Its the 4th Anniversary of POM + Happy New Year

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Time flies.

It’s been four years since I started POM.  The site and community has grown and taken on a life of its own.  The last year has seen the roll out of a new site look with some slight subscription database issues at the beginning.  Appreciate everyones patience as we trundled through that experience.

Research on the international monetary system and the history of central banking led to some interesting side roads which have since turned into our main thoroughfare.  The Crown Beast series, and related double-headed eagle and Protestant Reformation research, has opened new doors of understanding around the past and the future strategies which are unfolding in the cultural, monetary and geopolitical worlds.

Our late foray into blockchain and cryptocurrencies is timed to correspond with the next phase of technological evolution.  This evolution will have a profound impact on the traditional monetary and financial systems.  Those who don’t evolve and incorporate this technology into their processes and business plans will be ground to dust under the weight of the future.

President Trump continues to realign American domestic and foreign policies under the emerging multilateral framework.  As I’ve stated for a few years now, this is being packaged and sold as the “Make America Great Again” mandate, but will also serve to allow America to step back from the edge as the world’s leading power, both financial and geopolitical.  The recent cut to the budget of the United Nations provides further evidence that this is in fact the case.

The self-regulating of rent seeking elites, and the inherent corruption which follows them, is being incrementally addressed around the world.  Everywhere from Saudi Arabia to America, and soon North Korea, the former elites of the Anglo-American establishment, and its proxies, are being removed from power and are being hunted down through the legal systems of the nations in which they operate.  This will pick up pace in 2018 and the people of the world should be pleasantly surprised with some of the revelations which will soon be revealed.

Keep in mind that the Anglo-American establishment is now no longer aligned with the international banking interests and the interests of the Crown Beast system.  Trump represents the international banking interests and is accomplishing the transformation of America in order to mold it to the new global role being assigned to it.  Russia has, for most of its history, been estranged from the international banking interests and the Crown Beast system.  This is why we are still seeing American and NATO forces building up on its borders.

In the long term, I would suspect that China will eventually turn on Russia.  This will take place at a time when the multilateral monetary framework is woven tight and Russia is heavily submerged within financial and trade agreements with China, and other Eurasian nations.  Russia must understand the threat and risk involved with the growing Eurasian Union and China’s powerful position over members and the region. The elevated chances of a large war during the multilateral monetary transition has always been high.  Time will tell if Russia has been implementing a counter-strategy to that of the international banking interests and the Crown Beast, which has been salivating for centuries at the thought of getting total control of the Russian land and resources.  The fact that they haven’t makes them desire it all the more.

The challenge to the US dollar supremacy is secretly being welcomed by those in the Trump administration, as the dollar needs to depreciate in order to improve the trade deficit and increase exports.  The role of the SDR alongside the Chinese renminbi will become more consolidated in 2018, with blockchain technology starting to play a larger part in the overall multilateral transition.

It would be remise of me not to mention that another year has passed with no sign of the economic and financial apocalypse which has been predicted by so many.  When I first started POM there were so many who came to the site and made comments stating that I didn’t know what I was talking about.  Economic collapse was just around each corner.  The dollar was going to suffer a horrible fate and the American people would be eating each other in the gloomy back alleys of the large cities.  Some are still making these predictions.  Weird.  All along the multilateral transition chugs along with no official source calling it as such.  But it is happening nevertheless.  Blockchain technology has been an unsuspected and much welcomed inclusion into this whole process.  It should, I hope, help end corruption and completely fragment organized crime.  We’ll see.  Like all human systems, the multilateral structure can be used equally for the betterment of all, or to continue the same suppression and fleecing of the masses.

No one nation has the legal authority to regulate blockchain assets internationally, which could very well mean that international institutions, such as the IMF, will step forward and centralize these de-centralized wealth management tools.  No one should accept the fallacy that this technology was developed in a vacuum with no input and engineering from the international banking interests.  With that being said, there are opportunities for those of us within the disorganized masses to benefit from the emergence of this new world.

Our old world is already dead.  It’s just that the evening news hasn’t told us that yet.  Among the dead are the traditional ideologies and cultural movements, including the diametric between the political left and right, as well as the cultural left and right.  Something new is coming.  The groaning bones of old governments will shatter as the new giant steps forth on the land.  We’ve seen the shadow of this thing in the power and influence of internet and social media corporations.  But its only been shadows.

POM is closing the year with the long anticipated YouTube videos.  Over the Christmas holidays I managed to finish one called The Science of Patterns – Human Conflict, and posted a funny vacation video of the trip Marianne and I took to Southern California in September.  We had a lot of fun, with Marianne realizing a longtime dream of shopping in Beverly Hills.  She hammed it up to perfection and played a satirical character as she strutted through Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive.  A once in a lifetime experience for sure.

The videos will continue into 2018, with me eventually becoming comfortable with stepping in front of the camera.  I’m a slow starter like that. When I first started the site it was very low key with little direct personal information provided.  But as time went on I introduced everyone to more of myself and my life. This is culminating this year with the vacation video below.  Most longtime readers now know a lot about Marianne and myself.  As I know a lot about many of you, and you about each other.  But that is the way it should be as our POM community evolves further.  I appreciate all the support from everyone in 2017 and look forward to providing more in-depth and valuable analysis in the New Year.  We’ll kick-off with a new batch of Premium POM articles which will continue our analysis of the multilateral transformation and delve deeper into the world of the Crown Beast and counter-reformation which is being waged against the remaining Protestant world.  – JC

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  1. It would be remise of me not to mention that another year has passed with no sign of the economic and financial apocalypse which has been predicted by so many.
    This ^ is one of the best things about your website man.
    standing ovation

    One other awesome POM analysis that singles you out JC, but is gaining traction, is your reasoning behind North Korea being a #DeepState puppet.

    The thought of going into 2018 armed with POM is really exciting. I hope more and more people decide to contribute here in this space. Wishing everyone all the best and a Happy New Year!

