Hurricane Force and Form

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Longtime POM reader and commenter Dane is in the process of evacuating from his home in Miami.  The approach of Hurricane Irma, now of the largest storms ever recorded, is a huge event for sure.  It follows Hurricane Harvey and the biblical flooding in Texas, and is is being followed itself by Hurricane Jose.  It’s apparent now that South Florida is going to suffer devastating destruction as the storm comes to shore.  Let’s all keep Dane in our thoughts and wish him well as he moves North with thousands of others.  There is no escaping the storm since it is traveling straight up the middle of the state, but Dane and all the others can get far enough North that the force and strength of the storm can be reduced to Cat 2 or less.

If there are other POM readers in Southern Florida please let us know how you’re doing.

Marianne and I are heading to Los Angeles for vacation on Sunday.  We are driving to Vancouver Canada first before getting on our flight.  On the way to Van we have to travel through forest fires in British Columbia which have been burning all summer.  As we get to LA there are wild fires there which are the largest in the cities history.  Mexico was hit with a 8.1 mag earthquake last night.  A massive solar flare is brewing. The Yellowstone quake swarm continues.  There is the geopolitical tension with North Korea, and Israel is now bombing Syria itself, as it attempts to prevent Iran from establishing a foothold right on its doorstep.

The world definitely appears out of control right now as we move into the autumn of 2017.  – JC

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  1. Calamities abound. Hopefully everyone in Florida will make out all right and get out of harm’s way.

    I came across this video very recently while I was looking into the possible geoengineering of Harvey and Irma. It is thought provoking to say the least and while I still do not know what to make of it, it is worth sharing with POM folks.

    1. Orenda:

      Thank you very much for the link.

      Very informative and insightful.

      As an engineer, I have professional experiences with the effects of resonant frequencies.

      I also travel extensively all about this planet on business and have done so for decades. Also, I am quite old enough to clearly observe changes in weather patterns in the numerous places I visit in my travels.

      I will study the information available via the link that you provided with keen interest and with my engineering mind and skills. I have seen changes in weather patterns about the planet and sensed that there were correlations, but never understood the links.

      The members of POM might have to combine their respective experiences to study the metrics and the ultimate intent and goals of the “handlers” and “planners” as they were referenced.


  2. Safe travels JC.

    Sister and hubby just bought a house southern FL that’s directly in the path of the storm. They evacuated to Orlando which looks to be only slightly better.

    Protective thoughts sent your way Dane. The Saker had to evacuate also.

    “The world definitely appears out of control right now as we move into the autumn of 2017.”

    I wonder how much of the ‘out of control’ is controlled.

  3. Thanks JC Marianne and my POM family. You folks are amazing. Nice pic JC, feels like your watching me. Lol. I just ate for the first time since Thursday morning. Hope it stays down. It might just help me get some rest since Wednesday night was the last I slept.

    I’m parked in port st Lucy at a service station….with gas pumps. Hopefully I can see over there later when the line dies down a bit. Need gas for the ain conditioning. My dog indy keeps slobbering over my shoulder from the backseat. He’s such a ham. Cat isn’t quite as happy being in a carrier and all, but he’s quiet now.

    Man I’m tired. Got some great ideas for after the storm though. Someone has to rebuild so I’m going for it. With any luck it will take off and heck maybe I could leave my day job. Can’t wait to see what’s left of the house when it’s all said and done.

    As for the crazy world…was it ever sane?

    1. You and Onrgaia are probably right – organized chaos has its advantages. Stay safe brother, and be sure to keep us all updated. This storm is a big one for sure.

  4. 6 million people ordered to leave Florida…Sure resembles an emigration doesnt it? Perhaps all countries/regions must pay their dues. Others have war we have weather. Sure makes me wonder.

  5. This is a good base to research from.

    “What Does the Sahara Desert Have to Do with Hurricanes?”

    So we know we can create rain.

    “Cloud seeding”

    So maybe they are looking for a way to bring rain to other deserts as well. If the Sahara became green perhaps the hurricanes would stop.

    Still working on why the west coast tectonic plates aren’t moving though. Seems this pressure is building which could cause those fires. Remember the Juan de Fuca plate?

