Interledger is the New World Bank

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Bitcoin Reserves and the New USD Crypto

JC Collins

For years now the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), International Monetary Fund (IMF), G20, BRICS, and the Financial Stability Board (FSB) have all been working together on developing the best alternative to the role of the USD as the primary reserve asset used in the global monetary system.  The challenge has been to find a supra-sovereign asset, which is an asset not owned or anchored to the domestic economy of any one nation, with enough global liquidity to function as the base, or bridge asset, for the full global framework.

The USD and the British pound before has been a drag on the international system almost since its rise to full prominence in 1944.  The use of a domestic currency as the bridge asset in a global system ensures that the demand placed on that currency will expand the money supply far beyond what the domestic economy can sustain.  This is what happened with the USD and the symptoms are around us everywhere.

America went from having the world’s largest trade surplus in 1944 to now having the world’s largest trade deficit.  Global imbalances based on USD accumulation in the foreign exchange reserve accounts of central banks, and inconsistent exchange rate arrangements between the USD and the domestic currencies of other nations, are the fundamental challenges which need to be addressed.

The nations and institutions, who have been working on correcting these imbalances, which includes America, were considering an expanded use of the Special Drawing Right (SDR) of the IMF.  The SDR was created in 1969 and was meant to be a basket of predetermined domestic currencies, like the dollar and pound, which could be used to provide liquidity during a global crisis.  The crisis of course would be caused by the imbalances created by the international use of the domestic USD.

Following the SDR was the development of OPEC and the petrodollar arrangement between Saudi Arabia and America to ensure all global energy sales were transacted in USD.  The SWIFT system of cross-border payments was implemented to facilitate the expanding use of the USD.

These are all important monetary facts to understand because what is happening in the world now around crypto assets and cross-border payment improvements, is a direct response to the inefficiencies and imbalances which have contributed to a one-sided distribution of wealth in the world.

It’s just as hard for some to wrap their heads around the world which is quickly emerging on a day-by-day basis, as it is to understand the complex nature and history of the monetary system which we are currently living under.  This is why I spend so much time finding new ways to write and present the same information.  Everyone has a different way of understanding the information.

For the last 5 years, I have been writing about the SDR and the need for nations and global institutions to come together and engineer an alternative to the USD.  The SDR, being the best test case scenario at the time, was promoted by the IMF, BIS, and China as the dollar alternative.  But the SDR needed almost a complete overhaul to make it liquid enough to meet global demands.

We are now experiencing a crypto renaissance as blockchain potential is being fully realized around the world.  Central banks and commercial banks are openly talking about developing their own ledgers and crypto assets.  Think about that for a second.  It means that there will soon be a crypto version of the USD on its own Federal Reserve ledger.

That’s the thing many people also don’t understand about ledgers.  Ledgers are the new banks.

As my fingers move across the keyboard there are huge plans unfolding in boardrooms around the world. These plans are incorporating the fundamental ingredients required for the alchemical transformation of the international monetary system.

Since at least the 1600’s (perhaps as far back as the time of the Phoenician Empire) something I call the Crown Beast has been moving wealth around the world from empire to empire.  With the establishment of the first central bank in Amsterdam, this power has utilized the concept of reserve currencies to build the pathways and corridors for wealth and value to move from location to location.

The Dutch held the reserve currency during the time there was a Dutch Empire. The Spanish held the reserve currency during the time there was a Spanish Empire. The French held the reserve currency during the time there was a French Empire.  The British held the reserve currency during the time there was a British Empire.

America has held the reserve currency during the period which has been undeniably defined as American hegemonic and unilateral world dominance.

At the end of each period the Crown Beast, like the alchemical ouroboros, devours its own tail. The thing to understand about the Ouroboros is that the tail, which represents the past, the old, is now hidden inside of the new as it vanishes inside the serpent.  But it is the same as it always has been.  The lineage of empires and reserve currencies and the wealth which transitioned with them are the Ouroboros.

It’s worth pointing out that the Ouroboros is not just represented as a serpent eating its own tail, but is also represented as a figure eight, or symbol of infinite. This figure eight is also being used to represent the artificial intelligence singularity.

Based on the above understanding we can make the determination that the transformation of the USD into a crypto version would have the same allegorical meaning as the Ouroboros.  The owners of ancient wealth who have been pulling the puppet strings of the business, banking, and academic establishments which have built up around each empire and fiat currency, will now manipulate the USD under a crypto version which will be on its own ledger.  The forthcoming USD ledger will have to interact with other ledgers, with ledgers being the new banks.

But first…

Another esoteric symbol which is worth considering is that of the Phoenix, or rise of the Phoenician Empire from its ashes. Most readers will have a working understanding of the phoenix symbolism, but applying it to real-world events, or applications, is grossly overused.  So it is with caution that I reference the yearly cycle of Bitcoin as it crashes and burns, only to rise again to ever greater heights.

Bitcoin is at the core of the blockchain and crypto world.  It was the first of its kind.  Some are suggesting that Bitcoin could be the new reserve currency which replaces the USD.  There are huge challenges with that, but maybe we are not looking at the full picture.

The change which is just about upon us will be so radical that the previous concepts, such as reserve currency, and foreign exchange reserves, as well as capital flows, will be completely redefined, or will no longer be in use.   We just assume that there will be a new reserve currency.  But what if there is no need for a reserve currency?  What if there is no need for foreign exchange reserves?  What if capital flows no longer flow, but integrate?

The case uses for Bitcoin under a whole new crypto monetary framework could breathe new life into the original blockchain asset.  Both Bitcoin and the USD will persevere for the time being, but neither will be capable of providing the function which a new global crypto monetary system will require.

This is where the crypto asset XRP by Ripple comes into play.  XRP will be capable of providing cross-border payment services measured in seconds at only fractions of a cent.  What reserve currencies have been doing for centuries, XRP will do at thousands of times the efficiency.

Considering that ledgers are the new banks, the Interledger protocol of Ripple should create a lot of excitement as the one bridge function which connects all other ledgers and allows for value to move around the world.  As such, the Interledger is the new version of the reserve currency in the same manner that ledgers are the new banks.

The new global crypto monetary framework, or the castle, so to speak, and the wealth within it, will be managed and protected by the Interledger system, with XRP serving as the bridge asset in a new exchange arrangement which will eliminate the imbalances and inefficiencies associated with past fiat reserve currencies.

