as I know it is my truth and honesty. As far as initiations go, I cross those bridges as I come to them. I do not need any ritual to stand tall and take the steps I need to take to get to the other side. I have no fear, you can come with me or I will walk alone. I think I will go over and spend some time with BAP, he is interesting. I don't think he holds a candle to you JC, but he is active and interactive with his contributors.

    Steal my bridge and try to make it your own, how original. Stealing from the ignorant and profane. You should of given me a chance to at least sell or lease it to you before you took quit claim deed. What does that make you? A philosophical burn out.

    Take it easy man, the XRP will hit in the next 6 months and your friends, family and co-workers will quit laughing and or cussing at you. I know how you hate to be wrong, you were only wrong on the timing. You are the worst one on your ass about it. Get over it, we still love you man.

    Anything else, my friend?

    I'm thinking about waiting a day or two before I post this, you know, maybe sober up. I've already cleaned it up quite a bit, took many of the rough edges off. I'm still not satisfied with the product. I think I better wait, yup.

    Fuck it!

    1. You finished? Good. You’re wrong. On every point. But then, you already knew that didn’t you?

      You’ll enjoy the forthcoming article on The Lighthouse movie. You’ll recognize yourself in the frothing storming sea which attempts to smother the light.

      Jesus, man. Be the light.

      1. Every point? Damn, I had a feeling I was fucking up. But every point?

        I will sincerely look for myself in the froth of the storming sea, I'm sure I won't like the image but I will confront that mirror. My sense of dread aside, I am looking forward to your article on the Lighthouse movie. So your saying it will be out sometime this year or early next?

        JC, I wish you and all of yours the happiest of days during this holiday season.

        1. Yes, Pieter, every point. Not only that, but you minimized your longtime POM compatriots as some sort of fan club. I throw my thoughts into words and post it. It’s all of you who make POM so much more than I ever could on my own.

          Please revisit the part of the article where it states that our judgements represent the unhealed and broken parts within ourselves. You seem to have missed that key part as your comment was loaded with judgement.

          In some weird way, you actually supported the position of the article by positioning yourself in complete opposition to it.

          Wishing you a fantastic holidays as well, pal.

        2. Yeah pretty outta line there Pieter, sobering up would be advisable but apart from that I think the main thing is, well let me throw a quote your way:
          If a philosopher you wish to be
          Let only patience dwell in thee

          Now gimme a virtual hug man

          1. You are hitting on all eight redjon. You got that hug.
            Enjoy the rest of these holidays and I'm wishing you a great new year.

  4. London Bridges Falling Down…hmmm. Anyway, I’ve heard many times throughout my life that we shouldn’t burn bridges so I’ve always seen relationships from that side of the bridge. The side after the relationship has been built and something in the world has forced the separation of friends. Good, bad or indifferent causes, that part doesn’t much matter nor does it change the fact. Sometimes life takes us to new fields where we are needed to help tend the crops with our overabundance of compassion. Gardner’s of sorts I suppose. My friend you’ve opened these eyes to a new side of the bridge with this essay. Showing something I’ve always done but have never taken the time to acknowledge. Peter expressed his version with his comment the other day of his bridge of relationships and his everlasting wave each time he crosses one particular bridge.

    I suspect the world is filled with bridges here and there. I can’t say I’ve never burned any of my bridges but I can say the ones I have burned were well deserved and everyone was the better for it being burned. I’ve even rebuilt a couple of them. But the lasting ones….yes those are bridges that stand the test of time and end up becoming our legacies. Perhaps a true testament to the good men and women we are. Maybe each bridge is a brick bridging our immortal infinite side with our mortal finite side….hmm, maybe a soul bridge. 😉

    Thanks JC, you’ve sparked a nice string of thoughts which are now entangled within some old thoughts.

  5. Dear Mr. Collins:

    Interesting post. Thank you for your dedication, efforts, perseverance, and perspectives.
    POM is an excellent site within which to read and exchange inquiries, insights, opinions, perspectives, and research. 🙂

    I have been traveling extensively on business. My attempts to gain access to the POM website while in Frankfurt and Wiesbaden, Germany were restricted. Per the German government and/or the local internet service provider, the POM website was reportedly a pornographic, right-wing extremist, promoter of hate speech, or an anti-Semitic website. I was advised and requested to stop attempting to gain access to the POM website (as well as others) from my five-star hotel. During previous reviews of the POM site while in the USA, I completely missed the pornography, promotional or supportive references to Nazis, Communism, Marxists, ANTIFA, Demon Rats, RINOs, the Mossad, or negative comments concerning Arabs or people from Northern Africa. In the future, I will have to be appreciably more attentive in my reading of your posts and the subsequent comments.

    Relative to potential future topics for your post, I would be interested in reading more of your insights and perspectives concerning your Crown Beast Series and/or its assortment of tentacle connected nefarious and predacious miscreants and organizations. A retrospective reposting of the original series would also be applicable give the current state of cultural, economic, and political conditions about this planet. “Times, they are a changing” as the Piscean Age ends. Very positive changes are very near.

    Any experiences or insights concerning narcissists and sociopaths would also be post of interest to me if you (or anyone else) have any insights or perspectives in these regards. I have been on this planet this incarnation nearly 70 years. I do not recall ever having had as many direct contacts and interactions with so many assorted pathological narcissists and sociopaths in any year as I have in 2019. I have noted a steady increase since 2008. This year has been a topper. However, there is a cost and a loss when one comes into contact or interacts with evil entities or some humans who are not human. I am still gaining insight (pun intended) concerning the story of Horus’ loss of an eye while conflicting with Seth. Covert narcissists are identified as covert for very valid reasons.

    Blessings and Merry Christmas to you and your beloved wife.


  6. Lol. Peter brother I've been where you where. I know how you felt. I know why you posted what you posted. Your just a mother fucker man and I love you for it. You'll pick yourself up off the front yard again and be on the upswing of things don't worry. Pride is a bitch until you master it. We all just have different perspectives of the same thing so taking pride in being the spark for another perspective is really all the compliment we need right? Oh come on you know I'm right. There is nothing new under the sun so for us to take ownership of anything....is well rather self centered isn't it? I know what you meant. I know what bothered you. Come on bro it's all good....RIGHT! 😉

  7. "There is a vast field, a complex area in the human mind that has not been explored. You don't have to go to India or a Zen monastery to learn about yourself; you can learn about yourself where you are because that is the world in which you live: your neighbor, wife or husband, and so on. The micro world is the large world if one knows how to look at that small world."

    - Jiddu Krishnamurti, Public Discussion in Ojai Ca., 1976.

    We can build internal bridges in order to explore these unexplored fields within ourselves. Have compassion for yourself so you can allow yourself to build these internal bridges. Only then can the larger outward world become more understandable and then it becomes easier to have compassion for others in the outward world.

    1. Thalamus -- The thalamus relays incoming sensory pathways to appropriate areas of the cortex, determines which sensory information actually reaches consciousness and participates in motor-information exchange between the cerebellum, basal ganglia and cortex.

    1. Your always welcome Peter.

      The way I see it today is that we all have upper and lower minds. Most never bridge them so they jump across from one mindset to the other or from one extreme to the other. This is reflective in the polarized world we see around us. However, mankind is evolving and is now finding this grey area in between…this bridge of sorts. We see this in the mechanics of the quantum age of things such as the quantum computer. Traditional computers are like switches and only know on or off. Quantum computers have taken this and evolved to include all possibilities between on or off also….a bridge…a middle ground…the glue that binds upper and lower, positive and negative, on and off a middle class that bridges the upper class and lower class of the populous. We see another example of this with XRP. It is a bridge that connects assets.

      So now back to us and our internal bridge. We see in the comment above how the thalamus allows us to bridge the material world with consciousness. The thalamus has two halves so what is the bridge between these halves? I propose that it is in fact the pineal gland. As such to me the pineal gland is a bridge that allows us to connect the upper mind with the lower mind or to connect to consciousness so that we can live by our own guide or light. The pinecone is referenced throughout mankind’s history and the pineal gland looks a lot like a pinecone.

      It’s been said or theorized that the pineal gland calcifies around the age of eight. So I wonder if this is about the time it takes for us to forsake our true guide, light or consciousness and chose to allow our outward conditioning to become our guiding light or our false prophet if you will. If this is the case have we in fact sacrificed our children to this conditioning? If we think about it most adults…or parents, got conditioned around the age of eight. Did they ever get unconditioned? Most likely not. As such they would propagate this conditioning onto their own children. This process would carry on through generations upon generations…thus the sacrifice and degradation or devolution of mankind. Luckily there are still enough albeit a few in number who free themselves from this false guide, false prophet, false God to become self-actuated, self-guided, independent or liberated.

      When we see a leap in human evolution such that history shows yet can’t explain couldn’t the mass adoption of breaking this conditioning be a reason for it? If the majority of people wake up and choose to not subject their children to the corrupting conditioning couldn’t a leap in human evolution be the result? Independent thinking or out of the box thinking brings new perspectives, new ideas, new ways of doing things or simply change. Embrace the change. Go with the stream of life. Let nature show us the way to bend like the tree in the wind. Let us be the stem.

        1. Excellent redjon. If you get a chance you may want to check out another wonderful book by H P Blavatsky called The Voice of Silence. You see everything I commented above is of this material plane or of the physical world. However, there is an unseen plane to it as well. This unseen plane seems to be our truth and our actions in this physical world but reflections or manifestations of that unseen plane. Man attempts to trace from the physical back to the unseen but it seems that is like shooting an arrow into space. How does one find the rootless root...the Absolute when it is everywhere and nowhere at the same time?

          I found the book quite enlightening.


          1. Thanks Dane, downloaded and added to reading list!
            There's those 2 paths again...


    I Just read this rather intriguing article on Dr Farrel's website regarding the recent news of missing USD and the article on Zerohedge on this news item that started by Steve Manuchin the treasury chief of the US.  

    My take on Mnuchin's words as he stated on Lou Dobbs was his reference to "Electronic Money" is somewhat of a giveaway as to the possible underlying disappearance of some &1.5Trillion worth of $100 notes and a potential and possibly inevitable introduction of Cryptos. IMHO this is the clue and how the missing notes hoarded by banks and foreign government, friends or foe to the US, such as Iranian government as well as super-wealthy individuals and potentially the organized crime syndicates.

    Another element in this perhaps would be a massive amount of cash generated each night under the pretext of Repo!  All in all, all this would perhaps give an idea as to the possible mechanism of a possible RESET that had been talked about for several years now and how Cryptocurrencies can fit in along with the Liquidity solutions we have been hearing so much about. For sure, the Cryptos may bring back some trust back into the game, at least banks trusting each other again!

    What if the US treasury to introduce a brand new $100 note and give notice to all holders to submit their old and existing one so to receive a new note?  Would this method not be a sensible idea to take control and note down who holds what amount. This action may be also be used to eradicate the cash from the hands of hostile entities as drug lords, rogue groups & nations.


    I wish every one of POM family a very happy Christmas!
    God Bless you All...

    1. Dear CD:

      The volumes of "Missing Money" is appreciably greater than $1.2T.

      About two years ago, Michigan State Economics Professor Mark Skidmore revealed there was $21 trillion in what he calls “missing money” from just two US Government Departments, the Department of Defense (DOD) and Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

      SOURCE: https://usawatchdog.com/21-trillion-in-missing-money-could-trigger-meltdown-dr-mark-skidmore/

      Happy New Year. 2020 is going to be a great year for many important reasons.

      Blessings to you.


      1. Thank you, Dear Oz,

        It's really fascinating how much money the Empire had spent/stolen and what we hear publically as debt may only be a small portion of the total.  I have heard of Dr Skidmore and his discovery of the missing Trillions and it only adds to the collective frustration of the people of not only the US but the whole planet since it seems we are in a big prison with no access to the real truth as to how the machine is run and who is really in charge. Plato's cave allegory comes to mind!

        Yesterday, I listened to this really informative interview by Catherin Austin Fitts who talked about this very subject and whole other issues related to the governance and the complex machinery which we call government. She said at some point that we just do not know how the system runs with particular reference to Trump and that despite his business acumen and best efforts and his love for the country, he may not truly know the mechanisms of the behemoth. On the other hand, all governments throughout history have been complex machines often run by self-interested and even psychopathic creatures and what we are witnessing in all governments is no different.


        Happy New Year to you Dear Oz and yes, 2020 will be a year to remember and possibly a major crossroad for mankind and the future...

        May the new year bring hope to us all!

  9. You know I think I'll finally know this life's purpose when I get to the end and look back over the many years of living that I will have done. Until that time comes I'll live as compassionately as I can and I will continue to attempt to understand myself as well as my fellow man as best as I can ant to whom I will be in service to, until the end. That's just what feels right from the deepest depths within my heart outward to each and every pore on my skin. Happy Holidays everyone.

  10. New Years wisdom: Don't drink and drive.....you might hit a bump and spill your drink 😉

    New Years resolution: I'm not going to drink anymore.....I'm not going to drink any less, but still I'm not going to drink any more 😉

    Happy New Years everyone!


    I don't get around much anymore, so when I do I like to make it count. I do a couple of things in public now, I engage because I know how. More often I observe, because I'm learning how.

    Today I sat in the car as my others shopped, for some reason I just didn't want to go in. I just sat there and watched, it wasn't long before I saw what I was looking for.

    I had a feeling it was coming, I wasn't surprised, I had been doing the numbers for some time now. So, when I saw the march, the parade, I sat in wonder. I did a count, understand I'm in a Wal-mart parking lot and it's a Friday the 3rd of the month, the biggest payday this nation sees.

    For a moment, maybe longer, I was saddened, watching my gen struggling by, and struggle they do. some walking loud and proud, others I can see the pain in their every step. I see couples carrying each other, holding hands, some walking with their ladies hand tucked under their mans arm, others leaning on shopping carts to get in or out. I saw one person lifted out of the front seat of their car into a wheelchair to go in. I saw a lot of love. I won't lie to you I also saw some of those old folks who were wearing each other out, I could tell. It ain't a perfect world.

    My research showed a majority, still the numbers I was gathering stunned me. This is not accurate by a long shot , but close enough for me. At this point I really don't know how many gen's there are but my count put the boomers at about 50% that payday. Maybe more. There is a lot of us old fuckers. Cotton Top Nation.

    So I put all the men on mounts, each and everyone. Lions, tigers, timberwolves, puma, cheata, jaguar, all manner of bear, I put some on gorilla, and baboon, the dogs of war, rino, gators, kamodo dragons, and of course war horses by the regimes.

    We gathered at the back of the parking lot, I climbed up the front leg of a war elephant and once saddled I spurred the beast so hard his ears flapped out as he raised up on his hind legs, he let out a bellow that shook the very air. I looked about and saw the men that were with me shaking their fists, chest swelled with blood and air, all the women in camp began to swoon, their breast heaving. I yelled CHARGE !! Some fell off the back of their mounts, others shat themselves, woman fainted under the spell of our power and magnificents. I have to admit I peed myself a tiny bit.

