Mohammed – A Roman Catholic Meccan

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Islam was created from the rib of Catholicism.

Who would have thought that researching and writing about the international monetary system four years ago would have led me down such an unpopular road? There were some key moments and events which can be marked as turning points. One was the realization that the creation of the central banking system was a strategy of the Jesuits to recapture land and wealth which the Catholic Church lost, first during the Great Schism in 1054, and subsequently after the open spark of the Protestant Reformation in 1517.

This topic is extremely unpopular, as the amount of POM site views have dropped since I began writing about Protestantism and the Crown Beast. A cursory analysis of related YouTube video views also suggests that such topics are unpopular. This is telling, in that the mass populations are conditioned like Pavlov’s dog on what to focus on and what to ignore.

Of course, this in and of itself, is not supporting evidence of our thesis, but does serve as an interesting observation, and point of reflection, as we delve ever deeper into the unknown world of the Crown Beast and the re-constitution of the Phoenician Empire in the modern world.

The problem of the Islamic cultural invasion into western Protestant majority nations can only be successfully addressed by understanding the real identity and purpose of the Catholic Church. The Christian populations within these target nations are left confounded as to why their elected governments are allowing this mass migration. But when we begin to educate ourselves on our Jesuit dominated academic systems, and how most government officials and politicians are groomed in these institutions, such as Georgetown University in the United States, a bigger and clearer picture starts to come into focus.

The first fact which needs to be understood is that the Catholic Church does not represent Christianity. Period. It is the ancient Babylonian religion which has been transformed into Catholicism for the purpose of blocking the true Gospel, to slaughter Christians, create and spread wars, and make nations drunk with the wine of her fornication.

The Roman Catholic Church worships Mary, which is Venus, Isis, Astarte, Ishtar, Inanna, Aphrodite, and Columbia in the modern versions, such as the Statue of Liberty and the logo of Columbia Pictures from Hollywood. One need only look at the vast portrayal of Mary in paintings and statues which span the Catholic world. It represents an obscene amount of idolatry for which the Church offers no explanation.

Catholicism also teaches and practices worship of the Holy Trinity. No where in the Bible does it mention the Holy Trinity. The Trinity is another aspect of the Mystery Babylon religion and its practices throughout the ancient world. The list goes on and on. Readers should do some of their own research to confirm what is being stated here. The full case would take volumes and stands outside of the scope of this one post, though we will tackle pieces of it across many varying articles.

Rome needed to slow and reverse the spread of real Christianity through outright genocide, as well as the planting of false dogmatic seeds across the regions where the early Christians had planted roots. It is important to keep in mind that the early Christians, such as the Essenes and Gnostics, did not worship the divinity of Christ, and considered Christianity to be a knowing, or awareness, of ones own spiritual evolution and freedom. This is a pattern which would continue on throughout the generations and centuries, as the Cathars, Templars, Lollards, and Protestants carried the torch of spiritual freedom.

The Roman Catholic Church manufactured the divinity of Christ and blended it with the ancient dogmas of Mystery Babylon and the Phoenician priesthood.

All throughout the Middle East and North Africa the spread of the true Christianity was almost unstoppable. The more Rome attempted to stop it, the more it took root and grew. Something needed to be done. Catholicism could slow and hijack the progression of Christianity into Europe, but the Arab populations were rejecting Catholicism in mass, and needed their own prophet who could be used to create a new religion to counter Christianity.

This new Arab specific religion would have similar characteristics as Catholicism, and would be controlled from the Vatican, but would be engineered to capitalize on the remnants of the ancient pagan religions across the region. This is the same pattern which was used to engineer Catholicism in the midst of an organic Christian movement.

The need for an Arabic messiah to organize the masses and capture Jerusalem for the Pope was paramount. A young and illiterate Mohammed was found and groomed to play the role of prophet and messiah. The scattered remains of the pagan beliefs were re-packaged for this purpose. As an example, the term Allah is one of the pre-Islamic names of the Babylonian Bel, or Baal, and the Kabaa Stone in Mecca was an ancient site of rock and moon god worship.

Mohammed was born in 570AD, and at the age of 25 married the 40 year old Khadijah. Khadijah lived in a Catholic convent as a nun, and as such, was wealthy and was a part of the system which controlled a lot of the economy, which positioned her to have influence over the young Mohammed.

Khadijah had a cousin by the name of Waraquah, who was also a Roman Catholic Meccan, and wrote down much of the early Koran as it was dictated by the illiterate Mohammed. It is also suggested that Mohammed studied the works of Augustine with the assistance of Waraquah, who told the young Arab that Catholics were the only true Christians. This mindset still exists today, as much of Sunni Islam rejects all forms of non-Catholic Christianity. It is interesting to note that only moderate nations in the Middle East, such as Syria, accept Christians.

