No More False Flag Funding

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How the Saudi Coup Ended the Money Train for the Anglo-American Deep State

The Anglo-American deep state has been put in an unworkable position. The evidence to support this statement is indirect and needs to be considered through the wide lens of ongoing geopolitical and national political events. The FISA memo drama is one aspect of this untenable strategy. The fact that it is only the first of many such memos which will be released to the American people detailing corruption between government officials and other deep state silent weapons, such as the media and academia, should make us all reflect on the period of enhanced risk which exists.

The second memo will provide more insight into corruption within the State Department, as well as making connections with the FISA memo and fake dossier. The deep state actors and those in the corrupt media understand that they are running out of chess moves and will soon need to move from sacrificing pawns to sacrificing more important pieces, such as rooks and bishops.

Does the thought of that scare you?

Perhaps it should. But something tells me there has been a lot of pre-planning which went into the strategy being used against the Anglo-American deep state. Much of this was plotted and engineered before Trump even announced his candidacy for President.

Consider, the coup in Saudi Arabia replaced the deep state partners in that nation with new leadership which was more aligned with the Trump agenda. Outside of conspiracy theories, we can also observe that there may be some level of common interests between Trump and Putin, as Russia has also been making deals with Saudi Arabia at the same time as Trump signing arms deals with the new ruler of the House of Saud.

The Crown Prince didn’t waste any time in arresting his corrupt family members and those in government who played the game of the Anglo-American establishment. The wealth was confiscated and some sort of panic move by the deep state parts of the old Saudi rulers spilled out onto the streets of Las Vegas. Speculating more than that would be counter-intuitive, as we do not have enough details to draw more defined conclusions.

Lets leverage some of what we have learned over the years about the international monetary system. When Nixon closed the gold window the US dollar needed another anchor so the Anglo-American deep state could continue its rule over the world. The petrodollar was born and the unholy alliance between America and Saudi Arabia took on a whole new dimension. As the petrodollar was born another system was engineered to work in conjunction with it. SWIFT, the international payment system which used the USD and ensured the Anglo-American establishment could control the flow of capital in and out of nations, was put into place in 1973.

We know that both Russia and China have been moving away from the restrictions of SWIFT and developing methods of cross-border payments with one another which eliminates the need to use the dollar. But each move must be considered carefully, as the risk of bringing the whole system down is very real.

Think of the Anglo-American deep state, and all its organs of banking and finance, socioeconomics, cultural engineering and propaganda, and academic institutions, as a disease which needs to be treated and extracted without killing the host. When analyzed through this lens we can begin to see that the extensive counter-strategies began years ago.

Think of it. Since the coup in Saudi Arabia, and the confiscation of hundreds of billions, funding has been cut off to North Korea, the Democratic National Congress is going broke, and numerous CIA black ops field offices have been abandoned and the human assets left to fend for themselves, as Russia, Syria, Turkey, and others, move into to mop up the mess left behind. It’s only a matter of time before economic propaganda organs, such as CNN, fully go broke and collapse inwards.

To be sure, the changed operational strategy in Afghanistan also means that the once lucrative opium fields will no longer be able to provide the large drug trafficking money to the Anglo-American establishment, like it has since the 1960s and 1970s. Trump and team have completely turned over the apple cart and are now driving the stake even further into the infection.

Consider that all outdated technology and processes which are still being used are simply being used by the Anglo-American establishment because it prevents more detailed documentation and accountabilities. The SWIFT system is one such process and technology. Why would the world keep using such an outdated and slow system of moving money around the world when there could have been a cheaper and more efficient method put in place at least around the time the internet was widely incorporated.

Based on that, should we consider it a coincidence that something like Ripple XRP is now being incorporated as a new, faster, and cheaper international payment system which will make SWIFT irrelevant and extinct? The timing of Ripple, and the spread of blockchain in general, is almost too perfect to not have been strategized and planned many years ago. The fact that it all but 100% eliminates governmental and institutional corruption, is another factor which should be considered through our new lens.

Banks in the UK, UAE, Abu Dhabi, Canada, Spain, and even Bank of America and JP Morgan, are now openly partnering with Ripple. One can even dig long enough and find XRP interest growing in both Russia and China, with at least one Chinese bank, not to mention South Korean banking and commerce, jumping onboard with Ripple. I would encourage readers to even research the Russian origins of Ethereum.

Readers should not think that POM is presenting information on blockchain and cryptos in a vacuum from the larger body of research. All things in this world of force and form are connected. All information sees the light of day at one point or another. The Protestant based and double-headed eagle power and influence behind blockchain had to be assured before openly promoting it here. For Steffan and others who may be wondering, Bitcoin, as I’ve stated before, will be the case study used to regulate most of the blockchain technology. Understanding the rest just takes patience and the application of different filters. This war is far from over, and all must remain vigilant about false narratives and misinformation.

The infected appendages of the Anglo-American establishment are still somewhat functioning in nations around the world, whether it be South Korea, India, or European nations. This explains the contradictory statements which have been coming out from some of these governments, around everything from cryptocurrencies, to Middle East policies, and the media attacks upon any of those who attempt to bring change for the better to the world.

With all of this being said, the world, and America in particular, are now entering a period of enhanced risk. The threat of a new false flag event, or other act of desperation by the Anglo-American deep state, has never been higher. But consider, that based on the information reviewed above, there may be little funding left assessable to the deep state for such treacherous acts.

Operations such as massive false flags, take immense funding and planning to pull off successfully and effectively. All of this would have been considered by those who have strategized the downfall of the Anglo-American establishment. This is not to say that some segment of the fading deep state couldn’t pull off some sort of rushed and misguided attempt at shifting the narrative and regaining control of the political and economic levers.

There are few coincidences in this world. The unfolding drama is unlike anything we have experienced in our lifetimes. The world is on the edge of a total and all-encompassing transformation. All we can do is attempt to understand our place in it all and keep building our knowledge base. As in past times when empires died and wealth shifted, some generational wealth and institutions have seen the change coming and are re-aligning to survive and prosper int he new world.