  2. Thank you JC, 2018 seems to be gearing up for some excitement.

    “Bitcoin as the first anti-fragile economical entity”

    “Bitcoin (and other blockchain-based assets) is essentially a decentralized network for producing trust where none exists, and as such it also possesses the highly resilient nature of other large-scale distributed networks like cities. It evolves through the integral actions of its members / miners, who decide what flavor of Bitcoin to run and support. Bitcoin is only v1 of this decentralized control concept, and as such still suffers from concentration and other problems due to the naïveté that comes with being first, but already shows the promise of moving the economy from being a forest to an ansemble of networks.”

    I thought that was you with the flashlight up in the picture. Hahaha, time for a visit to the eye doc.

    This community is an amazing place that inspires us to learn. Thank you for starting it and thanks to the participants for making it what it has become.

    1. Hey Dane, you got my thinking about blockchain. Again lol. So I decided to take a look at what the blockchain might mean to the US Military.

      Quite interesting stuff. As an example:
      Blockchains in National Defense: Trustworthy Systems in a Trustless World
      The ability of the USAF to prevail in the highly contested environment of 2040 will be dictated by its ability to defend cyber-enabled systems, and the data within them, from compromise and manipulation. Yet contemporary cyber defense is faltering, and incremental improvements seem unlikely to overcome an exponentially growing cyber threat. Thus, an entirely new model for cyber defense strategy is needed. Blockchains are a new information technology that inverts the cyber security paradigm. First, blockchain networks are trustless; they assume compromise of the network by both insiders and outsiders. Second, blockchains are transparently secure; they do not rely on failure-prone secrets, but rather on a cryptographic data structure that makes tampering both exceptionally difficult and immediately obvious. Finally, blockchains networks are fault tolerant; they align the efforts of honest nodes to reject those that are dishonest. As a result, blockchain networks not only reduce the probability of compromise, but also impose significantly greater costs on an adversary to achieve it. The Air Force should research and develop blockchain technology and leverage it for national defense.

  3. Great summary of 2017 JC, thank you,

    I particularly found this to be absolutely the situation we are in right now:

    “Our old world is already dead. It’s just that the evening news hasn’t told us that yet.”

    We appear to be in a post-MSM and yet, there are pockets of resistance active in trying to set the clock back. Your mention of NK as a deep state operation caught my eyes and I am hearing mass anti-government rallies in big cities in Iran. They are calling for the end of the Islamic Regime and more interesting an end to funding Hizbollah and Gaza movements. As I have mentioned before, the Islamic Republic is a globalist/deep state operation established under the Democrat president Carter in 1979. It is now public knowledge the role of the Marxist-Islamist Mullahs in assisting NK. One thing that may come to light is the shooting of HRC inside Iran in her airplane in 2012. Her subsequent disappearance from the scene at the State Dept. was mentioned to be due to other health reasons. There’s so much deception regarding the Islamic Republic that should come to light and how far globalists assisted Iran. Also, worth mentioning the cash payment to the Islamic Republic via Switzerland and the Jason Rezai who may have played the role of a hostage will and should be investigated. Jason Rezai is a WaPo journalist and is half-Iranian who lives in Washington DC (I believe!)…the role of WaPo as a deep state operation needs no further elaboration. My hope for 2018, is a the end of corruption in the United State and a return to the ideals of the 1776 noble Founders of this great nation. This will be my only hope and if this hope comes totally true, which I am confident it will, we will see the end of corruption, slavery, systematic pedophilia, the end of human/organ trafficking and accountable governments and an END to all forms of Terrorism on the innocent population everywhere on this planet.

    In November 2017, the American people witnessed the emergence of an alternative source of news and one that is possibly a sign that even the “Alternative Media” is dead, known a “QAnon”. I found the following clip extremely fascinating and highly informative on how this new source of Intel for the public operates.

    Thank you, Dear JC and my best wishes to you and your noble family,

    God Bless you All and a Happy 2018,

    1. My Carpe Diem
      Thanks for the great link it really brought into sharp relief the best parts of what Q appears to be about. I’ve revisited the Q site and have spent a lot time trying to figure what is going on there. I don’t have the technical wherewithal to properly work the 4/8chan boards like my younger brothers, so I have to rely on the people that post on the boards or Utubers to cipher the messages and codes to attempt to connect the dots.

      I’m amazed what it has become, it’s quite a body of work. My research has convinced me that something quite new and powerful is being developed here. A different kind of news source, one that can involve an active participation, more than news it seems to be an intel. As to be expected it has become cluttered and a few have tried to become fake Q’s, but my understanding is that the tags or whatever they call them are solid identifiers.

      A an aside, caught a piece by that silly old Alex Jones (I owe him) having a little fit screaming that he is the real Q and his intel connections are real people with real names and that people should listen to him before Q and on and on. He only got 45,000 hits on the same news that Q got a million on, it was freaking him out. Sort of sad, but I think it points to what your saying that even the alt news platforms have become old hat, so to speak, and the world has past them by. As to Alex Jones and whatever he is or has become, I think back to the early days of his career and remember he was a man with a microphone and a bullhorn who really did build a following with his rant and videos. So good luck to him and his media empire with it’s nicer studios and crew. It is a lot to support , especially after what must of been a expensive divorce. The problems of expansion always come with the risk of diminishing returns. Oh well, he is a big boy and I suspect a survivor, so he should land on his feet and keep a plastic Jesus glued to the dashboard of his pickup truck. I just ordered 500 hits of his new, “Become a Bull Like Naked Ape With a Big Brain Force Pills.”

      Back to Q and what it is. I believe it is too well done to have just sprung up and taken off faster than a bitcoin. So to me it smacks of something more, just what more I do not fully understand. Where did it come from, who’s behind it, did it create 4chan before it created itself, or what?? Is it blockchain news?

      My old world cynicism runs smack dab into the new worlds optimism, so straight out with it. I personally believe what we are witnessing is a turf war between ancient bloodline families. With that mouthful said, I’m satisfied, I owe some kind of explanation, unfortunately, as usual, I don’t really have much of one with me in what may appear on the surface to be an outrageous claim. Still I make the claim. And crazy cat that I am, I call on my better angels, and the higher minds of the POM to further advance or attempt to diminish my proposal.

