North Korea and the Anglo-American Establishment

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It has long been suggested here on POM that North Korea is a puppet state of the West. This has been covered in the following articles:

Is North Korea an American Puppet State – October 21, 2016
The Convenience of the North Korean Threat – March 9, 2017
North Korea is the Pre-Text for Iran – August 9, 2017.

Each of the above articles presents a strategy of containment and control of the Eurasian continent and its emerging Union. This thesis has been further expanded upon in the post The Great War for Eurasia (FREEPOM). All readers should revisit all articles as the unfolding drama with North Korea is about much more than nuclear weapons.

Longtime reader SafetyFishnet provided us with a link a few ago and included the following comment:

It is incredible, as you stated in one of your posts, that North Korea being a puppet state of Anglo-American Establishment, or in a wider-context, a useful and expendable pawn in the eyes of all-controlling supranational bankers is voiced by no other platform except POM. But once again, a London connection seems to be found for the support of North Korea’s nuclear programme that solidifies your claim.

The article was from the Independent and stated that:

North Korea is suspected of using a London house to finance its nuclear weapons programme.
Up to £33m a year have been funnelled through a property in Blackheath registered as the UK branch of a regime-controlled insurance firm, a Sunday Times investigation found.”

It’s a connection for sure, as SafetyFishnet suggested. But there would need to be much more concrete evidence to get the mass of Western people to wake up to the truth about the Anglo-American establishment, its attempts to hijack the transformation of the international monetary system (as they did during Bretton Woods in 1944), and the ongoing strategy of containment and manipulation of the Eurasian continent.

The additions to the THADD system in South Korea has sparked large protests against the presence of American weapons on the peninsula. These weapons are promoted as defensive, when in fact they are just as easily offensive in nature. The more of these weapons the Anglo-American establishment can creep towards the borders of Russia, China, and Iran, the easier it will be for them to successfully orchestrate a war strategy which achieves full spectrum dominance over the Eurasian continent and developing Eurasian Union.

The narrative is clear. North Korea presents a huge threat and each weapons test builds a stronger case for the presence of American weapons. But not all are buying into the script. The South Koreans are protesting the presence of the weapons, and Russia and Iran have been indirectly outspoken about the true nature of scheme. Even if war with North Korea became a reality, the results would still likely serve the purpose and objectives of the Anglo-American establishment. Which is why Russia and China are careful about engagement and are adamant that military conflict not take place.

Setting up puppet states and leaders only to take them out with military force years later is a speciality of the Western interests. It achieves multiple objectives. It creates an enemy which can be controlled. It creates a pretext for military adventures. And it corals all arguments into a pre-arranged narrative which captures all counterarguments and strategies.

There will be much more happening over the coming weeks and months, especially the elevated risk of some method of American military action against Venezuela. Read the recent POM post Venezuelan Invasion – A New System of International Payments.

Using our own logic, reason, and ability to observe patterns, are the tools we need to harness in order to see through the immense propaganda and mental conditioning which we have dominated our lives. It is my opinion that the thesis presented here on North Korea is 100% correct and will be proven as such in time. But as SafetyFishnet stated, no one else is even talking about it. – JC

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43 Comments on “North Korea and the Anglo-American Establishment”

  1. Great analysis, JC. You are in the company of another great geopolitical analyst, F. William Engdahl, who believes North Korea is a US vassal state for precisely the reasons you have stated.

  2. Given that there is evidence that Mao Tse-tung was “Yali”, a member of “skull & Cross Bones”, and David Rockefeller praised Mao Tse-tung after m he had slaughtered over 40 million people, then why should anyone be surprised that “North Korea is a puppet state of the West”.




  3. I have long suspected this is the case. Like Hitler, N. Korea also serves as a boogeyman. Surely it also serves as a safe haven for sadists and pedophiles in the power structure to indulge themselves while being secretly videotaped. There are so many reasons to set up such a puppet “rogue” that it is hard to believe it is not.