Those businesses, banking, and academic interests which have moved from empire to empire will no longer have control as the fully decentralized XRP Interledger expands.  Not even Ripple will have influence or control over the Interledger once more non-Ripple validators are added.  Each ledger which joins the Interledger can have its own validator.  This would be the distribution of fairness within the architecture.

Consider, if decentralized ledgers are the new banks, then by default of definition, the Interledger would be the decentralized World Bank which makes it all possible. Except, in this case, no one nation with a dominant reserve currency can control it through hegemonic business and banking practices.

While a decentralized XRP guards the castle gate, the new crypto USD and Bitcoin, and those who attempt to control and manipulate both, will not be allowed to corrupt the new global crypto monetary system and cause an unfair, undeserved, and imbalanced movement of wealth and value to the places which convenience them the most.  The full system will be protected by the XRP Interledger through blockchain sword and spear.

It is inevitable that each nation’s central bank will develop their own ledgers and hold other cryptos in what is now called the foreign exchange reserve accounts.  Does China want to exchange crypto RMB for crypto USD? It will do so through using XRP as the exchange asset.  The Federal Reserve wants to hold Bitcoin in its own foreign exchange reserve account?  It will have to exchange crypto USD for Bitcoin first by using XRP as the exchange asset.

XRP will be the bridge asset which serves to connect all assets and ledgers through the Interledger Protocol.

The unpopular truth which most do not see during this early time of adoption is the total dominance which XRP will attain in the future.  With payment apps and a whole new micropayment industry emerging, there will come a time when needing anything other than XRP will be forgotten.   Shush, don’t tell the Crown Beast!  – JC

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63 Comments on “Interledger is the New World Bank”

  1. Thanks for deciphering that Reddit image dude! This new XRP hobby is way more fun (and lucrative???) than my more recent trips down the rabbit hole. PS your post is going viral on Twitter as I type this. Nicely done. My modest hodlings appreciate your enthusiasm.

  2. If I remember correctly, one time way back you had said something about the Central Banks eventually going the way of the dinosaur. This would have been written pre-Ripple.

    To wit, “…if decentralized ledgers are the new banks, then by default of definition, the interledger would be the decentralized World Bank”, then what would be the reason for Central Banks?

    I suppose each country would have their own Central Bank, e.g. The Federal Reserve (except that’s actually a private bank, no?), but the difference this go-around is that the CBs aren’t beholden to the World Bank.

    So my questions are: What happens to the CBs and what would be the reason for them to continue to exist?

    1. Hello onrgaia,

      Thank you for such great questions that really made me think.

      “…What happens to the CBs and what would be the reason for them to continue to exist?”

      This morning, I received the following clip from a friend, where Jim Rickards talks about how the United States has been conducting a financial warfare against the Islamist regime of Mullahs since 1980. Perhaps, one purpose for CB’s would be to align nations so they follow similar policies and to use coercion in this regard to bring them in line when they step out of line! From what Mr Rickards speech, one purpose of CB’s (amongst many others!) is that it is a form of weapon, much like cyber or nuclear weapons etc.

      Something interesting that worth a mention is that the Deep State creates such regimes to create chaos and it puts the “elected” governments in charge to deal with them. In the middle of the chaos, the Military Industrial complex in concert with the City of London and Wall Street reap the benefits…we, the people, lose.

  3. Yeah, what I said,”it’s the imbalances stupid.” But with a fleet of 40 ton trucks full of info based on your brains.

    Thanks for clearing that up for me.

      1. Wish I could claim typo, but I can’t. Missed that, even as I saw them. 400 TONS!! I felt impressed just thinking 40 ton. What would the pyramid builders think? From slave drivers to no drivers. Balance that.

  4. Maybe Central Banks are part of the banking system but the World Bank bullied or manipulated that system. With blockchain at the head of the banking system it could potentially right the entire system.

    Does anyone else feel like Noah in that story? Like Noah trying to show people of the coming flood and explaining they should build boats. I mean when I talk to people about blockchain they push it away saying they will worry about it when they have too. But when they have too is a bit late and they would be the people beating on the side of Noah’s arc as the floods rolled in.

  5. “European countries join Blockchain Partnership”

    ” “In the future, all public services will use blockchain technology. Blockchain is a great opportunity for Europe and Member States to rethink their information systems, to promote user trust and the protection of personal data, to help create new business opportunities and to establish new areas of leadership, benefiting citizens, public services and companies. The Partnership launched today enables Member States to work together with the European Commission to turn the enormous potential of blockchain technology into better services for citizens”. ”

  6. “West Virginia will become to first American state to implement online voting with blockchain, to allow soldiers overseas to vote.

    Blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) have gained huge popularity in the last few months. Because of their effectiveness and security, they have been proposed for a great variety of applications. An important one is online voting.

    West Virginia will now become the first state to bring this application of blockchain and cryptocurrencies into reality. It will be used in their upcoming primary election on the 8th of May.”

    “The possibilities of blockchain technology seem to be endless, and perhaps the political leaders of the near future will be elected using an efficient trustless ledger like the one developed by Voatz, possibly even using ERC20 Ethereum-based tokens developed for this purpose.”

  7. Does anyone think that blockchain tech is so threatening to the globalist international banking system, that they are willing to go to major world war because of it? I don’t know I was just sitting here thinking and more or less worrying about it.

    Does one have anything to do with the other/

    What’s up with the sound of these war drums beating this frantically insane rhythm? I don’t like the sounds coming out of D.C., MSM.

    1. Dearest Peiter,

      The call for WAR is the result of a major breakdown of the PURPOSE of almost every institution we can think of, whether it is NATO, the Russian government, the Turkish, American, the EU, the Banking system, you name it. They have all messed up big time and the only solution in their program is WAR. Their sell-by-date is also coming to an end!

      IMHO, there will be no war with Syria and President Trump and Putin are no dummies and if anything, they are working in the background to facilitate the transformation of this planet in banking, geopolitics, and every facet of life on this speck of dust. These institutions, know that a war will not save their rear ends and a new chapter is beginning regardless of how many wars they start.