The Vatican funded large Islamic armies and invasions across the Middle East and into North Africa back in those early years of the Mohammedan religion. In turn for the support, the Islamic armies spared all Catholics and Vatican owned properties, while slaughtering Jews and Christians.

Some of the commonalities between Catholicism and Islam are the use of habits and hijabs by the females. This practice has morphed and changed over the years, but has one common root. Both Catholics and Muslims complete pilgrimages, which itself is a pagan practice dating back to the ancient religions. The list of common traits is extensive, and I would encourage all readers to explore this further.

In closing, it is interesting to note that Catholicism also represents ancient sun god worship, while Islam represents moon god worship. The crescent moon and sun disk, when combined, represent the conjuncture of Sun and Moon in Taurus, which is symbolized by this common figure:

A part of the Islamic migration into the west is establishing some mandatory support pillars for the new world religion, which will be in essence, the re-constitution of the Babylonian religion. When the Sun God and Moon God are merged and in conjunction, Mystery Babylon will once again rule the world.

Mystery Babylon represents the corruption of spiritual evolution and awareness. True Christianity, and subsequent movements, such as the now defunct Protestantism, represented and promoted spiritual evolution and awareness, or completion of the true alchemical transmutation, and end of the grail quest.

The case will be made in a future article that Capitalism and Democracy were both born from Protestantism. Interesting that both are being disparaged and destroyed in the world today. This destruction is being promoted by both the Catholic Church and Islam, as well as the international liberal agenda which is being supported and spread by the Vatican and United Nations.

How’s that for a pattern. – JC

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  1. JC,
    It will be interesting to see which side of the fence usury lands on in your thesis about the origins of capitalism and democracy.

    Can anyone recommend some published works that explain and/or support the history of Islam that is presented in this piece? Much appreciated.

    Happy New Year to all.

    1. Interestingly enough, the early Protestants were against interest.

      Loads of good material on You Tube regarding the rest. You’ll have to shift through it though.

    2. I would recommend a book called “Moonotheism”

      Also a side note JC, I was watching a documentary about new artifacts found in Egypt on Netflix featuring an archaeologist out of Calgary. In the doc, they casually mentioned the Acacia Confusa trees growing next to original Christian temples.

  2. Hello JC. Happy new year to you and happy new year to my fellow POMers
    I have not commented in a while, but I just wanted to say I love the Crown Beast series and am always waiting with anticipation for your next installment of it. Is it true that you are writing a book on this material or am I mistaken? I thought I read that you are writing a volume of books, it stated, in one of the articles or comments back a month or two ago. I have always been a lover of both religions and history and this combines both of them connecting the dots in very broad strokes like I had not thought of before. It really is a great analysis and makes so much sense. I can’t believe there are people that don’t like this series.

    Moving on though I was watching a clip from the Alex Jones show and he had a former Army Intelligence Officer named Zach on from Morocco and he was connecting some dots as well. This was about how in Fast and Furious, the U.S. was receiving drugs from Mexico and South America and shipping Mexico weapons in return. The weapons were then shipped to Morocco and then made their way to Libya, arming and creating Isis and overthrowing Ghaddafi. It was a strategy from the top of the U.S. government. But this whole Islamic threat, which is real, was started in order to wreak havoc in the world. Combining that with an economic meltdown under Bush II, a sluggish economy, a welfare state and liberalism under Obama makes it look like the world is a terrible place with a whole bunch of problems that was caused by man (actually caused by people in the establishment, liberal left, and the deep state) and therefore man can’t fix them and the solution, told by Zack, according to the politicians and tech giants, was to introduce this AI god which was created by certain parts of the American Government, mostly the CIA and darpa. And this AI god would tell us how to runs things. I don’t know about anyone else, but I definitely don’t want some AI program telling me how to live. So basically this last election came down to a race between Humanity and technology and Humanity won as Trump has combated this plan of the AI god takeover! It is also why Google’s Schmidt had stepped down just the other day. Basically it comes down to people who believe in God vs versus people that are Atheists. And God is winning! I think this is only the beginning, as I think God is going to win a lot more in the coming years especially after the truth comes out as the last 20-30 years was a strategy to cause chaos in order to introduce an AI god.

    Here is that clip. It only last for about 17 min. It starts around 1:18:25 and ends at 1:35:10

  3. “This topic is extremely unpopular, as the amount of POM site views have dropped since I began writing about Protestantism and the Crown Beast. “

    On the other hand,
    It is exactly for this reason I started my membership after a few years of sometimes checking this site.