  6. Dane:

    Please keep us informed of your safety and local developments.

    I have several colleagues and their families who are being effected by IRMA. I cannot reach one of them.

    My thoughts and prayers are directed towards all of you.


    1. Absolutely Oz. I’m camped out at a turnpike service center in port st lucy with a gas station. Air conditioning eats the gas. But here they are only getting tropical storm warnings so all should be well. Irma now a cat 3 hurricane (for now) and is over north cuba. Shes expected to turn north later today and cross over to florida. It looks like the Florida Keys may get a direct hit as she churns her way north to the mainland. The newest projected path has moved a bit west so if your colleges are on the east coast they should be better than say Tampa who is getting a direct hit in this newest track.

      I’ve noticed over the last two to three years that a lot of states of emergency have been called earlier than they used to. For instance a tropical storm never used to garnish a state of emergency but now does.

      What was interesting to hear from the governor this time was his request for upstate residents to evacuate north so that we would have someplace to evacuate to.

      There was a serious tone of being scared as well as plenty of political jabs and shinanigans. I think I know who will be running for mayor in miami dade next time.

      I’ll keep you guys and gals posted as things transpire.

  7. This is an interesting video orendareview. I have an image from last year showing these rings in jacksonville florida as a hurricane was approaching them. I’m beginning to see patterns with Chem trails seeding fronts. It seems to drag them further south than they would typically have gone. WhIle studying Irma I kept noticing strong fronts coming down and seemingly effecting the path of this and other hurricanes. Today…this morning anyway there is no front to the west of Florida but a real strong one to Irmas east. Not only has it pushed Irma a bit south but take a look at what it’s doing for the projected path of jose.

    No proof just patterns being observed.

    If dopler is on cape verde or that area then some world adversarial forces could be at work.

  8. Okay so here is another discovery. In that wiki link I commented above for cloud seeding “The most common chemicals used for cloud seeding include silver iodide, potassium iodide and dry ice (solid carbon dioxide).”

    I thought to compare with “global warming”.

    “glob·al warm·ing
    ˈɡlōbəl ˈwôrmiNG/Submit
    a gradual increase in the overall temperature of the earth’s atmosphere generally attributed to the greenhouse effect caused by increased levels of carbon dioxide, chlorofluorocarbons, and other pollutants.”….0…

    One could speculate that global warming is being caused by cloud seeding.

  9. Haha, you know colleges was supposed to be colleagues but I must have hit a wrong key on this tablet and in that moment the word was hijacked …lol.

  10. The gov. Put this out 34 minutes ago from12:45 pm Saturday. Must be bad because it’s typically a big no no to leave this late in the game.

    “The outer bands of Hurricane Irma began to lash the Florida Keys and whip up strong surf in Miami on Saturday, as the storm already cut power to nearly 25,000 people, said Florida Gov. Rick Scott. He warned those in evacuation areas throughout the state must leave “right this minute.”

    “The storm is here. Hurricane Irma is now impacting our state,” he said at a news conference. “If you’ve been ordered to evacuate, you need to leave now … not tonight, not in an hour, you need to go right now.””

  11. It just dawned on me that spreading dry ice in chem trails not only adds to carbon dioxide levels but when it evaporates from solid state it leaves no evidence. Leaving us with speculation. Hmm.

    1. Hello Dane,

      I really hope you are safe and well. A few years ago, I had the fortune of flying in a Royal Thai airplane that is used for Cloud seeding project which was a pet project of the late King of Thailand. The plane took off from a Northern Thia airport and apart from the two crew (pilot and navigator), there were two other guys on board whose job was to throw the bags of white dust from the plane at an altitude just above the clouds. I understood the bags were aluminum oxide or silver oxide! Many years earlier, in my home country, I knew of a joint project by Imperial government of Iran and Israeli agricultural engineers, a similar project to impregnate the clouds around the Tehran central region. This project was later abandoned as the rain yield did not change significantly.

      The concept of weather modification was and may be it still is a military concern which was used to change a theatre of operation a difficult one for the enemy. The Met Office of the UK government was a military operation and top secret as such during the WWII as forecasting the weather can change the outcome of any military confrontation.

