Midnight at Sea

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The Scalable World and Our XRP Future

JC Collins

The egg is the program for the chicken.

All rivers of truth and longing bleed back into the one endless sea.  Bleeding rivers came from the creative genius of Nina Simone and as the river bleeds its run back to the sea we magically become the desire of all rivers.  Music is magic and Sinnerman stands as one of the greatest of the great works while providing a light in the stumbling darkness of mans pleading ignorance. 

Three nights ago Marianne and I sat in the local arena watching a Cirque du Soleil show called Crystal.  It was an amazing blend of atmospheric wonderment and an enchanting search for the person within each one of us.  As with all mystery plays, there were multiple stories taking place simultaneously.  The surface story was recognized by all but the deeper the viewers understanding of the esoteric, the deeper the meaning and layers the viewer could discover within both themselves and the mystery playing out on the stage in front of them. 

As the actors whirled and skated around to the beat of the music I imagined what life could be like when the digital asset XRP increased in value and I no longer had to suffer the dredges of work and the reallocation of my time towards a purpose that was not of my primary self-developmental concern. 

Dreams of a daytime transparent moon bounced around inside my mind.  Crypto wealth is real I said to the person inside me.  This, the observer within, provides the balance to the animal mind, a mind which produces savage materialism.  It’s hungry and hungering for things of minimal consequence.  These things can all be mine when moon and sea become one upon the infinite horizon.  We could travel the world in search of such great works.

As the second act began the arena was filled with the sounds of a tap, tap, tapping.  Inside, my liver and heart responded.  Tap, tap, tap, a rhythmic beat which sounded familiar.  The actors skated to the hermetic sounds and before long the magic of Sinnerman embraced the thousands in attendance.  It was one of those moments.  It was like being upon the sea at midnight as the ever transparent moon lighted the way back to the shores of mind and matter.  

There are things which I wish to say but they stand in colorless contrast to the things which I’m tired of saying.  How many ways to describe the same thing?  How many times can the words be rearranged in rotten weaves and lifeless seeds?  When does the time come where I stand separate from what I was and become the things which I’m meant to be?  When moon and sea?

At one time the world was without color and was not as dense as it is now.  Red may have been the first color and the ancients considered the sea to be the color of wine.  Red sky and red water gave way to blue sky and blue sea as consciousness became more scalable. Clouds became rocks and the density of the world increased through the rampant centralization of mind and matter.  Existence scaled both inward and outward as mind and matter battled for supremacy of fire, air, earth, wind, and spirit.  

Massive stones weighed a fraction of what they do now as the world was less dense in those times.  Man built temples to worship the observer within and man now stands in confused amazement at those symbols of the inside world.  The outside world pushes and pulls us onward toward the inevitable moment when all things reverse and what was outward becomes inward.  Mind and matter are like a tree. One grows on top, or outward, and the other grows underneath, the roots, which represent the inward life-giving power for the tree above.   

Can you tell the difference between both? Do you observe the scalability of the relationship?  The pattern repeats within us as circulatory and nervous system replicates trunk, branch, and twig.  Leaves as skin and mind as the roots, with heart and liver providing the fertile earth from which all things grow, both above and below.  

There are things which I wish to say.

Upon the sea, at midnight we are in boats following the light of the transparent moon.  One soul to one boat. One dream to each soul. A purpose across the dreams can be found in the evolution of knowing we all share about the digital asset XRP.  It powers each of our dreams.  It feeds the scalable world we are building around each of us.  Our own scalable existence.

The boats bob and dance in the small waves of a peaceful sea.  Right of me is Dane, longtime POM friend in search of the invisible around us.  We glance knowingly at one another and smile in spite of what we’ve been at smaller scales.  To my left is Galgitron, the blunt edge of XRP logic, whose face remains in shadow, just outside of the moon’s light. He turns his head towards the light and the boat dips out of sight before re-emerging on a small shadowed crest. Ahead is Hodor, hunkered down in the stern and stern in resolute determination to remain a straight edge in a world of jagged outlines.  His purpose is clear.  

Further off can be seen XRPBoy, whose head is always turning this way and that. He’s happy just to be sharing the journey between moon and sea.  There is a shimmer around him which makes him appear larger and foretells of the man he will continue to evolve into. Scalable. 

Then there’s the Digital Asset Investor basked in the glow of his computer.  The sea is all around him and within him.  He looks up at the moon and suddenly makes a video which a thousand just watched. Momentarily staring out across the vastness of the sea he looks back at his computer and makes another video. Scalable. 