  4. Hello JC,
    Happy New Year!
    Every time I get a new notification of a new post I read it right away and I’m really a devoted follower of your articles. I, however, miss your articles about the current state of the world and it’s economic situation. I understand the need for an understanding of history to get a fuller picture, but there is so much happening right now and I miss your spot on analysises of current and near future events.
    Looking forward to your next article as always!
    Best regards

  5. Having survived an education administered by two orders of Catholic Nuns, the Sisters of St. Joseph and the Dominican Nuns in which physical and mental abuse was often used to heighten the entire educational experience, your article reaffirms many of my own feelings about this institution which so many see as some type of icon.
    So many contradictions in the doctrine that even a small child unfamiliar with the world could sense as not quite stacking up. Physical abuse dolled out on a regular basis, like the gold stars others received for work well done that were fortunate enough to attend public schools; Young women lined up daily, to have their underwear inspected, their nails filed and shaped and their figures ridiculed.
    Since the boys were separated from the girls, who knew what went on, on the other side of the street, though rumors and stories were plentiful and later,…confirmed.
    The point is that the Catholic Church uses fear to control the masses, it’s entire goal is not to save souls or to teach goodness, love, or compassion, but, instead, to use the resources of the masses to further their own agenda of world dominance.
    All the smoke and mirrors of the saints and the “visions” and the messages produced are nothing short of a Las Vegas show which have just worn themselves out in today’s world and only hold true to a small few.
    Your theory of Islam and it’s possible relationship to the Catholic Church makes perfect sense to me, though, admittedly, others of backgrounds similar to my own, may have a hard time coming over to this side of the camp.
    Give it time and keep the information coming,…………it , literally, has begun to set me free.
    Thank you.

  6. Mr. Collins:

    Your analyses are spot on and do not despair if a majority do not follow your thoughts, understand your research, accept your discoveries, or acknowledge facts and history. Decades ago I begun to realize that organized religions of all sorts were anything but interested in spirituality, understanding, or the spiritual development of any individual members. These early realizations fostered and prompted me to perform my own research for knowledge, understanding, and truth.

    There are specific reasons why motives behind historical events are NOT discussed and taught in our schools and universities. You are dead spot on that the masses of western culture have been and are still being “conditioned” to accept deceptions and lies as truth.

    First, it was Semiramis, the brothel keeper, queen, and whore of Babylon that was and still is the primary female figure upon which all other occult female figures are based. They are just called by other names to cloak the link to Semiramis and reference to evil. The names Venus, Isis, Aphrodite, Astarte, Vishnu, Ishtar, Inanna, Columbia, and the Statue of Liberty are just Semiramis by another name. “The Virgin Mary” was marketed and promoted by the Catholic Church as a cleaner and refine version of Semiramis, but none the less it is still Semiramis. A common characteristic of most humans is their desire and longing for a connection to their maternal origins and the PTSNB have always relied upon a facimily of Semiramis to fill the bill.

    Semiramis named her bastard son from her whoring as Damu (from the Sumerian “dam,” or blood), Damu (Damn You) in the Babylonian language became Dammuzi, in Hebrew Tammuz, and in Greek Adonis (young and beautiful, but the product of the incestuous love).

    The story of Semiramis and Tammuz plotting against King Nimrod is a very old and replayed story. Instead of annual tradition drug induced feasting on a goat during the New Year’s ceremony, Semiramis and Tammuz successfully plotted to feast on the body of Nimrod during the New Year’s celebrations.

    I particularly admire and appreciate your descriptions and understandings of the Catholic Church. You are quite correct. “The first fact which needs to be understood is that the Catholic Church does not represent Christianity”. Period. It is the ancient Babylonian religion which has been transformed into Catholicism for the purpose of blocking the true Gospel, to slaughter Christians, create and spread wars, and make nations drunk with the wine of her fornication.”

    Second, the Phoenician Baʿal is generally identified with either “El” or “Dagan”. Hence, the reason why Catholic Cardinals and The Pope wear open mouth fish caps on their heads during their occult ceremonies. An open mouth fish is the symbol of Dagan or Dagon and represents the Piscean Age which is coming to a close.

    Unknown to most is exactly and intentionally that “Ba’al” and the word “EL” has been deeply embedded into our language and culture as means of conditioning and familiarization. The etymology of specific English words as, temple, college, colleague, ritual, spiritual, elevator, elevate, elect, election, elite, elude, elucidate, elf, elicit, elixir, elder, elide, etc….

