October 7, 2014. _______________________________________________________________________



Oil Price War to Hit Both Sides


IMF Cuts Global Growth Forecast


Rare Lunar Eclipse on Wednesday


5.8 Quake Hits China's Southwest

Ebola Fear Increasing in Spain

WTO - Ebola Spread in Europe Unavoidable

Israel Fires Shell Into South Lebanon

US and Japan Discuss Trans-Pacific Partnership


October 3, 2014. _______________________________________________________________________



Putin Says Sanctions Bring China and Russia Closer


Possible Ebola in Toronto

Possible Ebola in Utah

UN Fears Virus Could Go Airborne

NBC Cameraman Diagnosed With Ebola in Liberia


JP Morgan Hacked, 83 Million Exposed

VP Biden Says US Forces EU Countries to Sanctions

US Backing of Hong Kong Protests Could Backfire

Privatization of Rosneft Oil Company


October 2, 2014. _______________________________________________________________________



Russia & Iran Lock NATO Out of Caspian Basin


Possible Ebola in Hawaii


Secret Tapes Pull Back Curtain on Goldman Sachs


Ebola-Stricken West African Economies Are Crashing

Dollar Aids World Economy Amid Currency War for Faster Inflation

Inflation Panic Will Kill the Recovery


October 1, 2014. _______________________________________________________________________


2nd Ebola Patient in Dallas

CDC Director, Dr. Thomas Frieden, speaks at the CDC headquarters in Atlanta

US Has First Ebola Patient


Shelling Puts Ukraine Truce at Risk

US and Russia Will Continue Cooperating on Anti-Terrorism and Space Exploration

Canada and Russia Cooperate on Artic Council

Fed Scrutiny Over Leveraged Loans and Bubble Concerns


September 30, 2014. _______________________________________________________________________



Yuan to Start Direct Trading With Euro as China Pushes Usage


China Gold Demand Surging Again


Indian PM to Obama: Will Support Inclusive World Order


Dollar Heads for Best Quarter in Six Years

China Expert Says Hong Kong Protests May Be Inspired by Anti-China Forces

Hong Kong Is Losing Premium Over Shanghai Stock Market


September 26, 2014. _______________________________________________________________________



Russia and Japan to Meet at APEC Summit


Vietnam - Three Men Sentenced to Death on Corruption Charges


Russian Draft Law Would Allow Seizure of Foreign Property

EU Plans No Sanctions Against Russia

EU Ready to Restore Trust With Russia

Russia Ready to Help Iraq Fight ISIS

China Won't Support Sanctions Against Russia


September 23, 2014. _______________________________________________________________________



US Airstrikes Against Syria

Russia - Airstrikes Violates Syria's Sovereignty

8 Civilians, Including 3 Children, Killed in US Strikes


Bank of China to Expand Presence in Europe


China Moves to Dominate Gold Market

China Demands Army to Be Ready to Win Regional War

ExxonMobile Isn't Leaving Russian Artic - Rosneft

U.S. Treasury Moves Against Tax-Avoidance 'Inversion' Deals

Ukraine Moving Artillery From Front Lines


September 22, 2014. _______________________________________________________________________



China is Trying to Build a New World Order - The Economist


Rosneft and ExxonMobile Continue Working Together in Kara Sea

Ebola Could Mutate into Airborne Form

Russia Calls for Shift Away from US Treasuries Into BRIC Bonds, Settlement in Non-Dollar Currencies

Huge Year on Year Increase in Super Rich Buying Gold


September 17, 2014. _______________________________________________________________________


One-kg 24K gold bars are displayed at the Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange Society in Hong Kong

China Advances Gold Exchange Launch, Singapore Delays Contract


Ebola Outbreak Could Last Years


US Pursues 134 Wars Around the World

China May Boost Gold Reserves

Russia Can Provide Gas for Europe and China

Spanish Prime Minister Warns Scotland, Catalonia Against Secession


September 16, 2014. _______________________________________________________________________



