Magnetic and Electric Fluids in Equilibrium

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A Microcosm Manifestation of the Macrocosm

JC Collins

The most obvious characteristic of the androgynous Baphomet symbol is that the male and female energies are not balanced or in equilibrium.  The sun side of the symbol represents the male forces while the moon side represents the female forces.  The hand and arm on the sun side are pointing up while the hand and arm on the moon side are pointing down.

Visualize each as a plus and minus of the male and female forces, or fluids.  As such, the Baphomet symbol can be interpreted as representing an imbalance in the material world between the male and female energies.  This imbalance prevents the true spiritual androgynous being from evolving out of the merging of the male and female fluids and ascending as one spiritual being made out of two.

Each material being has to balance the male and female fluids within themselves in order to accomplish this alchemical transformation or chemical wedding of the magnetic and electric fluids.  The corruption of this process will manifest in the material world as a confused being who can’t decide if they are male or female and is best represented in the modern world with the transgender and homosexual orientations.

The inability to balance the magnetic and electric fluids in the spiritual body manifests in the material body through this method of microcosmic corruption.

The magnetic fluid is represented by the color blue.  The electric fluid is represented by the color red.  All esoteric artwork representing the male and female principles becoming one will show the head of the female as red, being electric, while the genital area of the female is shown as blue, magnetic.

An inversion of this orientation takes place in the male, with the head region shown as blue, magnetic, while the genital area is shown as red, being electric.

The sun serves as the electric principle which is red.  The moon serves as the magnetic principle which is blue. Both sun and moon have to be balanced like the male and female principles.  In each male the balance needs to take place between the magnetic (blue) mental body and the electric (red) reproductive body.  In each female, the balance needs to take place between the electric (red) body and the magnetic (blue) reproductive body.

Each spiritual being (macrocosm) that is re-manifested into the material world (microcosm) has its male and female principles fragmented.  The reproductive body, being the material body, is misaligned with the mental body, emotional body, and the spiritual body.  Each body has its own imbalance between the magnetic and electric fluids.  Each body must discover the balance between the fluids in order to subsequently reach equilibrium between the female and male energies in the consolidated form of all bodies.

A corruption of the process can happen within any of the four bodies.  Balance three only and the fourth will prevent a unification, or de-fragmentation, of the whole body.

The sun and moon, being the light of both day and night, serve as an example of the balance which is desired.  The moon is a mirror for the light of the sun when the sun is not visible.  Have you ever considered the moon to be a mirror?  It is, in fact, an unseen mirror because we do not acknowledge or recognize its existence as a mirror.  It remains unseen.

The Baphomet symbol (Crown Beast) is a reminder to all who enter upon the road of self-reflection that the journey is perilous and wrought with disaster at every turn.  A corruption of the process is more likely than not.  Do what thou wilt upon the road, as each will be tempted and tested, but do what thou wilt comes with consequences, both good and bad, depending on the choices each makes upon the road.

The snake oil salesman will never tell you about the stomach ache you will get from drinking the false elixir.

Magnetic and electric fluids, energies, exist within us and all around us.  Each serves a purpose towards the realization of creation, or the un-realization of creation, being anti-creation.  Anti-creation doesn’t happen in an instant.  It is the slow degradation and turning to dust of once hopeful matter.

The macrocosm holds the magnetic and electric fluids in balance.  Thus, our world and each of us in it, are created, or manifested, from within the equilibrium.  That is the purpose of the macrocosm.  The purpose of the microcosm is to honor that sacrifice by attaining its own balance between the magnetic and electrical fluids.

We need to become a force of creation as opposed to a force of anti-creation.  – JC

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4 Comments on “Magnetic and Electric Fluids in Equilibrium”

  1. Thank you JC. This is a timely essay, given that many people go off to college to educate themselves only to find themselves being confused and pressured into this transgender social fad. To me I see it as an outward corruption of the process of becoming in a time that earth is transforming itself. As our inner worlds transform in harmony with earth if we aren’t looking inward and putting our best effort forward to understand these transformations we corrupt or become confused and in this chaos of confusion we see outburst like the transgender and homosexual movements.

    One may say that it’s just been a suppressed part of humanity, but I would ask if this is so why would someone want to change their sex while still keeping their original sexual orientation? To decodify that I’m simply asking why let’s say a young man would want to change himself to become a girl when he has no sexual orientation towards men? My original reasoning on observing this would be so they could fit in with a growing movement of women experimenting with being lesbians but still being sexually oriented towards men. So it is obvious to me that this true process of the unification of a man and woman as an outward representation of the inner unification of each person’s masculine and feminine energies be they spiritual, liquid, electric or magnetic are being corrupted by this Marxist movement.

    When I see videos of people saying the poles of earth are changing…hell yes they seem to already have changed since what I knew growing up has spun around 180 degrees. We are told that what is right is wrong, being in tune with our natural gender is wrong and that being in tune with what we know to be right from an inward sense is wrong that we should believe someone or something outside of ourselves as knowing us better than we know ourselves.

    Funny thing is since so many have placed their sovereign faith into these outward authorities they unknowingly support and make true the lies spewed over mankind by these marxists. They are just using the masses as stepping stones to rise as high as they can up the pyramid of grandiose ego.

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