      One observation regarding the recent Syria gas attack is that it is highly likely to be a false flag and the white helmets are behind it. It may also have never happened and the deep state is using the MSM and other minions to broadcast where it actually makes no sense for Assad to do something like this whatsoever. The next clean-up will be inside of Iran where the Deep State operatives will be taken out of operation and neutralized in an exact way as happened in NK.

      The gas attack may even be a plot to take out the deep state operatives from Syria along with the stay-behind NATO asymmetric warfare units aka Islamist armies or ISIS franchise…

      I think you may enjoy the following in this regarding:

  8. My Carpe Diem

    I tend to agree, and in the last couple of days with the exposure of the Syrian gas attack to have been a false flag event, that seems to give proof to the pudding.

    I find it particularly intriguing that “The gas attack may even be a plot to take out the deep state operatives from Syria along with the stay-behind NATO asymmetric warfare units aka Islamist armies or ISIS franchise…”. I’ll give that thought.

    Perhaps it should be obvious to me, still I struggle some, attempting to align my mind with how the blockchain tech(interledger) plays a, or, the major role in part or all of the tension. I think I see it, but can’t quite define it to my ability with the written or spoken word.

    Thanks for the link, I found it very interesting how the ideas of Prince Eugene of Savoy, (a student of patterns)after having made his bones in the battle for Vienna, came later to comprehend that “standing armies” and their expense came to lead kings to use them or lose them kind of thinking, which of course led to wars. And after sharing this wisdom/insight with Baron de Montesquieu, who the founding fathers of the US understood and then created the right to bear arms which became the 2nd amendment to the constitution. Fun following those links and that chain of events.

    Not so much fun, is realizing what has become, with the United States Military commands. The COMM’s with their Generals and Admirals sitting like warlords over the fiefdoms of their rule. All dressed up in the medal and ribbon bedecked shoulders and chest plates of their uniforms, ‘all dressed up’ and nowhere to go, but before congress to lobby and beg, payoff and brag about how we need them so. Vying for their piece of the largest military budget ever known to the world. Ha! Just a lookin’ for a war.

    Who wants war? Many people, lots of money to be made. Still this particular type of person also desires glory and so forever bears watching when it comes to determining reason or motive for war.


  9. I think this is a continuation to help Putin/the world eradicate dirty oligarchs/cartels/global monopolies. In this particular case we are being told that Russia is the bad guy but I think that’s just a cover and that “some” Russians are bad guys just like most other countries around the world have “some” bad people. We have been referring to them as elements of the crown beast.

    A while back Vladimir Putin showed the world his separation from at least one Russian oligarch named Oleg Deripaska threatening to take his companies and divide them up. That’s the breaking of a monopoly or cabal as they are called today.

    Then the US “Treasury Designates Russian Oligarchs, Officials, and Entities in Response to Worldwide Malign Activity”

    Where “Oleg Deripaska” is named and hear is the depth of the US charges against him.

    “Deripaska has said that he does not separate himself from the Russian state. He has also acknowledged possessing a Russian diplomatic passport, and claims to have represented the Russian government in other countries. Deripaska has been investigated for money laundering, and has been accused of threatening the lives of business rivals, illegally wiretapping a government official, and taking part in extortion and racketeering. There are also allegations that Deripaska bribed a government official, ordered the murder of a businessman, and had links to a Russian organized crime group.”

    This is just one oligarch, I have not mentioned him to single him out it just began because I remember seeing that Putin video last year so a clear tie was fresh in the mind.

    Also the recent US position of imposing tariffs on aluminum which Deripaska is the world’s second largest producer of.

    Since the Trump administration imposed sanctions on Russia Deripaska’s companies have suffered tremendously.

    “Listed companies controlled by Oleg Deripaska have lost over $6 billion in market value since they were hit with the sanctions on Friday by the Trump administration.

    Deripaska, a billionaire who once had close ties to President Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort, is one of seven oligarchs who were sanctioned as part of an effort to punish the Kremlin.”

    Looking back to the Deripaska wiki page you will see that Manafort was an employee of Deripaska which the FBI investigation just exposed also. Maybe Trump had him close in a public position so he couldn’t escape. “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”. Now Monafort was indicted back in October of 2017. Maybe he is giving up information through waterboard interrogations…

    “The billionaire Oleg Deripaska is no Putin crony, but he helps flood the U.S. with imported aluminum.”

    The following could be cause for the seeming chemical frame up of Russia as well as attempting to disrupt the global transformation. I can see this also giving cause to the regulation of digital assets prior to them being allowed to populate the world. If they come out without regulation people like Deripaska could financially survive and continue spreading their virus’ (internal deficiencies) throughout the world.

    Then there is this turning of Guantanamo Bay, Cuba by the Trump administration.

    “The construction proposal does not indicate how many cells the new prison would hold but stated, without explanation, that the facility “will be available for use by other components.””

    “As a presidential candidate, Donald Trump made two Guantánamo-related pledges: To “load it up with bad dudes,” and to reduce operational costs to “peanuts.” So far, neither has happened.”

  10. Thanks Dane

    Your paragraph with this sentence in it really helped me,”I can see this also giving cause to the regulation of digital assets prior to them being allowed to populate the world.” Now I begin to see the role “digital asset” play in the larger picture of the tensions.

    Just what I was looking for. Thanks again.

  11. “Queen Elizabeth II is ‘RELATED to Prophet Muhammad’ according to SHOCKING revelations”

    Pieter Dearest Greetings,

    A while ago we had a discussion regarding your quest in finding out if the concept of the bloodlines
    is real. When I discovered this today, I thought you may be interested to know the current leaders of this planet are one way or another are related to the British Queen and in turn, they all share lineage with the Islamic Prophet Muhammad! This made me think, a Genetic test will settle all such claims…or not!

    “If the claim is true, it would make her a cousin of the kings of Morocco and Jordan as well as Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s Supreme Leader.”

    …I think I need a stiff drink after reading all this, my head is in a spin right now!!! 🙂

  12. My Carpe Diem
    Thanks for the interesting links. I noticed the one article was from the UK Daily Express, which uses for it’s logo, a armored knight with a Templar cross on his shield and the other article from the always mysterious Economist mag. Small point.