Ukraine Folds with Eastern Concessions


Bank of Russia Shuts Down Ukraine's Unex Bank


Russia’s Transneft: China Ready to Import 20 mln tns of Oil 2015


Biggest Banks Said to Overhaul FX Trading After Scandals

The Ebola Epidemic Silver-Lining: IMF Bailouts For Everyone


September 13, 2014. _______________________________________________________________________



Lavrov: US Fails to Set Whole World Against Russia

Russia, US Dialogue Possible if Washington Give Up Exceptionalism

German Parliamentarian:  Western Sanctions Against Russia a Step in the Wrong Direction


Pope Says World War is Underway

The Reemergence of Chinese Power

SCO Leaders Support Putin's Peace Plan for Ukraine

China, Russia, Mongolia to Create Economic Corridor

China, Russia to Jointly Face Economic Challenges - Xi

Ghost Cities in China Disappearing

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yGDj72Al0cI] _______________________________________________________________________

September 12, 2014. _______________________________________________________________________



West Pushing Russia Closer to China - China Daily


Warnings of Airborne Ebola


UK, Germany, and Now Turkey Refuse to Join US Coalition Against ISIS

Russia Warns Obama's "Two-Faced" Strategy In Syria Will Lead To "Huge Escalation In Middle East & Africa"


Russia to Adopt Response Measures if Ukraine’s Association Agreement Comes into Effect


New Form of Human May Evolve by 2050

Austria Reports 15% Lower Gas Supply from Russia

China, Russia Reported to Build Huge Seaport in North Asia


September 11, 2014. _______________________________________________________________________



Russia to Boost Cooperation with BRICS in Conditions of Economic Sanctions

Russia, China Consider Upping Period of Yuan Loans for Russian Businesses to 4-5 years

Cairo and Russia Discuss Free Trade Zone


Humans Could Be In The Middle Of A Huge Evolutionary Transition


Obama Orders U.S. Airstrikes in Syria Against Islamic State

China Asserts Paternal Rights Over Hong Kong

Stabbing with Syringe in Nigeria Raises Fears of Ebola as Weapon

The New Map Of The Ukraine Conflict Is Alarming


September 10, 2014. _______________________________________________________________________



First:  Russian Retaliation Begins: Gazprom "Limiting EU Gas", Cuts Poland Supplies By 24% In Past Two Days

Second: Poland Halts Reversed Deliveries of Russian Gas to Ukraine

And Propaganda:  Poroshenko Reports Russian Pullback as EU Mulls Sanctions


Russia Will Not Get Involved in Arms Race


Obama Briefs Congress on Islamic State Strategy

Chinese Premier meets leaders from Serbia, Denmark, Albania, Mali

China's Economy Can Avoid Hard Landing: Premier Li

Crimes of Ukrainian Aidar Battalion Confirmed in Amnesty Int’l Report

McDonald’s Suffers Worst Monthly Decline in More Than a Decade


September 9, 2014. _______________________________________________________________________



Ebola Spreading Exponentially

US Air Marshal in 'Quarantine' After Syringe Attack in Nigeria


Quebec and Scottish Independence


EU Ambassadors to Meet September 10 to Discuss Anti-Russian Sanctions

75 Years Since the Outbreak of WW2

Russian Missile Warning System Tracks Ballistic Missile Launch Towards Israel

Castro Says Dollar and Euro Dependent on Ruble and Yuan

The Coming Consolidation of Religions


September 8, 2014 _______________________________________________________________________


Putin, Poroshenko Discuss Steps Towards Further Peace Settlement in Ukraine


Russian Strategic Bombers Near Canada Practice Cruise Missile Strikes on US

Europe Goes "All In": Will Sanction Rosneft, Gazprom Neft And Transneft


Independent Scotland Cannot Join EU Without Central Bank

Egypt Ex-President Charged with Spying for Qatar, Faces Death Penalty

China and Argentina Agree to Currency Swap

British Markets Spooked by Scotland Independence

Higgs Boson Could Spell the End of the Universe


September 5, 2014. _______________________________________________________________________