    Truth is most always uncomfortable and unpopular because it is the path or road least traveled. Most humans CHOSE to remain comfortable numb. However, 2018 will be a beginning of truth bombardments. So, please do not despair. You are NOT alone. Please keep doggedly blundering onward. You are surrounded by more supporters than you realize or are aware. We are at the becoming of a great awakening. Many, many more truth seekers will soon follow.

    Happy New Year,


  7. While your positing of the Essenes and Gnostics is head-scratching, your analysis of Catholicism seems spot on. It and the dogmatic spinoff protestants sects are indeed the Great Harlot, mother of harlots.

    Though you don’t, I readily see the Trinity woven into the whole of the scriptures, from Elohim being a plural noun to the relational discussion of deity in the Upper Room Discourse.

    But I don’t think most of us come here for theological instruction and contention.

    Rather the economic and historical analysis you have done makes you an invaluable source of information. As with any fallible human, the wheat of your output must be separated from the chaff, as it surely ought to be. Your work is a process in motion with some broad channels and also some tributaries that meander off. Such is the nature of humanity.

    It is a pleasure that you share your journey with us. Happy New Year!

  8. JC, all through I do not always agree with you, I don’t mind saying, that I admire and respect the courage you show in defence of your convictions. E’nuff said for this moment.

  9. Using my google skills its been near impossible to find any scholarly works that don’t eventually reduce the idea of the ‘Vatican creating Islam’ down to a single individual: Alberto Rivera. This is an incredibly interesting proposal thats supported well past Mr Rivera’s participation with the patterns of history presented by JC. But, has anyone else other than AR provided studies on the matter?

    1. Lol, I found the same thing on the internet Darren. But a lot of what is said on this is realized in the sixth sense. Since the Jesuits occupy teaching positions in so many systems of man’s “higher educational” material institutions their will is expressed in the world through the students whether they know it or not. Ah the tainted minds of man.

      I wonder what the basis for this Soft Cell song was? Perhaps it was an alter boy expressing his experience in the Catholic Church…

      Tainted Love

      Sometimes I feel I’ve got to
      Run away I’ve got to
      Get away from the pain that you drive into the heart of me
      The love we share
      Seems to go nowhere
      And I’ve lost my light
      For I toss and turn I can’t sleep at night

      Once I ran to you (I ran)
      Now I’ll run from you
      This tainted love you’ve given
      I give you all a boy could give you
      Take my tears and that’s not nearly all
      Oh tainted love
      Tainted love

      Now I know I’ve got to
      Run away I’ve got to
      Get away
      You don’t really want it any more from me
      To make things right
      You need someone to hold you tight
      And you’ll think love is to pray
      But I’m sorry I don’t pray that way

      Once I ran to you (I ran)
      Now I’ll run from you
      This tainted love you’ve given
      I give you all a boy could give you
      Take my tears and that’s not nearly all
      Oh tainted love
      Tainted love

      Don’t touch me please
      I cannot stand the way you tease
      I love you though you hurt me so
      Now I’m going to pack my things and go
      Tainted love, tainted love
      Tainted love, tainted love
      Touch me baby, tainted love
      Touch me baby, tainted love
      Tainted love
      Tainted love
      Tainted love

      1. The jesuit story is mind-boggling, baffling and head scratching. Way to many rabbit holes to chase down in this one lifetime. I just found myself going down the ‘Wahhabi Islam’ – Jesuits created the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1932 – rabbit hole for the last few hours. Another ‘puppet’ state. My goodness, even if this is all true – how do you resolve this issue with your own time and labour? I guess I’m naive to think the battle between good and evil ever stepped down a notch. I’ve been thinking it became a little more family friendly after WWII.

        1. Oh the weight of the world right Darren? For me it’s been an amazing journey which will no doubt last this lifetime. Personally I’m not to sure how it was accomplished but I seem to run outside of the social constraints the masses are guided by. Perhaps it happened from the courage of finding what God meant for me within my own church or temple as it were instead of simply picking up a book about someone else’s journey and trying to present it as my own. Kind of like cheating and copying answers back in school.

          In the video JC provided beginning with Krishnamurti and ending with MP Hall there was a short interview with Princess Diana. In her words she says the family that she married into couldn’t figure out were she got her courage and life guidance from and this made her an outcast, outsider or non starter to that family. This lack of understanding most likely ended in their killing her. I believe this inner strength and guidance is a key for peace….one way or another in her case.

          By the time we complete the Crown Beast series we should have a much wider view of it all and ourselves by reflection. But as the human species goes some will glean the true gems within it, some will just simply pass right over the inner lessons and most will never understand it fully and will refute it as witnessed with the drop in participants through this series.

          Every now and again we feel like Atlas with the weight of the world on our shoulders. Perhaps this is one of our own adversities to understand and overcome.