      It is unfortunate that the powers to be, see us the population as the enemy and the efforts of modifying the weather so to have an advantage against us! The technology after technology such as HAARP and many others at their disposal may make the nuclear option as unnecessary and if the recent tornados are not a natural event, we may be witnessing the birth of a whole new era where the powerful elite can decide where to move the population in an exact way as a herding dog used by the farmer to direct the cattle!!

      We may add earthquake as a weapon of mass destruction to the list of food, water, weather, and earth.

      One may consider the total conquering the four elements as Earth, Water, Fire, Air

      1. Hello My Carpe Diem, You may recall a few post back I made the statement that I believed all forest fires of any consequence are started by whatever Gods maybe lighting, a campers fire or a forest rangers orders, all gone out of control, or maybe not so much. I’m beginning to wonder some of these cyclones are not part and partial of the same sort of thing. I can’t believe I’m saying this, yet, I’m feeling they can drive these things. Who they are, WTH, Damn I just got this gut feeling.

        These Cyclone seem to start off the west coast of central Africa and build themselves up

        1. Damn it Dear Diem, it’s not like I’m making any sense to begin with, I have to hit a submit button before I’m done, or yeah I wanted to return to some miss spells I meant lightening not lighting. Now where the hell was I.

          Oh yeah, I was about to venture into outer space and suggest that these storms, the cy, psy, clones can be created and driven kind of out of control, loosely controlled, Pecos Pete kind of things. LOL. Ok, I’ll think stop right there. I appreciate your Indulgence.


        2. Dearest Pieter Hello,

          I feel the same way as you in that the natural disasters have also esoteric meanings and significance, as everything else does in the dense lower world, which we are all imprisoned in this lifetime!

          The violent acts of nature or manmade could be blamed on “God”, and it will be meaningful since the same God or the supreme being is the creator of both mankind as well as the nature in which man lives under. On the other hand, nature cyclical behaviour would undoubtedly affect the behaviour of mankind in relation to his environment. Yet, we could also see, as many believe that it is man’s behaviour that influences the cosmic order and the naturally occurring violence such as the two Tornado’s ravaging the Western and Southern United States as we speak!

          I believe in a hybrid of the two and I see both man’s angry mind is responsible for the natural disasters in making it as well as thinking it, i.e. negative and destructive thing and behaviour. I see people everywhere on this planet to have become slaves of materialism, money and status and they would do anything for “success”. Such collective behaviour will mean an escalation of greed and lust for power and a consequence would be the urge to be the richest person, richest and most powerful nation and decapitation of any competitor at any cost, any means and with absolute force. …I think I just summarized the Wolfowitz Doctrine 🙂

          So yes Dear Pieter, cruel and selfish behaviour cultivated at large scale by a cabal, always means a natural response, whether by people or by nature herself!

          Wish you a great Sun-day my friend,

      2. Thanks Carpe diem I’m good. We need to keep our thoughts on folks who really need it. The Florida Keys are in bad shape. Naples is bad. They had a lot of manufactured homes there.

        This girl just didn’t want to stop. Thankfully she didn’t make it to texas.

        When hurricane andrew introduced himself to me in the early 90s it was discovered that strong fronts usually high pressure ones can act like a repelling magnet. I like to believe this is the good forces doing what they can to protect the populous. The truth though is more of a business move but hey I can take it in fragment the hell out of it and make it whatever I want right 🙂

        I’m looking for light in everything I encounter.

        1. “I’m looking for light in everything I encounter.”

          This is just beautiful, mystique Dane. You are in my thoughts brother and I know I am speaking for every noble POM family.

          Stay safe and please keep us informed of how you are doing.

    1. Yes oz it was two days. They were great. Just got back yesterday. It was a good choice for feeling like a rat in a cage. Couldn’t get further north, gas were I was closed for their hurricane prep. But had to make a move while I had enough gas to get back home.

      I’m lucky, not muchange damage. I can rebuild.

  12. Dane, my heart goes out to on your plight. Both my siblings are in St. Pete. We were able to convince my brother and his family to evacuate to our place in North Alabama(we have also taken in two other groups of S. FLA refugees). I am concerned for my stubborn sister who insists on staying in her wooden house on the water.

