Lets Burn Down the Universities

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An Offensive Act of Self Defence to Save the Great School of Western Thought

It should be clear to all reasoning people with the ability for critical thinking that a pattern of cultural warfare has been unfolding against the Western world since at least the end of World War Two. The contrast between what was then and what is now is stark and frightening. It should serve as all the evidence we require to make the final determination about what has been happening.

The complete destruction of the traditional family unit has taken place through a process of indirect and direct attacks against the proven characteristics of Western civilization. It should be obvious that media and art have orchestrated a well-thought out strategy of cultural warfare against the masculine and feminine ideals and support columns of culture.

This strategy has attacked the natural and instinctual strengths of both men and women while promoting the weakness from within each of us as individuals. The battles of this cultural attack have been orchestrated and waged from inside the once great structures of Western thought.

Our educational buildings and curriculums have been used to erode and shatter all the ideals of natural and instinctual existence which have developed within the Western mind. The more we remember and rediscover, the more we realize that almost everything which is taught in our schools is either a corrupt twisted version of truth, or is an outright lie and fabrication.

If our curriculums were based on truth they would not need the constant changing and tweaking which takes takes place. Nor would it require involvement of government controls. All are tell-tale signs that something smells rotten in Denmark.

Over the years there have been various exposé and theories surrounding everything from the Frankfurt School, the Tavistock Institute, Lucis Trust, Freemasonic control of all things, Satanism, Bilderberg, Trilateral, Rhodes, and so on and so on. The plethora of culprits and evil organizations run the gambit of all human elitism and consolidation of wealth and power.

Not withstanding some truth to this large list of nefarious actors, and not to mention that the stated longterm goals of these groups and organizations match with the results which have been achieved since the end of the war, there is much more to the expanding collapse of Western civilization which needs to be considered.

In the posts The Wisdom of the Ancients – Part One and How Your Brain is Turned Against You, we reviewed our own accountabilities and responsibilities alongside some of the techniques which are used against us. It should be clear that we may have to listen to the sales pitch of a huckster but it doesn’t mean we have to believe that huckster. The theme from those posts is that if we don’t plan our own lives someone else will plan it for us. This is in essence what is happening.

We have been conditioned to follow and plan our lives along a very specific path which forces us further down into the systemic control mechanisms which have taken hold of our culture. You are left to plan your life within this strategic grid. This grid contains multiple pathways which all lead through the false teachings and methodologies which have been manufactured by those who wish to devolve and re-engineer Western civilization. The trap ensures you continue bouncing around inside the construct with an ever growing sense of confusion and hopelessness.

Those who do not agree with the teachings of the construct are made to feel regressive and are told they are the problem in society for which the construct exists in the first place. This script is supported by all forms of media, including movies, music, social media, both mainstream and alternative media, as well as school curriculums, from the early pre-school sessions to the “advanced” learnings which are communicated and rehearsed in colleges and universities.

Please ask yourself a question. Does it feel like our culture has been progressive? Everything that has a seed in human weakness and depravity has been promoted and expanded across the decades. Our culture is over-sexualized. We thieve and betray one another over the smallest rewards. The murder of unborn children is accepted as righteous even though it ruins the emotional spirit of the mother. Racism against anything rooted in traditional Western culture is out of control. Our children are taught at an early age about the degenerate sex world. Massive migration has undermined the Western ideals and systems of belief which have been a part of its growth and greatness for thousands of years. Alcoholism is both openly promoted and applauded through the subtle insinuations in the media. The rampant fragmentation of the family unit and a corrupt and unreliable system of law which supports that fragmentation are the greatest loss we have experienced. This is all supported by an educational system which is reducing critical thinking and dumbing down generations.

This does not feel progressive. When we consider the stark changes which have taken place over the last eight decades we should come to the conclusion that it is in fact regressive. All of the technological advancements would still have taken place without the corruption of Western civilization, so any form of counter-argument about science and the advancement of medicine and technology being possible because of this “progressive” culture stands in opposition and denial of the leaps made during the agricultural and industrial revolutions.

