Merry Christmas and Introducing the 1st POM YouTube Video

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Merry Christmas to all POM readers far and wide.  It’s been a busy year with events, both expected and unexpected, seen and unseen.  The year has taken the world, and our little corner of it, in different directions, with new learnings, and even newer areas of research.  It makes me extremely happy that all of you have stuck it out with POM and my sporadic ramblings on the topics of choice.

As promised long ago, I have finally managed to create the first POM YouTube video titled – The Science of Patterns: Human Conflict.  Finding the writing voice for POM four years ago was one challenge, but finding the video voice was even harder.  What is the true message of POM?  What does it really stand for?  How does the POM environment transfer onto video?

These are all questions I reflected on before making this first video.  Please let me know what you all think.  I am definitely open to suggestions.  With that being said, I do feel the video captures the spirit and intent of POM, and all the readers which find solace in the camaraderie which has developed organically on the site.

Wishing you all the best this Christmas! Our 4th anniversary is only a week away.  Hard to believe. – JC

48 Comments on “Merry Christmas and Introducing the 1st POM YouTube Video”

    1. Thanks Darren. I definitely will be making more videos. Its been on the agenda for a long time now. Its the natural evolution of POM. Merry Christmas my friend!

  1. What a great first video JC! You always set the bar high my friend, that’s one of the characteristics that’s makes POM so great.

    It brings up mushroom clouds of emotion and provokes higher thinking.

    Thank you. May we share this video with friends and family?

    Merry Christmas to all 🙂

  2. Great Video! It is not coincidental that the questions “what is the evolution”, “what is the plan” were posed on this day, the 25’th of Dec. which were answered 2000 years ago by the Angels when they announced the birth of the one that has demonstrated the plan…Peace on earth, Goodwill to man.

  3. Visually striking, a proper length, and leaving the viewer wanting more.

    I did find the speaker’s accent that began and ended the video a little hard to understand.

    We within PoM are ultimately confronted with a challenge like the one Q Anon is attempting in the political realm, but in the more esoteric philosophical realm.

    How do we get the Blue Pill sedated masses to try the Red Pill when they are unaware that they are even in a cruel fantasyland divorced from reality? Would they even want to become part of actual reality if given the conscious choice? Continued somnambulism is certainly the easier path, and the unknown might appear too risky, as reality can itself be cruel.

    That these stirrings are happening contemporaneously is not an accident. As explained in “The Celestine Prophecy” series, there is no such thing as a coincidence. The summoning of events in time are in keeping with the plan which the Author of the universe knew before it was created. Our role and purpose therein is the mystery.

    THANKS for all you do, J.C.!

    I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

  4. Beautiful JC!
    What a wonderful gift!
    I love how it articulates the big questions…

    There is a LIGHT
    greater than the light that is the opposite of darkness

    There is a PEACE
    greater than the peace that is the opposite of war

    There is a LOVE
    greater than the love that is the opposite of war

    In celebration of all that is greater!
    Happy holidays to all!

  5. Mr Collins:

    I wish a sincere Merry Christmas to you and your beloved wife.

    Thank you for your continuous diligence and labors on the POM website.

    Also, a Merry Christmas to all fellow POM Members.

    Blessings to all of you in 2018.

    Peace Be With You.


  6. Merry Christmas to all fellow POMers with your loved ones. J.C, I think the addition of videos on top of already unique material presented, sets another milestone for POM. I’m sure, you’ll keep us to many more insights!! Funny, I’ve been reading “The Awakening of Intelligence” by Krishamurti for a few weeks and when I heard his voice on the video, I leant back and felt pure bliss. Thanks for being who you are!!

    Love to you, your lovely wife Marianne and children,

  7. Nice start JC. I subscribed to your channel. Really looking forward to where ever you take this and however it will evolve.

    A blessed Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family.

  8. Manly P. Hall – The Story of Christmas

    There is alot of online activity today so the url may load slowly, allow it to load. The ‘#content’ part of the url will eventually scroll you down to the part of the page where the story begins.

    p.s. this tumblr blogger has decided to post the entire book which, at the end of their post they state is available for sale here. This tumblr blogger has added a load of pictures to illustrate the story told by Mr. Hall – I found them unnecessary – regardless enjoy!

