New Age Governance and Power Architecture – Part Two (PREMIUM POM)

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The Geopolitical Triad of the SDR

BY JC Collins

With the recent coverage of Zbigniew Brezinzski’s article titled Towards a Global Realignment we are forced to revisit some of the past material which we have presented here on POM.  The fact that this one article confirms the geopolitical realities surrounding the multilateral SDR monetary transition which we have been discussing should convince the most hardened sceptic.

The fading world of ideological division and fragmentation through nationalism is allowing for new governance mechanisms and power architecture.  This architecture is developing within the triad power base of the United States, the British Commonwealth of Nations, and the BRICS nations of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa.  These three political and cultural entities represent the multiplicity of races and cultures within world.  Their union will provide the greatest opportunity to promote a collective humanity based on the ideals of creative individualism and self-discovery.

Within each of these assemblies exist the goodness of men alongside men of great cruelty and ambition.  The material world of non-learning and weakness has allowed these lessor men to rise into positions of power and influence.  But unbeknownst to these purveyors of division and non-discovery the power architecture of translucent world has been using them in order to build more profound mechanisms of awareness and spiritual awakening.

The rising translucent power architecture within each assembly of the triad constitutes the hope of world and the evolution of spirit and matter.  The use of the SDR mechanism to consolidate capital and labor in world is providing the opportunity for either complete transformation or further degeneration into non-learning and unawareness.  The choice is upon the shoulders of humanity and those who have sought truth within the seams of the material world.

These common interests are coming together to prevent the continuation of non-learning.  As reflected in Brezinzski’s article, regional controls and military boundaries will not be allowed.  Brezinzski once promoted the Grand Chessboard concept of the Anglo-American establishment gaining economic and political control over the Eurasian continent.  The fact that he has now symbolically surrendered and is promoting a re-alignment is a testament to the power which is attempting this re-organization of civilization.

The exploitation of the masses by those with materialistic and selfish objectives is coming to an end.  The awakening of humanity to the purpose of self-discovery and awareness of world will ascend on the same framework which has been constructed by those very same selfish interest. As stated in Part One, those so-called elites have been used specifically for this purpose by the power which constitutes translucent world.

The selfish nature of capitalism will merge with the non-individualism of collectivism to produce a new age governance structure which will be based on the evolution and symbiosis of spirit and matter.  This union will promote the creative individualism which is inherent within world.  It could not have come into actualization without the preceding mechanisms of division.  Before consolidation there must exist division.

The United Religions Initiative will serve the same purpose of consolidation within the primitive spiritual belief systems of past centuries.  The need for numerous religions was a unique requirement in order to manifest the new spiritualism of world.  From many one, and out of chaos there comes order.  Before consolidation there must exist division.

The new age power architecture will, through a process of learning and awareness, shift the focus from material wealth to the evolution of spirit and matter.  From within this shift will come new political platforms and structures.  The rise of a new philosophical class made up of learned individuals will in all likelihood move humanity through the doorways of this new governance structure.

The triad of the United States, British Commonwealth of Nations, and BRICS, will ensure that all races and cultures have equal opportunity to participate in this evolution of world.  As long as men of cruelty and ambition are removed from power.

For thousands of years those who have falsified illumination and promoted materialism, such as wealthy landowners, feudal lords, slave owners, merchants, international banking interests, and others in positions of power over the masses, have exploited and divided world.  But these representatives of human weakness have only provided the mechanisms which will force the evolution of spirit and matter and allow for the translucent world to override the material and hardened world of non-learning.

Momentum is building but there is always the possibility that the re-organization of civilization will revert and human weakness will remain in control of the power architecture.  It is up to each one of us as creative individuals to promote the evolution of spirit and matter.  This is achieved through self-discover and learning.  The power behind translucent world has built the architecture which will be required while the masses bemoaned the unfairness of the material world.  Such is the ingenuity and creativity behind the translucent world.  – JC