A New Confirmation of the POM Thesis

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Former IMF Deputy Director Mohamed El-Erian has published a piece with Project Syndicate which all but confirms the thesis which we have been discussing here on Philosophy of Metrics for years. The call for a broader use of the SDR is not the surprising part. What is surprising is El-Erian’s suggestion that the growing anti-globalization political movements and trade protectionism should be the call to implement a “stronger multilateral core for the world economy” which would “reduce the risk of damaging fragmentation”.

Readers will pick up on the reference to the “new modern nationalism” theme which I have suggested would be used as the springboard to further advance the transformation of the international monetary framework. The use of the word “fragmentation” is also a strong reference to the deeper articles which exist here on POM.

El-Erian’s full article reads like a POM contribution. The multiple sources which I have used over the years to trend and analyze the information, along with some educated conjecture, spans across a large spectrum. The working papers of the international institutions, central banks, national treasury departments, non-governmental organizations, independent world-class economists, think tanks, and groups like Project Syndicate, have all provided pieces and knowledge from which the full thesis has been developed.

The articles reference to the use of the “new modern nationalism” to force the acceptance of the SDR is the first non-POM confirmation I have seen of this particular aspect of our thesis. This is rewarding and encouraging for all of us, as it is extremely suggestive of the accuracy of the information which we review here.

Long time reader Dane brought the article to my attention and noted that it touched on some of the more detailed and process oriented aspects of the POM thesis. These are best summarized in the article with the following passage:

Areas of focus would include using the SDR for some bond issuance and trade transactions, developing market infrastructure (including payments and settlement mechanisms), improving valuation methodologies, and gradually developing a yield curve for SDR-denominated loans and bonds. This would also help to leverage the inter-connectedness of the SDR’s roles, in order to reach critical mass quickly and have a foundation for further incremental gains.”

But the piece didn’t stop there. It went on to describe another important piece of POM conjecture regarding the BRICS institutions as being established to work within the IMF framework. Though the piece doesn’t state BRICS by name, the following quote would strongly suggest that such an alignment between institutions is a workable and possible path forward:

While it is not easy to combine developmental and commercial activities, the implications for global growth and stability of not doing so suggest that it is an effort that should be explored. Moreover, the IMF could start small, focusing on interactions with other official multilateral and regional institutions, sovereign wealth funds, and multinational financial companies – all anchored by an active coalition of the willing among the G20.

Some readers may recall POM articles such as Meet the Asian Monetary Fund which was published on August 25, 2015, which stated the following:

The idea of a region specific Asian Monetary Fund (AMF) was first suggested by Japan in September, 2007, and was supported by all members of the ASEAN+3.  The idea was to pool foreign exchange reserves which would meet the demands of the Chiang Mai Initiative, which would later be called the Chiang Mai Initiative Multilateralization (CMIM).”

“The idea of the AMF was originally opposed by the United States and the IMF based on the assumption that it would be a straight duplication of what was already established within the International Monetary Fund itself, but the need to establish the new initiatives described above, namely:

Regional Economic Surveillance
2. Regional Liquidity Support Facility (Chiang Mai Initiative)
3. Local Currency Bond Market Development

…could not be ignored and a sustainable regional approach and implementation of effective initiatives would have to move forward before the monetary framework imbalances could be corrected.”

“The CMIM was a contentious issue between Japan and China based on the fact that voting powers would be defined and established based on the financial contributions of members.  The negotiations on the Chiang Mai Initiative Multilateralization were protracted but would eventually lead to an agreement where both countries, one a stout American ally, and the other the largest holder of external US debt, would contribute equal amounts of 32% for equal voting powers.”

“As such, the initial framework and structure of the CMIM, including financial contributions of member countries, and associated voting powers, was defined as represented in the following chart.  This is the basis for the forthcoming Asian Monetary Fund.”

“The CMIM also contains a portion which is linked to the IMF.  This fact is the undeniable reality of the direct connection and multilateral planning which exists between international institutions like the IMF, and the Asian institutions which are being developed.”

“The IMF delinked portion does need to be expanded and increased so CMIM members can use the emergency lending component without going to the IMF, as that proved challenging and non-effective in the crisis of 1997 – 1998.”

“Currently the delinked portion is set at 30%, but will be increased to 40% to accommodate the volatility which will come with the Fed rate increase in September.  The chart below defined the quota amounts of each member country along with the IMF delinked portions.

The reference made by El-Erian in the Project Syndicate article is a clear reference to the CMIM and the further alignments which can be made throughout the BRICS New Development Bank and Contingent Reserve Arrangement with the International Monetary Fund and World Bank.

The POM articles have provided us with the blueprint for the transformation but the process itself takes so long that we can lose focus at times. The details and complex nature of this multilateral transition are mind-numbing and somewhat lacking in excitement when it comes to emotion-laced headlines.