      1. Thanks so much for the reply Dane. What really caught my attention at the time was not so much what the pattern is – although that question really captures my thoughts in so many ways – it was more that Destiny in and of itself is a pattern. Destiny can be pinned down as a pattern. Evolution is a pattern? History is a pattern? Maybe life and death is a pattern? A pattern is so, because it repeats, right? This idea that destiny is a pattern started to tug at my thoughts with the idea that, we can study ‘patterns’/we can study ‘destiny’. Humans from the earliest times study patterns. We can only study patterns that we can observe. Pretty simple right? If we remove or destroy peoples collection of patterns or observations of history we remove their ability to forecast their destiny.

        Meh, that’s me trying to get these thoughts onto paper haha

        1. If we remove or destroy peoples collection of patterns or observations of history we remove their ability to forecast their destiny.

          Or said another way:
          If we remove or destroy peoples collection of patterns or observations of patterns we remove their ability to forecast their patterns.

        2. That is remarkable Darren.

          Through this lifetime certain misfortunes would inundate my life time and time again. One day I realized the only constant to the repeating pattern is me. I believe this is what began my inward journey. Very similar to what you state below.

  9. Dear JC,
    I was wondering where you had been for the days between the recent postings. But I hesitated to ask because the last time I did, I said your late on providing a post before inquiring of your health. I felt embarrassed about that. This time I held my tongue in check, but did wonder if you were feeling ok. I suspect you were spending time putting the finishing touches on this wonderful video, and doing the Christmas.

    I think I recognize Manly P. Hall’s voice.

    Great video, great gift. Thank you.

    My gift back to you and the POM is a promise to attempt to respond to all that the POM is about with positive comment and content.

    Merry Christmas to you JC
    Merry Christmas to one and all

    1. Merry Christmas Pieter. Appreciate the thoughtful words. Been super busy with work, life, and everything in between. Like most of us I suspect. I slept for 10 hours last night. Can’t remember the last time I slept that long. And your contributions here on POM are welcomed by all. Looking forward to much more of your witty, intelligent, and deep writing in 2018 fine sir.

    2. Merry Christmas Peter. “My gift back to you and the POM is a promise to attempt to respond to all that the POM is about with positive comment and content.”

      I love your stories man…from whatever angle you approach and share them 🙂

  10. I wanted to find a quiet time and space to watch and absorb this clip after a busy Xmas day and I just watched it. It is a film with an impact, with a question, many questions in fact. For me, the question that popped into my head almost immediately was this, “why we do the things that we do?” and “what motivates humans to be violent instead of being kind and good?”. Yet, I always think a good an unfiltered question is far more valuable than a potential answer and I think this short clip achieved a noble objective in triggering a huge fundamental and philosophical question mark in me as a viewer and not necessarily an answer, as I may never find an answer but perhaps a new thinking on the problem evolving, brewing, coagulating!

    I look forward to more films JC and thank you for your wisdom and for making POM my second home.

    Merry Christmas Dear JC and also for all my wonderful POM family.

    God Bless you all.

      1. Thank you Dane for this gift. These old fables and stories also make us ask other questions and my first question would be this, “is amnesia a good thing and should we cure it?” 🙂 On a serious note though, memory is the cause of Pain for the more advanced species it seems. Pain brings feelings of separation and separation causes resentment and isolation. Isolation causes anger and the rest, you know.

        Within the numerous Sufi schools, Khidr the green man plays a central role of a wise mystic and many believe that Khidr was the spiritual master of Moses! Whether it’s true or not, the opinions are divided but what is true is his appearance in many Sufi stories and in every one of them there is a GEM.

        Thank you again for sending this great story.

        1. Your very welcome Carpe Diem. I understand your question and it is partially true what you say about memory holding pain….sometimes. I wonder if the memory is holding pain or is pain produced because we are holding or have become attached to a memory?

          Doesn’t a good memory also liberate us from the misery of repeating our patterns in life?

          1. “Doesn’t a good memory also liberate us from the misery of repeating our patterns in life?” Absolutely true and in fact without memory, we would not have been human beings interested to know our History which is related to our memory, where we came from and who were our ancestors.

