Merry Christmas and Happy Saturnalia


Wishing all POM readers the very best on this oldest of holidays.  The origin of the traditions associated with December 25 are lost in the dark recess of human emotion and thought.  Having been celebrated by different cultures and societies in vastly different ways, today we can at least remember the importance of love and family.

The past celebrations of debauchery and weak morality associated with Saturnalia have become more harnessed and disciplined in this evolving age of enlightenment.


The awakened spirit must tame the unknowing beast. Spirit and matter evolving together.

Now the parable is this: the seed is the word of god.”  – Luke 8:11


“Of all wonderful things, the most immanent was the miracle of generation. The seed which seemed lifeless and very small was planted in the earth. The sun shone and the rains came, and from the dark womb of the soil, life was released. Is it remarkable that the unlettered and unlearned should accept the miracle of the germinating seed as a spiritual symbol of life, death, and resurrection? Was it any more remarkable that man should apply this symbolism to himself—not only to his body, but to the soul within it?”  – Manly P. Hall

May the Grand Man inside all of us blossom this holiday season as we continue the process of becoming.  May all our paths intersect at the place from which the illusion is manifest.   – JC