North Korea is the Pre-Text for Iran

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Something just doesn’t feel right.

In previous articles we’ve reviewed the possibility that North Korea is a puppet state of the Anglo-American establishment.  The convenience of saber rattling has always been strategically timed to correspond with increased objections to the American military presence in both South Korea and Japan.  The justification for the movement of the THAAD anti-missile system into the region was also built upon the perceived threat from the North.

The random acts of Kim Jong Un just don’t strike me as being random and isolated.  It fits within a broader script of surrounding and manipulated the Eurasian continent while moving incrementally closer to Russian borders with each passing year.

Timing of events can often provide us some obscure clues about what is transpiring behind the headlines.  The increasing tension between America and North Korea is happening at the same time sanctions on Russia have been expanded.  The same bill also includes increased sanctions on North Korea and Iran.

While this is taking place the NATO military buildup on Russia’s border is growing and developing infrastructure to support more meaningful military campaigns. Huge chess pieces are being moved and most are not even noticing, or putting each random move together to understand the overall strategy.

Based on the assumption that the North is being used as a chess piece, we can extrapolate some objectives.  Why would the North be used?  For what purpose?  It shares a border with both China and Russia.  It has been allowed to continue on its technological missile and nuclear programs with little effort made to slow or halt development.  China has also supported it with trade and capital flows.

My position is at complete odds with most other analysis.  It is my belief that China is in full alignment with the international banking interests, and will eventually be repositioned geopolitically to be used as an economic and trade weapon against Russia. It’s hard for many to see this right now, but in the coming years it will become more apparent that this is in fact the truth.

There is a double game being played between the Anglo-American establishment, the international banking interests, and the Russian Federation.  It is confusing and convoluted to a point where the average person cannot understand or decipher the unfolding script.

Trump represents the international banking interests and has taken control of the internal American political, banking, education, and business establishment.  This Anglo-American establishment is politically fighting Trump, and in turn the international banking interests, in order to retain its own objectives and achievements over the last hundred years.  But it does understand that at some point it will have to negotiate and surrender certain aspects of its broader agenda.  Trump’s purpose is to bring this alignment and ensure the international monetary and geopolitical transformation proceeds as necessary.

The international banking interests are beginning to fold assets belonging to the Anglo-American establishment, such as North Korea, into their own strategy and game plan.  This always happens as power is transitioning from one empire to another.

China is the largest foreign holder of US Treasuries and has been in the pocket of the international banking interests for a long time.  Their ability to go against those interests are held in check by the large amount of US debt they hold, along with the manipulation of capital flows, and the domestic credit expansion which has taken place.  These markets are being slowly opened to international investors but at a pace, and under a strategy, which will prevent the Anglo-American establishment from gaining any leverage or control over the larger multilateral transition.

Russia is the odd man out in this dynamic.  The large landmass of resource rich Russian territory is being strategically surrounded on all sides.  Previous attempts to invade and conquer Russia have failed.  Those lessons have been learned.  A one-front war will not work.  A two-front war will not work. Ideological revolutions do not work.  The thousand year dream of claiming Russia can only be accomplished with a total and all-encompassing military campaign.

Breaking the ageless alliance between the Russian people and the Persian people is the one big chess move which is expected to put Russia in a weaker position.  Iran is the entrance to Russia’s soft underbelly.  Once Iran is under the control of the international banking interests the smaller nations of Georgia and Azerbaijan, among others, will be loaded with NATO and Western military forces in the same way that Eastern European nations are now.

But first Iran needs to be taken.

Trump has planted seeds over the last few months that Iran is the biggest supporter of international terrorism.  We know for a fact this is false.  The suggestion has also been made that Iran has been assisting North Korea in its missile and nuclear development.  You can see where this script is leading us.

Imagine now a scenario where a horrifying war breaks out on the Korean peninsula. The projected death toll and destruction is unfathomable. Millions will perish and the world would be left in a state of shock.

The scripting about Iran developing missiles and nuclear weapons has been well established.  The fabricated connections between North Korea and Iran, along with the narrative that we cannot allow another rogue regime to acquire such weapons, will build the momentum and consensus for international action against Iran.

This could very well have been the purpose of North Korea all along.  Build competent missile defense systems around Russia, position closer to the Russian border, and script a pretext to fragment Russia’s longtime alliance with Iran and the Persian people.

Watch what is happening closely.  The big chess pieces are now on the move.  – JC

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62 Comments on “North Korea is the Pre-Text for Iran”

  1. Putin say he may run for President again in 2018. Thoughts?

    Intro to “A Fresh Wind of Optimism: A New Mindset for Russia in the Changing World” @ Russia In Global Affairs site:

    “The international system is currently in the midst of a profound crisis. Each cycle of “creative destruction” of the old world order changes “the rules of the game.” The new international system will be shaped by new factors of success and new behaviors of its actors. The faster a country adapts to the new rules, the more successful it will be in the coming 10 to 20 years. The speed of the adaptation to the new global environment will greatly depend on the capacity of governments to understand where the world is going and to build a sound competitive strategy.

    The Atlantic Council, in its recent report “Envisioning 2030: U.S. Strategy for a Post-Western Word,” based on the scenarios published by the National Intelligence Council, believes that the United Stated has a second chance to win the dominant position in the world. Remarkably, Russia gets almost no mention in the report, it is virtually written off as an influential player of the future.

    Does Russia have a chance in the new global system? What are its challenges? What should Russia do to succeed? We believe that the success of Russia will depend on its ability to rethink its place in the world and devise a new strategy that would differ from the one it used in era of the Euro-Atlantic great-power rivalry.”

    1. Whether he does or not won’t change the direction and strategy which Russia has chosen. Russia is slowly being isolated. How it interacts with a new international alignment is hard to determine.