    Swooped down on them we did, at the first glimpse of an O that we felt would be followed by a K, much less BOOMER we struck, any lips that appeared to be forming a H much less a ow dare you, a strike was delivered. They scattered off to their safe spaces. It's a good thing to because we were serious.

    We suffered quite a few casualties, bound to happen with an older army. Confusion, and stubbornness runs rampant in the ranks. Thank the goodness there were no fatalities above the av for the day. You know the very numbers have us dropping like flies. Not that day, that day saved lives.

    The other side?

    I don't think there is one.

    I get my food stamps on the 7th. Going to Sam's club, I intend to engage and observe if anything changes I'll let you all know. PTM

    1. "The other side?

      I don't think there is one."

      Peter you may be right in a sense. What if our spirit incarnates in bodies…different bodies for thousands and thousands of lifetimes? Through each of these lifetimes our experiences, actions and emotions are recorded in some…let’s say huge data storage…a fiber optic light storage of sorts. “The Astral Light absorbs the emanations (thoughts and emotions) produced on our plane.” As such each life’s emanations are recorded for all time. There was never an end because there was never a beginning.

      This being said how many do you believe…if they knew this would be hell bent on causing as much pain and misery as possible? How many would still be good righteous people even though they knew? These seem to be the choices laid down before us. If we knew we had but this life to live would we be pissed off feeling jilted or would we be good people thankful for the opportunity for this and all the other lives we have and will have? I believe we have to rise above the anger of ultimately dying before we can see the gift that we have been given. This rise allows us to live to our fullest with each life or gift we are given. “Every man dies, few live” is on the header of my twitter account. I believe in this statement. I aim to live my friend. Through thick and thin, being beat down by my fellow man I still strive to rise above to remain in service to humanity because I want to die a good man.


      Fish around on some of the embedded links within this article. Its addictive I promise. It will expand your knowledge on what is.

      Be well my friend.

  12. "Read and study what Éliphas Lévi says of the Astral Light, which he calls Satan and the Great Serpent. The Astral Light has been taken too literally to mean some sort of a second blue sky. This imaginary space, however, on which are impressed the countless images of all that ever was, is, and will be, is but a too sad reality. It becomes in, and for, man—if at all psychic—and who is not?—a tempting Demon, his “evil angel,” and the inspirer of all our worst deeds. It acts on the will of even the sleeping man, through visions impressed upon his slumbering brain (which visions must not be confused, with the “dreams”), and these germs bear their fruit when he awakes.[6]"

    Thanks Dane,
    I'm attempting to work my way thru the "Astral Light " link you so thoughtfully provided. That paragraph hit a chord with me , please bear?bare? ( never know) with me. I have nothing to back this up but my own experience. These last couple or few years I have to wake up to pee 2/3 times a night, I manage to get back to sleep. The point is that fact allows me to I reach REM state 2/3/4 times a night, if I pay proper attention I try to not so much analize, but more to just sort thru the events in the dreams. They are so fleeting, never-the-less sometimes not often the previous dream continues, well at least in a sense. Sometimes, some characters change, sometimes they remain to finish their role. Most of the time it is a brand new dream.

    At any rate I consider the weaker kidneys a bonus. the added REM states they create seem to provide quite a show. I just wanted to take a moment and share that. I'm looking forward to my afternoon nap.

    1. So if ALL is recorded in this Astral Light it would seem this Astral Light should be balanced with unique experiences from us for its health and stability wouldn’t it? If so what would happen to it if institutions such as the church try to conform everyone’s spiritual experiences into the same box, communist governance trying to conform everyone into the same political box, so on and so forth? Wouldn’t that kill the uniqueness and thus the health of the Astral Light by throwing it out of balance? Wouldn’t life depend on the health of this Astral Light?

      Just throwing out some abstract thoughts brother. How about some feedback? 😉

      Thanks pal.

      1. Dane My Man, I'm working on a reply(feedback). I'm struggling with being able to grasp the deep aspects/concepts of the "Astral Light." or even being the light that JC encouraged me to seek. I'm reading and thinking, it is a difficult challenge, which tells me that there are important things for me to attempt to learn.

        I just didn't want you to think I was ignoring your contribution, I'm working on it. I need more time with it, first I think I want wipe down my mirror, I know it will always be smudged, streaked and dirty around the edges.

        1. You got it Peter. That's what we do on a daily basis brother. The light is already within you.....you just have to let it shine man. Don't hinder it with thought as it permeates through your body to get out into the world. Watch how it feeds the garden around you....watch how that....no, your garden thrives and flourishes. Then just observe and enjoy the beauty you have created my friend. 😉

  13. While I'm here

    My Carpe Diem,
    As with all things Persian, I turn to you. G. Qassem Soleimani? I have to admit I find myself a bit confused. I don't think I need to be. Could I possibly persuade you to offer your thoughts?

    1. Happy New year Dearest Pieter and thank you for asking,

      This so-called general was, in fact, a low life thug and murderer who was born a Jew and converted sometimes in his teens to Shia Islam! I find it odd that his Wikipedia page either deleted this fact along with every other page of the internet with this information. The truth of it is that (again!) the so-called Islamist Republic of Iran has very little to do with Iran, Islam or Judaism, for or against (or Zionism!) because the IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) are a bunch of globalist mixture of Islamist and Juadiac Sabatian cult members who appear to be working with the same elements in Israel, Saudi, US, UK, Iran and everywhere else for brining their messianic leader, Mahdi or whatever the name is in Judaic religion and this all this is a fanatic cult of Islamo-Judaic fanatic men. What is so fascinating is that the first deputy minister of the Ministry of Intelligence of Mullahs was a young Persian Jew by the name of Saeed Emami from a respectable Jewish family of Shiraz. This man turned out to be a notorious murderous thug who organized the assassination of a large number of Iranian intellectuals and political activists who were not in sync with the Islamist regimes currents.  Ahmadinejad was also another Jewish convert who became the president of the IRI.  The fact of the matter is that the Islamist Republic is neither Islamic, nor a Republic and definitely not a religious regime whether Judaic, Islamic or anything else, but rather it is a criminal globalist enterprise that has successfully eradicated close to several thousand Iranians, Muslims, Jews, Christians, Bahai's and  Nationalists.  Basically, anyone who they did not like!

      Emami was recruited in 1978 whilst he was studying in the US by an arch murderer Mullah by the name of Ali Fallahian.  To this day, I can not understand why a nice young Persian Jew would turn down education in the US and return home (Iran) and turn into a monster of a kind not too dissimilar to Stalin's henchman, Lavrenti Beria who is known to have raped young pretty girls and then murdered a few. The life of this criminal psychopath who ended up as a high-level Islamist Intel chief follows an almost path to the Georgian born henchman Beria where Stalin was so angered by his criminality that he had him arrested and placed in a fast track court that got him executed by the firing squad. Emami ended up the same and his perverted sexual preoccupation with many young Iranian women and often the wives of the men he had arrested turned to a huge scandal for the criminal regime of Mullahs who themselves have excelled in all perversions and utter corruption.

      Given this rather long background, I tried to set the scene as to who this so-called "General" really is and what his assassination may mean for Iran, Iranians and the world.  You may have heard that the US forces are leaving the Persian Gulf and as much as possible the entire region and instead the Japanese Navy and elements of Army will be filling the vacuum.  the logic is very simple, The US does not need the oil but Japan does.  Therefore, Japan will be able and rather happy to take the protection of the Hormuz and the Persian Gulf knowing fully well that the Mullahs will NEVER do anything to upset the Japanese.  there has always been a historical relationship between Iran and Japan and particularly the past 40 years, this relationship had remained strong. This is a strategy that will work for 2020 Trump reelection but the entire show is IMHO is to END the Petrodollar system.  For that to happen, Saudi Arabia would need to be removed after 100 years her life and it appears that Iranian Mullahs were possibly been given the task to destroy Saudi Arabian oil facilities in a very short time without too much effort and possibly with minimum resistance by the Saudi Military. Once this happens, the entire Geoplotical topology of the region and the whole world would follow.  As I am writing this the Gold price has gone up to $1570 and it accelerated in the past 24 hours.  Therefore, the eradication of this pest who was working closely with globalists elements of the Mullahs, Israel and Saudi...plus much more is good news and one that will allow major changes to happen.  Of course, there are a dozen or more theories as to what may be the outcome but the elements of the Islamist regime of Mullahs have little room to manoeuvre and Trump's tweet threatening them with 52 sites to be destroyed if the Mullahs plan any ideas of a revenge which means many of these sites are strategic locations such as Oil refineries which will make the whole country to grind to a halt.  Also that the Islamist regime may have over half a million armed men but the military doctrine of the mullahs is mainly based on missile development and utilization as well as terrorism and asymmetric warfare. IRI has a vast array of technical units and sophisticated Cyber capabilities but they know very well, that Trump counts those units and any potential retaliation into account and should IRI go into an all-out cyberattack, they will possibly see a hardcore physical attack and not a cyber one by taking out power/hydroelectric dams which would feed those servers as computers!

      I look forward to the day that Iranian people will rise up and will arrest and put these monsters in a court of law and punish the criminal gangster enterprise who had been a menace to this world. I sincerely hope the external criminals in the US, UK and the EU to also see the same by the Trump admin to open the over 100,000 sealed indictments. This planet has had enough of these perverted monsters and the three countries that I love and respect i.e. Iran, US and UK to be free once again! I hope I have answered your concerns Dear Pieter but please let me know if I can elaborate on this subject.  Of course, this is my perspective but all in all, I am very positive and I do not believe we will have WW 3, 4 or 5, there are too many pessimists in the West and particularly in the US within the media but I feel there is a new beginning for all mankind without these criminal psychos.

      I forgot to mention that Putin and Xi may show their disapproval, but they are playing a game and both are working with Trump in establishing a new multipolar world!


      1. "US military tells Iraq it is preparing to ‘move out’ – official letter"

        I remember when the Vietnam war ended and the US troops pulled out of Saigon the capital of South Vietnam, there were many opinions as to whether the US lost a war and is running away or was the pull out a trap set for the Soviets and Communist China to fight over. At the time Soviets and CCP had many problems amongst which were an ideological one as to who's more communist. The result of the US military pulls out of Iraq can be also imagined as a trap for the two or three contending powers in that region from which Iran and Turkey may be the ones and if we include Russia then a threesome party may happen which will result possibly in a balance of power of a sort for the spectators of the Eurasian subcontinent. What is important to remember is that the nations created after WWI which Iraq is one were created with an inbuilt faultline and an inherent stability of ethnic and religious structure one where the Shia's are the bulk of the population who look to Iran as the main Shia power and the remaining 40% of Iraqi's Sunnis may look to Turkey as a supportive external power. A Federal Iraq may be the best solution but Federalism requires consensus and understanding of which may be hard to come by in an already fractured nation. Yet, this is assuming that Islam and political Islam will remain to be the only cause of nation-states and nation constructs of the future and this may not be the case at all. What we are experiencing by Islamist violence today is a funded project by mainly the left or the world Liberal elite as a project and it is very likely with the removal of funders of the project, we may experience a different kind of challenges that can be positive such as seeking a secular/non-religious based on the western democratic values. This picture is a nice one, except that the west collective thinking had gone leftward and they maybe not be a reliable model for the emerging Islamized lands to copy but the essence of human rights, respect to the individual as well as what we collectively refer to as personal freedom which currently is non-existent in entire Islamized lands.

        As I mentioned in my last post, the incoming Japan navy and some elements of military, as well as other stakeholder nations that is oil/gas users, may eventually be a good thing, allowing a new beginning for the US as a world superpower as well as for the region to align according to their own differences and agreements without the US after 75 years or so. This will be a historical test for these nations without the manipulations of the interest groups.  This is a very hypothetical idea and wish and only time will tell how such a movie will turn out but it is possible to see a new realignment nonetheless.  The fact that the US does not need oil imports is a win-win situation for the people of the region as they may get a respite from the tyrannical and ideologically sick criminals they had seen for 40 years. I sincerely hope for the best for humanity and our future generations.


  14. The Light

    Like an unsung melody
    The truth is waiting there for you to find it
    It's not a blight, but a remedy
    A clear reminder of how it began
    Deep inside your memory
    Turned away as you struggled to find it
    You heard the call as you walked away
    A voice of calm from within the silence
    And for what seemed an eternity
    You're waiting, hoping it would call out again
    You heard the shadow reckoning
    Then your fears seemed to keep you blinded
    You held your guard as you walked away

    When you think all is forsaken
    Listen to me now (all is not forsaken)
    You need never feel broken again
    Sometimes darkness can show you the light

    An unforgivable tragedy
    The answer isn't' where you think you'd find it
    Prepare yourself for the reckoning
    For when your world seems to crumble again
    Don't be afraid, don't turn away
    You're the one who can redefine it
    Don't let hope become a memory
    Let the shadow permeate your mind and
    Reveal the thoughts that were tucked away
    So that the door can be opened again
    Within your darkest memories
    Lies the answer if you dare to find it
    Don't let hope become a memory

    When you think all is forsaken
    Listen to me now (all is not forsaken)
    You need never feel broken again
    Sometimes darkness can show you the light, beautiful

    Sickening, weakening
    Don't let another somber pariah consume your soul
    You need strengthening, toughening
    It takes an inner dark to rekindle the fire burning in you
    Ignite the fire within you

    When you think all is forsaken
    Listen to me now (all is not forsaken)
    You need never feel broken again
    Sometimes darkness can show you the light

    Don't ignore, listen to me now (all is not forsaken)
    You need never feel broken again
    Sometimes darkness
    Can show you the light

    -Dan Donegan / David Draiman / Kevin Churko / Mike Wengren

  15. My Carpe Diem, I thank you for your indepth reply to my question concerning Soleimani. I'll thank you in advance for your generous offer to further elaborate, I'll press that.

    While researching the link you provided on Saeed Emami I noticed that SE was born Jan, 58, and S March, 57, making the men of very close age. It appears their rise up the ranks of their dif paths, one military the other intel began 79/80. I say dif paths, but that only holds true if one ignores the fact that one, is and needs the other. Is that the idea you were trying to deliver? Where you suggesting that SE and S may of been working together in concert during "the Chain Murders" and many more.

    Even if other military people might begrudgingly pay some tribune to S ability as far as tactics and strategy go, I believe a deeper study of the man will expose a psychopathy that is far too often found in people that are in positions of power.

