New Age Governance and Power Architecture – Part One (FREEPOM)

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Just who is behind this Re-Organization of Civilization?

BY JC Collins

While out for dinner last night with some good friends our conversation turned to discussions around the loss of individuality in a consolidated global governance structure.  Such a New World framework carries with it the potential for human greatness and alignment, but also brings with it the threat of non-individuality, or the promotion of sameness.

This New World Order, as it has been referenced in previous official announcements, and across the wide spectrum of alternative media and conspiracy theory productions, is in fact the inevitable evolution of humanity.  The consolidation, or re-organization of civilization, is taking place throughout the socioeconomic and cultural spheres.  The mass conditioning and social engineering which has been taking place since at least the late 1800’s is building the architecture of this new world.

The question is often asked about the power behind this transformation.  This is not a simple question to answer, and was also a part of our conversation over chicken and salads.  The assumption has always been made that the international banking interests have full control of the process and are enacting these changes in the world for personal gain and benefit.

For a deeper insight into this question and answer we need to better understand the purpose of this world. Such a lofty objective does not mean delving deep into the religious and spiritual texts of the ages.  Nor does it require the vast wisdom which is assigned to the great teachers and prophets of the past or present.  It simply requires basic human observation.

As such, we see that this world provides opportunity.  No other observations can contradict this one fundamental truth.  This world provides opportunity for learning and equally provides the opportunity for non-learning.  Each day we are born anew and each day provides new opportunity.  Much like we are born in each life with renewed opportunity, each sunrise signals the beginning of another opportunity.

Today is not Sunday.  Today is a new opportunity, as yesterday was, and tomorrow will be.

The learning of self which takes place in this world is the one common denominator which we all share.  This opportunity for personal discovery and awareness is a large part of that which makes up the purpose of this world.  Most sense this on a subconscious and spiritual level.

But within the framework of this learning tool which we call ‘world’ also exists strategically placed challenges and obstacles which are meant to promote development and enhance learnings.  Some of these challenges and obstacles take the form of temptations and grow in strength when fed human weakness.  This oppositional force of non-light will punish the expression of human weakness through hard life lessons, but will also reward hard lessons learned.  Some learn while others require repeated lessons over repeated opportunities.

The importance placed on capital and labor by the human mind in this world are not aligned with the larger purpose of self-discovery.  I have stated before that unearned wealth is extremely destructive.  This is tangibly proven in the actions and spiritual despair expressed by those who inherit fortunes (which are the accumulation of time and labor of others) or win lotteries.

In both situations the “individual” does not appreciate the lessons which come with that so-called wealth and will usually squander it away through expressions of human weakness, or become more encased in hardened matter and seek to accumulate more capital and labor to themselves through a fear of not understanding the purpose of world.  This fear and lack of understanding then uses the accumulated wealth to make sense of the world and provide a false security from self-discovery.

From these basic observations we can determine that the accumulation of wealth in this world is not the driving force or foundation upon which the architecture is built.  Though it may appear unfair to those who do not have access to this wealth, the so-called elite who are blamed for conspiring and ruling the world are no more in control of its true governing mechanisms than those who have little means.

Those at the supposed top of the food chain who consider themselves the rulers of men have fallen into one of the oldest traps which has been woven into world.  The mechanism of world, and the power which has engineered such, has used these temptations for the larger purpose of spiritual evolution.

Understanding this mechanism requires abstract consideration.  Men dislike control and limited opportunity within the false-world, but do little to explore the opportunities which exist within the real translucent world, where no controls and limitations exist.

Imagine a world where everyone could get everything they wanted without earning those things from a process of self-discovery.  This complete lack of spiritual control mechanisms would push world into chaos and it would become the opposite of what it was intended to be.  Order implemented to prevent chaos in world and continue the dynamic of self-discovery within world is a fundamental requirement.

But the so-called material wealth which accumulates at the top does not just serve the purpose of learnings and opportunity for those at this top.  It also serves a larger purpose which those elites are likely not aware of.  This purpose is to direct civilization and engineer the new age mechanisms which will establish a translucent power architecture.

Material wealth is used, willingly or unwillingly, for the purpose of inaugurating the new world and re-organizing civilization, while at the same time serving it’s more intimate purpose of self-discovery and awareness.

For clarity, the accumulation of material wealth is not the purpose of world.  World serves the purpose of directing opportunity towards the objectives of self-discovery and awareness.  As such, those who accumulate, or whose purpose is to accumulate, material wealth, have little or no influence upon the management of world, or the re-organization of civilization.

The threat of loss of individuality has been realized through the resistance to world lessons.  The loss of individuality has never been more pronounced in world than it was throughout the 20th Century. The mechanisms of translucence are at work re-organizing civilization within world.  This will promote more individualism than humans have previously experienced.  Earning this transformation requires hardship and challenges which will test and allow for self-judgement upon the altar of shared world.

True individuality can only be expressed when the spirit is free from the constraints of matter.  This world is real and not illusionary as some would profess, but its natural form is translucent, as opposed to the hardened encasement which most allow to build upon their outer shell like mud.

The translucent nature of the world is intertwined with the forces of gravity and magnetism.  All are managed by the symbiosis of spirit and matter.  This oneness between spirit and matter allows for the translucent nature of world to become visible.  The more translucent the world, the less effect gravity and magnetism have upon it.  Through this manner large stones have been moved and massive monuments build in the past.  More translucence means less mass and weight.  This will be proven by science in time.

We bemoan not having the equal opportunity to accumulate material wealth while remaining ignorant to the fact that the purpose of world is not the accumulation of material wealth.  The purpose of world is the evolution and symbiosis of spirit and matter.  This is completed through a process of self-discovery and awareness.

If such is true, and I believe it to be, than those who consider themselves at the top in the false material world are nothing but pawns used in the larger re-organization of translucent world.  The translucent nature of world dictates that it remains invisible to those who have not walked far enough down the path of self-discovery.  The nature of translucent world dictates that no rulers are required.  But there is a force at work which encourages the re-organization and evolution.  It is only the non-learning mind of the undiscovered which seeks out rulers to blame.  As in all cases, the answers to our questions must be found from traveling inwards upon the waves of translucent light.  This process will force the dry hardened mud to crack, fall away and allow our light to shine forth in world.  – JC

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