Which is why it is important to reflect upon the information when we encounter articles like this one. It gives us a sense of confirmation that we are indeed on the correct path and provides us the strength to not click on the doom and gloom headlines which are full of misleading and simplified information. – JC

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  1. I am finding there are many things that I am reading from a variety of sources that seem to have POM tracking along in the shadows – yet ready to appear any moment in a big “TA-DA!” I’ll be thinking,”JC was writing about that!” I try to tell everyone about the “New Modern Nationalism” theme since it is so deceptive in purporting to replace Globalism but being the same…Deception – esp in the redefining of words and history – is what I seek to uncover since it is ramping up like never before imo…I appreciate you JC! Glad to be tracking along with you and the members of POM! Even the comments are incredible here 🙂 Thanks for being YOU!

  2. Thanks JC. Seems I was a bit off…or lacking in the reflecting part :). I struggle with having patience. I’ll regroup and work on that but thanks for picking me up.

    I love the photo you chose…it takes me back to a magical experience 🙂

  3. I allow that this question is some what off the wall, but that is not anything new for me. Does the idea that Syria, Iran and north Korea do not have central bank membership have anything to do with all the tension that surrounds the issues we are witnessing? In other words this one world currency dose not work if all are not on board. And can this planet be successfully managed with this much obvious psychopathy involved??

    1. Hi Pieter,

      May I say that your questions are absolutely valid excellent and they are questions that goes through my mind and I am sure most people. I can tell you that in the three countries you mentioned there is no McDonald’s or KFC either, we may therefore call them pariah states for that reason amongst others 🙂

      Syria’s importance is over the issue of competition over a gas pipeline from Qatar which potentially changes any influence of Russia (and Iran) in providing gas to Europe for many decades. Russia in this configuration keeps the pecking order over Iran which has the largest gas reserves in the world i.e. Russia sells her own gas or may buy Iranian gas cheap and sell it higher. Iran also shares a gas field in the middle of the Persian Gulf which Qatar steals (because it is not under an embargo like Iran is!) and the money funds a cabal that run the Qatar sovereign funds, to fund private armies (that employs mercenaries for other people’s wars and aggressions) as well as wealth beyond imagination. If you ever happen to be in London, the famous department store Harrods belongs to this cabal…that’s only a small pocket change for them.

      Iran was set up by the CFR as a globalist project in 1979 when the CFR/Trilaterals removed the nationalist leader of Iran and brought in an Islamist brutal mullah to power as a tool of their long term project of creative chaos in the region. As such Iranian Islamist regime is a stooge of the globalist cabal despite occasional rhetorics. I can safely say, North Korea was created with the same aim in mind i.e. creative chaos which ensures a hostile regime next to it’s other half (South Korea) thereby ensuring sales of armament for decades and potential wars which will make the stock prices for the killing machine corporations jump accordingly.

      Finally, your excellent question,
      “can this planet be successfully managed with this much obvious psychopathy involved??”

      I think everything we see and hear is the creation of the psychopaths such as this one:
      “United Nations Elects Saudi Arabia to Women’s Rights Commission”…this was the news today and it should be treated as a sick joke!

      I also think this 9 minute clip of a recent Dutch banker interview and the accompanying commentary really explains the depth of psychopathy fully:


  4. Ray Fox

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    Kremlin Advisor Reveals ‘Cure For US Aggression’

    Putin’s advisor also believes that Donald Trump is just “doing what the ruling elite expects him to do”

    By Sergey Konkov
    April 23, 2017 “Information Clearing House” – April 21. /TASS/. The only way to stop the United States’ aggression is to get rid of dollar addiction, a Kremlin advisor said on Friday.

    “The more aggressive the Americans are the sooner they will see the final collapse of the dollar as the only way for the victims of American aggression to stop this aggression is to get rid of the dollar. As soon as we and China are through with the dollar, it will be the end of the United States’ military might,” Sergey Glazyev said in an interview with TASS.

    Commenting on the policy of the new US president, Glazyev noted that Donald Trump is doing what the ruling elite expects him to do.

    “I had no illusions about him, that he will change the policy. First, America’s aggressiveness in the world is rooted in the aspiration to preserve America’s hegemony in a situation when they have already ceded leadership in the economy to China,” he said.

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    “The United States has no tools to make all others use the dollar other than a truncheon. That is why they are indulging in a hybrid war with the entire world to shift the burden on their debts onto other countries, to confine all to the dollar and weaken territories they cannot control.”

    “In this context, the anti-Russian hysteria and growing Russophobia can be seen as a long-term factor linked with the specific interests of the United States’ ruling elite,” the Kremlin advisor said.

    “In objective terms, they are conducting a global hybrid war and in subjective terms, this war is aimed against us. More to it, as it always happens when a global leader is changed, the war is for control over rimland nations. In the period of WWI and WWII, Britain acted as a provoker in a bid to keep its global leadership. Now the United States is doing the same. And Trump expresses these interests,” he said.