    S had previously been sanctioned by the Swiss, the EU and the US for terrorist acts. I found it particularly provides insight when one looks at this letter from S to "Dear Mr. Khatami, how long do we have to shed tears, sorrow over the events, practice democracy by chaos and insults, and have revolutionary patience at the expense of sabotaging the system? Dear president, if you don't make a revolutionary decision and act according to your Islamic and national missions, tomorrow will be so late and irrecoverable that cannot be even imagined."[81] I believe I saw a more complete copy of that letter that further stated, Dear President if you don't put this protest down, I will." I can't find it, it may not exist, only in my mind.

    Still S did draw quite a crowd at his funeral today. I think I get it, after all we live in a nation that could all but be defined by cognitive dissonance and divided accordingly. Hell, I obviously suffer the disorder to a disturbing degree myself.

    I do agree Mr Diem, I don't see this incident as being the catalyst that leads to a major war, much less one that draws in other major powers. For myself what it has done is opened a series of rather strange narratives. A couple from P.Trump, what he said about leaving. I paraphrase, 'We will leave but you have to pay us for our base we have billions in it.' WTF? Man we have bases all over the place over there Iran is basically surrounded. Of course P.T is a real estate man. but. What?

    I think I kind of understand the one about 52 targets including cultural sitee. I believe the 52 obvious refers to the number of hostages take back in 79. So? IDK. I believe the mention of the cultural sites is a statement that says P.T. has the intel that tells him what kind of secret facilities are hidden under some cultural sites. Who knows.

    Anyway I think all these moves on both side are in someway designed to get both Iran the US and other players to the table. It is tough, I'm not sure of the accuracy of P.Trump's statement about Iran never winning a war but never losing a negotiation, as far as negotiations go, Iran has at least some recent history on their side of the ledge. It is tough, I think they have learned from the Israelie's, or taught them. I don't think it is the Mullahs that are all that. I kind of think there is a force behind or above the Mullahs that are a further power.

    Your Thoughts?

    1. Hi Pieter,

      You are seeing all the items clearly and if I may add to the "Who" or "what" entities who are in charge of the system that is behind the Pan-Islamism in general and the Mullahs and their apparatus of power, I would like to invite you to take a close of look at the "Islamic Consultative Assembly" ONLY by using Google map! Symbols are extremely powerful for these people and I want to add a big NO, they are not Freemasons but something else i.e. a hidden cult with their own agenda that runs parallel side by side and above the national/international politics. Also, they are NOT a religious system and as I stated. Therefore, it is a neither Islamic Nor Judaic whatsoever, we are looking a cult of a sort and I am only going by studying their symbolism and their use of violence and propaganda that was used by both the Soviets and the NAZI's but on a much more elaborate and sophisticated kind. I do listen to lots of different opinions and perspectives by various people namely Benjamin Fulford and in one of his radio interviews, he said that both the Mullahs and the Zionist state of Israel are run from Zug in Switzerland! Whether we accept this as a word of a madman or not, Switzerland is a place where many things appear to come from. So I leave it here for now.

      Please take a look at the building structure and please share your thoughts, Dearest Pieter, because you have stated very clearly a plot, not too dissimilar to James Bond movie. Have a great day my friend.

      I would say POTUS, as you rightly stated KNOWS what are these so-called "Cultural sites" are. I would start with "Imam Khomeini Mausoleum": https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mausoleum_of_Ruhollah_Khomeini

      Google map symbolism!

  16. I just happened to look at the following "clip art" in the following of Wiki site (under site plan) specifically for "places of power".  The shape of the structure is extremely weird and not of any human period other than the Egyptian ones but the "clip art" looks like two English letters placed together to make up a sigil or a word symbol. Looking at it briefly, the two-letter of "A and T" catches the attention! You'de need to consider some basic historical facts and some imagination to solve the puzzle and to my uneducated and unimaginative few remaining brain cells, this may well be "Aten" the Egyptian ruler and god. The structure of the assembly as I left in the previous posting is a Pyramid that visible from above with 33 windows on each side of the structure which is an odd number of windows, but let's assume that there was no other way!


    I then came across this site, that is okay a conspiracy site but many still recall the Time magazine with the principle Egyptian ruler, Akhenaten.  Interestingly, the site states the following, which may send us to the direction of Switzerland, again could be red herring and totally unconnected but it's worth adding.

    "Human genetic material, largely undamaged after 2,400 years, has been extracted from an Egyptian mummy and has been grown in the laboratory. One 2,400-yr-old mummy of a child was found to contain DNA that could be molecularly cloned in a plasmid vector. These analyses show that substantial pieces of mummy DNA can be cloned and that the DNA fragments seem to contain little or no modifications introduced postmortem."New York Times, April 16, 1985
    The previous second Lady, a couple of weeks ago, proclaimed that her husband, "is the President of the World"! Again, perhaps a little exaggeration by the previous 2nd Lady but that's a big claim, right?! Obama is considered by many as the "Greatest US President", but hey let's not hysterical about this 🙂 To this day, I see Michelle's photo subliminally planted in every supermarket in the US and EU. The shadow rulers really consider him as the continuing and possibly eternal ruler and not Donald Trump.  You might say, perhaps it is somewhat of an emotional attachment who for 8 years did a lot to ensure the US goes further down and other nations, not particularly a match to the US advanced tech and human capital, to rise. I would say, Iran comes at the first place, then Ukraine but that was because it was turned into a corrupt soup of gun-running, missile and nuclear discrimination tech as well as lots fo other unsavoury stuff. Yet, Iran had been groomed for a much longer time, even probably to the allied occupation of Iran in Aug. 1941 where Iran had a secular imperial system! In this way, Iran was chosen as early as WWII as the cauldron for the alchemical process of creating a new world religion that we are now witnessing as a cult and it seems and the prima materia is a combination of new cults and relatively modern belief systems to result in a totally NWO...scary thought but it is what they are cooking for us!

    So, let's look at some names who we know of and how they relate to Iran. Peter Strozk (never can spell or say his name correctly, sorry!) who grew up in Tehran in the 70s' because his father was working possibly for the CIA in Iran before the Islamist take over. Peter's Dad was also fluent Persian and assisted the Mullahs to power. Next, we have Valleri Jarret, a mixed-race American who was born in Shiraz, Iran. She had claimed that she is an Iranian and a proud Muslim!  How about Lisa Page whose mother is Iranian and possibly speaks fluent Persian, hence her close contact with Peter. We also have a Mr Brenna who was the CIA chief and allegedly converted to Islam but as far as I can find, he only speaks Arabic which is a different language but anyone who knows the Arabic alphabet can read Persian also and is able to pick out words but possibly not the exact context!  It seems that Iran was chosen as the centre of a new religion of Atenism! This is a very very speculative conclusion but please do not trust anything I say and please do your own research.

    We have also so much talked up and accelerated talk of LBGT movement where Feminism in that story looks like a relic of the past. I am only saying it in connection to Obama and his wife who is rumoured to not be a woman where a well-known America celebrity allegedly died a short after mentioning it, again can be unconnected but there it is. The same Transgender operations is rather accepted as a fact inside Iran and approved by the Islamist regime under the pretext that to be homosexual is illegal but since "god" had created some faults in human genetics, it is possible that a person can be a male or female in the wrong body and the government sanctions the gender assignment procedure!  You would want to know why not being gay is tolerated but being a trans person is?  Who came up with that genius of reasoning for such a complicated medical procedure! For that, I will now leave a quote from Wikipedia's own info on Aten's gender: "The god is also considered to be both masculine and feminine simultaneously."  Quote from:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aten ...Can this explain why Androgyny is promoted so much and is this really unrelated to the modern cult that is hidden?   Here's Wiki's description of Androgyny: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Androgyny 

    I also forgot to add that the last Islamic conference in Kulapampur in December last year, a Mr Obama also was in attendance (allegedly again!) in either the main or the fringe but what was most stunning was a total absence of Saudi Arabia (and Pakistan) which is rather surprising! I can only assume that KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) is not a member of the anything Islamic from the old club and MBS, the new ruler along with the entire apparatus of power is somehow being dissed in a big way and it throws in to question the future of KSA. Pakistan had become almost a surrogate state of the KSA after the Afghan invasion by the Soviets and the return of the Dark Prince, Zbigniew Berzinsky under Trilateralist Jimmy Carter.  Carter was instrumental in bringing these cultists to power in Iran and the world had never been the same ever since. I think we are looking at a new cult that is the revival of an ancient one were the Pyramid rules and as the late American comedian said famously, "It's a club and you ain't in it".  Anyway, some thoughts from a convoluted mind for you to consider

    President says ancient carving looks like him, Ban on speech https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFM5m1XgSJk

  17. OK, Dane, I think I'm ready. Your going to love this. the Astral Light, then Akasa, and the Prakritic planes with their further dimensions took me quite aways from my comfort zone. For the time being, I'm a earthling, and a "mother fucker man" to boot. So.

    I found myself looking above and then below to find some connection I could use to attempt to gain some understanding. The closest thing I could use to compare was, I hesitate,, fuck it,,, you know me.

    The NSA,,,,,. Mans latest Tower of Babel.

    I followed your link thru E.Livi, H.P. Blav, (what a woman) Leadbetter(misspelled, fucking alchemy) and Off. I read until my head was spinning like a top in a circle full of other circles. Dimensions, within dimensions, red stop lights, green goes, and H.P. Blav's bright as the sun, blinding yellows. CAUTION! CAUTION! She warned. Attempting to read these tablets ain't just for anybody. It reminded me of a CAUTION, M.P. Hall issued concerning attempting to communicate with the elemental spirits. In both cases knowing they are there and respecting that fact, for those that have not come up through a lifetime of education and initiation in these matters is not just a tricky business, but dangerous in ways beyond, way beyond. Knowing these things are there, opening yourself up to feeling them through hot and cold, seeing them out of the corner of your sight, hearing them in your silence, tasting them in what is sweet and bitter, living with them when you concentrate on your breath and heartbeat. Those few things and many more fill me with life. Do I want to put them to work for me? Nope. Do I want to go to work for them? Nope.

    Careful now, careful they proclaim. They don't say don't go there, but they both sternly warn against entering that wilderness not being prepared and armed for the danger within. I believe the prepared far outweighs any arms one needs.

    Personally I really like the idea of those indestructible tablets. Like, hell, I believe it, I almost know it. I feel they are a emerald, green for go, and taste like a lime. Every letter, word, sentence, chapter and verse, written in my own hand, my penmanship, my misspellings and mistakes in punctuation, so on and so forth, no spell check, nothing like that. But, not written by me, written for me, from another point of view. A point of view controlled by a universal law.

    I'm living the record, something else is recording it. Behind or rather within it, is the Astral Light. How it shines or not depends on my total behavior, physical work and deeds, words thoughts and dreams. If there are ever any questions about that, it can be pointed at, and asked. "That is your handwriting correct?"

    The NSA, smart phones, PC's all that stuff are but feeble attempts to imitate a ancient wisdom. A wisdom I would of had little or no ideas about if it wasn't for the internet, PC's and all that stuff. It works out.


    1. Awesome Peter. Looking above and below....so no looking in between? I think in between is right where you are because wouldn't that be you? How can you bridge above and below? Would bridging above and below put you right here in the now being whole and complete? Would becoming complete and whole be the initiation to see? Just some questions to spark some deeper thought brother.

  18. My Carpe diem
    Thanks for the wonderment causing replies and links. I'll begin to respond by addressing the Symbolism in the architecture of the two buildings you linked to. I do this because it is a area I know little or nothing about, what's new.

    Anyway, after studying the Mausoleum Ruhollah Khomeini, I was first struck by the 4 tall spires that spoke to me of antenna,the receivers, then the dome, a bell if you will. Which spoke to me of a generator that produced a power that sent a form of current to other powersites built with the antenna to receive. When I further considered the people entombed within, It occurred to me that the current the architecture is promoting is a regeneration of the lives of those entombed.

    I was also struck by the fact that the construction took a scant 3 years. I'm convinced by a sense that it wasn't completed in its current condition in those few years and has been added to and finished up in the intervening years, if indeed it is finished yet. Perhaps still a work in some progress, so to speak.

    Upon further inspection I noticed the base of the building was built in more modern style, rather boring, rectangular, with some ornamental roof lines added to the facade. Versus what sacred geometry one sees in cathedrals, most recently in the news, Notre Dame, with its flying buttresses and so forth. Perhaps sacred geometry is no longer their domain, anymore than it is ours. And so conclude whatever power this feeble attempt at an ancient art of generation and regeneration will fail.

    The second building you linked to, the Parliament of Iran. left me rather numb, it just didn't speak to me. Search as I tried I just couldn't find anything. The best I could say, it looked like a pyramid being squeezed like a pimple about to to pop.

    However I did find something that spoke to me about a level of insanity that I've struggled to hide in the past. However it is because of Dane, that damned Dane and his Astral LIghts I'm emboldened to share the record of my thoughts. After all it is all recorded, and I dare say in my hand writing.

    Never-the -less I qualify out of a fear of being banned, shunned, set on a piece of melting ice and set afloat, to never again set fingers to keyboard on any site on the WWW.

    So to begin. I have been deeply affected by the events of the last week, they have not gone unnoticed by me. My deepest concern is for all the innocents who lost their lives, and even more their family members. As we begin to enter the second day of a weekend that will see 50 or more people murdered, as a matter of fact, in and out of the cities of this great land. A nation of the first order. What number of murders, and senseless killings will be committed throughout the rest of the world? Less per capita? It staggers the mind, sets it on a course that bumps into crazy as it swerves, bounces and rebounds between pillar and post. It makes me wonder how did a man of my intemperant disposition not fall victim or perpetrator of physical murder. Just lucky I presume.

    On the google map that showed the Parliament of Iran, , I noticed an arrow pointing to a spot only a bloc or two away. It pointed to a spot labeled Pizza Hat, it is a knockoff. Anyway it created an image of one of our elite leaders Bloomberg, bitching about one of our stateside pizza franchises charging $30 for a $10 pizza at some rally or protest or whatever it was. The image was that I saw Pizza Hat boxes and slices of pizza scattered among the black burkas and bodies of the victims of the stampede that occurred during the funeral for Qasem Soleimani.

    Rather a strange impression, I'm not sure symbolism had anything to do with it or not.

    I think that's enough for now, however I do want to further respond to your last reply. Since I read it, I've rewatched the movie, Boys From Brazil. So.

