Iranian XRP Validator and the Dismantling of SWIFT

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There is a lot of geopolitical activity taking place around Iran. The recent addition of an XRP ledger node, or validator, showing up in Iran should not be considered a coincidence.  As we explored in the post the Geopolitics of XRP and the follow-up post Don’t Expect an Official Announcement, the re-organization of the nation of Iran will be a major pivot point in the transition from the unipolar USD monetary system to a multilateral monetary system.

Iran is the hinge of the Eurasian continent and new trade and security agreements will have to be developed as the international reserve levels of USD shrinks taking the SWIFT system with it.  SWIFT has been used as the gatekeeper to this USD dominated system. It is likely that the issue of Iran will have to be dealt with (like North Korea) before a larger dismantling of SWIFT takes place.  The Trump administration is targeting November to diminish Iran’s crude exports to zero. Unless some alternative agreement can take place with Iran and the ruling Mullah’s, this strategy will proceed with some regional volatility taking place.

It should be noted that it is unlikely the rule of the Mullah’s will survive from this point forward.  Any fairer system of political and socioeconomic governance will undermine the corrupt foundations of the existing structure. The Iranian people are tired of the Mullahs.

Regarding the recent Iranian XRP validator, POMs very own Persian academic Carpe Diem provided a wonderful explanation which I am including in full below.  It covers all of the important basis, including how an alternative power base within Iran may already be working to establish the new governance framework.

Any readers who may still question the existence of the so-called “deep state” and its alliance of military, banking and business interests around the world should reflect on the intense and violence-imagined strategies being used to overthrow the Trump Doctrine.  I would also recommend reading the POM article titled The Great War for Eurasia, as it will assist in understanding the larger objectives around the Eurasian continent.

Comment from Carpe Diem:

I think I may have got what JC wanted to convey regarding XRP Ledger node in Iran. There is a possibility that Iran, as was the case with NK, is made up of an entity of the Western-backed Deep State operatives who were in charge of running things as proxy agents of foreign entities and the high-level meetings with elements from the government may have been at the technocratic level who are loyal to Iranians and not to the globalist Mullahs. These contacts have been conducted in several countries, namely Afghanistan, Jordan and Syria between the US officials and a group of Intel/Military who will run the country after the globalist Marxist Mullahs are ejected. The past few days, the Islamist regime had started a series of posturing and empty muscle flexing by conveying messages such as closing the Strait of Hormuz which they certainly can but doing that is identical to cracking a cyanide pill for the regime faster they can utter the next words out of their filthy mouths.

Back to XRP. A stable Iran is the only source of stability for the region and the flow of oil to this planet since the strait of Hormuz is the throat of the planet in terms of oil transport. Therefore, the good guys that the US admin is in talk inside of Iran are gradually taking over and preparing the next steps after the Mullah’s power has gone and the power to be handed over to a NATIONALIST Military, and I can absolutely say that a large section of the armed forces want to remove the Mullahs and the possibility of a coup with support of the Iranian people is happening. The human capital of Iran is enormous and Iran with this criminal insanity had ensured some 250,000 of the most educated Iranians to leave Iran making Iran the nation with the highest degree in Brain-Drain. All this is by design of the Globalists who have made nonsensical nations such as Qatar with less than 300K citizens into a mega-rich nation that must import it’s food and people of all levels to run it’s affairs all so that the City of London to vacuum this outpost of a nation into London property market and City banks. All this was the creation of a criminally insane cabal who gave us Hollywood, Paedophilia, and rape of nations and plunder and more plunder. We saw how Libya was looted and it’s super rich resources were divided among the sea pirates, such as Sarkozy, Tony Blair, and the Clintons. All this has ended since the arrival of President Trump.

The new model in respect of sovereignty and trade, and to do this a totally new MONEY system is necessary to cut the hands of the old criminally insane globalists forever. This is where XRP comes in to play and for that matter, a new kind of money. I can see a day not long from now that Iran to become a center of commerce and possibly the revival of the ancient trade routes known as the Silk Road where ideas and thoughts were transported between the East and the West, but this time a solid foundation of trade brings peace and prosperity. As secretary Pompeo said that having “death to America”, public hanging and total oppression and many other heinous acts “are not normall”.