  2. JC,

    “My position is at complete odds with most other analysis. It is my belief that China is in full alignment with the international banking interests, and will eventually be repositioned geopolitically to be used as an economic and trade weapon against Russia. It’s hard for many to see this right now, but in the coming years it will become more apparent that this is in fact the truth.”

    How do you see this conflict playing out? The general consensus is that China’s expanding middle class and industrial base will be fueled by Russian oil and natural gas. What kinds of arrangements between Russia and China will likely be made if a regional conflict develops vis-à-vis energy policy?

    1. Oil and gas will be imported by China from multiple sources. China will never go all in with one source. Russia’s reliance on energy sales to China will be turned into a weakness which will be used against it when the time is right. How does this play out? Without having a crystal ball I would expect that the Russia of the future will be 1/10th the size it is now. The power arrayed against it is massive even without China. Have China switch sides and the Russian position becomes impossible.

      1. JC,
        if this expression helps…
        Straight out of the horse´s mouth…
        S.S., this is, the second most powerful man in Russia:
        “I can hear war drums beating in the horizon”.


      2. Rusian officials have clearly stated recently that “Russia will never fight another war in its soil”
        Take a look at their defensive doctrine
        Intent is one thing, implementing is another

  3. What you say makes sense JC. Gotta say though I don’t like this analysis. This dislike has nothing to do with the analyzer or the analysis just all the heartless business. Thats whats so scary about the corporation. They are as legal in the system as a person but have no heart, just an immense hunger for profit.

    Sure is an active time to be alive isn’t it? To see all this play out right before our eyes.

    Bottom line is that Russia has nukes too so there shouldn’t be an attack on Russia until control of those can be accounted for. Speaking of which how do we know Putin isn’t in alignment with the international bankers script, and that he is playing his part just as scripted?

    It seems we are banking Russia’s rightness on a two headed eagle symbol. How do we know Putin is more for Russia than the international bankers? And finally, as all things corrupt how can we be sure the two headed eagle hasn’t?

    Either way it really kinda sucks to see how the masses are so manipulated through our internal deficiencies to the exact will of the controllers. It’s like they know us better than we know ourselves. Something seems wrong about that.

    Time to take back control of knowing ourselves better.

  4. I will say that at this point based on the impressive information you have given us, Russia is in serious trouble and could be finished in the future. No one ever survives a multi-pronged war approach. Also there is a saying – ” the house always wins”. In this case, the banking interests are going to clean house.


  5. I agree Russian is the big prize if only because those who desire the prize just can’t stand Russia being the behemoth, resource rich country it is. I honestly believe they can’t sleep at night without dreaming of cutting her up and getting more of their hands on those resources. The wet dream is the idea that not any country that big can defend all of it’s territory, so the dream is to cut her up. Fine, that’s nothing new, it is a nightly recurring old dream and will not go away, until they turn it into the nightmare it really is. Time will tell.

    I see the N.Korea situation a little different. I believe the saber rattling is more sound and fury than ‘fire and fury.’ My thinking is the real action and the more important theater of this ‘great game’ moment is what is going on between India and China. I’m wondering if Modi and Trump haven’t cut a deal and are threatening China on it’s SW flank. I think that is the more valuable pressure point. Or perhaps better said it is, ONE, of the more valuable pressure points.

    Certainly more important than a ten year boy (N. Korea) hitting George Foreman (US) in the leg. The sad thing is George would never hit the little boy back. Nor would he make up a story about the little boy hitting him (false flag) as an excuse for beating the little boy up. But the US would, still I don’t think it will happen. Being forever the optimist I think Trump, T. REX and company will work it out and claim a Great diplomatic victory. Tough talking Trump and smooth talking T. Rex, save the world from and the target rich S. Korea from great loss of life. Who knows maybe there will talk of unification sometime in the next fifty years or so.

    I’m keeping an eye on that India, China border. It kind of , sort of fits in with JC’s thoughts on the BRICS ali

    Just thinking out keyboard.

  6. Damn it , I hit the submit to so.

    It kind of , sort of fits in with JC’s thoughts about the BRICS alliance being absorbed by the international interest. Well I think that’s what JC mentioned, noe I’m not sure as a was a second ago, but it was something like that. LOl, crack myself up sometimes.


    1. LOL! I’ve done that before Peter. Hit submit and then another angle of thought comes into play and before you know it the whole thought is gone to the dark depths of inner space. Someone hit rewind I wasn’t done with it yet…lol.

  7. “An air burst (that is, a nuclear detonation far above the surface) can eventually produce worldwide fallout. A ground burst can produce possibly much more severe, local fallout.

    Global fallout

    After an air burst, fission products, un-fissioned nuclear material, and weapon residues vaporized by the heat of the fireball condense into a fine suspension of small particles 10 nm to 20 µm in diameter. These particles may be quickly drawn up into the stratosphere, particularly if the explosive yield exceeds 10 kt.

    Initially little was known about the dispersion of nuclear fallout on a global scale. The AEC assumed that fallout would be dispersed evenly across the globe by atmospheric winds and gradually settle to the Earth’s surface after weeks, months, and even years as worldwide fallout.

    The radio-biological hazard of worldwide fallout is a long-term one because of the potential accumulation of long-lived radioisotopes (such as strontium-90 and caesium-137) in the body as a result of ingestion of foods containing the radioactive materials. Because they are dispersed, levels of these isotopes are small for individual nuclear events. Local fallout is more concentrated and of far more immediate concern.”

    Since the international bankers also live on this planet there are certain things that will affect them just as it effects the masses. How would they manage their fragmented perceptions of managing their personal empires while living underground or within the constraints of protection from nuclear fallout for many years? How would the masses survive so we can continue purchasing their products that make them having an empire possible?

    Yep another cold war on the horizon. Good call so long ago JC. So at the end of this cold war the same will happen as the end of the last one. Which is a reduced Russian footprint just like your analysis explains. After all this seems to be what the world wants since the mass mindset keeps harping on this outcome and falling prey to the controls that will make it happen. As long as we are the tools of the outward controls through our inner deficiencies we will continue to be a slave to their bidding. We do this so we can have clean hands of it all.