Every time I go grocery shopping and see Old Dutch bread I can’t help but think it is one of those remnants of the Dutch empire which has been passed down through the centuries. Somethings fade away and others last forever. – JC

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54 Comments on “No More False Flag Funding”

  1. Great piece JC, Thank you,

    I enjoyed this article very much. I also just read this article by Theirry Meyssan’s Voltaire and thought it may be a good place to include it here as it pertains to the current geopolitical situation.

    I think the geopolitical landscape is becoming somewhat clearer, at least for now. President Trump’s meeting in Davos with Mrs. May and his support for her means that a new network is also emerging with Emanuel Macron and Mrs. May in alliance with Trump. Clearly, Macron has seen who is winning this battle, given that he invited Trump as the only foreign dignitary during the military parade for the Bastilles day on 14 July last year in Paris. The famous handshake in the middle of the square lasting over 2-3 minutes was a definite symbol of this alliance where the two first ladies also were standing next to their husbands.

    According to the article, this closeness and military alliance implies a distancing move by Paris and alliance with London to be detrimental to Berlin and consequently the EU as a Union. In short, this alliance of London-Paris resembles the Pre-WWI when era when the French navy was given the task of guarding the English Channel on behalf of the British against the Germans who were developing the new Diesel engine as opposed to the antiquated slow and old coal engines used at the time by the British Navy. Germans were growing fast and posing a threat to the Brits and with Britsih navy scattered all over the colonies, they were extremely vulnerable to any naval threats by Germans.

    History seems repeating again and Germans and their EU project are the odd ones out, Again!

    1. My Carpe Diem
      I know it is a lot to ask, but if you please would take a look at the Webster Tarpley link I’m providing and compare it to what we are seeing today with England, France and the US, Russia in there somewhere, and the rest of the developing nations, and, and, and, then if I can persuade you to please comment.

      I’m looking for and old pattern here. Does it start with England, France (others)always against Germany?? The powerhouse now weakened by foolish policy.

      It is a different world. Or is it?

      KIng Edward VII of Great Britain: Evil Demiurge of the Triple Entente and World war I…/king-edward-vii-of -great-britain-evil-demiurge-of-the triple-entente-and-world- war-i

      I’m asking for your input for several reasons, but first and foremost, the last sentence in your above comment.

      “History seems repeating again and Germans and their EU project are the odd ones out, Again!”

      I’m more than just intrigued, I’m deeply interested in your opinion on whether in you view what we may be witnessing is in part or at least particle of continuation of what we here on then POM sometimes refer to as the “Crown Beast System.”

      Dear Deim, if you choose to reply, please take your time. Please is my first word of persuasion, many others, then challenge, and last I thank you in advance.


      1. Thank you, Dearest Pieter for the great link by Mr W Tarpely,

        IMO, Dr Tarpley is an extremely learned man and through his work, I learnt much of what I know about the problems of the world we are living in. He is an eloquent speaker but more so, he speaks the languages of the old world as he lived in Europe as a journalist. I also think that our world has not changed and probably won’t change in relation to warfare and constant threats of such. The reason is that humans possess an ego and when they become a nation, they end up with a collective EGO. The problem with an ego is that it often gravitates to what it wants and not what he needs! As such, in diplomacy, there is no such thing as an alliance but always, an Interest. In this way, alliances can change rapidly and without any prelude and only when situations change. …all operate on the principle of “Humans are weak”!

        British supremacy and its domination have always involved an in-depth study of the enemy leader or the target nation that has resources. It also involved, figuring out the psychological profiling of the leaders, they are targeting for either info extraction, subversion or infiltration. The following from Mr Tarpley’s when he describes Edward II is of interest as I left the quote about him:

        “…his “profound knowledge of the human heart and the sagacity with which he could sort out the vices and weaknesses of individuals and peoples and make these into the worst and most destructive of weapons against them.” Edward’s empire was built on “eternal human folly,” on the “intellectual and moral degradation” of the subject populations.”

        Only if the name of Edward is replaced with the “Crown Beast system” much of this essay by Dr Tarply takes another perspective.

        The Crown Beast personification of the individual becomes only a perfected King who has been thoroughly educated in the art, aka diplomacy. In this system, any act is permissible and any ideas or concepts of goodness, justice, fairness has no place and can be forgotten and ignored. What remains is only one thing, Interest. The role of the EGO is rather clear in this context. The following paragraph expands on this disposition of the British king which again one can replace with the Crown Beast.

        “Edward [The Second] knew how to exploit the chauvinism of the Alsace- Lorraine revanchards to incite France against Germany. He knew how to play upon the fascination of the Russian slavophiles with the Greater Serbia agitation in the Balkans. He knew how to use the hatred of the Italian irredentisti against Austria to detach Italy from the pro-German Triple Alliance. He knew how to drive wedges between Germany and Austria by evoking Vienna’s resentments of the 1866 war and Prussian preeminence, and their fear of Serbia. He could exploit an American racist’s eagerness to be, like the king, a member of a mythical Anglo-Saxon race. He could use the aspirations of Japanese militarists, for the greater glory of the British Empire. Much of Edward’s personal magnetism was exercised during his incessant state visits, where he was able to unleash highly orchestrated outbursts of “Bertiemania.” Those who recall the equally implausible Gorbymania of some years back will find the phenomenon familiar.”

        Psychological profiling of any target leader is still the most efficient way of infiltration inside the mind of the target individual and the following displays this very well. recall, how the MSM made Saddam Hussein, Hosni Mubarak, Qaddafi and other world leaders turned into monsters? Only possible by studying their facial, speech tone, body language, choice of words and many others.

        “Edward made a detailed study of Willy’s psychological profile, which he knew to be pervaded by feelings of inferiority and incurable anglophilia.”

        The following is interesting also as it is the same and exact technique is currently being carried out by the MSM if we replace “Wilhelm” to Russia!

        “The British and Entente demonization of Wilhelm as the world’s chief warmonger was always absurd.”

        So to answer your question, “It is a different world. Or is it?”, my answer is no, it is still the same world. The only difference is that we are in a different space from the turn of the 20th century because we as humans have not changed that much. The only difference is that we have lots and lots of gadgets, some of them we know of and most of them are hidden from us. Again the same was true in the early 1900’s. The role of Internet in giving information to masses is a game changer in comparison to a 100 years ago.