Yet, the illegitimate regime of a colonizing proxy government run by the Globalists Marxists is required to do all of that cruelty plus more so it can plunder that nation. In this regard, Secretary Pompeo seems to know details that many Iranians have known for a long time and it had been deliberately hidden from the Western people for 40 years. It is a known fact that the majority of the so-called elite currently subjugating Iran, are not even Iranians.

The tool in the hands of the NWO Globalists to financially control a nation is the SWIFT system and SWIFT is the rope that is being used to suffocate the dying Globalist regime of Mullahs as the final act, whilst knowing that Ripple will be used in replacing the Globalist Marxist regime. The SWIFT system will be plugged out and the XRP Ledger will be plugged in the socket. That in itself is a symbolic act of removing an ancient network of monsters and replacing it with a truly democratic, fair and just system in a nutshell.

27 Comments on “Iranian XRP Validator and the Dismantling of SWIFT”

  1. JC,
    Been talking to a few crypto guys about Ripple. Unfortunately, their opinions are not too good right now. In fact, they are telling me to stay clear. They think Ripple is in the cross hairs of too many of the wrong people. In particular the SEC, Coinbase and 3 lawsuits. These crypto guys expressed that Ripple has been unclear and deceptive about their formation and business plan? Quite frankly, I am unclear about what they are referring to specifically? Anyway, most have said to stay clear of Ripple. Their comments of “could go to zero” scare me quite frankly. Why such optimism here and such pessimism there? JC…can you shed some light on this for me? What do you know that these folks don’t? Help!!!
    Thanks in advance.

    1. That’s a whole lot of FUD. lol. The “crypto guys” you’re talking with are just regurgitating the same garbage that spreads around online forums.

      Everyone has to do their own research and form their own conclusions. Mine have been made very clear with backup logic and reasoning. Just saying stay away from XRP because Ripple has been “unclear and deceptive” is very disingenuous. Of course, Ripple isn’t going to communicate 100% of their strategy. And they ARE likely in the crosshairs of the wrong people, but the wrong people are losing power and can’t stand it. I’m with Ripple.

      People making statements like those are ill-informed and are ignoring the vast amount of information which is publicly out there on Ripple and XRP growth and achievements. There isn’t much more I can add.

  2. Thank you Dear JC,

    It is an honour and a privilege to be able to contribute to the POM family and I am learning from you and every noble POMer. I am very optimistic about the future of our planet and humanity has taken a giant step in an evolutionary path that will bear fruit in a short time. I am also sure that my ancient nations will be free soon and I would like to acknowledge POM’s numerous articles on Iran and her esoteric, philosophical and geopolitical role in shaping the future had been absolutely influential in this regard. A big thanks to you JC.

    Wish you all a great evening.

  3. JC,
    Thanks for your reply.
    Yeah, I agree…the markets are full of FUD circulation/rumors. And, it’s usually a good sign in the long-run since they are usually trying to shake shares/coins from those who buy-in to the FUD. Short-run…not so much typically because there are many who do buy-in to the FUD and bail and price goes down.
    So, I guess the whole issue is whether the XRP is deemed a coin/token or a security? That’s what the articles are suggesting that I have read. The FUD-sters are stating that the SEC will possibly classify the XRP as a security and possibly send the price down dramatically as a result because it will de-classify XRP as a coin and it will lose it’s listing on the crypto exchanges? And, possible lawsuits as a result due to misrepresentation by Ripple on the listing of XRP as a coin/token and not a security? This is the way I’m understanding everything anyway. Do you agree?
    What are your thoughts here based on your research and discussions with potential others? Do you view the XRP as a security or a coin? Ripple has been asserting that XRP is not a security. Also, do you know when the SEC is supposed to rule on this? I can’t seem to find any info on this.
    Thanks in advance for your reply.

    1. XRP is not a security and will not be deemed a security. But that doesn’t stop others from building that narrative, which is the whole point, to create doubt.