    © Sergey Konkov/TASS

    This article was first published by TASS

    The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Information Clearing House.

  5. My goodness and gracious, how I appreciate this site. It is when I drill down and give it a “kiss” Keep It Simple Stupid, I get the most out of what the POM represents. Where to start.

    Kudos to My Man Dane, giving it all for us, contributing links that fit like a glove over JC’s fist of force. Don’t think for a moment the information found here is not powerful. ‘Bout to make a man out of me .

    My Dear Carpe Diem, thank so much for reminding me of the days when the Shah, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was flying around the world all but bumping into that Florida gangster Meyer Lansky who was also looking for a place to die. Just to think CIA put them both in there to begin with sometime in the fifties. Mayer in Cuba, the Shah in Iran.Got a feeling Lansky and the Shah got the short end of the stick in the end. Still you know what, they all knew the game when they get in the game I’ll give them their children got well off. As an aside did you know the Shah never did abdicate?

    I understand the value of the pipe lines to a degree, still I struggle with the idea of all three of their last stand bank position. N. Korea and it’s buffer zone’s worth and just a tension point for China and Russia to lever. It seems like Obama declared Iran an important player and sent them enough money to make sure they were. That wasn’t his decision, I betcha. Ahhaagg, what like 200 nations out of 203 nation are on board, but these three trouble spots aren’t? I’m thinking they are levers that will determine who will have the advantage. As JC showed us how the US gained advantage in the Bretton Woods days when legal language and some duplicity ruled the day. If my memory serves me JC explained then that they knew that (I’m sure I’m going to misspell this ) the Tiffen effect would in time imbalance the books. Still they pushed ahead with it knowing that BW would allow some to greatly advantage the system. Same gang, same game, now I believe the battle is over points , of interest,, at this time I ‘m feeling the empty zeros are so big .001 is in the trillions.

    Yeah you busted me Dane. I follow #pizzagate/pedogate and watched the Dutch banker, and followed him up on a body language site I like, Bombards, sorry Dane, I do not know how to provide links. Never-the-less I did not need Bombard to show me he was telling the truth. What I found fascinating, intriguing, and most disturbing was when his body sang while he was describing making deals. God forgive me Baby, I saw more than just a glance of myself, My life was one of a high pressure salesman, I was the the guy they brought in to close, to seal the deal. I found money that wasn’t there and leaned hard on ’em. I stood my foot on their necks, stretched ’em out, and twisted their tails until they bought .My body would seem to sing while doing it and even talking about it in recall still gives me a sense of , damn I’m stuck here, is it pride or shame? Sum bitch if it don’t feel a like pride. What manner of man I be. So I guess and my best guessing is I thank whatever God’s may be for their forgiving nature. Something was wrong, alcoholism and drug addiction drove me out of the game. I still have the hospital gowns that I escaped in, more than once, pulling those tubes and stick on plugs off on my way out. I’d put those ass showing gowns on backwards and walk on out ,blood, streaming down my arms. Some would say ‘Hey man where you think your going” I would tell them “home’ shake my fist at them and go on to the house. I always had a way. As a mater of fact I still have 2 foot by 2 foot handkerchiefs I scissored out of them gowns. Believe or not some folks I meet or have to my house recognize them for what they are. We get to laughing about the circumstances that allowed them to see what I had in my hand. Crazy old world isn’t it.

    At this point the comment section is at a perfect point for me to leave the page and get back to a word press blog page I just opened. Hell yeah it is about time I attempt to suffer others.

    Thank you JC, thank you Jeddy warrior, Wow Marioa, Sidir a man with a plan, I like that. mfox sure admire your surfing style. Looking forward to seeing you all on the next wave.

    1. Thank you Pieter, If I may, I wish to make a small correction in your note regarding the Shah of Iran.

      Shah’s father ascended the throne (Peacock Throne), in December 1925 and ruled until August 1941 when Iran (or Persia as it was named by the Westerners then!) was invaded by the British from the south and the Soviets from the north. They occupied Iran to provide the Soviets via the newly completed trans-Iranian railway with weapons and food so they could fight the Nazi Germany. The young prince Mohamad Reza Shah Pahlavi was at that time in the Tehran Army training school and he was only 21 years old. The invaders i.e. the allies with much push by the British were hoping for a less nationalist leader as Reza Shah and they had already decided to send the king (Shah’s father) to exile, which they did. Reza Shah was sent to exile to Maurice islands and later to Johannesburg where he did in exile.
      After much wrangling between the Iranian diplomatic service of the era with the Brits, the allies agreed that the young prince Mohamad Reza Shah Pahlavi to ascend the throne which he did in September 1941.
      As you can see clearly here, there was no CIA involvement despite popular beleif in 1941. Remember the year is 1941 when there was no CIA, not even an OSS. As such, the Shah was the legitimate leader of a sovereign country and the Mossadegh the prime minister of Iran was ousted in 1953 after 2 years of total disservice to Iran and Iranian people with the backing of the Americans. In case you are interested to know more about the subject of the removal of Mossadegh in1953 and the operation Ajax, I will be happy to expand.