    I’m always interested in the bloodlines of the ruling elites. I’m satisfied I suffer from that well known mental disorder, “ego-mania,” and am somehow stricken with it, to imagine myself as a reincarnated knight of King Arthur’s court. Why not, if it helps to explain my fascination with with the topic of bloodline rule. Besides I’ve managed to pick up a sense of history along the way. Besides who would waste their time imagining that they are the reincarnation of anything less, if that was the case I wouldn’t suffer the disorder.

    I’m not particularly surprised to learn of the idea that Old Betsy is, or could be related to the Prophet Muhammad, as a matter of fact it rather makes sense to me. I’m reminded of a enterprising seventh grade girl, with a most intriguing name to undertake this study, “BridgeAnne d’Avignon. a few years ago she took it upon herself to trace the bloodlines of all the presidents of the US. And found that 42 out of 43 were related to King John Lackland of England, who was known for signing the Magna Carta in 1215. Further research into Burke’s Peerage shows 34 of the US presidents are genetic descendants of the brutal 8th century, Charlemagne, King of the Franks. Hotdog!

    In several places in JC’s impressive article he makes mention of those of “ancient wealth, who have been pulling the puppet strings, of the business,banking and academic establishment.” And their history of moving it from empire to empire. He even suggest that this something, he calls “Crown Beast,” could perhaps trace it’s lineage back to the Phoenicians. I slightly suggest that the line goes much further back, back even pre-flood to the ancient days of the Anunnaki and to the post -flood days of the more recent history of the Anunnaki of Sumer. But, alas, that is more an exercise in entertainment that any thing else, for once Alexander kicked their butts all over the mediterranean new I.D. was incorporated. IMHO, it wasn’t the first time, to a degree, the bible could be considered a name and history change, if you will.

    When they headquartered in Venice and became Venetians instead of Phoenicians, with networks in all the capitals of the world worth having a network in, the previous trail is lost. The Brotherhood of the Snake knows how to slither about, changing names and history as they go. A more cunning bunch of wizards, mystics, and alchemist do not exist on this plane as it obits.

    While I was at it, and just for kicks, I took a wikipeek at the page for the “Battle of Vienna.” I was lost in the excitement of the greatest cavalry charge of all time led by my Polish hero, on my mother’s side, John III Sobieski, when I almost missed this sentence concerning who paid for all this. Up jumped the devil, in a manner of speaking.

    “The holy league settled the issue of payment by using all available funds from the government, LOANS FROM SEVERAL BANKERS,(my caps)and noblemen, and large sums of money from the Pope.”

    Interesting, huh.


    1. That was absolutely fantastic Pieter,

      You know, I never considered the Venetians, Phoenicians and the City of London and the bloodlines in that direction! In fact, the way our history is given to us, that route is never spoken of and instead the bloodlines are always expressed like, “all European Royals are related…” but HOW and WHY, is never mentioned.

      In all honesty, our JC has actually discovered another route to view history, that is via the sea people and the Phoenicians and their “Religion manufacturing” skills! History books talk of the Phoenicians as a dead and gone bunch of people! Thanks, Pieter, this is a great find and reminder, my friend.

      Looking at it, again, who’s to say that Muhammad wasn’t a part of this ancient Phoenician bloodline who wrote the Quran, with a little helping hand from his bloodline family to ensure the trading routes in the West Asian region by UNITING the region because it was constantly being disputed by the Persians and the Eastern Rome or Byzantium. These two empires had a different religion (Zoroastrian and Eastern Orthodox) and creating a Union (by coercion off course and lots of killings!) would solve the problem from the Vatican/Venetian bloodlines. In fact, most of the Quran is about the sea, Shipping, contracts etc. but the Religion Manufacturers always know how to finetune their ideological machine to ensure, the host will totally accept the whole book and nothing but the whole book.

      Islam, therefore, solved the ancient Phoenician bloodlines trade routes problems with the unification of the two empires in one foul swoop. How genius is that!

      So, yes, Muhammad is related to the British Queen, because they are all related through the Venetian BLACK nobility! …The Economist and the Daily Express would never say that of course!

  13. Here is a great perspective on healthcare in the US and a good hypothesis as to why people choose not to find employment so they can have healthcare. I love the way Max begins…did you see the pinecone and his reference to being one with everything holy? 🙂

  14. Hey Peter this is an extension of the need for regulation for digital assets.

    “Rockefellers join Rothschilds & Soros in cryptocurrency investing”

    “Crypto investors hope that the interest from big-time names will help to take the heat off the market from global financial watchdogs. Up until now, financial regulators across the world have taken a tough stance toward cryptocurrencies.”

    See the emotion that follows in their wake? We are them and they are us comes to mind. As well as the realization that there are millions in wait to take the spots of existing oligarchs. That’s the nature of the beast.

    1. My Carpe Diem

      This Draper dude bares witness. The tie and oversized label pin are bitcoin symbols. Mr Draper is a third generation venture capitalist who splashed the media with a major purchase of 30,000 bitcoin at a sheriff’s auction for pennies on the dollar in, I think in 2014. A year later he wagered 2000 of them at $200. that they would rebound from their current fall. Follow that history to see his thinking process and profit.

      Good Diem, this guy just didn’t walk out of job flipping burgers, his family has a history of being involved in tech, like “Skype” and the concept of “Viral Marketing.” He seems to have the ‘blockchain ‘ thing down pat. Three generations, perhaps one of those ‘new’ oligarchical families, or bloodlines(as Dane mentioned) if you will, not waiting in the wings , but putting wings to the future. Or maybe the “Draper” name is older than the current history reports. Still Timothy Cook Drapers words and thoughts seem fresh and with courage. To use a word you used describing the Muhammed”s,”
      “Islam, therefore, solved the ancient Phoenician bloodline trade route problems in one fell swoop. How genius is that! “I will apply Drapers efforts to re-manage California’s government to something more manageable to the mess it is in, thru the use of ‘blockchain tech” and the difficult plus years it takes to “get ur’ done.” To genius!

      1. Dearest Pieter,

        Thank you for the info on this Mr Draper. I had no idea who he was and how he was behind the breakup of California! Reading the news, I had never believed that anything related to any social change, in this case, a boundary change was ever organic, that is by the people and for the people. This short piece on Wiki made me realize what kind of people literally change maps in any nation of their choosing!