    It’s hard not to examine the string of “coincidences” surrounding these most recent hurricanes and not wonder how much man has a hand in these so called natural disasters. Geo-engineering has to have an effect on all of this, and since the official word on the topic is mum or denied of any existence, one is left to assume a whole bunch.

    Things always appear to be the worst before real change occurs. Could we be getting close to actual change?

    1. Thank you Marioa,

      Just watched the interview with Ben Livingston. He confirms that weather modification started much earlier and used extensively in Vietnam as a weapon against the Vietkongs. Exciting tornadoes nowadays must be a “doddle” as the Brits would say for the powerful elite. I wonder what other tricks they have up their long sleeves!

  13. I’m not sure but these three hurricanes are supposed to match up with a movie scene in a us disaster movie. Can’t remember which one.

    When POM first began I remember hearing that this transformation wouldn’t be done with ww3. Perhaps because they will create the same chaos with weather.

    JC kind of sparked a thought when he called the flooding biblical. Isn’t there something in the bible about the second time it would be done with fire. Could this be a cleaning of sorts.

    I wonder how much chaos the world will have to endure before the solution will be introduced.

    1. Thank you, Dear Dane, The plight of average Cuban is dreadful. In the meantime, the young Americans look to a hoax of a country and a failed state as Cuba truly is as some sort of Mecca, all indoctrinated by the Marxist limousine professors. The rumors of Castro having a stash of cash in Switzerland is never going to be revealed, as the millions of Yasser Arafat the terrorist in chief and the fake savior of the Palestinian people. One thing is common amongst all the fake messiah’s, that is their lust for sexual appetite and Money. Castro is said to have slept with a different woman for 40 years! Arafat is thought to have died of aids…and both died millionaires.

  14. Having time on my hands I decided to pull out an old book. On page one it reads.

    “Force, unregulated or ill-regulated, is not only wasted in the void, like that of gunpowder burned in the open air, and steam unconfined by science ; but, striking in the dark, and it’s blows meeting only the air, they recoil and bruise itself. It is destruction and ruin. It is the volcano, the earthquake, the cyclone ; – not growth in progress. It is Polyphemus blinded, striking at random, and falling headlong among the sharp rocks by the impetus of his own blows.”

    Albert Pike, Grand Commander; Morals and Dogma, page 1.

    It’s amazing how things just align sometimes. Why did i choose this book today sitting in the back yard waiting for power that was taken by uncontrolled force or adverserial force that manifest itself into worldly form by means of a catastrophic cyclone named Irma.

    1. Perhaps it was so I could go deeper inwards. Like the unrestricted force of a hurricane gone wild so to can the unfiltered thoughts of this mind.

      Chaos of the mind gives rise to turbulence within ourselves. As a great friend says “an idle mind is the devils playground”. This is because it gives space for chaos to move in and begin it’s work within the confines of the mind.

    2. Good Morning, Dear Dane,

      It’s funny because I was talking to my wife about the subject of synchronicities late last night. She said she has been thinking about the idea and the meaning of the term, enlightenment a few hours before when she almost by accident chose a speech by the late Alan Watts on youtube about the enlightenment within Buddhism! She was asking how is it that we get answers to our deepest questions almost as a page opening on a book as it was in your case.

      I am convinced that the most important part of our being, which we may call the subconscious is the part of our infinite wisdom and this part is at our disposal, as long as we are clear and ego-less in pursuit of finding the truth. Finding the truth is the reward of those who walk on the path of divinity and it is a one man journey.

      Stilling the mind that is emptying the mind of all the unnecessary material is one part but positive thinking in pursuit of wisdom and truth provides the conditions when we are in touch with the infinite wisdom, that is a part of us all…

      Which you a great day,

  15. Hello Mariner81, it seems the video is gone. Just a commercial plays. Our local weather is saying Jose will fissel out before it gets to the Carolinas and that there is nothing coming off Africa….currently.

    I suspect the name Irma will be retired from the naming ranks for hurricanes after this.