      The Shah of Iran was deposed by the CIA in 1979 however, when the Pan-Islamism was born by the arrival of Khomeini. The radicalization of the entire region and the later Shia/Sunni antagonism within the two branches of Islam was also instigated by individuals and cabals, namely a Mr Berzinsky. The era prior to 1979 was a radically different world when the Soviets even conducted with etiquette and right now, we are in a period of infinite chaos which nothing is in it;s correct place and anything goes. Only God almighty can help the human race…

    2. Thank you Peter. I wish you the best with our coming blog page and as JC mentioned please give us a link when you figure out how 🙂 You’re quite a fellow and have a wonderful character regardless of how hard you are on yourself for your past. Water under the bridge man….water under the bridge. What’s truly important is that you saw your reflection when you looked. Forgiveness seems to come in the change after we accept who we are…or where, and what or who we become from there.

      Hey so you won’t be commenting here anymore? Yep I’m kind of attached to your character so thank you for sharing.

      I came here today to post a quote from Manly P Hall. Seems it fits nicely right here…although I am commenting it to you it applies to all fellow POMers.

      “What nobler relationship than that of friend? What nobler compliment can man bestow than friendship? The bonds and ties of the life we know break easily, but through eternity one bond remains — the bond of fellowship — the fellowship of atoms, of star dust in its endless flight, of suns and worlds, of gods and men. The clasped hands of comradeship unite in a bond eternal — the fellowship of spirit.”

  6. @Carpe Diem – Do go on. I was under the impression the Shah was replaced by his son as the latter was less hostile towards the west and for reasons related to the operations of Anglo-Iranian oil, which would later become BP, or some large part of it, and had long since been active in the region. Though I’d also been led to believe the 1979 revolution and the replacement of the shah with the Ayatollah put Iranian oil back under national control, which led to the US arming Saddam and the Iraq-Iran war, which in turn led to the west double crossing Saddam and his boycott of the petro-dollar system.

    What you say about Islamic oppressors installed by the CIA and the invasion by Russia and Britain to create a supply route makes sense as these things tend to be multi-layered and as such can be spun and viewed from many angles, yet the new information raises more questions than it answers and I find myself even more confused about Iran and its history, not to mention the present situation. Be interested to hear what you see coming for the nation in the years ahead?

    1. Thank you Wayne, I appreciate the complexity that all the events in the region is presenting to you and many natives of this vast, ancient and deliberately made to be unknowable. If you notice, apart from rhetorics as pro or against in relation to Iran is in abundance, but I am saddened to see how much confusion and mostly omission of the history, the national identity, race, language and political role that Iran has played for the past 2500 years in every aspect of human societies. This is a tremendous job to unroll as you so aptly named “multi-layered”.

      Oil was discovered by a William Knox D’arcy in Iran in 1905, under a different imperial dynasty of Persia (The Qajars). The British initially made a deal with the Iranian clan, the Bakhtiari clan to make them part owners of the newly found oil, hence the predecessor to Anglo-Iranian oil Company was the “Bakhtiari oil company”, later changing name after it was felt that the central government in Tehran may be prudent to share this deal, so a name change.


      The British literally took the oil, processed, refined and sold it with a Limited company in London that paid taxes to the British government annually and a pittance was given to the Iranian government which was also taxed again so a meager one digit percentage was thrown at the Iranian government. The newly established dynasty under Reza Shah Pahlavi (hated by the Brits) forced the British to increase the share of Iranian oil revenue that was under total control of the British, so a national aspiration to nationalise the Iranian oil started as early as early 1930’s. Part of the danger was argued and possibly understood that Iran shares some 1500 miles with the Soviet Union and the new Leninism can spill into Iran which may make things more complicated for the Brits so concession was eased the negotiations.

      The onset of WWII, and the British dislike of Reza Shah created the perfect excuse to eject the nationalist king to exile, even though Iran had declared neutrality. Yet, British propaganda used every opportunity to align reza Shah with Hitler which was absolutely fabricated. In the end, some few hundred German engineers were deported out of Iran, whilst Iran was right next to two British territories, i.e. Mesopotamia (Iraq) and India – there was no Pakistan at that era so Iran was flanked by Iraq and India, both British assets with massive divisions of the British Indian army ready to pounce on any German adventurism into Iran. In fact, there were no German military units whatsoever in 1941 when the allies invaded and occupied Iran. After the end of WWII, British and the Americans left Iran as they agreed, but the Soviets occupied Iranian Azarbaijan and created a Soviet Republic for two years. The nationalist leader of Iran Mohamad Reza Shah Pahlavi negotiated and finally Harry Truman made a call to Kremlin and as the story goes told Stalin point blank if the Soviet forces do not leave Iranian territories with 48 hours, the Soviets will see the same fate as the Japanese! Soviets and their Iranian protege a Mr Jafar Pishevari escaped across the border to Baku when he was finally assassinated by KGB as he was of no use to Soviets and also had too much information! His grave is now a shrine for Iranian Leninists and other traitors.