            However, this knowledge is often can be painful to know so many injustices, persecution, and cruel penalties our ancestors have endured. Yet, as all things in life having two sides (at least!), memory serves us well in that we are self-aware or self-conscious beings which other beings i.e. animals are not. Having term memories can be a source of pain as well as pleasure. How many times, I laughed at an old joke while cooking a meal and similarly how many times I have felt sad at something that happened in my childhood so many years ago. So memory is both a bliss and a curse in us. So the death of a close person to us can make us sad for a long time but for a bird or fish, that’s not the case, they just get on with it. If I’m not mistaken, elephants return to the site and the remains of a loved one and they display many elements of sadness and grief perhaps like us since they have large brains and possibly feel the pain more or less like us!

            I do wonder though if our fears of losing people close to us is a fear of the greater separation of our original elements (spirit!) from the Devine!

          2. Awesome Carpe Diem “as all things in life having two sides (at least!)” hahaha AT LEAST! I’m still looking 🙂

            “I do wonder though if our fears of losing people close to us is a fear of the greater separation of our original elements (spirit!) from the Devine!”

            I’ve not got to the bottom of this topic death yet but I can say that to me it seems that our attachment to those close to us is a selfish emotion for just us. I mean the dead have gone to the next chapter while we are still stuck in this one so they rightfully are not emotional about it. So it could be that we long to be in the next chapter, that we miss them or that we do fear that next chapter or how lonely we are now. Aha! yes the separation of us from our higher existence. If we spent our life loving those close to us instead of loving that which resides in us then absolutely we would be left alone when they are gone. If we are one, living in harmony with ourselves or are in touch with our higher existence I would wager that we won’t fear the separation because there won’t be any.

        2. One more since you mentioned separation. For a while now solfeggio frequencies have captured my attention. I still don’t know the truth of it but have plenty of hypothesis. But while listening to this comparison over the weekend I noticed one thing that I had not noticed before. 432hz is supposed to be a natural frequency in harmony with the earth’s frequency and it is said to be the frequency of love.

          So I sat and listened and to me I did hear a difference. The 432hz sounds more harmonic in relation to its other notes and seems to glide effortlessly through my ears and into my head. The 440hz seemed twangy and sharp to the brain.

          I liken it to contrasts in relation to our vision. Picture tubes and old light bulbs produced a warm feel but today with our LED TV’s and lights we NEED MORE CONTRAST man! These 4k ultra definition 3D televisions can really pump out some contrast can’t they? So what is contrast? A separation of things, like our TV’s contrast separating light and dark. Ah there is that seperation, I knew it was in there somewhere 🙂

          1. Very interesting indeed. Like yourself, I can not tell the difference between the 432 and 440 but I agree 432 sounds better…possibly because my hearing is not 100 percent though as confirmed by an audiologist possibly due to my listening to loud music in my younger days 🙂

            I recall a few years ago there was something about a time/year when the digital cameras will supersede the analog cameras. Nowadays my own Samsung mobile phone takes near professional photos and the in-built fuzzy logic thing even helps to correct light, depth etc. But, I still think the old analog photos and cameras give the perfect results. Even real/professional musicians still prefer the analog LP turntable as it is analog and not digitized. I guess the idea is a return to the origin or Original in all that we do.

            I also remember in the 90’s some folks used to put their music CD’s in the freezer overnight and then listen to the music. They believed it knocks off the sampled digital edges of the original sound and somehow would correct the sound to it’s original i.e. making more genuine and more analog. As per the old TV ads, “Don’t try this at home kids” 🙂

          2. “If we are one, living in harmony with ourselves or are in touch with our higher existence I would wager that we won’t fear the separation because there won’t be any.” love this…Beautifully said Man and I think you got to the bottom of this separation thing very well. That covers the fear of death too and knowing life as one stage of the movement of the consciousness, one would actually look forward to the coming episode rather than fearing it.

            Fantastic exchange my friend, thank you.

          3. Your welcome Carpe Diem. But it takes to to produce such harmony so thank you too my friend.

          4. This is what disturbs me about mankind’s transition to digital sound from analog.

            “The analogue wave can’t be recorded digitally”


            If we compare a digital sine wave to an analog sine wave the digital is choppy and boxy. Just the look of it makes the mind violent.

            I will have to do some searching but long ago when mp3 files became the craze it was explaining in college computer programming class that the way mp3’s were compressed is that they eliminate all the sound above 20,000 Hz and below 20 Hz since the human ear can only hear in this range between 20 – 20k Hz.