  10. Thanks JC this is an exciting line of research. Thank you for inspiring us to discover who we are as a people.

    “Crown Beast and the re-constitution of the Phoenician Empire in the modern world.”

    Where will the focus be in the modern world? The Phoenicians seem to be seafaring people who like coastal ports in swamps. The Crown Beast seems to live off man’s weaknesses which usually happens (Good times create weak men*) in financially rich nations China is working on this One Belt One Road initiative which has two legs to it one on land and one by sea. But the ASEAN+3 has tons of coastal lands for ports and its said to be the newest place the world is sinking trillions of dollars into for development.

    Could China house the newest head (perhaps even a consolidation of heads) of the Crown Beast and the ASEAN be the new beachhead for re-constituting the Phoenician empire?

    * Hard times create strong men.
    Strong men create good times.
    Good times create weak men.
    Weak men create hard times.

    Sorry can’t site the above outside of mentioning that JC posted it a long time ago. Excellent observation of a cycle of man.

    “Mystery Babylon represents the corruption of spiritual evolution and awareness. ”

    “Babylonian religion”

    “Epic poetry”

    “The Ultimate Answer to the Timeless Quest(ion)

    “So the story of man runs in a dreary circle, because he is not yet master of the earth that holds him.” – Will Durant

    “There are only patterns, patterns on top of patterns, patterns that affect other patterns. Patterns hidden by patterns. Patterns within patterns. If you watch close, history does nothing but repeat itself. What we call chaos is just patterns we haven’t recognized. What we call random is just patterns we can’t decipher. What we can’t understand we call nonsense. What we can’t read we call gibberish. There is no free will. There are no variables.” – Chuck Palahniuk, Survivor

    Are you ready POM readers?”

    I just loved that part so I wanted to hear it again. Now onto the meat of it.

    Since the Babylonian religion seems to be heavily influenced by their Summerian counterparts and since Zecharia Sitchin’s name became commonplace in our lifetime regarding the cuneiform tablets a path seems to be solidifying. Hey emerald tablets…cuneiform tablets…cycles….hmm.

    “Ancient texts and scriptures provide the largest sea of literal misinterpretations. Religions are given birth from within the confusion of the turbulent waters. There is one common source to all religions. The moment this one truth is divided and fragmented, or multiplied, there is corruption.

    As an example of this process in the modern world, we can witness the birth of the infant extraterrestrial religions. Zecharia Sitchin has fabricated a body of corrupted misinterpretations which have sparked a whole movement around the belief in alien creators. There are numerous sites which have explored the errors of Sitchin in detail, so we will use just one example for the purpose of understanding.

    Sitchin has translated the Semitic word “Shem” as meaning rocket ship, or some variation around that interpretation, being fire, light, reaching to heaven, tower, etc.. This one mistranslation has led to generations of people having a corrupted understanding of the original teachings, and has caused them to exchange their own inner spiritual power for the anticipated arrival of alien saviours – the new Christ’s of the spaceship era.

    The word “Shem” in fact means “renown; prosperity; name”, and in the context of the Tower of Babel story, the people made a tower of bricks and mortar so they could “make a name for themselves”. This is important to understand because it connects back to the biblical quote above – “he beholdeth all high things; he is a king over all the children of pride.””

    “The Director of the Vatican’s Observatory, Fr. José Gabriel Funes, said in an interview with the Vatican daily, L’Osservatore Romano, that believing in the possible existence of extraterrestrial life is not opposed to Catholic doctrine.”

    “Writing in the Vatican newspaper, the astronomer, Father Gabriel Funes, said intelligent beings created by God could exist in outer space.”

    So now we have a Catholic Church that has opened the door to extraterrestrial beings (ET’s). Sitchin who has misinterpreted…sorry mistranslated key words to pave the way for humans looking up to ET’s. It’s no wonder someone wrote a book ExoVaticana on the Vatican introducing an ET as mans next prophet.

    “Petrus Romanus, PROJECT LUCIFER, and The Vatican’s Astonishing Exo-Theological Plan for The Arrival of An Alien “Savior”

    You only ‘think you know’ what’s coming…”

    ET must have phoned home….lmao sorry I just couldn’t resist 🙂

    But as Phoenicians are great seafarers and space travel requires a ship of sorts perhaps the Phoenicians new port will be earth herself instead of just the ASEAN since we have become a global people.

    I imagine the true Protestant minds will continue to be grounded right here in earth doing their part of the grand cycle of man. Maybe to them ET’s are just another phase of man himself since man is a spiritual being having a man experience (Hu or Huwa is a name for God in Sufism so hu-man can be God-man) what else do we experience from the spirit? I wish this man mind could fathom it.