  4. The Korea’s what a special place they hold in my heart. The very first memory I have of my life on earth contains within it the Korea’s. You see my Dad’s brother Hunts volunteered to join the army, he ended up front line, a fools fodder, and predictable, came back all blown up. Broken in body and spirit. Anyway way this is where the memory begins

    I was born with the bomb, 1946, can’t say I remember them going off. My first memory begins with a phone call, a technology, my mother received. I was pre-school, so this has to be 51, maybe 52. All I remember is my mother answering the phone and a wailing that froze me. I never heard that sound before. I have heard it many times since then, I have 9 sisters and 3 brothers an extended family that runs for miles. Death has touched us.

    Over the years I’ve shared this memory with some. Most often it is met with rolled eyes, if not outright , ” your telling me you have a memory from when you where 5 years old. What are you nuts, or do you think I’m stupid.” Never mind then never mind. Now here is when it really gets crazy.

    About 30 or 40 years ago, hell I can’t remember, hehe, I went to a birthday party on my birthday for one of those cat-tailed, in-law, out-law, by-law bunch. As chance would have it because we were both born on the same day we had a chance to talk. After a couple of ginger ale cocktails at five cents a glass, if you don’t like it stick it up your, ask me no questions, I’ll tell you no lies. For a reason unbeknownst to me the conversation turned to first memories. To my surprise she also had a memory from when she was about five, I gave her rolled eyes, because I was a great looking guy in those days, and thought she might just be playing me in order to get a chance to feel me up later in the party. But she was adamant about it absolutely adamant. I only pressed her because of the grief I took whenever I would mention this to others thru the years.

    Come to find out her couple of memories were of a much more rainbow nature than my trauma based one. I think teaching me that not all very old memories have to be trauma based. I pressed further wanting to learn more. But after 2or3 times of her gently brushing my hand off her knee, she very lady like left to attend to her other guest. I don’t care how good looking you think you are, you can’t win them all. Still that meeting was a super sync, looking back on it , the only person I ever met in my life who insisted that she had a distinct memory from when she was 5 years old. Born on the same day as me 10, 15 years later. Did I blow chance to learn something more? No, I learned what I could learn, perhaps she was to close to me.

    Korea, as the beating drums of war echo in my ears, I look back and wonder.

    P.S. The warrior men of my family, the Polish cavalry that drove the Turkman back from the gates of Vienna, the Vikings that Normalized parts of Europe, covered the less than gallant death of Uncle Hunts with the blackest of humor. They found his broken down drunken ass frozen on a park bench in the south side of Chicago. It was said the last sound sound he made was that of a pussy as they used a high speed power saw to cut his frozen bones off that bench was MEEOOOWWW!! Kind of a wail, if you will.

  5. “North Korea is suspected of using a London house to finance its nuclear weapons programme.
    Up to £33m a year have been funnelled through a property in Blackheath registered as the UK branch of a regime-controlled insurance firm, a Sunday Times investigation found.”

    Surely some mid-level patsy is already wrapped-up with a ribbon and bow for this activity. He or she will be branded a “rogue trader” no doubt. “He seemed like such a nice boy….”

  6. Doing good Peter. After sleeping in the car for two days the bed was a godsend. Although no electricity is challenging with 90 degree days and 82% humidity. I can only say this house was spared because there are so many less fortunate than I.

    Insurance doesn’t cover any of the damage so that new shed will have to wait because the roof is more important. Thank goodness I had saved.

    The keys are in bad shape. Its a bit aggravating to see the news hover over the rich homes that folks only live in during the winter. Ordinary people are much more important. Its no script or the powers just typical human weakness for material things.

    There are reports of looting, I had to run some guy out of the backyard this morning…oh my fellow man, if those lost sheep could only find their way.

    In the keys the only way for fire rescue to get through was by following a bulldozer that cleared the way. Humvees had to turn around because they were getting stuck. I wish I could say no one died but before the storm hit one fell to his death putting hurricane shutters up on his house. Let’s hope the news from the keys is better.

    Trump is sending or has sent two navy ships with marines down to help. The airport in key west is receiving supplies by c130 aircraft.

    So far that’s about all I know. When I get electricity restored I will know more.

    Aren’t you over the Texas way? How are you and your family doing?