            But what about the rest of the body and perhaps the soul itself? Is there something below or above the constraints that feed the soul?

        3. My Carpe Diem, my Magi, my one of nature’s Persian Priest, scholar., my nobleman. That accolade well earned .

          I’m learned that the organs of the world great cathetrols

          1. Damn it hit wrong key. What I was saying, Carpe Diem, is that the organs of the worlds great cathedrals are tuned to the more harmonic 432hz, and if in the perfect position in the bowels of these great cathedrals the sound, the vibe, the word, will move your soul.

          2. My Dearest Pieter thank you for your kind words, I’m not sure how I would deserve such grand titles but I am grateful to you my dear friend. …I will need lots of sharp pins to deflate my ego now, thanks, buddy LOL 🙂

            Church Organs IMHO are one of the most mystical instruments ever created by man and how 432 Hz in a Cathedral structure can truly move the earth and its passengers, so thanks for this valuable information.

            The following 5-min clip is a film and accompanying and well-known piece of music (by Philip Glass) that has been used in many movies, such as, Watchmen (my very favorite!) and Interstellar, both great movies. I don’t know what it is about this mysterious sound but it can be creepy, mysterious, primeval and in some ways easily absorbed by the heart and mind of the listener. For me, there is the sense of divinum mysterium.

            Towards the end of the clip, there are some words on the Hopi prophecies and the following caught my attention and I recall JC mentioned something similar in one of his articles regarding extraction of oil from the deep and the misery that has brought upon each nation that has done that which reads. I know this to be true of the land I came from!

            “If we dig precious things from the land, we will invite disaster”


      2. I simply can’t resist myself, as much as I try. So this, as I hum, “Thanks for the Memories.” Awhile back I was spending some relax time with friends and we all being past the three score and ten, were tossing the ball or hot potato topic of Alzheimer’s around between us.

        Now I have to be careful because of my deep seated belief in the old adage, “be careful what you wish for.” So in order to shield myself any karmic retribution, I state and swear, “just kidding man, just kidding.”

        It came my turn to weigh in on the topic, I quipped, that come 80/85/90, maybe I don’t mind so much, some of that Alzheimer’s. You know, what the hell, wake up in a brand new world. Who are you? What do you want? Do I owe you money or something? Or do you owe me? I just woke up in a brand new world, and the slate is clean.

        Hello, how are you? And so very nice to meet you. I’m a stranger in this world but I have the benefit, wisdom and experience of 80 plus years of living in a world, some world, just not this one.

        Of course we all know it doesn’t work that way, the reality carries the sad tragedy of the disconnect. Still I wonder, how exciting, what wonderful adventures would await me in this new world. Would I have the courage? I think so, I’ve noticed as I age that I have less and less of the fears that plagued my younger mind. Have I become fearless? Not hardly.

        In closing, allow me to attempt to connect what I’m writing with what I’m feeling. Considering the speed technology has added to the spin of the world we now inhabit, is it so difficult to imagine a world as different in the next decade as the world in 1917 was to the world today? We are moving pretty fast.

        So buckle up, a little touch of that Alzheimer’s might not be such a bad thing as we face and enter the years ahead. Just kidding. Humming “Thanks for the Memories.”


      3. Dane My Man
        Thanks for the link to a wonderment of a story. I added comment a to it with my particular obtuse. But more than that I want to say, thank you, for your persistent encouragement.

  11. Dane & Carpe Diem, you guys always have such great exchanges, it’s a real treat to read. Thanks!

    The 1st POM video offered by JC on YouTube really had an impact on me after watching it for the third time – patterns. I really found it alot easier to understand and digest by clicking the little cc ‘subtitles button’ at the bottom of the video and reading along with the narrator. The Science of Patterns.

    Philosophy of Metrics is the methodology of understanding the world through logical patterns and esoteric processes. From the ancient philosophy of primitive man, to the stock market of today, there is a pattern in everything and a process which can explain anything.

    This idea of patterns and observation have been a continuous element in almost all the posts by JC. In the video at the 6:35min mark the narrator suggests that upon contemplation
    we begin to recognize that destiny is a pattern not a series of incidents or accidents

    Hold the boat! Destiny is a pattern? In its simplest definition, can someone please define for me what a pattern is? something under observation that repeats?

