No Death but Transformation of the Dollar (FREEPOM)

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And More Insight on Philosophy of Metrics Purpose

By JC Collins

It would appear others are now picking up on the importance of the G20 Summit this September in Hangzhou, China.  I have been discussing this summit for some time and gave it particular attention in a post back on June 15, 2016.

Silver Doctors is running a piece titled Jim Rickards: Sept 4th G20 Meeting to Signal End of Petrodollar?  The article is apparently built around the August subscription newsletter of Jim Rickards, and is supported by Tweets from the friendly Willem Middelkoop, both of whom are well-versed on the SDR and have also contributed large amounts of material towards understanding monetary reform.

POM readers and subscribers will find nothing new in the Silver Doctors article but could find the use of the phrase "September 4, 2016 will be the day the dollar died" to not accurately reflect the process of monetary reform which they have read about here. I have long contended that the "death of the dollar" script is not a full interpretation of the unfolding negotiations surrounding the international monetary system, and should be considered with caution.

All world powers are aligned on re-balancing the monetary structure between the dollar and the Chinese renminbi, while using the SDR as the hinge point between both.  The full transition to the SDR reserve framework will take time and the USD will play a dominate role for many years and decades to come.

Consider the USD the thesis, the RMB the anti-thesis, and the SDR the synthesis.

I know this isn't as exciting as the other interpretations, but it is realistic and factual.  Both the SDR and the RMB require the USD in order to function in their trans-formative capacities.

The September 4th G20 Summit does mark the next major transition point of monetary reform, but is does not mark the death of the dollar.  As for the petrodollar, well, that "arrangement" has already passed out of relevance.

The odd fact that has bamboozled so many regarding Philosophy of Metrics and the analysis presented here is the accuracy of the information and trends discussed. Many have taken this information and used it for their own purposes and writings while not giving credit to this site.  That is fine.  The purpose of this site was never to gain credibility, but to inform.

Others have presented information (knowingly or unknowingly) long after it had been introduced and discussed here.  Whether intentional or unintentional, the fact remains that POM has been ahead of the game the whole time.

Those who have taken the time to befriend me and have gotten to know me on a personal level, along with those who get my style, will know that I am not bragging or wanting attention.  I have turned down numerous online radio interviews with reputable shows for the simple reason that my objective is not to seek attention but to inform.

There is something more going on in this world than a monetary transformation.  There is a macro transformation which begins with micro transformations within the worlds of fragmentation.  This site has been very specific and purposeful with its use of the term "philosophy" in conjunction with the word "metrics".  Those who only focus on the metrics and monetary aspects will never be able to witness the full expanse of the transformation.

Keep in mind that just because you do not see it does not mean that it is not happening.

The silos of education and understanding in this world will be de-constructed and rebuilt upon a philosophical base which has its origin in the world of the ancient past.  The consolidation of all things, including religion, culture, and economics, is taking place upon the altar of this new all-encompassing ideology.  Those who focus on only one aspect of this vast transmutation are unable to fit the pieces together successfully.

Think of each POM post as a step towards full awareness.  Though some individual post topics may seem large and consequential, each reader should attempt to place them within the larger methodology.

Posts and topics that may appear like they have nothing in common should be further reflected on and areas of subtle sameness considered.  Currency and monetary matters do not exist in isolation.  Nothing does.  All things are interconnected and flow into one another.

The non-assuming environment of POM should not be considered ill-informed or misplaced.  Even this small peek behind the POM curtain should not be taken as a full measure of its purpose or performance.  The mandate of this place is still discovering itself and will in time become manifest.

All, including Rickards and Middelkoop, are bringing forward meaningful and purposeful information and understanding.  The veins and sinuses of this new world are flowing and breathing in the vastness of infinite possibility.  The G20 summit this September is one more step towards that objective.

From June 15, 2016.

AMERICA AFTER THE FALL - A New Economic Reality Emerges in the Autumn

On September 4th and 5th China will host a G20 Summit in the city of Hangzhou.  The Hangzhou Summit represents the end of the old economic order and the birth of a new economic order.  It marks the major transition point between the USD-based monetary framework and the SDR-based multilateral monetary framework.

The factual nature of this transition is bookmarked within the publications of international institutions and central banks around the world.  The alignment on mandates and policy reform harness the financial momentum which has been developing alongside the growing imbalances in the international monetary system.

The road to full monetary and financial awareness regarding the effects of global imbalances caused by the USD-based framework has been a long and arduous journey through waves of economic stability and financial volatility.  Along the way there have been many who have promoted the concept of a multilateral framework and the elimination of financial corruption.