All around us on the sea are others who make up the XRP Community. There are hundreds and hundreds. Each with a purpose and a dream.  Each with a river flowing into them and a river bleeding out of them.  There is Giulia, Jungle Inc, BLP, Member, the Chicken, Helen, Bender, Sim Tron, Trogdor, Silly Ann, just Walter, Benchmark, Radiogenic, Chewie, Eccent, XRPDeist, LoveForCrypto, Futureboi, and Tony (just the facts) from Thinking Crypto.  

In a boat behind me is a giant eggplant. It keeps getting closer. Weird.

Underneath the waves of the sea, there are others illuminated by the light of the moon.  There is the scalable mind of David Schwartz, the stewardship of Brad Garlinghouse, and the founding principles of Chris Larsen. Together they glide just beneath the surface and provide the buoyancy which holds all other XRP dreams afloat.  We are all in search of our great works.  

How many ways to describe the same thing?

Dreams. All these things can be mine, can be ours, when moon and sea become one upon the infinite horizon.

There are things I wish to say and I will find new ways of saying them. Soon, the world will have a trillion colors and a trillion rivers bleeding and flowing across the jagged edges of the shorelines of the world.  Soon, the moon and sea will become one.  Soon, the dream will begin. 

This is no longer a surface story.   

XRP is the program for the scalable future. – JC


JC Collins can be contacted at jcollins@philosophyofmetrics.com

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17 Comments on “Midnight at Sea”

  1. Sometimes a mantra needs to be repeated seemingly ad infinitum. Frustration and exhaustion be damned, the working must continue 😉

    Red was the first colour? The following site backs up the claim:
    “The history of languages reveals that red is the first color after black and white. (All languages have words for black and white. If a third hue exists, it is red.)”

    By the way, I love eggplant! Synchronous? Haha
    Well, according to the following source in dreams it symbolises imminent success and prosperity:

  2. This was a very melodic read JC. The sentences ran like the soft roll in and out of mellow ocean swells. It makes me feel like that state just before falling into a deep sleep, half awake and half dreaming.

    “Fair Winds and Following Seas.” to the soul boats of POM, XRP Community and Ripple. The XRP dream evolves with each passing night where our dreams collect and become one as the grand dream merges with reality.

    Eggplant? Hahaha, only you can break a concentrated thought with such curiosity. 😉

  3. The Aubergine in my dream! 🙂

    Now, this is very strange and I am now convinced that I am not imagining it 🙂
    Dane and Redjon mentioned a term that stuck to my mind which is the same object that stayed with me after reading this fantastic piece by our JC. Around 6 am this morning, maybe a few minutes just before I woke up (in Hypnagogia!) I started to think about this beautiful, dreamy and poetic essay and for a reason not apparent to me, the word “Aubergine” came to me and I thought why would JC use this British/European term for this vegetable, rather than the North American term (eggplant)?! I then thought maybe because Canadians were closer to the British and that was the reason. I woke up and forgot about it until I saw Redjon’s and then Danes posting on the same subject! So now, I am asking myself why of all the poetic scenes and objects and names, the three of us so far have found the eggplant as a memorable object?! Why the term that I am used to replacing the actual term that JC used in his essay? A “Giant” boat (shaped like an eggplant) didn’t register but the eggplant (Aubergine!) did! Other than the fact that I love eggplants and I have few recipes for this veg. which I cook from time to time.

    I, therefore, agree with Redjon and his astute observation and his mention of the symbolic significance of this vegetable (If it is a fruit maybe, not sure!):

    “… in dreams it symbolises imminent success and prosperity…”

    If so, objects carry messages and speak to us in the language of dreams as part of collective unconscious perhaps, “imminent success and prosperity…” in regards to XRP. Very fascinating indeed and thank you again JC for another thought-provoking article.

  4. It’s amazing how a dream comes together. A thought much like the insides of an egg within a shell which in turn is much like a box. The chicken nurtures her egg with an intent of thoughtful lovingness knowing one day that her efforts will allow the yolk to free itself from the shell as it merges with reality and comes into the world as a chick. This process is much like our thoughtforms which manifest from our dreams and free themselves from our boxes as they too merge with reality and enter into the world around us. Ah, the magic of creation 😉