      I suggest that we will witness a hell of a battle. Heads of state, former presidents, international corpritist, and yes, bankers too and many of their minions will roll. The world’s most horrific crimes against humanity, including child rape, torture and sacrifice will be exposed and brought to dock. The Rockefellers have been chosen to go down!!

      Perhaps I should stop there for now. yes I believe I will. Take it away My Carpe Diem, and all of the POM.


      1. I agree Pieter when you said,

        “My research has convinced me that something quite new and powerful is being developed here.”

        If I may add to what you stated, we could be witnessing the end of Secrecy by governments of truths and facts from us the little people. This can imply that the CIA, BBC, MI6, FBI etc. etc. are the tools of the ruling elite against the masses and we the people have willingly accepted the nonsense. There are around 4 million American citizens with security clearance and most of these people do not even work for the government but for Booz Allen, CACI, Google etc. This 4 million are indeed members of a secret society to which they have to be sworn in complete with rituals and funny Monty Pythonesque hand shaking routines. The question is who actually benefits from the work of this secret society when two planes hit twin towers in 2001 and to this day not a single person has been found guilty in any court and brought to justice. Oh wait a minute, didn’t the NAvy seals found the guilty person and killed him and dropped his body 1000 miles in the middle of the ocean? …I wonder of Guantanamo Naval facility is being used for prosecuting the guilty folks and what if the court hearing and any potential hanging, executions will not be televised and become available on YT, WaPo, NYT! LAst time round, we didn’t get the chance to watch the arrest of Osama Bin Laden on TV, may be there will be a repeat!!

        I wonder if this IS, what going to happen, just a wild wild guess…

  4. Mr. Collins:

    I am pleased to have been a POM member since the beginning of this site.

    I do not recall the exact sequence that directed me to this site, but I do remember my delight and growing interest after i read the first few articles.

    I am pleased to be paying subscriber and member.

    Blessings and appreciations to you and all contributing members.

    I will extend my membership today.


  5. Mr. Collins:

    Kindly provide me with a link or direction for existing member to make additional membership payments,

    I clearly see the link for the application of new membership, but regretfully do easily find a page for existing members to extend membership with payment options.

    Please advise.

    Thank you,


    1. Once logged in you can click the JOIN link in the top left corner. That will bring you to the subscription page. Let me know if you have any trouble. Thanks my friend, and as always, I appreciate the support.

  6. Hi JC,

    Congrats on the 4th year anniversary! I am only too happy to remain a subscriber to support your efforts to bring understanding and clarity to complex subjects. The last year of writing, and the Crown Beast series in particular, has been nothing short of incredible. You have no equal on the internet IMHO, your writing/thinking enhanced by the fact that you are not beholden to advertisors or sponsors to sway you.

    As you delve into the use of video more I have a request: I would appreciate it very much if you would add sub-titles to your videos. I am deaf, and as such closed captioning or sub-titles are imperative to me, as well as the sizeable deaf and hearing impaired cohort, to be able to understand videos. In our rush to embrace technology the internet was and continues to be flooded with video content that is not accessible. Even the big media sites are guilty, much to my constertation.

    I believe YouTube has an auto caption function, which left un-edited, produces some truly hilarious and at times vulgar gaffes. C’est las vie. Even that is preferable to nothing… but I do believe one can edit the captions to correct them. No question it adds time and effort, but I cannot even begin to tell you how much it is appreciated!! It is always so great to be fully included and able to participate the same as everyone else. I will deeply appreciate any efforts you make to ensure your site is accessible to all JC.

    Many thanks to all of you contributors as well who supplement JC’s awesome articles with awesome comments of your own. I have and continue to learn much from all of you!

    Happy New Year everyone, and may 2018 be a great year for POM and its enthusiasts!


  7. “Vatican & Russian Orthodox Church should team up to preserve Christian values – envoy”

    “Russia’s ambassador to the Vatican has praised the current relations between the Roman Catholic and Russian Orthodox Churches, adding that more cooperation is needed to preserve the foundations of Christian civilization.”

    Wind direction may be about to change in the old world!

  8. Dang man thank YOU Darren. I would have never thought to look there for ANYTHING blockchains related. You’ve opened an interesting subject and helped me to dispell some of this uncertainty in cryptocurrencies.

    1. Dane, the military seems to be allocating time for investment in Blockchain. I don’t see the connection there with cryptocurrencies. In the interest of other readers, can we all agree that the Blockchain technology and the cryptocurrencies that are built on top of the blockchain are two completely different things?

      1. Hi Darren,

        I wanted to thank you for the fantastic paper by Major Barnas and his excellent description of the various and comparative network and datacomms technologies and how Blockchain will be advantageous to the USAF. I found the paper to be well written in a format that is relatively easy to appreciate how Blockchain will solve many problems if security in cyberspace. You also helped me a great deal as this great paper helped my insomnia last night.

        Having been involved with an earlier protocol now obsolete known as X.25 and later with TCP/IP a long time ago, this paper put the Blockchain into perspective for me both historically (from an evolutionary perspective). It also reminded me that almost ALL networking protocols and tools such as the “Tor Browser” were developed one way or another for and by the Miltary! Tor was developed by US Navy now a favorite of the dark web and by folks who think they can look into things under the radar!!

        My conclusion is that this Blockchain is possibly a development by the US military and it is sent out for the public so the public to use and implement and also to fix the “bugs” therein…as well as to TEST its feasibility for a tamper-proof protocol! This may also be another way of implementing it through “Open Source” methodology as mentioned by the ex-CIA member Robert David Steele.

        The paper left me thinking very much if this shadowy Satoshi Nakamoto is not a cryptic name for a department or even a person or possibly a DARPA assigned project code! I’m only suggesting this since this Blockchain tech is too perfect and it is either developed by an AI machine OR by people who were well funded! Who knows, just a thought!

      2. Great link! thanks Dane and Carpe Diem some very interesting thoughts:
        My conclusion is that this Blockchain is possibly a development by the US military

        A very real possibility. Once the Top Secret clearance nerds get blockchain past the beta period the US military sends blockchain out into the wild under the shadowy pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto. This enables an inexpensive research and development stage – like what Catherine Austin Fitts suggests – where the unsuspecting masses prime the technology before the Military reels it back in for proper military style applications.