    Anyways, it would be great to see a POM discussion exploring this topic. In the spirit of JC’s video here is a publication by Lynn Steen from 1988 titled The Science of Patterns:
    The rapid growth of computing and applications has helped cross-fertilize the mathematical sciences, yielding an unprecedented abundance of new methods, theories, and models. Examples from statisiical scienceX core mathematics, and applied mathematics illustrate these changes, which have both broadened and enriched the relation between mathematics and science. No longer just the study of number and space, mathematical science has become the science of patterns, with theory built on relations among patterns and on applications derived from the fit between pattern and observation.

    Mathematics is the science of patterns. The mathematician seeks patterns in number, in space, in science, in computers, and in imagination. Mathematical theories explain the relations among patterns; functions and maps, operators and morphisms bind one type of pattern to another to yield lasting mathematical structures. Applications of mathematics use these patterns to “explain” and predict natural phenomena that fit the patterns. Patterns suggest other patterns, often yielding patterns of patterns. In this way mathematics follows its own logic, beginning with patterns from science and completing the portrait by adding all patterns that derive from the initial ones.

    1. Thank you, Darren, and grateful for your kind comment, All Kudos to noble Dane for his wisdom and openness of the heart, a true mystic. Thank you, Dane.

      I get this a lot with POM family when I am either watching or reading something and at that moment I get a sign from you or another POM member more or less on the topic I have been engaged in. I am talking about the “the science of patterns” you mentioned. As it happens, I was watching the interview with Cliff High and his forecasts based on his “linguistic pattern” which he has developed.

      Patterns are the fabric of this domain and as conscious beings, we are constantly in search of these patterns for survival. I discovered in my last visit to London, as I was waiting to meet an old friend by a tube station, that my brain was in a fast pattern-recognition mode looking for a perfect match of the facial details of a person I have known forever amongst hundreds of faces. I felt the extent of pattern recognition is closer to us and even a part of our consciousness. So yes, this domain is all about patterns and Mathematics is perhaps its alphabets. I guess this is how the weather and even sunspot activities etc. are known in advance are a part of this and we have a much better quality of life as a result. Our ancestors would have called knowing the weather condition in advance, MAGIC!

      Here’s Mr. Cliff High and his fascinating forecast for 2018 and even beyond, very interesting stuff he talks about.

    2. Thank you guys, you make me blush. To Carpe Diem, knowing is only half the battle my friend. I’m thinking the labor lasts a lifetime and I’m not sure we ever get to the bottom of it really. Like a worker bee though I will continue to do my part to fulfill the hives pattern.

      I think I know where it comes from though. It’s in the video but we have not mentioned it here yet. We have mentioned how awesome JC did with it, the difficulty understanding the accent of Jiddu and we have mentioned the wisdom of Manly but we have brushed right over the open heart of Princess Diana and the courage she displayed living true to herself keeping with her inherent love for mankind.

      Perhaps the secret is to live life from the harmonic state of a balance between heart, mind and soul.

      1. “I’m thinking the labor lasts a lifetime and I’m not sure we ever get to the bottom of it really.”

        Is there a bottom, or a top? LOL 🙂

        “Perhaps the secret is to live life from the harmonic state of a balance between heart, mind and soul.”

        I like this very much and here lies the real secret that the Sufi’s and Gnostics and wise teachers of all lands have been teaching forever. Very well said, Dane.

  12. Very interesting Dane, Thank you,

    This is an extremely valid question:

    “But what about the rest of the body and perhaps the soul itself?
    Is there something below or above the constraints that feed the soul?”

    If Sound make us FEEL different from a sound or even a tone, is it not possible that Sound has elements that the repetitional unit i.e. Hetz does not take into account?

    It seems as humans, we need some Disorder mixed within the Order so an Equilibrium can be achieved. Perhaps, this is why musicians still prefer the LP records (analog) and the real classic trained photographers prefer old cameras and have a disdain for Digital cameras. The problem with Digital cameras and MP3 Digitized & compressed sound formats are that they are too perfect and there is a total lack of any “white noise” in the mix (for digitized music that is. As for the Digital photos, the same problem exists. Basically, the digital format for anything throws away the “soul” of the stuff and perhaps that is an element of the Chaos that is missing which we are subconsciously looking for, and right next to and embedded or side-by-side into the order!