        What seems to happen now as it did in those times is that the impact of new technologies and tools which necessitates a changeover of the system. In this changeover, the old rulers/nations may lose their lot and go down in world level of importance. This happens from time to time as happened in the past. For example, the Spanish and the Portuguese were the superpowers before the Brits, but they gradually went lower and lower. Spanish demise is said to be due to massive amount of gold they took from South America which made them lethargic and too rich and too quickly whereas the Brits had to go and get those golds, albeit often through what Tarpley calls, “Perfidious” means, such as making Chinese hooked on Opium, which according to many sources still provides Billions for many families and Intel agencies!

        It also seems that at the beginning of a new era or cycle of changes, the following happens:

        1. Introduction/discovery of new technology
        2. New ideology comes about to support the technology (This idea may not need to be new but may be borrowed from past)
        3. New challenges and possible political and geopolitical shifts come about to incorporate the new technology or practice

        If what I stated above can be assumed to be correct, then we are now at the age of what our JC calls “Fragmentation” which is also synonymous with “Decentralization”, which in turn implies a return to National Sovereignty and move away from the International “Union” games EU. NAFTA etc.! The technology that may provide us with that, was initiated in the 1940’s an earlier perhaps in the form of computer systems, Networks, Intra-nets, Internet and all the apps and now a way that the renegade techno-elite who happen to work for the sovereignty of humanity of this world are giving us. Blockchain, Cryptos if anything, are all in the same direction as this fragmentation and return of individuality to nations and the breakdown of the central grid. In this format, Nationalism is the ideology that works very well in this context. President Trump, arrival at the scene is the result of efforts of partly, this group of mavericks, renegades or what you choose to call them. Trump is also the catalyst for this changeover. Many people have difficulty understanding this idea as they are trapped in the dualistic left vs right paradigm which is all fake anyway.

        It appears that Germany was a late-comer in the Colonial era and despite her attempt to find her own colonies, it was the French and the Brits who had already divided All of Africa and Asia and much of the Middle-East with nothing left for little Germany. The Anglo-French alliance was much about ensuring that Germany will not get into the game i.e. no competition. Also, Germany only had access to water from the north, while Britain was surrounded by water and it was impossible to penetrate it any other way other than by naval force (the German U2 change that misconception though!). Britain has been a Naval colonial power and had learnt how to protect herself and found the means and methods of using sea routes to her advantage for trade and defence also. Germans had to catch up and the development of the Diesel engine by Dr Rudolf Diesel made them a target of competition and a threat by the British. Strangely, Dr Diesel died under unknown conditions btw, I wonder why!

        In summary, my take of the Crown Beast system is that it is perhaps a demiurge or may possibly even be a supernatural being that travels from land to land, and era to era in order to cause upheaval and to cause movement in the minds of mankind, possibly for forcing us to grow and be forced to come up with new ideas to escape its wrath. This being may be found in the Hindu Mythology/theology as the Kali Yuga, but it is a nasty being that operates at the lowest of human chakra’s, that is the Base Chakra where it enters human beings and their societies with encouragements to do evil, dark and sinister acts all as to the gratification of this beast. It’s all about me, me and more me. I think this being has been around from the very existence of existence itself. It is a primordial being of a very negative disposition in which my ancient ancestors named “Angra-Manu” which translates from Avestan, to “The Angry Mind”. Angra-Manu is the result of the absence of the Light of Wisdom which the God of Light (Ahura-Mazda) bestows mankind with, in which human beings regress to a lower-than-animal behaviour and as the article alludes to, the victims end up as “Rapists”, insane mass murderers and utterly corrupt and ruthless and lonely individuals, but with the world power. We are seeing some specimens in the daily news of the rulers of the past 20 years who became the servants of this dark being! I am thinking of a woman who could have been the leader of the most powerful nation on earth to be possessed by the Angry-Mind of darkness!

        I thought the following quote from the article shows us the mechanism of how Infiltration can take place and how things can get out of control for the King whose rule is thought to be unchallenged!

        “Sir Ernest Cassell typified another group that Edward VII cultivated assiduously: Jewish bankers. As Prince of Wales, Edward had to live on a limited allowance, and he was deeply in debt. Edward accordingly allowed a series of Jewish bankers to buy their way to presentability at court by their benevolent management of his personal finances, with the proviso that Edward would always make a handsome profit. The first of Edward’s financial advisers was Baron von Hirsch of Vienna. Then came Sir Ernest Cassell, knighted by Edward. Edward also cultivated the Rothschild and Sassoon families. In short, Edward’s personal household finance agency was identical with the leading lights of turn- of-the-century Zionism. Cassell was also a political operative for Edward, becoming the head of the Ottoman National Bank – the Banque Ottomane – at the request of the Young Turk regime in 1909.”

        BTW, the Clip of Thoma Paine’s American Intelligence Media you sent, is absolutely brilliant and I thank you for it! I have already sent it to few friends whom I know will appreciate it.

        1. My apologies Pieter,

          As always I make many mistakes while tying and just wanted to make a correction here.

          In the quoted paragraph, I wrote “Edward [The second]…”! …it seems that demiurge gets hold of my typing occasionally and subverts my writings 🙂 Haha

          Also your link re. Thomas Paine’s “The Great Awakening Has Begun”, I will add the link for everyone as the link you kindly added didn’t work…I highly recommend this talk by this man (Thomas Paine)…probably not his real name!

        2. My Carpe Diem
          A simple thank you at first glance, will seem to fall far short of the deep appreciation I have for your mind moving reply to my query. Still…..

          Thank You

          1. You are very welcome Dearest Pieter,
            Not sure if my longwinded reply was satisfactory or not but I thank you for your kind words and thoughts and above all your wisdom my friend.

            Wish you a great weekend,

  2. Excellent, J.C.!!

    You mention the cut off of Saudi monies to the Deep State, and this is definitely true, but not all.

    Most folks have overlooked the scope of Trump’s Executive Order on Dec. 21, 2017. Most saw it as against human trafficking which it definitely is, and this Administration is doing yeoman’s work in that regard. But the EO extends to official and corporate corruption, and empowers the Secretary of Treasury to summarily freeze all financial assets of targeted entities, including US citizens. This extraordinary power is granted solely due to the declared National Emergency inherent in the EO.