Whether these objectives are achieved in the coming years is dependent upon a larger evolution of how capital is moved around the world.  The role of one domestic currency as the global reserve asset has created a fertile environment for those wanting unfair advantage over mass populations and whole nations.

As such, rebalancing world wealth through a true multilateral monetary framework will move forward the lofty goals and ideals of those seeking a fairer world.  But with those changes come enhanced risk of shifting sovereign control to a larger and more global ideology.  Much like the individual passed sovereign status to a nation state, the nation state will pass sovereign status to a supra-national state under a mandate of global governance.

All nations under one mandate.

The Hangzhou Summit is focused on these mandates.  Some of the topics being discussed include how to transition the G20 into an Economic Security Council arm of the United Nations, the UN 2030 Agenda, large scale sovereign debt restructuring through the International Monetary Fund with the utilization of substitution accounts, with a secondary restructuring taking place through the use of Collective Action Clauses.

The broader use of the Special Drawing Right (SDR) will also be at the forefront of conversation, as China begins the process of issuing SDR denominated bonds and implementing an SDR borrowing platform.  These objectives are running parallel to the new SDR basket composition which is coming into effect in October.  This new basket will include the Chinese renminbi and will be the turning point from which the buildup period for a global reserve asset begins.

China will also be focused on strengthening its network of renminbi denominated institutions, such as the AIIB, New Silk Road Fund, China Development Bank, BRICS New Development Bank, and the transformation of the Chiang Mai Initiative Multilateral into a regional monetary fund which is meant to be integrated within the mandates of the more macro IMF.

The new economic order will see American control of world wealth reduced in a descending sliding scale type process, where foreign exchange reserve diversification will cause geopolitical shifts on a large and active chess board.  These shifts will increase in the coming years and will be sold to the American population as the strengthening of nationalism as opposed the loss of international power and influence.

A new US political trend has emerged to match the transition points of the multilateral framework.  A Trump presidency is aligned with the larger objectives of the international banking interests.  The corruption which has developed within the USD-based framework has manifested as corruption within domestic politics.

The existing ideologies of both the Democratic and Republican parties are reflective of this corruption.  With the larger monetary changes taking place it is expected that American politics will also be transformed.  The past strategies of Bush and Clinton politics have been based on the aforementioned corruption and no longer have a place within the international discourse which is evolving.

Financial and political corruption within American institutions will be semi-culled and the Trump brand will package and present America’s new international character as Make America Great Again.  The untold truth of this slogan is that it aligns with the larger mandates of the multilateral transition.

Somebody should have told Clinton and other American political elites who have suckled off the US dollar.

The news media and other official channels will never openly discuss these facts, but rest assured that the American elite who have invested in the control of domestic information will eventually align with these macro mandates out of pure business interest.

America after the fall will become what it was meant to be - one nation under God.  - JC

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25 Comments on “No Death but Transformation of the Dollar (FREEPOM)”

    1. The purpose of informing has nothing to do with commendation. Your expression is both prideful and transparent. I do appreciate the attempt at expressive contrast.

  1. I'm sure there's a joke somewhere here about POM POMs , but as always much appreciated JC , your blog did inspire me to learn more about ancient history especially the east (as I was spoon fed the west) it has helped to both humble and calm my view. Always appreciated and patiently waiting for this years Xmas discount ????

  2. Excellent post JC. At what point do you think the Fed will raise rates again. Lots of talk and chatter but no follow through. Seems a weaker dollar is needed to help the transformation?

  3. Well thank you for this. But there are a few things that stick in my craw.

    You say your sometimes diverse posts should be viewed as parts of the whole (paraphrasing), and that is why your outlandish (and later proven to be incorrect) slamming of Islam and Sharia Law over an alleged 'terrorist' attack spoke volumes to me...

    Also, I'm sure no-one is more aware than the financial manipulators of the problem of severe resource depletion, and this will no doubt be factored into the equation in the future - maybe by using slave labour, thereby bypassing the problem of salaries.

    Species loss could be solved using DNA techniques and laboratories, I suppose, and I've long since been aware of the fear-based nature of much of these claims, in the attempted social engineering of a more holistic awareness - which doesn't seem to have worked, according to my observations. Also, I have noticed real species loss.

    But I see the globe as perhaps even more holistic than you do, and the hubris of these mere mortals as something which must have a counterbalance. Over the (very) long term, there must come some humility, and even taking into account the Show trials that you said (a while ago) will come, the real money masters will also one day meet their fate.

