Migration and Social Disintegration (FREEPOM)

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The Subversives – Schemes of Western Policymakers

By JC Collins

The purpose of open immigration policies which western leaders have enacted are meant to support and continue the mandates of those same western leaders as well as align with the objectives of global governance.  These leaders and their political mandates are left leaning.  The objective is spreading socialism across the cultural and ideological spectrum’s.

World socialism is meant to expand with the mass immigration from undeveloped cultures and nations into the developed cultures and nations where they will vote for the leaders and policymakers who opened the gates and encouraged the immigration.  The elected leftist governments of the developed host cultures and nations have schemed and spread socialism within their own regions as a method of aligning with the larger socialism which is being constructed within world institutions such as the United Nations and the International Monetary Fund.

It is probable that the illusion of borders and nations are being used and maintained to fabricate future optimum economic and cultural zones.  The much discussed and predicted world government has in all probability been a reality since the late 1980’s and early 1990’s.  The references made to a New World Order by George Bush Sr., and the subsequent Persian Gulf War, should mark the initiation of this world government.

Since that time the fundamental function of borders and nations has been to position mass culture for the open acceptance of the multilateral and global governance mandates which need to be aligned.  The consideration that nations exist as separate and insular to the larger governance framework is disproven by the fact that all nations are aligning domestic policies with the UN 2030 Agenda and the multilateral reformation of the international monetary system.

The consolidation of this world governance framework will continue and tighten under such strategies as mass immigration and the re-arranging of optimum economic regions. The function of past and existing socioeconomic structures will require a form of disintegration in order to make room for the new methodologies of global governance.

The new nationalism which is emerging in Europe, and is represented in North America by the rise of the Trump doctrine, is global governance in disguise.  This new nationalism is a direct response to the mass immigration of people from dysfunctional cultures which have failed, for various reasons, including interference from the Anglo-American establishment, at building viable socioeconomic structures.

Mass immigration is causing social disintegration in the host nations.  The integration of the migrant cultures and the host cultures is not working.  This mishmash of cultures and political ideologies does not result in the upward movement in quality of life which is promised to the migrant populations.

The fragmentation and division between the migrant cultures and the host cultures serve as both the cause and effect of the growing isolation of both.  This fragmentation and isolation lead to reduced opportunities, a second class status, alienation, discontent, bitterness, and hostility to the host nation.  The aggression which develops from the above reactions and responses are expressed through acts which contribute to social disintegration, such as rioting, rape, crime, and terrorism.

The lost opportunity for the migrant culture and the degradation of the host culture cause the worst features and qualities of both groups to come forth.  There is no trust between each and social disintegration takes hold as the relationships required to sustain culture fragment further.

The migrant populations begin to realize the vast space between the progressive values of the host culture and the dysfunctional structure of their own.  The lost opportunities and realization of social status in the host cultures force the migrant populations to replicate the dysfunction which causes the mass migration from the migrant home nations in the first place.

The growing opposition to western values led to subversive activities in the host cultures and nations.  The expansion of the isolated and insular migrant communities within the host cultures takes place in the poorest regions and districts.  This allows for the growth of subversive organization within the host culture because it is out of sight and out of mind to the authorities.

The old migrant culture begins to replicate within the districts of the host culture and the same dysfunction begins to repeat the process of social disintegration.  This is compounded by the bizarre expectation from the host nations and cultures that the migrant culture must maintain the identity of the old migrant culture.

This is the number one cause leading to social disintegration in the host culture.  The knowledge based structure of the host culture quickly begins to erode under the strain of the migrant subversive activities, such as is taking place in Europe, and the solution begins to emerge of a new form of nationalism which is required to counter the effects of the social disintegration.

The schemes of the western policymakers to double the voting base to ensure future election victories will backfire and cause a complete restructuring of the socioeconomic framework which has supported their own subversive activities.  When asking most policymakers why mass migration is allowed and encouraged, not to mention expecting the migrant culture to maintain their old cultural identity, most have no answer, outside of well-placed and scripted statements of political correctness.

Some policymakers may be aware of the global governance mandates, as well as the need to cause social disintegration in the host nations in order to rebuild those socioeconomic structures, but the vast majority of western policymakers are following and regurgitating a well-strategized script which is being manifested from outside their sphere of control and influence.

The global governance mandates will continue to be expressed through the traditional methods of social transformation.  The announcement of such a global government will not come for many decades.  The methodology and standard operating procedures of the global system are being created through the trans-formative process.  Mass immigration and the reaction of social disintegration are a prime example of this strategy.  – JC

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