    Given the multiple assassination attempts on POTUS and others that have been thwarted thus far, as well as attempts by the Deep State to ignite a new World War, that declaration is not only rational but necessary.

    Trump is strangling the Deep State operatives financially and legally, as the number of ankle bracelets in Washington attests.

    This is war, conducted sub rosa, but just as real in effect.

    If he can win the struggle, the key will be whether Trump, and his military, are willing to relinquish the power, and restore the Republic once the battle ends.

  3. Great insight, C.D.!

    The EU is dead, just not yet buried. The same is true of May as well, as she did the spying on Trump for Clinton. She is neutered and will be replaced, while MI6 is being wholly scrubbed, as the US intel apparatus will be.

    Whether Europe can be saved at all as a Western civilization is in the balance. If so, great! If not, they’ll prop it up long enough to extricate the capital and minds to safety in North America. This will leave Europe as the Papist/Moslem cesspool we already see forming.

    Crazy times!

    1. Thank you, Curtis,

      I agree, The European project is definitely becoming weaker every day and European nations, in particular, the Eastern ones who are predominantly of Slavic extraction are up in arms against the Marxist EU. This is very significant in that these nations experienced the USSR’s communist oppression first hand and are now Immunized and can smell the rancid corruption and deception of the EU and the arrogance of the unelected politburos of Berlin and Brussels.

      A severe backlash against the Islamist invasion of German cities and in other European nations can be expected in future as the Imported male Islamist thugs will not integrate. Germany has a problem with population growth and this has been the case particularly at the end of WWII but there are better and educated and cultured foreign workers than the ones who’ve been transported there, should there be a real need for manpower. The German ingenuity and endurance should never be underestimated but that nation is under siege and once the controllers who are in my opinion the leftover NAZI’s are gone, we may see a better situation there. The NAZI’s being the National-Socialists have become International-Socialists and people like Geroge Soros and his Pedo/blood-drinking cronies are all members of this fascist club.

      I also do not think that the Western Civilization will be affected in any way by the current problems in Europe. I say that because of the Western Civ. is the operating system of this planet and there’s nothing that may replace it, now or in future. Western Civ. appears to be evolving to a new level and all the current problems as we have discussed are all part of this evolution. Also, that Russia’s move towards her ancient roots will ensure the revival of values of all Indo-European people everywhere, it is all encouraging.

      In short, I remain optimistic about the future, even though I may not be there but we can do all we can for the future fellow-humans, who will walk on this earth and will continue our collective legacy as a species.

  4. @Curtis. WRT your statement: “This will leave Europe as the Papist/Moslem cesspool we already see forming.”

    This is a disturbing account of a German engineer who worked on a government project to create an underground city in and around Berlin to house and hide thousands of muslims immigrants until such time they can be unleashed on the German population. It’s written in a very measured, factual way (very Teutonic). The one thing that keeps me convinced there’s something to this story is she says the new Berlin airport will never open – it’s just a cover. Keep checking the progress of the airport opening. It’s missed 5 dates for opening since 2010. Not very German really.

  5. My roof houses Cooper, Alan and Darren. To date this has been your greatest statement ever:
    The Protestant based and double-headed eagle power and influence behind blockchain had to be assured before openly promoting it here.

    1. Hello Darren
      When I first read the sentence you quote, I had mixed feelings about it. Whatever my finale feelings about it may be, I do agree it most certainly is a very powerful statement.

      I’m not arguing whether it is correct or not, it might be subjective for all I know. I’m just saying, powerful statement.

      Knowing JC, and following JC’s work as I have over the last few years, I suggest the confirmation you seek will show up in a later post. That seems to be JC’s style. Still and all it did not hurt to ask, I’m waiting for the answer myself.

      Have a great day, Darren

      1. Dane my good man
        I will grant you JC’s sound position supported by the three pillars you list. Will you at least consider those positions are but subjective, opinion if you will?

        It is still a powerful sentence.

        Have a wonderful day
        Your friend

  6. Last year l spent some time touring Russia and found quite a Christian revival ongoing as thousands of Greek Orthodox churches are being built and encouraged by the state to do so. Overall l found quite a bit of respect for Vladimir Putin’s government from most but not all of the people l met,recently l read Russia has paid off its foreign debt to the bankers and unlike Canadians and all other western nations their children are not born into debt . Also l was surprised they did not want American dollars for purchases but would accept Euro’s. Overall l can see where this can be a threat to the banking establishment and to Anglo American hemogeny.

  7. Ixtlan,

    Now THAT engineer’s report is more depraved than I can reasonably contemplate. How would Merkel think she could control the jackals once their initial predation is complete? SICK!!

    I have seen reports that the globalists intended to depopulate the globe by 80% leaving them with sole ownership and a cohort of slave laborers and sexual exploitation organisms. That too was beyond the pale.

    But Satanists are capable of just about anything, I guess! Such breathtaking prospects make me glad I’m getting old enough not to see these things come to pass!

  8. “The wealth was confiscated and some sort of panic move by the deep state parts of the old Saudi rulers spilled out onto the streets of Las Vegas.”

    JC – You don’t miss anything. The whole Las Vegas shooting narrative never passed the smell test. Stephen Paddock doesn’t fit the serial killer profile, he looks like a patsy. Why break two windows that offer the same vantage point? The answer comes when you listen to the live videos and hear two different caliber rifles firing in immediate sequence.

    As always, internet searching turns up a lot of wild speculation. Two items stood out to me. The top four floors of Mandalay Bay are a separate hotel owned and used by Saudi royals. Then there is a video of a team of assault rifle wielding guards escort a dead ringer for Mohammed bin Salman out of the Tropicana – two doors down. The whole event makes much more sense viewed as a large team hit on MBS that went bad, and a couple of killers with an exit plan left behind to create slaughter induced mayhem to cover the team’s escape.

    I hope your POM premise continues to hold true. The people behind such events need to lose. Thank you for continuing to write. Your ability to see patterns in the morass is amazing.

  9. I wasn’t sure where to best park this link but since NASA appears to have been involved in many psyops from its inception to cover something far bigger, I thought the heading of this great article by our JC, “No more false flag funding” may justify my reasoning!