        It seems that the idea of “Bloodline” is something far more sinister than what we are led to believe. I am always amazed that any average American sounds so hateful of any idea of Hereditary system of governance, namely the idea of a King and Queen. Yet, when you remind the same person that the members of the senate or congress are among the Hereditary system and not mention such people as this Mr Draper! I recall a Mr Philip Mudd who was a counter-terrorism officer at the FBI a while ago literally threatened POTUS on CNN. What I later discovered amazed me that indeed the idea of bloodlines is alive and well and this gentleman is related to the assassin of President Abraham Lincoln. So the bloodlines work in all sectors, ranging from Kingship, Banking and all the way down to political activism and even assassinations.

        This morning I discovered that the executives of the Google, Youtube and are ALL related (by marriage and siblings!). I was particularly interested in 23andme executive and I was wondering what could be the connection between knowing the genetic makeup of a population, details and habits of people and what the same population are thinking and doing and interests. If you have the DATA of what people are made up and what lineage and what is in their brains at any moment, you have serious control over that population…and we are talking about the majority of the population on this planet! This level of information is the ultimate, real and absolute power which makes the entire idea of an absolute Monarch a silly joke.

        The question that came to my mind was, “how the hell will they use that much data on me, will it be to provide a better service and a more comfortable life or…”. “Don’t be silly. When was the last time!” the voice in my head announced!

        Any which way you look at, there is hegemony and oppression over humanity and it only shapeshifts from era to era but the boots on the neck are always there as a permanent feature…

        Wish you peaceful day my friend.

  15. Dane My Good Man

    Had the chance to view your last couple of links. Love that Max Keiser, I’ve always wondered if Maximus Caesar is that bitcoin billionaire’s real name. What’s in a name? A pinecone by any other name is still a pinecone The pinecone thing immediately brought my third eye into focus when Max held it up in front of his face. Just my perspective. Were you feeling something similar?
    Holy, holy.

    As to our health care system. If the price of it ruins your health, what’s the sense. Where do we go from here?

    As to our prison system, it must be pointed out that they are manufacturing centers, and no more than modern day slavery. Where do we go from here?

    In your other link the three devils dressed all in black frightening the small child with the umbrella is a perfect picture of Rockefeller, Rothschild, and Soros. Does their entering the crypto market singal resignation or a run towards control? Awhile back I remember Jamie Dimon saying out of one side of his mouth that he saw danger in crypto, while telling his minions to buy out of the other side.

    Speaking of memory, I remember quite a while back when JC was talking about the SDR and the role it would play in the architecture of a newer international banking system. If my memory serves me, and of course it does(more about that later) JC at that point mentioned that there was a chance for the system to be hijacked by our better angels for the betterment of mankind. I feel JC alluding to something like that in this current post. But, more a natural process than a hijacking.

    One more time about my memory, and to close on a light note.

    I found myself in a game of one upmanship with a couple of friends of mine concerning the prowess or our memories. We began with one saying he could remember when he was born. The next liar said he could remember the moment he was conceived. It ended with me saying, I remember going to a party with my father and coming home with my with my mother.

    Is that a true story? I can’t attest to all the facts, but I can tell you, it is a story.

    In this day and age humor may be the only truth.


    1. Thank you Peter. I love that story it conveys a very true point. My position on this Rockefeller, Rothschild and Soros thing is that hey as you remember going to a party with your father we thanks to JC knew about the party. Those three mentioned above missed the party but that is to our advantage because we got in cheap. Now that they are seeing the value of what was talked about at the party they are jumping in. So what are they good at? Making money right? So as we sit silently HODLing they will work the market to make money. The thing is that as they make money they make money for us also as long as we HODL. I may be deranged but hey I was still buying when they were buying and I was buying before they were buying and as long as I feel that the opportunity for a coin to go up in value I will buy. I guess I’m letting the pros do what they do and seeing where I can prosper along the way without damning my soul.

      I might have got lost in my own story so let me know if I need to hit it from another angle okay.

      To me the pinecone is a symbol for our pineal gland and I believe our pineal gland is like a bridge to the Absolute, ALL, Whole of the universe. When we obtain knowledge from here it is rock solid and a great foundation to tie to experiences here in matter. Those who can access the universe through the pineal gland seem to have extra sensory knowledge. Some call it divinity or the true sense of the word genius. To me thats what Max is saying because his sister in law the lady in the interview with him seems to play his knowing on that abstract process and connects facts or experience to it for support.

      Healthcare….thats why I work for a large enough organization to offer healthcare. I have the VA as a backup but who in the US makes enough money to pay those rates? They make a great point for it being another machination to break peoples will to work. They (rent seekers) can’t make people do things but they can stack the deck and give them a choice….a choice from a pool of evil choices in a predesigned box. Which is what I believe gave rise to thinking outside the box 🙂 Okay I’m just babbling from one mans thoughts now so I’ll get to work. Always new where those license plates came from.

      One last swing of the sword fellow knight…Does the high level of inmates since the Clinton administration give new meaning to “black lives matter”? Sure they do to the rent seeking folks prospering from their inmate slave labors.

      Now for the hijack. Just be patient my friend a hijack seems to be playing out nicely. But to say too much would give the plan away. Mind you I’m no insider…I just have ideas of how it can be done thats all.

  16. My Carpe Diem

    I want to address your reply to my previous comment concerning bloodline rule and so forth. Your response and other factors have driven me to re-examine my world view of history. A struggle, but a good one for me. You have been instrumental in opening my eyes to a more inclusive understanding of the great history and present day condition of the history and remnant of the Persian Empire’s world. From Cyrus to Xerxes, the evolution of the pre Christian monotheistic Zoroastrianism to Islam and the recent history of the Shah Reza bloodline dynasty, has been quite an eye opener for me.

    I first took notice of that part of the world (trusting memory) in 1976, during the upheaval that deposed the Shah. I distinctly remember my girlfriend’s mother at the time saying something about,”Well at least he did not abdicate the throne.” I had no idea what she was talking about. Over the years and thanks to you I now have a deeper understanding of what she was saying.

    Just today I believe I made an interesting discovery that think I should of picked up on earlier considering the study I’ve made. Maybe I do not know how to study.

    From where I sit it is not that far from Phoenix, Az. to Venice Beach, Ca., about 400 miles, about an 8 hour drive, From where I sit it is about 6000 miles from from Phoenix, Az. to London, England. The class I fly, with layovers, would take a couple of days. It took well over a thousand years to cover the 900 miles from the Phoenicia to London, but they got there, they damn sure did.