    And again…”“So the story of man runs in a dreary circle, because he is not yet master of the earth that holds him.” – Will Durant”

    1. Interesting post Dane. The history channel has a long running series called, “Ancient Aliens”. Every Friday they marathon it all day long. I have to admit it is quite interesting, some of the interpretations and some of the explanations they give for certain events that were told through stories and/or written down that transcends all cultures. It does make me wonder about aliens and their place in our development. But still, man has to work on himself and society here to remake an Atlantean civilization once again.

      1. Thanks marco609. I remember that series when it began. It was real cool at first then I started seeing things that just didn’t jive with me personally. So I moved away from it for a couple years when a friend wanted me to see a youtube video. It ended up being a newer ancient alien video. When I saw the same “professional commentators” I noticed how they had changed from the first series. You can even determine some of the heads of the crown beast that they had been feeding. So it pretty much reaffirmed that gut feeling from early on.

        I’ve seen some articles on laws of space, probable space mining, robots and Elon Musk making reusable rockets and wanting to go to Mars. With no more available land here on earth it just makes sense that the outward push can only go to space. Since the Phoenicians seem to live well outside the pillars of any known time it just seems a fit for them to sail the seas of space mining and leaving artifacts for future generations to find so they can prove whatever church they fill down the road.

        But seriously if we are a spirit having a human experience then what else is that spirit able to create? I’m pretty excited but not in a hurry to find out. I hope that excitement lasts til my last breath and that last breath is many years away.

  11. Hello JC and thank you for another fantastic article,

    A while ago, I came across this odd clip of the ex Mullahs president of the Islamic Republic of Mullahs, Hojatoleslam Khatami paying a visit to the previous Pope. I will only say that in this very short clip, you may discover a hand-shake that for some strange reason, the TV news cameraman pans in and stays there for more than necessary. Could Mr Khatami be either Pope’s representative in Iran or if he is actually Jesuit trained!

    Also, noteworthy to mention that Khatami is in charge of the so called “moderate” camp within the IRI construct. In other words, he is the “good cop”…

    1. My Carpe Diem
      Getting back to the questions I’ve been asking you about the history of the Shah Reza Pahlavi, history and rule of Iran, I thank you for the input you so graciously allowed me. The confusion I was struggling with between 1941 and the supposed coup in 51 was cleared up when I saw the British interference, plus the fact that the Shah (Khan) had ruled since 1920’s something until 1936, and then past the throne to Shah Reza Pahlavi his son, cleared that up for me. The line became clear to me.

      It’s only that I don’t completely buy the idea that the term ‘Khan” is but a ‘sir,’ because for me in my bloodline studies, it ,the very term “Khan” carries a conqueror connotation. That said ,we split hairs. (certainly not part ways). Rather than spend valuable time splitting hairs, please allow we move on.

      Seeing what we are witnessing in Iran this day this very moment with the demonstrations (why do I notice demon in the word) and feeling that these demonstrations are for 1 out a 1000 truly generic and not CIA inspired, what do you forecast as a set of outcomes.

      To not beat around the bush with you, time is valuable, could you see “The Grandson of the ‘Kahn” Shah Pahlavi,” the soul surviving , after two heart breaking suicides, son a viable candidate to become a major factor in the future of Iranian politics.?

      I mean after all He is now 56 years old, not the almost child King he would of had to be back in 1979. Perhaps time plays part in these things. The surviving Pahlavi has had the time of age to learn of his father’s mistakes, whatever they may of been,. For instance too much progress, forced with a autocratic “Savak” iron fist, Was the country not ready? And for sure not ready to have it shoved down their throats?

      The demonstrators today are 30 years old and comprise 40% of the Iranian population, that has to give us hope.

      My Carpe Diem, what say you?

      Always interested PTM

      1. Good Morning Dear Pieter,

        Thank you for your message and I will try and give you my thoughts on the ongoing anti-regime uprising by the Iranian people. I will first try and clear up some issues regarding the Pahlavi dynasty who ruled Iran for a total of 50 years with Reza Shah Pahlavi who was Iran’s king from 1925 to Sept. 1941 when the Brits and Soviets invaded Iran and dethroned him and installed his son Mohamad Reza Shah Pahlavi (the late Shah of Iran who was dethroned in 1979!) The late Shah ruled from 1941 to 1979.

        What you may find is that the Western ruling elite for the past 100 years have decided to fight against any form of Nationalism/Patriotism and in the education system of every nation, therer has been a systematic attempt to indoctrinate that Nationalism is indeed one and the same thing as Fascism! This theme is continuing to this day, for example, the British BREXIT movement is being derailed by all means and the people in the UK who are pro-BREXIT are called all the typical names such as Racist, NAZI etc. etc. What’s new!