    1. Dane my man, I’m leased that your doing ok. I’m from Nwest Az. We some wind but from 1300 miles from tx., I’m not sure they were related. The winds blew my flag pole over and we lost power for about hours thru the night.

      I didn’t bother getting a electric lantern out, just sat in the dark for a few hours thinking about the people in Tx., and went to bed.

      Hey Dane while I got you and the POM, let me ask. Awhile back JC did a post about the machinations that went on behind the scenes while implementing the Bretton Woods System. I vaguely remember, but it seems that there was a good of deal of high skullduggery going on behind backs. JC mentioning the Anglo-American Establishment attempting to “highjack” the new system trying to come into being reminded me of that post. I’d like to reread it. Can’t find the archive for it.

      So why am I asking you?? When your busy trying to put your life back together and without power. I’m just rude I guess. Truth be known it is my left handed way of expressing how important I feel you are to the POM.

      Once again I’m so glad to hear your OK.
      Your Friend

      1. Okay Peter I believe this is the one you are looking for.

        I’m glad you aren’t in Texas those folks got hit hard too. But I feel for the state of Arizona because I personally believe John McCain is either the epicenter or at least the poster child of the Anglo American establishment. It seems his days are numbered though because I see fear in his eyes about this Bannon/Trump move to clean up the Republican party. In fact he is so scared he wouldn’t even comment on it. What an evil man he is.

        Maybe he will lose his seat instead of his life. He lost his soul long ago and America with the world is tired of his types rent seeking ways. Make no mistake there is a war going on right in front of us. Its just not the kind we are accustomed to seeing because it is coming from a place not many look into. Those adversarial forces within.

        If this isn’t the essay Peter just let me know and I’ll find it for you friend.

        Thank you for making me feel important Peter. Friends to the end. Like ants we will always rebuild. That’s part of who we are. We have the brains to learn from all nature around us, which seems to be what put us in the apex position. Nature doesn’t seem to have bullies and Anglo American mindsets though.

  7. “A former US Navy SEAL tweeted his solution to the North Korean crisis — and it just might work”

    “Willink’s proposal didn’t involve any covert special operation strikes or military moves of any kind. Instead of bombs, Willink suggested the US drop iPhones.

    “Drop 25 million iPhones on them and put satellites over them with free wifi,” Willink tweeted last week.”

    1. Lol. Your going to like this one Carpe diem…remember the Samsung note 7? We don’t want them to explode before they see the rest of the world. ? bwahahaha.

      1. Thanks Darren. I do my best. Its my third major hurricane so I guess I’m kind of getting used to knowing what’s truly important in life.

        So many are worse off than me and if I can lift the spirit of just one…truthfully thats what gives me the strength.

        1. You’re a true warrior Dane!! There’s a lot of maturity, fortitude and acceptance in your attitude and thankfully the worst seems to be over for you. You got me thinking about those “karmic influences” as to whether those adversarial forces inflict these damages purposefully to the American bodies and psyche and it seems very plausible to me. The stereotype American image as greedy, debt-ridden, extremely materialistic, with lack of empathy and apathy to world citizens victimized by the U.S government, has been increasingly emphasized all around world cultures, I know many non-American citizens that cheer the destruction brought by this hurricane, no need to say it is disgusting and selfish. May God help you and other surviving human beings recover your houses and spiritual spark(you don’t seem to have lost it) pretty soon.

  8. Lol. If I would have been able to stay in the air force for 20 years I would have retired in 2006 at the age of 39. That would have been with a full pension so a great nest egg and a whole lifetime to start something new.

    Unfortunately Bush Sr. Reduced the forces and when I returned from the first gulf war I was rewarded with walking papers. Only got 4 1/2 years in. Accomplished a he’ll of a lot in those years though.

    1. Hey Dane I decided to figure out how to use the archive section of the POM for my self, and located the post I was looking for. I also found a bonus and the subconscious reason I left handed your help.

      I not only found, Bretton Woods Orgins of the Cold War, but the bonus of your contribution to The Bretton Woods Committe. I knew what I was doing. Hehe.

      I’m beginning to work on a post that compares what was going on then, 1944, and what is going on now. Patterns and trends, right. Now then “Who has the money bags,” and “who has the Brains.