        Love it. Seriously, if it wasn’t so likely and scary you guys would have the best movie scripts.

        1. Geez Carpe Diem. So of course I had to google:

          Shadow-Bitcoin: Scalable Simulation via Direct Execution of Multi-threaded Applications
          In this paper, we introduced a new methodology that enables virtual hosts in the Shadow parallel discrete event simulator to run multi-threaded applications. Using this methodology, we designed and developed a Shadow plug-in that runs the Bitcoin reference software, explained how we model a Bitcoin network for testing purposes, and describe optimizations that enable us to run thousands of Bitcoin nodes in a private test network. Finally, we demonstrated the efficacy of our plugin through transaction propagation experiments, and by demonstrating novel denial of service attacks based on the mapOrphans transaction processing queue.
          Lessons Learned. Through this work, we have realized the benefit of having access to a simulation environment that runs real software. Not only does our Bitcoin simulator allow us to scale to the largest Bitcoin test-network known to date, but it also enables rapid prototyping of new features and fixes. In fact, when the topology size is small, our experiments run in faster than real time. Accurate simulators, rather than simplified abstractions, are ideal tools for studying the nuances of distributed system software. Our work has contributed to our understanding that the Bitcoin peer-to-peer protocol is flawed and highly vulnerable, and that many potential vulnerabilities and exploits lie within the low level details of the Bitcoin implementation.
          Future Work. Although we have demonstrated the usefulness of our approach, and provided initial steps towards, it still remains for us to validate the accuracy of our network model by comparing it with measurements. We also hope to work with the Shadow developers to merge our work into Shadow core so that other multit-hreaded applications can more easily run in Shadow. Finally, we intend to continue studying the Bitcoin implementation for vulnerabilities and hope to help improve the software through mitigation techniques that we can show through simulation to be effective.

          Yep. Military is knee-deep. Haha

          1. it appears that the military’s Shadow simulator is a virtual sandbox where they can re-create any real world environments. Its all public information. I’m looking for any decent links, related to the blockchain, that may be of interest and on point. For anyone that’s hungry for something to read:
            Shadow: Running Tor in a Box for Accurate and Efficient Experimentation

            keeping in mind that POM is a multi-layered 4D Universe – blockchain occupies less than 1% of that Universe. Haha, I could tire of this blockchain timeline soon – the Reformation and Germany is tugging at my weekend research interests.

        2. You are most welcome Darren,

          Your enthusiasm is appreciated and it made me also to go and read up on this Blockchain business. One of the great things about the US publicly funded research is that the product also becomes available to the public. Having said that, the public does all the bug fixing and that way the Gov. finds ways into the backdoor in a live situation and not simulation! The current networking protocol that enables the Internet to function (TCP/IP) was developed by Stanford for DARPA. Blockchain will most likely sit on top of the existing network but it will possibly serve Data as well as Voice and Video for the military with the best possible Integrity of Data as well as possibly the most secure. At least, this is the version the public will be using!

          The links you placed on your postings have been very interesting in that it shows the US Military is actively testing and may be implementing. I sure hope that the Boys in Khaki uniforms to kindly fix the problem they have discovered in the BITCOIN implementation of the Blockchain tech. 🙂

          “Our work has contributed to our understanding that the Bitcoin peer-to-peer protocol is flawed and highly vulnerable, and that many potential vulnerabilities and exploits lie within the low-level details of the Bitcoin implementation.”

          This “Flawed” implementation of may be the answer to my question I asked a couple of days ago regarding the sudden drop of ALL Cryptos on 22 Dec. around 9:30 AM EST…maybe the QAnon posts took a higher priority and the thieving elite took advantage of the situation LOL …We can add this last bit to the POM Movie script you suggested Darren 🙂

          Thank you for this exchange as I learned so much info and insight into this great Blockchain revolution.

          Wish you a great evening.

          1. Another interesting crumb on the bitcoin trail is North Korea and Bitcoin. Knowing the POM thesis on North Korea, it makes for really curious news whenever the MSM suggests a connection between NK and bitcoin.

  9. Perhaps POM is like a school. One that lends itself to a similar intent like Krishnamurti had for his schools.

    The Intent of the Oak Grove School

    It is becoming more and more important in a world that is destructive and degenerative that there should be a place, an oasis, where one can learn a way of living that is whole, sane, and intelligent. Education in the modern world has been concerned with the cultivation not of intelligence, but intellect, of memory and its skills. In this process little occurs beyond passing information from the teacher to the taught, the leader to the follower, bringing about a superficial and mechanical way of life. In this there is little human relationship. Surely a school is a place where one learns about the totality, the wholeness of life.

    Academic excellence is absolutely necessary, but a school includes much more than that. It is a place where both the teacher and the taught explore not only the outer world, the world of knowledge, but also their own thinking, their own behaviour. From this they begin to discover their own conditioning and how it distorts their thinking. This conditioning is the self to which such tremendous and cruel importance is given. Freedom from conditioning and its misery begins with this awareness. It is only in such freedom that true learning can take place. In this school it is the responsibility of the teacher to sustain with the student a careful exploration into the implications of conditioning and thus end it.

    A school is a place where one learns the importance of knowledge and its limitations. Itis a place where one learns to observe the world, not from any particular point of viewor conclusion. One learns to look at the whole of man’s endeavour, his search for beauty, his search for truth and for a way of living without conflict. Conflict is the very essence of violence. So far education has not been concerned with this, but in this school our intent is to understand actuality and its action without any preconceived ideals, theories, or beliefs which bring about a contradictory attitude towards existence.

    The school is concerned with freedom and order. Freedom is not the expression of one’s own desire, choice or self-­interest. That inevitably leads to disorder. Freedom of choice is not freedom, though it may appear so; nor is order conformity or imitation. Order can only come with the insight that to choose is itself the denial of freedom.

    In school one learns the importance of relationship which is not based on attachment and possession. It is here one can learn about the movement of thought, love and death, for all this is our life.

    From the ancient of times, man has sought something beyond the materialistic world, something immeasurable, something sacred. It is the intent of this school to inquire into this possibility.