Ukraine Ceasefire Deal Starting at 14:00 GMT Friday

NATO Responds to Ceasefire with Further Aggression

Donetsk, Luhansk Demands Withdrawal of Ukraine Troops


Rosneft, PetroVietnam Establish Joint Ventures


Argentina's Efforts at a Planned Economy

Euro Has Further to Fall

Ukraine NATO Membership Not Discussed

Russian General Demands Pre-Emptive Nuclear Strike Doctrine Against NATO 

Japan Imposes Sanctions Against Russia Under US Pressure

Western Sanctions Prompt Russia to Turn East in Search Partners       As planned.


September 4, 2014. ________________________________________________________________________



2014 NATO Summit - Live Updates

The logo of Russia's top crude producer Rosneft is seen on a price information board of a gasoline station in Moscow

Rosneft Acquires Morgan Stanley's Oil Interests


Al Qaeda Targets BRICS Member

Trader Who Scored $100 Million Payday Bets Shale Is Dud

China Calls for Immediate Cease Fire in Ukraine

Mongolia Wants China/Russia Gas Pipeline

The Whys Behind the Ukraine Crisis

Two Former Senators Are Helping a Russian Bank Fight U.S. Sanctions

Foreign Ownership of U.S. Government Debt Passes $6 Trillion


September 3, 2014 _______________________________________________________________________



                Exclusive: Icahn Sells Entire Stake in Family Dollar                          Sounds like someone knows that cheap goods from China may not be so cheap for much longer. - JC

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKdXOBoQFGY?feature=player_embedded]

NATO vs Russia (In 99 Seconds)


Putin Outlines Ceasefire Plan

Bretton Woods Two Lives On

U.S. Fed Adopts Basel 3 Regulations for American Banks

Russia Says World Must Aid Iraq and Syria

Ebola Deaths Top 1900, UN Says $600 Million Needed to Combat the Virus

U.S. Military Exercise in West Ukraine

France Only Postpones Delivery of Ships to Russia

Russia, Ukraine to Hold Gas Talks with EU on Sept 6



The Role of SDR Denominated Bonds - BIS Paper


September 1, 2014. _______________________________________________________________________



Russia and China Building Worlds Largest Gas Pipeline


Gazprom Delivers First Oil From Iraqi Field

Gazprom Neft has announced that first oil from the Badra oil field in Iraq is being delivered to Iraq’s main pipeline system. It will be transferred to the export terminal in Basra, Persian Gulf, the Russian company said. The level of current deliveries from Badra to the pipeline – over 15,000 barrels per day – will be maintained until the end of 2014. The consortium of investor companies will begin receiving a share of the oil produced at the field after a period of 90 days following the launch of commercial supply, according to the contract with the Iraqi government.


Russia and Economic Warfare

Pre-Planning for Sovereign Neutral SDR Bonds

The U.S. Is Now a Third World Country

Israel Announces Major West Bank Land Appropriation for Settlement

NATO Planning Rapid Deployment Force of 10,000 to Counter Russia


August 29, 2014. _______________________________________________________________________



Dethrone King Dollar - New York Times


JPMorgan Warns Military Escalation In Ukraine "May Lead To A Lehman-Style Shock"


Don't Mess With Nuclear Russia, Putin Says

Ebola Jumps to Senegal as Case Confirmed in Guinean Man

U.K. Wants EU to Block Russia From SWIFT Banking Network

Ecuador Heralds Digital Currency Plans

Western Sanctions Fail to Affect People of Iran, Russia

No One Would Even Think of Starting Large-Scale Conflict with Russia - Putin

Putin Says UN Needs to Reform

Russia Concerned About US Spy Flights Over Syria


August 28, 2014. _______________________________________________________________________



Vietnam & China Agree to Restore Relationship


British Columbia, Ontario to Cooperate on Yuan Trading Hub


China Vying for Caspian Basin Resources

"The meeting included general staff chiefs from Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. The military delegations have agreed on the importance of strengthening peace and stability in the region and advancing joint counter-terrorism activities."