      Your Friend

      1. Oops I guess I should have read both your comments…lol. Glad you were able to find it and can’t wait to hear what’s brewing in your mind.

        Thank you for taking me back to that post. Its amazing how much more depth I get from it today.

  9. Lol, Yes I do recall the self-exploding Samsung saga and may be it was a hoax by Apple their competitors! On the other hand dropping exploding mobile phones for promotion of peace is not such a good idea right now?

    1. Yes, very true Dane,

      I recall there was a case of an underwear bomber, a shoe bomber, and other accessories as objects of interest much like the Apple phones scare. As you said, “that would depend on who’s pockets the phones were in when they ignited”…nuff said. 🙂

  10. “Even if war with North Korea became a reality, the results would still likely serve the purpose and objectives of the Anglo-American establishment. Which is why Russia and China are careful about engagement and are adamant that military conflict not take place.”

    Definitely J.C!!

    At the recent Far Eastern Forum, Putin emphasized his understanding of the cover behind the North Korean threat and this statement by South Korean president is very telling:
    ““President [Putin] and I agreed to boost the basis for implementation of trilateral projects with the participation of both Koreas and Russia, joining the Korean peninsula and the [Russian] Far East,” So, any war or continuing tension is meant to isolate Russia’s economy as you put forward in the past.

    Now, any war in the Korean peninsula(god forbid but likely will) will all but impede Russian integration with the Koreas and Southeast Asia, Russia so-badly needs in order to avoid being overly dependent on China for its economic growth and more importantly being able to hold on to Eastern territories. I stick to my earlier position and agree with you that China will betray Russia and use economics as a weapon to economically colonise Siberia and Far East in the future.

    Finally, such news from Russian-government propaganda mouthpiece RT is getting boring.
    “” Russia, according to such presentations signs deals of tens of billions of dollars in every summit, few of which materialise. Typical Russian corruption will ensure the region stays underdeveloped and dependent to China, while Russia is very much focused on its Western frontiers.

  11. If I’m ready or not here it comes.
    It’s my minds eye that new financial systems and the dismantling of empires happen after great world wars.

    Is this time different in the fact the dismantling of an empire and a new financial system being created,, is happening before a world war? That may not be the case, it ain’t over til it’s over and it seems it ain’t ever over. Never mind any singing. Maybe the world has grown up lil’ bit. Or is it the nukes in the news attempting to gear that fate down.

    In a previous post (thanks Dane)there is a couple of lines from a quote that stick out in my mind.

    “It’s true they have the money bags

    But we have all the brains”

    I believe the British had the best intelligence services in the world in 1944 and had had it like that for some few hundreds of years.”All the brains”=intelligence(services)=ego. Yep.

    The USA by hook or by crook held 2/3 of all the gold in the world. Gold=the shine= power.

    Through the ‘inscrutable’ use of the esoteric language of the craft and the, em-PLOY-ment of terms, like, ‘gold convertible currency,’ plus the cunning use of ‘committee’ (thanks Dane) stocked with technicians practiced in the artful came the Bretton Woods System. So, by hooks, crooks, and any number of detentes, the surprise of the British, the rejection of the Russians, and the acquiescence of the others, B/W became the BOSS.

    Now all that said and done, how much of the application of the “Golden Rule” played the major in all of this. Not the rule that has anything to do with the “do on to others,” but more the one “who has the gold makes the rules.”

    Fast forward and I find myself asking. Who has all the brains=intelligence(services)=ego?
    Who has the money bags, gold=the shine=power? Just a thought. Is there going to be a new sheriff in town? Or is the new boss going to look a lot like then old boss?

  12. Peter thank you for giving me strength. I can’t take full credit though because the words were laid down by JC, I simply helped a friend find them.

    I’m an American by birth but I want some brains too?.