      The arrival of Khomeini after an agreement of the Western leaders in the French territory of Guadeloupe ensured the safety of Khomeini escorted by French secret service agents and other “important” western journalists to Tehran by an Air France plane. I read a while ago that NATO fighter Jets escorted the plane all the way to Tehran to protect the Globalist asset. The fear was the Nationalist Iranian Air force and Army who were secular and fully trained and capable military at the time and sensed Islamism will mean decades of chaos for Iran and the entire region. You may hear everywhere how corrupt and ruthless his Secret service was but you hear nothing about Saudi Arabia or even Iraq, because the Shah was taking Iran to the path of Industrialization which is the worse sin as far as the Globalists are concerned. I can recommend the groundbreaking by Dr John Coleman, Committee of 300 for further insights into the way this planet is run.

      Regarding the future of Iran, I can refer to a British Ministry of Defence strategic study that is unfortunately unavailable online that sees Iran as a vibrant democracy by year 2040 as follows (I copied and kept this when it was available):

      “Iran is likely to become the most powerful state in the Middle East, although her rise to prominence will be contested. She will remain the most populous Gulf state despite experiencing a significant demographic shift: 30 years ago, each woman had an average of 6.5 children; by 2008 this had fallen to 1.7.77 She will continue her cultural leadership of the Shia. In addition, she has vast energy reserves and her geostrategic location at the crossroads of Asia and Europe dominates vital supply lines through the Gulf. In comparison with the wider region, Iran is likely to continue with its more advanced educational system, for both genders, and she is likely to continue to show a greater respect for women’s rights than is shown by some of her neighbours. Taken together, her strong cultural, economic and military advantages are likely to make her a significant regional power in South West Asia and the Middle East. As such, Iran will represent a complex challenge to the contemporary and rising powers, and as her influence grows, she is likely to shed her image as a pariah state and be treated with degree of realpolitik by the international community.
      Iran is likely to be a key to stability within the Gulf Region. In the short-term she faces considerable instability that may result in changes to both the nature and style of her governance making a more inclusive and moderate Islamic government likely. Such changes are unlikely to alter her desire for regional leadership and international respect.”

  7. Thanks, man. No doubt there is much left for me to uncover with regards to this ancient and mysterious people, who seem destined to play a major role in humanities progression towards globalism. Hopefully the enlightened people of Iran can assert themselves and we’ll see the nation go on to achieve its potential as its people can offer the world much.

  8. Wayne, I also wanted to share the vision of the future up until 2035 as predicted by the British Guardian newspaper and there is a specific piece regarding Iran:

    “Iran will steadily grow in economic and demographic strength and its energy reserves and geographic location will give it substantial strategic leverage. However, its government could be transformed. “From the middle of the period,” says the report, “the country, especially its high proportion of younger people, will want to benefit from increased access to globalisation and diversity, and it may be that Iran progressively, but unevenly, transforms…into a vibrant democracy.”

    The article makes a fascinating read about the world by 2035, written in 2007:

  9. Good article. Frightening new world.

    – The development of neutron weapons which destroy living organisms but not buildings “might make a weapon of choice for extreme ethnic cleansing in an increasingly populated world” –

    – Migration will increase. Globalisation may lead to levels of international integration that effectively bring inter-state warfare to an end. But it may lead to “inter-communal conflict” – communities with shared interests transcending national boundaries and resorting to the use of violence –

  10. T, T and T. Hell no I ain’t goin’ nowhere. Where would if find the content i need to steal.. And somebody to teach me how to link?

  11. Selfishness by any other name, is still selfishness.

    Greed by any other name, is still greed!

    A pig by any other name, is still a pig!

    A serpent by any other name, is still a serpant!

    A fiat current base on nothing by any other name, is still a fiat current based on nothing!

    A tax by any other name, is still a tax [or ObamaCare 🙂 ]!

    Inflation by any other name, is still theft of wealth!

    Central Banks by any other name, are still well organized and centrally controlled criminal enterprises!

    Deception by any other name, is still deception [or marketing, 🙂 ]!

    A lie by any other name, is still a lie!

    Slavery by any other name, is still slavery!

    Pernicious and predaceous miscreants by any other name, are still pernicious and predaceous miscreants!

    Evil by any other name, is still evil!

  12. There just isn’t any place I know of quite like this POM. MY Carpe Diem you bring a fresh light to my eye’s understanding of the Iran of today and the Persia of Cyrus. My narrow view of the Shah only went back 1953 another 50 years back as you explained fleshes out the WWI.,WWII history, and helps me to come to terms with the facts of all matters. This crazy old world of ours has always been a crazy old world.