        Regarding what is happening in Iran, I think there is a power vacuum as a result of the rise of NAtionalism EVERYWHERE on this planet and the end of a cycle when Globalism and it’s accessories namely “Global Warning” are visibly becoming known to be fake, by all. It seems, in such moments in history and during major shifts of power, we may get such movements in an organic fashion. It is no surprise that we find the old guards of globalism as the EU leaders and the Obama regime protege’s as Susan Rice Tweeting articles from NYT against any assistance to support the Iranian people’s uprising and instead to help the Mullahs! Again, what’s new!

        Regarding how this uprising will end up, that is a tough question but the fact of the matter is that the Islamic Republic of Mullahs is a Globalist regime and a Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated regime and they have been supported by the Western Liberal governments, Think tanks, Charities etc. With the demise of the Globalism in general and its franchise in the form of EU, it is highly probable to succeed since all previous moves have been stopped by the Western Globalist elite in the past. Also to add, that President Trump can and may unleash a massive blockade of the Islamic Republic, namely the infamous “no-fly zone” and blockading the Strait of Hormuz by the US forces! A general ban on travel and the International Criminal Court perhaps in GTMO, putting the IRGC as a terrorist organization will probably destroy the regime in less than a month.

        In relation to what system of governance will come to power in Iran, it may be best to allow a general election on the choice of government i.e. a Republic or Monarchy. The late Shah’s son (living currently in Maryland, US) has stated in the past that he can come to Iran as a facilitator and the person who could bring in a national unity unless people vote for him to return as the King in a democratic way. There are other nationalist groups who would like a republic and even some Republicans who would prefer to see Reza Pahlavi not as a king but as a lifetime President of a sort. I personally believe, until we have gotten the Mullahs out of power, the emphasis should be on their method of removal but we also should think about the rulership afterward too. Also that the Iranian civil society can decide for themselves without any assistance (intrusion!) from outside in deciding their own fate, hopefully, so Reza Pahlavi will not be the only choice. Yet, he is very popular by the young Iranians that is 50 percent of the population who want a change.

        In light of the recent news regarding the Deep State and the criminality of the US’s ruling elite in, I would like to leave you with the following excerpt from a fantastic book published in 1980 by Robert Dreyfuss titled “Hostage to Khomeini” who is affiliated with the LaRouche organization. I hope this helps my friend.

        “This book tells that story. It also chronicles the
        treasonous role of the Carter administration in collabo-
        rating with the British in putting Khomeini into power.
        The book is intended to serve as an indictment of a
        highly placed fifth column inside the United States who
        provided aid and comfort to the monstrous ayatollahs
        and their secret society, the Muslim Brotherhood — even
        after the taking of the American embassy in Teheran!

        Not until Jimmy Carter, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Henry
        Kissinger, Ramsey Clark, and Cyrus Vance are in prison
        will this volume have served its purpose.

        And not until the entire organization of the Muslim
        Brotherhood worldwide, from its underground terrorist
        cells in the Middle East, to its exile headquarters in
        London, Geneva, and Malta, to its backers at prestigious
        universities like Georgetown University in Washington,
        D.C., is hunted down and destroyed will the countries of
        the Muslim world be safe from the Khomeini disease. ”

        the complete book as appears in

        1. Dear Carpe Diem:

          Zbigniew Brzezinski is reportedly dead.

          Personally, I would like to see Henry Kissinger swinging from the end of a rope from at least three days for his numerous crimes and murders.

          It is more difficult for Satan to rule if his notable and dedicated followers do not have human bodies to possess.


          1. Hi Dear OZ,

            I love the “reportedly dead”! I find it hard to believe that he is actually dead and possibly not living in luxury either on an Epstein island or even on a government luxury resort on Mars! My bet is the island here on earth! LOL 🙂

            I would be happy if Satan to take his favorite Sons to Mars and rule there and leave us earthlings alone.

  12. Hi JC, I’m pursuing research with regards to the Protestant Reformation and Evangelism. Is there a connection here you’re aware of and if so do you think its worth pursuing? I’m investigating the “Great Awakening” and found these concepts somewhat interlinked.

  13. Hey Darren I haven’t found a connection yet but this stuck out in today’s news lineup.

    “A pastor admitted a past ‘sexual incident’ with a teen. His congregation gave him a standing ovation.”

    For this…

    ““Do you remember?” the subject line read.

    “Do you remember that night that you were supposed to drive me home from church and instead drove me to a deserted back road and sexually assaulted me?” Woodson wrote. “Do you remember how you acted like you loved me and cared about me in order for me to cooperate in such acts, only to run out of the vehicle later and fall to your knees begging for forgiveness and for me not to tell anyone what had just happened?”