  4. JC,
    Again, thanks for replying to me. I greatly appreciate it. So, where do you get that certainty? Why are you so confident of this ruling?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. It’s not a security. Period. This is a false narrative. Period. XRP has no characteristics of security. It’s not shares in a company. It doesn’t pay dividends. So on and so on. A game is being played my friend.

      1. Hey J, it’s them twins putting a winkle in the works. That B-coin was a darkweb means of exchange from it’s first day. It relied on dope, the worst kind of porn, and all manner of gangster game as it’s first base. And I suggest that stain stays.

        They fear the Zerp, as they should.

      2. I agree JC. I’ve researched until my fingers were crossed and my eyes blurred. I’ve found enough information to feel confident that XRP is the right choice for me. I’ve gone all in on it and will hodl and wait for the magic to prove itself. Through the security of my own research I defend my position with personal knowledge of XRP and how it fits in with the world and what is happening in it.

  5. Thanks again JC. Been reading the following article that makes me feel a lot better about Ripple.
    It’s more a book than an article but thought it was good to share with the group. Boy, does it bash Jed McCaleb and Stellar and all those associated with him. No wonder Ripple was/is under such scrutiny?! It appears that it is all because of him?! Maybe that is why the SEC is still investigating Ripple? To see if his “stink” remains anywhere within?? Anyway, I hope this is beneficial to all.

    1. Thanks, RJZ33,

      As an all-in XRP HODLer, the recent appearance of a Ripple node in my country of birth and knowing that Iran since 1979 had been a pariah state and completely cut-off from the rest of the world financially, much like NK, was enough evidence for me to believe that Ripple will be the most important currency for the next several decades!

      If you recall, I mentioned the words of Bix Weir (the man behind Road to Roota) and his frequent YT talks. Mr Weir called Ripple, “the establishment Cryptocurrency” and he has a dislike of it. But, he knows very well, that Ripple has already been selected as the “establishment” crypto of choice and the appearance in Iran for me was extremely odd and unbelievable but it has enormous significance in what the new order of this world will utilize as a digital/cryptographic currency of choice. It also implies that Stellar and the others will probably remain in existence but Ripple will be the fully accepted and authorized Cryptocurrency by several major central banks because it is a digital token with purpose and utility in its design and implementation. This is not the case with 90 per cent of the rest. In fact, anyone can start a new token in literally 10 minutes with a little knowledge of coding and an intermediate knowledge of how software programs and computers work.

      I also think that Bitcoin will survive but it will be the equivalent of gold coins most people hold one or several of and nothing more. It is just too slow and outdated in comparison to Ripple-there is just no competition whatsoever.

  6. Carpe Diem,
    Thank you very much for your reply and comments. I have come to agree (once again) with JC and you. After talking with a couple of the crypto traders that I mentioned previously and reading some of the articles and announcements out there on SEC, CoinBase, lawsuits, etc., towards Ripple, I was skeptical there for a moment. Like you, I am planning on an all-in investment on Ripple. I, like you I assume, am looking for the next big thing. If Ripple is indeed the cryptocurrency of choice as you state, it will be one of the next big things. JC’s past predictions on USD depreciation, Redback inclusion, Trump winning, commodities boom, China tech boom, etc., etc., etc. have been spot-on. His confidence in XRP speaks volumes towards it happening. Hard to bet against that!
    Thanks again. Godspeed to you and all the good citizens of your homeland.

    1. You are very welcome RJZ33,
      Grateful for your good wishes regarding the developments in Iran also. I sincerely hope the violence and aggression to end soonest. I agree, XRP will do well and this is a form of wealth transfer that happens every few centuries. I hope you and every noble POM family makes the most of this situation that is now a likely possibility and that way, we can enrich our own lives as well as being able to fund projects to assist our brothers and sisters around us by creating wealth through creativity. In this regard, I see the UBI (Universal Basic Income) a trap and we must avoid and prevent such a disastrous idea. I am glad the Swiss people have rejected this hand-out as the only way is not hand-outs but by creating jobs that pay and satisfy and fulfil our human desires to be a part of a society.
      Godspeed to you also my friend and good luck with your XRP adventure!