    The whole movement of inquiry into knowledge, into oneself, into the possibility of something beyond knowledge, brings about naturally a psychological revolution, and from this comes inevitably a totally different order in human relationship, which is society. The intelligent understanding of all this can bring about a profound change in the consciousness of mankind.


    1. Ackerman… trouble maker… don’t even expire until April 2, 2018. Which is why you are likely not able to load the subscription page. The page does work but I did a test on your login and get the same error. I have seen it before but it corrects when the expiry date is reached.

  10. Here are a few blockchain articles that were interesting.

    This one lends itself to Darrens commented article on the USAF “DARPA Seeks Blockchain Messaging System for Battlefield Use”

    “What is Blockchain?”

    “Anonymity and Digital Currency”

    “Active Social Engineering Defense (ASED)”

    “Project Blockchain Certificates”

    This one struck me particularly as it brings us back to a much earlier topic discussed here on POM. JC you might like this one. What if the new Bancor was an international monetary system network architecture? Money changers comes to mind. The crypto’s wouldn’t need to be monitored individually but to exchange or cash out they would have to go through a central point of exchange. Maybe I’m misunderstanding their white paper but its the feel I get.

    “The Bancor Network”

    white paper –

    “Introducing Smart Tokens™: A Solution to the Liquidity Problem”

    “A New Method for Price Setting”

    “The Bancor Protocol™ Ecosystem”

  11. Happy anniversary for the POM, JC, and Happy New Year to youand all of yours. Great post, wonderful look back and outline of what the POM has been and what it is becoming.

    It is not often that I find opportunity to check you, and the thought of checkmate isn’t even a part of the game I sometimes like to play on the POM. But I think I have the rare chance to have some fun here and remain positive in the process.

    I really enjoyed the video on several levels, great scenery , full of interesting and beautiful people. Looks like you and Marianne and friends were “having a great time,” thank you for the new world style postcard saying as much, and if I may add the obligatory, “wish you were here.”

    Boating, dining, having a cocktail in the great city of San Diego. Plus Marianne realizing her long time dream of shopping in Beverly Hills and Rodeo drive.”A once in a lifetime experience for sure.” Hehe. The price of shopping Rodeo Drive may make you wish it will be a, “once in a lifetime experience for sure.” But my money bets Marianne’s ability to find the proper purchase, one that constitutes a true bargain, plus seeing what fun she was having in the pursuit of it. Makes me think that before it is over, my offer to wager that it will happen again, seems fairly sound.

    On a cold wintery night up in your neck of the woods, you cuddled up with Marianne and her whispering in your ear. “Hey Baby it’s cold outside. What do you say we head down south for a few days, maybe do a little boating, some dining, have a cocktail, maybe swing up Beverly Hills way, perhaps do a bit of shopping on Rodeo Drive.” I can just hear you. “Well hell yes Darling, make the arrangements. Pieter Segar’s subscription is due any day now, and I know I can count on him to send it.” And you can.

    So looking forward to 2018.

    1. Excellent comment Pieter. Hahaha. I wish it was that easy. Maybe one day, if I keep slogging away at it and POM grows much bigger, Marianne can have her wish. In the mean time, I will continue the grind of my regular job in mining. My dream of course would be to get POM to the level where I can give 100% of my focus to its purpose, development, and evolution. Lol. I already told Marianne, no trips in 2018. It’s a saving and investing into Blockchain year.

  12. Sovereign Debt Restructuring has been a major component of this website that I continue to try and wrap my head around. I’ve subscribed to SDR notifications in various ways just to try and get a heads up. There is no full access to this publication but the abstract is worth some consideration and mental filing, lol.

    Historically, international financial crises do not occur, but rather go hand in hand with the deterioration of macroeconomic indicators, investor panic and speculation. Since the beginning of the 20th century, experts in international law have periodically discussed the possible remedies to the endemic situation of sovereign indebtedness. In 2001, the International Monetary Fund launched a proposal for a Sovereign Debt Restructuring Mechanism known as the ‘Krueger Plan’; this was abandoned in 2003. Due to the present economic and political cul-de-sac, the legal framework of sovereign debt management strongly preoccupies the international community. The Current Sovereign Debt Consolidation. This doctoral thesis analyzes the evolution of the legal framework and the normative choices favored by each actor. It is possible to deepen the theoretical and practical suggestions designed to facilitate the resolution of sovereign debt crises. After establishing the leading international requirements for sovereign debt management, this dissertation advocates the implementation of a normative set of tools designed to integrate domestic regulations on the basis of previous models. it is possible to deepen the theoretical and practical suggestions designed to make the resolution of sovereign debt crises. After establishing the leading international requirements for sovereign debt management, this dissertation advocates the implementation of a normative set of tools designed to integrate domestic regulations on the basis of previous models. it is possible to deepen the theoretical and practical suggestions designed to make the resolution of sovereign debt crises. After establishing the leading international requirements for sovereign debt management, this dissertation advocates the implementation of a normative set of tools designed to integrate domestic regulations on the basis of previous models.

      1. Thanks Darren for this,

        “President Donald J. Trump Proclaims January 2018 as National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month”

        The Storm is for sure gathering momentum and this storm is reaching the Marxist globalist Mullahs who have taken my homeland since January 1979! This morning I was happy to discover that President Trump has issued a support via tweeting the following:

        “Many reports of peaceful protests by Iranian citizens fed up with regime’s corruption & its squandering of the nation’s wealth to fund terrorism abroad. Iranian govt should respect their people’s rights, including right to express themselves. The world is watching! #IranProtests”

        So yes for sure the storm is reaching to any place where devil worshipping cabal have set up camp. North Korea and Islamic Repugnant of Mullahs will have the same fate in 2018. …and I hear that GTMO has even wheelchair facility for inmates. I know the hideous Mullahs may not need worry about the GTMO facility as Iranian people will deal with their retirement facility in their own way!

        Happy 2018 to you and all POM family.

  13. Leonard Cohen told his family, in his final days, he was confident Donald Trump would be elected president of the United States.