Similar lines of thought regarding colonialism and the slave trade are often made by the regressive left educational institutions and supporting media. But these arguments also stand in opposition to the truthful history of the world where we find that all cultures had forms of colonialism and slave trades are wide and diverse, with there being more slavery in the world today than at any other time in world history.

The disease has burrowed itself so deep into our institutions that it is hard to imagine how we would remove it without completely destroying the host. But what choice to we have at this late hour? Continuing as we have been is tantamount to surrender and shackling our descendants with an unthinkable ideology of absolute sameness and collectivism.

It’s interesting that more and more students are coming out of the university system and understanding that they in fact understand nothing. The loss of critical thinking and a cultural anchor point, both of which have been a part of the collective-socialist strategy, are now beginning to awaken more of those who have been traversing through the system. It’s almost as if nature and instinct are re-emerging from within the individual minds of the construct and attempting to establish new anchor points.

Now is the time to act and reverse the momentum which has thus far worked against us. We need to tear down the institutions and framework of the simulated world which has built up around us. The great school of the Western mind cannot be destroyed and it will never stop learning. In fact, this challenge, the one we have been faced with now for generations, could very well end up being one of our greatest lessons and opportunities for advancement. – JC

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19 Comments on “Lets Burn Down the Universities”

  1. The insinuation that injection/introduction of cultural diversity into Western societies is in part responsible for the deterioration you speak of is racist and unfounded. This in fact has slowed the cultural and intellectual decay, but it is the preferred/selected approach to expedite the implementation of the bigger objective, i.e; Agenda 21…one big uniformly dumb world….!

    1. Migration is changing and diluting Western culture. That is a fact. I am not a racist so try and make a better argument instead of weak slanderous character assassinations that no longer work.

  2. AMEN to this article.
    And I´m not a religious person.

    Re the solution to the problem…
    I´m in favor of tearing nowadays system down. Totally. Completely.

    We in the Western world need to go back to what constitutes civilization.
    And start reteaching what our Classics said about humanity, life, science and arts.
    That, and only that, is what has made the world advance and progress in the past.

    Without forgetting, obviously, the impact that technology is going to have over all of us sooner rather than later.

    It will be a combination of the factors I mention above, IMHO, what can steer the world back to decency, and the right road.

    Enough of the nonsense and lies that the “progressive left” has tried to instill into the Western world.
    As far as I´m concerned, they can all be send to Mars (Elon Musk is looking for volunteers), and apply their ideas and politics there, without any opposition.
    So instead of destroying (they are the eternal destroyers) what other people have built for centuries, they can try and build something for themselves… for once.
    Even though, looking at their historical curriculum, I very much doubt they´ll be able to build or create anything.

    Thanks for such a brilliant article JC.

  3. All institutions and corporations are akin to cancerous tumors. They have ceased to serve Humans and instead seek to first preserve themselves and secondly to expand themselves. In these institutions and corporations we have created insidious parasites. They understand the value of seduction and herding and misdirection. People appear to guide them but people can only be fodder, prey or slave to these non-carbon sentient beings. Until the disdain people have for Monsanto is applied to Apple, NASA and MIT, the bulk of humanity will continue on the road to ruin. The good news is that Buckminster Fuller’s maxim is materializing in small pockets everywhere: “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” Inevitably, the apprentice system will replace the absurd mental construct that is today’s university system.

  4. Accusations of xenophobia against the few that dare to speak out on behalf of their own against the mass importation of ethno-centric peoples and aggressive cultures that hold no regard for ours, a culture which has given the world much, if not most of what makes the human condition not only tolerable but actually comfortable, are ill conceived. And as for those who foist upon us moral depravity through pop culture in order to undermine our traditions and values, it’s time they realise the worm has turned, they’ve pushed too hard and mother nature is ready to bite back.

    The bottom line is, Western man abolished slavery, invented democracy, pioneered equality, revered freedom and overcame the greatest adversities in his desire to explore the mind and the earth and beyond. If he falls it shall be to the detriment of all, as with him will go the high standards he demands of and for himself and all others. Though of course he shan’t fall, for he shall overcome this adversity as well.