  16. I have two homes in North Georgia. One for me and my immediate family and one for my mother-in-law who resides 1/2 mile away. Both homes have been without electrical utility power since last Monday afternoon when Hurricane Irma ravished North Georgia. No electrical power also means no internet service for most. The internet was out for two days, but was restored this afternoon when AT&T crews installed a diesel generator up the street to power their local servers and power supplies to the local U-Verse Systems.

    I have generators in place and ready to start last Sunday. The generators provide enough electrical power to operate any 120Vac light or appliance, but no 240Vac appliances as A/C, water heater, oven, dryer, etc… I have been able to locate fuel supplies and have spent most of the time clearing debris and filling generators. However, only two other neighbors in my large sub-division were wise enough to obtain generators well in advance of the storm. After three days, my neighbors are suffering and their stress is apparent. Children are the most discomforted. All of the food items in their refrigerators and freezers have begone to rot and smelled. Outside temperatures

    The thought of Hurricane Harvey and Irma being created by evil miscreants instills in me a renewed desire for public trials and public hangings. If such maelstroms are intentional created to reek havoc, destruction, injuries, pain, and death, then who is directing the creation of such storms and why? Cui bono?


  17. Hello Oz still no power here in Miami yet either. I’ve got a generator keeping the meat frozen and switch off to just fans for sleeping at night. The generator runs out of gas around 2am. It’s really hard to get back to sleep after topping the gas off and cranking her back up.

    But sitting here contemplating I have to ask myself if the earth is a living thing then why can’t she have adversarial forces within her also? If so the bringing of the forces out into the world could look much like the storms we see today. This would include the firestorms. Humans could be to her what corporate consumerism is to us. Distractions from the true process of maturing, transforming and evolution.

    We can invest our time into who, what, where and why humans would want to do these things but all that would take time which would pull us away from the true process of discovering ourselves. “The mystery school of ourselves”….

    Don’t let those adversarial forces steal your joy my friend. Pull out the sword and show them who is boss. It’s working for me so far.

    They (adversarial forces) tried again yesterday but I think I’ve put them back for now. The bastards never let up though so we have to be ever vigilant.

    When I look at all the trees bare of leaves, with branches snapped like twigs the first thought is wow such a cleaning makes room for a transformation. It’s up to me whether that transformation is positive or negative. The light inside is mine, I’m going to let it shine.

    Good luck pal, hope your power is restored soon.

  18. Dane, I am so sorry I am just getting caught up on POM. I rode out Irma in Mount Dora, Florida in a rural location. If I had realized you were displaced I would certainly have welcomed you here! I hate that you spent it in your car! I had plenty of space in this 5 bedroom house for you and your pets. Oddly, I had been wondering how I could meet other POM supporters in person but of course there are better circumstances for that possibility. In any event, any of our regular POM contributors are always welcome to drop in. The actual town of Mount Dora (about 15 minutes away) is a quaint, boutique, destination town in the center of the state which also happens to house a magnificent Masonic Lodge as well as the Historic Lakeside Inn. I was told by a leading survival expert 2 years ago during a private consult that if there was a disaster and I had to stay in central Florida it was the best location but who can ever know right? Our county was one of the last to get attention of Duke Energy.

    Anyway, I lost power at 8:00 the night Irma unleashed on us. The winds blowing through my back porch screen made it sound like I was descending into the pit of hell with tortured screams of sinners and demons. It was haunting and I really thought this could be my last night alive. Tornado warnings were being sent constantly and a neighbor reported later he saw a funnel cloud at one point fly over us without touching down. I finally got tired of moving in and out of the closet so I just moved into it with my cats for the majority of the night. The hellish noise was muffled due to the closet housing bedding from ceiling to floor on a series of shelves which the cats loved as they had their own little spaces. I woke up the next morning to find no damage to my home but my front 2 acres with about 10 live oak was strewn with debris and my mailbox was 100 yards from it’s normal location. All trees were still standing thank goodness although a couple up by the road looked like a mini-tornado had blended the tops of them pretty good as all the damage was in a circular direction. I was without power for 5 days.