    Enjoy The Weekend

    1. Hi Dearest Pieter,

      Thank you for your as always fascinating posting on Islamist regime's symbolism and your take on the modern monuments the regime of Mullahs have created as a signature of their Islamist Imperial power! Every empire that had come and gone had left their own unique style in every aspect of whatever they did, namely art, architecture, administration, sports etc.  What is intriguing to me is that none of the new structures that were built after 1979 and the Islamist take over contains any signs of anything that resembles the pre and post-Islamic Arab conquest of Iran in the 7th century, that is to say, this regime is neither Islamic nor Persian/Iranian, in all manners of behaviour as a nation-state and some like us to believe that the Mullahs regime represents a revival of the Persian Empire! This is a lie since as of 1979, the Islamist regime had abandoned the philosophy of the Shia branch of Islam that says, until the arrival of the 12th Imam, now in hiding in a well in Iraq since the 7th century, no Islamic government to be formed by any Shia cabal, i.e. Shia Mullahs!  I suppose, this possibly explains that the regime is ruled by a bunch of bearded men in black robes and headcover but they do not represent the true interpretation of the Shia religious doctrine! Can this explain why anything they have built does not follow any influence of post-Islamic Arab invasion of Iran? I believe it can and it does prove that they are possibly representing something other than Shia Islam which they try to make the world to believe. Even inside Khomeini's mausoleum in which $2Billion was spent in, there are lots of references to Pyramids either upside down or subliminally there and there seems to be an obsession in their designs.  For $2Billion, I am sure much payouts and corrupt contracts may have gone on with possibly other utilities in mind other than just a mausoleum!

      I am also following your fascinating discussions with the one and only Mystic Dane and there's a lot of interesting items you have both triggered my brain to think about and I just wanted to add that Aksha in Sanskrit is the term used to define "conciseness" in general so Akashic record may mean the records of the consciousness of every human being that had been and gone. What is fascinating is that the individual consciousness that we develop by adding likes, dislikes and preferences, never ever disappears because of mediums (and I know a few & have dabbled in myself!) always report a deceased person continue their preferences of items such as "fashion" when they cross over to the other side! I have personally had confirmation of people I have had the privilege in communicating with and on one occasion not long ago, I saw a horse associated with a name of a man (Roger) and a person during a medium circle when a lady shockingly said that is her husband who crossed over 6 months ago and his name was Roger and he loved horses and had a few at a farm! Therefore, the Astral Light may possibly the fractals of life-giving energy for the lack of a better word, which exists in ALL living beings but differs greatly from one species to another according to their level of comprehension of abstraction of ideas and forms possibly!  One of the oldest Persian words that had been possibly used commonly in the proto-Indo-Aryan or Indo-Aryan that were common cultures and languages is the word, "Jaan" that is now an endearing term for calling a person in modern: Persian, Turkish, Indian languages. This is a rather poetic and mystical designation in all Sufi and classical Persian writings as well as the standard marker in the traditional herbal and Magi-cal )Zoroastrian sciences and medicine) medicine from the ancient period that relates to the state of health of a person or being. The Zen Buddhist term "Qi" (possibly better pronounced "Chi") is the exact equivalent to mean, "Life Force"!

      I personally believe this is the Astral Light that is visible during deep meditation in darkness. What it appears as may be close to the "Starfield" animation that came to public's view with Windows 3.0/3.1, if anyone here remembers that damned piece of garbage  🙂 

      However, Reading those little specs of life is something that I have been thinking about and a few weeks ago and when I asked a friend who is into the metaphysical church and other activities, as to how I can read my own Akashic record, his answer came across a bit shocking at first but I thought that is a wise question to ask!  He simply said, "why would you want to read/know your akashic record?", to which I replied curiosity and he looks at me and smiled but I felt he has a point in putting forward such a question!  I have abandoned my search for now, so anything you guys will find I will follow closely!

      Wish you a great day my friend.

      1. Thanks Peter and CD. Lol, you two are good guys. CD in regards to your curiosity....if all thoughts are recorded then to know one’s self is to know what is in the record or on the record right? We need but look within and be completely open and honest with ourselves and we would truly know what is on the record...for this lifetime at least 😉

        If the purest of lights resides within us and we fragment it as it shines through us, then wouldn’t we be the responsible ones who change the pure light into the different colors of the spectrum?

        What if compassion is the purest of lights and as we externalize our thoughts, behaviors or simply the way we see and interact with the world around us we lose this compassion one fragment at a time….are we not fragmenting that purest of lights as it passes from within us and into the world around us? Compassion...

        Compassion, an eternal tenderness and mercy, a characteristic of love prompted by an understanding heart. A compassionate mind sees the error, but does not condemn.

        1. Hi Dane and Thank you for a fascinating comment,

          Your comment was a hard one for me to consolidate in my own head, let alone to come up with a reasoned reply! I think, and I am being honest here, that I do not quite understand what is in (potentially!) an Akashic record. Is it our thoughts or whether it is our actions? I am really not certain which, but my bet is on our actions, possibly because, it is the thoughts and multiple of them that produces action.  Again, I may be completely wrong here as I am just not certain of this new realm but I am willing to learn because it has been talked about by many people such as Madam Blavatsky, Edgar Cacey and the recent others, like Deepak Chopra, although I see the latter as an entertainment guru for the super-rich... I'm not dissing him totally btw, Just that his association with Madona gives me a bad feeling, that's all!

          In relation to the Astral lights and how it may relate to Compassion, I thought fast and hard and the only connection I came up with was that a person with a good Karmic (past Actions) record within his Akashic records Vault, may have more of those Astral light elements. Again, this is my pure speculation here and would appreciate any corrections if possible. Having said the above, I am still looking for the answer as to why I or anyone would want to know what's in their Akashic depository box or for that matter a direction where I can find out about what this record really is and how can be accessed!

          I wish you guys, Dane, Pieter and everyone at POM a great Monday!

          1. I understand CD it’s quite an in depth topic. We are just scratching the surface of this amazing realm. For simplicity we see “The Astral Light receives the "impressions" produced on the Terrestrial plane and retains a record of all that happens.” So the Astral Light retains impressions produced here on earth in this world of matter. As such isn’t a thought a produced impression? You said it without picking up on it actually when you spoke of thinking that only actions are recorded and further expressed how thoughts make up those actions. Isn’t thinking an action? It’s just a mental action until the mental action combined with will power makes it a physical action isn’t it? Therefore, it would make sense that both thought and action are recorded.

            The Astral light “also mirrors the higher planes. However, due to its nature, the reflections are fragmentary and misleading.” So let’s suppose that the Astral Light is our heart for a moment and that our higher inner knowing is the higher planes. The information from the higher planes would come into our heart and reflect outward through us and into the world. Now before it hits the outer world it has to pass through our brains where our thoughts reside. Based on the clarity of our brains or better our mindset or outlook on life could determine the fragmentary nature of the Astral Light as it hits the outer world. By this hypothesis the clearer a person’s mindset the more pure and whole the Astral Light would pass into the outer world. This is so challenging to put into words as it’s just a vague feeling or vision of how I understand what I’m reading about this deeply complex topic.

            Through time people end up believing that all this is outside of ourselves thus misleading themselves to praise and worship outward Gods and such when I’m feeling that our knowing resides within us. As we wield our will power, compassion and right mindedness we maintain what is true in nature and what is intended to maintain life as we learn instead of causing pain, fear and havoc upon the world only to then ask some outside entity for forgiveness. The corruption is like apologizing for something we have done while at the same time still doing what we are apologizing for. When we see the truth from within ourselves our forgiveness is in correcting our acts or actions that are causing the corruption in the first place.

            Hope this resides well with you pal. It’s just a thought form in its rough stage. Still needs a lot of polishing.

          2. Here is a nice accompaniment to our discussion.

            "We want order outside, in our society, in which there is no corruption, where everyone is responsible, and when you give your word, you keep that word. Society is an abstraction. Actually it doesn’t exist. What exists is man’s relationship to man, and that is society. To put it very simply, society is your particular relationship with another. That relationship may be based on anger, jealousy and exploitation, where each is ambitious, greedy, envious. What we are, society is. We should not begin with the ordering of society, but bringing about order in oneself."


          3. Thank you, Dear Dane, for explaining this complex subject so eloquently,

            In fact, after reading your reply several times I think I am getting it and I agree with what you said:

            "This is so challenging to put into words as it’s just a vague feeling or vision of how I understand what I’m reading about this deeply complex topic."

            What you said, reminded of the ancient Zoroastrian philosophical principle of "Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds" which Zoroastrians to this day are told to follow from an early age. You are also correct in that the thoughts as an important item that can be recorded because it comes before any words or deed. Regarding the Astral Lights, in all cultures, we refer to a person who is of high calibre, whether intellectually or spiritually, as the Illuminated or Luminary possibly because there is a reference of elements of astral lights in such a person due to their progress intellectually or spiritually.  

            You have given me something to think about Dane for which I am grateful!
            I wish you a great Saturday evening!

          4. Hello CD. Here we see that "sometimes described as the "memory of nature". The subtle matter that composes the different planes of the cosmos has the ability to receive and record "impressions" of everything that happens on the terrestrial plane. These records, which can be seen by some clairvoyants, exist on several planes. The records on the astral plane (or astral light) are said to be fragmentary and unreliable. The ones preserved on the mental plane, though more difficult to access, are said to be accurate. The latter are the true "akashic" records."

            Further, "The akashic records were first mentioned in 1881, in Col. Olcott's book The Buddhist Catechism. There, he talks about "a permanency of records in the Akasha, and the potential capacity of man to read the same when he has evolved to the stage of true individual enlightenment.""


            As such part of achieving true individual enlightenment seems to be the key to knowing what your Akashic Record holds. I would caution though that the Akashic Record is no one person's record that it is simply the record of All. I would believe that once one has become truly individually enlightened that the person would no longer possess the want to know what is on that record at all. Perhaps because they would intrinsically know from within without having to seek it. Carl Jung's discussion on self actualization seems one path towards this enlightenment but there are many allegories accounting many people's individual journeys to enlightenment.

            Krishnamurti said it very well..."I maintain that Truth is a pathless land, and you cannot approach it by any path whatsoever, by any religion, by any sect. That is my point of view, and I adhere to that absolutely and unconditionally. Truth, being limitless, unconditioned, unapproachable by any path whatsoever, cannot be organized; nor should any organization be formed to lead or to coerce people along any particular path. If you first understand that, then you will see how impossible it is to organize a belief. A belief is purely an individual matter, and you cannot and must not organize it. If you do, it becomes dead, crystallized; it becomes a creed, a sect, a religion, to be imposed on others. This is what everyone throughout the world is attempting to do. Truth is narrowed down and made a plaything for those who are weak, for those who are only momentarily discontented. Truth cannot be brought down, rather the individual must make the effort to ascend to it. You cannot bring the mountain-top to the valley. If you would attain to the mountain-top you must pass through the valley, climb the steeps, unafraid of the dangerous precipices. "


          5. Hi Dane and Thank You so much for yet another enlightening comment,

            As before, I had to read what you presented several times on different days, hence the delay in responding to your excellent comment. The following line I found one that may possibly answer my question as to why I am looking to see my Akashic record because I am still on my own path of self-realization (or unenlightened!) for when one is at the peak, one would have no need or interest. On a funny note, I am also interpreting this as a kind of cheating-the-system method by trying to find out what's at the last pages of the book and making the whole journey a known story but also removing the elements of Free Will randomness from one's path and place in this world.  🙂

            "I would believe that once one has become truly individually enlightened that the person would no longer possess the want to know what is on that record at all."

            However, most illuminating was the late Krishnamurti's words on "I maintain that Truth is a pathless land...", I Loved reading this part and how the late sage is encouraging us not to solidify any ideas or beliefs because by doing so, we will minimise whatever that idea is to our own limited levels. As an example, the idea of a Law giving God who is vengeful, angry and watchful minimizes the entire concepts of the divine into an angry old man which many religions seem to be following. The Buddhists concept of the Void to me makes more sense because it is Void of all things fathomable and yet ALL emanates from this concept and it is in this way only that we can consider the possibilities of a power so vast unthinkable that is ZERO and yet it is at the same (time!), INFINITY, where Paradox is beyond human comprehension, that is only a small glimpse in understanding the meaning and significance of the Devine for us to appreciate, a possibly more digestible idea with no boundaries to contemplate! Devine can be better contemplated as a Paradox and I stop here!

            Thank you again, Dane, and know that your gold nuggets are hugely appreciated and it really helps me to understand things beyond my vision. Keep them coming please, and I wish you a great day my friend!

          6. Your very welcome CD. We are all learning together my friend. Perhaps the collective conscious of mankind will someday be able to comprehend the unknowable Absolute.

            For me the struggle is not forgetting to live now, while always wanting to understand that which is not understandable. It can become an obsession if one isn't careful to maintain that wanting.

            The thing that I keep getting stuck on with regard to the Akashic Records is it's "...ability to receive and record "impressions" of everything that happens on the terrestrial plane." If this is the case one can't see what is to be but only what has already been correct? If this holds true then to know yourself would be to know your Akashic Record I would think. So if you can look within yourself and know what you have done through your lifetime up to this point you should know what is on your Akashic Record.

            What I think you are alluding to though is that you want to know what you have done or been in other lifetimes. If that is true then you are right my friend it would seem that may affect the pathless nature of finding truth within a lifetime or as you stated mess with Free Will. I would try to find comfort with who you are now. Remember all the other lifetimes trials, tribulations and your responses to them at that time have made you who you are now. As such they are water under the bridge so to speak. Evolutionary stepping stones. Perhaps building from who you are now is something of value and remember who you are now will most likely be the stepping stones of tomorrow. A good foundation is very important in this light because it is what everything else is built on.

            Be well my friend. I hope these words bring you joy. Always a pleasure pal.

          7. Hi Dane,

            I must admit I really enjoyed reading your last posting and it reminded me of what Kierkegaard thought which in a way sums up what we have been discussing in relation to us and the Devine or God as follows:

            "human existence is possible as existence not in despair, as existence not in tragedy; it is possible as existence in faith... Faith is the belief that in God the impossible is possible, that in Him time and eternity are one, that both life and death are meaningful."

            I will write back in the next few days in more details on your great posting!

  19. Hi guys, I have been following the discussion with interest!
    CD, I can't speak from experience so like you I am a little unclear what the Akashic records are. The term seems to have a variety of subtly different interpretations. You mentioned some names like Cayce already; another one said to be an authority on this was Rudolph Steiner.
    Anyway, as the saying goes, your mileage may vary, but in the below link at the bottom of the page there is a short guided meditation titled Meditation III – The Inner Library.
    This is by British occultist Josephine McCarthy and it was recommended on a forum as a way to access the Akashic records. Like most things in occult practice, I presume it will take a great amount of dedicated work. Others have said that if one can achieve astral projection then one can simply will oneself to go there. So learning astral projection techniques is another potential path to explore.