    To the picture above…I think I’ve played a videogame that looks like that. But more to what is behind this picture (highway radiation detectors). I believe the above shows that detecting it doesn’t really matter if we detect it or not.

    Does what happens here in the material world of matter affect what happens in the immaterial world beyond matter? We (humans) are both immaterial and material aren’t we?

    1. See Peter this was supposed to be at the top of that last comment but when I copied it from word to paste here I missed it :). Shit happens friend.

      “Russia has nukes. As such when attacked they will fire some or all of their 4,300 nuclear war headed long range missiles at it attackers. The defense to this is to blow the missiles up while they are still airborne so as to minimize ground damage. Long range missiles fly high in the atmosphere. This puts us in the airborne nuclear fallout section of nuclear fallout. Here is what possibly happens with airborne nuclear fallout. Possibly because the world hasn’t tested it….yet.”

      This would give cause to the THAAD systems surrounding Russia. But Russia is huge so they could still potentially fire a missile from deep within which would still reach fairly high altitudes prior to being intercepted.

      But what if those long range ones are intercepted early on and at the same time Russian defensives for the THAAD systems cause “fire and fury” over the vast western part of Russia (Siberia)? This would deem that region unusable by humans and then raping the wasteland of its natural resources could begin. (It’s a similar pattern used to get Afghanistan’s natural resources) and would also provide the evidence for this growing global warming trend because it would most likely wipe out most of those Siberian trees that eat so much of the world’s co2. The world adversary forces will create the justification or proof for this global warming lie they have globally spread in order to fill their pockets with yet another layer of fear mongering over the masses.

        1. No worries here friend. I’m fairly aware of how THAAD operates though it’s been many years since I was in europe building part of the NATO defence system in the last cold war. But what is not for sure is while the THAAD and local ballistic missiles are battling at the border intercontinental (long range) missiles with nuclear warheads could be launched from the heartland. If Russia sees no other option but to retaliate this brings it into the radar of possibilities. Most likely this is why Iran’s nuclear program was so closely watched/scrutinized and why Obama removed those sanctions. If the world thinks they have the capability they can be set up to be a fall guy so to speak. Through global propaganda they can get people to believe them just like the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Plus Trump is starting a NATO type program in Saudi Arabia so it’s only a matter of time. I actually feel sorry for all the Iranian scientists who must have gone nuts trying to figure out why things wouldn’t work in their nuclear program until they found that computer virus from the Bush administration in their systems.

          The biggest concern is how the business interests be they bankers, oil men, miners, etc.
          thirst for Russia’s natural resources. Such fragmented thinking usually gives cause to bad things happening to get what they want.

          Since there is such a push for this fake global warming business scheme it wouldn’t take much imagination to see an opportunity to create the need for the global warming agenda. A war in Eastern Russia could mask the destruction of trees which would then elevate co2 levels but no one will see it through the fog of war.

          When Putin threatens to drill into the northern pack for oil it’s most likely a retaliatory position against losing its oil connection with Iran.

          Man its interesting times.

          1. Well, I’m glad you are not worried Dane 🙂
            I though you were suggesting that intercepted nukes would airburst; I am no expert but I understood that the systems in place were designed to just shoot down missiles without detonating the nuclear payload. Please correct me if wrong.
            Anyway, interesting times indeed, that is an understatement. I do feel like the playing field has just shifted somehow, in ways that are yet to be revealed. So that the previously complex machinations we are attempting to make sense of become even more complex. Thankfully we have the analysis and insights of JC and the POM community to help us understand and navigate the convoluted terrain.
            Best to all,

          2. No problem redjon. We are all friends here. What I believe though is that while the THAAD systems attack Russia, Russia will defend with their THAAD defensive systems not intercontinental missiles.

            The intercontinental missiles could be launched from the heartland while the border battle between the THAAD and THAAD defensive system takes place.

            Two separate and independent actions.

            Now the launch of intercontinental missiles are typically shot down with other intercontinental missiles, jets etc.

            Yes typically nukes are not active until target BUT that’s old technology so there are surely work arounds now. As such just like a human when cornered and no path to safety is seen all hell breaks loose and this is where countermeasures are…adjusted. As such who knows what the nuclear warhead on either intercontinental missile will do. Luckily we haven’t had to worry about it for a long time. If one goes off up there though then we could have an airburst which would then emit nuclear fallout. Something that could elude the eye of greedy natural resource eaters.

            This is why we had to prepare for it in monthly war practices. Gas, gas, gas I can still hear it from the loudspeakers. I remember processing through the contamination centers, what a hassle that was.

            Why worry, It only makes us suffer twice 🙂

  8. Very interesting perspective JC Thank You,

    There is a lot of truth regarding the words on North Korea may be more to do in relation to Iran. It is also true that Islamic Republic of Mullahs who took over Imperial Iran in 1979 and created an Islamo-Marxist regime was assisted by the Anglo-American oil interests under the leftist Jimmy Carter Admin. Islamist regime of Mullahs since 1979 have executed and imprisoned more Iranians than any other similar acts to anybody else. This is a highly hated regime and only comparable to Venezuela’s corrupt regime. in 2009, Iranians rose against the entire apparatus of power which Obama could have helped Iranian people, but he chose to remain silent. In that uprising, many Iranians were shot and tortured and the case of a young lady who was shot in daylight was publicized well in Western media, amongst hundreds of other your Iranians who had enough of the despotic Sharia regime of Mullahs.