    This fascinating 45 min. talk by Daniel Liszt, aka Dark Journalist about the Space programs from the time of Kennedy, the Reagan/Gorbachev, SDI which involves the missing $45Trillion from Hud and DoD, the Iran-Contra affairs of the 80’s, to the Gary McKinnon persecution over the alleged discovery of government employed “Aliens” and UFO information he hacked into.

    This talk is significant because Liszt as he always does provides a concise, logical and well-researched details on this topic.

    1. Awesome timing Carpe Diem. Just as Elon Musk is launching a big rocket with a red sportster so humans can put more junk in space. lol.

      Musk’s interview about the launch showed him very antsy or fidgety. He said there was no reason for taking the sportscar into space other than to get a rise out of Tesla followers. But now that the launch has happened…or did it really….hmmm. Okay moving on, Tesla has published record losses for this past quarter. So could his SpaceX be a way to show a loss with Tesla for taxes since it is tax time?

      A part of this rocket exploded and Musk was pretty adimate on his position of expecting something to happen. Remember last years facebook satellite launch on a SpaceX rocket that exploded? Funny how that happened right after Google beat facebook to providing service to India.

      Hmm, facebook builds a very expensive satellite in a race for gaining a countries business but when it loses what to do with that satelite and how to recover the financial loss? Insurance claim due to an exploding rocket? Was there ever a working facebook satellite? Sure makes one wonder what the true business of SpaceX is.

      Yeah NASA seems to be a haven for shenanigans. Has anyone really been to the moon?

      1. Hi Dane, and thanks for sharing your research on this rather strange character, Mr. Elon Musk and I agree he is “very antsy or fidgety” and that is an excellent description of how he comes across. In fact, if you have a look at his mother, Ms. Maye Musk, and compare it with Cruella Deville, you will see a striking similarity. 🙂 With a mother like that, I would be fidgety too! LOL

        If you take the modern “captains of Industry” of our world today, they share similar patterns of behavior. Consider, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerburg, Eric Schmidt and with the previous generation such as Bill Gates, the ex-Apple guy who passed away and really ALL of such category, you will find very very similar behavior and disposition. They do not come across as genuine human beings.

        The truth of the matter and as we have been discovering in the past couple of years, these people have never climbed the ladders of anything. Instead, they have been handpicked and installed in a corporation by the moneymen in an exact similar game of chess where they place their pawns on the checkered board in a game called Domination.

        The 1983 movie, Trading Places is the blueprint of the super elite and the way run this world. I am not suggesting that these young men are not intelligent or talented but I believe they are hand-picked by the super elite to carry out the dreams of their masters, which is unfortunately often very dark and sinister, to a point we, down at this level, may call Psychopathic.

        Musk much like Bezos, Eric Schmidt, and Zuckerberg and others like them, are the mass brainwashing agents and supposed to be our role models and they run multi Billion Dollar operations and they are and have been complicit, in everything that is wrong with this planet. They all want cheap imported but high skilled zombies to run their machines often from India. We have heard about Eric Schmidt’s habit of carrying his “girlfriends” on the corporate jet around, (very dubious!). Most of them have been involved with DPRK and other acts against their own countries interests. Not mentioning how some of these top Captains of industry who have been in much much worse and horrific acts of blood.child sacrifice and spirit cooking satanic rituals.

        With them all being under the spotlight and a US president who takes an active role of ensuring how these Billionaires have been manipulating the masses whilst taking the corporate Billons from country to country so they pay zero corporate tax, they must be worried and as you quite rightly said “very antsy and fidgety”. They know they are being watched round the clock and any treasonous act against the nation they come from, carries the wrath of an awakened population and a patriotic leader and military. They know it all now, only too well…

  10. JC,
    I agree with you on ETH and XRP and the whole blockchain technology. They will transform and modernize older antiquated systems. Like everything transformational, it all takes planning, time and timing.
    I personally believe it will take ample time before they become adopted and invest-able for the long-term because the central banks are still working their plan to create their international monetary system coupled with massive sovereign debt through bond issuance. Plus, it is creating instability in the markets which I don’t think is wanted at this time.
    China and other emerging economies is where the central bank strategy is targeted I believe. Internationalization and strength of the renminbi is still their top priority. If a cyrpto-currency develops, it will be one(s) that is created or adopted by the central banks of the world. It will certainly leverage blockchain and all of the efficiencies that are created from it. That’s a very powerful and controlling technology.
    It’ll all happen as you state. It certainly is happening for a reason. I just think it will take a fair amount of time and there will be a lot of shake-out as a result. I think crypto inclusive of ETH and XRP is risky right now to invest for the long-run. Probably excellent for trading since the volatility is pretty wild. Just my 2 cents on all of this. Thanks!

  11. Maybe an indicator of the switch will be when we see people begin to reference cryptocurrencies based from themselves or other cryptos instead of referencing them to the USD, GBP, RMB or any other fiat currency.

    Here in Miami a penthouse was up for sale for 33 bitcoin. At the time of the listing 33 bitcoin was worth about $500,000 but when the offer came it was only about $300,000. Haven’t heard the outcome and it may even have been put on the news to try to deter people from moving cryptos into physical property but it shows how to position oneself in this time of transition or transformation.

    Like ebay one can put a lower limit or a fiat equivalent. Such as selling based from a fiat value but will accept the equivalent value in the crypto of the sellers choosing. In this way baby steps can be taken to gain confidence in cryptos little by little which usually dispels our fears of jumping into something new.

  12. Absolutely just opinion Peter that’s why it says “maybe”. Only JC knows for sure but based from what he has written over the years and comments from fellow POMers it seems a pretty fair statement. That’s his secret recipe to life man. You yourself mentioned one book with a plethora of wisdom and mans applications of those wisdoms through the years.

    But then maybe when looking at it all through his clear world lense this is just what he sees 🙂

    Grands always said “never look a gift horse in the mouth”.

  13. Thanks for the reminder Dane, sometimes there seems not enough time to spend the invaluable time one should spend with the great Manley Palmer Hall.

  14. In addition to “The Great Awakening Has Begun” I present this video to illustrate a very important and interesting “part” of what it has begun. It would be extremely easy to tear this kid apart, do it at your own peril. I suggest his story of how he became “red pilled or woke” as the kids like to say today is a very good example, a profile, of what my younger brothers and sisters are doing in their truth community.