    I love this guy. I love this song. I love these lyrics. Here is a great cover of that man’s thoughts:

    Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
    Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
    Everybody knows the war is over
    Everybody knows the good guys lost
    Everybody knows the fight was fixed
    The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
    That’s how it goes
    Everybody knows

    1. Hello BeachDude and thank you for the link,

      I found several interesting points in the info in the link which you have kindly posted and I will explain each with the excerpt as follows. …some I agree and some I disagree:

      “The Mossad and the MEK are not shy of killing random people.”

      This is very true and MEK/NCRI are a Marxist-ISlamist splinter group who were in the same camp as the ISlamist Khomeini but as they had their agenda, their were brutally quashed by Khomeini and they found another patron in the form of the NeoCons and the Marxist EU.

      “The “western” media will engage with their usual pseudo liberal humanism and concern trolling.”

      Islamic Republic of Iran is a darling of the Western media and the Liberal establishment and the deep state much like NK so the last thing they want is the removal of the Islamic Republic of Mullahs.

      “hundreds of sock puppet Twitter and Facebook accounts will suddenly be “Iranian” and breathlessly report “from the scene” of their Langley offices.”

      the comment above covers this I think.

      “Economic protests are clearly justified with even Khameni voicing support for the issue.”

      This is total nonsense since the so called Spiritual leader (Khamenei) is the cause of the economic problems and if anything and he has shown in 2009, he publically unleashed the paramilitary thugs aka Baseej on Iranian protesters in 2009. He is an absolute tyrant and he is being supported by the EU, the US Deep State as well as the City of London. Mullahs travel to London and bring their looted Billions and invest in London…What’s new!

      “But the Islamic Republic in Iran has genuine support in large parts of the society. There are big civil organizations that support the government – not on every issue but in its general framework.

      Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) has very little support because brutality, torture and public executions has been their method population control since 1979. As a result Iran loses some 150,000 of it’s best and brightest engineers, Doctors and other educated workforce to EU, US and Canada and elsewhere. Life in Iran has become intolerable for 70 million Iranians.

      “Most Iranians are proud nationalists and will be difficult to divide.”

      This is a fallacy in the minds of the Western observers who do not see the reality of the ISlamic Republic for what it really is. First and foremost, “Islamic” Republic is as its name suggests a Theocratic and Islamic regime which implies that it is absolutely AGAINST NATIONALISM. It is however very true that Iranians are NAtionalistic and proud of their ancient history and the inheritors of the First World Empire ever seen on this planet. Therefore, they see IRI against their national and ancient heritage and legacy and instead they have plundered the wealth of that rich land to the benefit of the Non-Iranian movements as Palestine etc.
      An average Iranian sees a disconnect between him/herself and a regime that has a non-native language and emblem as it’s national flag and the very ethos of Iran.

      My personal thoughts are that Iranians are seeing an opportunity to free themselves and I witnessed President Trump’s own words in his inauguration regarding Islamic Terrorism must end. I am grateful to President Trump and see this and opportunity to see prosperity and international respect to return to my ancient homeland instead of Iran being synonymous by terrorism. I remain hopeful.

        1. Hi Darren and thank you for the awesome link.

          You are spot on my friend, “I get the feeling that the legal groundwork has been laid in 2017.”

          The revelation released by Politico (Rather normally Leftist!) shows the wind direction is changing and more likely is turning into a massive storm against the Globalist agents i.e. Hezbollah and more specifically Islamic Repugnant of Mullahs. The devestating outing by Politico shows that Hezbollah which is an operative of the IRI has been allowed to import Cocaine into US and was literally given out $2Billion under the cover of, “Car Allowance Rebate System” ( The Scheme which was actually a Scam by Obama Admin allowed the creation of an international network of drug operation for Hezbollah via the $2Billion from the American public. The money from this venture provides for Terror support & training and arms purchase in Latin America, specifically in Mexico and Venezuela that will be an arm of the deep state worldwide!

          President Trump and DoJ, Pentagon etc, know precisely the deal here. They will either obliterate the criminal gangster network and their cronies inside the US or else they will lose and become a target by the opposition. I have no doubt 2018 will see some major arrests and even open warfare. for now, the war is Intel war and occasional shootings which does not get coverage in MSM for good reasons as 95 percent of the populations are not aware or involved as in any revolution a 3 percent is enough to make a major change. This has already happened IMHO.

          Iran, Not Saudi, Not Israel, is the lynchpin of any change and our JC has alluded to that numerous times. ISlamic reformation will only happen when Iran is Freed from the Arab/Semitic Colonialism. A free Iran will allow a more prosperous world and the best ally of the United States of America as chronologically are the First and the Last world Empires. So there connections and equilibrium can be achieved.

    2. Very likely. It was always going to be Iran or Saudi Arabia. When Russia made deals with the House of Saud, and the old guard was overthrown inside the country, the writing was on the wall for Iran. The world is changing fast. Let’s see what twists and turns it will take.

  14. Very true JC,
    The following clip shows a Mr Jeremy Corbyn, a Fabian Socialist begins his talk with a Quranic greeting with “Peace be with you” at the Islamic Republic’s “Islamic Centre” in Kilburn North London for the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution in 1979. On the other side of the British political spectrum i.e. the Conservatives, there are equal enthusiasm for the Islamic Republic subversion (On the surface and mainly aimed at US). IRI alone provides enough power and influence in the entire West Asia whilst through such subservient and compliant Islamic regime supporters they promote the unlimited power and wealth of the City of London!

    Crown Beast has many heads as well as many loyal servants everywhere.

    Do you ever wonder what the Special Relations between the United States and the United Kingdom is all about when you see a potential British Prime Minister talks in such kind and cute language in support of a bunch of Marxist-Islamist thieves and rapists?! …who are against the US, at least for a show!

    Is there any need for such kindness and soft talks for bunch of Islamists who burn all Western Flags, including the British and American flag as a televised weekly show since 1979?

    Truly what the heck is going on folks? Any ideas?

    It seems to me that the jig is up and Trump and his international team is calling for a regime change not only in Iran…but perhaps in London too and for that matter EVERYWHERE! BBC can provide further evidence…

  15. “We don’t want UK made mullahs” – reference to Iranian saying lift a mullah’s beard to see the ‘Made in UK’ label #iranprotests

    This chant, and further to my earlier posting, in a part of Tehran by Young Iranians clearly shows how much Iranians know about the collusion of the UK with the Corrupt Mullahs. There are also similar chantings against Russia for supporting the corrupt Mullahs. Also support for The late Shah of Iran the last King of Iran who was removed from power by the Globalist cabal. The young Iranians after 39 years want the return of his son to power.