    Seriously though I wonder who has the brains and who has the money this time around? Perhaps our children will get a note to meet in a coffee shop down the road…

    1. Just to add to the bitcoin theme. An old article from The Bank of England that discusses the bitcoin technology.

      Central banks and digital currencies
      The main point here is that the important innovation in bitcoin isn’t the alternative unit of account – it seems very unlikely that, to any significant extent, we’ll ever be paying for things in bitcoins, rather than pounds, dollars or euros – but its settlement technology, the so-called “distributed ledger”. This allows transfers to be verifiably recorded without the need for a trusted third party. It is potentially valuable when there is no such institution and when verifying such information on a multilateral basis is costly…

      So if it’s neither the “digital” nor the “currency” aspect of bitcoin that matters, what is it that has sparked so much interest? Well perhaps a better name for what we’re talking about, albeit more of a mouthful, is a “decentralised virtual clearinghouse and asset register”…

      …the key innovation in bitcoin is its settlement mechanism. Instead of relying on an independent third party to process and record transactions, holders of bitcoin use a decentralised computer system called the “distributed ledger”. The distributed ledger works by encouraging users to verify for themselves, and others, blocks of transactions made over time. As everyone in the system has the right to do this, and everyone can see the results, there is no need for a trusted, centralised clearer.

      1. SWIFT and Accenture outline path to Distributed Ledger Technology
        26 January 2017
        New paper analyses the opportunities and challenges of distributed ledger technology in financial services; identifies key factors for success:
        Conclusions of the technology assessment
        As summarised in the following graphic, our assessment has demonstrated that, while there are promising developments in each of these requirements, significant extra R&D work is needed in all these domains before DLT can be applied at the scale required by the financial industry. Despite the emergence of new solution providers, and the natural maturation of existing software, there is no single mature DLT solution yet on the market that addresses all the requirements necessary for an enterprise grade implementation, with many questions remaining unanswered. As such, DLTs are at an early stage in their development. Further research, development and testing is needed to fully understand the capabilities of the technology and the business use cases best suited to it.

        Moreover, additional research needs to be conducted regarding: the interoperability of DLT systems with legacy infrastructure; the interoperability between distributed ledgers across multiple counterparties, and the regulatory requirements to do so; as well as standardisation.

        Equally, our assessment has highlighted that DLTs should not be viewed as a silver bullet to resolve all business issues; potential use cases should always be assessed to determine whether or not the key strengths of the technology could combine to resolve the business issue in question.

        I thought it would be interesting to contrast this against Mr Rickards recent hyperbole about distributed ledger technology (blockchain):
        Dear President Trump: America Is In For A Rude Awakening In January

  13. Here is an article from Foriegn Affairs. They are comparing N. Korea to a slow motion Cuban missile crises and by extension the cold war with the old Soviet Union.

    “It is time for the U.S. government to admit that it has failed to prevent North Korea from acquiring nuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missiles that can reach the United States. North Korea no longer poses a nonproliferation problem; it poses a nuclear deterrence problem. The gravest danger now is that North Korea, South Korea, and the United States will stumble into a catastrophic war that none of them wants.”

  14. Hey Darren here is another article on bitcoin.

    “According to public records of Nordnet trading logs, the two associated firms JP Morgan Securities Ltd., and Morgan Stanley bought roughly 3M euro worth of XBT note shares. Interestingly after the recent regulatory crackdown in China, and the statements from JP Morgan’s senior executive Jamie Dimon talking trash about bitcoin, his firm bought the dip on September 15. In fact, out of all the companies on the list, like Goldman Sachs and Barclays, the JP Morgan team of buyers purchased the most XBT notes.”

    1. “High-Ranking CIA Agent Blows Whistle On The Deep State And Shadow”

      I wonder if this clip on the above subject would provide the context as to why Mr. Dimon would make such a distorted comment about Bitcoin! He is part of the money elite and his comment possibly made few millions for his mates. Manipulation of all currencies is amongst the favorite sports by the rulers and wars and destruction are the by-product of such activities…


      1. Titans at war like the greek gods fighting amoungst themselves. Its up to mankind to save the world, through humanities action the seeds of compassion and understanding will take root and the gods will calm so the world can get back to normalcy.

  15. I think there is a lot of merit in this article JC (picked up via Zerohedge) about a Trans Korean railway connecting into the OBOR. At the root of everything is geopolitics and economics.