    1. Thank you Redjon,

      This English Lady is fascinating and I managed to listen to the first half of one of her interviews on the site you kindly left in your last posting.  I am going to look further and find the one about Akashic record access meditation. That should be very interesting indeed.  Also, yes, I missed out Rudolf Steiner so thank you for reminding me of this great man. It seems, before WWI, this planet was really going through a major spiritual progression with so many teachers and enlightened individuals as Steiner and other we have talked about and WWI's primary purpose was to shatter such progress for mankind for a long time but I believe, we are at a major junction after 100 years to progress spiritually and technologically after a 100 years delay.  In fact, Steiner had predicted this precise time in the early 1920s' that in 100 years humanity will wake up and progress towards a less corrupted spiritual and religious system. This may explain why the recent past few years particularly, there had been a mad rush by the Abrahamic system to bring in a universal religion as a means of preventing humanity from going outside of the system and forging what is our common spiritual heritage and philosophy! Just a thought, that's all!

      Thank you again and I wish you a peaceful Saturday/Sunday!

  20. I was listening to Greg Hunter weekly wrap-up and he mentioned the following and thought it's too good not to share and see if anybody can expand! I believe certain changeover appears to be imminent now, looking at the recent events that include, Impeachment stuff, China Virus, Soleimani episode and possibly the most important to any financial change, BREXIT.

    According to Greg Hunter, during or around the recent Davos meeting, Catherin Austin Fitts commented of news that there will be a major announcement regarding Cryptocurrencies at the world Central Banks and that this will not involve the Fed but all banks as Bank of England etc.

    Specifically from 4:00-6:00.

  21. "Can't You See"

    I like a some song with me at all times. I've found so much light in the last few contributions, the shadows now leave me and I find myself at high noon. Never a better time for a draw and shoot out.

    Among the "Astral Lights " we find shooting stars. Cayce, Steiner, Madam Blav, Krishnamurti, and so many other teachers, I like Gurdjieff, he make you scrub toilets for it. In the end they all subscribe to the light, astral or not, as being within.

    Out of all the words written and quoted in this POM, one jumps out out at me, society. Society. Wat mean?

    Everything, I suggest, everything. Anything else is less. If I commit to believe that every grain of sand on this place we choose to call earth, represents a life, a soul, a spirit of one who has come before. When I look heavenly am I not, by commitment ordered to believe the stars may, very well represent what comes after? Does that make the universes a society? I need to hope so.

    "It matters not how straight the gate, nor how charged with punishments the scroll. I am the captain of my fate, I am the master of my soul." Anonymous? I have to wonder why.

    I got to tell you, in years gone by I've played some ouija, and my behavior has expressed a deal with a devil. That's not to say, I haven't looked over the various contracts I've been offered. It was only out of some blessed thing, I give it to what I call a blessed circumstance, 9 sisters and 3 brothers and a couple of parents from amazing stock, that I managed through this spinning coil, and now have everything I need to live and speak my truth. I suggest most people, society, are me.

    I like what's going on.

    Granted we are a long ways from "home' if you will. But we are closer than we have ever been before. HOME, what a wonder full word. Wat mean?

    Society. Wat mean?

    To my mind eye it is a goal. Always a better place, it is the getting there that is the great challenge, all the pain, misery on the way is but nothing compared to the learning and I dare say fun, on the way. Make it fun.

    Cyndi Lauper Girls Just Want To Have fun - new cut

    Did little Cyndi know something, or do I just like song?

    Fun seems a silly word. You can't be serious, preposeing it as a goal for "society" can you? I'm dead serious, and having fun doing it. Of course it goes back to the innumerable sands and stars, all dif and yet the same.

    I like the uman bean, they are bad assed. I don't give a shit what anybody says, left to their own device, they will get there. And when it's over, will know the fun they had on the way, was what got them there.

    I'll leave this post with a few words from my Grandfather on my Mothers side, they say he was from Poland, but he and his brothers all toasted Estonia when the booze began to flow.

    " Pieter my Son, my Grandson, it may not seem so, but I ask you to believe me. Things are getting better. Slowly but surely, better."


    1. Peter this is a nice comment brother. You ask "...society. Society. Wat mean?" Just the other day I shared the following with another friend.

      Society is an abstraction. Abstraction is not a reality. What is reality is relationship between man and man. The relationship between man and man has created that which we call society. Man is violent, self-centered, seeking pleasure, frightened, insecure; in himself he is corrupt and in his relationship, whether intimate or not, has created this so-called society. We always try to change society, not change man who creates society in which we live.

      -Jiddu Krishnamurti

      Could relationship be a bridge? Whether that relationship is between man and man or even man with himself. 😉

  22. Belated thanks Carpe Diem for the clip. I'm afraid I can't shed any light on CAF crypto comments. But let me comment on another aspect of the video, coronavirus.
    Firstly just the economic impact. At a minimum it is going to knock a few points off China's GDP this year. But potentially could do the same to GLOBAL GDP. So it could be a candidate to trigger the next big financial crisis that we have long been expecting.
    And/or, this could play into JC's prediction of the fall of the regime. If either of the 2 conspiracy theories prove to be correct (1. the CPC is covering up the extent of the spread by roughly a factor of 10, 2. it is a bioweapon that "somehow" escaped the nearby research facility) this news will not go down terribly well with the population!
    Just some thoughts.

  23. Breaking news: one tier 2 city in Hubei province (same province as Wuhan, but hundreds of miles away) now effectively under martial law for minimum 2 weeks. Nobody can leave their homes. Military to deliver food etc. to citizens. Will other cities follow??

    1. Hi Redjon,

      Interesting News from the unfortunate events in China. This is an interesting interview with Steve Bannon that specifically, talks about what he thinks the US should do to help China's Virus problem that starts from 12:00. It is an interesting interview in which Bannon talks about a whole bunch of stuff, domestic and foreign.


      Stay safe Brother!

      1. Thanks CD, I will watch the Bannon video when I get chance.
        By the way they are also sending out daily text messages to every mobile phone in the country which say, among other things, "don't believe rumors and don't spread rumors" 🙂

  24. Thank you Redjon,

    This is a very interesting message that Chinese Gov is texting to the population. My personal observation is that there are few hands stirring the Chinese cauldron and from what I understand, HK is not finished and civil disobedience us occurring still and I am beginning to see some kind of regime change as far as the Deep State elements within the CCP is concerned. When Trump said at the UN, something to the effect, "we do not tolerate Socialism" (paraphrasing), he is really saying the Deep State that controls CCP/Iran/NK/Venezuela etc. perhaps will be dismantled! Just a gut feeling, that's all and I have no proof of what I am stating here.  Nevertheless, this will likely to end very badly for the buyers of stuff from China e.g. Walmart where more than half of the merchandise comes from China but more importantly, it is basically a Deep State enterprise so the DS will be losing also in the DS elements of US/EU. I am hearing there will be some form of crash worldwide economically and one purpose of pumping the US stocks by injecting silly cash amounts is that Trump knows there will be a crash and the current bubble will only return the US back to the 2018 levels but the rest of the world will be seriously affected, leaving the US the supreme economy!


    In short, I am undecided as to whether this virus is not a tool for something rather different. A few moments ago I read this fantastic article by the American veteran journalist and his remarkable research and knowledge, Jon Rappaport on this Coronavirus. I think you will find the content interesting:


    1. Thanks Carpe Diem, I was aware of Jon Rappoport but had not seen his blog before, it's good to get an alternative perspective. However I am unsure how much credence to give his theory that this virus is a psyop and the symptoms/deaths are caused by air pollution. I wonder how he explains what's happening on that quarantined cruise ship, among other things.
      Other interesting theories are also emerging, including that the bioweapon, if that's what it is, was planted by a Certain Intelligence Agency. It is indeed a potential way to devastate China's economy, and as Bannon said in that wide-ranging interview (thanks again!) the US is in a hot economic war with China.
      Also as you hinted, it would be a very convenient "natural disaster" to pin the blame on for any financial crisis that happens to arise in the near future! Regardless of how big a factor the virus actually may be in said crisis.
      Back to the news I mentioned above, it is interesting that this has not been picked up by ANY (as far as I can tell) western media or alt-media! I neglected to name the city, it's called Shiyan.
      And another thing, which should definitely be filed under "high-octane speculations", there is a video being circulated on social media made by two Chinese journalists who make some extraordinary claims regarding Shiyan and why this city, and this one alone, has taken such extreme measures. It is certainly rather odd because there are in fact not that many confirmed cases there. At present the city ranks only 12th on the list with about 600 cases (14 deaths). The key claim they make, as I understand it, is that there is a huge secret underground facility there that would serve as the CCP's command and control center in the event of WW3! Furthermore, that there is a secret high speed rail tunnel linking the city directly to Beijing! Please note it is about 700 miles away from Beijing!
      I should point out that the sheeple are sharing this video widely.... because they find it ridiculous and hilarious 😉
      But, who knows??? I never dismiss this type of theory out of hand. I've learned to keep an open mind on pretty much everything. And this is no more outlandish than much of the stuff on Dr. Farrell's site for example. I'm sure you're familiar with it, gizadeathstar.com
      He has a few articles up about coronavirus too.

      1. Thank You Redjon,

        After I read your posting which helped me to get another perspective based on your understanding of the situation, I listened to the most recent interview with Daniel Estulin.  Estulin is as always provides factual information and then he builds on the known evidence. He also refers top Jon Rappaport's analysis and confirms that this whole virus episode may be a construct for something (or several objectives) by the people behind it which is a logical way of looking at it. He also mentioned the Internal or Intergovernamntal factions within CCP who are in some sort of warfare to take control. The factions are the Yellow dragons (National Socialists Economic & possibly Not the classic Nazis'! ) under Chairman Xi, The Liberal Banking Deep State elements and the classic Maoist or the Communist Puritans who are still followers of the original cult leader Mao! There's also the intervention by the Virus makers who are conglomerates of a Pharma company in the West (UK I believe!), Welcome Trust UK and another company/foundation by Norwegian Gov/Elites and Indian Gov with funding by Bill & Belina Gates Foundation All planned and agreed in Davos! 

        It is also possible to imagine this as a kind of Joint Venture between several power groups with their own agenda and objectives. Estulin said that every month around 60,000 people World Wide die due to the common cold /Flu virus and nobody is looking at it as a comparison. He, therefore, makes the conclusion that the films and clips of people dying in the street and being arrested and put in Ambulances is pure propaganda which I believe it to be the case going by the amateurish way the men in white push somebody into a vehicle without any emergency folks or even police to stop the person filming the episode is somewhat suspect. Your posting also made me think that if the CCP wants people not to panic and stay calm, how does any of the clips of folks looking sick and dying is even allowed in a country that is ruled with an iron fist and the control is absolute and total. Estulin reminds the listeners of the Kuwaiti Ambassadors daughter who was trained by a PR company in Washington DC to attend a Senate hearing on the Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein invasion of Kuwait and how his soldiers removed babies out of incubators which later proved to be a total fabrication which resulted in the deaths of half a million Iraqi Women and Children directly and indirectly and Estulin believes the Wuhan victims are propaganda of the same scales and a theatrical display for another objective!
        Estulin also draws another interesting conclusion as to what if a side-effect or byproduct of this Virus is a forced Vaccination Worldwide at a time when the Chinese and US economy is not in good shape. I wish you a great week ahead, my friend. 


  25. The signal comes in through the pineal gland and is dispersed out into the brain through neural pathways which are like trees of lighting finding their way from the earth into the clouds. “Neuroscientists have tracked neuronal activity in dendritic nerve branches…” and associated them with learning. Perhaps this is the true tree of life, as above so below. Above being the tree like lighting coming into the pineal gland from the unknown and the below being that lighting dispersing out into the world of matter through us. Those who choose to not learn fall into narrow mindedness have singular lightning pathways like a dying or dead old tree trunk. Those who have the will to keep learning nourish these pathways of information keeping them like a healthy tree branching out reaching for the sun. “They concluded that the generation of calcium ion spikes — which appeared in screen images as tiny “lightning bolts” in these dendrites — was tied to the strengthening or weakening of connections between neurons, hallmarks of learning new information.” Hmm, could strengthening = harmonic balance between nature and society whereas weakening = cognitive dissonance between nature and society?



  26. Have You Earned Your Tomorrow

    Is anybody happier because you passed his way?
    Does anyone remember that you spoke to him today?
    This day is almost over, and its toiling time is through;
    Is there anyone to utter now a kindly word of you?

    Did you give a cheerful greeting to the friend who came along?
    Or a churlish sort of "Howdy" and then vanish in the throng?
    Were you selfish pure and simple as you rushed along the way,
    Or is someone mighty grateful for a deed you did today?

    Can you say tonight, in parting with the day that's slipping fast,
    That you helped a single brother of the many that you passed?
    Is a single heart rejoicing over what you did or said;
    Does a man whose hopes were fading now with courage look ahead?

    Did you waste the day, or lose it, was it well or sorely spent?
    Did you leave a trail of kindness or a scar of discontent?
    As you close your eyes in slumber do you think that God would say,
    You have earned one more tomorrow by the work you did today?

    By Edgar Guest

    Source: https://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/have-you-earned-your-tomorrow-by-edgar-albert-guest

    Compassion goes a long way in this material world. It helps lighten the burden of eating our words when we finally know the truth of things that we hadn't taken the time to understand prior to judging someone or something.

  27. I seem to remember in days gone by, when JC would take some time between postings, after a proper missing I would ask,. Are u ok JC? If my memory doesn't fail me JC, would respond with a, "yeah I'm fine, been busy."

    This is different.

    So what happened?? JC fell in love with a wonderful woman, made the correct move and married up with her, best move he could of made at that time in his life. A certain set of stars lined up, caught the two and made them one couple. Do the math.

    Pattern recognition, I've been around some and if I have learned anything from the POM, it is to look for patterns. If the time I've spent spinning around on this mortal coil has taught me anything, it is that when a man marries a woman, I'm talking about deeply marries, things change.

    Just for fun and on the field I'm most comfortable, allow me to go base. Hey jC let's go get some beers, dance some Dames. (Dames, now that's funny. Huh?) Not tonight guys, I have/got to get home, the wife is expecting me. Ahh come on man, what are you pussy whipped all of a sudden?

    The Guys.

    What's up with JC lately? He seems different, it's like ever since he hooked up with Marianne he's just different. Have you seen her? Yeah I've seen her, she is hot, but I've seen him with hotter. Ok, but have you noticed how they look at each other? Not really. Nevermind. Don't you nevermind me all I'm saying is he is not the same JC. I'm saying he is, don't you remember he was not ever really one like us? Think about it, he was always somewhere else, his face pressed up to a screen, talking about eagles with two heads and shit like that. I do, but I thought he was using that crap to get served the dish, he was always hornier than a two peckered billy goat. You mean like a affect? A what? Nevermind. Don't you nevermind me, all's I'm saying he sure has changed. Hey do you want to stop on the way back to town for a few beers and bounce up some Babes? Nah, not tonight, Betty said she is making up something special for me. Betty? I thought you broke off with her a couple of months ago? Yeah, well, we have been seeing each other on and off ever since. I don't see what it is that keeps you going back to her, hell I've seen you with a lot hotter. I like the way she looks at me. Another one bites the dust.