      1. Carpe Diem,
        Thank you for your great contributions to POM. Your comment on UBI intrigued me – in what way do you see it as a trap?
        I tend to think there will come a time when it is a necessity. I understand most of the arguments against it and I agree it is too early for it right now, however the world is changing fast. With the rise of AI/robotics plus the need to end poverty globally, whilst population growth continues its upward trend, it is hard to imagine that there will be enough jobs to occupy every adult on the planet. I know a few people who would prefer an existence where they are not forced to take a job, but can be free to indulge in their creative pursuits – this may well be fulfilling to them even if it cannot easily be monetised.
        I optimistically envision a future where UBI facilitates a wonderful explosion of creativity. Imagine how many great artists, musicians, etc. have remained in obscurity because of the notion (whether true or not) that “it can’t pay the bills”.
        Cheers, Jon

        1. Thank you redjon,

          Before I answer your question, I would like to publically express my absolute Love for Free Money and if anyone reading this, has any extra cash, in any form, I would be delighted to receive it. 🙂

          When I stated that the UBI is a “trap”, it is not because I do not like to see my brothers and sisters anywhere on the planet, happy, content and enjoying a great life. Yet, I see the UBI a trap because, I see this more of a social experiment perpetrated and pushed from the super rich of this world, the likes of Peter Theil, Mark Zuckerburg and Elon Musks plus the Hollywood crowd who do not live in the day to day world that I live and most likely yourself and the majority of the POM family lives in. UBI is an experiment and it stems from the minds of individuals who feel terribly guilty about how they have risen up to be the multi-Billionaires. These people were either, themselves the result of financial experiments or placed as the operatives of the NWO by individuals much more wealthy, powerful and influential that live in their own bubble. The 1990’s great movie with Eddie Murphy, “Trading Places” defines such sick socio-financial experiments that the rich often play out. These people are bored with being rich and they either go dark or they see a glimmer of the light but are often surrounded by sycophants who act as their spiritual Gurus. In return, the super rich individual become infatuated with the thoughts of “helping humanity”. Such thoughts and visions, ranges from “Climate Change” to “UBI”, where almost always they fail, because the motives are always self-centred, where the person feels him/herself to act as the power god where it is their ego that speaks!

          The other problem is that the proponents of such “humanitarian” ideals never ever suggest where the money to fund such schemes to come from but you can bet on your every Dollar that, they always suggest, “other people” to pay for it! This implies that they recommend such headline-grabbing ideas, but they never would give te source of the money and never from their own pockets. The fascinating thing here is that these individuals are always the people who are into industries where the Robotic workers of the future will (as they suggest!) eventually reduce workforce, and again, they never say this “we will set aside a chunk of our income for this cause”. Therefore, these people, whilst knowing they are ridiculously rich, they develop guilty complexes and their attendance at meetings and with the support of the crowds there, they feel absolutely right and somehow mystical.

          UBI is the hot topic in Western Industrialised nations at a time when birthrate of all these nations is very low. Germany’s growth rate since WWII is so dangerously low that, the demographics there will be changed in ways that finding a native German will be rare. While in India, it may be a good idea for some social benefits system but again, the source of this money is never ever mentioned. When you actually think about this logically, the UBI necessitates that a large section of the society MUST be engaged in paid work, when another sector of the population chooses not to work to pursue, music, painting, pottery and or another expressive kind of activities. You can not pay the whole population a similar amount and hope to relieve the societal problems such as drug and alcohol addictions and more importantly boredom. In fact, UBI will increase all of that. Young people MUST be engaged in self-satisfying work and seeing the result of their own work, so they can fulfil their desires of buying the car they dream of and marrying a person and making a home or travelling the world. None of these dreams can be materialized with a UBI regardless of the amount.

          If you consider the UBI from a simple economic perspective, you may find that giving an equal amount to every person, will really not change anything in real terms as everyone will be equal in a minimum. In time, it will mean that if everyone gets 1000 USD a month, many will go deeper in terms of their social standing and many will not want to be equal and seek to do better than the rest, especially those with a talent and skills who can go and do better than the other who will sit at home and watch TV and roll the next spliff. What should we decide here is this: IS UBI a method of long-term assistance OR an Incentive?

