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  1. Honest working bloke that I am. I appear to be logged in without having renewed my subscription. Is this the sign I have been looking for?

  2. Hi JC!
    When do I need to renew my subscription? I think it is this month right?

    I found your website just a few months after you came on-line to try educate myself and understand economics. I have read all your articles and comments. Your writing skills are amazing and the information is outstanding. I also love all the comments you receive. Bless you for coming into all our lives.

    Take care,

    1. Strange. I view on an iPad as well, and don't have that issue. Let me look into it and see what I can figure out. I did do some updates last week, so a setting may have changed somewhere. Try updating your operating system and browser. If you haven't of course.

  3. Hi JC,

    Trust all is well with you and your family.
    Thanks Again for such well written, timely articles. I appreciate the dialog it sparks with all the astute members.
    Just renewed my subscription, cant access the content posted after Feb 4...??

    1. Thanks. All is well. Been researching and processing a low energy middle-of-winter funk. You're good to go on the subscription. Give it a try. Appreciate the support.

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