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  1. I must persist in demurring from your description of Christianity as the institutions themselves, be it the Catholic Church or Protestant schisms, synods, and the like. These are satanic constructions, regardless of the good intentions of their adherents, inevitably tied to works and financial extraction, not Grace.

    Though these institutions undeniably exist and hold great sway over the spiritually immature, the true Christian religion is a direct relationship between the individual and divine. The only purposes for local churches, the only ones seen in the New Testament, was for the sharing and teaching of scriptural truths, and for the social interaction of the like minded.

    Without the divinity of Christ, you devolve to humanist self worship, and the inevitable depravity resident therein. Just watch the news and you’ll see it, if it doesn’t directly touch your person.

  2. Great vid. Such a really deep rabbit hole, I’m satisfied in must be gone down, but, wow. JC once again you show the courage of your convictions, readership be damned.

    I can’t count the number of “Bloody Mary’s” I’ve had in the mornings, snapped the crisp celery between my teeth and never had a moment’s thought about the Queen Mary and her short but bloody reign. I’ll never be able to drink one again without thought of the 1550’s England piercing through the foggy cloud of my hangover. Hey bartender how about another? Make this one a double, I got thinking to do about Queen LIz1 and her 40 plus year reign, wherein she exhibited the foresight to thwart the advances of her sisters stud king Philippe of Spain and then call on the Gods to defeat his armada. And through the wisdom of diplomacy, detente, and comprise managed, managed I say, to make England into a protestant nation, and launch what was and is still in a sense, if you will, an empire that the sun never sets on. My kind of girl.

    What a rabbit hole, God bless you JC, take it on.

  3. Absolutely EXCELLENT JC, really enjoyed watching this a few times already. I think your voice is excellent and it carries a mysterious energy which is very appealing and particularly for such esoteric moving pictures. It is strong, reassuring and precise. As a listener, it conveys the message without any doubt.
    I am sure you can make a movie from each of your posts. I look forward to more of your fantastic creations.
    Loved it, Thank YOU

  4. I’ve been chomping at the bit, oh the hell, spit the bit.

    I normally wait until your postings have 15 or 20 comments before I reply. But anymore that just ain’t happening. It doesn’t seem anybody much cares about what you have to say or not. JC, you can barely get 15 or 20 comments , responses, your ‘FREEPROM’, can’t even give your best away. Vid’s may be your answer, but I doubt it, your dead in the water. Think I like saying this? In a way, but not entirely. I mean really, you still are the only paid site I subscribe to, I demand my monies worth. Have you alienated others with your precious ‘protest tes sinners’, rhetoric? You don’t bother me, I know who and what that is about. I said it in the past I will say it again. In a minute.

    Your pretty good on the money side of things, but you did not really see crypto coming. Show me a post from 9 months ago about it, show me a post of yours a year or two ago about it. I remember bitcoin at $4.00 dollars, talking about it then with friends, then buying silver at $30.00, kiss my stinking ass. You were kind of correct about gold, but crypto, come on man, you never saw it coming. Sure your on the bandwagon now. But who the hell isn’t? Tell me something new, like where is that Yuan, SDR thing playing into all this?

    I remember one time I called you a heathen blood sacrificing pagan. Your best fan and a friend ‘a true gentleman’ named Alan, lept to your defense with a bunch of how dare yous and attacked my flimsy research techniques. I believe I used Wikipedia, hehe. Alan was correct of course and backed it with some deep research to prove me wrong. My stubborn refused to apologize, even after admitting I could be wrong. You, JC stepped in and settled the dust up by saying we were both gentlemen in our own way. Thanks for that. Alan was great person and a wonderful mind, I miss him, I’ve asked about him in the past, to no avail. So I’m convinced he has entered into that goodnight, If I may eulogy, I say he did not go easy. The days I had the pleasure to interact with him, those were liviley days. Like this site used to be.

    I swore from that ‘dust up’ to attempt to be a ‘true gentleman’ from that point on. Even taking on old world address, such as Dear, My Man and so forth, closing accordingly. I’m glad I did, changed things for a minute, not so much anymore, as it should be, those days are gone, dead, a minor memory, needed no more, nevermind. Still I press, like a byterian.