    It is also a fact that Islamic Republic is supported by the EU and specifically the City of London together with the Russian government. Geopolitics of the Russians and London has been aligned for the past 200 years possible and the great game was a joint operation of the two powers in sharing the loots from Iran and the entire Central Asia. It is, therefore, possible to see that what Trump represents is an opportunity for Putin and Russia to make a break with the EU and the City of London, although that may depend on the outcome of other strategic games such as China, North Korea etc. It is possible to envision the world where two superpowers that are the USA and Russia managing the affairs of this planet but things are not so straight forward as there are many other games and interests at play.

    Therefore, to suggest that Trump/Tillerson’s harsh words on N Korea may be directed to Iran may be only one side of the story and the other half is that the Islamic Republic is being fully supported by the EU and the City of London, so the harsh words are possibly meant to tell the Guardians of Mullahs too!

    Also, a tactical nuclear attack on Iran can be done by Israel, US or anybody else, but the backlash may be far more damaging to the world as Iranians can sink a ship at a drop of a hat in the narrow Strait of Hormuz and blockade perhaps for a week all shippings to the outside world when the world’s financial system can go to melting point and the price of oil will go through the roof! In fact, Trump has indicated of his intention for a regime change in Tehran which is a complex operation but it may be easier than an outright attack.

    As a rule, if Iran is attacked militarily it will indicate that whoever who did it has only one intention, that is to keep the Mullahs regime intact. The logic is simple, based on the regime (and the foreign sponsors, EU, C of London and Russia!)) ability to gather other Islamic countries including Saudi Arabia who hates the Islamic Republic under the pretext of an Islamic nation is being attacked by an infidel country. You can be sure that CNN, BBC, MSNBC will excel their love for the Iranian people as they are the mouthpiece of the Anglo-Ameican interest and their love and hate changes according to what’s the menu given to them by the “owners”!

    The Islamic Republic is a revolutionary and Globalist regime that was placed by Globalist (Trilateralist) Carter Administration that effectively ended the Soviet Union who was also antagonists towards the west. Within 10 years of the arrival of Islamic Republic through an unknown Mullah (Ayatollah Khomeini) and escorted via an Air France chartered flight and under the protection of the French Security staff, Soviet Union collapsed. The concept of the “Geen Islamic belt around the Soviet Union was talked about in 1979 and the idea was Islam will destroy the Soviet Union which it did. The marriage of Islam and Marxism in 2016-17 is a subject that may be only answered by the left.

    I read a while ago that the Air France flight was escorted by NATO fighter planes all the way to Tehran since there were rumors of IIAF officers loyal to the King (Shah) may shoot down the Air France plane carrying the Anglo-American asset!

    In short, Islamic Republic has benefited the Western corporations tremendously and in every aspect and to the detriment of the people of Iran and the region. I am suggesting that perhaps the sell by date of this Islamist created regime of the Anglo-American regime is ended and new contenders are trying to get a piece of the cake now available.

    Thank you again, JC for your as ever thought provoking and wise articles.

  9. Dane, My Man,
    I want to apologize for the incoherence of my last two postings, was a bit into my cups.

    It is not a pretty picture you paint. I’m on my way to shop this morning and will think about all you say and attempt to respond to you with a coherence you, JC and the POM both encourage and deserve.

    1. No worries Peter, don’t beat yourself up too bad. I made the same mistake without a drop 🙂

      No it’s not a pretty picture and may not happen in our lifetimes, but it seems its what the world wants. The masses seem okay being led around like sheep from the baseless or ignorant things coming out of their mouths these days. If someone who builds an empire from the natural resources freely given by earth just to put as much coin in their pocket as possible cared about anything else other than their empire then they probably wouldn’t have an empire in the first place. They have fragmented minds too.

  10. Dear All,
    This website is I believe a great source of information and dialogue and far closer to reality than almost anything I have read. Whether you like the anaology or not I guess most here are red pill people and realise the modern world is the matrix. I do believe as the piece and at least one previous piece stated that North Korea is a puppet state and necessary for the current us / mifc narrative / war agenda. Now before I get labelled a ‘flat earthed’ hijacking this thread just hear me out. Up until a few weeks ago I though the broad concept here was the truth. Now I think it’s close to the truth but with one big exception. That Russia is part of the charade. If you want to work out which nations have skin in the game: reasearch flat earth properly, relate it to your experience of the world around you and then look at which nations have a ‘space’ programme or who are part of the antarctic treaty. Yes I think we are close to the end game, I think the transition of the failed fiat monetary system is part of this, but that overall the outlook is bleak and that only a higher power can save us. Peace. Out.

    1. Hello doc. I’m getting a similar Russia feeling. Probably just my skeptical side messing with me.

      “only a higher power can save us” I couldn’t agree more. Truthfully I believe this is one of many underlying elements of POM. Probably where most vary in this though is where the higher power comes from. If it’s from within then absolutely. If it’s from an outward position though, we are already living that dream aren’t we? There have been so many wars based from this outward version of a higher power and they have assisted in leading us right here to where we are today. In fact here is an article from just the other day when Trump mentioned “fire and fury”.

      “One of President Trump’s Evangelical Advisers says that “…God has given Trump authority to take out Kim Jong-Un”…” You’ll notice I left out that part about “and he can use nukes” because I’ve not found that supported by this Robert Jeffress anywhere.

      This article gave the actual quote.

      “When it comes to how we should deal with evil doers, the Bible, in the book of Romans, is very clear: God has endowed rulers full power to use whatever means necessary — including war — to stop evil. In the case of North Korea, God has given Trump authority to take out Kim Jong-Un. I’m heartened to see that our president — contrary to what we’ve seen with past administrations who have taken, at best, a sheepish stance toward dictators and oppressors — will not tolerate any threat against the American people. When President Trump draws a red line, he will not erase it, move it, or back away from it. Thank God for a President who is serious about protecting our country.”

      It’s just a most recent reminder of what is to be learned in bible study. Haha, God says it’s okay to kill and his son says to turn the other cheek. Guess it’s a book for all circumstances. Just choose which chapter to use to try to hide from our conscious by justifying an act we know is wrong.