    I’m almost tempted to credit the CIA with keeping the smaller wars of today from turning into the great wars of the first half of the 20th century. But…

    1. Good Morning Dearest Peter, I agree about POM and it’s absolute uniqueness and for me it’s a kind of addiction and knowing so many enlightened and wise friends such as your good self.

      Iran is the china box and an enigma that is not understood for many reasons and all unknown to me at least. Yet, it is regarded as the first world empire that created so many systems of thoughts and ideas that permeated the three semitic beleif systems i.e. Judaism, Christianity and Islam, through Zoroastrianism and its duality concept of light vs darkness, then Mithraism that was adopted by the Romans and later much of Christianity as relegion, as well as Manichaeism https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manichaeism which also influenced Christianity. The Jewish relegion was also made into a unified beleif system under the Persian rule in Mesopotamia and the Talmud possibly the second important book of the Jews was completed by the Rabbi’s in conversation with the Zoroastrian Magi’s of the era.

      There much to discover about this enigmatic land and how and why it survived the tests of history and what message it will deliver to humanity. For now, Iran is hijacked by the same cabal that have hijacked the United States and everywhere else it seems. Nevertheless, these acts of infiltration at the highest levels as well as into religious and spiritual schools is nothing new and perhaps history must be viewed multi-layered by considering also the occult perspective.

  13. Carpe Diem:

    I am most intrigued by you statements;
    “For now, Iran is hijacked by the same cabal that have hijacked the United States and everywhere else it seems. Nevertheless, these acts of infiltration at the highest levels as well as into religious and spiritual schools is nothing new and perhaps history must be viewed multi-layered by considering also the occult perspective.”

    I am most interested to read or your perspective concerning means and methods by which the cabal has infiltrated into the highest levels of Iranian institutions. Please elaborate more.

    Thank you.


    1. Thank you dear Oz for your interest in this regard,

      As you may already know, Iran or Persia as it was called by Westerners until 1933 when Reza Shah Pahlavi (the late Shah’s father) made sure that this ancient land be known by it’s name that encompasses all Iranian tribes. Persia is the name Greeks wrote in their account of their counterpart which refers to a province in south West current Iran but Iranians called their nation as Iran and Eiran-shahr. Incidentally the term Shire in modern English is a designation of a locality to mean a province, which is an administrative Iranic term!

      The past couple of hundred years where Iran lost much power and influence, coincided with the increase of influence by the British that were concerns over their asset, India and in the north the Tsarist Russians competed and sometimes joined forces with the British. In this regard, Iran became a toy in the powerful hands of these two powerful, ruthless and even psychopathic superpowers. Much of the intrigue played upon a weak and made to be corrupted Iran was recorded by a noble American, William Shuster who was employed to modernise Tax and excise offices of Iran in 1911. In his great book, “The Strangling of Persia” he writes the colonialist powers supreme corruption and cruelty towards Iran and Iranians that was the fashion of the day as a way of justifying a wholesale theft of a nation. Shuster was so shocked at the senseless atrocities of both British and Russians that he wrote this book which is fascinating. This book provides a glimpse of the way the world was run at that period, in that part of the world. The period is also the era of “The Great Game” when rivalry between Russians and British reached it’s peak, in central Asia and Iran.


      The British as well as the French traditionally employed several methods of infiltration, they were secret society initiations (Freemasonic mainly), buying individuals, and last but not least was using the Mullahs as their paid agents since mullahs had direct control of the people who were often religious and uneducated. The British understood the dynamic between the King and the Church so to speak very well and knew exactly how to manipulate any situation in their own favour to obtain concessions and other demands. In this regard the Shia Mullahs were to a large extent were operating against the central government and for the highest bidders, in the case the British agents. Iran was never directly colonized had become under the sphere of influence of both powers.

      Within Shia priests (Mullahs) there were always much movements and tendencies also. Since the only method of education for anyone was the seminary schools (Madrasas), such places in Qom (Central Iran) and Najaf (Iraq) were recruiting grounds for the colonizers. Things have not chamge much even today, as all universities today are exactly provide the operatives of the future for all intelligence agencies anywhere!

      In Shia Islam also exists similar Messianic movements in the same way as it does in the other Abrahamic faiths, Christianity and Judaism. The advent of the Sabbatai Zvi in Anatolia during the Ottomans reign, also influenced many Jews as well as Muslims. The basic idea presented by Zvi was in order to bring about the arrival of Messiah, there needs to be total anarchy and every degrading act so to hasten his arrival. This tendency also excited people in the Shia priest class and I recall in the 1970’s, a group of the followers of the Shia messianic cult with similar ideas to Zvi, carried out assassinations in order to speed up the arrival of Mahdi.