  5. Immigration – a person who comes to live permanently in a foreign country.
    Emigration – the act of leaving one’s own country to settle permanently in another; moving abroad.

    Would it be a mistake to not think that the super rich from the middle east are quietly immigrating while the world watches the news exploit the less fortunate emigrants?

    “Some of Saudi Arabia’s royal princes – of whom there are said to be as many as 5,000 – consider themselves to be “exempt from immigration controls” when entering the United Kingdom, a London court has been told.”


    Why would the US or Canada be any different in the royals eyes regarding themselves and the 5,000?

    From Qatar, “Emigration numbers are small – just 1,078 Qataris left in 2011, of whom 615 headed to Canada, 193 went to the US and 121 went to Germany.”


    Another spin to that article is the realization that these rich families in the middle east overbuilt their countries which gave cause to import immigrant labor who ended up becoming emigrants (not wanting to leave) and are overpopulating the host country and its native peoples. So it could be conjectured from there that the current movement of peoples are an attempt to send the labor forces back to the countries they came from. JC alluded to this form of problem a while back, I’m not sure if this angle was thought of back then or not.

    To think President Trump is stopping it might be premature. “Leftists may be about to suffer their biggest cognitive dissonance seizure yet. Despite being told by the Obamas, the Clintons, Soros, and the mainstream media that Trump “is a racist islamophobe,” none other than Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman proclaimed Trump a “true friend of Muslims,” claiming the leader’s immigration ban does not target Islam.”


    Another spin on the immigration of today could be a question of what would happen if the children from these royal families decide they want to live in the west for a while? Would their wealth surpass the current western upper class peoples making the native millionaire a middle class citizen? If so how would this upper class native person react to becoming middle class?

    1. Dane,

      Further to confirm your comment:


      If any of you will see any Feminist supporting the maids who happened to have suffered torture in the hands of the psychopathic Arab ISlamist “princesses”, please let us all know! Arab Pan-Islamism is a psychopathic, anti-human and anti life ideology and they are directly working in concert with Marxists/Socialists to destroy and undermine the Western Civilization, denying that is denying reality.

      Islamism is also a slow method of legitemazing pediphilia and slavery and this qoute from the article confirms that:

      “it will link one of the wealthiest families in the world to human trafficking and slavery.”

  6. “Sophistry”

    “the use of fallacious arguments, especially with the intention of deceiving.”

    Sophistry is used everyday in every courthouse, in every congress and in every parliament on a daily basis. It is also used in every college and university. Using this art, you can argue anything however, destructive, insane and ludicrous. Yet, the lawyers must know this technique and artform in order to argue that a defendant is innocent, knowing fully well the person is a criminal and a vicious killer.

    This appears to be the faulty seed within our civilization. This is the technique used on a daily basis to deceive the population in making them believing it is daytime, when everyone can see it is not! A transgender is now normal and hetrosexual person is not!!! Next pedophelia is normal as well as beastiality and the majority of the population must feel guilty about their dislike of the newly and accepted forms of sexual behaviour!!! the limit to the deception is only blocked by our imagination…

    The Left has utilized this technique to its maximum and has managed to destroy any idea of normalcy in the minds of the majority of the population. As an example, Feminism sponsors and protects Islamism and in particular the head cover that is enforced by Islamists! Feminists argue in favor of the Islamists despite knowing fully well that pan-Islamism is an ideology that is against the freewill of any woman, which is contrary to feminism, apparently! Yet, you will never hear any feminist leftist person to say anything negative against the Islamists. This is a paradox and Sophistry is used and has been used from day one in both Marxism and Islamism, both of which use this technique for deceiving the masses.

    In ancient Greece Socrates and Plato looked down on Sophists and did not consider them philosophers. Sophists were traveling men who charged people to teach them the art of playing the devil’s advocate or rhetoric, meaning, you learned how to defend any position, basically, you learned debate. This is skill the West loves to teach and are proud of, whereas this is truly a way of destroying a civilization and a bad seed. Plato and Socrates did not charge students for teaching.