    The Twitter account of Potkin Azarmehr a great UK based exiled Iranian journalist is recommended for the latest direct info and films from Iranian sources:

    1. My Carpe Diem
      I distinctly remember thinking , way back then , when they had The Shah flying around from country to country, that if he had been willing to abdicate the throne, he would of been allowed safe haven in the US and or other countries. The Shah wasn’t willing to abdicate and as far as I know he never did.

      It is a little confusing, because the family/dynasty’s beginnings are much older than is normally reported, and the name change from Khan to Pahlavi in the early 1920’s something.

      Iran/ Persia has such a rich history and it seems has always been much more than just a pawn on the board of the great game. This from 1892, the British diplomat George Curzon described Iran, Russia and Britain as “pieces on a chessboard upon which is being played a game for the dominion of the world.”

      My confusion stems from some reports of the Shah Reza ruling from 1941 onward and then reports of a coup in 1951 or 1953 where the Shah replaced Mohammad Mosaddeq. Where they both sort of sharing rule between 1941 and 1951? Those where such turbulent times I can’t quite make it out.

      I’m working on a thought line that studies bloodline rule with bloodline thinking, that involves natural law. So perhaps “The Return of the Son of Shah” scenario isn’t one of my craziest ideas.


      1. Dearest Pieter Hello and Happy New Year!

        I was away for the weekend and returned after a long drive and I apologise for not replying earlier regarding your great comments re. the late Shah and an earlier one. I promise to write back regarding the Pahlavi dynasty, and nobility title of “Khan” which is a Mongolian term used by Persians and the Mughal dynasty in India who took to Persian art, culture and court rituals and extended it outside of Iran proper. The term Khan later became a standard for referring to an older male with possibly a high status, diplomatic, educational, military/courtly, or wealthy status etc. Khan is almost equal to a “Sir”! Hope this helps for now but I will elaborate later a bit more. In the meantime, I came across an interesting reply by Mr. Martin Armstrong (One Economist I have great respect for & receive updates via Email!)

        regarding Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi the Shah of Iran who was dethroned by the Globalist cabal as a means of jump starting Pan-Islamism as a tool to bring down the Western world. The western liberal cabal have successfully implanted that the Shah (Iran’s King) with assistance initiated a Coup against Dr Mohammad Mossadegh in 1953. The Masses now falsely believe that the CIA “Installed” the Shah in 1953, whereas he was the legitimate King of Iran in September 1941 after the Soviets and the Brits invaded Iran and forced the abdication of his father Reza Shah Pahlavi in August 194, under the fake excuse that he was a NAZI sympathizer!!

        I will discuss why the Western MSM has been displaying such negativity towards the 50 years of the Pahlavi dynasty who were the legitimate rulers of Iran who brought Iran into the 20th century as a strong and secular nation later. For now, if you recall Madeleine Albright, publicly “apologized” from the ISlamic Republic of Iran about the involvement of the CIA in 1953. The duplicity of this devious US State Dept. secretary is that she said in a well publicized interview regarding whether it was worth killing of 500,000 Iraqi women and children, she said “We think the price is worth it.”. I think this example, needs no further explanation regarding what Liberals believe and do and as you always say, perhaps it’s a good place to say, “Nuff said” 🙂

  16. Oh my goodness. Does the world spin at the same rate today that it did last year, or the year before that? It all seems too fast.

    I guess it might be time to stop calling Distributed Ledger Technology – Blockchain. It’s Distributed Ledger Technology. Blockchain and HashGraph are versions of DLT. PoP!

      1. Hi Darren, Hi Dane,

        Have you guys noticed how the BTC in particular has gone down today?! The news on Zerohedge may give us a clue.

        “Australian Banks Reportedly Freeze Accounts Of Bitcoin Users”

        This has a DIRECT connection to the recent EO by President Trump re. Asset freeze worldwide o those persons who have assisted in human trafficking. It seems, the previous Premier of Australia Julia Gillard a Feminist and a Clinton donor WILL be involved in some form of asset freeze. If that is the case, then she won’t be the only one and the Australian government is preventing from cashing their fortune in BTC. I am speculating here, but there must be some major reason for Australia to want to clamp Bitcoin! We shall see I guess…

        1. Meh, forget about it. Australia represents less than 1% of the global population. Nothing to see here… eh, there. Nothing to see there.

      2. Okay I have an updated position on this hashgraph. Maybe more of a question. We’re this article states

        “much more cost-effective (no proof-of-work),”

        It’s my understanding that the “proof of work” is what keeps the blockchain secure.

        From the white paper linked in the article.

        “The proof-of-work also solves the problem of determining representation in majority decision making. If the majority were based on one-IP-address-one-vote, it could be subverted by anyone able to allocate many IPs. Proof-of-work is essentially one-CPU-one-vote. The majority decision is represented by the longest chain, which has the greatest proof-of-work effort invested in it. If a majority of CPU power is controlled by honest nodes, the honest chain will grow the fastest and outpace any competing chains. To modify a past block, an attacker would have to redo the proof-of-work of the block and all blocks after it and then catch up with and surpass the work of the honest nodes. We will show later that the probability of a slower attacker catching up diminishes exponentially as subsequent blocks are added. To compensate for increasing hardware speed and varying interest in running nodes over time, the proof-of-work difficulty is determined by a moving average targeting an average number of blocks per hour. If they’re generated too fast, the difficulty increases.”

  17. Please watch this geezer from “Carnegie endowment” globalist/CFR peahead who in the end says “No, we should not help regime change”. This stunning how the globalists are freaking out over what President Trump has supported. Think how Iranian Mullahs Republic is the actual LINK to North Korea and how it’s collapse will remove and gives a checkmate to Globalists world powers! Stunning.

    2018, will be the end of Globalist power bases EVERYWHERE.