      The followers of Zvi of Jewish lineage converted to Islam in the same way as they did in the Ottoman era (Crypto-Jews) and many of the leaders of the Islamic Republic today are thought to be of this tendency. President Ahmadinejad’s parents is said to have converted to Islam and his surname was Sabourchian prior to the current name! Iranian Jews however, have nothing to do with such movements and tendencies and they are proud of their nation and their ancient relegion. As such, intrigues of this kind should be taken as an abuse of their name for the benefit of a few. Iranian Jews have lived in Iran for 2700 years and their contribution to their land is recognized fully by all Iranians.


      The methods of subversion in actual fact started centuries ago perhaps and in the last 100 years caused wars, revolutions and theft of the nation’s wealth as it’s ultimate purpose. During the Shah’s era, Marxism of its many franchises was used as a means of infiltration. In the 1950’s, about 100 Army war college of Tehran were found to be agents of the Soviet Union and almost all were executed. Their aim was to bring down the government and ask the Soviets to roll their tanks to Iran. The Marxism and its franchises (Leninist, Maoist, Independent) often resorted to armed violence against the government and their base (as it is anywhere!!) in the Universities (Academia) and the art scene.

      I can also recommend an excellent book by Robert Dreyfuss https://www.amazon.com/Hostage-Khomeini-Robert-Dreyfuss/dp/0933488114 who wrote with great details how the CIA and other intelligence services infiltrated in the Imperial Iranian military, Air Force and secret service (Savak) and other Iranian institutions including the Shah’s palace and almost every facet of the governmental apparatus. In my humble opinion, no revolution or movement in a country is possible without help from outside, and that includes the French, the Russian and lastly the Iranian revolution of 1979.


  14. This fantastic graphic of Chicago, 1931 with amazing presentation of the powers that were around from 2000 BCE up to the 20th century. This poster in it’s original format was 5 feet long and would sell for $1 in 1931 but the beauty of it is in it’s simplicity of displaying history in such a way that anyone with any background can understand the players and the nations who survived and those who vanished!


  15. CD:

    Thank you for the tutorial. Very interesting and insightful.

    My experiences with Iranians is limited. During my university years in the early 1970s there were many Iranians students in attendance. On the whole they were from middle or upper class families and many reported that the Iranian government was funding their education in the USA. With few exceptions, they all protested privately and publicly against the Shah. Many of them declared to be from Persia instead of Iran.

    After I began teaching, I would have an occasional Iranian register for my course. Their attendance was poor and their grades reflected their lack of attention. Towards the end of the semester I separately approached to give them an “A” for the class or at a minimum a “B+” or they would be forced to return to Iran for torture or execution.

    Over the course of the past 29 years I have had occasional professional interactions with an Iranian colleague. He and his family fled from Iran in 1979 after the Shah’s departure. He is very bright, but closed, cunning, and occasionally controlling. My many attempts to get to know him personally and make inquiries of Iranian culture have been rebuffed. Years ago during a lengthy business dinner it was made very clear to me that he has no interests in discussing Iran for any reasons. We maintain a limited professional relationship that is strictly void of personal interactions.

    Thank you again for your quick response to my inquiries. I look forward to future exchanges.


    1. Thank you Oz for sharing your experiences with my clan 🙂

      Your experience with the colleague you mentioned sounds familiar to me. The events of 1979, drew a deep cut in the Persian or Iranian psyche profoundly. To be perfectly honest, what this nation has experienced since 1979 at least, would easily drive any sane person towards insanity. On a daily basis, an average Iranian must undergo a constant diet of attack on any western media. The story is also the same for those who still live in Iran, as they have the same experience having to listen to a bunch of backward, corrupt and fanatic murderers telling them how bad ISrael and America, England and the rest of the entire west is and how they are about to bomb and kill every person in Iran. In actual fact, a Mr or Mrs average Iranian is pressed between an oppressive government that belongs to the 7th century and having to hear how much Hillary Clinton hates “Iranian people”, when she was asked during a televised campaign show.

      The general attitude in such situations as a way of coping for any rational person would be possibly two ways. The first is to totally shut out any thoughts and emotion about his or her country of origin and the second would be to fight and try and prove that his country is led by a bunch of fanatical barbarians and to try and live as normal a life as possible. As per the great words of Thomas Paine, “THESE are the times that try men’s souls”.

      Yet, in general Iranians tend to be a friendly people and they tend to do well academically as well as in business. I have many old classmates from Iran and one’s I met outside of Iran who have done very well either academically or business wise.

      I can tell you that in the 80’s when the war was raging, if you were a student anywhere outside of Iran, any failure in exams could have been going back and be sent to the front on a useless war that deliberately got extended by the corruption within the Islamic Republic elements. The war was extended with full support of the weapons manufacturers in the West and the Soviet Union. The Iran-Iraq war became a testing ground for weapons in real life war scenario as well as a fantastic source of money for arms dealers and the manufacturers. In the end a million young men died and the catastrophe continues in other forms to this day for both countries. The world planners have other tricks up their sleeves for this region and there will be more wars and bloodshed planned with the assistance of their newly found ISIS.