    It was a challenging week but it pales in comparison to yours. Part of my training as a USAF Officer was Disaster Preparedness and Nuclear, Chemical & Biological Warfare so I was fully ready to run the generator and feed 10 persons for a month! The folks at Lowes thought I was a nut when I went in 8 days before the storm and loaded up 40 cases of water. (I had a pool and 20 5 gal jugs already at home as a less portable back up). I warned the Lowes team to GET READY but all just laughed off the pending hurricane touting their “been there done that, not worried” complacent disposition. The water later became a bartering tool for me along with gas and food and I had one worker from Lowes later tell me she did get ready in advance of the panic after thinking a day or two about my behavior.

    As it was my family and friends decided to shelter in their own homes which did afford them a much faster restoration of power as they live closer to hospitals and government infrastructure. I was also blocked in for the first 2 days by a huge oak that had fallen across the dead end road about 8 families live on. It didn’t matter much to me that I was blocked in for 2 days as I was more concerned with staying put, managing my power to the different freezers and portable AC units and defending my property and possessions. If there was a true medical emergency for any of my 8 neighbors on the dead end a helicopter could have landed on my back 3 acres. I tell folks now I traded 5 pounds of fat for 5 pounds of muscle during those 5 days. I collected quite a few nasty bruises from wrestling with gas cans, water buckets and debris but I wear them proudly. I put on my Wonder Woman bracelets and I did it. (BTW, I watched the Wonder Woman movie last night and decided when I grow up I want to be Wonder Woman).

    As far as the earlier comments in the thread on weather manipulation. Having flown jets and jumped out airplanes about 3K times I am a meteorology and space weather addict as my favorite activities were usually contingent on the weather from ground level to about 25K feet above ground level. That said when I first stumbled into “the knowledge” of how our world really works just before the alleged Mayan calendar end of times in Dec 2012 I fully embraced my thirst for knowledge as the bread crumbs took me down many trails – some dead end. I have now landed on just a handful I enjoy reading (POM is my favorite of course) but another is James McCanney Science hour. Dr. McCanney was kicked out of Columbia because his electro-magnetic theories of the university were not accepted along with is refuting the “comets are fuzzy snowballs” theory. After listening to his Thursday night Science Hours on WWCR (tower 1 or 2 usually) for 5 years I think he is on to something. He states he was the first to discover the science of weather (and especially hurricane manipulation) and he did so FOR THE GOOD. He wanted to design technology that could steer these dangerous storms away from populations not to them. He states his science was ripped off by the government and that the deep state is most definitely creating the hurricanes and steering them. If you visit his “very busy” website you can scroll down to his science hour archives and download/listen to the last 2 shows which talk about Matthew and Irma. In fact – he was in south Florida doing research and go caught up in the evacuation but did okay as he left the state using back roads. Dr. McCanney is not funded by the government or other entities so he can’t be bought or forced into being a Tier 2 or 3 science guy. Tier 1 is reserved for the bankers police force and others bad deed doers. It is funny however that many of the latter listen in to his show and quietly make inputs to him but you have to listen for years to pick up on all that. Here is the link to his website: and the link to the science hour archives: Just scroll down to Sept 14th and 7th to get the science and his colorful disposition as well. Enjoy POM friends and please let me know when you are visiting Mount Dora!

    1. Thank you for your kind gesture ElizabethMay. I’m glad you faired well through the storm. Perhaps our paths will meet when I’m up that way camping in the cooler months to come. Depends on how long it takes us to clean up down here.

      1. You are welcome Dane! I don’t envy the task ahead of you but very happy you weren’t permanently displaced from the area you love. When you need a break from it Mount Dora is a great destination!

      2. I forgot to clarify in my statements about my military service. In my role as NBC officer my primary responsibility was to train Air Force personnel deploying to Desert Shield/Desert Storm how to protect themselves from chemical attack. We trained 8K in less than a year as they passed through Seymour Johnson AFB en route. At the time I bought into the narrative and did what was required. All these years later and hindsight is 20/20 where the geopolitics go. I am honored to have served and blessed for the knowledge I have gained since I left the 5 sided building.

  19. Correction for the Radio Show Archives – check out Sept 21 and 14th although 7th was an abbreviated show due to his evacuating from Florida. Sept 21st has a “hurricane manipulation 101” science flavor to it. He does a pretty good job of breaking it down for non-physicists.

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