      Oh man, check this out. What if that Romans chapter meant it’s okay to kill the evil within our self not in others? Oooh, if that’s the way to see it then some people are going to be in big dodo. lol.

      But this inward guide, higher power, so on and so forth certainly has some plausibility doesn’t it?

  11. Did anyone catch this wildfire burning up in Greenland? It’s what gave me the idea about burning the forest in Eastern Russia. Guess those trees over in Russia are going to be doing overtime.

    “Satellite captures epic scale of Greenland inferno in intricate detail”

    Oh man if you read down in that article there is an advert for another article saying volunteer fireman were caught in Sicily starting fires to make extra cash…glad they are still “making extra cash” and not “feeding an empire”…

    Hey add all these forest fires up and that alone could increase the earth’s temperature. Not only by fire but also because it kills the trees that eat co2 which is a major measuring point for global warming. Hmm go figure, coincidence?

  12. Dane, Jc, Carpe Diem, Others. Not meaning to hijack the site. I’m convinced flat earth is the final piece of the puzzle. Dane- pretty sure there are no satellites. Google used planes for google earth. Hey guys look at the un logo what is it?!? Am sure Jc could tell us about the laurel leaf. But what about the other bit?!? If you guys want to research you tube Eric Dubay. Jc you two guys should put your heads together!!! Also am going to look again at the redefining God site. I think Jc’s uncovering of the scripting is key. But the scripting is much much bigger I believe. Thousands of years… Yes failed fiat currency, countless unnecessary wars, mifc puppet masters, central banking alchemy, al gore and his man pig bear oh sorry global warming oh sorry climate change, etc, etc. I am a scientist and it is obvious to me much of science is a sham. Cui bono? Economics. Astrophysics. Palaeontology. The only real question I have is if it wasn’t this group ruling us for the last few hundred years would we be in a better place? Or have they saved us from our even darker selves? This sure feels like end times…

    1. Not hijacking at all my friend. I’m open to allowing further discussion of the flat earth. I’ve taken a look at much of the material out there and do find it very interesting. I’m not sold but do find it as an extremely interesting line of esoteric research. I even hinted at the esoteric nature of the earth being both flat and round at the same time in a previous post. We are only beginning to understand the nature of reality so nothing is off the table.

    2. Hey doc, cool times for sure. I agree with JC on the hijacking. lol. I could go for end times depending on what we are ending. But you’re no satellite position is interesting. If it comes to be true then I owe some ufo folks an apology for misleading them. I’ve looked at satellite charts and used their timing of flying overhead in the early morning black sky to explain these white dots of light that steadily fly by and folks around me believe they are ET spacecraft. But I don’t see why they couldn’t be high altitude planes. The US had the B-57F Canberra, U-2 (TR-1A) and a favorite the SR-71 Blackbird high altitude reconnaissance aircraft. Surely other countries has them too.

      But to support google earth using planes here is a geomap program that a group of guys developed for us to test at college. It loads showing the college we were at FIU here in miami. But it did predate google and gmail for that matter.

      I’m seeing some possibilities for a flat earth concept but what happens to the folks who believe the earth is hollow? If it’s flat can it be hollow too? This will be a fun line of discovery. JC kind of blew my mind with his flat and round but then I thought why not. Round doesn’t necessarily mean a globe, it could be flat and round like a coin…

  13. Thanks Jc. Discovered it a few weeks ago. This is After around a decade of true red pill commitment. Which is draining. My journey was Ellen Brown’s book web of debt plus the 911 documentary loose change and what convinced me of ubiquitous scripting was the BBC building 7 glitch. More investigation of finance etc etc followed . Discovering your site a year or so ago helped a lot. I bought into Trump. I thought the alternative meant certain global war. Notice how they use the g word everywhere. Now I believe the scripting is even more powerful that I ever believed before. Trump, brexit, the recent election stuff in Europe I don’t believe anything is unplannned. Now all I ever ask is is there any way actor X might not be an agent of the MIFC. If you do that you find yourself questioning everyone. Heartened by your response JC and yeah that’s a cool one. But for a simple guy like me people say well what if it was flat. Two big things for me. 1. Intelligent design 2. If there is no outer space and the celestial bodies are just lights in the sky then ever country with a space programme has been involved in a grande deception since the sixties or whatever. Notice the chevron symbology with all the space agencies. Yeah sure we know about Kubrick and the obvious thunderbird style special effects with apollo. But with all these satellites and unmanned missions why is there not the equivalent of a go pro on every one that we can just log in to. Why do they just keep giving us the same cgi images and video?!? Imagine if genesis is science fact rather than religious fiction. Everyone questions god when they learn evolution. But as a friend of mine said recently what is a weirder concept- that there were giant lizards running around, that we are a cosmic chemical accident and decended from unicellular organisms via the big liazards and monkeys; or that the selfishness and stupidity of man has been exploited by a powerful few who control the fake money system and hence control everything and everyone; and have hence sought to obscure the true meaning of existence and life?!? Well is suppose my friend didn’t ask that but he did make the lizards vs a divine being comparison. Shout out to my friend Mark, will get him to sign up!!!

    1. Thank you Thedoc for bringing up the flat earth theory which I know nothing about but am always fascinated and open to any new ideas as truth is not cast in rocks and it is our consciousness that shines on anything until it becomes a reality perhaps.

      I am absolutely open to the idea and I would be thrilled to find out more and explore the contents of this theory. I am, however, a believer of the earth being a hollow structure and the proof is that we can pick up the earth tremours anywhere on this earth, for if it was a solid mass, we could not hear it more than a few miles. I have researched Byrd and his mission to Antarctica. There is an interview with him in the mid-1950’s where he talks briefly about the mission.