      This drama will never end…

  16. Carpe Diem:

    Thank you again for the most valuable insight concerning Iran and its people. I strongly suspected that my professional colleague from Iran had likely experienced some types of traumatic or life threatening experiences. Hence, the reason I did not press him to share his past and have honored his request for no additional inquiries. Under no circumstances would I wish to cause him harm.

    To your point, when have not the manufacturers in the West and the Soviet Union (now Eurasia) supported war? I am very, very tired and weary of all of these continuous wars.

    I sincerely appreciate the exchange.


    1. Thank you Dear Oz,

      It was a pleasure.

      Unfortunately, warfare is ranked in the same category of merchandise as drugs/narcotics with the highest profit margins. Armaments industry is not so dissimilar to narcotics trade in that the victim is an addict specifically for the same kind of drugs , this ensuring a constant supply to be available at hand.

      The older I get, the more I realize how messed up things really are. In my youth I was oblivious to it all. May we see better days…

  17. Many thanks to you Carpe Diem , Ozymandias , Dane and Pieter Segar for sharing your knowledge about Iran / Persia .
    I must say that I am fascinated by the fate of your country and I hope I will be able to visit within a few years from now.
    Long time ago , I met two Iranians student girls ( that was the beginning of the eighties) , who were really afraid to go back to Tehran , under the new mollah’s regime .
    I was too young , uneducated in politics and geopolitics to realize what was going on , but I do remember precisely how they were attractive , open minded and concerned about the fate of their own country .
    My dear Carpe Diem , I hope you will go on delivering numerous insightfull informations about these historic events which occured in this part of our planet , in order to allow us a better understanding of the real , olders and actuals conflicts of interests of the big players .
    More and more pieces of the puzzle now fits together and I am very grateful to you , and of course J.C. , for sharing so many lights here , in POM .
    As you say , may we see better days !

    1. Hello Dear Ledude59,

      I am extremely grateful for your kind and encouraging comment regarding my nation and how and why it became the mess that it is now. Your words encourages me to discuss these events from my perspective and I am not associated with any government, agency, I write my own feelings and experiences as an Iranian in exile. My political inclination is close to the libertarianism and I appreciate nationalism. I therefore see globalism and Marxism as a parasite that is anti-humanin its nature.

      What happened in Iran in 1979 was a fake revolution that was assisted from outside or I should say the forces that brought upon Globalism that is currently malfunctioning it seems. Had Iran not fallen in the hands of the Islamo-Marxists, the world would have been a much better and more prosperous place. I am currently reading a fantastic book regarding Afghanistan (https://www.amazon.com/Invisible-History-Afghanistans-Untold-Story/dp/0872864944) and I am finding a similar pattern of abuse of an ancient nation by the Russians and the British colonialists and how an stable, backward but peaceful and happy nation was turned into real hellhole of mass killings as well as how the criminal Saudi’s funded Wahhabism in this nation to the demise of the people of this noble land.

      I remain hopeful that we as species will be able to elevate spiritually so to prevent the insane ruling cabal from damaging our only home, this beautiful planet of ours, I therefore hope, seeing better days! Thank you again…

  18. Hello Carpe Diem ,

    I hope one day to be as wise as you are . When I was younger , I did felt that there was something wrong with the cabal surrounding Iran , but as a classic modern slave having just enough time to earn my life and raise my family , I did’nt have much time to stand back and put everything in perspective .
    Now this time has come .

    Must say I’m ok with your vision of globalism and the destructive power coming from the association of money and Wahhabism
    May be one day we will be able to elevate ourselves spiritually , but I think this day is still far away , alas !

    1. Hello Dear Ledude59,

      You are too kind and I am very grateful.

      regarding Wahhabism I can think of also other ideologies and religions that have been infiltrated by the virus of infiltration to change its DNA and morphing it into a wild creature as Wahhabism and Islamism have turned into. I guess if the rulers had decided to manipulate Tibet, they would have found a way of creating Suicide buddhist monks even though it is a farfetched idea. Nevertheless, they have other tricks up their sleeves and Globalism may have been put to a rest home, but I am sure they are baking another golem for our future, or should I say against our future!

      Wish you a nice day…

  19. JC another confirmation to the POM Thesis, noted on Zero Hedge today, PEP
    May 4, 2017 4:15 AM

    China’s Plan To Subvert The Global Dollar Standard

    The instability brought into the geopolitical equation by the Trump presidency, and the early signs the US economy is grinding to a halt under the sheer weight of consumer and government debt, are increasingly likely to prompt China and Russia into firm financial action, if only to protect themselves in an unstable financial and monetary environment.

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