    I suspect the only writers island JC will make it to in the near future will be somewhere in the Caribbean with his wonderment of a woman by his side. Outside of the freeze of their home, in the warmth of the south, Marianne will say, I'm your island now. Bring that lighthouse of yours over here and knock my heels up.

    God Bless You Marianne

    1. If you were in front of me I would probably punch the false teeth out of your face. (How's that for an old JC out for drinks?)

      So, with that said, you have an offensive mannerism about you, which I have tolerated for the most part. But bringing my wife into your speculations is unacceptable. For the record, I met Marianne long before POM started, and she will still be here long after.

      Truth be told, I know my absence has left a void, but I don't know what to do about it. Work - Busy. Check. Life - busy. Check. Health - Issues. Check. All of those reasons have had an impact on my level of engagement.

      But nothing has had the impact of knowing that just down the road, around the corner from what we now see, there exists more road. Or, perhaps a crossroads. The last year, or so, I've found myself standing alone on this road. On each side of me, there is a wasteland of thoughts and words, which swirl and dance in the furnace wind of the lower mind. The words and thoughts of my family, and POM compatriots, travel on this wind like an echo from outside the wastelands.

      A tear rolls down my dusty cheek and I know that I cannot stay here for much longer. Suffocation. Loneliness. But not madness. There is a sort of peace. Sort of.

      At times I can hear the voice of Dane but can never tell from which direction it is coming. A traveler. Like me. Like us. But is he ahead or behind? Sometimes the road becomes washed with grit and is hard to see. Am I still on the road? Yes, there it is. I can see it now. Dineen, another traveler, at times shines a beacon light for me to focus on. It keeps me aware of where I am and what I am.

      In this place, the worlds of economics and geopolitics no longer matter. Everything is unformed matter and unrealized spirit. The formed world which holds us has little significance to that which is unformed. The unformed is more real.


      Unmanifested potential.

      The road ahead requires self-sacrifice and discipline. There I remain, in the same place of the road for almost two years now, because I have not prepared myself for those self-imposed hardships. Truth cannot be pretended. I cannot be false. It must be this way for me to proceed.

      Some will see this for what it is. Others may not. But I ascend back to you soon. Back into the abstract world of formed illusion.

      From out of the lower mind.


    2. "The Guys.

      What's up with JC lately? He seems different, it's like ever since he hooked up with Marianne he's just different."

      Nope...impossible. He's been with Marianne longer.

      "I suspect the only writers island JC will make it to in the near future will be somewhere in the Caribbean with his wonderment of a woman by his side."

      I hope so, I...we, would love to spend some time with good people.

  28. Marianne, I'm sorry from the deepest part of my heart I'm sorry. That has to be the way this begins and it my full purpose that this apologize ends on that important note.

    It is not for excuse, reason or for explanation that I assume the great risk that beyond that simple and heartfelt statement is the real chance that I will further mess this up. I only dare take that risk with the hope that what follows will more fully illustrate the depth of how truly sorry I am.

    I have a knot of fear in my stomach, I'm so afraid I will mess this up and further alienate you, JC and the POM. There is a lump in my throat and my breathing ain't quite right. Still my very being tells me there is nothing for it but to press on. So I say this.

    I honestly thought I was doing some good.

    I guess it is no wonder I'm finding it hard to swallow.

    I took my cues from a recent pic I saw on JC's twitter acct. dated Dec. 3, 2019, and a tweet dated Jan. 14, 2020. The tweet with the 3 pics showed me a couple deeply in love, and the fact they also showed you and JC individually showed me a strength of separate character. The pic of you two together emanated a warmth I all but feel. The tweet that showed Leduc County, clear -38 degrees, and JC's comment "This is just disgusting." Somehow or the other the two created a image in my mind, somehow reminiscent of the holiday pic's and vid's you both shared with us a while back now.

    Somehow or the other I managed to take my off kilter imaginings throw in one JC's writer's island and his promise of a movie review about a lighthouse and come up with a comment that I honestly thought had the components
    of compliment, completely mess it up and have the whole thing turn into insult. Marianne, redundancy be damned, I'm so sorry.

    If indeed the road to hell is paved with good intentions my trying to use intention as excuse, reason or explanation for my comment all but assures me a high speed rail to Hades. I have to take complete responsibility for what I wrote and I do. However I offer this weak defense only in the hope to make my apology and the spirit I offer it in somewhat more acceptable.

    To attempt to convince myself much less you that this is what I meant to say rather than what I did say is a hard slough on its best day. So let's don't go there, allow me to just say, damn this is so much better.

    "Marianne says, I am your island now. Bring your lighthouse over here and together let's bring our ships out of these troubled waters into safe harbor."

    Instead what I did write made me a heel, insulted you and angered JC. If I haven't already messed this apology up any more words would just serve to make it even worse.

    I'm sorry Marianne
    Peter Thomas Moline

  29. The clouds cover, grey and dreary. Alas, I see a spec of blue through a thin weakening part of the drear. Aha, I see now! The sky is always blue and beautiful but the shorter view...the veil, tries to hide the true beauty....the truth of it all. I can look forward walking through the day with a smile that all these frowns can't figure out. But I smile on knowing the truth of the blue sky beyond.

    Always here brother. Always watching in on you from whatever angle that life or the unmanifested has me cradled in at that moment. We are one after all and in that I always know where you are. I just need to look into my heart to find you. Thank you for being a true friend through thick or thin JC.

    Patience....not wanting....peace of mind....unconditional love....being and not being at the very same moment....what are we?

    "When you observe the hurt without the movement of measurement, completely live with it entirely, all hurts disappear."

    - Jiddu Krishnamurti "K"

  30. I just signed a petition JC had on his twitter account. I replied to his tweet saying I was glad to see him back swinging. I wonder if this, I don't even know what to call it, it is not just porn, but something darker, isn't something we find way to often easy to ignore because of a fear that at its base is something so disturbing it is all but just to hard to face.

    I believe it takes great courage to look at the worst of the abuse that is taking place and face it head on. It is gut wrenching to the hardest of barked.

    I think geopolitics, economic affairs and all other things should take a seat at the back. It is all for naught and means nothing if we don't address this problem first. Why were we even born if not to confront and fight to defeat this, I want to say evil, but that sounds to easy. What is it in us allows whatever this is to exist and propagate, expand almost like daily. The net, our homes our schools. I'm so disappointed in myself for not speaking up, and thereby acquiesce. This should be at the top of our lungs, and yet we allow ourselves to be cowered.

    I get that it is very hard to face, I can only look so far into it and have to turn away in despair hoping it will go away by itself. But it won't, it gets worse. If we think this is the worst of it think again, further in are crimes against children that will not allow sleep. I fear pornhub is the tip of the iceberg. I applaud JC for standing up, I can't think of a better reason, a more noble cause for return.

  31. What does it take to shock the conscience
    A priest raping a 14 year old altar boy
    That's everyday, only now sometimes they have to pay for it.
    A prince raping a 14 year old girl
    It's not porn because it's not on pornhub
    There is film of it somewhere you know
    Look at the number of views

    Is it a spell
    I think it is
    How does it work
    Who puts it out there
    Who pays for it
    There are 6000 years of freeporn
    Where does the money to produce it come from
    I'm telling you that there are 100's of 1000's of hours of Freeporn
    Maybe millions of hours
    There just can't be any money in it
    Who would pay for that shit
    It is free, I'm telling you it is free
    It is like diabolical to me

    I'm not making light of it, I promise
    I know what it is, the point I'm trying to make is
    I don't understand how it is there
    Millions of hours of it free, free
    They say it is a multibillion $ biz
    I believe it is
    But it is not coming from lonely old freaks
    Or curious young boys
    Middle aged singles
    Because it is free
    So who is pumping the billions into it to keep it there
    I don't get it, I just don't
    That's why I ask
    Is it a spell
    How does it work

  32. Yes, events are moving very fast. So I wanted to get a few thoughts down.
    In an off-hand remark made in a comment above I mentioned the possibility that covid19 could potentially be the catalyst for a major financial crisis. It increasingly looks like this may be coming to fruition. It could even be the beginning of The Great Reset which has been predicted for some years now. The Fed just fired their bazooka and, contrary to the intended effect, if anything markets seem (initially at least) to have taken that as a signal that “YES IT REALLY IS FINALLY TIME TO PANIC!”

    On the crash in crypto prices, I have not read any substantial analysis on this but my take is that this is likely just a part of the overall risk-off sentiment in the markets generally. There is some institutional hodling of cryptos and I suspect they are simply in “sell everything that can be sold“ mode right now. BTC is not playing the safe haven role that many expected it to, for now anyway. But my opinion regarding cryptos generally fwiw (this is not financial advice!) is “back up the truck!”

    Back to covid19, as we know there are various theories on it being a bioweapon. We may never find out for sure whether any of these theories is true, but one thought I had was along these lines: If one wanted to initiate a planet-wide societal experiment on how far populations in various regions/nations can be pushed in terms of restricting freedoms, towards something approaching martial law, this sure would be a way of accomplishing that. Hmmm. As viral bioweapons go, I’m no expert but I estimate on a potency scale of 1 to 10 covid19 is perhaps about a 4 or 5. Scary to think what reactions would be to a pandemic higher up the scale. Anyway the experiment is ongoing, and part of it involves depriving folks of their “circusses” (sports events cancelled, movie productions suspended, etc.) and perhaps in some cases even their “bread” for a period of time; the results will be interesting indeed.

    Carpe Diem, I did appreciate that Daniel Estulin interview, I thought he made some great observations. In particular, whether this pandemic is to set the stage and soften up the populace for a coming push on vaccinations. Hmmm again. On one level, the global reactions to it appear to be very much overdone. Even Trump himself tweeted last week that “last year 37k Americans died from common Flu…Nothing is shut down, life & the economy go on…Think about that!” Yes, we should think about that, but the MSM certainly aren’t!

    Coincidentally (or not, as the case may be?) the Saudis appear to have launched an all-out war in the oil markets, further adding to the “perfect storm” facing global markets in 2020. I need to look further into this but any thoughts from JC or anyone else much appreciated!

  33. Unless I'm missing something the Fed just changed the fractional banking regs. Sure they dropped down to 0-0.25% and committed to "Treasury purchases of at least $500 billion and agency mortgage-backed securities of at least $200 billion" (don't forget the treasuries recent repo market actions). What seems to have passed under the radar though is that the Fed said banks no longer have to have the reserves which tentatively are to back outstanding loans. "In a related set of actions to support the credit needs of households and businesses, the Federal Reserve announced measures related to...reserve requirements". If I'm off on this can someone please let me know, it would be greatly appreciated.



    1. Kudos my friend, you are not missing something, everyone else is!
      Almost everyone (myself included) failed to see the ramifications of this. But it is mentioned here in this typically brilliant analysis by Pepe Escobar. I quote:
      "New York banking sources told me the truth: systemic risk became way more severe in 2020 than in 1979, 1987 or 2008 because of the hugely heightened danger that the $1.5 quadrillion derivative market would collapse. As the sources put it, history had never before seen anything like the Fed’s intervention via its little understood elimination of commercial bank reserve requirements, unleashing a potential unlimited expansion of credit to prevent a derivative implosion stemming from a total commodity and stock market collapse of all stocks around the world."


      I am now hearing rumours of potentially closing all stock markets. Worth keeping in mind.

      1. Thanks redjon. I'm not too familiar with derivatives but one thing that does concern me about the stock market is how invested Chinese companies are in it with shell companies that are listed on our stock exchange. China does not have any laws which allows for verifying these Chinese companies reported earnings and the US stock market laws allow this.....loophole. So if the Chinese Communist Party decides to force all these Chinese shell companies to dump their stock or report them to zero it could crash our market. We do have stops within the market that can stop a free fall but it would still cause a "normalization" or "correction" if you will of the market to a truer market cap. I would think this would collapse many programs, systems, retirement funds that are reliant on the growth of the stock market in order to sustain their existence.

        There was a documentary on these shell companies, The China Hustle. It's a good one to watch. Here is the trailer. https://youtu.be/55892jT06aI

  34. Here is a good boots on the ground article for coronavirus. Its from David Schwartz wife who is a registered public nurse.


    Zooming out on the coronavirus I agree with redjon that we may never know the details of its origin...nefarious or otherwise. Couldn't we see it as a bringing together of people though? I know, I know, keep the social distance of six feet...but beyond that aren't folks coming together to fight this virus that actually kills less people than the common flu?

    Remember "Ronald Reagan's vision for a unifying alien invasion" that he gave to the UN in 1987? Seems there is a cycle that peoples are fragmented...(for whatever reason), then reunited to then be fragmented again down the road. It seems that threats are what brings people together for some weird reason. Anyway I'm heading to the grocery store to try to find some damned toilet paper. Seems people just started using it all of a sudden. lol.


  35. Here's a crude (haha) analysis of the oil price war then, which is exceedingly complex and doubtless I am missing some nuances.
    The "hail Mary" 😉 play by MBS appears to be suicidal on the face of it. If oil remains at these price levels for a sustained period he is accelerating the coming insolvency of the kingdom. I will not be surprised if we see the currency peg to the USD break some time this year.
    Presumably, he must have discussed the move with Trump and been given the green light. This is perplexing given the resulting pain that is now facing US oil producers. On the other hand, there is a line of thought that Trump saw the coming covid19-induced economic shock and determined that dramatically lower gas prices for US consumers may provide a way of mitigating the recession somewhat. I personally doubt this will help too much. And it will require also Trump to issue bailouts of some form for the oil industry. Furthermore, Trump may have been emboldened by the thought that the low prices will harm US adversaries, primarily Iran and Russia. Again this seems a bit dubious and could turn out to be a miscalculation. In these strategic economic/geopolitical chess games it is generally unwise to bet against Putin. He has stated that Russia can withstand these price levels for up to a decade (perhaps an exaggeration but not a huge one). KSA most certainly cannot. Could it be that we have just seen the last throw of the dice by MBS?
    One of the best articles I found on this:

    The oil price/supply war will also hit some other highly oil-revenue-dependent nations very hard, Iraq being a prime example. Between this, and the coming global economic depression more generally, the IMF is likely to have a very busy year!

  36. JC, do you think we are now seeing the final "blow-off top" in the USD?
    It looks like helicopter money is coming, which would likely beget a period of very pronounced inflation. Essentially, the POM thesis coming to fruition.
    Helicopter money is also coming equally in the EU I expect, and their sov debt crisis is returning with a vengeance, so I'm unsure whether the greenback will depreciate vs euro. But probably vs CNY, JPY, and others. As the existing monetary system crumbles to dust, the solution will be presented just as you've forecast.