      1. this FoxNews anchor is game asking @1:14
        how is destabilizing the Iranian regime right now not good for the United States

        What a strange question? maybe I’m overtired and reading into this.

        1. I agree the question is kind of ultra Direct but as an American he must consider what is good for america first and foremost but yes, I see what you mean.

          The geezer is an Obama globalist and he was probably the person who advised Obama in 2009 to do nothing regarding the election fraud in Iran in that year and after Iranians demonstrated and were brutally quashed by the regime.

          1. Goodness me, good catch Darren, The geezer is all over the Clinton shop! He is obviously lamenting the loss of her boss but the least he can do is to shut his mouth now. LOL 🙂

  18. POM is one of the better news aggregates. Its an organic community news aggregator. You can’t replace the human heart with a program. Merry New Year!

  19. Boy DarRen you’ve been busy. Lol. This hashgraaph looks interesting at face value. I’ve been having this curious feeling to see what MY digital algorithmic signature looks like. I’m thinking it could be a form of digital dna. Hahaha, been watching too many Sci Fi movies probably.

  20. Hey Carpe Diem, my exchange service notified me…before Trump’s announcement consequently…. saying that only the wire transfer sort of account exchanges were slowed. They went on to explain that if the exchange was a direct account transfer that there were no delays. Oh, and the exchange I use is listed in the article as one of those effected 🙂

    Sounds like shady deals being done under some veil to hide identities. Hey looks like the new banking survelance measures are working rather well.

    Bitcoin seems to have long running exchange time and high exchange fee issues for a time though.

    1. Hello Dane and HAppy New Year,

      Yes, I agree. Something is up with the Coinbase and I am certain the price of BTC flatlining at around $13K has a lot to do with the President Trump’s National Emergency and possible confiscation of the pedophile and human/organ traffickers.

      Looks like the arrest and wealth confiscation of the filthy Saudi criminal cabal was a warm-up and after series of “bug-fixing” and the release of the latest version, the new version of Anti-Maggot software be successfully installed in the United States to thoroughly remove the swampland cesspit ! 🙂

  21. You guys know what else coincides with this bitcoin exodus to withdrawl? The US’s new tax law. The news is full of stories about how people are overloading tax collecting offices in NY as people try to pay their property taxes early in an attempt to get a higher tax deduction. I won’t rant about the insanity of it BUT! If they are doing this then it probably isn’t too far fetched to think these bitcoin withdrawals are to avoid some sort of feared taxation on gains. A hell of a lot of gains.

    The exchange I use also sent a message warning on that tax issue as well.

    1. From Coinbase, “Update – Due to outgoing wire delays, we recommend withdrawing via ACH (bank transfer) instead of wires for faster processing. This applies to withdrawals only. Deposits via wire transfer are not currently delayed.

      Estimated wire delays:
      Incoming – Same day as received
      Outgoing – 7 to 10 business days
      Reversals – Up to 5 business days

      We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
      Dec 28, 12:55 PST
      Update – Wire deposits and withdrawals may be delayed by up to 5 business days. Rejected & reversed wires will now be processed within 48 business hours. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
      Dec 20, 11:42 PST
      Identified – Due to high transaction volume, we are currently experiencing delays processing wire transfers. Wire deposits and withdrawals may be delayed by up to 3 business days. Rejected & reversed wires may be delayed by up to 10 business days. Our team is working through these wires as quickly as possible and we are adding additional resources to get through the backlog. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
      Dec 15, 12:03 PST”

      And on taxes.

      “Do taxes apply to virtual currency gains?

      Yes. Although Coinbase cannot provide legal or tax advice, the U.S. Internal Revenue Service has released guidelines for how to report and pay taxes relating to digital currency activity. You can read them on the official website here:

      We remind all our customers, both US and international, that you have a responsibility to self-report and pay taxes on all taxable gains. Please consult with your accountant or tax advisor to ensure that you file and pay taxes correctly.

      Will Coinbase send me a 1099 or similar form?

      For U.S. users only, Coinbase provides Forms 1099-K to certain business users and GDAX users that have received at least $20,000 cash for sales of cryptocurrency related to at least 200 transactions in a calendar year.”

  22. I think this tax issue is becoming more viable. Check this out.

    I think he’s missing something in that the taxable event would seem to be if he made a gain in lite coin in the time it took him to transfer them and the same would apply for the reciever. It’s just a continual chain of record for the taxable gains….or losses for that matter. If transfers were instantaneous this wouldn’t be an issue. But….always a but. When transactions are delayed for hours and the transactions are large amounts the gains or losses could be substantial. Not only that if the transaction is to purchase something….say a tesla car (if it’s possible, I don’t know I’m just clowning) and the coin drops in value going through a slow transaction period when the payment arrives at Tesla it may have insufficient funds.

    I think that’s a good reason to look for crypto currencies like the one JC suggested Ethereum, that have smart contracts integrated into the blockchain.

    “How Do Ethereum Smart Contracts Work?”

  23. I’m a relative newbie, in my first year at PoM, but have greatly enjoyed the expositions of J.C. with the added bonus of the robust community of commenters.

    I believe that block chain is a defense industry initiative that has spun off in multiple directions, much as NASA helped create the microprocessor and all that followed. Where it goes depends on the universality of creative intelligence, as lives here.

    The vacation video was a joy! You are a very lucky man to have such a beautiful and fun loving spouse!

    The Q phenomena is an “experiment” in the power of distributed intelligence gaining critical mass in consciousness. That accomplished, the legacy media must report the events after the fact, as they can no longer control the narrative, only influence perception of the events in a diminishing blue-pilled population. Q himself has gone silent since Christmas Day. But with POTUS announcing the January push of human trafficking, his emphasis on MS13 and corruption in the upper reaches of government, paired with the now over 9000 sealed indictments, things look to be coming to a head. Q has long cautioned about too much too soon causing such trauma that it must be contained. Rationed almost.
    I can guarantee a lot of red-pilling was done over the holidays, and the drips of new information will now be even more readily accepted in the population.

    So, 2018 shapes up to be one of miraculous change with a very unexpectedly adept POTUS setting the tone as the demolition and restoration reaches stride. Godspeed!

    I wish one and all the happiest of New Years! Stay safe!

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