    When Rome conquered Carthage most history says they salted the ground so nothing would ever grow there again. Perhaps they did , but many and all things grow there today. Very little of history tells us that the Romans also found hundreds, some report a thousand of shoe sized boxes carved out of stone. in the dwellings of the wealthy .What were they ?.

    These shoe box sized boxed containers carved out of stone were urns for the ash of the first born sons of the people that belonged to the Phoenician empire. There is untold number of lesser substantial containers that held the ash of the lower caste that could not be found. It was the law to give your first born son to the fires of Marduk,/Moloch second cousin to Apollo, as tribute. Unbelievable? Not hardly, the Romans did not salt the earth without reason. I must stop now for this moment, because this a a reply to My Carpe Diem, and where I go from here may cause some embarrassment to Mr Diem by association.

    Hopefully I will find the courage to continue this line thought in a free standing post.

    1. Dearest Pieter You taught me something new today, Thank You for that,

      I had no idea as to the reason why the Romans demolished Carthage and later “threw salt” over the entire city sate! The Romans were famous for brutality in warfare and throwing prisoners to live animals for entertainment and so on. However, the child-sacrificing Carthaginian population and their offering of their children to a demonic god must have been too much for the Romans even to stomach!

      I wonder if the Romans saw the entire inhabitants of Carthage as demonically possessed that after demolishing the city-state by throwing salt, they symbolically wanted to cleanse the earth’s open wound which the evil Moloch worshippers had created. Salt kills germs physically as well as psychically and that may have been the reasoning.

      To assume that evil of child sacrifice is from the era of Carthage may be a mistake. I watched this extremely cruel clip this morning, I felt very depressed after watching it. Not sure who these people are but for sure they belong to the same Daiva worshipping cabal that was around many thousand years ago! The Syrian war and for that matter all wars at this time are the continuation of the same ancient war which Carthage was about.

    2. Hey Peter, could salt mean people? I mean I remember listening to an old book where someone prominent said to the group of people to remember that they were the salt of the earth and to go out into the world. So it sounds quite like the jesuit counter reformation tactic if we look at jesuits being the grains of salt and spreading into the world to do their bidding.

  17. JC,
    I agree with you that cryptos will be the future. The XRP network seems to be the way that banks will go to transfer crypto currencies from A to B. So, I think XRP will be a great investment long-term. In the short-term, I think there is a problem that needs to be resolved first? Are you aware of the lawsuit between Ripple Labs and R3? If not, the Cliff notes version is that R3 and Ripple entered into an options agreement in 2016 for R3 to purchase up to 5 billion XRPs at $.0085. Ripple is suing to dissolve the agreement stating R3 has not lived up to their end of the bargain and thus not entitled to the XRPs. Until that case is cleared, I don’t think it is time to jump on board the XRP investment train? What are your thoughts on this? Do you think Ripple will win and the options agreement will be dissolved? Equally, if R3 wins and they can buy 5 billion at $.0085, what do you think that situation will mean for XRP and it’s price appreciation?
    Thanks in advance for your reply!

    1. One court case has already been dismissed and R3 is refusing to provide operating agreements and other “discovery” requests in another jurisdiction. Not looking good for R3. Even if they actually won something, it would still mean little, as Ripple would pull from XRP which isn’t on the market. It wouldn’t be a market exchange or transaction. There’s no meat here.

      1. Thanks Dane,

        I am a bit more relaxed that no real body parts were actually used on dear Barara, in knowing she may have used the 3D printer instead of the organic spare parts!

        She is looking more and more and as she ages like her esteemed father, Mr A. Crowley!

        It would be curious to discover what parts she had changed and if they carry any product warranties 🙂

  18. JC,
    Thanks for your reply. Re-assuring perspective. That’s what I was looking for. Obviously, hoping for dissolution of the agreement so release of XRP supply is more controlled in the short term since early stage investments are very volatile. Any idea when the crypto national currencies will be released? That to me sounds like the catalyst that would send XRPs soaring? Would you agree? Thanks in advance again for your reply. Best, RZ

  19. Good morning POM

    Where to start? I got it, let’s deal with the coin of the realm, and on the POM that is the XRP. I attempted to purchase some when it was around a buck, but I wasn’t satisfied with the fact that because I do not have a bank account or the type of phone that allowed me to establish second level authentication I put it on hold for for a few days, and began to explore paper wallets. As luck would have it, some good some bad, I was reminded of a wedding obligation and hit with the loss of a dear friend who’s funeral also demanded financial support. Both took the better part of of my egg money out of the cookie jar.

    I was delighted when JC put the ticker tape bar across the bottom of the screen as I watched XRP slide from a buck to around 50 cents. Now as I watch it creep back up, I agonize. The payday I need to justify the purchase is now only two weeks away. I’m thinking of putting a strip of duct tape across the bottom of my PC screen until then. LOL, ain’t I something.

    As to the rest, I just ain’t feeling it so far today.
    Later Gators

  20. LOL, Thanks Dane,

    I only mentioned the “warranties” because President Trump mistakenly sent a tweet of condolences a day or two ago with a wrong date of April 17, 2017. The tweet was taken down a few hours later and perhaps the POTUS knew something nobody else did!

    …obviously, the used organic body parts/3D prints must have been of terrible quality so the family may demand their money back for the bad product. 🙂

  21. No problem Carpe Diem. I can understand a typo here and there. Big thumbs….little keys. Lol. Heck I do it all the time 🙂 hahaha.

    But heres a thought to play with…what if the public world has a years delay?

    Have you seen her husband? He’s looking like he’s afraid to go no matter what year the videos were shot. Can’t escape the conscious, it always knows.

    1. “what if the public world has a years delay?”

      You said Dane and well said. In fact, the White House Tweets despite the MSM is thoroughly checked and rechecked before sending out. President Trump and the Q team have killed two birds with one stone here so to speak. First, as you astutely pointed out, indicating that her death probably happened last year and in a Soviet Polit-bureau leadership style, the death of such high-value individuals are never divulged on the same day for reasons that are not apparent to the ordinary and everyday people.

