Introducing POM Multilateral Investment Strategies (FREEPOM)

Multilateral Investment Strategies, Premium POM

By JC Collins

With so much written and documented regarding the multilateral monetary transition, and the reality of such a transition becoming more apparent by the day, many readers have begun asking for detailed information on multilateral investment strategies.  As with the POM thesis itself, I will approach this request with nothing but the most committed of efforts, with a strong focus on getting the information as accurate and honest as possible.

The personal wealth of readers is something which I do not take lightly, as our wealth is the accumulation of our time and labor. Knowing how hard I work on producing the virtual library of information which is available on POM, I do not intend on providing distorted information which others will use to invest and protect their own time and labor.

Many will not see the value in such multilateral investment strategies, but more will, especially in the coming months as the transition accelerates and renminbi liquidity markets begin to grow. But this is about so much more than the renminbi and SDR itself, as there are many factors and segments of the monetary framework which will offer opportunities for each one of us.

Moving forward much of the POM material will be focused on these multilateral investment strategies, with a new tab available in the top menu.  This material will only be available for subscribers as the amount of effort and research which will accompany such material will warrant a remuneration of my own personal time and labor.

The SDRF strategy and material will be sub-listed under this new heading and all future article and strategies will be organized as such.

As an initial offering and lead in to this new POM service, I am re-posting the previous article titled  “Hedging the Coming US Dollar Depreciation – Strategies for Central Banks & Private Investors”, which will give readers a general idea of the multilateral opportunities which will be forthcoming.  – JC