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  1. JC-I just joined recently and it happened because of a Ken Storey video that was sent to me by an associate. Couldn't figure out where this preacher got all his information until I found your site. I have been working with someone for a number of years now that has been involved with this reset and the associated revaluing of various currencies. Being on the low end of the financial feeding trough, I never could quite grasp what my high end financial feeder was really doing. Thanks to your posts, I now have a better understanding. I had worked with this associate to locate large amounts of Iraqi Dinar (I was in Iraq in 2004-2006 and again in 2010-2013), but ownership was rather convoluted so just dropped it, since there were too many fingers in the pie.

    Anyway, having gone through much of the Global Currency Reset posts, and more recently your post on Ripple/Stellar, I am a bit confused. I am not sure how the cryptocurrency fits into the reset scheme, since it has nothing backing it. The USD and other fiat currencies at least have governments backing them, but what is backing the cryptocurrency. SDRs would have tangible assets behind them (commodities, precious metals, fiat currencies, etc.). Yet you make the case that Ripple might be a better way to go for the reset, with the SDR playing a secondary role, or have I misunderstood?

    1. Hi William. Welcome aboard. Regarding your question, XRP would serve as the global monetary bridge asset used in global payments and exchanges. This is the reserve function which the USD has been doing since the 1940s. A domestic currency is not designed for the role, which is why there has been imbalances in the global monetary system. XRP is engineered specifically to provide this function. The term "nothing backing it" is somewhat misleading. Once the Ripple architecture is in place and XRP liquidity flows through the system, the demand will determine the value. Read the new post titled The Battle between Unilateralism and Multilateralism. It might explains things better for you.

    1. You will need to change it through WordPress. Google WordPress profile. One of the reasons I’ll be migrating the site from WordPress.

  2. Hi JC,
    I would like to know where I can invest in Ripple XRP, Ethereum, etc. I spoke with Fidelity and while I only asked about Ripple they could not find it. Secondly, for some reason the article on the Emerging Crypto establishment will not open for me. Others on premium seem to be fine. Thanks

  3. I have finally signed up after following your posts for years (posted elsewhere). Many times I haven't understood everything you have written (my lack of foundation in your expertise), but eventually everything "leaks" through my resistance. Your post on personal transformation over the last decade rings very true to my heart. The struggles we have had makes the good times so much better. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hey J, I'm at check your account and see I'm good until July. I'm never sure, time flys. I'm looking at all the metrics that say I'm logged in, but I'm not. I already made a couple of comments on your last post and am ready to spit more. But I can't seem to be able to get in. I got stuff to say. Do you understand?

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