    There is also mention of a bridge connecting Japan to the mainland. As usual it appears the old AngloAmerican establishment are rattling their sabers to try and establish a strong position for the negotiations taking place to establish the new multipolar system.

  16. “After the Caliphate, Rojava”
    by Thierry Meyssan

    The “Kurdistan” isn’t being covered at all by the Fake Stream Media, are the real events in the West Asia aka the Middle-East. After the ISIS/pan-Islamist, Daesh murder movie broadcast in the region, the next act will be another bloodshed not based on religion but this time on ethnicity and nationalism. I am thinking of the well-known phrase, “be careful what you ask for”. The creation of a new country from the ground up in a region as volatile as the Mid-East is guaranteed massive bloodshed and decades of warfare but none of that is of interest to the fat controllers of this planet. Their aim is to keep the citizens everywhere in constant fear and constant movement. This is why have “freedom of labor movement act” already in preparation. The European influx of refugees project is partly to evacuate the Arabs from this region and move in another group of people from the same region and scatter them in places where the Syrian Arabs were living in. The new occupants are the “Kurds”, an Iranian people whose ancestors were the Medes and together with the Persian (another Iranian people) formed the world first empire, the Achaemenids some 2500 years ago. Alas, the imprisoned Kurdish Marxist leader and terrorist murderer in chief as Abdullah Öcalan may become Nelson Mandela II and become the president of this new country. Funny how the West loves and uses these bloodthirsty Marxist terrorists as Mandella, Öcalan, Castro in positions of power after few years in “prison”!

    Rest assured you will be hearing more and more about the Kurds as MSM gears up the propaganda on behalf of their paymasters and how much they deserve a new country. I won’t mention the numerous charitable funds that will be making folks guilty of the plights of the Kurds and how desperately your money is needed to arm them against their enemies as all other fake charities have done in the past. We love these old movie scripts it seems, don’t we!

    This region is the laboratory for the world elite where they carry out mass human experimentation as the Sykes-Picot did 100 years ago. The new “plan” for the Great Middle-East will involve more of the same brutal acts, minus religious fundamentalism. No doubt the leftists will remind us, “we told you so…”, that Pan-Islamism was better than Nationalism! Twisted Left will assuredly make headlines out of the oncoming human tragedy to promote their sick ideology.
    Pentagon and NATO will this time, direct the plot. Oh, I almost forgot, Israel will join NATO to “protect” the people of these poor and in need of a home in this condemned lands. How gallant of them!

    I don’t know what drives these men to cause so much trauma on humanity on a daily basis. There is no end to trauma it seems…ever. They love to torture us all if they could one by one but instead, they do it collectively. That’s more efficient, always…

  17. North Korea was created to be the tipping point for WWIII according to I have been reading his World Affairs Briefing he publishes every Friday for about 5 years. If you visit you can subscribe but also on that page on the top right is an interesting article “Strategic Threats of This Decade.” His book “Strategic Relocation” which I have gifted many times is a really good read on what states provide the most survivable locations (he points out proximity to military installations, infrastructure and more). I really need to heed his warning to get the heck out of Florida. After Irma – I am looking very hard at it although my only child is currently living her dream in Orlando (about an hour from my country home) and it’s hard to leave her behind. The ties that bind!

  18. I am not sure which got more press this week – Korea or the NFL. Here is a very interesting article I found on the history of the gov’t funds paid to pro-sports teams to “act patriotic” for military recruitment purposes. subject: Also, the Sep 22 weekly I mentioned in my last post hosted these headlines which make for interesting headlines:

    Trump Being Schooled in US Global Reach
    Trump’s Ambivalent Strategy on North Korea
    Long Term Impact of the Immigration Act of 1965
    Mueller gets Ready to File Criminal Charges
    Leftist Criticism of Hillary’s Book
    Preparedness Tip: Lessons Learned from Hurricanes

    I think I passed the test on the last one. He dwells deeply on the globalists manipulation of all things. His projections are more dismal than most readings I sample but I believe NK is the path to China and Iran not the tipping point for WWIII. I can’t recall where I read or heard it but I believe Mattis stated this last week that kinetic weapons are the solution to the NK and it would be over before it started but we will save kinetic weapons discussions for another day.

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