UN Security Council Emergency Meeting on Ukraine

Russia Calls for International Committee Over US Riots

Lagarde to Explain Corruption Probe to IMF Board

China Vows Response to US Spy Flights

UN Says Ebola Cases Could Already Be 12,000

Russia May File Sanctions Lawsuit with WTO

Russian Gas Should Be Exempt from Sanctions says EU

Ebola Death Toll Tops 1500 - WHO

War Between Russia and the West is a Real Possibility

Pakistan Premier Refuses To Resign Amid Mass Protests

Tug of War in Washington Over ISIL

Liberia Will Use Robots to Battle Ebola



August 27, 2014. _______________________________________________________________________


China's Goals in the G20: Expectation, Strategy & Agenda



IMF Pill

An Analysis of the Policy Conditions Attached to IMF Loans




Russia's Gazprom Neft to Sell Oil for Rubles, Yuan


Russian Central Bank Bill to Create SWIFT Analog in Russia

Ukraine Not Joining NATO.  Yet.

Russian Helicopter Shot Down in South Sudan

Pro-Russian Militia Making Advances Against Ukrainian Troops

Western Sanctions Push Russia, China Closer; Hurt Dollar

Vietnam Envoy on China Visit to Break Deadlock

ASEAN, China to Negotiate Free Trade Area Upgrade

China to Replace Google and Microsoft

Ex-Rothschild Banker Replaces France Economic Minister

Did Russia Hack JP Morgan?

U.S. Seeking Support for Syria Strike

Pentagon Has No Plans to End Spy Flights Near China

IMF's Lagarde Under Investigation In France Over Corruption

Merkel Slams US Hegemony

China, Zimbabwe Ink Slew of Cooperation Deals

BRICS On High Alert for Ebola

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  1. Re: Pre-Planning for Sovereign Neutral SDR Bonds

    JC, if SDR bonds will be in such high demand, why is it necessary to ban purchases of other bonds? Thanks for these links. They really sharpen the focus.

  2. Europe Goes "All In": Will Sanction Rosneft, Gazprom Neft And Transneft

    This article is interesting JC. How will this effect recent joint venture deals between Russia and France, Russia and Vietnam and Russia and China?



    British markets spooked by poll showing Scots may vote to break up UK

    Since Scotland can't join the EU unless they have a Central Bank one must wonder if its all a show to install a CB or is it a form of strong arm tactics to force them to install a CB. I guess if they get their independence and then we see some sort of threat hit them then we will know the answer.



    Higgs Boson could spell the end of the universe - Stephen Hawking

    I apologize if you are a fan of Stephen Hawking but the man has never set right in my heart. People have always flocked to him like he is the pope of science. I don't think its a coincidence that they are calling it the "God particle" which is in "dark matter" its the same old light/dark, good/evil pattern tricking people.

    It seems more plausible that if we explore the dark matter that it would undermine the religious beliefs that hold individual groups together.

    Or walking more out on a limb its the beginning of the next religion. Think about it for a moment. We have super computers now that can compile all the religious beliefs of the world and pull similarities from each one out to form a new religious belief which encompasses all old religious beliefs. What better way than yet further outward.

    By the way didn't they say similar things about nuclear energy and nuclear weapons at some point? So its an old theory inside of a new theory. Of course I reference this vacuum expanding at the "speed of light theory." How can anyone know about the speed of light if we cannot make anything faster thereby we are incapable of making anything that can measure faster speeds? I just don't get it. Did you know Einstein couldn't tie his shoes? I bet Velcro would have been invaluable to him.


    Hope all is well JC. Thank you for the links:-)

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