    Anti School, that’s what he calls himself, begins his story at 26:00 minutes in, have a listen. I believe his story is indicative of part of what the great awakening is about. I find it quite encouraging and I hope I live long enough to get myself woke. I hope I get this link right.

    #QAnon [THIS WEEK]


  15. Re: Afghanistan

    Let us all remember that the US military has been given much more latitude in prosecuting that war, which has resulted in skyrocketing numbers of dead children.

  16. “FCC looks to approve SpaceX’s satellite internet plan”

    Looks like this spaceX Satellite is intended to provide Internet Broadband to Rural American homes, as President Trump mentioned in one of his recent speeches.

    I’m thinking this will be possibly used to help Iranians rise up and kick the filthy globalist mullahs back to where they came from! Mullahs’s regime block, Filter and generally slow down the internet speed but this special internet delivery system may solve that problem. The only item uncleared is what does a person need to have to be able to connect to the Internet, e.g, a small dish (as in VSAT dish) or something else!

  17. It is with a heart as heavy as my breast can contain I comment late on this important ‘false flag funding’ post. I’m full aware the last thing JC wants for his wonderment of a site to be, is for it to become a daily news outlet. It is the broader strokes that are to be examined here. With that respect I attempt to tread careful.


    That said, and appreciating many are cursing more profane, the pain and anger we must all feel, is a pain and anger deeper. A pain borne of a nagging doubt that seethes a building rage. That doubt. Is it real? And worse, which is worse. What if it is?

    “False flags,” not the 9/11 or Gulf of Tonkin, the sinking of the Maine, some would argue Pearl Harbor, no not those war starting FF’s. But those as of the one we suffer this very day. Seventeen dead, scream the headlines. Maybe so and worse I ask, maybe not so. But which, I ask you, is worse?

    There has been so many it boggles the mind to keep up with it. But I enjoin, you study two, and they do not need any help to stagger your stroll down the sunny side of the street. I’m talking about “Sandy Hook” and the “Boston Marathon Bombing.” Oh allow me add one more, the ‘Orlando Nightclub Shooting.”

    Come on man those three were so fake and weak, false flag is all you could possibility see them as. So why? And that is where we all bump our collective heads against the wall. Why?

    Earlier in this post I asked My Carpe Diem for his opinion about an old king that used his life to further and preserve the British Empire. While explaining the whats and whys CD by happenstance showed me some, ‘how’.

    “,,,his” profound knowledge of the human heart and the sagacity with which he could sort out the vices and the weaknesses of individuals and PEOPLES(my caps)and make them into the worst and destructive of weapons against them.”
    “Edward’s” empire was built upon “eternal human folly’ on the ” intellectual and moral degradation ” of the SUBJECT POPULATION. (my caps)

    Why? Because he could.
    Do you get it?

    False flags.
    Do you get it?

    1. Yes Peter like this school shooting down here yesterday. Of course its sad that 17 kids were killed by another kid. But what is even sadder is listening to these news reports added drama attempting to push the story to the national level. Its like they want the national fame so much their statements are very insincere and also very speculative puting unneeded fear into the minds of as many as they can. Its like they use the masses as a medium. Man what would they do if the masses were clairvoyant instead of just a medium. (To know the difference Manly P Hall defines it masterfully).

      From the news reports we have an FBI spokesperson saying there was no way to know this kid would do such a thing. While the school officials are telling a different story. The shooter had been expelled from the school and never finished. He was posting all kinds of social media pics with him hiding his face and taunting guns and violence. So much so that the school had put restrictions on him that didn’t allow him to come to school with a backpack or bookbag. The students that were interviewed said they all knew it was him because they had been talking for months about if it ever happened it would be him. I should also mention that when they were checking his pockets before putting him into the back of the squad car (SUV) he could hardly stand on his own so he seemed to be severely impaired. Anyway no opportunity goes to waste with the sorts that have an agenda to get guns from the American people.

      This is probably why the state has already stepped in and been very vocal about paying the expenses for the funerals, counselors and all that. This shows a change of responsibility from Fed. government to the state government. Seems like a republic is being reformed.

    2. Dearest Pieter Thank you for sharing your pain with this latest insanity in Florida and please know that any normal human being shares your pain and grief. It is simply disgusting and it is time WE as human species to put a stop to all these psyops, red flags and any other such criminal behaviour.

      The ones who always shout the loudest and without a miss, have something they want to desperately cover. Take a look at this degenerate goon, Chelsea Handler whose dark reputation as a regular the spirit-cooking/adrenochrome fan club and the recent revelation of her connection with Andre Blazas as well as a recent helicopter crash in SoCal is well known…I don’t know what she is famous for other than vulgarity much like the other vulgar clown, Amy Schumer (Schumer in German means “Good-for-nothing” apparently! if so it says a lot I think.).

      Earlier today, I saw a news item about this loudmouth Handler in blaming the Florida shooting when she blamed the “Republicans who receive money from NRA”! While the criminal 19-year-old shooter is an Antifa member that is a Marxist terrorist group!

      How does one have to reconcile any of this? What is the plan which President Trump has in mind to deal with these criminal gangs?!

      On a VERY POSITIVE note, however, a good size of the American population are TALKING to one another about what is going on. Q info/intel drops appear to be the catalyst for these communications. For any major change, a portion of the population (around 5 percent) does the legwork. This is very promising and America is currently on the cusp of a major change which may involve military and military tribunals. This is now inevitable and only a matter of time. Should this be stopped, the population may decide to take the charge which may turn very ugly, so the best situation is to hope that military takes charge. The anger of the crowd must never be underestimated…

  18. Lies, lies, lies. Why disgrace the death of 17 people with lies?

    “WASHINGTON — After a suspected gunman was accused of killing 17 people at a Florida school with a legally purchased AR-15 rifle…”

    That article links to this one showing a photo of Cruz’s hunting/sniper rifle while stating “The suspect in a Florida school shooting bought the AR-15-style rifle used in the attack legally a year ago, authorities said Thursday.” then goes on to state “Cruz lawfully bought the semiautomatic rifle last February, according to Peter Forcelli, special agent in charge of the Miami office of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.”

    Here are plenty of photos of AR15’s. Huge difference!