          If this is a long-term Assistance, then the current system in most Western nations works fairly well, but it can be fine-tuned further. On the other hand, if UBI is intended to be an Incentive, then it cannot run indefinitely as it will not have any effects if people know that this money comes forever which will, therefore, may see no reason to do anything and instead may choose to live with that very minimum life.

          I see the UBI as a sinister idea that will ensure a culture of dependency on a population who can go and define their own meanings for their own lives and nation and the rest of humanity. I can honestly say that say, a 1000 USD or double that amount, will make the recipient very happy but the consequences are similar to getting that first hit and feeling absolutely on top of the world, and with every subsequent hit, the effect will grow less potent, when one needs a bigger dose!

          The Kingdom nation of Norway is one of the world wealthiest societies on earth. Norway’s primary income is from Oil and gas and the small 3.5 million population are assured a sovereign wealth fund that is spectacular. It is said that Norwegian can stop working for two generations and keep their standard of living intact. Yet, Norwegians are smart in that they know an idle population will mean disaster. Instead, the government pays for the education of her citizens at any university in the world and pay a small benefit which is not much but it enhances their career and living expenditure. Wealth well spent on increasing a population’s education and brainpower is money well spent. On the other side, we have the oil-rich Arab states and almost all give free money to their citizens with negligible positive cultural results – that money only keeps the status Quo going! UBI, in the west, will achieve the same thing. That is, it will ensure the status quo with a population who were made dependent to live with a regular albeit hand to mouth hand out. This way, the elite ensure their boots on the jugulars of humanity forever!

          Wish you a positive and fruitful day my friend.

          1. Many thanks for your in-depth reply and you make some great points.
            As I recall JC stated in a 2016 post on the topic, UBI or something similar is almost certainly going to happen, it’s just a question of when. These early experiments and “trial balloons” are useful but I suspect the eventual implementation of it could be rather different. For example, it might not happen until after cryptocurrency comes to dominate (which I believe is likely) and this may fundamentally change the economic factors which many are concerned about.
            Crypto-economics is likely to be significantly different in a number of ways, in comparison to old-school economics. A lot of the textbook economics will have to be completely rewritten. I have not really researched “cryptonomics” so can’t go into details but it’s obvious to me that many current paradigms/axioms will have to be thrown out.
            You mentioned the key question of where will the money for UBI come from. That was my initial concern as well. Consider the well-worn and perfectly logical objection to “printing” money – that it results in rampant inflation. This has certainly happened in the past (although not so much with the recent QE). I just wonder whether ways and means will be found to create crypto, hand it out to everyone on the planet and, via certain machinations of the blockchain money system, avoid or mitigate any negative consequences. I admit this is all pure speculation on my part but I am just keeping an open mind on whether some form of UBI can be made to work.
            On a related note, have you ever heard of Jacque Fresco? He was a futurist who had some interesting ideas on a resource-based economy. Sorry I can’t give links at the moment but I’m sure there are some videos on youtube and there’s a wiki page about him. His vision was overtly idealistic and I struggle to see any way it can come to fruition entirely – a society where money is essentially abolished and all basic needs of citizens are provided to them. Would this result in large sections of humanity becoming lazy workshy slackers? Sure it would, but he believed this doesn’t matter as long as some percentage of the population voluntarily continued the pursuit of progress in science, engineering, healthcare, etc. And in his positive view of the human spirit he was confident that there would always be a significant proportion willing to do this. And I don’t doubt this is case.
            I mention all this because there are some similarities with the AI/robotic/crypto future we are heading towards. The key word is abundance. When a certain level of abundance is achieved, great things can happen, a transformation of society, a mass lifting of the collective human spirit. I think it likely that it would result in an acceleration of progress rather than retarding it. I mentioned artists and musicians before, but I’m sure there are also plentiful wannabe scientists, inventors, engineers, etc. who are being held back by feeling trapped in their 9-5 jobs and debt obligations. So, one may consider that it is the current scarcity-based system which is a trap, and UBI might be one of the steps we can take to escape from it.
            Peter Diamandis is another futurist who has written books on this subject (Abundance). I must confess I haven’t read them yet… Perhaps I’m too lazy! 🙂