    The people’s parliaments, Congress and other western democracy institutions are managed by lawyers essentially who know this artform so very well. One must question if any of the laws passed by the people’s representatives have actually been to benefit the majority of the population or not. Given this monstrous technique, at the core of the machinery of democratic systems is it surprising to see how western democracies are in such diabolic condition and why Western democracy as a system of governance can eventually give rise to authoritarianism.

    Clearly the rise of the leftism since WWII, we have such conditions that a major change to occur before a serious collapse of the entire system to be prevented. The 2016 US election and the rise of Donald Trump, and the rise of Nationalism in EU and elsewhere are all the alarm bells that a change is coming, and quite rightly so. In this regard, the left has taken advantage of the deceptive technique and only a revolution from within the system can clear and correct this. In the western world, according to many observers the preconditions for a popular revolt (insurrection) exists, at least statically perhaps for now, but the rise of poverty, the disappearance of the middle-classes and the manyfold increase of the super rich are all worrying signs indeed. A large portion of the American population rely on food stamp, in a nation that controls 1500 garrisons worldwide and has a shrinking middle-class, not to mention a superclass Billionaire elite who literally own everything! Despite the rhetorics, Slavery is a living system in the US and everywhere else for that matter, but the victims are now a wide range of the population and not only black, namely the white Indo-European people!

    One of the disappearing influences of the left is stigmatization of any opposite point of view by throwing terms such as, Racist, Xenophobic, Misogynist etc. In actual fact, all these terms as character deposition exists in all 7 Billion people, in various degrees on this planet, but if you know the art of sophistry, you can win any argument by shutting the opposition in any situation. Fortunately, such tricks have lost their sell by date ticket and nobody buys them anymore!

    Doubting, is the beginning of every discovery and consequently a correction of a system. Belief, is the opposite, as it continues a system or idea however bad and destructive. A healthy element of doubt may be the best source for finding better solutions to our problems, whether micro or macro…

  7. Do we dare, can we dare, should we dare mention or discuss what characteristics or personalities that the Frankfurt School, the Tavistock Institute, Lucis Trust, Freemasonic control of all things, Satanism, Bilderberg, Trilateral, Luciferianism, and the Saturn Brotherhood have had and still do have in common?

    Consider who or what is not permissible to be criticize or judged harshly and you will know whom are in charge.

    “None dire call it treason!”

  8. JC this essay was posted on the same day Trump gave a speech at Liberty University. Any idea which came first your essay or his speech?

    “Trump to Liberty graduates: Be an outsider — because there’s nothing ‘more pathetic’ than ‘being a critic’”

    ““Nothing worth doing ever, ever, ever came easy,” the president said. “Following your convictions means you must be willing to face criticism from those who lack the same courage to do what is right — and they know what is right — but they don’t have the courage or the guts or the stamina to take it and to do it. It’s called the road less traveled.”…

    “What will future Americans say we did in our brief time right here on Earth? Did we take risks? Did we dare to defy expectations? Did we challenge accepted wisdom? And take on established systems?” Trump said. He then added: “I think I did.”

    He urged the graduates to not pick the career their parents want them to have, to not give into “bitterness and anger,” to hold fast to the things they believe to be true, to proudly be an “outsider” and to ignore the haters.

    “No one has ever achieved anything significant without a chorus of critics standing on the sidelines explaining why it can’t be done,” the president said. “Nothing is easier — or more pathetic — than being a critic, because they’re people that can’t get the job done.””


  9. Here’s an interesting tidbit.

    “In little more than three decades, China has transformed itself from a closed-off Asian nation mired in poverty to an emerging superpower that rivals the United States. Now, the tendrils of Chinese influence are gradually wrapping themselves around the world, upending roles and relationships that have dominated the global order for half a century. The latest step in China’s evolution as a global power is President Xi Jinping’s grand plan for the world economy that draws on the millennia-old tradition of the Silk Road trading route. We explore five ways China is changing communities and lives across the globe – with its financial clout and its influence on culture, education, travel and the military balance of power.”