    PewDiePie, I brought him and his fifty million subscribers and three to four million hits a day up here before, a couple of times, I think, maybe more. Never-the-less the members discounted him by saying he is more than likely fudging the numbers, yeah right, give me a break. I can’t believe he does what he does with shit like this.
    But Can You do This

    But he does, he got over 5 million views with this. Somebody please help me. WTH is going on here?

    Never-the-less he has a virtual army here, I just noticed he now has 60 million subscribers, sure he is fudging the numbers. Mr. PewDiePie has the most viewed utube channel in the world. It is a big world with billions of people so maybe that ain’t all that, get the fuck outta here, that is huge. What does it mean? Nothing? I don’t think so, it means something, I wish I knew what.

    Now then back to the business at hand, and those Catholic V those Protestants. Same bunch, different garp and more than willing to work together when the aim suits them. What is the aim? World empire and dominion, who gets there first and can stay on top, that’s their main concern. Tactics and strategy varied.

    As I said before transport, the shipping of souls hindered the first of the old world invasion of the new world, so in order to conquer and maintain dominion the Spanish, Italian Catholics had to go to fucking them, the natives I mean, create Mexicans. Don’t you see? Otherwise they will soon enough figure it out, rise up and defeat you. Their numbers were to small, they should thank their lucky stars, what they brought with them were lonely and horny soldiers. South of the border down Mexico way and all the way south to the ice became a Catholic stronghold and remains so today. The lowlife sob’s were willing to fuck their way in, a lot of killing on the way. So what? What the fuck?

    In the meantime and meantimes they were. the Catholic brothers, those proud Protestants set sail and cast their coveting eyes a bit further north, why not they were used to the cold, upon an “empty land.” empty of farms, industry, and organized government, fuck a few savage people and their sense of nobility in the way. Heard this from me before? It gets better, I been working on it.

    After buying some nice islands or two for a few beads on the dollar(pound) and taking some other nice chunks (states) for fun and some new white pussy, they figured it out, we can take the rest by treaty and gun. No need to breed with these dumb savages. What then half breeds? A bunch of Mexicans running around. Fuck that, we got, bank, we got cannon, we got shipping, now, we can transport all the souls we need. We have our new Atlantis, stir in some revolution, some civil war, and manifest destiny . I’ll be damned if this doesn’t look like a WASP paradise from sea to shining sea. Cut a deal give the Queen, Canada, same game for her. Looky here now, good job, WASP Boy.

    There was a time we could of not done better from a pure WASP perspective, our man President Polk to the front. Some could argue by that time the Catholic Jesuits had infiltrated the seats of power, perhaps, but I suggest only to the point of cooperation with their brother Postestants with the same goal in mind, they will sort it all out later. P. Polk, Scott/Irish says enough of the blend. P. Polk was not Catholic.

    P. Polk was the man, in one term(like P.Trump, one term, he will run Ivanka in 2020)he added the missing pieces of the New Atlantist Dream from ‘sea to shining sea.’ After offering some pennies on the dollar for Texas, New Mexico and California and being turned down, it was war and gun boat diplomacy.With a gun to their heads in the halls of Montezuma with the hapless Mexican army in tatters, was penned and signed the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, giving to the good old , I mean good new USA over a half million square miles of territory, including all the lands of CA, AZ, NM, CO, UT, NV, and WYO. Talk about the art of the deal, P. Trump could learn some from old P. Polk. That WASP had stinger.

    I’ve heard it said the the Marines that landed at the port of Veracruz and fought their way to Mexico City were Jesuit trained. As are all Marines today, with shaved heads and a boot camp that was designed to develop a soldier that will followed orders to the tee. I have also heard it said that P.Polk should of taken all of Mexico and the Baja. Why not? Nice piece of property, coastline galore and a southern border ending at the Panama. A border no wider than a canal. Granada was in play we could of had it. I wonder if perhaps the Pope would not allow it??

    It’s been said that during one brillant term that P.Polk accomplished a feat that other presidents would consider impossible. In securing this expansion P.Polk did not consider the likely effects this would have on Mexicans or Native Americans. That ignorance can be debated on moral grounds, but it cannot take away P. Polk’s stunning political achievement. It is rumored that Sam Houston said of P.Polk, with some derision, that P.Polk “thinks water is a beverage.”