        2. Thank you Redjon,

          I have not heard of Mr Fresco but I will take a look at his ideas later. The UBI is a great idea but I am afraid this is a con game much like Communism and Islam as it advertised as a system where people are all equal and will live together happily ever after. In other words, UBI promises the earth and delivers nothing in the end.
          Regarding your interesting point about releasing people from the trap of 9-5 jobs, I would say that someone still needs to cover those hours regardless, how we look at it and someone needs to deliver our post, deliver our food to the nearby supermarket and someone must grow the food and care for the animals the end up on our table. Looking at UBI from this angle, although a great idea still it does not solve as to who exactly were the people who can live a comfortable life and do all the wonderful artwork and still maintain a reasonable lifestyle.

          I can tell you that with a £1000 in the UK or $1000 a month in the US, you can not live a comfortable life unless you live in a room with 4 other people! You can however go and live in Thailand or India and live a relatively reasonable life but the trouble is that no sane foreigner can last too long in South East Asia because the culture is so vastly different for a western person. In Thailand and India, no foreigner is allowed to buy land or a home. You must always include a local/native person as your partner where the odds are always in favour of a local in any court.

          I am mentioning these two countries because countless western men go there in the hope of finding an easy life on a meagre budget. Personally, I can’t see UBI as a possibility and as I mentioned before, it is pain relief only. The West has been treating its male population terribly and the Western male is in a retreat because the rules and laws are always against them. All thanks to FemiNazism and the proponents of this satanic and demented ideology, western men do not wish to marry and instead prefer to hide and play computer games. All this is by design of the Satanists who hate ALL Indo-European people. In my opinion, UBI is nothing but an insult to Western nations and I have to say kudos to the Swiss people who figured out that UBI is a trap and nothing less…
          Wish you a good evening my friend.

          1. You’re not wrong friend, at the moment.
            You may have noticed I am a technophile, and as such I do believe and expect that tech will solve all of your objections in due course. Those tasks that you mention need to be carried out but will be almost entirely automated at some point in the next few decades. The UBI amount may start at a level which cannot quite sustain a decent lifestyle but I would expect this situation to improve either by incrementally increasing it, or due to tech-driven abundance reducing the cost of living to “peanuts”.
            One of the key things I optimistically expect within my lifetime is to see major breakthroughs in energy tech. No doubt you’re aware of the apparent suppression of free energy inventions – which, if true, cannot continue forever. Otherwise there is the hope of fusion power, and continual improvements in solar. So one way or another, the fossil fuel era will end soon enough. When it does, the cost of energy (which ultimately is a large component of the cost of living) will fall dramatically.
            Thanks for another great discussion!

  7. If you want even greater certainty about XRP as an investment. Read ‘Insider Buy Superstocks by Jesse Stine & look into the weekly bar charts for stocks doing 10-15x in about 1 month. You can clearly see a similar pattern with XRP. I have a high level of assurance that XRP will reach a high between 20-25$ within the next 3-5 months based on a clearly identifiable pattern that are bound to reproduce themselves. My dad and I are heavily invested since September 2017. I can provide you with my own breakdown for XRP if interested. Cheers from Canada . JR –

  8. My Carpe Diem
    Our conversations, which mainly consisted of me asking you all manner of questions about your beloved Iran and your very generous replies including among many other things, the last hundred years of the Shah Pahlavi family, has provided me with a new insight into the rich history of Persian world. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you so willingly shared.

    I also hope and pray for a peaceful solution to Iran’s current problems and a freeing of the amazing Persian people from the jackbooted rule of the fanatic Mullahs. The inclusion of a Ripple XRP node smack dab in the middle of the middle of the ancient trade routes is very encouraging, trade was her trade way back when, hopefully trade will once again become her trade in the near future.