  10. Timely article addressing some key issues of our time. The rhetoric that is being spewed in universities is nothing short of subversive and corrosive to the civilization that allowed for the decadent liberal ideology to grow in the first place. When you recognize that the animating ethos of Marixist theology is a genocidal hatred of their political opposition, you understand that these people must be defeated. Fortunately, the genius of the Western world has been best exemplified by its tradition of challenging the authority of overzealous, dogmatic movements and institutions in the search of greater truth. I trust that this process will happen (and is happening) once again.

    JC I’m curious if you have heard of Dr. Jordan Peterson? He’s a professor at the University of Toronto who recently refused to bend the knee to some of the campus thought police regarding the “mandated” use of “gender pronouns.” He is an amazing man whose teachings on the interplay between archetypal symbolism, human psychology and the collective consciousness mirror a lot of your own writings. He also has a great appreciation for the accomplishments of Western civilization and understands the need to push back against the rabid usurpers that have been consolidating power and molding the perceptions of the Western masses for decades. Here are some great introductions to Dr. Peterson for you and all POM members. Enjoy and carry on!



    1. Thank you so much Brian,

      I have the highest respects for Dr. Jordan Peterson and have watched some of his absolutely brilliant lectures and I was particularly well impressed with his IQ lecture.

      also watched a clip a few months ago when he was ambushed by a bunch of lefty transgenders with a couple of weirdo anarchists and he talked to them with fantastic logic and tenacity. Yet, the lefty clan were aggressive, rude and insane as usual. Universities and the entire education system needs a serious overhaul and the concept of Tenureship in academia must go, immediately!

      Here is his excellent lecture on IQ , Jobs and Robots as workers:


  11. here is something i wrote , needs some editing but I believe the message flows through.

    In our not so distant History the ruling power used religion to commit countless atrocities based in superstitious beliefs, silencing any attempt to refute said beliefs despite proof of factual evidence even calling such evil.

    So in typical fashion we seem to have swung wildly in the other direction throwing the baby out with the bath water.

    Knowledge , reason and logic became the holy grail distrusting the intuitive language of the heart defining it to hold little or no value.

    Ascribing to the ineffable a definitive of being a source of unrealistic imaginings,archaic myths,whimsical dreams and
    the content of fairytale books.

    We are taught to dismiss these as the superstitions of our primitive ancestors, having no relevance to mans reality and were forced to leave these behind on the bookshelves of youth unknowingly with a premium aspect of “Self” master keys of profound truths which lay hidden collecting dust.
    The ability to be in the moment fully present to the wonder of “now” an aspect we are innately born with is sabotaged by the fragmenting of life and in turn indoctrinating us in each area with messages that inform us that we need to “make something of ourselves” with other messages that discount and counter-intuitive to the “Being” that we already are, which we think is “nothing” if we don’t become something ever endeavouring to objectify the self destroying life.
    Logic and reason were the answer for human social progress the supreme vehicle being education. Expanding the intellect to eradicate irrationality, the bastard child of an ignorance that in past centuries became so vile born from the insidious marriage of superstitous religions with politics. A Corruption of power so complete its sole aim becomes the protection of its reign sacrificing integrity to such a degree that life becomes unsustainable and in the ensuing state of insanity is nearly incapable of recognizing this.

    What we have gained was a great advancement but only in the materialistic sense, with better health care extending life, numerous modern appliances and lots of entertaining gadgets to fill our day which are bereft of life and leave us empty.

    What is most disturbing is despite the information explosion humanity seems to have evolved little with awareness actually decreasing in crucial areas allowing insanity to keep a strong foothold.
    This progressive movement is deceptive superficial window dress adorning a reality just as insanely corrupt as we distainfully deemed our predecessors to be only we are far worse.