    So what now? I do not know, but I also overheard a profound conversation between Santa Anna and his Capitan Poncho, that went something like this.

    Poncho; Santa, my Dear Santa, what the hell have we done? We gave almost half the country away.

    Santa; I know Poncho, I know, but you know I never signed the damned treaty. that was done by by those cockroach politician’s Couto, Cuevas and Atristain. Not me man , not me.

    Poncho; Si, Santa but wasn’t there something you could do?

    Santa; Not really Poncho, I understand they had pistolas in their ears. Besides you need to understand something, we were getting our asses kicked. The gringo, the fucking gringo is one loco hombre. He fights to the death for his God and country. Beyond that he works, he is like a beaver.

    Poncho; What do you mean My Dear Santa.

    Santa; Poncho, you have to see this gringo to believe it. He works from can’t see to can’t see. Building, building, building, everything everywhere. Homes, farms, ranches, bridges, canals, roads and railroads, telegraph lines, on and on and on. Building, building, building, always building, he is driven, he is loco en la cabeza.

    Poncho; Really Santa, really?

    Santa; No shit Poncho, on and on and on. No Siesta, no fiesta. They work in 120 degree weather and below zero like it is nothing. Fools, loco , fools they are.

    Poncho; Son of a bitch, Santa.

    Santa; I know Poncho, I know.

    Poncho; What are we going to do, Santa?

    Santa; Well here’s what I suggest Poncho. Relax Poncho just relax, go home make love to your pretty wife, make many children and relax. One day, someday we will go home. We will go by the millions, we will go home. Let the crazy gringo work himself to death. when he has built the canals, the dams, the roads and farms and ranches, we will go home. I promise you Poncho, we will go home.

    Poncho; Really Santa, Really?

    Santa; Yes Poncho really. In the meantime walk with me down to the corrals and the stables. I want to show you the beautiful palominos and silver inlaid saddles the gringo gave me.

    PewDiePie gets 3 to 4 million hits with silly shit like this

  5. I check in with PewDiePie about once every six months. I believe he is some kind of crazy phenomena I’m trying to understand. Maybe I never will, still I find it interesting that he does what he does as silly as it looks to me or you. He appeals to huge numbers of young people I’m just trying to understand why.


  6. Everything JC has written here over the past years arms us with the knowledge to now this answer Peter.

    It’s part of keeping the masses dumbed down. The youth of the day don’t understand the difference between happiness and joy. So they invest in what ever makes them feel happy. Being silly when we are young makes us feel happy.

    This is how we begin giving up our sovereignty.

    We know your not a silly one Peter. Lol.

    1. I beg to differ My Dear Dane
      Perhaps I’ve spent a little more time among this Gen Z to see something beyond their apparent silliness. I suggest their grasp of tech well prepares them for a blockchain future, including government structure and a less confrontational stance between a spiritual concept than the old world provides.

      But then that’s just me.

      Your contrian friend

  7. Patterns and their wonderment, symbolic teachings and the mystery of the property’s within them, leave most but under the spell of them. It challenges the most stalwart of minds, entire confrontation. It will make you fucking crazy, you ain’t careful.

    I enjoin all to view, study, and research the award winning movie,”A Beautiful MInd,” And then tell me fine minds can not be made nuts. Patterns and their wonderment, symbolic teachings and the mystery of the property’s within them. It should not be the demise, but the beginning.(nice opening with you under that pyramid, JC)

    My most recent pattern recognition connects the JC video with the “Bloody Mary” and my previous statement concerning sis Liz1, “She’s my kind of girl” to what we are living in today. I summit that what we are witnessing, in, an by participation or not, is a cycle, a pattern if you will,of an ancient battle between forces led by the Catholic v Protestants factions that has waged war, for at the very least, 500 or more years.

    On the way to our seats at certain sporting events I’ve attended I’ve been offered a program, giving all perpinent info, including, who’s playing who, their standing in league, stats and so on. Ya’ll know what I mean. So this for you, minus much detail.