      I also sincerely believe that we are as a civilization at a major cusp of discovery and elevation spiritually and in the knowledge of our world. Nothing is outside of an upturn and everything we know is being questioned. I am certain that the last renaissance must have been somewhat similar and in both cases, we are asking questions the priest classes of our ages. Our priest class and modern oppressors are the Academia and I feel they will go down in history as the gatekeepers of their dark gods and their over inflated egos.

      Please share your knowledge about the flat earth as I would be grateful.

      Wish you a great day.

  14. Sorry wanted to add. Why do all kids get introduced to a globe early in the classroom?!? And if you grew up thinking we lived on a stationary plane and then someone said no you are living on a spinning wobbling ball hurtling around the Milky Way what would you say? Also yeah point three is Antartica… again research Admiral
    Bird and Antarctica.

  15. Ok, ok, ok, ok, ok…
    I think I might be losing it here.
    If I´m understanding correctly, am I reading in some posts here that the earth is flat?????

    1. Lol. Yes. There is a growing movement of people and researchers who are presenting an intriguing case that the Earth is flat and not round. My take is that our perception of things is influenced by how we are taught to perceive and understand. As such, the world could in fact be both round and flat, depending on your perception. This tells us that the material world is not fixed. For those that see a round Earth, it is in fact round. For those that see a flat Earth, it is in fact flat. The esoteric nature of reality is another thing which is in a constant state of fragmentation and transformation. The interaction between consciousness, spirit, and matter is not well understood. Though it may seem absurd to consider a flat earth concept, there is merit in the act itself, as it expands our minds and perceptions. The material world is anything but solid. That alone would suggest that the Earth is not what we think it is, nor is it where we think it is. It would be my suggestion that readers who wish to contemplate and learn more about the flat earth theory do so under the premise of what I have suggested here. Use an esoteric filter and consider why the Earth has all the characteristics of a school where spirit and matter learn to interact. Can the Earth transform from a circle to a sphere, and from a sphere back into a circle? Can all phases of this transformation exist simultaneously? How does consciousness influence the development of material 2D and 3D shapes? When we think on it from this perspective the whole idea doesn’t seem so out there. Understanding the interaction between spirit and matter is the science of the future. All things return to this one place.

      1. I’ll add that all of us POMians (thoughts?) should make efforts to evolve all debate and theory to the next stage which unfolds beyond the boundaries of the assumed.

      2. Hi JC,
        thanks for your reply.
        Look, the comments on this post have deviated big time from its original meaning and intent, so I will only say one thing/idea, and I hope it will come across nicely.

        I am not at all into esotericism (I do comment when I can on your geopolitical or economical posts, but not on the esoteric ones, just check my history), man invented gods (best example well might be Jehovah), ridiculous ideas that defend that the Bible is “science”, the mystic ideas of so called “Eastern religions” or the babbling pseudoscience that pretends that consciousness creates reality, to name a few.
        I respect the people that defend these kind of ideas as human beings that they are, but in my book, in my own personal book which nobody else but me directs, those ideas (I repeat for the sake of clarity, the ideas, not the people) are utter and total bullshit.
        If they work for whoever is defending them, so be it.
        For me, the best place to put them is in the trash bin.

        Having said this, I will not make more comments on this specific post, and will finalize by saying that whatever works for each person… so be it, as mentioned above.
        As long as we all respect each other, we´re playing with the same rules, and I´m ok with that.

        Thanks again for your reply and for having such an open mind, but sometimes it´s good to agree to disagree 😉

        Have a wonderful weekend JC.

  16. POMsters,

    Interesting discussion on the SDR and how block-chain technology might be used as a part of its transition to the world reserve currency. It adds some flavor to the POM thesis.

    “ITM Trading’s Lynette Zang Talks about shift away from the US dollar to the SDR as the global unit of account began back in May 2017. This shift is being ushered in and supported by China as power also shifts from the West to the East. The tool being used is the ACC (Asset Collection Chain), which digitizes tangible asset ownership into a tradable SDR.”

  17. “Kazakhstan and Eurasia new oil consortium in a multi-billion Caspian project”

    16 July 2017 “LONDON (TCA) — In a move presented as glorious and spectacular, oil companies from Russia (Rosneft), China (CNPC), Kazakhstan (Kazmunaygas), Azerbaijan (SOCAR) and Italy (Eni) have teamed up to form a consortium for the exploration and exploitation of what is expected to be a new “giant” located in the very heart of the northern Caspian tectonic structure. The project, if successful and market demand to remain unchanged, should prolong the position of Kazakhstan as a global-scale oil supplier from 2040 till 2080. The Kazakhs are committed to contribute in the order of a billion greenbacks each year from now to the project. No overall picture of the total price tag has been presented so far.”

    1. Enrico Mattei

      Thank you Dane this was an interesting item that made me think,

      When I saw the name ENI the (Ente Nazionale Idrocarburi), I recalled a Mr. Enrico Mattei and his friendship with the Shah of Iran as well his offer of a 50-50 Oil operation with the Imperial Iranian government in the early 1950’s, in spite of the total and absolute domination of the British in Iran and their Petro-Conolnial system against Iranians.

      Enrico Mattei’s jet plane was sabotaged and that the crash was apparently caused by a bomb hidden in the airplane. It is fascinating that Wikipedia mentions the CIA as the culprit while it was the Americans, who also offered Imperial Iranian government of the Shah of Iran a 50-50 oil concession as they did with the Saudi’s which angered the British. The Brits had got away with less than 10 percent pay up to the Iranian government and The Reza Shah’s government fought hard in 1933 to increase the share of the profit but still, they maintained their theft. What Enrico Mattei did was the equivalent of the two fingers up in the air again the British Petro-colonialism as he offered a better deal to Uran, Egypt, Algerian and Tunisia. Therefore his assassination may have been subrogated to the CIA. I personally prefer the name, that our JC uses i.e. “Anglo-American” which the better term which encompasses the shadow government or the “Deep State” (apologies for over using this term!). I also think that neither the British nor the US governments necessarily associated to this cabal but they are under the control of this shadowy entity since at least 1913 which is the era when the Federal Reserve was established as well as the Titanic disaster where the opposition to the Fed were all drowned in the icy waters in between the two centres of power…

      Whilst on the subject of Oil and strange deaths have a look at this also:

      The common denominator in many such disappearances is turning one’s back to the Petro Mafia gangsters.