    The experience of living in a society with foundational values placed on achievement of materialistic success with over emphasis’s on form in all it’s aspects and at every life stage. Having little trust in the natural unfolding of self, it’s wonder of discovery bringing passion to learn, was instead replaced by structured institutions enforced by reward and punishment using emotional manipulations in the form of labels which shamed or praised the “Being” in accordance to compliancy of “doing”. Constantly being told we must prepare for the future, we must refine and mold our character (mask) and in so doing have developed an obsession with an illusive time called future while simultaneously being compulsively driven by an unexamined past completely missing the “Now” or the ability to live in it.

    Any aspects of the “Self” that was inconvenient to this process were subject to shame and rejection causing them to be denied. Deprived of consciousness these aspects of self become unharnessed energy that now contaminate the subconscious. This precious mysterious source, originally intended to be a wellspring of creativity , to inspire innovative ideas creating dreams to be lived instead become a cesspool unconsciously acts, giving birth to the nightmares we presently endure remaining completely unware that these are done by our own hand

    A manufactured mechanic self is what and who we think we are . Living from this rigid myopic ID-Entity cripples further with its distorted perceptions of how we view ourselves as well as others . Life being mostly lived in deceptive illusions that become so internalised , they remain unquestioned.

    We perpetually dodge accountability in the wake of the carnage by fallaciously assigning culpability to effects while the prime cause goes unaddressed. Whose suppressed existence is known only by its shadowy effects of chronic discontent giving rise to ongoing addictions to people, places, and things perpetuated by fear and anxiety that threaten to overwelm.

    The unfathomable heart for which the intellect alone can’t ever comprehend appears to have been caught in it’s formidable denial system driven by irrational fear and compelling insatiable need to control.
    Intergration can be found in some myths, parables and most powerfully nature’s flow and form
    Inherent in nature is the uncanny ability to bypass the intellect, its essence validates the hearts reality while still another attribute can reveal the illusory traps that ensnare it.

  12. JC,

    The views articulated by POM can generally be considered a macro analysis, as this piece is. It is safe to say that there are a number (how many is hard to say) educators that are in agreement with your diagnosis of the problem in academia, as well as other institutions.

    As one of the people involved in the academic institutions which you have pointed out are actively engaged in cultural warfare, my question has always been, “What reforms would move things in the direction you are suggesting?”

    Do teachers band together to prevent certain student clubs from forming on campus? Do we expand charter schools? Loosen regulations to allow more home schooling? Remove cultural studies programs from schools – or make them electives, effectively barring students from receiving a degree in that subject?

    Once one beings to articulate the potential solutions to the culture war, it appears that free market solutions dictate that parallel systems be allowed to compete in the market place of ideas, as many of the solutions outlined above are just more top-down decrees. Often, the label of reformer is a matter of perspective – especially when it comes to educational reform.

    I can offer 2 major obstacles in terms of experiences and observations that make it difficult to lay things out for students in terms of the de facto vs. de jure presentation of how the world functions: state mandated course curriculum (check them out some time – they are interesting for what they leave out), and potential ostracism/pressure for colleagues and parents.

    From a macro perspective, the state of affairs seems clear, but the solutions are not. A small example: Decentralization of curriculum decisions could work theoretically, but then the sources of school district funding becomes an issue (which is in part why Brown V. Board I & II, and IDEA became law).

  13. I saw this interesting piece by Robert David Steele an ex-CIA who writes about his ideas on open source intelligence and “open source all things”. This piece appeared on the web site of the Leader of the Islamic Republic’s web site regarding his rejection of the Unesco 2030 program for education in all nations, which Ayatollah Khamenei vehemently rejecting.

    This rejection makes puts Iran in the camp of the anti-Globalists it seems along with Russia, the United States (Under President Trump and many many other leaders and nations. This is a war between the two prop and anti globalist camp and Unesco 2030’s rejection by Iranian leader gives an indication where he sees the Islamic Republic in relation to globalism.

    I have to admit, I am in full agreement with what Mr Steele states in this piece and I am certain majority of non-Globalized human beings will feel the same. The Globalist advocated (and illegal in US) plan of Bill Gates foundation, Common Core must be a subset of Unesco 2030, as a means of stupefying humanity and instead of education, to produce certified monkeys intelligent enough to press the correct buttons in a post human world, all too scary to contemplate…


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