    1. Good Morning my Dearest Pieter,

      I am extremely grateful and appreciative of your kind words and I am very hopeful and optimistic now, than any other times before since 1979, that Iran will be free from the hands of the dark-minded international globalist neo-colonialists. The truth of the matter is that it was President Trump who first unravelled the globalists spell in NK. Iran is possibly far more important asset that they have controlled so far.

      From a cartographic perspective, the geopolitical position that Iran has makes it almost like the switch or the valve for this planet, in terms of exchange of ideas and thoughts to transport of goods and energy. It seems, that anyone who can control Iran, will control the world and this is no exaggeration. The role that Iran has played from 500 BCE and prior has not changed and the formation of the first World Empire where much of the laws and methods that later was utilized by other superpowers, was established. The same and exact potential is carried throughout history, once the conditions for such an Empire to exist. In this way, Iran has survived several thousand years of historical tests and it has survived, and yet, this may have been a blip in her long and ancient history. This Political, Historical and cultural continuation is now challenged by her enemies who are the modern-day barbarians who wish to once again set fire to the fabrics of that old civilization when she was not the aggressor all along and her enemies have been plotting to rape and pillage her. This they have done, but the spirit is infinite and it is carried through her people who are now scattered on this planets and have now assimilated and enriched this planet. The Alans, the Scythians, the Sarmatians, the Soghdians now built their own unique nations in Europe, Asia and the Americas. These people, were of Iranian heritage and culture and their ancient roots and their genetic pools carry the noble ideas that propelled this planet to this point. This legacy is as old as time itself and its humanistic ideas as well its ingenuity of thoughts are the guarantors of her survival. I, therefore, see that a stable Iran will possibly be the source of stability of this planet.

      I wish you a great day and thank you for your kind and generous thoughts my Dear Friend.

  9. Possibly the last fight against the globalists and their outpost is happening inside of Iran and the collapse of the Islamo-Marxist Mullahs. The way things are going at present in Iran and from the news constantly received by Iranians via many channels namely the most popular App, Telegram, the pressure is mounting for the regime to control several areas. These are the possibility of a bank run and the eventual empty coffers by the banking system of an incompetent and highly corrupt cabal to take care of her people and more importantly pay the troops that are supposed to control the angry crowd. The other item is maintaining posture under the daily increasing political and international/ geopolitical pressures and moves that maintaining any normalcy are now impossible. Iranians now demand the total collapse of the Mullahs regime and the Islamic Republic as a system and not any particular individual or leader. in 2008, people assumed reforms are possible, in 2018 that neither Islam nor the system created by such brutal and antiquated religion is capable of any reforms.

    In the middle of all this, we have the EU who have stated today, that they will block the US sanctions, under the pretext of supporting European companies who wish to stay and carry on business as usual! We did not see a similar pattern of behaviour by the EU when Trump was trying to bring NK out of the cold and free that nation from the Globalists aka the deep state operatives. However, Iran seems to be an asset which the EU establishment wants to protect at all cost. The timing of all this can not be any more strange and interesting, with several EU nations already want to leave the union and keeping this phoney union by actions taken today by the union is similar to rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic when it was going down! The Islamic Republic shall fall soon and these unelected fascist clowns will not be able to save it as 39 years of brutality by an occupying Islamo-Marxist cabal, the proxy agents of the NAZI EU establishment will come to a brutal end very soon. We have the same globalists now trying to block the democratically elected US President Trump. The only winner of this struggle is Humanity against the ancient criminal cabal…

    1. That’s good news CD. We should keep our eyes on Africa. Obama seems to be investing time over there. My hunch is he is getting in the minds of the African extremists to excite them for some sort of revolt. He seems to be attempting to be a second coming of Mandela. Africa is just west of the Middle East and borders strategic countries like Libya so it could be a strategic play they are being forced into and could be a continuing story of Benghazi. If we look at a map Benghazi isn’t that far from Syria. So depending on what they were intending by having control of Syria, Benghazi could be a decent alternative and a good point from which to cause disruptions to supply lines running through Syria and Iraq.

      Just a thought but never the less a possibility.

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