      Italian Berlusconi has pushed aside also because he was very close to Putin.

  18. Dane yeah flat and round like a coin. Interesting about your satellite, UFO, plane thoughts. Pretty sure the whole alien thing is a psy op… Now look at the un logo. That is the flat earth hiding in plane sight. Circumnavigation is basically always east west which can be done on a flat coin earth. Just like you can circumnavigate around your block without it being a ball. Would ask again have any of you actually seen any empirical evidence of a globe earth? The old chestnut about ships disappearing hull first over the horizon is proved nonsense if you use a zoom lens, pair of binoculars or telescope. From memory the supposed curve of the earth should drop things below the horizon at 8 inches times the square of the number of miles so I think for two miles it would be 32 inches. If you do the maths for lighthouses etc things should drop way below the horizon. Also when you go up in a plane the horizon rises up with you but if things were curved it should drop. If the earth is spinning at 1000mph at the equator is the atmosphere spinning too else how do planes ever go east? How come the us sent a whole armada with Admiral Byrd to explore Antarctica who stated there was a huge mineral rich land mass the other side of the Antarctic ice wall but then the one cast iron treaty was signed which blocks all Antarctic travel and exploration enforced via united military force? How do rockets work in a vacuum? How come space launches are by the coast and the rockets first go up but then towards (?into) the ocean? Have a look at the recent space ex reusable rocket landing- pure cgi. How come the us space shuttle was supposed to act like a glider when it re-enters but has tiny stubby wings? Why don’t rail road or engineering projects figure in the curvature (obviously happy to be corrected by our guru and resident engineer)… The list goes on. Yes I believe it’s flat and there is a firmament dome beyond the Antarctic ice wall which encircles the flat earth. Nasa could negate all of the above by providing 24 hours of footage of the earth spinning in real time showing all the weather systems etc. Other than POM the internet has become a vacuous place. Surely everyone would like real time video from space of their home town showing the weather systems approaching in real time? Just like climate change the science isn’t settled but there is no meaningful debate or NASA could just provide all the video that must exist if all those billions really are being spent on space exploration and that would be that. Turn the hubble round and show us the money!!!

    1. I think you will like this one thedoc,

      the wisdom (or deception!) of a NASA “Scientist”…or should I say a total and utter BS?

      “…I’d go to the moon in a nanosecond, the problem is that we don’t have the technology to do that anymore. We used to but we destroyed that technology and it’s a painful process to build it back again”

      The gem begins at 9:30 in the clip:

  19. orendareview, Jc… I’m a bitcoiner and the only reason I didn’t get into it sooner was because I thought TPTB would outlaw it. The fact they haven’t tells me that they know they need something more than just a fiat reboot. So a blockchain SDR hybrid makes sense. Some people say crypto is illogical because it’s not real. I agree you can’t hold it in your hand but very soon you won’t be able to hold your dollars in your hand either. And they can’t inflate away your Bitcoin. Jc- surely the holy grail would be a currency with the inherent value of a metal based one but the liquidity and ease of use of a next generation crypto? In know people say that the gold standard wasn’t well the gold standard for currencies. But if you combine the alchemy of double entry book keeping ie retail banks creating most of the money in existence through mortgages and loans with the infinite nature of post 1971 fiat: it was never going to end well…

  20. Sorry going to shut up for a bit now promise but wanted to say what made me look into flat earth was when I saw Obama making reference to it. Up until that point saw the term only in the pejorative as he was also trying to use it. But made me think why is he so keen to use that wording especially into the context of his speech. Think this is the link jc…–MF0tx0

  21. Oh Boy Oh Boy! Don’t get much of a chance to comment due to a busy time recently. Another classic essay JC, and the comments section just adds to the enhancement. I think I stated in a comment in a previous article that maybe we are living in a computer simulation. So it might just be possible that my visual reality changes constantly from sphere to flat earth and I am not even aware of it! Em…think I’ll pour another whiskey and soda and ponder that one.

    I often wonder about the reality that I live in. I was born in the early 60’s and still vividly remember the technology of my early years. A lot of the railway system was still using Victorian systems, the last of it disappearing in the early 90’s, and that was here in the British Isles. TV crews were shipping VT back via air cargo from the latest trouble spots, satellite technology was in its infancy. Morse Code for shipping became a relic as our communications speeded up.

    My observation is that life was certainly moving at a slower pace back then. The various vested interest groups were still plotting as they do now. In the modern world our information pops up in the blink of an eye, but there is only so much we can process.

    It is not that the world was any happier back then, but the pace of life was not as frenetic as it is now. My dear old granddad is dead forty years, but would listen to some news on the radio about some far off place called North Korea and say isn’t that terrible, and then fret about getting the harvest in before the bad weather. He was a lovely man who was at peace with himself and loved his little homestead in the country. I don’t think he ever travelled outside his region in all his life.

    As I travel on my own journey through this world I am glad to have come across this site. I have got to know a bit more about JC and his thoughts on human existence. Until every human on this plain is at peace with himself, we will probably forever be in a collective maelstrom of conflict.

    To JC and all the readers and regular commenters: May your God go with you if you have one. If you do not, may I say from me, Blessings of The Universe To All.

    1. Appreciate the information sharing, but let’s be sure not to turn the POM comment section into a flat earth site. People can search out the information if they so desire. Thanks.