    Why would they want our guns? Why would they lie about this particular weapon when these atrocities occur? And finally why weren’t all the forwarnings taken seriously?

    1. Thanks, Dane,

      Great and absolutely valid questions. When Billions, if not Trillions of Dollars are said to have been spent on “Mind Control” and knowing that MKultra has now evolved into a very sophisticated technology for BRAINWASHING, we will know some of the answers. I do wonder if the reason for all the deception is to keep us at the thinking level of a cattle! If so, it seems their plan isn’t working and many (Not All) are figuring out, they are being fooled. The kid was brainwashed and it appears there was more than one shooter.

      I wonder if the future generations will call this current age we are living in, the real Dark Ages?!

      1. Thanks Carpe Diem. “I wonder if the future generations will call this current age we are living in, the real Dark Ages?!” I certainly hope so because it sure feels like a modern day dark age and it most likely can’t get better if they don’t see it.

        That being said here is a bit of validation on some earlier comments I made.

        “The FBI said it failed to act on a tip warning of the suspected Florida school shooter’s potential for violence”

        “The FBI said Friday that more than a month before the shooting rampage at a South Florida high school, the bureau received a warning that the 19-year-old charged in the massacre might carry out an attack at a school — but then investigators failed to act on it.”

  19. “Everyone’s guilty, but no one’s to blame”.

    This was the motto of a personal development course I took many years ago, and it applies to Mr Muller’s “indictment of 13 Russians for meddling in US political system”, which Martin Armstrong elaborately explains. It also possibly implies that this nonsensical show is about to be unplugged. How many millions was wanted on a bunch of corrupt lawyers to come up with this? Yet, it is a funny theatrical play to watch.

  20. Or, “Everyone is to blame, but nobody is guilty.”
    My Carpe Diem, it occurs to me that the top tier FBI, DOJ, and most if not all of the alphabet agencies true mission, in part or whole, is not to solve, or provide evidence for prosecution, but as goal, only to lay cover. Cover that allows the general, or subject population to continue their petty battles among themselves, while believing that the powers that be, have been kicked in the knee.

    My reading, leads me to believe that in the days of Kingship and the beginnings of major corporation, take East India Company for example. Although the two had symbiotic relations there was still some degree of separation. For instance they had their own intelligence agencies or at least it seems so to me. It also seems to me those days are gone. Kingship/ Govern-ment/Corporation/ Intelligence and I cautiously add the military, are all one and the same today. I’m wondering if the battle we are witness to today isn’t the fight to separate that cabal that “Crown Beast,’ from itself.

    As surprising as this may sound I’m beginning to believe there is a level that demands that the “cover” includes both sides of this spinning, flipping coin, and the only thing that gives our world the appearance of being round is the rate of the spin itself. What I think I’m attempting to explore is a (I know I’m going to question myself for using this term)MASTERPLAN. To qualify, I must say a man made, MASTERPLAN, with all the faults and folly that by man’s nature, it must include.

    I find myself being drawn or dragged towards this conclusion by an idea nagging my bruised and bloodied, but, unbowed mind. The idea is a simple one, I cannot bring myself to believe that if “they” really wanted P Trump “they” could not dig up the dirt and dig the hole that”they” could bury his presidency in. So what is the point?

    The international banking interest that promoted P.Trump, still need or want P.Trump to advance their agenda. And yet, and this is just what I’m proposing, they need to limit his scope, the Anglo-American Establishment is struggling to survive and protect what parts of it they can. Still there will be sacrifice there will be blood.

    Can it really be, P. Trump and his forces against the world? That seems to be the challenge up front. But behind the scenes is the ‘Art of the Deal’ or my sub- tittle, ‘How to Not Only Survive Bankruptcy, But Also Save a Nation.” And in that process perhaps lend to improving life for the future of all scrabbling about this gyronic planet.

    Damn, I’ve gone adrift, back to earth, or the globe.

    Draining the swamp, cleaning up the worst of the corruption in this country and a return to the rule of law, is what the citizens of this country need and want. I think the deepest of divides among us can agree on that. How we get there and or who takes us there seems to be the wedge driven between us. Almost as if the fight is between who gets to be top cop. For the moment P. Trump is top cop. At the peoples level hard left and hard right looks insane to the middle, because it is. Both sides are just crazy as coots and that by design is where the focus is always directed. Keep ’em crazy and in fear is the game being played.

    So is the Muller mob and the P. Trump team, not necessarily on the same page, but are two pages of a chapter in a ancient book? When the curtain falls on this act and this short play is done, will the actors that need the cover in order for the show to go on be given that cover? And in Shakespearean tradition, will the stage be littered with the bodies of villains and heroes at the end of their journey?

    Thanks for the platform JC,
    I needed that

  21. Hey Carpe Diem this may be a measure of where we are in the big cycle of things, like iron age, bronze age all the way around the cycle. Iron Age being dark age and here today we are watching a digital creation come to be in order to do business in a trust less time.

    Blockchains “proof of work enables a trustless consensus”. Or in layman’s terms…”The way that the algorithms and the miners on the blockchain work together, makes it impossible to “bullshit” the system. … works toward the same goal of validating everybody else’s work in the network, which generates a trustless network.”

    We seem to to have this protectionism going on and nationalism and all.

    Hey JC remember a long time ago you said something on the order of “United States of the World”…it’s seeming more that way each day man.

    But you know what being at the bottom means right? “Movin on up, to the top” of the cycle. Good times for humanity.

  22. “Supreme Court forbids seizure of ancient Persian artifacts”

    Just heard this news about some Americans (Jewish) who visited Jerusalem 2 years ago, which happens to be a city under the military, economic and administration of the state of Israel, were injured by a “Hamas” member’s bomb/suicide! Somehow, these people got in touch with lawyers (possibly Pro Bono OR on a Cut!) to go after somebody/anybody and get some money as compensation since the Government of Israel would not compensate them!

    The esteemed lawyers, cooked up a story that the Hamas bomber was under the influence of the Iranian government and there are assets which they can “get”! So they searched and found the University of Chicago which is one of the oldest in the study of Iranian history and archaeology have in its possession a huge number of artefacts given to them on “Loan” by the Imperial government of Iran that is before the Islamist take-over.