    I’m glad that eggplant (aubergine) is getting closer rather than drifting away 🙂

  5. All,
    Here are my thoughts on where things are at with XRP. The introduction of the JPM Coin and press talking about IBM’s partnership of Stellar has been positive for us because it validates the need for a more efficient want to move money across borders. The negative in my opinion is the institutional investor community, who are trying to analyze the market objectively, doesn’t know yet who’s going to become the winner(s). The perceived negatives (fake news?) about Ripple have to be resolved in their minds. Once they are, their confidence and therefore their investments will dramatically increase. Not there yet. Still a lot of work for Ripple to do to “clear the air” and thus convince the institutional money managers that they are the better choice to place their investments with. Saludos! RJZ33

    1. That’s fair RJZ33. I kind of see the institutional investor community not focusing in so much on any one digital asset but all of them as a digital asset class. To me they seem to look at asset classes rather than any one asset within the asset class. In that light it allows me to see it a bit more positive and leans back on a lack of regulation that is delaying them from going all in.

      Uphold has been tweeting some interesting stuff today on Twitter. The article header reads

      “Uphold Joins the Universal Protocol Alliance”

      “Despite a significant increase in adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency, the crypto industry has yet to create a universal system to enable transfers from one digital asset to the next on separate blockchains. Because digital assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum exist on separate blockchain platforms and cannot interact with one another, the exchange of digital assets is significantly inefficient. Additionally, the collaboration between separate blockchain projects requires complicated and expensive solutions.

      The industry is dedicated to solving this challenge because it has greatly hindered innovation in blockchain. And for us, overcoming this hurdle will continue our mission of giving customers entry into the new world of digital money and helping change the financial lives of people and businesses worldwide.”


      So I replied explaining that the Interledger project sounded like what they were looking for and included the folks at Interledger.org because this is exactly what they are working on. I don’t really know much about the Universal Protocol Alliance yet but on the surface it sure seems like an attempt to do what is already being done. In fact I believe Ripple is already using it in their Multi Hop system. If this Universal Protocol Alliance produces this bridge of code to interconnect all digital assets it may eat up some of the bridging that we all expect XRP to provide.

  6. Dane,
    As always, thanks for your reply and comments. I agree with you…regulation is desperately needed for the digital asset class to be legitimized and thus grow. Cheers! RJZ33

  7. Lost at sea. I got lost, albeit I’ve enjoyed the cruise. I’ve tried a half a dozen times to respond to JC’s last
    couple of three postings, the POM’s comments and to the questions I’ve asked of the community. But I just haven’t been able to construct, even by my low standards, a reasoned reply. Still can’t. Info overload? Lazy?

    That said I feel more than just remiss if I don’t at least thank, first and foremost JC for the platform, the POM community, and My Carpe Diem for his thoughtful and deep dives into my questions.

    I must say as a child growing up observing my father who was born in Norway and did the Ellis Island routine at age ten, and my Polish born Grandfather who went thru the same island experience at almost the same time,but, at an older age, gave me pause to wonder. What the hell.

    With my father toasting the fact that he believed “a thousand Swedes jumped up from the weeds, they were chased by one Norwegian. To Grandad toasting Jon Sobieski, and proclaiming if it hadn’t been for that noble Polish king we would all be talking Turkey and praying to Allah.

    I caught Gramps on a sober day, both of us, and asked what that rivalry was all about. He told me more just fun than anything else, pride in tribe and blood, and don’t be surprised that one day you find out your part Chinese. How prophetic, and now to consider, I may just as well have a part of me be Persian.

    I am a globalist?

    Well XRP my stinking butt.

    Well regards JC, and the POM.

    1. Thanks dane for this video
      I loved it as it addressed a factor for the future Ive never really considered. As a millennial I loved that light at the end, made me smile:)

  8. So is everyone holding tight? It sure is great exercise of patience isn’t it? Almost like watching a flower bloom.

    I am excited for the day that the blockchain infrastructure or ecosystem has developed far enough that we can just pay for our needs with our digital assets and not need to go through a bank to get fiat to pay our needs. Ah that is an efficient future to dream about.

    With these bank mergers i.e. BB&T/Suntrust, we can see the consequence that the pressure of not adapting to life and its twists and turns can cause. How many will fall before they finally embrace the enebital future they themselves have caused and adjust their processes in order to survive?

    “One often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it” – Jean de La Fontaine

    But I like this version 🙂


  9. The retail investor liquidity from CoinBase listing is helping a bit. Need Bakkt to fire up so institutional positions start flowing in. Price won’t walk/run with just the retail crowd. In my opinion, price will stay in crawl mode until institutional interest starts pouring in. I know it will happen. Just a waiting game right now I believe.
    Saludos! RJZ33

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