    Personally, until humans see their real place in the overall scheme of things, which entails really understanding biodiversity, our arrogance will lead us to take that fall.

    The sooner the better, including those who bash Islam as part of a political ideology, and through a false sense of superiority. I am constantly amazed at how many otherwise intelligent people take the concocted 'Jihadi-terror' bait who know nothing - nothing - about Islam, and of course this is used by certain parties to maintain the present power structure.

    I do not feel your contributions have been neutral on this front.

    1. So you support sharia law? "and later proven to be incorrect". Really? How so? I have stated on many occasions that we are being baited, but once the bait has been taken on both sides the need to defend yourself is a reality. Islam will destroy itself and be rolled into a consolidated spirituality with the other religions. You are so far off the mark you can't even see the target. And whatever you have stuck in your craw is your problem, but I would suggest you get a toothpick. You're like a person who hears 10% of a story and goes blabbering in comments sections about how you know everything. Superiority? Hahaha. Please. You make it too easy.

  4. Dear J.C.:

    You hand to these people the world on a silver platter and they bitch about the garnish. Let us see them envision and describe future world events with any degree of accuracy, fat chance of that. And oh yeah, there is a guy down Fort Worth, Texas who is kind of doing the same thing that you are doing and he is a home health care aide. His name is Ken.

    go figure


  5. JC,

    Peripherally off topic but in light of the upcoming G20 Summit only slightly.

    Would you address how the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) fits into the international financial transition (treaties, trade agreements, the IMF & SDR transition, etc.)?

    Damon Vrabel (now out of the public eye but you can still find him on Youtube) addressed the implication of this overarching legal system of commerce but only superficially.

    There seems to be a great deal about this topic that your skill set could flesh out as it relates to the POM project.

  6. So many agendas and so little time lol. Maybe not so funny? Love the post JC - I will have to say that though I am still learning the language I agree wholeheartedly that we will not see a 'death of the dollar' on Sept 4th. Life's filters (and our agendas) have the tendency to color our way of seeing what is and what is not reality and definitely there is way more than meets the eye here IMO! I thank you for sharing what you see with us. The multi-faceted // multi-lateral > seeing what can be seen and unseen and putting the pieces in place. You are a master at this IMO. Thank you JC for the FREEPOM and I look forward to the next installment 🙂 Bet you are amazing at chess too!! Cheers, Judi

  7. I doubt that they can raise rates any longer, BeachDude. I thought they would have raised this past week, as the BIS basically called the US out to maybe raise rates a bit more so that the rates can be dropped at certain points over the next year or two, but the Federal Reserve, to me, is set up to go NIRP, and may be a casualty of the new framework that is talked about here. I think negative interest would be the view now instead of raising rates. Based on the false economic data released, the rate-raise SHOULD'VE happened last week. I think NIRP will be taking more and more focus going into 2017.

  8. I'm long both CNPRF and TETHF Kazakhstan oil producers. Do your own diligence...

    In 2014 Kazakhstan was the world’s 15th largest producer of oil, and this year’s investment will bring it substantially closer to the top 10.

    Kazakhstan’s geographic location will become an increasingly important factor as the Silk Road develops from East Asia through Central Asia and the Middle East to Europe

    Kazakhstan lies at the crossroads of many influences. Its success in economic diversification with the coming oil boom will be instrumental to both its own independence, as well as the fluidity of trade in the region.

  9. JC, thanks for posting this! I am with you, things are changing and for the positive. The babies are having a tantrum right now, they will get their bottle and we will all get to have adult time shortly. Stay positive!

  10. You know I wonder if change is cyclic. If each interval of change is a synthesis of thesis and anti-thesis is there a greater pattern?

    What idealogy is being preserved and expanded upon? Is social progress predictable? Whose idealogy is dominate?

    Im so confused on what will actually happen in the future. There's a huge variety of beliefs of so many different types of peoples.

    It seems logical that mutual recognition of all beliefs would allow for any belief. I wonder if this will be the result radical islam script.

    To think that unity allows for diversity goes against what i used to think. If all is one then are all the same? We share the same orgin but not the same experiences. Even if the process of growth is the same with different reactants the result will be different. I wonder if all evolution is ultimately convergent.

    Is the synthesis of our economies just the beginning of the true synthesis of all cultures? Will the extent go beyond mutual recognition of sovereignity?

    As a collective there is interdependence. Will our society structure itself in such a way that no one power can cause the ruin of all the others.

    How is individual and collective power reconciled? That is law, but what is law? I think that law is social protocal or morality.