      The other, although speculating, is that letter Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet. There has been a persistent pattern of mentioning the Q phenomenon by the President in his tweets. So 17 April 2017 contains two Q’s which may possibly mean something to somebody out there. One thing is for certain, the WH (INTEL) team would not make such a simple mistake of a wrong date!

  22. “Apple Introduces Interledger API for Apple Pay Payments”

    “Unlike other blockchain firms looking to disrupt the current financial sector, Ripple is working hand-in-hand with banks and financial institutions to make the current payment system more efficient in leveraging the blockchain technology. It has partnered with numerous banks across the world, however, by adapting Ripple backed Interledger, Apple became one of the first tech giants to adopt the technology.”

  23. “Intergovernmental Group of Twenty-Four on International Monetary Affairs and Development

    2. Recent trade restrictions are a major concern. To strengthen the contribution of trade to the global economy, we call on work toward an open, rules-based, multilateral, and equitable trading system that benefits all.

    3. Digitalization and technological change will further create opportunities but also challenges. We urge international financial institutions (IFIs) to strengthen their cooperative work on policy responses so countries can seize such opportunities and manage the associated risks. We encourage the International Monetary Fund (IMF), other IFIs, and financial standard-setters to assess the implications of technological advances on the financial system, including crypto assets and cyber-security, and support multilateral responses.

    6. We look forward to further work by the IMF on broadening the role and use of Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) as an instrument of international policy cooperation, and in this regard to its more active use as a reserve currency, including through sizable and more frequent SDR allocations.”

  24. JC and fellow POMsters,
    I’m looking to buy XRPs. JC…re-reading your last two articles convinced me.
    Any recommendations on the exchange to use to buy XRPs with USDs? And, are you storing the XRPs on the exchange when bought or storing in a desktop or offline digital wallet.
    Any and all recommendations will be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance, RJZ

    1. Hey RJZ33 I’ve purchased ETH on Coinbase then sent the ETH over to Exodus Eden which is a downloadable software wallet/exchange thats really cool and easy to use. Read their notice though because they don’t offer much support but I’ve not needed support thus far. Once I had the ETH in Exodus Eden I exchanged it right in the wallet to XRP. In Exodus Eden you will have to go to settings to select XRP so that it appears in the app and assigns you a wallet address. The Exodus Eden is a software wallet and a bit safer but not a vault so to speak. Then I exported them to a hard wallet called the LedgerS . A hard wallet is more like a vault or safe.

      Never keep assets on the exchange though because although the blockchain itself cannot be hacked per say the exchanges can and do get hacked so it’s risky.

      Another cool app is Uphold

      It’s pretty cool and easy to use. But I’m not sure if it can export to a hard wallet. You can import USD and change it to XRP, BTC, USD, EUR and another but I can’t recall what it was. This app is REALLY cool because you can pay people right from it via email and a couple other methods. Still new to it but its really cool and may be based from the interledger protocol 🙂 Its a South Carolina corporation.

      That’s all I got pal. Hope it helps you get into it. Please feel free to ask questions if you want to.

  25. JC, the last time I went down this road, I embarrassed myself by not inquiring about your health as per prerequisite and good manner requires. I’ll not allow myself that mistake again. So how are, you friend?

    I ask because of a true concern for your well being and further,, .Where is my next post ? Unless this is your beta test to have your following carry the conversation??

    We can do that you know. But then why would we send you money?

    Man I’m pissed that I couldn’t buy XRP at 50 cents and have to wait another 11 days before I can. That pretty well explains this comment. LOL

    Get well soon,

    1. Thanks for asking Pieter. I’m doing good. It’s been a super busy few weeks. New article coming tomorrow. You’ll love it.

      Get what XRP you can when you can and all will be as it was meant to be.

      1. Flipping coins and playing for change.
        I think we are crazy. Fun song that speaks well and loud to the bombast outside this site.

        I’ll provide the lyrics for clarity.

        I remember when, I remember, I remember when I lost my mind
        There was something so pleasant about that place
        Even my emotions had a echo
        In so much space

        And when you’er out there
        Without a care,
        Yeah , I was out of touch
        But it wasn’t because I didn’t know enough
        I just knew to much

        Does that make me crazy?
        Does that make me crazy?
        Does that make me crazy?


        And I hope you are having the time of your life
        Just think twice, that’s my only advice

        Come on now who do you, who do, who do, who do you think you are
        Ha ha ha bless your soul
        You think your in control

        Well. I think your crazy
        I think your crazy
        Well I think your crazy
        Just like me

        My heroes had the heart to lose their lives out on a limb
        And all I can remember thinking, I want to be like them
        Ever since I was little, ever since I was little it looked like fun
        And it’s no coincidance what I’ve become
        and I can die when when I’m done

        Maybe I’m crazy
        Maybe your crazy
        Maybe we’re crazy


        Well I think your crazy
        I think your crazy
        I think your crazy

        Just like me

        Can anyone explain to me why XRP went from around $4.00 to 50 cents in a three month period? Did somebody need a handful of money to lobby the future? Or pay for extended tech? Either way investors took a hit. Please do not try to tell they didn’t if they would of held, I don’t want to hear it.

        I remember a long time ago when I was on the lam running from a manslaughter charge. I was in a little mining town in northern Nevada, Battle Mountain, laying up in them hot joints, taking them pills. I ran into a Mormon Bishop in Elko one night, at a bar in a Spanish Basque restaurant. Our eyes caught each other, thieves, like two ships passing in the night, a deal was cut.

        Dear Bishop had the maps, the entire layout from Wendover to Winnemucca for all the civil defence sites, including the court houses, church’s and off site old dynamite caves that held the supplies that had been laid up during the cold war. You know the barrels of water, K rations, and medical kits. Among the meds were cases and cases of one thousand hit jars of Phenobarbital. Holy, holy. The looting of these sites was going on twenty some years before the cold war was over and the the fall of the Berlin wall. This stuff went on all over the nation.

        My task was to distribute those tens of thousands of pills through the many cat houses across northern Nv., from Jackrabbit to can’t have it. Not bad work, if one knows how to play the pimps. I ran with a hooker called Jullie Moon, not a bad looking girl at all, she was getting a bit worn around the edges, a little old for the game, I really liked her. She taught me how hold sway, I was a willing student.