  22. Carpe Diem Flat Probably. Hollow Quite Possibly. Jc Multifarious Most Likely. But A Heliocentric Oblate Spherical Wobbling Hurtling Cosmic Accident Probably Not. Carpe Diem They Say Nasa Invented The Fisheye Lens If Not It Is Their Friend 😉

  23. Yep will stop!!! Just because carpe died asked for some info. Hijacking shall cease, not what I intended. Thought I’d have got shouted down long ago!!! Testament to you and the POMians. Off back to sleep late here!!!

  24. Wow, unpacking JC’s posting and the comments it produced is a daunting task. I think I’ll attempt to go bottom up, hell or high water.

    The Greenland fire, been there done that, It’s a controlled burn. The only question is, who is controlling the burn. I was working up in Utah one year, that place is always on fire. Anyway some fires were labeled controlled burns gone out of control. Swear to God. So I had the opportunity to talk to a forest service office( he liked to refer to himself as a ranger, fuckin’ Mormons) I asked him how they go about bringing these out of control, controlled burns back into control. He told me cutting fire lines and aerial suppression are the techniques available. But for the most part it’s the wind and the fuel in front of it that determines the outcome. So why set these fires, I asked? “Somebody’s got to do it, be it God with his lightning, a camper with his cooking fire, or us with our controlled wisdom, somebody’s got to do it,” said the Ranger. That is all I got to say about that, except one more thing, “fuckin Mormons,” I love ’em .LOL

    Hey did I ever tell you guys, about how I handle a couple of Mormons on a mission? I live on a five acre parcel with a road leading to my property that dips up and down fifty feet every quarter of a mile. I can see ’em coming a mile away, or my Akita will let me know when they are within 150 yards. Fast as a quick I get my boots on and gloves in hand, I am out the back door putting lever and fulcrum to what ever project I’d been putting off, and breaking promises to my girl, yeah I’ll move that shit, I’ll move it for sure, soon.. The young strong men show up and catch me at the impossible one man task, asking me if I know Jesus. “I heard of him. But have I met him? Not to my knowledge? long story short, we get the heavy moved, and it’s into the house, a cold beer for me, and a tall icy sweet tea from my girl to the boys.

    Their perspiration from water to spirit glow had hardly done it’s alchemy before they launch into the pitch they had been taught to deliver. Much to their surprise and chagrin, I’m back at them with a pretty good Christopher Hitchens. Not near as acerbic and damn sure no where near as intelligent, still a pretty good CH. They always left more atheist than they left me a believer. When I say always, you have to realize this scene played it self out once or twice a year for many years. Then some thing happened.

    Some believe it was a meth over dose, others a middle age mental break down, still others, a middle aged mental break down brought about by a meth overdose. Even though I was there and was middle aged at the time and yeah, sure, meth was involved, I, to this very day can’t say for sure what the hell happened. What I can say for sure is that ever what it was, it changed me. Beyond telling you all that it was touch and go for a few days as to whether I would live or not, and then touch and go for a few more days as to whether I needed to be committed. After ten days of being in and out of consciousness babbling more sense I can’t remember than what I can, or so I’ve been told. I said fuck this, called a couple of hitters I know and had them get me the hell out of there.

    For the next few months I was going on about my business, ok, but I kept falling down all the time, often I couldn’t get back up without help, a few times no one was around to help me back up and I had to wait for some one to come along. I was becoming the classic ” help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.” Except it became my first instinct not to call for help, but to lay there and think. It was through this process I found the spiritual world. After other hospitalizations I was diagnosed with severe peripheral neuropathy . My brains for some reason or the other had made the decision to disconnect themselves from my feet, whatever.

    Point being having fell quite often and not being able to get up, it gave me time to think. If I fell in the driveway to my house and my girl was gone with the car and didn’t see me laying there and ran over me with the car by accident on her way home. What then poor girl? If she did see me laying there and ran over me anyway. What then poor boy? Can’t get up? At least drag yourself out of the drive way, that’s the spirit. Yep, these are the days I became a spiritual. These are the days all the spiritual world came alive for me. Laying there in the dirt I became the dirt. laying there with the sun blinding me I became the vision of the sun. laying there on a fire ant hill, I found a way to get up and the hell out of there. Fuck them ants. Yep, these are the days I became a spiritual.

    A couple times I would be laying there and those damn Mormon boy’s in their white shirts, black ties and black slacks, walking their on a mission, would cross my mined. Like cops where are they when you need them? Something about that micro transfiguration of mine made me wonder, did they leave some piece of their crazy God here? Hell I’m a consecrated catholic for God’s sake, born lucky, and just ugly enough for those sick ass priest to ignore and yet interesting enough for the girls to give an eye to. Just a bit cuter, I may of been singing a different tune.

    Hook or by crook, high water or bell weather, I will always have a fondness in my heart for those Mormon boys on a mission. Strange thing is I haven’t seen hide nor hair of ’em since I started falling down and becoming a spiritual. That’s all I got to say about that, except one more thing, fucking Mormons. I love ’em, LOL.

    So what’s this got to do with the Korea’s , the Russian’s , Chinese, Indians, the big bad USA and the other 180 plus or minus countries/nations bumping into each other on a daily basis? Uh, uh, uh.

    What’s more intriguing to me in this one head V two headed adversarial force paradigm that always seem to be plotting to get one half of the poor to kill the other half for the betterment of WTFever, is how can we get them to kill each other.That’s the spirit.

  25. At first blush I was proud to leave JC’s high compliment alone and let the wings I attached to my ego soar me to the cloud’s with Icarus in mind. Thinking any further comment would be viewed as attempt to bring further attention to the compliment itself. At that risk I proceed.

    I can’t make my comments alone, for instance on this board alone I received great strength from Dane MY Man. Dane offered me understanding, kindness and great encouragement to continue my journey.

    Thank you Dane thank you JC and thank you POM.

    1. Thank you Peter. I didn’t want to echo JC complimenting your comment because I thought it would be cheesy and take from the beautiful, heartfelt, masterfully laid down comment.

      POM is a gold mine.

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