    She closed with three words and a hashtag. “Well I REMEMBER,” the email said. “#me-too.””

  14. What is religion? If you were born in the UK or Canada you would probably be Christian, C of E, if in Ireland or Italy catholic in Arabia Muslim, ancient China Buddhist, and India Hindu and in more recent times Baha’i in the Middle East, the list goes on. Your religion says more about when and where you were born than anything else. Most countries now accept around 6/8 World religions so even this is clouded in more recent times. So if you accept religion then there is an acceptance of a source of creation we in the west refer to as God, in the Islamic translation it comes out as Allah.
    Worldwide and by design, orthodox religion has become corrupted and is clouded in mystery and seeks to maintain control through blind obedience to a doctrine of manmade design, as you so adequately demonstrate in your writings, for them it is our way or no way.
    It is important to remember that each of the World religions were put in place through the teachings of enlightened beings who brought to the World information that was relevant to the betterment of mankind to the level of mankind’s understanding at that time in history. After a period of time, normally around 300 years, corruption sets in and power and control take over from the original Spiritual teachings.
    Half of the western world thinks they are atheist because they see religion as causing wars and hostilities throughout history, but the reality is that there has never been a true religious war, but vested interest using religion (via the corruption it has descended to)as an ensign to gather people to carry out acts for their leaders.
    The bible has a lot of prophesy in it as, “God told me to do this or that” “God says this or that will happen” but through many people other than Jesus. There have always been soothsayers and mystics giving advice and direction from who knows what level of Spiritual height and source but, only the manifestations of God (as in Jesus, Mohammad and Bahaullah) have direct communication from the source of creation, which is a Manifestation of God. We can think of the process as reflecting the Suns light from a mirror, the sun light being illumination and the reflection being what is allowed through the dust and dross that cover the mirror. The mirrors of the Divine prophets are Chrystal clear and perfectly shine through the full intention and meaning of the message, and the message comes from the top. For more information visit. Best Wishes. Bill…

    1. Thank you, WR for this posting regarding “religions”.

      Religions are an old business, it starts as a cult and becomes a mind of its own. In this respect Bahaism, now marketed as a religion is a cult, much like Islam was and it’s many branches, including Shia and Sunni Islam. Bahaism is an offshoot of Shia Islam with a supporting hand of the makers of the NWO, one world religion, and quite possibly by the British Theosophical movement from which Krishnamurti was “hand-picked” by the Theosophists on a beach in India and to his wisdom, he rejected the role of the NEW messiah of the planet”. Krishnamurti later became a true teacher of our age and he is still admired, where Bahaullah is not, Bahaism remains a cult to this day. I am sorry, but Bahai’s are on a recruiting campaign which reminds me of Amway, where no opportunity is missed! If anyone has found happiness in becoming a Bahai all is well and good luck to them but this planet has enough religions and cults as it is and perhaps what we need is a new thinking and philosophy of knowledge through Individuality and not through a group, cult, religion or what you may choose to call them.

      The incredible mystery in how this man did not embark on the Titanic is extremely questionable. I am sure, you will know by now that the rich and mighty who died on that ship were all against the creation of the Federal Reserve.

      I apologize in advance, if this posting comes across as aggressive but as a Persian, I can tell you that Baha’is have done nothing for Iran but all for the expansion of their own religion and I am not ignoring the criminality of the Islamic Republic against Iranian Bahais, as IRI is a criminal to ALL Iranians equally. I am also against Bahai’s designation of the ancient Zoroastrian New year (Nowruz, meaning New Day), which coincides with the Spring equinox around 20th March every year (for the past many thousand years!) as their own by naming it “Bahai New Year”! This IMHO is an insult to an entire and her legacy by a new cult. Who controls this cult and why with its pilgrimage site in Israel of all places?!

      I am also aware that, any new Abrahamic religion in history which Bahais also belong have always had a habit of renaming often the non-Abrahamic Indo-European festivals for themselves and their new religion. I am sorry Sir, I am not impressed and I hope you will understand why.

      Thank you and wish you a good day,

  15. Why does one have to belong to a religion to be a religious person?

    In short I don’t think they do. Aren’t religions based from a philosophy? Like Budda and many others. As such anyones philosophy could serve the same purpose. Then living that philosophy religiously would make the philosopher the greatest religious person.

    1. We are so impressionable when we are young. How often I reflect upon those impressions when I day-dream. C’mon Universe, help me once more break through this deeply embedded homeostasis experience and finally embrace that framework of perpetual dynamism and action my higher thoughts!

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