Makes Me Angry – This Abuse of Peoples Trust


By JC Collins

Reader Justin posted the following comment and question a few moments ago.  The question itself, and my response, are worth a quick small post.  This is an important issue which we need to draw more attention too.  An organization of the masses will only take place when we arm ourselves with facts and discard fallacies.  – JC

Justin: Any comments on the: Wikileaks Reveals IMF Plan To “Cause A Credit Event In Greece And Destabilize Europe”?

JC:  First, the premise and framing of your statement and question is incorrect. The IMF does not have a “plan” to destabilize Europe. The actual posting from Wikileaks stated that an IMF internal meeting “predicted” a Greek default. I’ve provided the link for your confirmation.

Second, I have long predicted that the answer to the EU debt issue will partially be found in a return to the use of domestic currencies of the member nations. Trade between members can still be balanced with euros, but each nation will again use domestic currency. Debt’s can be re-denominated in domestic currency and marked down. This will leave the euro relatively unscathed.

If anything, the IMF is building a case for the return of domestic currency on an individual basis. Such a change would buffer the broader EU from a Greek default. It is always worthwhile to confirm the source information as many sites, including some extremely popular and reputable sites, skew the wording to increase tension and fear in order to prompt more clicks.

This is a perfect example of certain sites getting caught red handed twisting the information out of context. The Wikileaks release did not state “Cause A Credit Event in Greece and Destabilize Europe”. That was the “interpretation” of someone outside of the IMF and Wikileaks. That was then repeated and promoted by a site we all know too well. The same site which is now completely ignoring the fact the China will be issuing SDR bonds.

This same tactic is used by the mainstream media.  Find someone who will make a statement and provide an interpretation, and then that interpretation is connected to the original event/story promoted as fact.

It is time for people to wake up from these sorts of tricks and propaganda. The alternative media is no better than the mainstream media. Makes me angry – this abuse of peoples trust.