    Why is law so complicated? Perhaps because as a product of our social protocal, morality is only at this level.

    Is our economy primitive? Must we compete with each other to survive? Will we in the future?

  11. Dear Mr. Collins,
    Thanks of informing us again.

    A question if you allow (not ETs or alike).

    But, give us please your point of view about Dave Schmidt's claims about the so called 'private exchange' and about the 'funds are moving', about his latest posts including RV/GCR and 'Dragon Families'. (Not ETs).

    On other hand how do you consider there will be distributed the Global Collateral Accounts?

    Thanks for understanding.
    With Kindest Regards.

      1. Thanks! It is your opinion, and that is what I was asking for.
        If not to much, please give also a point of view concerning the Global Collateral Accounts. If there are, and how may there be distributed for the betterment of humanity.
        Kind regards.

  12. JC, it is very difficult to deliver a five punch combination. I can 'git 'er done' on a heavy bag, but have never been able to successfully connect one either in the ring or behind the bar. Mine rolls put like this, left jab to the head, right cross head, left hook body,left hook head, right cross head. I normally miss with the second left hook to the head, just can't get my opponents froze in place. However, in fairness to myself, if I can land the first two or three, the other two or three are not necessary, or sometimes I just get the shit kicked out of me. Always easier to have a plan to ride the tiger than to actually ride the tiger.

    I spent a couple of more paragraphs describing the verbal sparing that Susan and JC are engaging in, as a prize fight, but my better angels had me delete it. None of my business, and shouldn't be entertaining myself at other's expense. But I like the paragraph so I'm leaving it in.

    That said, I believe I should attempt to contribute something worthwhile or meaningful to the POM.

    Hmmmmmm, got nothing.
    Or maybe that's done.

    Oh, excuse me, now I remember what I was going to say. JC sometimes I will use a line or part of a line of yours in different places I post. For instance about a week ago I was posting something I called 'Evil Takes a Holiday' about corruption and used the line "Somebody should have told the Clinton's and the Bush's." that is real close to what you what you wrote cause I took from what you wrote.

    "Somebody should of told the Clinton's and other American political elite's who have suckled off the US dollar."

    For defense, I always post your FREEPOM articles on my FB where I post my stuff, and many more of my FB friends respond positive to your stuff than ever do to mine. Go figure, hehe.

    So my question to you is can you take a moment and offer me some advice and guidance beyond my conscience?


  13. "Financial and political corruption within American institutions will be semi-culled and the Trump brand will package and present America’s new international character as Make America Great Again. The untold truth of this slogan is that it aligns with the larger mandates of the multilateral transition."

    I did notice Trump went from building up the military so that no one will even think of attacking us to nobody is going to attack us and so we don't need all these bases and can instead spend money on infrastructure.

    "Somebody should have told Clinton and other American political elites who have suckled off the US dollar."

    She just suckled off 25 million from Soros. It would seem to me that Soros would be well aware of the whatever power is behind Trump.

    Is it the same power but a different faction? She has the media and present administration/military behind her and that is a pretty big power to deal with.

    The only power I see behind Trump is his ability to "trash" just about anybody in schoolyard terms.Not just anybody can get away with that.

    He is clown to some and to others a sport star.

    1. Not all of the $25 million went to Clinton. Some went to other candidates to help regain a majority in the senate. It doesn't specify amounts. It's a game with people like Soros hedging their bets. You're right, it is a big power to deal with. Power is never relinquished willingly. It requires the application of force and the resisters will waste a lot of money to maintain financial hegemony. The back and forth sway which is represented in the media is tiresome, but I keep coming back to Trump as the next stage presence. Maybe I'm wrong. Time will tell.

  14. J.C.,
    Thank you, for the post. I am considering the POM subscription offer.
    I do track with you, on most POM story lines, however, the U.S.A. returning back to " One Nation under God" any time soon, if ever, in my discernment, and philosophical world view, is a massive stretch of the imagination.
    I am a strict constructionist, and believe in The Constitution principles, our faith based Founding Fathers laid out for this nation.
    I am a Christian, and sincerely hope you are correct. As a famous talk show host, often says, I live in" realville" ! I see American culture rotting, and disintegrating at a rapid pace, helped along, and indoctrinated by, government, media, SJW, the radical left wing, Marxists, Global warming radicals, and the break down of the rule of law.
    Please explain your POM worldview, on this matter.
    Thank you,
    Ran Man

    P.S.: What direction are gold and silver heading in this Global realignment . reset?

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