    Team name WASP. Led by quarterback P.Trump
    Team name POPAS. led by quarterback P. Frank
    Top runningbacks
    The Generals for team WASP
    The Alphabets for team POPAS
    Top recievers
    The Military intelligence for team WASP
    The deep state for team POPAS
    The offensive line
    The rule of law for team WASP
    The rule of raw power team POPAS
    The defensive line
    The fact of abundance for team WASP
    The false of scarcity for team POPAS

    Prognostication and a pre-game interview with a student of the great oddsmaker , JIMMY THE GREEK, our own PTM.

    Bob Costaas; Welcome everybody, welcome to the big game. We have about an hour before it starts, and with us we have the world famous oddsmaker PTM(he bought silver at $30)to give his insight into the game. So how do you see the game Mr. PTM?

    PTM; Please just call me T., Bobby boy.

    B/C: I will if you will quit calling me boy.

    PTM; Well, ahhhaaa, well ok I will, let’s move on. It’s a big game with a lot at risk here. To my way of looking at it there is a important dynastic dynamic in play that could change the future of this sport for many years to come.

    B/C; How’s that?

    PTM; To begin to understand we most look back past the great sports rivals of just the USA and to use a word plied in those days, ‘harken’, back 500 plus years to the days of Queens.

    B/C; Do you mean Freddie Mercury?

    T.; Oh boy, I’m not calling you boy, just saying. No I’m talking about the Bloody, the Scot and the Virgin. And the 50 years the same teams we have today are playing back into the 17teenth century.

    B/C; Right your talking about soccer, huh?

    T.; Ok Bob I see your right, but, just not fully understanding the fundamentals involved. So for those who do let me just say, I’m laying 333 to 666 the WASP P. Trump team wins this game.

    B/C; Your a point off.

    T.; No Bob, I’m pint short.

    B/C; Huh?

    T.; What I was saying is sometimes these teams lay down for each other for the betterment or raising up of the league. You know for audience participation, ad revenue, money, you understand. But at other times it comes to a head and then they really have to play. Think war, big war, the biggest wars, yeah that’s them two. We are now attending that game.

    B/C: Huh?

    T.; PLease listen. Look to the prize. The Lombardi if you will.

    B/C; Ok, I think I got that, so what can we look for in this game to turn the tide one way or the other.

    T.; Good question Bob, I’m so proud to be here, being interviewed by such a pro as yourself. You cut to the chase , I like that.(hehe) In answer to your excellent question, I say two things. The kingship of the Black Americans and the techno kids of the world.

    B/C; Whoa now, wasn’t it your mentor ‘JIMMY THE GREEK’ that lost his ass talking about the superior athleitic abilities of the blacks, being because they were bred up by the healthiest mamas and the strongest stud slaves?

    T.; Indeed JIMMY was my man, enough excuses have been made to try and explain away what he said. But here is the thing JIMMY believed what he said and made his odds accordingly. Do you understand? His belief that ‘bigger thighs’ made better athletes played into what teams he would pick to win. Can’t you understand? He made money with what he believed, even as what he believed was wrong. Bigger thighs make better athletes, slavery and how they were bred in the USA had nothing to do with it. They came here as physical kings, with ‘bigger thighs’ slavery only bred them down. If team Trump can find a way to encourage them to reclaim their kingship, and take them out of their doldrums they will help to win this particular game. If not, they may very well find a way to defeat it, and themselves.

    B/C; Just a minute T. your walking a fine line, or maybe your own gangplank here.

    T.; Watch the movie, Muhammad Ali, WHEN WE WERE KINGS, to get an idea what I’m talking about. These Kings went out on their shields. Ali, Frazier, Norton, Big Cat Williams and many, many more brown, white black and blue fighters left that ring with all their brains scrambled. Saying duh. The Black man has always been the superior athlete, face it. Let them face the fact that does not make them them the superior man. We are all equal in our separate ways.

    Now as to the techno kids. That’s a trickier busisness, they are a special matter, because they are special team players. They do not subscribe to the programming of the old world. They are writing the programs to the new world. they can’t be coached, they seem amok, almost silly in their memes, games and strange humor. Still I believe they are a player to watch.

    B/C; Ok my produces are telling me it is time to go to break. So.

    T.; Bob you and your producers promised me a full 10 minutes, I’ve only been here 7.

    B/C; OK, nice talking with u T., got to go.

    T.; But, but, but…..


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