    The lawyers went after the University of Chicago’s antique artefacts and decided that they would want all the artefacts to be dished out to the victims and the ruling has put a stop to this!

    The following questions should be asked here:

    1. Should the primary source of any compensation be the government fo Israel here for simply not taking the necessary precaution to protect the foreign tourists?

    2. Had the victims had “Travel Insurance”, would the Insurance company had gone after the Israeli government OR a second country (in this Iran) that the alleged act of terrorism had stemmed from?

    3. Wouldn’t the court in the US would have asked, WHO created HAMAS?!

    4. Should the answer to the question of who created Hamas be “Mossad”, would the esteemed Pro Bono lawyers would ever think about taking Mossad to court?!

    The answer to question number 4 is, “don’t be silly!” You can work out the rest.

    Answering and pondering over these questions will make the person thinking about these question how screwed up and how corrupt and meaningless the judicial system has become and how easy it is if you have a Free Lawyers (aka ambulance chasers!) to sue anyone and anything. Thankfully, there seems to be sanity prevailing to have stopped such waste of time, money and efforts which could have been better spent on the real perpetrators of terrorism, human trafficking and blood-drinking of minors…the ruling elite of this planet. Be a good start!

  23. False Flags or not a False Flag?

    I read an article today by the veteran journalist Jon Rappoport that had a reference to a person who was on a Koren airline KAL (Flight 007…hint enough or coincident, symbolism is everything?!) in 1983 which was shot down by an SU-15 Soviet interceptor. I was a young man at the time but clearly recall this major event and I actually had an argument over it with a friend! In that tragic incident, some 270 innocent people died. Amongst them was a Democratic Congressman who was “extremely Anti-Communist” by the name Larry McDonald.

    The following excerpt from Wiki’s piece on Congressman McDonald’s on his stay in Iceland is very illuminating:

    “It was in Iceland that McDonald first began to take note of communism. He felt the U.S. Embassy in Reykjavik was doing things advantageous to the Communists; therefore he went to his commanding officer but was told he did not understand the big picture.[1]”

    The US Embassy, helping the Soviets?! WOW!

    Now, this excerpts from the KAL flight 007 appears to be a similar “pattern” where a plane is “deviated” directly to harm’s way, likely intentionally. Remember 1983 was possibly the height of the Cold War and the Soviets had invaded Afghanistan a couple of years earlier while the Anti-Soviet propaganda was at its peak. So a Soviet shot down was necessary for the Western elite by what means? Killing two birds with one stone perhaps? Maybe, maybe not but a pattern is a pattern. And, the diversion was made when an “aerial reconnaissance” over the Soviet territory was taking place?! So the question is why would you DELIBERATELY make a civilian airline with 270 passengers in direct violation of something so dangerous?

    Who exactly was conducting the “aerial reconnaissance” in the area?! US, NATO, OR another “unmarked and unnamed” entity? How about the elements of US Military that are now acting as renegades and fighting inside Syria today, against President Trump’s orders?!

    My argument with a friend was that I said, the KAL was the patsy and had special cameras to its underbelly, without the airline, the passengers or the pilots knowing anything about it. He called me a “nutcase” and maybe he was right, as only one of us had to be the nutcase.

    “The [Korean airline] Boeing 747 airliner was en route from Anchorage to Seoul, but deviated from its original planned route and flew through Soviet prohibited airspace around the time of a U.S. aerial reconnaissance mission.”

    Jon Rappoport today’s article:

    After thinking all the above, I ended up with more questions which I share with you all:

    1. Was this a “False Flag”?
    2. Was the intention removing an Anti-Communist Democratic Congressman? Possibly the last one?!
    3. Was this to make the Soviets take the blame for defending their territory?
    4. Did the same happen again when the Malaysian airliner (MH17) crash over Ukraine and blamed on Russia?
    5. Has the Democratic party changed so radically that Communism is not only tolerated but even the goal now?
    6. Is the new name for Communism, “Globalism”?

    MH17 Malaysian Airline crash 50 miles from the Russian border, over Ukraine:

    1. My apologies, I wanted to include this clip of the recovered “passports”, all in clean and brand new condition apparently salvaged from the crashed MH17 Malaysian plane wreck in Ukraine. Makes no sense, metals burn and get mangled but the passports remain fresh and unmarked! Weird, but not so weird, because in the WTC wreckage, they found the passports of Mohamad Ata and other 19 hijackers!
      Bomb-proof material for passports?!

      And here is the Fox news on the discovered hijackers passports “few blocks away” by none other, the FBI:

  24. “Paedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein hosted Stephen Hawking on the private Caribbean island where Prince Andrew is claimed in US court proceedings to have slept with underage ‘sex slave’”

    Does this make any logical sense whatsoever? A paraplegic individual with a severe handicap and absolutely dependent on at least one person for survival would fly out to this godforsaken island!?

    Was this man even alive? Was he really the “Scientist” he was made out to be? Considering the original person passed away some years ago and this one was a body double, can we truly believe anything about this man?! I am seriously lost for words!!!

  25. Lol, Carpe Diem, no it doesn’t make any logical sense. He could have actually been there for a convention. Some times people that are so smart lack the common sense to understand.

    Has anyone else ever had or does anyone else have thought to voice technology? 🙂

    1. You never know Dane, a “convention” could have been it probably about the quantum mechanics of paedophilia with such esteemed expert in the field as the “Paedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein..” LOL

      I am still amazed that the media is talking about this man (Epstein) and his sick mind and all those who apparently went to this island and nobody is asking why he is not behind bars!! Could the intention be to Normalize this sickness?!

      “thought to voice” is probably “NASA to Voice” technology 🙂 Who would best disseminate an MSM scientific perspective for the masses than this man for the past 30 years! Could much of our science be BS and a massive spin?! Considering that the CERN experiments where this guy talked so much about is nothing as it is presented to us!!

      I agree with aspects of this clip (Hologram is nonsesnse!):

      1. Lol, “”thought to voice” is probably “NASA to Voice” technology :)” Precisely! Like the NASA supercomputer Pleiades which masterfully echos the ET following of the Pleiadians perhaps.

        “Built in 2008 and named for the Pleiades open star cluster, the supercomputer debuted as the third most powerful supercomputer in the world at 487 teraflops.”

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