    Perhaps, too much ORDER is bad for us. Does it make sense that there are so much suicide in the richest nations? I think too much of disorder and too much of order is bad for us and our psyche recognizes that imbalance.

    Please have a listen to this and see if this voice does not move the soul!

    1. My apologies, I forgot to add this,

      Everything is cyclical and there will be a revival of analog in a different technology and that I am certain of. This Digital trend will bore people and they will return to what they found to be a more original sound that was found in all analog forms of recording.

      On a similar cyclical nature of things, Cliff High was suggesting based on his forecast that somehow a more Conservative generation will emerge, that is the Post-Millenials according to his linguistic analysis.

    2. Wow such a deep sound thank you for sharing Carpe Diem. I cannot view the Cliff video at work it is blocked. I will have to check it out tonight.

      If everything in the universe is but a vibration this digital era would surely move out of harmony with the universe itself wouldn’t it?

      It almost seems that the digital sine wave being boxy and inorganic is a separation as you said. I’ll take this one more step further.

      Now that electronics use digitized transister’s and electrical components even if an analog sound is pushed through them the product would be a boxy inorganic sine wave. We would have to get all the way back to vacuum tube amplifiers and such I would think, or those old 70’s analog sound synthesizers of days past.

      But this video is more on point for our conversation. As it is communicating with ET’s (which could represent the universe) and synthesizers (which could represent man) which would display how we communicate with the universe.

  13. You are welcome Dane,

    “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Nikola Tesla

    The link on Digital vs Analog took me back to my college years. It seems what Tesla said, makes perfect sense here as to why Digitization via Sampling of the sound is fake sound! In Digital format there is the vibration of a geometric precision and perhaps the real Vibration is missing! Just a thought and I can’t be certain!

    Perhaps the way we are sampling or digitizing information is based upon our contemporary binary computing systems we have been using which are based on Boolean algebra and with other fundamentally different computer technologies in a few years or decades, there may be no need to “digitize” anything and we may absolutely return to a “High Fidelity” sound and picture. For now, we are stuck in this digitization realms but with Quantum and even biological computing we may throw all this away and return to the ORIGIN!

    In the meantime, promise to buy me a Tube Amp when you hit the jackpot or become a Bitcoin millionaire 🙂 …only a mere $490,000 a piece LOL…you need to have a security guard anytime you have guests around the house 🙂

    That may be a half BTC by next Christmass! 🙂

  14. Lol. Back some years ago living in Germany I picked up an old 17 inch ampeg bass TUBE amp for $50. It had to be between 1987 and 1990. It was even 110v so I brought it back here to the states only to be destroyed by hurricane Andrew. Go figure. Haha, I can remember hitting a low e and it would rattle the dishes in the kitchen. Yeah the ex didn’t lime that too much. Or maybe I just sucked…probobly the later. Lol.

    In regards to getting back to ORIGIN (great book by the way) we are already there really. We just have to find and listen to live music without electronics or pa systems😁.

    Sometimes I feel like the POM community is like this cool think tank. One can dream.

    Thinking back on the water story. Being sane in an insane world would you drink their water or stay true to what you know? It’s a challenging question knowing we should keep open minded and how the stream of life is fluid and all. You know the whole we are them and they are us thing.

    Could both be had? I believe so. One could keep with their own water but find ways to understand the new language and ways while staying true to ones self at the same time.

    1. LOL. It sounds like you had the hurricane “Daesh” instead of “Andrew” as it destroyed your musical tube amp system 🙂

      I like this: “We just have to find and listen to live music without electronics or pa systems😁.”…we need real and live music everywhere particularly jamming…I’ll bring my favorite kitchen sink along 🙂

      Beleive it or not, I have seen folks making clips on YT with almost exact words from JC’s articles and even a couple of our conversations! So this is exactly what you say it is: “Sometimes I feel like the POM community is like this cool think tank. One can dream.” So POM is being read and it is an open source think tank it seems, which is great.

      Regarding the water story, I am undecided still and I think the same way as you when you said, “Being sane in an insane world would you drink their water or stay true to what you know?” So yes, being true to oneself even when one will be an outsider and possibly isolated is the choice I would make. …didn’t I say, everything in this world has two sides LOL

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