  37. A good article by Rappoport:

    Whilst I am unsure the virus itself is a psyop, certainly the mass hysteria induced in the west reeks of Bernaysian engineering. Note it is primarily just a western phenomenon. South Korea for example had a very serious outbreak and handled it without anywhere near the level of social panic.
    So I reassert my theory that the main purpose of this engineering is to bring on the system reset. The draconian gov reactions are what is required to crash western economies, and can only be tolerated if sufficient levels of fear are generated in the populace. Social distancing is one thing (and does work to control the viral transmission) but locking down whole countries is way over the top and the economic damage is going to be catastrophic if this is maintained for many months. Once you have a panicked population though, to hell with the economy, "protection" of the public is all that matters!

    I've also seen it suggested (I forget where) that the US MSM reaction is yet another blatant attempt to cause a Trump defeat in the coming election. Very few presidents win re-election during a serious recession. I'm not predicting Trump will indeed lose to Biden but it is certainly going to be a massive challenge for him to overcome this.

  38. I think that in time as folks begin to realize that the entire population is not dying from allergies....oops I mean COVID19 that the paranoia will eventually fade. When it does then Trump will be seen as a savior. If this can happen just before the election then he will surely gain plenty of votes for his nobile act of saving everyone. Just a simple mans perspective.

    1. I admire your optimism Dane!
      On the other hand though, thinking back to the POM timeline, we are in the heightened war risk zone. This whole thing, this op, if that's what it is, has totally flipped the script. The one thing I feel I know for sure is the world will not be the same when we come out the other side of this

      1. Lol, I agree redjon. I've got some rough thoughts I'm trying to find time to develop. Let me share them with you all maybe someone has more time on their hands than I right now.

        To the core thesis of POM regarding the worlds need for balanced import/export or simply trade.

        Balance to world trade visive US increased production and China reduced production.
        China born COVID19 with an engineered fear factor of severity causes China to reduce production. Trump enacts Defense Production Act to expand production within the US.

        Current Central Bank system can no longer supply the world’s financial needs. The stock market is ballooned and needs a large correction. A problem with the correction though could be the leveraged need for it to support a retiring Baby Boomer generation’s Medicaid/Medicare, Social Security and retirement funds. I’m assuming that Medicaid/Medicare and Social Security payments have been invested in order to keep up with the growing payout needs. Never the less the loss of retirement funds from stock investments could also push unsustainable payout needs onto Medicaid/Medicare and Social Security.

        COVID19 targets the elderly and folks with weak immune systems in regards to causing death. A blameless death at that. The Baby Boomers seem to fit this bill. I will stop this line of thought here because it’s not difficult to see the writing on the wall from here. Now propaganda is beginning to spread a narrative that China is entering a second wave of the COVID19 virus.

        Many of the results of these symptoms are also seen in the conventional wars we have seen or had throughout history.

      2. "the world will not be the same when we come out the other side" Roger that redjon. However, is the world ever the same tomorrow as it was today and is today ever the same as it was yesterday? Life itself is ever changing, evolving, growing and becoming better. If that stops then I would have to say life has become stagnant or died.

        Re: Unification. In this short video Trump echos my sentiment saying the nation is coming together. That our politicians are getting along, etc.. He also states at the very beginning that this is a medical issue but that the financial sector is moving along nicely....(moving along)? Also stated is how many countries this virus has affected. To me it looks like the virus is the show we are to watch as the changes to the "system" implemented in plain sight. There are plenty of business minds that are capitalizing on the change working behind the veil "virus". We could do the same if we only take the time to raise the veil and capitalize on what we can capitalize on, instead of revolting about a change that we cannot effect or stop. A change that is inevitable so to speak.


        1. Correct Dane, it is genius really isn't it? The fact that the agent of this transformational collapse simultaneously serves as both a justification for, and a distraction from, the process and machinations of the transformation.
          And you're also right that there are incredible opportunities to be capitalised upon. I'm attempting to focus on just that.

    1. Thanks Dane, yes, makes a lot of sense.
      Immune systems!
      The first thing I did when this virus hit was to look up some info on how to strengthen it, and took steps to do so. In a sane world, the media would be shouting that stuff from the rooftops. I've seen little or no mention of it at all.

      1. Have you noticed Trumps most recent announcements now shining light on the number of folks who didn't contract it and that when those numbers are taken into consideration the equation or percent of deaths decreases? Little by little the truth unfolds. We figure things out so fast nowadays its just....we are just amazing!

  39. Hello POM family. In these trying times when we begin to feel like the world around us is crumbling and the conspiracy theory of the day begins to attract our attention we should take a few breaths and take a moment to pause and find a bit of calm. I find that everything we are seeing in the world has already been discussed here on POM through the many, many essays that JC has produced in his efforts to share with us through his compassion for his fellow man. He didn't have to do this but it's up to us to see the gold woven within the wisdom that he has shared with us. He truly has a heart of gold. I would recommend and share that revisiting past essays gives a sense of calm as one "aha" moment after another arises. Be well POM family and try to find calm within this changing world.

    1. Yes it is always good to revisit the old material.

      I see that Q is now pushing the theory that the virus response is designed as essentially another coup attempt. Pointing out the curious timing of the lockdown - right after Bernie dropped out and Biden is the de facto winner. Biden being, allegedly, the CPC's preferred winner of the coming election. The fact that due to the lockdown, Trump rallies are stopped, and Biden will be able largely or completely to avoid debates etc. How convenient. Plus of course the market collapse, the mass unemployment, and general economic devastation.
      It is possible there could be a strong recovery underway by November, but it's also possible this thing will be dragged out much longer. Will be interesting how it plays out from here.

      1. Trump is saying many who say it will take months to recover are going to be very surprised because he believes its only going to be a matter of weeks. What I know....is that time will tell us the truth of that. Be well fellow traveler.

  40. Yep! As soon as I heard of the rumors of lock down, and what they were calling it, I ran down and bought me and mine a dozen bags of them small oranges.... Yep, I ain't stupid.

  41. Hello Everyone at POM family!

    I hope you are all well and enjoying the Social distancing experiment! I am finding it an amazing time with so many people actually doing things they never thought possible in creating things. Animation, articles, food recipes, thinking of the impossibilities that may be happening and generally feeling free from day-to-day forced labour. This period is going to be registered in human history as a period when "time stood still"!

    I have been reading and following up on the current events and the potential outcome of All this. A couple of weeks ago given the excessive spare time, I came up with the following and sent to a few friends as follows

    Breaking News:
    Chinese Virus is Killing Globalism
    Experts suggesting the virus is too big to fail!

    I am now convinced that this virus whether manmade (very likely!) or not, is the chaos that will redefine and cause a major RESET to our collective consciousness in viewing our world as well a physical RESET on every human activity and institutions, namely: Banking, Education, Religious, Military, Intelligence and last but not least the cultures of the world! The results of this virus and this particular period when everything is standing still IMHO will be far more significant in terms of radically changing this planet in every way conceivable!

    This morning, I read this incredible article that originally appeared in the Daily Telegraph of London that is a conservative old newspaper! I would like to recommend this article as it pertains to the BIS, NAZIs' and how the history we are presented may be twisted for our consumption.


    Wish you all a wonderful Sunday!

    1. Hello CD! Thanks for that very interesting BIS article!
      And yes, as our gracious host JC has stated, what we are now witnessing is the alchemical transmutation of the monetary system. But not only that, as you say, also many other aspects of human society are simultaneously being dissolved, to be coagulated into new forms.
      Probably you will have noticed, former UK PM Gordon Brown recently called for a "global government", to combat covid19! Only "temporary", of course! Problem - reaction - "solution" indeed!
      Personally, as exciting and fascinating as the transformation is, I do share the fears of many that this crisis will not go to waste but will be used to strengthen the tyranny over humanity in terms of loss of freedoms, privacy, etc. We shall see, I do also remain hopeful that the coming transformations might be overall net positive.

  42. Hi Redjon,

    Hope you are keeping well! Throughout the day yesterday, I watched this long but absolutely brilliant interview with Dr Jospeh Farrell on the geopolitics, WWI-II history and the movements and events that we are living in its aftermath as well as how it relates to Trump and the future. I sincerely believe, that after watching this interview, you will have learned so much to potentially answer most of the questions regarding the current time we are living in. Dr Farrell talked about the new financial system and how such a "flipping" of the system would necessitate an equal flipping of the technologies that DARPA and the Shadow Government had been holding back from  American people who literally paid for it through taxation and double taxations via Federal Reserve. The term "flipping" I use, only because Dr Farrell used this term which is possibly the best way of describing what we may be expecting to come. He also, talked about Covid19 and 5G as well which is rather fascinating.  Lastly, he talked about the British Monarchy and it is about to be modernized under Queen's watch and Dr Farrell predicts that it is very likely that Andrew, Harry/Meghan affairs as well as BREXIT was carried out with Queen's approval through the secretive Privy Council she controls!  Anyway, rather than my interpretation, I can recommend this interview! 

    "Dr. Joseph Farrell Emergency Powers COVID-19 Bio-Economic EMF Warfare Deep State COG!"


    1. Thanks Carpe Diem, I am about half-way through the video and it is a great discussion, very informative. I am not sure that Dr Farrell has correctly figured out all aspects of this very complex puzzle but definitely large parts of his thesis do make perfect sense to me. He certainly knows a lot of stuff about a lot of stuff!
      I noted that 1 hour 34 minutes into the video they discuss the Pepe Escobar article that I referenced in a previous comment above. Specifically, drawing attention to the symbolism of Xi using the word "devil" to describe the virus.
      I shall try and finish watching the remainder during the next day or two, thanks again.

  43. "Steve Bannon GOES OFF On CCP, Kissinger, 'Davos' Accomplices of Xi"

    I watched this 5-minute excerpt of the War Room with Steve Bannon earlier today and thought it was a rather significant revelation as to who Kissinger really is and how the two factions who won the WWII have designed the machinery/operating system of this planet based on collectivism/Socialism and what their end game really is/was.  Bannon is talking about a Nuremberg style Court in "Wuhan" which is an incredible statement pointing to the fact that was forecasted by JC in one of his great postings last summer: (https://philosophyofmetrics.com/the-coming-collapse-of-communist-china/).  Covid19 is a Bioweapon released in Wuhan with experts from the US, with one Doctor having been already arrested from one of the main Ivy Leauge Universities in Boston who was under the payroll of CCP!

    This is an understandable outcome of the world after the Covid19 which inadvertently operates as a catalyst for the breakdown of the liberal world order and the emergence of a totally new arrangement in every aspect of life on earth. CCP is a byproduct of the Liberal world order where massive experiments had been going on to be used everywhere else in the world. The collapse of CCP is therefore necessary for a new world system. Islamism that is the fusion of Communism with Islamic doctrine that is an Anti-Western civilization ideology as a means of deconstructing the US and Europe and replacing it with a totalitarian world order with the possible elimination of the majority of earth population alls for the cause of Globalism! 

    Anyway, I hope you will find the following short clip of interest! 


    1. Interesting CD. I was thinking that perhaps the virus just happened (in China) naturally but seeing the economic distress it presented them that China allowed and even promoted the spread of COVID 19 throughout the rest of the world in order to impose the same economic distress on the rest of the world in an effort to keep....a "level playing field" of sorts.

      1. That is also a distinct possibility Dane, in fact the distress in the West is proving considerably worse. And as we know in the early stages the WHO advised against closing borders; in hindsight this seems rather suspect to say the very least, as Trump has alluded to.
        Furthermore, there is a theory that Putin, in saying "nyet" to Opec, knew that he was doing Xi a big favour (quid pro quo no doubt) by opening the door to ultra-low oil prices. China, which perhaps has way more storage capacity than anyone thinks, could then buy up huge quantities of crude for peanuts, in order to turbo-charge their economic recovery months in advance of the West. A massive boost to their bid to usurp the US as the world's number 1 economy.

        1. Thank you guys, Dane, Redjon,

          The virus is a Bioweapon and I still believe what Estulin suggested that it is a multi-level project by several actors and all with their own interest. Whether they have actually plotted this together is a little far fetched but it is likely that one started to work on this and others sniffed and made their plans on the wave. As an example, the US Intel knowing the release of the bioweapon as widely advertised by the Nerd in chief, Bill Gates and his sidekick Dr Strange-bug aka Fauci in 2017, was noted in the US intel as an opportunity in not only preventing it's destructive but also was used as the perfect chaos for closing down the Fed and possibly and incoming Debt Reset! The merging of the Fed into the US Treasury was all done during the Social Distancing period and yet none of the busybody low IQ reporters of the MSM has ever, to this day asked anything at the WH pressers about it! You would think such a monumental event after 106 years would be enquired by the globalist Commie  MSM, but no, it did not happen.

          I wanted to recommend this interview with Cyrus Parsa the AI Org. founder with X22 Report which I just watched and I found it totally and utterly mind-blowing. If there was any doubt what the connection between China's CCP and Democratic Party and the Technocratic nerds as Elon Musk, Zuckerberg, Gates and many others, this 1-hour talk will make it crystal clear. This is a very nasty and dark plan and it is about to be eliminated. These people are extremely nasty and dangerous and should be put in a Nuremberg style court and prosecuted for the crimes against humanity. Nothing less will do as this is the ultimate cleaning of the swamp!


          1. Hey CD do we have anything concrete showing a merger of the Treasury and the Fed yet, so we can square that notion up?

          2. Thank you Dane,

            Bloomberg confirms the quite merger of the Fed with the Treasury. The other indicator is the Top Domain name for the Fed changed to a ".Gov". I tried to figure out the history of Federalreserve.XYZ using the WHOIS but didn't get anywhere but it helps if you pay for the service it appears so if anyone can confirm this would be great. Also, if anyone can recall what the Fed website was before 23 March as in ".COM "or something else would be an interesting confirmation of the merger! Yo get a .gov the entity must be owned by the US government and the Fed was an independent bank as far as I understood! 

            "This scheme essentially merges the Fed and Treasury into one organization. So, meet your new Fed chairman, Donald J. Trump."


          3. Thanks CD. Seems things are really getting shaken up on multiple areas of the old world right now. It's both exciting and worrisome at the same time pal.

        2. Right on redjon, I see what your saying. Makes sense, because China's support would sustain Russia's economy during these low oil prices.

  44. The latest short interview with Daniel Estulin I found was a sobering alert in that, the virus is taking another turn in September and it really made me feel sick to hear what bad predictions he is making about what's about to come. I hope you will all get the chance to hear it for yourself and share your thoughts. This is seriously troubling but as you all know, this all about nothing but MONEY. In fact, ALL wars and human catastrophes were ALWAYS about MONEY!


  45. It's interesting that as the Fed and Treasury are essentially merging that the Fed make this move with Blackrock.

    "Blackrock has been appointed by the Fed to buy corporate bonds and commercial mortgages. The firm now has more power than any financial institution in the U.S., as Blackrock will oversee $27 trillion and the Fed’s new $4.5 billion Wall Street slush fund."