        Anyway for fresh air the good Bishop would haul me up and down mountains re-staking old silver mining claims, those that had not kept their assessment obligations up to snuff. A purist might of referred to us as claim jumpers, Bishop took care of the paperwork. I was the heavy lifter. See?

        So, anyway a month or two into the game old Bish wants to start paying me with a penny stock “Monarch Bullion” it is like worth 10 cents per. I don’t like it but he held leverage, so I took ’em. I’m bitchin’ about it, he’s telling me not to worry the stock is going to go to $4.00 here in just a little bit. Yadayadayada.

        Kiss my stinking butt, I’m sending them to family and the good folks that gave me the means to cut and run, come to find out the damned things are registered on a penny exchange out of Denver, Colo., and they soar to $2 bucks.

        In the meantime I’m runnin’ and gunnin’, skinin’ and grinin,’ and the long arm of the law finally caught me in a choke hold I couldn’t break. Amarillo(properly pronounced Am-er-reo, the double L’s go to Y,(just saying, one of my things)) Tx. I had a Texas ranger interview me about how I was able to get a half dozen state issue drivers licenses in different names . I told him the info was available in any library in the US. He nodded his head , then told me he was going to walk me over to the courthouse to see a judge and I could walk over there with him as a man without cuffs or chains, but know this ,if you try to run I will shoot you dead. We walked over to see the judge as men.

        The ranger told the judge I was a sophisticated criminal, I only accepted the compliment until the judge told me, “Mr Pieter Seger, the record shows you have not been living by the laws of the land, we are going to do everything we can to change that, Chilling.

        Long story just a bit longer and I will try to touch point.

        By the time they extra-fly me back to Az. I’m calling ’em up, I need a good lawyer. That takes money.”whats up with those penny stocks I mailed you”? They went to $1.75 an are now at a buck, Sell them I say, send me some. I raised 10 grand hired the best lawyer, the town’s only bagman. The man was born and raised there and was being groomed for high state government position, Governor, senator, like that.I gave him the cash and he took my liability from a hard dime down to a soft four. I did two and a half on it. So check it out before I get out my high dollar lawyer gets busted with child porn on his computer, some of the pic’s were of local boys.

        Monarch Bullion, quite a penny stock. Today, 40 years later it sells for about 80 cents.

        Later Gators

  26. Dane,
    Thanks pal. I appreciate your thoughtful and informative reply.
    So, I have a Ledger Nano S digital wallet that I just bought on Amazon. Some of the research I did spoke favorably about the Nano. Any experience with that?
    My confusion is understanding the process. Take a look at my steps below and let me know if it’s correct?
    1. Open account on exchange, (Right now, Bitstamp and Poloniex are high on my list. Thoughts/comments on those?)
    2. Fund exchange account with USDs via wire transfer.
    3. Purchase XRPs on exchange with USDs. (Note: Can this be done? Or do you need to buy BTCs or ETHs with the USDs?)
    4. Download/transfer XRPs into Nano Ledger.
    Thanks in advance for your thoughts and comments.

    1. Sorry RJZ I have no experience with Bitstamp or Poloniex. I would think that you can purchase XRP with USD on an exchange as long as they offer XRP. The reason is the very nature of the XRP asset. In particular its interledger protocol which allows it to exchange with any other asset. This is what sets XRP above all the rest. But exchanges make money from exchange fees so they may make you fund in USD then exchange to XRP.

      When you download into the nanoS you are actually sending from your exchange wallet to your nanoS wallet. So you will need to open your XRP wallet on the nanoS to get your wallet address so you can use it with the send option of your exchange wallet. The nanoS wallet works with a web browser app. For me its chrome I’m not sure if it works with safari for apple or not.

      The ledger nanoS….Yes I have experience with setting it up. I keep my digital assets on one also. It’s a pain to set up man no way around that. But once done it’s not that bad to use. Here are the instructions that are referenced in the paperwork that comes with it.

      You will have to make up 24 words as a recovery phrase. WRITE THESE DOWN and keep in a safe place they are the only way back in if you forget your password. Entering each one of them into the nanoS is the pain. With patience and attention it will go just fine. I would recommend updating the firmware prior to loading it with any coin though. Just for peace of mind.

      Here are some video instructions as well.

    1. Hey RJZ, I was reading this article this morning and immediately thought of our conversation, perhaps this is an avenue for the future in regards to exporting funds to a wallet. I’m currently using the Uphold product and really like it. The staff is very helpful, kind and understanding.

      “This listing highlights the expanding XRP ecosystem and deepening pool of liquidity available worldwide.

      The Uphold platform’s U.S. users can now access XRP directly, no steps in between. They can also exchange seven digital assets, including XRP, with twenty-three fiat currency and four precious metals, and send money instantly to other members anywhere in the world.

      Uphold currently does not allow for the transfer of XRP to an external wallet, but the company plans to introduce this capability to users soon.”

      1. Hi Dane,

        Thank you very very much for introducing Uphold! You must be a mind reader as I have been thinking ahead about a day when I decide to sell my small XRP assets directly and without having to convert to another Crypto. So your mention of Uphold was a gift and I just signed up. What I found really interesting was this:

        “The staff is very helpful, kind and understanding.”

        That is really rare and with Coinbase, you’d be lucky if you ever get a chance to speak to a person.
        I also found this Mobile App “Authy” which you get to sign up to which reminds me of the Digipass that create a random number every minute for logging in to a secure bank account.

        I will give it a try and will see how the transfer of a few cryptos and the sale of them goes. They seem to have figured out a humane way of dealing with us newbies (or a Crypto virgin 🙂 ).

        What I also like is it allows you to buy in different currencies, so with a credit card from Sweden, you can buy XRP for example in the US! I’m thinking what is the purpose of the banks are in a few years when you can buy and sell (and exchange) cryptos. I think one thing the Crypto industry may want to start is LENDING in cryptos. I wonder if Berney Sanders will be giving out the equivalent of $15 to all American worker which he wants to employ as a government employee, in XRP! He needs to teach the new employee how to load their digital wallets with their gov. salary first LOL

        I do wonder how the old system of Fractional Reserve system of lending will be in an all crypto paradigm! Will it survive?

      1. Sure is pal. Both that it happened and that the press actually reported it. The transformation continues. I suspect more surprises are on the horizon.

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