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  1. Honest working bloke that I am. I appear to be logged in without having renewed my subscription. Is this the sign I have been looking for?

  2. Hi JC!
    When do I need to renew my subscription? I think it is this month right?

    I found your website just a few months after you came on-line to try educate myself and understand economics. I have read all your articles and comments. Your writing skills are amazing and the information is outstanding. I also love all the comments you receive. Bless you for coming into all our lives.

    Take care,

    1. Strange. I view on an iPad as well, and don't have that issue. Let me look into it and see what I can figure out. I did do some updates last week, so a setting may have changed somewhere. Try updating your operating system and browser. If you haven't of course.

  3. Hi JC,

    Trust all is well with you and your family.
    Thanks Again for such well written, timely articles. I appreciate the dialog it sparks with all the astute members.
    Just renewed my subscription, cant access the content posted after Feb 4...??

    1. Thanks. All is well. Been researching and processing a low energy middle-of-winter funk. You're good to go on the subscription. Give it a try. Appreciate the support.

  4. HI JC,

    I just signed up for a free membership, until I get paid, then a paid one, and I'm trying to access the paper on reengineering the dollar but it doesn't seem available. Any help would be appreciated.

    Really enjoying the content, thank you,


  5. Reading this post , the first question that arose was "how awake are we?" As to the agriculture , this is something I believe I know something about. While the world drones on about diversity among humans they have abandoned these ideas when it comes to agro(short for agriculture ) Even contained in the name agriculture, interesting indeed..I have no problems with GMOs in fact those that do , think of banana's .. Theses due to virus would be non existent and due to GMO exist.. All our advancements could go either way , which way it travels is directly contingent upon what we believe is of value. Will our primary motivating factor be for money ? accolades for the ego? Or something that may be of an intangible nature but none the less more real than what can be seen?

    CRISPR-CAS9 is a wonderful discovery , along with the agrobacterium tumefacians , This latter mention is directly responsible for the ability to GMO many things. What has been a bane for agriculture has instead been able to open a world of opportunity to create some wonderful resistance to many plant ailments weather they be fungal , virus , insect .. ect.. But are we treading this path with great care? Sometimes I think we aren't.
    Why I believe this, is simply because we seem to be genetically modifying plants to accept the poison , instead of addressing why we need the poison in the first place. There are no such things as weeds.. The so called weeds keep erosion from happening

    Diversity among the agriculture arena is what makes for an environment that supports plant cultivation ensuring survival with minimal interference. Working SMARTER not harder.

    What I'm finding is that although science needs to be involved GMO and it has its place , we also need to return to what was from the beginning.

    What seemed like a great idea with non organic fertilizers is no longer working.
    The whole system is connected and if you make it inhospitable to the soil organisms you screw up the whole chain.. JC the control with block chain by unscrupulous people are quite possible, how are we to reconcile this? Will block chain decouple the power from monetary control or strengthen it?(this coming from one who lives in USA) . Call me crazy but i believe the experience of integration of agriculture practice will have a tremendous effect on the psyche of man himself giving a precious clue/proof of what diversity is all about .. the truth of the matter.. working smarter not harder.. Its an incredibly good thing and "no one made it " its what actually is!
    Thanks for letting me rant from agriculture world
    Love you all

    1. Just watched it. Both fascinating and concerning. The collection of human data is not going to stop. How we use that data will determine how concerned we should be. Like most things, there will be both good and bad come from such technology. Our higher spiritual self attempts to guide and teach us. An AI system which serves as a simulated replication of that process could make us more fragmented from spirit and more embedded within the material world of force and form. We need to be careful we don’t completely sever the intended joint evolution of spirit and matter. My expectations are that a true AI will recognize this unique and fundamental truth and will encourage human spiritual development.

    1. No, you're good until Sept 3rd. I just did a test login and everything works fine. WordPress is pretty glitchy from time to time so maybe refresh your browser. let me know if you still have issues.

    1. You're still good Isarmina. Site is also still running. I've just been in a funk. New article is about to be posted. Hope you like it.

  6. I am having issue , i am logged in but still can not see the content, your website has a bug, I am in IT and I can tell your website does not recognize the logged-in users.
    I am not able to to read the articles.
    I kindly request the refund cause your website is not acting OK and I have paid but can not read.


  7. Very New Age.

    We are not gods/goddesses; nor will we ever have a utopia. Humans are too flawed to have the utopian dream. Read the "Perennial Heresy"

    Even if we were in the so called perfect nirvana through a higher consciousness because of Sin we will not reach the attained goal of perfection through ourselves collectively.

    The book of revelation speaks on what will happen.

    Also, Nimrod along with so many others have tried to attain the higher consciousness and failed.

    We are eternal beings but not by our own doing or works.

    1. It will likely surprise you to understand that what I write represents the ancient wisdom and predates all of the worlds religious beliefs. So not new age at all.

      The rest of your comment is absurd and is in no way an accurate reflection of anything I wrote. But religious zealots always make such accusatory and generalized statements about anything which is different from what they believe.

      You are worlds away from understanding the words presented to you above.

      Save your false preaching for those who are interested.

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