  46. Hey Carpe Diem, thanks for the last few videos, all very interesting. Keep 'em coming!
    I wonder what is behind Estulin's prediction of further developments in September.
    The Farrell-Dark Journalist video, although as they stated is partly speculative, is a great one to show people just "how deep the rabbit hole goes"!
    And it's interesting timing that the US Navy just released "officially" several UFO videos. These clips had been leaked before but this is a confirmation that they are indeed genuine. My personal (speculative) interpretation of these encounters is that they are evidence not of the existence of aliens but more likely of the type of black projects that CAF talks about. This ties in with a question that was raised in the aforementioned video: in conjunction with the Big Reset that is clearly coming, could there be a revelation of highly advanced technology timed to coincide with it? Technology so advanced that it had to be suppressed (to protect the interests of certain elite factions) and once unleashed will really "flip" us into a new paradigm? For example, antigravity tech or "free energy"? Just some thoughts my friends. It's like hey we may be sleepwalking into totalitarianism but wow we just don't care because this sci-fi tech is so wonderful!!

    As for covid19, well Bannon's prediction is quite something! I don't know how much I trust that guy's rhetoric, but it could indeed happen. However, certain other "players" in this operation ought to be brought to trial in the fullness of time also. The names Gates and Fauci are at the top of the list!
    So much depends on whether Trump can get through this and win re-election.
    Meanwhile in Europe, it seems to me that the Swedes have a monopoly on common sense!

    1. Hello Redjon and thank you for sharing your thoughts,

      We are really witnessing an ongoing collective madness in the world!  I concur with your line of thinking and things should be looked at speculatively and "experts" words with a grain of salt but to keep in mind and remain a sceptic of all as well as being cautious with definitive thinking of the current events and a potential outcome and reality altogether. That way, we can perhaps keep our sanity by remaining an observer and not a participant!

      Having said that, CAF and Dr Farrell are wise people and they have the knowledge and the background for us to contemplate on their words. In the video with DJ, Dr Farrell said something interesting around the idea of the financial Reset that Trump is in possibly about to pull off and a direct relationship in the release of the ultra High-tech which CAF and Dr Farrell have been talking about for years. Farrell sees both events i.e. the Reset & New tech release necessary and side-by-side as perhaps a reason why Trump is removing All the cartels that are stifling humanity by blocking progress that has benefited a minority of Uber-elite who are also behind the so-called Green movement which will again benefit them directly because they are profiting with an old system! If you have noticed, Trump had been systematically attacking and destroying each and every cartel methodically and without much bravado and announcements. Take the example of the entertainment industry and the MSM which has been his pet project from day one in the office. Also consider the OPEC cartel and the Petro-Dollar that fueled almost 50 years of ludicrous wealth, the creation of a super wealth class of people worldwide to support the globalization project as well as many wars in the West Asian region. Trump also in the middle of taking the Pharma cartels apart during the virus outbreak. Let's not also forget that the Five Eye Intel Cartel that was then operating as the "eyes and ears" of the Globalization Empire that controlled and maintained the entire "Intel Community"! Banking cartel not to be forgotten either!

      I, therefore, believe that the release of the UFO by the US Navy is potentially the harbinger of a much bigger release of the tech that if released may potentially make the US and her allies the supreme Industrial, Commercial and Military power simply because the era of Oil is no longer viable and the US has enough "shelved" technology to replace every facet of life in terms of the current technologies and energy needs, not only in the US but also worldwide!  That said, the transformation may be somewhat slow but with proper funding and training an entire new Industrial base can be created in a relatively short time. One example that comes to mind was the major transformation of the entire Electronics industry in the 1950s' with the advent of "Semiconductors" which we are told came about in a Lab at AT&T. At the time, some of us who are older may recall every TV and Radio set were Valve operated which was wasteful and produced too much heat. The Soviets were behind in this arena and they were either "given" the concept OR they used tech spies in the west to utilize the Semiconductor tech and upgrade their own tech by using Transistors which was the original aim for using Semiconductors. Later the same semiconductor tech was used in computing as transistors were used as electronic gateways on a much smaller scales with later VLSI and today with miniature versions of the printed circuitry using the same material i.e. Silicone which was the material used to develop transistors. In time, other elements as Gallium Arsenide and others were used to create much more efficient and smaller-scale circuits that fueled the computing industry of today. All started in the late 50s, 60s and really started to take off in the 70s.

      Semiconductors alone is a prime example of how a seemingly small development can jump-start a massive expansion of an economy and DARPA has an entire library of such patents and tech that once released, can seal the start of a Bull run, to use the commodity dealers terminology, for the US economy setting a new path for the next 100 years at least!

      On a separate note, I mentioned the existence of a Strategic Trends forecast which was published by the UK Ministry of Defence and available online a section on "Epidemics" which was accurately forecasted in 2007! The following is what the Military and Academics involved came up with regarding the way any such epidemics will have on Globalisation. What is fascinating is that when you read the report, you will notice that everything that is happening was correctly pointed out to the politicians and their cronies but none of them bothered to study and realize they are not walking on a safe path at all. In fact, the Military is the last resort for whenever politicians mess things up but their arrogance and the dogma that the political classes have prevents them from listening to logic and common sense! 
      "Disease. Infectious diseases, in general, will continue to have a significant economic and social impact across many regions of the world. Beyond SubSaharan Africa, emerging economies such as India, China and Russia are likely to be challenged significantly by HIV/AIDS, with estimated 10-20m sufferers in China by 2010.26 These and other regions will be affected by antibiotic-resistant strains of other major diseases, like tuberculosis and hepatitis, whose incidence will be multiplied by global interconnectivity and travel. A major pandemic may be the instrument that causes a reverse in the process of globalization as national responses to contain infection will involve significant restrictions on personal mobility and interaction over a lengthy period. Some states may even be destabilized by the effort and resources required to address the situation."

      The document makes an interesting read and the original version available online and in 77 pages which you can download and study!  You can search for this to find the PDF version:

      "The DCDC Global Strategic Trends Program 2007-2036"

      1. "Dead Zone - Plague, TV Series around 2003"

        I watched this clip from an early 2000s' TV series (I believe!) where you will see in this short extract almost all the buzz words we are hearing today in relation to this virus COVID19! Terms such as Lockdown, isolation of people at home, as well as none other than the name of the drug that has been used to treat Malaria related virus Chloroquine!

        It seems the writer of the TV show used the CDC manual for this virus and many believe it to be a kind of predictive programming to prepare the masses which is believable! For anyone who believes in Socialist healthcare, this clip is a reminder that once there is a general health system, you can be sure there are many other programs in behavioural change, social engineering all the way to population reduction and gender orientation and manipulation! I also noticed the shape of the virus under an electronic microscope is exactly was known in the movie back in 2003!


      2. Hi Carpe Diem, thanks and I'm very much aligned with your thinking on this.
        Indeed there have been claims that the transistor was "invented" in suspicious circumstances back in late 1947 and in fact may have been reverse engineered from UFO technology. This was then the advent of the semiconductor revolution that transformed the world incredibly rapidly during the 50s. As we know there had been a surge in UFO activity coinciding with the first atomic bomb detonations in the mid-40s.
        So looking at the latest Pentagon/US Navy disclosures, these questions naturally come to mind and there are other clues to consider as well. The name of Dr Salvatore Cezar Pais came up prominently in my research on this. He is an engineer who has filed a number of exotic tech patents in recent years and he works for, you guessed it, the US Navy! Here's a couple of articles on him:
        And this site has a list of his patents and links to them (some other fascinating ones from other inventors too):

        I did find that document at the UK MoD website, yes very interesting and here was one particular quote I'd like to highlight:
        "New Energy Technology – New sources of power generation are likely to become commercially available and viable during the period. However, advances may be evolutionary rather than revolutionary during the first half of the period..."
        Hmm, it is only about 18 months until the end of the first half of the period. See you on the flip side 😉

        By the way, I watched another DJ video which nicely connects with some of our previous POM discussions. In which he relates how the work of Gurdjieff now seems to take on increased importance in our current coronavirus predicament. I cannot link to it right now but the video is easily found on the Dark Journalist youtube channel, he recorded it about 3 weeks ago. The lecture on Gurdjieff starts from about 1 hour 20 minutes in.

        1. "Russia’s Rosatom shipped its first floating nuclear-power reactor on Friday, setting the unit off on a barge journey among Arctic ice caps, raising concerns in the wake of a recent military accident that caused a brief spike in radiation.

          The vessel Akademik Lomonosov, named after an 18th century Russian scientist and poet, departed from Russia’s northwest port of Murmansk, according to the state-owned company. Three tugs are towing the unit on its 4,700-kilometer (2,900-mile) trip east to Chukotka, where it will dock at Pevek and generate power for the remote region that’s closer to Alaska than Europe."


          The US did a study on whether solar and wind power could replace current power generation plants by the end of 2020 with existing solar and wind technology. There finding was that yes it could be done.

          1. Maybe the future of mining BTC will require a private floating nuclear power plant 😉

        2. Thank you Redjon,

          I found the links regarding the exotic tech fascinating and I do believe there are hidden tech, cure and systems that are hidden from us but hopefully we will get to see them released at some point!   a couple of days ago I watched this rather interesting Greg Hunter interview with Jim Sinclair regarding the Virus and how it relates to the end cycle of the global economy and how it's seemingly timely appearance coincide with preventing a much bigger problem than the virus itself.  Mr Sinclair explains that the fact that the Fed had to print electronic money and to give to the bank under the Repo pretext at Billions of Dollars of every night was a time-bomb that the Virus somehow stopped the haemorrhage in a timely manner. He also believes that what Trump is here to do is a Bankruptcy resolution and there is nobody better than him to do it since the standard textbook economics and all the Phd's and World economics has no clue since this needs an out-of-the-box kind of skills which Trump possesses having overseen and succeded many similar ones for himself. This perspective got my attention and confirmed that the more I research, the less I know!


          This morning, I started listening to Mr Sinclair's interview again in the background today and I found something else that was not related to Jim Sinclair economics content of his interview but a photo behind him on his top left-hand side Which is the unmistakable photo of a dark-skinned man with a round Afro hair wearing a reddish shirt! I then realized that the man in the photo is of the late Sai Baba, an Indian guru who had a massive western following some of which were celebrities and people in the art, Finance and business! I recall the owner of Hard Rock Cafe' was a follower of the South Indian guru. I must admit I was not expecting to ever find any association between Sai Baba and Jim Sinclair, a person I have been following a few years now. Many years ago, I travelled to India and in a kind of accidental way, stayed in the small city where Sai Baba resided and had a great time and I actually sat not far away near Sai Baba in the daily morning and evening appearances and music and prayers by his followers. I did not quite understand Sai Baba's message other than peace, tolerance and help the poor etc. but still knowing Mr Sinclair to have been a follower was a rather pleasant shock!

          Thank you for recommending the DK interview regarding Gurdjieff and his thoughts and how it relates to our time in relation to the virus. I really believe, this period is the most insane and fully loaded period when literally everything comes into question in every facet of life conceivable! This is an extraordinary time when we are confronted with a reality that we never considered before and the virus, the economy may just be the red herrings to distract us from the real action that is actually happening inside of anyone who is a sovereign human being and can question things independently from the external world. I can only say that I am overwhelmed by the sheer size of the daily tsunami of information I come across every day but I really feel alive and can focus on movements instead of events! I also sincerely believe, ALL of us are here for a reason at this time and know the ancient ancestors are assisting us in reclaiming our sovereignty, for the future generations o humanity that will come to this earth!

          Thank you again, and I wish you and everyone at POM a great day!
          God Bless you ALL!

  47. What kind of person am I, inflationary or deflationary? Inflation reduces value over time, while deflation increases value over time.

    Continuous learning and continual application of this learned knowledge allows the observation of these experiences. Making adjustments through these observations to find the truest combination of this experiential knowledge produces what I call wisdom.

    Therefore an inflationary person’s wisdom decreases over time while a deflationary person’s wisdom increases over time.

    As people age over time we seem to be deflationary by nature. However, we sometimes struggle to live up to this true nature for a myriad of reasons or excuses. Giving in to this struggle corrupts the process of becoming what we truly can be. Giving in can also be looked at as leaving the path or falling off the north road. We should not despair when we find ourselves fallen from the path because we always know the way back. We just need to find the will to take one step at a time.

    1. "God is Mind beyond our current comprehension"
      Freeman Dyson

      Hi Dane,

      Thank you for posting this clip which I enjoyed immensely and strangely enough I was talking about the same kind of concepts with friends a few days ago! I started to this good friend that there is no such thing as Colour, Shape, Taste, Smell and all of those are Human manifestations and a kind of consensus of a reality that otherwise does not exist! However, I found the statement by the Anglo-American physicist Freeman Dyson extremely profound! In other words and if I understand it correctly, everything is consciousness and/or its a manifestation and that manifestation is that which we call God! That may also imply that our consciousness is either a fragment of God and it's Consciousness, or possibly a smaller version! In fact, I have been wondering about this very way of looking at consciousness as it also reflected by the ancient Zoroastrians and their later schools of Gnosticism and enlightenment that we are all Consciousness and for the rest, we are manifested structures! The ancient Zoroastrians also believed that the sun and the stars are all conscious beings and as such alive and living! The same is true for the ancient Egyptians, hence the Sun Worshipping God as Horus!

      As the contrast to seeing a higher and unseen form of Consciousness, we have the Athiest followers (Almost exclusively Marxist!) of the cult of Science who came up with this theory as to how consciousness came to existence, as a mere accident and by non-other than a Virus! Considering this article was published in 2018, I am inclined to believe that a hidden hand had been preparing the followers of the godless religion of science to think kindly of a Virus was about to be unleashed, a kind of Predictive Programming! Nevertheless, COVID19 radically changed this planet and caused a major RESET on all aspects of life and potentially made a lot of the Universities under investigation for all kind of manipulations, in finance, the omission of truth and blocking cures and technologies etc.

      "An Ancient Virus May Be Responsible for Human Consciousness"

      1. I'm glad you enjoyed it CD. It is interesting to research how much of the human DNA strand is made up of virus. We...humans, were developed to survive in this environment we call Earth...viruses and all. Through our evolution we have adapted to a good many viruses and yet we still survive and have survived regardless of having or not having vaccines.

        We may be a conscious entity having a human experience. Perhaps this experience in matter is to better understand ourselves. Fun to contemplate isn't it?

    2. Thanks Dane, good stuff.
      The video mentions a number giants in the field of theoretical physics, the first of whom, Roger Penrose, I had the privilege of attending a lecture by, back in my university days.
      I don't remember much, the content mostly went right over my teenage head, but I believe the topic was "Is there an important gap in our physical understanding?"
      A rhetorical question if ever there was one! Physics at the time was very far from an understanding of consciousness, and not a great deal closer even now.

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